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TV Review: American Idol 6 – “Idol Gives Back”

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Last night was the insanely over-hyped American Idol charity show. For over two months Ryan has crowed on and on about how it's going to be a star-studded spectacular, how there are going to be so many awesome celebrities appearing on the show, and that there will be a lot of great performances.

After watching the 2-hour snorefest, I have one word for Mr. Seacrest: Baloney.

I feel sorry for the poor saps in the audience who thought they would see performers like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Annie Lennox live on stage, the joke was on them. Most of the "real" artists performed in the Walt Disney Music Hall (not where the judges and contestants were). Hell, Celine's "historical performance" with Elvis was one big joke. Oooooh, behold the magic of blue-screen technology! Please. Twenty years ago Paula Abdul danced with a cartoon cat. This was more or less the same thing.

Not even the past Idol winners made an appearance in the same locale as the judges. Apparently still allergic to anything connected with the show, Kelly Clarkson stayed far away from the judges, performing instead at the Mouse's music house. Carrie Underwood wasn't even there, submitting instead a music video featuring her surrounded by starving African children.

At least the folks in the AI theater got to see Tenacious D. Granted, it was just Jack Black on stage while Kyle Glass sat in the audience, pretending to be overwhelmed with awe as Jack sang "Kiss From a Rose." I admit that I was laughing heartily during that skit. Loved the Seal cameo. Who was the chick next to him? She didn't look like his wife.

That being said, most of the performances were really good. The guys from Earth, Wind, and Fire must be 65 years old, but they move around like they're in their thirties. Kelly was wonderful, and it was very cool having the legendary Jeff Beck playing guitar for her. Annie Lennox has still got it after all these years. I enjoyed her soulful performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." She's starting to look like Dame Helen Mirren though. And oh my, Josh Groban puts Clay Aiken, Michael Buble, and especially Il Divo, to shame. He is so freaking awesome. Speaking of Il Divo, does that name translate to, "Creepy-looking guys" in English? Because it was like getting eye-boinked by four Constantines at once. Yurgh.

It was fun seeing all the celebrity cameos. I thought their little "Stayin' Alive" montage was very cute. But again though, not one of them was actually there. Then again, I should have known better. There's no way in hell that people like Gwenyth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Forest Whitaker, and Madonna would ever set foot on that stage and mingle with the teeming masses. Hell, even Bono barely made an appearance, and he was supposedly the contestants' mentor this week.

And is it just me, or did some folks who were supposed to show up cancel at the last minute? I recall Ryan mentioning weeks ago that "Borat", Pink, and Gwen Stefani were supposed to appear. None of the three were there, not even in a video.

And now, for some random thoughts…

•  Oh, holy hell, Tom from MySpace was in the audience. You know who Tom is – he's your very first friend when you register for an account. God, he must be crazy rich now.

•  Who else caught that Rob Schneider introduced himself as "Adam Sandler"? Hee!

•  The Ben Stiller skit got old quickly.

•  At long last, we got to hear Simon sing! I don't care if it was a Simpsons version of him, that was hilarious!

•  Oh look, Madonna's planning on kidnapping more African children.

•  The stories of the woman who died of AIDS and the little boy who died from malaria were heart-wrenching.

•  Ellen DeGeneres said that she donated $100,000 to the charities. Like Ryan, I'd like to know how much Simon donated, as well as everyone else associated with the show.

•  It would have been nice to see just how exactly Bono mentored the contestants. Did he even, really? Or did he just lecture them on the importance of charity?

Speaking of the contestants, this was still a results show, right? Yep, almost forgot about that. By the way, how terribly lame to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the results by revealing each contestant's fate every 20 minutes. Anywho, at the start of the show, Ryan announced that the show would feature "the most shocking results ever." Naturally, I feared for Melinda being kicked out. When I found out she was safe, I then wondered if it would be Blake. Nope, safe as well. Oh no, it can't be Jordin. That's impossible. When Ryan announced that Phil and LaKisha were safe, my fears about Jordin increased. I felt so bad for the poor girl after Ryan asked her and Chris to stand, then proclaiming that Chris was safe.

It never occurred to me that "shocking results" meant one of two things: either someone spectacular was going home (e.g. Melinda), or that no one was going home. After reading several AI blogs, I realized that I was the only numbnut who didn't consider option number two.

Yep, everyone was spared tonight, in the name of charity I guess. However, Ryan said that this week's votes will be added to next week's, and that TWO people will be leaving next week.

Phil and Chris, that's your cue to pack your bags.

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  • Dave

    You may find Josh Groban cute with his curls and all but he sings like he has a piece of steak lodged in his throat and the only artists that are in his genre are Il Divo. Michael Buble is a smooth jazz crooner and Clay Aiken is pure pop. Lumping those 4 together is like saying Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston are the same because they’re black. Nuh uh!

    Annie Lennox butchered Bridge Over Troubled Water. I don’t know what you were listening to but her voice has lost something with age and she could barely croak her way through that song.

    Jack Black was great, So was Carrie and the Celine/Elvis thing wasn’t horrible, I mean she sang well, but it was creepy.

    What the heck happened to Kelly? She is well on her way to being the next Cass Elliot, only Mamma never ruined her voice by age 25. Get her to Celebrity Fit Club Now!

  • steveo

    I couldn’t agree more about Josh Groban, nice voice, but waaaay too much vibrato, sounds like a goat. Il Divo is just Il Stinko, creepy sounding. Only Carrie sounded good and Rascal Flatts. Celine was ok, but the Elvis gimmick didn’t work.

    This was an over-hyped self serving show. Raking in millions, they give a measley 5 million of it? Good for Ellen for her $100,000 contribution and too bad Ryan and the zero trio, Simon, Paula, and Randy don’t at least match it. Simon makes millions, he could easily afford to donate 1 million himself.

    At least people will be helped, that is after the third party administration costs are deducted. That is the only saving grace for the show.

  • Grandpa Idol

    With all the constructive opinions I can’t wait to relive each exciting minute of the broadcast after returning home on Sunday. I just hope Jordin recovers from the emotional flogging that Ryan bestowed on her.

  • tss

    Josh has absolutely nothing over Clay’s incredible stage presence and personality. Josh does have a great voice; but I have heard many ‘pitch’ problems at times with him. His performance last night was great, though. But for pure entertainment-he could never, ever come near Clay. Just attend one Clay concert and you just may agree. Oh yeah, just where was ‘Borat’, anyway??? Il Divo wasn’t that bad last night-maybe beause I love that song-but usually I never thought they sounded great as a group. Annie Lennox ‘souful’ last night???? Everyone I spoke to, or on-line chatted with, thought she ‘butchered’ that beautiful song that put Clay performed so powerfully and put him way, way, WAY, over the top of Ruben the night he sang in on AI2 (and subsequently had it on his first single; the producers replacing another song with BOTW that was originally supposed to be on the single.)

  • Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t be as great as billed, but I was surprised by just how much of a letdown the broadcast was. Something like half the performers mentioned didn’t show up, and that’s just weird.

  • Dave- The reason I lumped them together is because they’re all roughly male adult contemporary artists. To compare Josh Groban to say, Justin Timberlake, now that would be weird. As for the Celine/Elvis thing, it wasn’t bad, but it was silly. It was hardly a “historical television event”. I mean, Natalie Cole did that music video of “Unforgettable” with her dead father over a decade ago. It’s nothing new.

    Steveo- Yes, Carrie did sound nice…in the MUSIC VIDEO. She wasn’t even there, but Ryan made it sound like she was going to appear.

    Grandpa- Jordin was definitely having trouble putting herself together after that. She sounded terrible during the last song. I don’t blame her one bit.

    tss- Ever heard the original Simon and Garfunkel version of BOTW? That was the style Annie Lennox was going for. Slow and sad.

    Phillip- wow, half the performers didn’t show up? Jeez.

  • Oliver

    I thought Lakisha Jones was going after her pitiful rendition of Fantasia’s “I Believe.” Poor Lakisha, she’s so morose. She seems afraid to smile and let herself go as a singer, for fear she’ll make a mistake. She has the voice, but not the guts.

    If Chris Richardson could stop imitating Justin Timberlake, he might be more acceptable. He obviously has studied JT and does JT’s movements much too much.

    Blake Lewis is okay, but he doesn’t THINK when he’s singing. He often moves to a different beat than the song he’s singing.

