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TV Review: American Idol 2006, The Finalists

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe begin this missive with a rundown of the guys’ performances on Wednesday, 3/8/06. I have predictions on who will be eliminated. Following this a short piece on the elimination and finally, ta-da, a listing of the top twelve who will move on to greater challenges and further scrutiny.

Gedeon McKinney sang “When a Man Loves a Woman” on the night of the top eight male finalists’ presentation. Gedeon certainly presented his own fine version of the song and Simon pronounced it “over the top.” I think Gedeon will move on to the top twelve.

I didn’t recognize Chris Daughtry’s song of choice, something about being broken. Chris has a spectacular rocker voice and it occurs to me that this is a musical genre woefully under-represented on American Idol. Simon pronounced Daughtry’s performance as “indulgent.” While Daughtry has the voice to win this thing, I can’t help but think Simon does not want Chris to win. Sure, Simon’s hyper-critical and that’s his schtick. But at this point in reality series’ run Simon tends to try to guide the voting public toward his choice for winner. I suspect Simon doesn’t think Daughtry has the superstar quality he seeks. Whatever the case, I think Chris will move on to the top twelve and the American public will decide.

Kevin Covais is this year’s designated American Idol nerd. For this performance Kevin seemed too self-conscious. A musical superstar shouldn’t appear to an audience as if he’s practically apologizing for wasting their time with his small song. Which is, sadly, the feeling transmitted by this young man who does, no doubt about it, have a terrific voice.

But they all have terrific voices at this stage in the game. There’s a bit more needed to win this contest and part of it is certainly stage presence. While the judges pronounced Covais’ performance as good and his choice of a ballad a song suiting him, Simon called it “juvenile.” I don’t think Kevin’s going to make it.

Bucky Covington is a surprising contender, at least to me. He captured my fancy with his revelation that he has an identical twin brother. I paid close attention to Covington’s performance and considered that his genre of country-western with a little rock could be a winning combo. I love Bucky’s ponytail and casual but hip style.

Will Makar is considered the favorite of the bubblegum crowd. A fact which seems to annoy sweet Will but I say take the votes where you get them.

Perhaps in an attempt to appeal to a different demographic, Will sang “How Sweet It Is.” A great song but not a strong enough song at this point in the competition. It had a Karaoke flavor to it that was not appealing. I still think Makar will go through to the top twelve though none of the judges were wowed by Makar’s performance and poor choice of material.

Now Taylor Hicks did a rocking song and first thing I noticed was this fellow’s robotic dancing style.

I’d depict Hicks’ dancing style as it appeared to me but the compassion police would beat me up. Let’s just say Hicks looked a bit like that little robot on the old Lost in Space series. The first thing Randy commented upon was Hicks’ strange “dance” style. I suspect that Hicks was trying to appear cool beyond his rather mundane accountant appearance. I don’t think it worked.

Elliott Yamin performed a song I didn’t know and didn’t like. Randy, however, loved the song. Curmudgeon Simon also didn’t like the song or the performance. I think Yamin has a chance of being booted during the elimination round.

Ah, my own favorite, Ace Young, did something really odd. Not that I didn’t like it. In fact, that hat and his falsetto voice did manage to present this handsome fellow in a different light and showed us his vocal talent.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAce sang a Michael Jackson song completely in a high falsetto. And it was okay, dawg, it was okay, as Randy would say. The judges like Ace’s performance although Simon said Ace missed some high notes in spots. Ace’s performance left me impressed but really hoping he won’t try such a thing when he’s in the running for the top three countdown.

The 3/9/06 Elimination Round

46 million people voted, Bo Bice sang us a tune and told us about his new baby.

Four contestants were eliminated: Kinnik Sky, Gedeon McKinney, Will Makar, and Ayla Brown.

I was very surprised about Makar. Not because I thought he necessarily should be in the top twelve in this year of our Lord 2006. I was thinking the bubblegum crowd would keep him alive.

One final thought before entering into the finals of this year’s competition with the top twelve listed below. I’ve never understand that cruelty of sorts involved with making these people who have just been eliminated sing a song before they leave.

The PR thing isn’t lost on me. Which is to say any time you have a chance to sing before millions of people, no matter the circumstances, do it. But to have to do it when your heart is breaking, it seems a bit thoughtless.

American Idol 2006 Top Twelve Finalists

Paris Bennett
Lisa Tucker
Melissa McGhee
Katharine McPhee
Kelly Pickler

Chris Daughtry
Kevin Covais
Bucky Covington
Taylor Hicks
Elliott Yamin
Ace Young

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  • Jim

    It continues to fascinate me that when Sway did a falsetto, Simon was very irritated, but when Ace does a falsetto, Simon doesn’t say a word. I think Ace needs to work on his facial expressions.

    Elliott seemed very nervous and the band drowned him out. He has the best voice of the competition, in my opinion. I just hope he can beat his nerves and he chooses better songs from now on. Every note was in tune (which is more than I can say for others), but still, not a great song. He can’t do that again if he wants to stay, because the judges are going to want him out in favor of their Barbies and Kens.

    I had no idea what Bucky sang and I don’t remember any of his performance. I think he has such a sweet personality, people support him because of that.

  • Iowatreasures@Hotmail.com

    The two guys that I wanted to go to the top twelve were eliminated. I wonder if they had a phone quirk because Gideon was, by far, the best vocalist of all. His rendition of “When I love a woman,” was very, very memorable. I can’t remember what any of the rest of them sang – they are a blur of nice looking faces. As far as the girls, the right ones have been eliminated so far. The arrogance of two of them is what got rid of them. They were down-right annoying with their over confidence.

