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TV Review: American Idol 6, Episode 14: Top Ten Girls

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The ladies had their turn again this week, reminding all of America why they are collectively better than the guys. Similar to Tuesday night, Wednesday's performances are dedicated to a special someone in the contestants' lives. Ho hum.

This time, I'm giving letter grades to the ladies. I should have done the same thing for the guys, but oh well. Anyway, most were fantastic, a few were good but forgettable, and one was just abysmal.


Gina Glocksen kicked off the evening with Heart's "Alone," dedicated to her boyfriend. I thought she was better than last week, though I enjoyed her then as well. Randy said it was a good song choice, while Simon remarked that the vocals were a little forced near the end.

LaKisha Jones sang "Midnight Train to Georgia" for her grandmother. The woman really owns the stage, and has a great voice. Simon felt that she was holding back. He commented that she wasn't as good as last week and that she should accept that she's a phenomenal singer and start acting like a big star. Way to inflate LaKisha's ego there.

Melinda Doolittle maintained her self-deprecating demeanor and dedicated her performance to her vocal coach and stylist. She did a stirring rendition of "My Funny Valentine," which was waaaayyy better than Constantine Maroulis's version. Oh, calm down Constantine fans- don't be getting Claymate on me now. There, now I've offended two massive fanbases ;). Simon once again rambled on about how he loves that Melinda is all talent and no ego, unlike most people in the music industry.

The usually bubbly Jordin Sparks was rather teary this week, as she dedicated her song to her brother. My boyfriend wondered at one point if he was dead or something, but I could have sworn I saw him last week. Jordin sang Christina Aguilera's "Reflections," and while I'd normally chastise a contestant for picking a song by a well-known singer, I thought that Jordin made it her own. Randy and Simon said that it wasn't her best performance, but still better than some of the others.


Holly Hunter lookalike Leslie Hunt dedicated her performance to her late grandfather. It was very good and rather sultry, but kind of forgettable — until she did some scooby-dee-doo-de-doo-doo-wah jazz scatting and gave Blake Lewis a run for his money. Still, Simon wasn't impressed and felt that Leslie was getting lost among the singers with big voices.

Stephanie Edwards belted out a little Beyonce to her mom and dad. I thought it wasn't bad, as did Simon and Paula. Randy considered it "Beyonce Lite" and of course, couldn't resist mentioning that he had worked with her. Oh brother.


Haley Scarnato and Sabrina Sloan committed the horrific crime of picking a Whitney Houston song. Not just one person picked a Whitney song, but TWO people! What gives, ladies? Surely there are better choices available in that song book! Haley dedicated "Queen of the Night" to her fiancé, which not bad; it was lively and will help people remember her. However, Randy didn't like that the song had overly prominent backup vocals rather than the lead. Simon said that Haley is one of two or three girls in danger of going home. Meanwhile, Sabrina sang "All I Need" for her grandma, and yes it was pretty good but she seemed to scream it a bit near the end. Indeed, Simon warned her not to confuse power with shouting.

Alaina Alexander looked lovely, as usual, and dedicated The Dixie Chicks's "Not Ready to Make Nice" to her mom. While my boyfriend commented that it sounded recordable, I couldn't hear her very well. Randy thought it was a mess, while Paula thought it was pitchy. Simon felt that she simply ran out of steam halfway through.


Ah, let's not forget our little Internet Princess of the Week, Antonella Barba. Yes, I know that the blowjob pictures are not of her, but those other racy pictures sure are. She's so damn popular right now that the hits on my film web site doubled just because I mention her name on these American Idol posts.

Anyway, Antonella just about got on my nerves by committing the most heinous act known to American Idol — singing Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" for her brother. Jesus H. Christ. Is she begging to be kicked off the show? Let's count the number of mistakes she made: A) picked a Celine Dion song; B) picked the most oversung, overrated Celine song; C) picked the most popular Celine Dion song for karaoke; D) sounded as if she was performing on karaoke night at the local bowling alley; and E) wore a seriously hideous, fugly ass dress. In a just world, where those pics don't exist, Antonella would have left last week. However, since dumbasses will want to keep her on the show because "she's hot," I fear that she'll stay a little longer.

Who will go home: Haley and Alaina

Who should go home: Antonella and Alaina

So there you have it. On Thursday night, two guys and two girls will once again walk down the boulevard of broken dreams. Who will it be? Find out!

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  • LMC

    Melinda Doolittle has a nice voice, but please don’t compare apples and oranges. Constantine’s rendition of My Funny Valentine was sexy; very romantic and his voice was perfect. They both did well in their own arrangement of the song.

  • LMC- fair enough; that’s your opinion. I just wasn’t impressed by Constantine’s performance of that song. I mean, it was good and unique from his other performances, and the judges seemed to really love it. But for me I wasn’t wowed.

  • Whu?

    Two massive fanbases? Does 100 people count as a massive fanbase? Oh wait, we are talking Constantine Maroulis Land, where magical wishes can make everything BIGGER than it really is.

