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TV Review: American Horror Story: Asylum – “Madness Ends”

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Lana may live, the triumphant hero in some eyes, but she will never be happy like Kit. I half expected her to turn the gun on herself after murdering her son, as while she has accepted some of her misery, I feel like this could be what pushes her over the edge. Or perhaps the days she spends with Kit’s family aren’t enough to crack that hard shell she builds up immediately after Briarcliff, and she is too far gone for this latest tragedy to affect her too severely.

The capstone, seeing Lana and Jude together at the beginning again, watching Johnny go to the places his parents were at and continue his father’s work, and even finding out what happens to Cardinal Howard (Joseph Fiennes), also destroyed by guilt and Lana, all serve to really bind the story together in a fitting conclusion. Some things are regrettable, like what happens to the women that Kit initially loves, but, in the end, American Horror Story: Asylum tells a complete and gripping tale, one not likely to be soon forgotten.

My only slight complaint about the hour is that ending old Lana where she does, sitting on a couch near her son’s body, feels slightly unfinished. This isn’t fully erased for me by the flashback scene, and I wanted just a touch more there.

But other than that, “Madness Ends” is a fantastic episode in a really good miniseries.

I’d also like to mention, even though it didn’t really fit in the flow of this review, that the parts of the story involving Lana’s expose and her interview are extremely well done. The grainy camera style back then and the expert make-up in the now are both superb, and make “Madness Ends” one of my favorite episode of the year.

American Horror Story will return for a third season, with a new cast of characters, and returning performers including Lange, Paulson, and Peters, next fall on FX.

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  • Jack

    This reads like it was was written by a five year old. “…in the end, American Horror Story: Asylum tells a complete and gripping tale, one not likely to be soon forgotten.” Could you be any more cliché and generic?