    Melinda Doolittle should win. She’s the best singer, takes chances and is consistently good.

    Phil Stacey is an excellent singer. He should stay away from that hip/hop look (hats, etc.). Just sing REALLY good if you want to win this thing.

    Jordin Sparks will be wonderful one day. For 17, she has a lot on the ball.

  • tss

    Kaonashi- it wasn’t the ‘version’ that Annie attempted; it was the lack of being on key and lack of ‘smoothness’ in her voice. I just think they could of asked someone with a much better voice to perform that song (like Clay??? LOL). Clay didn’t ‘up the tempo’ of the song when he sang it on AI and on his single; he sang it as it should of been sang-powerful and to-the-rafters!! BTW, I will never diss S & G’s version. It is the original. Art also has one of the great voices in music, too.

  • Carol

    Josh Groban is good, but have you actually seen Clay Aiken in concert before writing this?

    Youtube link Youtube link 2

    Oh, and here’s how that arrangement of
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    is supposed to sound. Sorry, Annie.

  • Oliver- Good catch on LaKisha. She seems so serious onstage. I suppose it’s why not enough of her own personality comes through her performance. Instead, she tries to play it safe by emulating other people.

    tss- Granted, Annie Lennox’s voice wasn’t the greatest last night, but it seems that it added to the song. Don’t get me wrong, I love Clay’s version of the song, but hers seemed more suitable. Besides, they already had Josh Groban belt out “You Raise Me Up”, which I thought was great. The African kids’ choir was adorable.

  • LOL, I should have known I’d bring out the Claymates with my Josh Groban remark. Yes, I have seen Clay in concert, during the season 2 tour. No, I haven’t seen his other concerts. I’m an unemployed grad student. Yes, I have his first album. All of the songs are on my iPod. But it’s my opinion that Josh sounds better overall. His voice is haunting and beautiful. And the man can sing in Italian 🙂 What can I say? I like pop opera, so I also like Andrea Bocelli. However, I wasn’t impressed with Il Divo.

  • Judge Judi

    Koanashi – thanks for standing up for my JOSH GROBAN … I saw him in concert (sitting from the 2nd row) and he blew my socks off. To compare Josh with Clay is a huge stretch. I mean, Clay is ok, but he doesn’t give me goose bumps when I hear him sing. Josh is a class act, and is NOTHING like Buble. He sounded like crap when he sang on A.I. several weeks ago.

    Anyway, I still think A.I. is going to get hate mail for pulling their stunt of letting Jordin think she was going home. Shame on them! My votes for getting knocked off next week are LaKisha and Blake. (why do people like Blake so much … his voice just isn’t that good?)

  • tisppa3

    I’m a Clay fan. I’ve attended seven concerts and have all of his CDs, but honestly some of the Clay fans that post on these blogs are so over the top that they make ME want to puke. For the love of Pete, Clay is a human being, not the second coming!! Reading some of the things you write about him makes him and his whole fanbase look like a bunch of empty headed worshipers.

    Lighten up and get a life. We may like Clay, but that doesn’t mean the whole world has to like him.

  • Dave

    Kaonashi, you really ought to check out Clay’s music the way he is now. I think you would like his latest CD, A Thousand Different Ways. The man has grown in control, subtlety and nuance so much that it is amazing. He was very good 3 years ago but now he is even better than he was then. He was touring with full orchestras over Christmas and will be again this summer. I know I sound like a Claymate. Maybe I’m getting there. I’m OK with that.

  • Carol

    Tisppa3, is your keyboard broken? Shouldn’t your message say that you are a Kelly Clarkson fan and own all of HER CDs?

    Really, people, it’s time to come up with a new script. That “I like Clay but hate his fans” line has been repeated so many times that it is getting stale.

  • Judge Judi – Oh man, Buble was horrible on AI. Like I mentioned in my review of that week, he seemed drunk. Just embarrassing.

    tisppa3 – Thank you for speaking up. It is possible to like Clay Aiken and not think he’s God’s Gift to Music.

    Dave – I’ve heard tracks on his latest CD and I did almost buy it. But I questioned coming out with a cover album so early in his career. That’s usually reserved for something like your 6th album. My brother bought it though, but he’s grown to be a bigger Clay fan than I.

    Carol – Why can’t you and the other Claymates accept that some people who like Clay can be critical of him? Why accuse tisppa3 of lying? What’s with the Kelly Clarkson comment?

  • Carol

    “Carol – Why can’t you and the other Claymates accept that some people who like Clay can be critical of him? Why accuse tisppa3 of lying? What’s with the Kelly Clarkson comment?”

    Kaonashi, sure, people who like Clay can be very critical. Just read any of his fan boards for proof. However, the variation of Tisppa3’s comment about liking Clay, but hating his fans has appeared on so many blogs and web sites that after a while you just start to notice a pattern. As for the Kelly Clarkson connection, some of her most vocal fans made a mistake of posting these same comments on general music boards, so it was pretty easy to connect the dots.

    If you are interested in exploring the Idol fan wars, you can find a lot of good information.

  • Concerned Clay Aiken fan

    Tell you what. There would be no rabid Claymates if there weren’t a rabid hate campaign to discredit and smear Clay at every turn. The silencing of the likes of John Paulus and Perez Hilton would be a good start. Do you think we like having to constantly call out their lies? Heck no. I only want to enjoy Clay’s music and career. So far, the haters won’t allow that.

    In addition to Carol’s link, another interesting link can be found.

    Some of your casual readers who don’t know about this may find it unfathomable that this is happening, but it is.

  • Adam

    I donated money but I feel cheated that I waited for 2 hours and no one went home. What was the point of me watching a 2 hour program once I donated.
    I have better things to do, I could have cleaned my cat’s litter box rather than watch a dull show.

  • Scotty

    “I should have known I’d bring out the Claymates with my Josh Groban remark.”

    Kaonashi – the above remark seems a bit disingenuous. Every blog, article, etc. that mentions Aiken’s name, sends a Yahoo alert to the inbox of Aiken’s fans (one of the most pro-active fanbases on the Internet). It was his name that brought us here, not your Josh Groban remark. But I think you knew that. If you don’t appreciate the “hits,” don’t mention the name. And if you do appreciate the hits, then please don’t insinuate something insipid on our part for providing them to you.

    Josh Groban is a wonderful singer.

  • Don

    Right on Scotty. It’s always amazing that people include Clay’s name in things they write, even if nothing they have to say is really about him. Yet when the hits bring his fans, and they then defend the slams against him, others seem to go nuts and say they are the OTT ones. Hypocrite much? If you don’t want his fans, don’t talk about him or mention his name. That way it’s your fans that come, not his. It some happen to like both, they still wouldn’t have a reason to mention him or defend him. It is interesting that the Clay haters and Kelly lovers also get google alerts though for every mention of Clay, so that they can then throw in their 2 cents. It really is a strange world that comes when the haters follow someone as much as the fans do. Must be some alternate universe thing.

  • Carol and Concerned- thanks for the links. That was some interesting reading. With all due respect however, I don’t quite buy that there was a “smear campaign” instigated by Justin Guarini, Ruben Studdard, and Kelly Clarkson fans. Don’t you think that their fans have better things to do, like support their own favorites?

    Adam- I felt cheated as well.

    Scotty- Are you serious about the Yahoo alert? No, really is that true? Wow, that’s wild! So that’s how a bunch of you guys show up here at the slightest mention of his name. So if someone makes a small criticism of him, you all descend on that person like avenging angels eh? Wow. I am amazed. Tell me, do you have people posted all over the streets as well, and when someone breathes his name, you all feverishly text each other about it?

    You know what the really weird thing is? Last night’s show had nothing to do with him. I mentioned his name in passing. Josh Groban is an adult contemporary artist. Aiken is one too. So is Michael Buble. I just compared the three. It’s my OPINION. Just like you thinking that Clay is the greatest thing since sliced bread is an OPINION as well. Sheesh.

  • carol

    Well of course Clay fans are going to speak up, when you say something about our guy that we don’t appreciate. So what? Groban sings well, but different than Clay, more theatrical than pop. Doesn’t make him better. Just what you may like in your opinion. NOT in mine, however! Annie just reminded me of how great Clay’s version of “Bridge” was! And the songs from EW&F reminded me of how great Clay did some of those songs during his Jukebox Tour. Clay rocks! And he should have been on that show with his relationship with AI and Unicef, one of the charities represented. Clay is a Unicef Ambassador after all! He set the standard of excellence for that show and the nature of service and giving back!