  • sal m

    there is a huge country block that votes – as evidenced by last year’s winner and runner up – and they will keep bucky around. and as in politics, bucky is keeping his base happy in the early stages of the competition. for no other reason than his country roots he will be around for a little longer than his ability level dictates.

    speaking of last year’s winners, i thought that neither of them were very good in their performances during the past two weeks. i was especially disappointed in bo’s voice last night.

    also, with regards to gedeon, despite having a very good voice, he’s a 19 year old kid who sings old soul songs, and therefore doesn’t have a demographic.

    in general i think the band and the background singers drown out the performances.

    unless he screws up during weeks where the performers will have to go outside of their comfort zones, ace should win, although the mcphee girl could definitely win as she has the voice and is very attractive.

  • Jan Matthews

    Gideon was robbed last night, he is by far one of the best vocalist I have ever heard.

    I hope he is scooped up with a recording contract soon, he is only going to get better.

  • Ty

    First off, “I’ve never understand that cruelty of sorts involved with making these people who have just been eliminated sing a song before they leave.

    The cruel is part that they sing the song they prepped this week, which of course, stinks. THEY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SING THEIR FAVORITE SONG, so they have one last swan song, instead of torturing us.

    Gedeon was NOT robbed. He doesn’t have many fans because people are tired of that sound….plus his smile makes his hideously ugly.

    ONCE AGAIN, PARIS HAS NO BUSINESS IN AMERICAN IDOL. Remember her grandma and how Randy Jackson knew her granny as some famous singer back in the day? IF RANDY JACKSON IS IN AWE OF YOUR GRANNY, you have your connection. AI is all about people who have no connections, no opportunities, but have talent.

    I hope Paris is gone ASAP, she doesn’t belong.

    I am quite happy with the 6 guys, I think we have a good group of 6 guys to compete with the ladies.

    They got rid of the wrong girls, especially Ayla. Hopefully in the next three weeks, in no particular order, the following three FALL: PARIS, LISA, AND MANDISA.

    1.) Paris: Because she doesn’t belong because her granny is her HUGE connection and she doesn’t need AI, just use your granny so can get you a deal with Randy Jackson

    2.) Lisa: Good, but tired sound we’ve heard from so many black competitors on AI (LaToya, Tamayra, Fantasia, Kimberly Locke, Janay, Vonzell, etc.)

    3.) Mandisa: Perhaps the most unique black woman to grace AI, but she shouldn’t be there. In the final 44, there was a large white woman who was better than her but didn’t make it, because it’s okay to be black and fat, but not white and fat. Mandisa only made the top 24 because of racism, and thus she should be gone ASAP (but not before Paris).

    Then, with a final 9 not having him, we would truly have 9 weeks of good AI competition and fun.

    Unfortunately AI is racist. In AI 1 and 2, they purposely led off the finals with a Motown week in an attempt to get rid of a white contestant. Next week they said the theme is Stevie Wonder, which of course, is another attempt to get rid of white people. I hate that.

  • Ty

    “It continues to fascinate me that when Sway did a falsetto, Simon was very irritated, but when Ace does a falsetto, Simon doesn’t say a word. ”

    Duh, the judges, especially Simon are racist. If Sway was white, he’s love him. Since he’s not, no go. Ever heard of a group called Kai? Didn’t think so. They were a R&B group of asians (chinese and philipino) from the SF Bay Area who had a big record deal, but MTV wasn’t interested in playing their stuff, but white america could barely handle r&B from white/black/latino, no way were they down with asians. So this group KAI got dropped from its label a few years later, and I don’t know what they are doing now. They had a great song “Say You’ll Stay” that only got a little airplay in the Bay Area only.

    Remember, as I said before, Simon has proven he is a racist because to him black and fat is acceptable, but white and fat is not.

  • Mr. Ty. someone appears “racist,” all right.

  • Ty

    Yes, Simon, of course. He is racist towards asians and obese caucasians.

    He wouldn’t be considered racist to any caucasians if he had the same attitude towards obese african-americans, but he doesn’t (Ruben, Mandisa, and Frenchie).

    NR Davis: Thanks for your comment, although it isn’t much.

  • Ty

    Plus I really liked Kai, an ASIAN-AMERICAN r&b group, but racism in america made sure they would never get the exposure they deserve.

  • Ty

    Here is the amazon page re:

    Notice how the comments on their CD come from Hawaii and the west coast. No one gave them a chance because they were filipino (And one chinese dude), and this was in 1997-1998, the BOY BAND ERA!!!

    Don’t tell me people aren’t racist. Sway was a victim of racism, just like the fat white girl in the final 44 this season who didn’t go on, but Mandisa did.

  • Ty

    By the way, as a side note, Kai broke in 2001, and two of their members joined up with Sway to form 6th Day, which Sway left to join AI. That was why there was a controversy about Sway: 6th day has an album out that you can buy.

  • I’ll admit not watching this season as close as others. But it just seems to me the show is getting less and less memorable as it goes on. Even the bloopers aren’t as good as the first few (how many “showboats” can you watch forget lyrics and cry anyway?). Also…does it seem like everyone involved is “rushing” A.I. almost to get it over with quicker (before Summer), so they can all go back home???

  • I am from England and watch AI avidly. For me and many others who love this programme, Elliot Yamin is in a class of his own. That man can really sing – Stevie Wonder should suit him fine next week. GO Elliot.

  • Blah

    You just want some asians on AI and your trying to clump large whites into your groups because you know there’s an obesity epideemic in america, so its make your argument seem more important.

    BUT I also want asians on the show! This wouldnt be a problem if the judges based their decisions on singing and not record sells…

  • debbie

    ty has his fat girls in swimming pool changing rooms
    one girls name is izora and she has a long term? boyfriend

  • ty

    yer i’m gonna shag your mrs after my fopp oxford street signing again and again like the last 3year mate