  • Whu- LOL, you said it- I didn’t. I’m just going to keep a safe distance here 😉

  • Holly

    I’m a Constantine fan and loved his version of MFV but I also really like Melinda’s version.I hope she does well on AI.

  • Cat

    I wasn’t impressed with the girls anymore than with the guys. With the exception of a few, most of the girls sounded pretty much the same..lots of screaming, not much actual singing. It seemed they were trying to outscream each other.

    I wasn’t impressed with Melissa’s version of “My Funny Valentine”. I much perferred Constantine’s version as I believe it’s a song one would sing to his/her love, not scream to him/her.

  • idolcrazy

    I wasn’t really around for Season 4 much, but Melinda’s version of the song was awesome and easily the best vocal of the night. I’m a bit surprised that you weren’t impressed, Cat.

    Kaonashi, I couldn’t have said it any better myself about Antonella. Unfortunately, besides rabid and/or perverted fanboys, she also has the support of Vote for the Worst. That might keep her in until Top 12 and (God forbid) Top 6.

    Let’s hope that doesn’t happen…;(

  • ma

    I really hope that Antonella makes it into the top 6 and better yet – WINS! She is horrible and it’s exactly what American Idol deserves for picking such atrocious singers every year.

  • Ty

    I’m tired of the LaKisha hype. She can only sing R&B, mostly old school R&B.

    Have her sing a rock song, or a country song (and make it sound country, as if she were on Nashville Star), and she’ll stink up the joint.

    Maybe it is because I am not a fan of that type of music and she never strays from her comfort zone, but I think LaKisha at the very least is deserving of a “safe” comment from Simon.

    LaKisha is playing it safe, and when others pull the same stunt, they get called out for it.

  • Stu

    I LOVE watching every episode of American Idol and keeping up with my favorites! My favorite so far has got to be, hands down, Melinda Doolittle. She is a star that shines bright. I love tuning in every week to see what the contestants will choose to sing. Some have it on the dime, while others fall short. But that’s one of the great parts of the competition, seeing the contestants grow week by week. Let’s hope all our favorites make it to the top 12!

    Has anyone heard about this awesome contest that Pringles is doing with American Idol? If you go to Jingles For Pringles, you can upload videos of yourself, and watch other submissions, singing a jingle about Pringles! The grand prize winner will be flown to the American Idol Finale! What an awesome prize right? I got this killer scoop, because I’m working with Pringles. Head on over to the site and start uploading!

  • KittenCat

    Loved Melinda’s rendition of MFV. What a powerful voice! I also loved the rendition of MFV by Constantine Maroulis during season 4! A totally different spin on the same song but just as amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of Melinda and to Constantine Maroulis solo album due out in June ’07!

  • Hamboussi

    People on American Idol need to realize that once someone else has sang something, then no one else should sing it again. Especially ESPECIALLY if it was ever sang by Constantine Maroulis. I read that Aerosmith has retired Cryin’ and that in the new Queen movie under production? They are going to eliminate Bohemian Rhapsody because they know that if they even TRY to have anyone else sing it to portray Freddie Mercury? It would be an exercise in futility.

    Let’s just hope that no one else tries “I Can’t Make You Love Me” or “I Think I Love You”. Those will end their American Idol career.

    When a diamond has gone before you, you must accept it and not try to be the diamond.

    Especially not if it is a Greek diamond who has been on Broadway and off-Broadway and even attended a single’s event. Oh and if the diamond has now dated TWO models? Just give it up. Go home.

  • Holly- So do I.

    Cat- Well, Simon did warn one of them (Stephanie) not to overdo it on the power notes.

    idolcrazy- I have a feeling that she may stay one more week, but hopefully she won’t make it in the Top 12.

    ma- She may be atrocious, but hey- she’s pretty. And that’s why she was picked.

    Ty- You have a point. We’ll see what happens to singers like LaKisha, Melinda, or Stephanie during Queen Night, or Country Night.

    Stu- Now I want to eat a can of Pringles. Sour cream and onion flavor.

    Kitten- I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for the ConMan to put out a solo album.

    Hamboussi- It seems that the contestants’ song choices are limited, so we keep hearing the same ones over and over. I swear, I want to punch someone in the head every time I hear someone do a Stevie Wonder song on the show.

  • Me

    Doolittle do little for me! I would hate to think that’s the best America has to offer. I don’t think screaming is “power”. I think it’s a way to cover up the fact that you just can’t reach the note. Not a lot different than what you hear in some churches.

  • All I know is that I just found out Sanjaya is in the Top 12. How can anyone take the show seriously now? Sabrina and Sundance deserve to be there and they are out. Usually, the system gets it right but this is retarded. Antonella should never have been here either. Another thing, I noticed Simon has adjusted is comments somewhat. It’s about time. If Sanjaya wins….

  • Reginald L

    Melinda Doolittle does not scream. She exhibits total control over her voice. She’s never out of pitch, off-key or forgetful of lyrics. She’s a freaking professional singer – a person who eats by singing.

    Every performance I’ve seen by her this season has given me shivers. What else can I say.

  • Louise7

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  • Louise

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  • I am sure it will be worth the wait. I am also a backup and looking sooooooo forward to the Release Date….