  • carol

    PS: I just read the comments section. I’m a different Carol!

  • Carol A, Carol B, Adam, Scotty, and all other Claymates- Isn’t it interesting that in that same sentence, I also mention Michael Buble and Il Divo, but none of their fans has shown up? I made a snarky comment about Madonna “kidnapping” more children, but no one has come in her defense. I criticized the Ben Stiller skit, but none of his fans have commented either. Don’t tell me that these people don’t have fans, or that they don’t care about their favorites, because you know that’s baloney. So what could it be, then?

    Hey, I like the guy. I paid an arm and a leg to see him in the Season 2 concert even though I didn’t have a job. I went all by myself because no one else would go with me. I have his CD, as well as all the songs he sang before Idol.

    But if it is my opinion that someone *gasp* sounds better than him, I shouldn’t be afraid to say so without incurring your fury. What – is there a commandment that says, “Thou shalt not invoke the Aiken’s name in vain”?

  • “I didn’t have a job. I went all by myself because no one else would go with me.”

    Call me: 555-

    You know what Parmiggiano, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Bocanccini, Romano and Friulano have in common?

    They’re all cheeses. Like last night. Good singers, bad singers. Whatever; all cheese.

    “Idol gives back.” Gives “back” what exactly? Does Africa even know the show exists? It should have simply been called “Idol Gives.”

  • Concerned Clay Aiken fan

    I found your site through Clay Aiken Google Alert e-mails so I’m sure that is how the rest of us ended up here. I would imagine if Josh fans, or any of the other celebs you mentioned signed up for alerts, they would be here, too. Scotty was exactly correct in what she wrote. Why do we sign up for alerts? Because there is the underbelly of the internet that is vile and what is in those links is true. It would take more of your time than I think you would really be interested in to explain why and how Kelly and Ruben fans are involved in this. The lies of John Paulus and all those who have hitched their wagon to his manure train are initially responsible for this hate campaign. Again, for those uninitiated, I know that sounds paranoid. And, to say “trust me” sounds naive. But, I can assure you that Clay has stalkers of the most dangerous kind. In these times, that scares me for him, and for his fans.

    Many who have been battling behind the scenes are not what some would have you believe. We are not rabid fans, but we ARE rabid citizens watching someone be smeared and criticized for his every move, word and deed.

    Would you believe that many of the haters hover at their computers 24/7 and actually know more about his every waking moment than many of his fans do? Did you know that stalker John Paulus claims to be in contact with Clay via e-mail and pm’s. It’s a scary world in that underbelly. There are hate clubs for all kinds of people out there, but the one I’m interested in right now are the ones who have it out for Clay Aiken.

  • alessandro – Thanks for trying to get back on topic 🙂 Personally, I’d still like to know just how much American Idol has donated to these charities. BTW, if you thought that last night was Kraftastic, wait until the Finale!

    Concerned – All celebrities have people who talk smack about them. It’s nothing new. As fans, it’s understandable that you’d want to come to their defense. But the thing is that that some of you take it to intense levels and assume that every little criticism and comment is purposefully mean-spirited.

    I never said anything like, “Clay sucks and he’s so gay and a jerk”. All I said was that I enjoyed Josh’s performance so much that I felt he was better than his contemporaries. Clay was only one of the people I mentioned. It’s no different than if I had been watching a Metallica performance and said, “Man, they are so good that they put Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, and Faith No More to shame”. Does it mean that I hate the other three groups? Of course not. Does it mean that I have it out for the other three groups? No.

  • Concerned Clay Aiken fan

    Kaonashi – I promise this will be my last post. I certainly didn’t want to monopolize your blog. In fact, I am also a Josh Groban fan. And, I must apologize because your thoughts on the show last night were very much in line with mine. I felt extremely sad for Jordin. They play to the drama and I find that offensive – like talking to me as if I didn’t have brain one. Oooooo, you’re gonna love this next part or that one. Pandering. I will say that I enjoyed seeing a softer side of Simon. He seemed to be sincere and I am gratified that those with the big bucks can and do share their bounty with those less fortunate.

    Again, your thoughts were well-written and good constructive criticism of the show. Kudos to you. And, I am pleased that even more people were able to read it since they were signed up for Clay Aiken Google Alerts!

    I do find it ironic that we can watch clips of those less fortunate in other countries and our own, sing beautiful songs about it, give enormous amounts of money and cry real crocodile tears, and at the same time spread lies and defame a good and decent person, and not even so much as bat an eye. Free speech and all that. And, sadly Clay is one of their own alumni. One of his Unicef clips would have been more appropriate than that Ben Stiller crap. What was that all about?

    In Clay’s situation, it is greater than “he’s a jerk”, and I can tell by your comments that you are unaware of what has transpired. I think it is just as well, and I will leave it at that.

    p.s. Next time if you only want a few readers, don’t put his name anywhere in your text. But, yet again, if you do want more readers, well, you know what to do.

  • Lauren. A Groban fan!

    I just wanted to let you know that I got this from the JOSH GROBAN google alerts, so the ‘grobanites’ do get his too. You are entitled to your own opinion! I wish people could see that. I agree with alot that you wrote, besides that Josh is freaking awesome because I already know what 🙂 Nice OPINION piece about AI.

  • Concerned – Don’t worry about monopolizing anything. Technically, this isn’t my blog. I’m just one of hundreds of writers on Blogcritics. We write on many topics like music, films/tv, politics, and sports. I’m sure if anything, the editors are happy about this traffic 🙂

    I also liked seeing the softer side of Simon. I heard years ago that much of what he does on TV is an act. People who have been in the audience have said that during commercials, he chats with the fans, signs autographs and poses for pictures.

    Thanks for the warning about invoking Aiken’s name on my posts. However, I shouldn’t avoid invoking his name for fear of retaliation by fervent fans.

    Lauren- Thank you 🙂 It’s a review piece about last night’s episode, but it’s peppered with opinions

  • Necile

    Carol and Concerned- thanks for the links. That was some interesting reading. With all due respect however, I don’t quite buy that there was a “smear campaign” instigated by Justin Guarini, Ruben Studdard, and Kelly Clarkson fans. Don’t you think that their fans have better things to do, like support their own favorites?

    If you go back to the link for “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign” and click on ALL the links in that article, you will find out about a secret site for Ruben fans where they put a sniper’s target over Clay’s face and bragged about their attempts at alienating DJs and others in the media by pretending to be Clay fans and writing hateful, evil things to those people. The Clay fans have had to deal with the Ruben and Kelly fans for four years now. Maybe you should actually check some of these things out before you give them a pass.

  • Necile- Thanks, but I think I think I’ll pass.

  • tisppa3

    Sorry Carol and others who think that everyone who says that some of the fans are waaaaay over the top are really Kelly fans.

    Nope. I post on some of the same Clayboards that you do.

    I won’t deny that Clay has had a hard time with haters and people spreading stuff wverywhere about him. I know exactly what you are talking about. I also know that there are some who hate him so much that it is scarey. Many of these folks are well known in the Clay fandom. Their actions are well documented.

    You and others miss my point. You are not helping Clay by posting this kind of verbose, over the top stuff about him as though he were some super human being. All a person has to do to bring out the Clay defenders is say that they prefer another artist or performance over Clay.

    You cannot “sell” Clay to people who don’t want to buy. All you are doing is making him and us, his fans, look like a bunch of nuts. I’m tired of it and I am speaking out. Wise up!

  • Kandace

    “One of his Unicef clips would have been more appropriate than that Ben Stiller crap. What was that all about?”

    So that’s what’s really bugging Clay’s fans. Well to be honest, he’s just not in the same league as Ben Stiller or any of the other performers from the other night. None of the AI alumni are except Kelly and Carrie. An arguement could be made for Chris but it’s too early to tell; he could easily end up a flash-in-the-pan like Clay was and have a second album tank. Most of the former Idols are involved in charity work; why should Clay be singled out?

    If you go over to the famous snark sites (Sucks, TWoP), you’ll see that ALL AI alumni have to put up with haters and that Claymates are some of the worst offenders on the Kelly, Ruben, Justin, Chris, ect. threads. So stop throwing stones and clean up the behavior of your own fan group.

  • tisppa3 said, “All a person has to do to bring out the Clay defenders is say that they prefer another artist or performance over Clay.”

