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TV Review: American Idol 6 – Bee Gees Week Results

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Bleh, yet another snorefest results episode. Why the hell do they have to be an hour long with so few people left in the competition? Even Seacrest said something like, "We have an hour and have to fill it up somehow."

So many of the fillers make no sense. Why do they keep having the worthless "man about town" segment where Ryan bothers pedestrians by asking them about the contestants. Dude, we really don't care what random strangers think. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's just boring.

Oh look, we finally get the Pink performance that was promised to us like, three weeks ago, during Idol Gives Back. Apparently that bloated, waste of an episode ran out of time, so they had to scrap footage of her performance and stuff it in this week's results show. Hey, I've got an idea on how to prevent that from happening again: dump out some of the filler! Yeesh. I mean, they could have trimmed the Ben Stiller segment to fit her in.

Oh yay, Fantastic Four 2 preview. Sure, the special effects look cool, but you know damn well that it's going to suck far worse than the disaster that was Spider-Man 3. I'll still watch it since I have no life, but I expect nothing of substance to come from it. I'm surprised though that the whole starring cast was in the AI audience though. How cute of Ryan to pretend that he's straight by hinting that he thinks Jessica Alba is hot. Come on now buddy, we know that your turn-ons are cranky, incredibly tanned, middle-aged British guys who wear tight black T-shirts.

At least the group song wasn't bad this time. The smaller the group, the less cheesy, show choir-like the performance. I thought that the girls harmonized well in their Destiny's Child version of "Emotion." Yeah, like they sang the Bee Gees version.

Speaking of the Bee Gees, Barry's performance of "To Love Somebody" was horrible. When he first started to sing, he seemed to get startled, as if he didn't expect the mic to be turned up so high. As he continued, I realized that it was just his style of singing. What the hell was that? Why was he singing in such a clipped manner? It was like he was speak-singing the words.

As for the results. Ok so I was wrong, and Blake didn't go home. It seems that everyone, even LaKisha, knew that she was going home this week. Go figure *shrug*

Anywho, let's think about how this affects the rest of the contestants. LaKisha's votes will now go to Melinda. Next week, Blake will most likely get knocked off. His votes will probably go to Jordin. I'm guessing that Blake and Jordin's combined votes will outweigh LaKisha and Melinda's combined votes, leaving Jordin as the winner. On the other hand, if by some twist of fate Jordin leaves next week, her votes may split. Some will go to Melinda, others will go to Blake. This means that Melinda will win.

What do you guys think? Who is going to win?

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  • Grandpa Idol

    Very funny. The good news is that we don’t have another fossil coaching and performing next week or at least I hope not. I also agree with your assessment of the voting dynamics but think the aggregation of the teenie votes (Sanjaya, Chris, and Blake) along with her own following will propel Jordin across the finish line. I’m not sure who Phil’s votes would find a new home with. I’ve only been indifferent with the final two twice and this is one of those years and last year was the other.

  • Bee Gees, 80s and Idol fan

    I think Barry’s performance was wonderful. He tried to stick to the Bee gees style but then his 2 brothers is not around to backed him up. (Maurice passed away 2/3 yrs ago and Robin is in Miami I think). I predict Jordin to win, with Melinda in 2nd place.

  • Where was John Travolta to help Barry out?

    Jordin will win.

  • thawk

    I think Melinda will take it. I hope she does.

  • You people are tone-deaf. Barry Gibb is one of the best singer-song writers of five decades. I would like to see any of you write three number one songs in one night. Love them and always will.