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TV Review: American Idol 2006 – Eleven Start, Ten Survive

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Barry Manilow was the featured guest singer-celebrity on the night of March 21. Eleven finalists performed songs from the ’50s and this should have been right up my alley. Well, I am more a child of the protesting ’60s, but this decade will receive its time in due course and as the contest progresses.

At this point in the competition every American Idol finalist is a fine singer with the major differences being in genre, style, and nuanced vocals. Now until the day of reckoning the singers will be judged on how well they perform their chosen songs plus whatever special something the voting viewers see in the performers that hits their vibe.

On the chilly evening of March 21, the guest singer of the evening made a surprising announcement. For it was sweet Kelly Pickler who sang Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight” and Manilow announced, across the airwaves and to my everlasting surprise, that he had never heard of this song!

“I’m from New York, what do I know from country music?” is how Barry phrased it, at which point I almost fell out of my chair. No matter how young looking Barry appears … the man is older than me even! And yes country music is hardly his genre but he is a singer, a singer with a major repertoire and extensive catalogue. Patsy Cline’s famous song about a heart-broken woman walking the streets late at night as she nurses her broken heart is one of the all-time classic songs of the ages.

In fact, the announcement of Manilow’s presence to aid these youngsters in preparing their song performances from the ’50s was a surprise in yet another way. Manilow is a singer beloved by the females on the planet and almost as stridently disliked by the male contingent. Myself adores Manilow and his music while husband says he had to hold his nose to purchase a Manilow requested CD for this past Christmas. This demographic preference did show up later via one of the male finalists but more on this later.

For now, how did Miss Pickler do with Patsy Cline’s famous song?

Attired in a simple tank and pants accented by a gorgeous in-your-face belt, Pickler sang what had to be the best song pick for her by a country mile. Simon declared she did it “absolutely right”.

And yet Pickler doesn’t stand out in my mind and I’ve yet to envision her as a finalist in this thing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comChris Daughtry, on the other hand, continually shows up in my winning radar although at first I dismissed him as a very unlikely winner. Which is why American Idol has this long lead-up to a final contender because performances get better, quirks are detected, vocal laziness is discerned. The singers are fleshed-out and Chris Daughtry fleshed right into a superstar before my very eyes these past weeks.

Chris, dressed in a black shirt, sang “I Walk the Line”, made famous by Johnny Cash. Daughtry embraced that song as if his own. There’s something about Daughtry’s performances that stand out. I considered Chris’ performance one of the top three of that evening, if not the best.

Mandisa led off the festivities on Barry Manilow night. She looked magnificent with a form-fitting black dress with artful cut-out shoulders. Mandisa sang Dinah Washington’s “I Don’t Hurt Anymore” and this was her song to perform.

Simon dubbed it a “blossoming, sexy performance.” Which it was and yet it wasn’t a performance that flowed up to my top three picks for the evening. More evidence that these young artists, now being tutelaged by celebrated singers, dressed by experienced stylists and taught by the best vocal coaches, are now in a league of their own.

Next up, Bucky Covington. Last week I was very impressed by Bucky’s performance, even with that ridiculous angelic hairstyle. Still I nurture a notion that a rocking country-western male singer could make 2006 his year for American Idol. Thus I tend to give Bucky some leeway, but his performance on Manilow night was not one of his best.

Bucky sang “Oh Boy,” a classic Buddy Holly tune. Covington did put his own twist on this ’50’s standby but his performance didn’t do it for me. Simon termed it a “karaoke performance” and I agree.

Katharine McPhee sang the Ella Fitzgerald classic “Come Rain or Come Shine”. Katharine is considered by many to be the most overlooked finalist in this season’s American Idol and this might be true. McPhee looked enchanting in her flowing dress that so typified her song choice. She gave a smashing performance and yet…still not ringing my bells.

McPhee told an interesting anecdote about Judge Simon. She said that when Simon’s girlfriend was interviewing him about this year’s American Idol that Simon completely forgot her name. Katharine’s annoyance was very evident. After her performance, Simon declared Katharine had “turned into a star”. Perhaps he wanted to make up to Katharine for forgetting her name.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAh, little Miss Paris Bennett. A singer I’ve mentally dismissed many times as being too young, as being too cute, as being anything but a singing icon of American Idoldom. Yet each and every week, this small bundle of talent takes the stage and wows the world with the most magnificent of voices and the most joyous of performances. Paris sang “Fever” by Peggy Lee and even Manilow remarked he was shocked at the power of her voice.

