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TV Review: American Idol 6, Episode 10: The Top 24!

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Because I was out last night enjoying a lovely Valentine's dinner, I didn't get to watch the Top 24 decision rounds. A thousand apologies. Besides, judging from Tuesday night's previews, the routine from last night was most likely exactly the same from last year. The judges study video footage from the Hollywood rounds of each contestant so they can get an idea of what they would look and sound like on TV. Each of the remaining 40 hopefuls would then return about two weeks after the Hollywood rounds and meet with the judges individually to receive either good or bad news. Honestly, I don't know why they even bother dedicating a whole hour to this.

Anyway, here are your Top 24 — 12 guys and 12 girls. I will bold the names of those who were prominently featured in previous episodes (if I recall correctly). I would have posted their photos, but if I did the FOX lawyers would descend on me like avenging angels, armed with a cease-and-desist letter ordering me to take them down. Instead, check them out on the official American Idol website.


  1. Sanjaya Malakar
  2. Phil Stacy
  3. Chris Sligh
  4. Paul Kim
  5. Nick Pedro
  6. Jared Cotter
  7. Sundance Head
  8. Blake Lewis
  9. Rudy Cardenas
  10. Brandon Rogers
  11. Chris Richardson
  12. A.J. Tabaldo


  1. Gina Glocksen
  2. Alaina Alexander
  3. Lakisha Jones
  4. Antonella Barbra
  5. Melinda Doolittle
  6. Haley Scarnato
  7. Stephanie Edwards
  8. Leslie Hunt
  9. Jordin Sparks
  10. Sabrina Sloan
  11. Nicole Tranquillo
  12. Amy Krebs

Sadly, only half of these guys and girls will make it to the ultra-super-duper-elite Top 12, but the judges' job is pretty much done. It's now up to us, the viewing public, to decide who stays and who goes. The voting begins next Tuesday, as the men take the stage first. Two weeks from now, it'll be the ladies' turn.

I'm rather concerned about some of the contestants, specifically those whose names are not in bold on my list. It doesn't take a social psychologist to tell you that people in general tend to form positive attitudes towards that which is familiar to them. This is why we tend to befriend our neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. Therefore, many of these people whom we'll be seeing for the first time over the next two weeks will have to work hard to get our attention, or suffer the fate of Melinda Lira.

You may recall that two years ago, Lira was one of the Top 24. Unfortunately, she was not featured once in any of the audition episodes, until the very end of the Top 24 decision episode. Lira was the first to fall, and she blamed her loss on her lack of airtime. She, of course, wasn't the only one. Over the years, many unfamiliar faces were voted off during the Top 24 rounds because people just didn't know who they were. Only those who were truly talented or unique enough can overcome obscurity — people like Clay Aiken and Bo Bice, neither of whom was featured at all during the early auditions.

That being said, I wish everyone good luck, and let the games begin!

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  • Jenny

    Actually Clay was featured. He was shown in the Hollywood Rounds and his audition was aired.

    I don’t think they did as much featuring of contestants in the first two seasons, as they do now.

    But you are right he was and is a unique talent.

  • Jenny- Thanks for correcting me about Clay. I could have sworn that I didn’t see him during the early auditions, but that was years ago. I am positive about Bo Bice though. They totally focused on Constantine Maroulis and sprang Bo on us out of nowhere.

  • Melinda Doolittle has received some airtime during auditions and a bit in Hollywood; she’s the background singer with an almost shy demeanor. Quite a nice voice too. She should go far.

  • Kath

    AI didn’t even show Bo Bice’s audition until he was in the top 12. He is featured a lot on the “Best of American Idol” DVD.

    Melinda Doolittle is the best singer and my prediction to win. Alaina and Antonella had no business making it in the top 24 – it was for their looks ONLY. Marisa (the last girl with Antonella) should have made it. She was great.

    There are always those who make it through because they look good on TV. Alaina and Antonella will go quickly because they don’t have the chops to make it. Looks can only take you so far.

  • Susan

    Chris Richardson, the unsung hero? He has not had much airplay but the guy can sing. I want him to go far,he seems like a person that could make alot of money with this, good looks and a good voice theres a change from the other guys…

  • Jewels- Yes, thank you for refreshing my memory. When I looked at her picture, I couldn’t remember her.

    Kath- Naturally Bo is featured a lot on the DVD 🙂 And yes, I don’t think that Antonella should have made it. My boyfriend was furious when he found out. We both hated the way Amanda and Antonella screwed over Baylie Brown during Group Auditions. That was unfair.

    Susan- Well, he does have that Justin Timberlake kind of vibe to him. We’ll see how he fares.

  • Em

    I hate that stupid little skank antonella… I hope she’s the first to go. She and amanda, the “best friend” were so mean to bailey! I’m rooting for Sinjiyah

  • DaMama

    Kaonashi – Baylie Brown was NOT screwed over. She was put through by Simon because of her looks and her commercial value. She could not sing.

    Baylie Brown was immature and inexperienced. She did not deserve to make it as far as she did. She made it to Hollywood because Simon saw “commercial value”. It had nothing to do with talent.

  • DaMama- Yes, I agree that Simon put Baylie through because of her commercial value rather than her singing, which really wasn’t great. And yes, we don’t really know how much longer she would have lasted if she had been partnered up with other people during the group rounds. However, I still think that Baylie got messed up because of Amanda and Antonella’s bickering. Mentally she just wasn’t prepared because they psyched her out.

  • chris

    I am a 46 year old terminal cancer patient who only saw part of the show tonight. I would LOVE to know the name of the song that Sundance sang tonight. I have not heard that in years and it brought back great memories (of the original artist songong it) For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the song or the original artist. Please help!! I will be but it ASAP and have put into my list of funeral songs

  • chris

    oooppppsss….singing it!!!

  • Chris- I believe the song is called “Knights in White Satin” and is sung by the Moody Blues.

  • “Nights in White Satin”

    Best wishes, Chris

  • Ted

    Correction–all four of the non-bolded guys have been featured in the early rounds. Rudy Cardenas was the last auditionee in Seattle. They had had one of the worst days of auditions ever (only 2 people had gone on by the time Rudy came). He wowed them and made it 3. He sang Open Arms by Journey and Randy loved it. Brandon Rogers was also a backup singer (like Melinda Doolittle). He had sung with some big names including Christine Aguilera. Chris Richardson was really popular with all three judges in his first audition and they talked about expecting him to make the finals.

    Of the women, I distinctly remember Melinda Doolittle wowing the judges in her audition. Simon made his well-worn comment about how some auditionees come in with a whole lot of attitude and relatively little talent and that she was the exact opposite. He touted her as one of the ones to beat. I think of the women, Lakisha and Melinda are the two that are setting the bar significantly higher than the other girls have achieved so far. If we are going to talk about someone that needs to go based on her attitude and behaviour to date, that would be Gina. She’s been the truly bitchy one so far and she’s only an OK singer. I rate her about 8th or 9th of the final 12 girls.

  • Melinda Doolittle talented vocalist with a heart of gold. The album’s first single, “It’s Your Love,” was released to radio stations nationwide in September. If you want more info join us