    Precisely. That was exactly what happened here. All I basically said was that Josh Groban sounded better than Clay -AND Michael Buble AND Il Divo- and it was enough to bring a bunch of people over to harp away.

    As I mentioned in an earlier comment, if I want to mention his name, I’ll mention it whenever I want. I shouldn’t have to defend myself against a bunch of rabid watchdogs when there’s nothing worth defending against.

    By the way, I’m amused that people would compare him to Annie Lennox, who has had a long, distinguished, fruitful career in music. So she didn’t sound that great that night. She’s getting on in years, but she’s still who she is. I’m not a Lennox fan, but I appreciate that she’s a veteran artist and deserves a great deal of respect for her contribution to music. And who cares that she didn’t do “Clay’s version” of the song? BOTW has been covered countless times over the decades. His version is great and moving, but it isn’t the be all, end all of that song. That song belongs to Simon and Garfunkel, and it always will.

  • tisppa3

    Claymates trying to cram Clay down people’s throats is hurting Clay’s career. I don’t know why the fans can’t realize and accept that not everyone is going to love Clay, and that’s ok. That fact doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of his talent.

    There is no need for Clay’s fans to try to defend him against every real, or often times imagined “attack”. One of the Clay fans who posted above about some nasty rumors that have circulated about Clay has only succeeded in drawing additional attention to the rumors, as the google alerts are picking up HER POST! Now how is that “defending” Clay?

  • Kandance – sorry, I didn’t realize that you had commented. Your comment must have been written almost the same time as mine 🙂

    So stop throwing stones and clean up the behavior of your own fan group.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The truth is, I was sort of a Claymate, many years ago. I was a huge, HUGE fan of Clay. I visited the boards often. I collected every video, image, and article of Clay I could get my hands on. I talked about him nonstop. I met lots of very nice, cool people on the boards. We’d swap photos and create banners for each other. We talked about the latest Clay news. It was fun.

    But as time went on, the more militant fans became more vociferous. Things were getting ugly. There was constant badmouthing of other Idols, especially Ruben. They’d laugh because not too many people would visit the Ruben boards. I was a Ruben fan too, and it was hard to hear that sort of thing. Of course the Ruben fans weren’t completely innocent, but it was true that they were far outnumbered by the rabid Claymates. The other “Clubenites” and I would try and keep the peace between both boards, and we’d succeed for a while, but then a fight would flare up again.

    At one point I was viciously accused by a Claymate of being a “traitor” and possibly even a spy. She said that I wasn’t really a Clay fan but a Ruben fan and I should get off the board. She couldn’t accept that I could be both. Luckily, most people took my side. I had been there long enough for people to know me, and to know that I wasn’t a “traitor” or a “spy”. I stayed a couple of months longer after that incident, but after a while I decided I had enough. I was tired of the politics and crap, and the fighting. I stopped visiting the boards.

    I don’t collect pictures anymore or follow his career, but I still appreciate his music.

  • Carol

    “If you go over to the famous snark sites (Sucks, TWoP), you’ll see that ALL AI alumni have to put up with haters and that Claymates are some of the worst offenders on the Kelly, Ruben, Justin, Chris, ect. threads. So stop throwing stones and clean up the behavior of your own fan group.”

    And if you go to Kelly Clarkson Express, you will see a vicious hatred towards Clay, and now towards Carrie Underwood, because she is about to pass Kelly in album sales. And if you do bother to read the links to Claymate911 and Anatomy Of The Smear Campaign posted above, you will see exactly what the haters are doing to bring Clay Aiken down.

    BTW, lying about Claymates being mean to poor defenseless Kelly is another common tactic of that particular fandom. Maybe they would like to discuss how Kelly’s best friend’s husband, Boo, was posting the nasty lies about Clay on the Express, while at the same time bragging how Kelly was in the same room reading over his shoulder?

    As for defending Clay against imaginary attacks, I originally came here to post a couple of Youtube links and leave it at that. I have no problem with anyone preferring other singers over Clay. But then the usual suspects just had to show up and stir up the trouble.

    Actually, yesterday was a very interesting day in Clay fandom. He did two interviews talking about his trip and promoting UNICEF work in Afghanistan, and almost immediately all the hate blogs were filled with vile comments denigrating his efforts to help underpriviledged children. And then, apparently, the very same people googled his name and ended up here, just to continue the pile-on.

    Kaonashi, I know exactly what you mean about the fans. I loved Kelly Clarkson during the first season of Idol, and was so happy to see her touring with Clay in 2004. They really did put on a great show. Unfortunately, that was also the time when the hatred towards him started in the Kelly fandom, and it has only grown stronger over the last four years. I am disgusted by the things posted on her largest fan board, and the dirty work her fans are doing to undermine Clay’s career and charitable work. I own and used to love Kelly’s first album, but I refuse to listen or support her in any way since then. Thanks to the extremist fans, she does not exist to me any more.

  • tisppa3

    Carol said: But then the usual suspects just had to show up and stir up the trouble.

    Carol, I told you I am a Clay fan. I post on the same boards that you post on. You would know my SN. Why are you so insistant that this has anything to do with KC. The crap you are bringing up about her BF husband is from years ago and how do you know it is even true? Doesn’t that make YOU guilty of spreading rumors on the net about someone?

    I never said that the fan wars didn’t exist. My point is, fans like YOU, Carol, are hurting Clay more than the KC fans, or the Ruben fans, if he has any left……..maybe at this point even more than the people who started “the mess”. Fans like you are driving other fans away and making Clay fans look like a bunch of wigged out crazies.

  • Carol

    Go ahead, Tisppa3, give me your sign-on. Maybe I’ll PM you on the boards to talk some more.

    As for Boo’s involvement in trashing Clay, I know the truth about him because I read his ramblings on Express. These aren’t just rumors, so please stop denying the obvious.

    And are you actually suggesting that defending Clay against the haters hurts him more than people who spread lies about him on all over the Internet, and send the nasty letters of complaint to charitable organizations he is involved with and TV and radio shows where he is scheduled to appear? Alrighty then. I want to have some of whatever it is you’re smoking.

  • In Clay’s situation, it is greater than “he’s a jerk”, and I can tell by your comments that you are unaware of what has transpired.

    So everybody signs up for Yahoo/Google alerts in case someone somewhere is going to mention that ay-Clay Aiken-way is-way ay-gay?

    Gee, pig latin doesn’t work so well with those words, somehow. 😉

    Give it a rest, guys. Nobody cares about his orientation or his life or him at all any more, except you guys. Let it go, and it will go away. Then you can look back on your lives with something other than embarrassed regret.

    Come to think of it, I bet that’s how Ryan Seacrest is going to look back on this week’s Idol. It was a sad joke.

    Actually, mainly I’m just upset because they’re supporting a net program instead of DDT spraying in Africa, which would be vastly cheaper and much, much, much more effective. Sigh.

  • Tara

    Carol is %100 correct. Anyone who disagrees with her is just here to stir trouble.

  • Phillip- You’ve got a point about the net program instead of DDT spraying. But perhaps they’re concerned over it being toxic to people?

    Tara – Frankly, I don’t care if Carol is right or wrong about her conspiracy theories. One small comment about this guy, and the lot of you hijack this post, which had absolutely nothing to do with your god in the first place.

    This is why I left the boards. This is why I grew disenchanted with keeping up with Clay’s career. I stopped caring. All this bickering and politics and wild theories is not worth it. But I still listen to his music. And Kelly’s. And Chris Daughtry’s.

    No, I don’t wish to conduct a journalistic investigation into the alleged shenanigans of the Kelly, Justin, and Ruben fan boards because I don’t care about them either.

    Feel free to continue your fight on your boards, but I’m done to responding to anything Clay-related.

  • Samster

    “Carrie Underwood wasn’t even there …” ?? You’re kidding with that comment, right? I guess she was just too busy actually GOING to Africa and spending time with the poor, starving, and dying kids rather than just talking about the situation here in the states. Oh, then she was also too busy making a music video for people to purchase on iTunes so those proceeds would go to the charity … oh, if only Carrie would get her priorities straight. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. HER’s was the only performance of the entire evening I thought was worth talking about. A great vocal and a very touching and sincere performance. If only more of Hollywood’s most shallow would follow THAT example.