This is not to mention the glorious fashion attire this miniature queen of song wore, a gold halter gown with a matching flower adorning carefully coiffed locks. The attempt, one assumes, was to give Paris an air of maturity. The attire and the song did just that. Randy said Paris “blew out the box”.

Paris makes my list of the top three performances of the evening handily.

One must tread softly around any critique of Taylor Hicks. For while the singer looks for all the world like a serious accountant released for a wild weekend on the town, his fans are many and fiercely loyal.

I simply don’t see this guy as winning this thing and his jerky robotic movements only reinforce that notion. “He’s only doing his happy interpretation of the music,” his legions of loyalists argue. Well sure, if dancing around with no rhyme, reason, or rhythm could be considered an interpretation perhaps Hicks should take it to the Museum of Modern Art.

As for Taylor’s performance on Manilow night, I thought the man sounded like he had a bad cold. That odd sharkskin suit only added to his accountant image. Judge Paula declared that watching Hicks was like watching an “exercise video.” Paula meant this in the best possible manner as is her wont. I agree with Paula but it’s not meant as a compliment on this end.

We’ll move onto my first predicted ouster as a result of the Manilow evening of performances. Lisa Tucker finished ominously in the bottom three last week. She looked cute as a ladybug in a colorful ménage of cropped pants topped with a red shirt covered with a blue jacket, a cool hip look that captured the retro look with a current day ambience. Tucker sang “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, made famous by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. I thought Lisa’s voice faded at times. Simon declared she looked as if participating in a “high school musical” and for once, I think Simon nailed it.

I predict Lisa will be booted on elimination night.

Elliott Yamin was the male performer who reinforced my contention that males of the species do not like Barry Manilow. Indeed, Elliott told the host that before actually meeting songster Barry that he didn’t like Manilow music and inferred that he had a bit of derision for the man. Of course, a young singer like Elliott would likely not consider Manilow a singer to emulate. And of course, Yamin declared lustily that after meeting Barry he adored the man with a newfound respect. Well we’ll just assume this is the truth for now.

Yamin sang a song from the ’50s I’ve never heard of: “Teach Me Tonight” by Al Jarreau. Dressed in casual jeans topped by an unusual combination of a dress shirt and tie, Yamin performed very well for a song outside of his genre.

A guest from TV Guide was on Fox and Friends this morning and said that Elliott wrestles daily with diabetes and wears a permanent insulin pump. She also said that Yamin does not practice before his performances.

On to Kevin Covais, the young crooner with a marvelous voice accompanied by a “Fearless Fly” appearance. I think this fellow surely is waiting for the hammer to drop on him any day. Perhaps in this week’s elimination rounds if Lisa Tucker doesn’t beat him to it.

It was evident that Covais was appealing directly to his audience of nine and ten year-olds when he sat down for his song performance, dressed in a child-like T-shirt and casual jeans. In his pre-performance vignette, Covais appealed to his base of female youngster fans when he mentioned that he chose Nat King Cole’s “When I Fall In Love” as his song for the evening because he too has yet to experience true love and this song is his benchmark mood-maker for when that gleeful day will finally arrive.

Of course every dewy-eyed pre-teen in America then will watch Covais croon the tune and dream that Kevin Covais is singing directly to them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFinally we arrive at Ace Young, my first nomination for winner back when there were thirty finalists or so. Last week, Ace was in the bottom three. This week, Ace sang “In the Still of the Night” by the Five Satins and, other than a strange facial sneer, his performance was unique and perfect.

So can Ace come back from bottom-three disgrace?

If nothing else, Ace’s ending of a strong falsetto note certainly gave him some attention that could be the turning point.

Dressed in a less-casual fashion than his previous attire, Ace Young in an electric blue shirt and hip look could still go all the way.

The Eliminations 3/22/06

Quick give me the number of Barry Manilow’s plastic surgeon. That medico is so good he should be cloned!

No matter his age, Barry sang a rendition of “Love Is a Many Splendid Thing”; before the eliminations. I still love Barry Manilow. Husband left the room.

Onto the bottom three then the would-be superstar eliminated.

The bottom three included: Kevin Covais, Lisa Tucker, Bucky Covington. I am not at all surprised.

After the commercial we learn that Kevin Covais was eliminated. The time has come.

Congrats to the top ten. The contest heats up.

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  • A Doctor

    “A guest from TV Guide was on Fox and Friends this morning and said that Elliott wrestles daily with diabetes and wears a permanent insulin pump”

    That guest was obviously not very well informed. Elliot probably does wrestle with diabetes daily and wears an insulin pump, but it is certainly not a permanent device. It can be removed whenever the user so desires. Using an insulin pump for better control and a more flexible lifestyle is a choice made by many thousands of diabetics (including entertainers and sports figures). For further information you can check out http://www.minimed.com which is the site for just one of the pump manufacturers.

    Please stop publishing false information.

  • Ruth

    I think that all the contestants can really sing well. But, my favorites are Katherine Mcphee, Ace, and Kelly Pickler. I sure hope that one of them wins–especially Katherine Mcphee.

  • Nancy

    I have watched all the seasons of idol but this is the first time I have rewatched someone’s performance over and over. ACE!! He’s got something and I would buy his CD in a heartbeat. I hope he wins it all!!

  • Steve

    I guess if you’re not a Garth Brooks or Patsy Cline fan, or not into country generally, then I guess one would not be likely to have heard it. I guess Barry and I fit all three categories above.

  • Joe Blow

    Just for the record, Walking After Midnight was recording by Garth Brooks on the CD where the cover is black and white. Nice little version of it. I haven’t heard half the songs on the 50’s CD by Manilow, but I have heard Patsy Cline’s Walkin After Midnight a million times.

  • Steve

    I believe the song Barry didn’t know had a woman as the central character of the song, so Barry, being a guy, would have no need to know it, as he would never sing it himself anyway. I must confess, I have 12,000 songs in my collection and I don’t know that tune either.

    Re. Simon, well, he is a pop and ‘popera’ fan, not a rocker, so his ignorance of rockers is not surprising. He is a record executive who is looking for talented pop artists/singers that will sell. Why wouldn’t his focus be what’s popular in the Top 40 with the younger crowd???

  • i found it very hard to believe that Barry Manilow had never heard of “Walking After Midnight”.

  • Admittedly, I find a couple of Barry Manilow songs to be quite terrific. He’s of course a talented, prolific songwriter and a legend and a knowledgeable music guy, blah, blah, blah. But he never heard of “Walking After Midnight.” He’s an icon for a certain segment of the mainstream, to be sure, but one would think his knowledge base would be wide enough to include more than Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” I find that whole thing disconcerting.

    “Simon knows exaclty what he’s doing.”

    Sometimes I believe that to be true, but Simon’s knowledge of anything beyond what the kids are buying in the UK and the US as shown by the pop-music charts can’t amount to much. He doesn’t know Live or the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Does he listen to anything beyond A-sides? And does he really think Chris’ lack of originality and versatility is a positive thing? Ohhhhh-kay, he’s entitled to his opinion. My thought now however is that the one judge with even a modicum of sense (if not sensitivity) is just as flawed as loopy Paula and the namedropping “hiphop” dawg who played with Journey.

  • Steve

    My mother used to be a fan of Manilow’s, I guess that’s why I can like a few of his songs, unlike most guys. Judging from AI last night, he sure does know his musical jargon to be sure.

  • guerillabob

    ELLIOT!!! man…

  • Arch Conservative

    First of all ACE is just a pretty face. The guy can’t sing. Period. He should be the next to go.

    Second, I’ve had just about all I can take from Kellie Pickler and her “vote for me because I’m so stupid in a cute sort of way,” act. Last night when she said what’s a ballsy I wanted Seacrest to whip out his unit and slap her across the face with it and say “that’s a balsy bitch now get off the friggin show before I kill you.”

  • I watch American Idol..I love this show…except this season I don’t like how some of the kids are singing adult sexual songs…its just gross.
    I predicted Ace would win from the start…I still think he’ll either win or be in the top three…he’s adorable.

  • John

    If Katharine McPhee doesn’t ring your bells, you better check for a pulse…LOL! And as for Simon forgetting her name, please. Simon knows exaclty what he’s doing. She’s gonna be a gold mine for him and will be the next American Idol.