  • tss

    Um Candace: Clay has been involved with charity work way before any other Idol even thought of doing any. He is the only one with his own very successful foundation. And we really don’t hear of any of the others doing much charity work. If they are-please let me know. I know Ruben is involved with trying to get music back into schools; good for him. But, I really don’t know how successful the fundraising is on his part, lately. He has a very small percentage of fanbase compared to Clay. I don’t think it is even 10 percent of what Clay has raised and achieved. As for the person who said Ben Stiller is in another league than Clay-give me a friggin’ break. Clay has more talent in his pinky than Stiller has in his whole body. The clip of him doing that idiotic bit was stupid. Even Kelly C. can’t sing a song without losing her voice from the screaming. I will give you Carrie Underwood is terrific and is really making a mark in country western music, if that is your thing.

  • Orbit17

    WOW, the Claymates bitterness knows no bounds. I’m saddened to hear so many people demean and denigrate the efforts made to help others in Africa and America. It’s pathetic to hear people who claim to be Christians and so compassionate, trash the efforts simply because their God and Savior Clesus was not invited or even mentioned. So tell me, is Clay the ONLY artist whose charity efforts are genuine? Do you really believe that? because if you do, you are acting like the cult followers that you seem to be.

    Doesn’t the bible condemns those who do charity for grand standing purposes. Doesn’t the bible says not to let the right hand know what the left one is doing? If you give and/or do things looking for recognition, then you are being a hypocrite if you think people have to applaud, recognize and bow before you because you did an act that’s supposed to be a selfless act. To be upset because Clay was not invited or mentioned while trashing everyone that was involved in the event, you are no better than those you like to label as haters.

    You think Clay Aiken is the only charitable, compassionate and humane artist because according to you he’s the only one making a difference (in your eyes only, may I add), so when someone else does something even bigger, you bitch about it too? Look in the mirror Claymates and if what you see doesn’t disgust you, I feel sorry for all of you with the same frame of mind. Put the kool-aid down and get back to reality, will you?

  • Samster – No, I wasn’t kidding with that comment. The point I was making out of the entire post was that many things were promised that would happen during that show, but not all were acheived. Certain celebrities didn’t show up, and most of the performances were in another theater. For example, Ryan said that Carrie was going to make an appearance. One would naturally assume that she would show up in person and perform, not submit a music video. He said that Celine Dion was going to perform, but she didn’t, not technically.

    tss – your prejudice towards people who aren’t Clay is astounding. As Orbit17 said, you just insulted 4 people in your latest comment. Your Carrie comment is also insulting because it was a left-handed compliment. How would you feel if someone told you that Bono has raised more money and awareness for charity than Clay could ever possibly dream?

  • Ben

    Great review. Personally, I thought “Idol Gives Back” was the ultimate case of Ameriacn Idol Blueballs. It was so over-hyped, and then so half-assed, that I was left disappointed. I would have rather seen the likes of Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin, rather than all those washed up B grade “superstars” and then of course talented, famous people (i.e. Shaq, Ben Stiller) who have nothing to do with music. I thought last year’s finale was better by a long shot. However, the Simpsons bit was hilarious. Marge as Randy was perfect.

  • TwoCents

    To Carol from 4/26:

    Thanks for posting the YouTube link of Clay singing BOTW during the AI2 finale. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that and I had forgotten what an amazing job he did! Good Lord, but I’m sorry Annie’s version doesn’t hold a candle to Clay’s emotional (to me anyway) rendition. Near the end you can even see Randy shaking his head in amazement. As far as Clay not being on the show or even mentioned? It was disappointing. It would be interesting to know if AI didn’t invite him or did he have other obligations and unable to attend. If the latter, you would have thought they would have at least mentioned his name with all the humanitarian work he does for children. But we did get to see Clay talk about his “work” on the Today Show and a much listened to public radio station the next day. As Clay said himself, regardless of what people think about him personally, he hopes everyone that can will help out. And agreeing with what others have said here…..defending Clay (as you put it) does get very tiresome. But Clay fans, unlike most celebrities fans, are so tired of the lame jokes, etc. about Clay. I just wish I could understand the whole concept behind it. The only thing I have ever been able to come up with, is people can’t stand for us to have a celebrity in this world that is talented, is passionate about his humanitarian work and overall a good person (yes Clay is human and has his faults). God forbid we actually have a celebrity in this world that in order to be “slammed”, stories have to be made up. Sorry so long. Didn’t mean to get up on my highhorse. Just tired of it all!

  • I Am Offended By Idol Gives Back

    I’d very much like to know how much the overpaid talking heads gave to their own beg show. By this i mean Ryan, Simon, Randy, Paula, etc. I take extreme offense when people who make 30 million plus a year (Simon was on 60 minutes a month ago, he makes 30 million dollars plus a year) beg and plead for me to give up some of my money without them ever saying what they are giving up. The 5 million from News Corp that Ryan overhyped is only 16% of Simon’s one year income. So how much did Simon give, how much did Ryan part with, etc.

    And how much money does Fox charge for one 30 second commerical spot on Idol? I’d bet it is more than 5 million dollars.

    I’d bet that for whatever the total is than they pull in, that Ryan, Simon, Randy, Paula, and the other overpaid people associated with the show could have turned over together the same amount and never missed it.

    That’s why I take offense with. A talking head (Ryan) who’s making probably 10-20 million a year being nothing more than a talking head, begging me to give up some of my money, with no proof that he’s giving up any of his huge income. And he’s not worth 10-20 million a year in the first place, that’s just outrageous.

    The result, if you’ve got an overpaid talking head begging me for money (without him/her putting up anything), well, you don’t get any of my money because you have an overpaid talking head begging me for it.

    At least Ellen said she’d fork over 100,000. That was better than nothing, and I give her credit for that. But no one else said anything. So you know what, I donate nothing as a result.

  • Someone made a point about Christianity earlier. Just so we are clear: Idol making and Christianity are mutually exlcusive.

    Koaniashi: “One small comment about this guy, and the lot of you hijack this post, which had absolutely nothing to do with your god in the first place.”

    I invite you to a piece I wrote called “Finding Don Cherry” I made a similar “mistake” and it was unreal the response it got. One little comment that had nothing to do with the piece made people so crazy. Man, I just got another one that elicited a chuckle from me given its own dubious position. Word of advice: never use satire to try and diffuse humourless, sensitive souls. Of course, the angry responses had nothing to do with the article.

    I’d link it but I don’t know how. Loser that I am.

  • Sorry for mispelling your name. It was a typo. Mind you, everyone ’round here spell my name “Allesandro.” Ugh.

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    Kaonashi- You had to go and say the “C” word didn’t ya? I recently made a harmless Clay Aiken joke on a friend’s radio show and I got verbally bitch slapped by a few callers. The ClayMates are an easily angered bunch and they scare me a little.
    I’m a Madonna fan but I thought your joke was funny so I won’t be running to defend her. Besides, I can decipher the difference between humor and personal attacks. I enjoyed your article. I thought it was funny.
    It’s American Idol people, lighten up. If we can’t have a few laughs about a reality show than we’re really in trouble.

    Alessandro- Sorry I’m one of those who mispelled your name.

  • Dave

    To those people who talk about writing and inserting the requisite “joke”. Every darn one of you did it and you can’t understand why his fans are sick of it? Its like the popular kids picking on the same guy over and over, not because he did anything to earn it but because everyone is doing it.

    If the fans of Annie Lennox or Josh or any other artist can say that they think their artist is the best of the lot, why is it a double standard? If aiken’s fans think he’s the greatest it is no different than any other fan.koanashi said that Josh was better than Buble, Il Divo and Clay. Is that meant to bash everyone who is not Josh? Why is she not reprimanded for her effusive praise? Does it make her a Joshmate and should now be ridiculed for it?

  • Belle

    I agree, the show didn’t live up to it’s hype. It never does. I am so much more impressed when I have low expectations and then I am pleasantly surprised by something great. I enjoyed Jack Black, and Ellen came across as very sincere. I must also mention, my kids enjoyed the Ben Stiller singing skit, it made them laugh. It is difficult for them to comprehend the poverty within our own country and the world. So I believe, Ben’s silliness served a purpose. Also, I don’t blame Simon, Paula, Ryan and others for NOT disclosing how much they donated. The video clips of each of them reaching out to those living in poverty showed their concern. Publicly announcing their donation would draw criticism from everyone. Some would say it was self serving and/or regardless of the amount it would never be enough for some people; therefore, I respect their right to keep quiet.

    I’m curious, why does Ryan get the blame? He’s the MC, but he doesn’t actually make any decisions does he? It seems to me like we are blaming the messenger. Surely, it wasn’t Ryan’s decision to let Jordin hanging, he said he was going through the cards in random order. I guess that could have also been staged. Wouldn’t the director or producer or someone, other than Ryan, make the decision to NOT vote off someone?

  • Ben- Thanks! Yeah, I thought that last year’s finale was great. I’m still amazed they convinced Prince to perform. Maybe they held one of his favorite guitars hostage as an incentive.

    Two Cents – But Clay fans, unlike most celebrities fans, are so tired of the lame jokes, etc. about Clay.

    That’s what’s truly amazing about you Claymates. You think you’re the only fan base on the planet that cares about their favorite. You think that everybody has it out for Aiken. How self-important and self-centered can you guys be? You think that for example, Angelina Jolie fans aren’t pissed off by the constant crap she gets on gossip sites? Or Rolling Stones fans are sick of the “old men” jokes?

    I am Offended – I’ve been asking that same question all along. I did hear though from Yahoo news that Simon gave an undisclosed amount in the six figure range.

    Alessandro – I wasn’t even using satire. I just said that I liked one singer over 3 others. Don’t worry about misspelling my name. It happens 🙂

    Sean Paul – I’ve been a Madonna fan for ages, but like you I don’t get huffy if someone pokes fun of her. The way some of these people talk, it’s as if I insulted their close family member.

    Dave – I’m not quite sure if you’re supporting me or the Claymates with your comment, but just to be clear: my comment wasn’t “bashing” anyone. There’s nothing wrong with saying that one singer is better than the other. But the Claymates have a skin that’s thinner than onion paper.

    Belle – I understand what you’re saying about announcing how much one donates possibly being self-serving, but it could have motivated more people to donate. If say, Nigel Lythgoe stood up and said something like, “Whatever we raise tonight, I will personally match 10% of that,” that would have been cool.

  • Oliver

    I’ll just one thing about Clay Aiken, he was wise to find his own voice and NOT do what Fantasia did: allowed her producer (Clive Davis) to convince her that in order to sell records, “you must sing hip/hop.” As a result, she has two lousy CDs in the stores which sound like the rest of that hip/hop mess. If she keeps this up, in 25 years, she’ll look at her record catalog and see nothing but “Baby Mama” junk.

    Jennifer Hudson has promised that she will be singing classic soul (power ballads, down-home soul, etc.) now that’s what her fans expect from her, not Mary J. Blidge-inspired stuff, etc.

    Aretha Franklin can look back at a stellar catalog of outstanding recordings starting when she was a mere 18. Sometimes it’s best to stay with what’s in your heart and SOUL. That’s what Clay Aiken has done.

  • tss

    Oliver-I love Clay Aiken I am a huge fan and a proud Claymate. He is number one as my fav entertainer/singer right now; but…he DID cave into Clive on his last cd. Clay had another cd all ready to be release about a year ago. But word was Clive ‘mandated'(straight from Clay’s mouth) a cd of ‘great love songs’. What a lot of Clay’s fans are wondering…since Clay left the claws of the AI machine 3 years ago, he should of had his say in whatever he wanted to do after. We just don’t understand the ‘caving in to Clive’. I love his last cd; I really do..but, still wonder what was on that other cd.(He did stand up to Clive for his first cd, Measure of A Man, though. Clive wanted a self titled cd; Clay said NO!) Could he have garnered better reviews with that un-sold cd from the music critics than he did for A Thousand Different Ways??? His fans are hoping he may perform one or more of the songs during his upcoming summer tour that may have been on that ‘lost cd’. Fantasia did NOT put out a hip/hop album. I did not buy it but I know it was not hip/hop per se. I read she is getting fantastic reviews, though, on Broadway as Celie, the lead in The Color Purple. Funny how Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood put out cds that THEY wanted to do within the year of winning AI-why wasn’t Clay afforded the same respect THREE years after winning?? (Yes, he really did win-with Clay receiving 80 percent of the vote every week he was on, does anyone really think Ruben got more votes than Clay on the last night??????)

  • Ack

    Ahh.. the Claymates. Gotta love em. Everything turns into being all about clay.

  • Sean, no sweat. It doesn’t bother me.

    Kaonashi – I didn’t mean you. I should have been clearer. Sorry. I just meant if you (meanng anyone) are ever attacked don’t use sarcasm or any other smart-alec weapon. It only makes it worse!

  • I Am Offended By Idol Gives Back

    Belle – There’s a problem with not announcing how much they give.

    When a bunch of seriously overpaid talking heads (people who make 100x what I make per year) are begging me to give some of my hard earned money, and they keep silent about what they give, then it comes across as if they are too good to give of themselves. Therefore it becomes offensive and looks largely like: “I think there’s a problem here, but I’m not willing to put up anything, even though I’d never miss it, while I want you to give until it hurts.”

    When that happens, and that’s exactly what happened on Idol Gives Back, it’s incredably offenssive to all the people that they are asking to give.

    Now, had the talking heads all made from about .75 to 2x what I make per year, then that would be fine. But I am talking about people who haul in 30 million dollars plus a year. If they are too good to give, and to say how much in public, then it’s offensive to the rest of us.

  • I Am Offended By Idol Gives Back

    Belle – Or, stated another way, if you are 1) making 100x per year what your viewers are making and 2) you are participating in a beg-a-thon trying to get those viewers to give their money away, then you lose your right to privacy when it comes to how much you yourself have given.

    Otherwise, it is offensive to those very viewers you are trying to get to give up their hard earned money.

  • Belle

    I Am Offended…, I do see your point, especially in your second comment. “Beg-a-thon” is funny. However, when I hear the super rich are donating 100 thousand, 50 thousand, heck even a thousand, I feel sure my meager 50 dollar donation means nothing and I’m tempted to not even bother. I suspect it would turn off a lot of people, which is a shame because those 50 dollar donations add up.

    Also, I am assuming they (Simon, Paula, Randy, and the producers) are donating in large amounts. I guess that is very naive of me.

    In addition, a pledge is just a pledge, who is to say they actually follow through. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Kaonashi, fun review of what turned out to be a dismally disappointing “Idol Gives Back”. I have to admit, I couldn’t watch the whole thing, too much cheese can give one digestive issues… I skipped in and out.

    I agree with the posters commenting that the producers, the judges, should have divulged during the show that they were contributing. Perhaps they will do that on Tueday’s competition show. I was left with the impression that ‘their’ contribution was simply putting on the Cheez-Whiz spread to further the reputation of the show – you know take it to the ‘next level’ of credibility. ($30 million being raised for charity, nothing to sneeze at, but…)

    The most believable of the footage and the intent came from Ryan. He was quite believable in the footage from Africa. I had the mental image of Simon probably running for the hand sanitizer and Lysol between shots.

    Crazy, the level of intensity and thread jacking from the Claymates. Glad I never wandered into that Idol fan scene.

    Since you omitted mention of Sanjaya in your piece, I must toss it in here – surely you would expect that from me ;). I found it uproariously funny the show decided to include the kid in the proceedings. Yet one more example of the producers’ uncanny abilities for capitalization, yet it was a nod acknowledging the kid’s current widespread notoriety. They didn’t edit him out of the, I’ll call it interesting, Celine-Elvis duo either.

    P.S. Be glad you didn’t mention Taylor Hicks not being included in the show. 🙂

  • Oliver – I didn’t know that Fantasia sings hip hop. Perhaps some Fantasia fans can confirm this?

    tss – It’s been said, and it’s pretty clear when you listen to both albums, that Kelly did not have any creative control over the first. The second was very different in style, having a pop/rock sound rather than a generic, American Idol generated pop sound. And I cannot believe that you’re still harping on about Ruben. Kick the man while he’s down, why don’t you? You people are just mind-boggling.

    Ack – Tell me about it.

    alessandro – Yeah, sarcasm can backfire if not used properly 🙂

    I am Offended – You do have a point. I suppose though, it would have been cheesy if Simon went up on stage with one of those giant fake checks and presented it to Ryan 🙂

    Belle – If I recall, Ellen brought up something like that. She mentioned that even if you know that X amount was already donated, that doesn’t mean that you should not bother since every little bit helps.

    Jewels – There was so much queso on that show, we could have had a nachos party 🙂

    I had the mental image of Simon probably running for the hand sanitizer and Lysol between shots.

    Funny, I was thinking that would be more of a Ryan thing. After all, he’s the metrosexual, neat freak guy. BTW, the story with the brother and sister orphans who lived alone was just so sad 🙁

    I meant to mention Sanjaya when I talked about Tenacious D, but kind of forgot. Surely you’d expect that from me 😉 But I do have to give him kudos for laughing at the joke Simon made about Jack Black being better than him. Then again, if I were in Sanjaya’s place, I would be excited if I was mentioned in the same breath as a major celebrity.

    LOL at me not mentioning Taylor. With all due respect to the Soul Patrol, but in terms of insanity and fervor, it seems that the Claymates have got you -and all other fanbases in existence- beat.

  • KartofflMuter

    Clay was in New York receiving an award on Wednesday,April 25th from the National Center for Learning Disabilities:

    On Wednesday night, they celebrated their 30th Anniversary

    NCLD celebrated its 30th anniversary at its annual benefit dinner, “Voices of our Children, Voices of our Future,” Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at New York City’s Marriott Marquis.

    The dinner honored three outstanding individuals who have championed the needs of children with learning disabilities and have given them a strong public voice. You can read more complete biographies by clicking on the names below.

    • Arthur Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Prudential Financial, Inc., received the Spirit of Achievement Award.

    • Clay Aiken, pop music star and special education activist, received the Children’s Advocacy Award.

    • Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D., professor in the School of Education and director of the Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas, received the Distinguished Education Achievement Award.”

    Oddly enough,I’ve already read 2 Google alerts telling me that Clay was arranging a rendezvous with some lover who flew in from L.A that night. Paulus,the happy midget marine can’t recanter ? A steady and reliable source.

    Interesting that you’ve just managed to malign Christians by demonizing Clay. Yes. He is overtly Christian. But not obnoxiously so. Thank G-d. You see,many of his fans aren’t Christian. We’re not all old bible-thumping old ladies. We aren’t all female. We are computer-literate. We appreciate a good sense of humour. We defend loved ones from what we consider to be unwarranted attacks.
    If that makes us crazy,so be it. I believe it’s called loyalty and perhaps its rarity is what stuns you. I consider myself part of the ClayNation. I am not a Claymate. I used to be on the boards 14 hours a day. After politics broke some boards apart and I went abroad,I found myself a fan without the frantic connection. Clay,however,never wavered. Katrina victims,Uganda,Unicef, he was always where it counted and so I became a fan alone,circling my own wagon round and round.I’m not obsessed. I listen to lots of other artists, though probably no one you have ever heard of.But for pure entertainment? The whole package? The Danny Kaye entertainer-mensch-humanitarian all rolled in to one? I’ll take Clay.

  • hossen

    “I’ll take Clay.”

    Please do. To Uganda. They have a vacancy.

  • Ack

    Have I wandered into a Clay fanboard? What the heck? Why do you Claymates feel the need to defend Clay at every turn? Good God.. give it a rest!

  • Angie

    Make fun of the Clay fans all you want for defending him but it’s quite obvious that the Clay haters travel in packs. Wherever the Clay fans go, the haters are right behind them.

  • Ack

    And how do you know exactly which are Clay fans and which are “haters”? Some of us may just be Clay fans, but took the blinders off long ago. It’s just ridiculous to me that everywhere I go that ahs a Clay mention, the Claymates are always there pointing out what a great person he is, and quoting every article that has been published on him. Give it a rest already. He’s a grown man, and can defend himself, if he chooses to. Just what are y’all trying to prove anyway?

  • KartofflMuter – I don’t know who you’re talking to about the Christian thing, but it wasn’t me, the writer of this post that had nothing to do with Aiken. And is there really a difference between rabid Clay fans? ClayNation, Claymate, it’s all the same.

    hossen – LOL!

    Ack – Believe me, this is NOT a Clay board. Absolutely not. It’s been hijacked.

    Angie – Yup, everyone who disagrees that Clay is the greatest humanitarian and singer on earth must be a “hater”.

  • Me

    Kartofflmuter – if you say things such as “We defend loved ones from what we consider to be unwarranted attacks”.. I’m sorry, you come across as a Claymate. And yes, Kaonashi, there is a difference – one can be a member of the “ClayNation” without being a Claymate. We’re not all “rabid”. All members of the ClayNation do not feel the need to hunt down every article that even has a blurb about him, and defend him at every turn. And we certainly all don’t bring up quotes that he made in magazines up to 3 years ago while we’re trying to defend him. Please don’t lump us all into one. 🙂

  • Me- Fair enough. My apologies 🙂

  • tss

    I don’t understand the animosity towards fans of Clay Aiken. A lot of other celebrities have ‘rabid’ fans, too. Isn’t that what keeps these performers ‘laughing all the way to the bank’; not that Clay’s number one priority is money-far, far from it. I bet 99 percent of the celebrities out there would give their eye teeth to have the fans that Clay has and the respect that he so richly deserves from them.Clay’s fans span the ages 3-80+: is that so terrible??? What makes Clay so different from many of the other celebs out there is that he is very humbled by the accolades that come towards him. He does NOT have the ego that some ‘haters’ claim he has. I have seen many of his appearances, either live or on tv or video and there is NO ego apparent, at all. What makes some fans so passionate ‘protective’ and so willing to ‘defend’ Clay is because of what happened during the finale of AI2. The majority of people knew he received many, many more votes than any other of the contestants that year (80 percent every week according to one of the prodicers); but the producers-although on Clay’s side from the start (many hints that THEY really did know he was THE best)-decided to ‘give’ the win to Ruben. Maybe they thought Clay can make it on his own and Ruben was going to need some ‘help’??? No one will know until this whole franchise is over and someone ‘comes clean’. If any of you want to see what Clay’s fans are really like-go to claytonaiken.com and see how many of them are fans of other musicians, AI contestants or not. Many were disturbed that Ruben’s image did NOT make the cover of the special People Magazine,American Idols-Where Are They Now? issue now on the stands. William Hung (along with Clay, Carrie, Taylor, Fantasia and Kelly) is on the cover, NOT Ruben!! Very telling, I must say.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Kaonashi, may I suggest you take your own advise from earlier, lol, and stop addressing these rapid dogs? Even if they address you directly, if its not about the subject of your blog, which Clay Aiken is NOT, then do not reply. You are now into your fith day, of endless claymate rhetoric. As long as you respond to anything they say, they will never leave. Let them talk to themselves, its for the good of everyone one else. I know you can do it!

  • tisppa3

    Ack and ME, as a Clay FAN who looks at things objectively, I agree with your comments. There are many Clay FANS who are not like the ones who run around posting on every blog they can find on the net thinking they are “helping Clay and his career” by defending him where 99.9% of the time no defense was warrented or needed.

    tss said: “What makes some fans so passionate ‘protective’ and so willing to ‘defend’ Clay is because of what happened during the finale of AI2.” GET OVER IT! That was 2003! This is 2007! Clay moved on long ago and even said he was glad that he didn’t win after all. Why are you so “offended” by something that Clay himself has stated several times he felt worked out for the best?

    Claymates like you are the ones who give our whole fan base a bad name.

    For those of you who wonder why we are here……I’ll tell you. Clay fans are no longer able to speak their minds on the Clay fan boards. ANY comment about Clay, no matter how innocent, that the mods deem negative or derogatory is deleted; whole threads are locked or deleted if they are deemed not “positive”. People with opinions like the ones you see expressed here are no longer allowed to express those opinios. Posters who follow the Claymate group-think, like tss and Carol, are the only ones allowed to express their view anymore. Fans who love Clay but don’t think he is perfect have been driven away in droves.

  • shhhdonttell

    In addition to Carol’s link, another interesting link can be found.

    Some of your casual readers who don’t know about this may find it unfathomable that this is happening, but it is.

    comment::: There’s lots of good medication out there for paranoia. It has to be tough being paranoid all the time especially over someone you don’t even know. I hope you seek help soon

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Fair enough, Kaonashi! 🙂

  • tss – No one cares what happened 4 years ago. And seriously, you’re the only one that keeps talking about Ruben. No one cares about Ruben either.

    BlahBlahBlah- Yes, you’re right. But it’s amusing to watch them foam at the mouth though, isn’t it?

    tisppa3 – I know how you feel. I was driven from the boards just like you were.

    shhhdonttell – Well played!

  • Huuugs

    I kept one eye on the show and later sat down and watched my Tivo of it. I enjoyed Ildivo voices, but thought them a bit swarmy. Carrie…wow, she is so beautiful and what a nice song! Jack Black, waste of my time as was Ben Stiller. I thought the Staying Alive song was strange, very strange! Annie Lennox has sounded better, but I liked her. Kelly Clarkson was the best I have heard her in quite a while. Josh Groban, I love that song and the way he sings it. He has a classical voice and you can hear the training. Earth, Wind and Fire…not bad for old-timmers. Fun to watch! Celine and Elvis, hey so it’s been done before…I will always love Elvis, and Celine has a wonderful voice. Simpsons…yuck, why are they still on the air…Oh, right, they’re popular. Ellen was cool! Simon and Secrest in Africa, for what 2 days tops, including coming and going…for photo opps? At least I think they were moved by what they saw…I think.

    I would have enjoyed IBG if it had included more of the idol contestants, period. However, it was for charity, so it was a good thing. I do wonder why only $5 million from the parent co. They made much more than that charging $1. something for every 30 sec commercial on that extra hour. What they did to Jordin was mean.

    BTW: Clay Aiken…I really do love that man!

  • Huugs – Thanks for actually commenting on the episode last week. You still had to mention what’s his name, but you didn’t dedicate a whole ranting comment to him 😉

    Yeah, I agree that what they did to Jordin was mean. The poor girl was so shaken up, she could barely sing that last song of the evening. I know that Ryan is just “doing his job”, but I heard that exploiting the contestants was a big factor that led Brian Dunkleman to leave the show after Season 1. Ryan always pretends to be on the contestants’ side, defending them against Simon, but in reality he is not that different from the judges.

  • Oliver

    Much of the musical background on both of Fantasia’s CDs was that stupid hip/hop beat. To me, it sounded like hip/hop, maybe it wasn’t, but it wasn’t good.

    I know she sang “Summertime” and “I Believe” but the rest of it, “Baby Mama” etc. was set in the mode of what I hear in hip/hop. Have you read the scathing customer reviews of ‘Tasia’s latest over at amazon.com?

    Today, I don’t hear anyone singing ANYthing that Destiny’s Child recorded, but singers, all over the world are still singing Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, The Marvelettes and The Supremes. Those were REAL songs, not the repetitive stuff that’s coming out today.

    One producer said in a NY paper, “We don’t need great voices like Aretha, Patti or Barbra anymore. Just give me a skinny girl that can dance and sing a little. We’ll take care of the vocal in the studio. I can make a girl like that a star in today’s climate.” That’s sad to me. Most of the singers today are NOT really that good. Many of them sound like they were taken right off street corners and taken into the studio.

  • Ack

    So well said Tisspa!

    Tss – it was 4 years ago, dude. It’s time to move on. He has had a more successful career than Ruben anyway. It kills me the way people defend Clay Aiken. I have never seen anything like it. God Forbid I DARE express even a hint of negativity towards Clay on a board. I am absolutely lambasted. Like I said, I am a fan.. but I took my blinders off long ago. I’m going to make a leap here & say most of you don’t even know him. Maybe the ones who claim they do, actually do know him.. and know he’s not all he claims he is. But he is a grown man, and can defend himself against attacks. He doesn’t need his “Claymates” to do it at every turn. It’s the Claymates, such as some that I see here, who are driving normal fans away.

    If some of you would sit back and really think about what you do, you would see it’s just not normal fan behavior.

  • Dave

    It is ridiculous to tell Clay’s fans that it isn’t normal to be fans while the fans of other artists are exactly the same. I dare you to write something negative about Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Hicks. Then stand back and watch.

  • Ack

    Well, I guess that comment wasn’t taken very well. I didn’t say it was ridiculous to be fans. My Gosh. But to some Claymates, it is not normal fandom. Take this site for example.. the blogger said ONE thing about Clay Aiken, and the Claymates swooped in as if the blogger had ripped him apart. And what about Kelly or Taylor fans? Do they email anybody who says anything they perceive to be negative about them? Do they hijack every board and blog that even mentions their names? Take for example my mom.. she is a Parrothead, and Jimmy’s been around a heck of alot longer than Clay. You know what Parrotheads do? Buy Jimmy’s CD’s, watch him on TV, and have a ball at his concerts. That’s about as far as they take it. But Claymates, they take it to an extreme.

  • tisppa3

    tss, I’m not sure what you mean by “knowing” Clay. I’ve followed him since AI2 and have been to 7 concerts, met him in person once and been an active member of the on-line fanbase unitl now. I’ve never seen any indication that Clay is anything other than what HE claims to be. I’m not saying he is what some of the FANS claim him to be. Even Clay has refuted some of the claims of perfection made by the Clay worshipers. JMO, but I think he finds that group just as scarey and delusional as we do! LOL!

    No, my issue is not with Clay – it’s with this ever growing group of cool aide drinking nasties that are driving people away and giving the media and haters something to talk about.

    BTW, Kelly has some fans that are equally nasty and nutty.

  • Oliver – Unfortunately, times have changed. People don’t care so much about talent but more about looks. It’s all about what they look like in music videos and magazines. I don’t think that someone like Aretha would have been successful today because she isn’t skinny. If Barbra were starting her musical career today, producers would have asked her to get a nose job to make her more attractive.

    Dave – Sure, every celebrity has their fair share of insane, blindly devoted fans. But these people take it to a level that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

    I’ve gone on celebrity gossip sites and read many articles that brutally rip Kelly Clarkson apart because of her weight. They flat out call her a whale and other things. Of course many fans chime in to defend her, but if they had written a similar article about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I can almost guarantee that there would be absolute chaos. That gossip site’s server would probably shut down as hundreds of the guard dogs descend on the site.

    tisppa3 – There’s no use talking to tss. If she’s still enraged that Ruben won 4 years ago, there’s no hope for her.

  • tisppa3

    I’m sorry, that was ACK that made the comment about knowing Clay, not tss. My mistake.

  • tisppa3 – I think that Ack is on the same wavelength as you; a longtime fan but not a rabid, insane one.

  • Dave

    Well he does have an awful lot of fans, haters, stalkers and crazies. It just is what it is. It isn’t as if anyone can do anything about them. Its pointless to blame some for the actions of others. *shrug*

  • Dave – As you pointed out, so do many celebrities. Of course you can’t stop someone from worshipping a celebrity any more than you can stop the Earth from turning.

    However, when fans start to infringe on the rights of others who wish to be critical (not bashing, badmouthing, or hating, but just to offer a contradictory opinion) on their favorite, that’s where the problem begins.

  • Ack

    Tisspa – it was me. I should have clearfied – I meant personally.

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    Kaonashi- I missed last weeks blog about AI. You still doing it?
    I hope so because you rock!

  • Sean Paul- Yep, I’m still doing it. Sorry about that. I had a job interview to prepare for which involved doing a series of exercises. Posting had to take a back seat for a bit 🙂

    But I’m back this week so be on the lookout come Wednesday!

  • In response to comment #85: Kelly Clarkson is a talentless whiner, and Taylor Hicks was washed up before he even started.

    And now we wait.

  • Still waiting. Spotted some inflammatory anti-Clarkson comments on another article here on the site this morning, and I doubt the fans will turn out for that one, either. The Clay Aiken Insecurity Legion stands alone, it seems. Because of something unique about Clayboy? Or because of something unique (and bizarre) about his drooling fans?

    By the way, Pink appeared last night, so maybe they’re slowly going to make somewhat good on those initial promises. It wasn’t all that

  • Maggie Mae

    Dear Phillip –

    In response to your comment #96 – Why make negative comments about these or any other performers. Does this make you feel good???

    Why not choose what music and performer you enjoy – sit back, enjoy the music and SHUT UP.

    No need to bash others – everyone has their own style and their own choice in performers.

  • Dave

    Uh… Philip. when you write an article that puts them down you’ll get the predicted results. A few negative comments to a blog are not going to do it.

  • Phillip, you can think of it as an experiment. One week, write an article where you heavily criticize Kelly Clarkson. Go nuts. Write her name often.

    The next week, write an article that has almost nothing to do with American Idol, mention Clay Aiken’s name just once, but say something critical. Just leave it to one short sentence. I’d like to see what happens myself.

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