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TV Review: Alias Season 5 Premiere

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The season premiere opens the fifth season with Sydney and Vaughn in a car accident after he tells her he isn’t who she thinks he is. She runs through a corn field to get away from those who arrived at the scene, apparently out to get her. When she goes to the hospital, Sydney realizes Michael Vaughn is under investigation having thought he was abducted. Apparently Vaughn is suspected of being a double agent.

Whoever has captured Vaughn is torturing him for information. When they threaten to hurt Sydney, he say’s he’ll tell them what the message is. Instead, he escapes in search of Sydney. He calls her and says he needs his father’s watch. He admits that his name is Andre Michaux and eventually tells her the rest. His father was involved in a project, called Prophet Five, that he was trying to hide from, which explains his two names. Now he is on a private mission to track down the book that made his father go into hiding.

Sydney thinks about her relationship with Vaughn and wonders if she trusted someone she shouldn’t have. She discovers she is pregnant and she and Vaughn both seem excited. However, something goes wrong on their mission in Italy and Vaughn is shot in front of Sydney, as is his contact who is helping him uncover the truth to Prophet Five.

Jack is worried due to his own trouble when Irina defected, thinking Sydney is going to have the same problems. He’s doing his own research into Vaughn’s actions. Jack is less than supportive when Vaughn is injured and scolds Sydney for what she has done. However, he promises he will do anything he can to help them.

Unfortunately before that can happen, Vaughn dies. They have a funeral for him. It cuts to four months later with Sydney having tracked down Renee, who was working with Vaughn, in London. Apparently, she has decided to track down the truth to who Vaughn was and why he was killed.

Sydney has lost the bangs, which is good. You can also tell from the camera work, prop placement and clothing they are still hiding how far along her pregnancy is. Fortunately for Alias her costumes are more attractive than the ones Sarah Jessica Parker wore when hiding her pregnancy on Sex and The City.

Many fans are pissed off at Vaughn’s death and think it will end up like Sydney’s “death” previously. Do you think Vaughn is really dead?

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  • Vaughn can’t be dead. I won’t allow it.

    Thanks for the recap! I didn’t get to watch, thanks to some brilliant scheduling by ABC.

  • Aliasjunkie

    Boy, they don’t get caught in the boy-gets-girl-and-all-interest-dies format on Alias, do they?

    My DVR revolted last night and I missed the last 10 minutes (only the most important part of the show!) Recap was great.

  • Maybe that Vaughn was actually a clone (like Francie or Ethan Hawke was) and the real Vaughn will show up as a villain.

    Or maybe the actor who plays him is just looking for something different to do.

    And no Nadia in the premiere? What a pity.

  • Ryan

    I think Vaughn is still alive. No open casket. Nothing ws wrong with his face. He’ll be back.

  • Many fans are pissed off at Vaughn’s death and think it will end up like Sydney’s “death” previously.

    How about Irina Derevko’s “death”? Or Will Tippitt’s? Or Emily Sloane’s? Or Vaughn’s OTHER death, when he got the big wall of water on the finale of season 1?

    At this point, the fact that a character has a funeral isn’t indicative of ANYTHING.

  • Good call, MJW.

    After all, J.J. Abrams is also the co-creator of Lost, so it’s not out of the question for him to fuck with our heads. 🙂

  • S.Rod

    I agree…death in foreign hospital + closed casket funeral = there is the possibility he will be back. At least I will hope…

  • Don’t hope too much, or your brain might collapse! 🙂

    It’s Abrams’ gift to the world— mass head implosion via unreliable television character plots. But it’s all good.

  • S.Rod

    I’ll laugh at you later when JJ takes Lost to the same place; of course I’ll be in the same boat…but then you will feel my pain. No Shark Removals 😉

  • Seeing as how the lovely Michelle Rodriguez debuts on Lost next week, I think I’m safe for the moment.

    As for Alias, face it— unless they do something really clever with the baby, it’s all downhill because the introduction of an infant always makes TV shows lame.

  • Shannon

    Please Please and yet another Please, tell me that Vaughn is still alive! I am very happy that Nadia wasn’t on the show and hopefully she won’t be back but please keep that sizzlin hot Vaughn!!!

  • chris

    Syd’s reaction was awfully calm when Vaugh “died”. And what about the extraction Jack was planning? Anyone think that since he was told by his contact that people will search him out to “silence” him, that maybe they want everyone to think he’s dead while Syd is off on her mission to find out exactly who’s after him? Makes sense.

  • -E

    I know that a death and funeral doesn’t mean anything for ALIAS, but Mr Vartan has also said in interviews before the season started that he has other things he wants to do as well.

    I am curious as to the twist with the baby. Hmm.

    And if Vaughn is dead, what does that mean for ALIAS?

  • Alyssa Anne Sleiman

    Vaughn is definitely NOTTT DEAD! he cant be! Here’s my theory for those who’d like something real to look forward to…
    Sydney’s reaction to Vaughn’s death at the funeral was AWFUL. Why? Because her and Jack are totally in on it. They faked his death because they knew that someone was out to get him either way. So when Sydney is giving Vaughn something to drink, it’s really something that will ensure the whole “faking his death” thing. That’s why there were so many looks between Sydney and Jack. Don’t worry, he’s not dead. Just wait for him to come along in one of the episodes half-way through the season.
    Oh, another clue was the CLOSED CASKET.
    Very good, Alias…very good.

  • Peter

    I’m really pissed that Vaughn is dead. and if they can’t get him back later or by some mysteriously way that the kind of show they do, i will be very disappointed.
    Get him back soon.
    or the show will be very different.

  • alias lover 818

    i don’t think vaughns dead. There are clues that vaughn might not b dead look for them in every episode!

  • Red

    Does anyone know the name of the Sarah McLachlan song played during the funeral?????

  • Brown

    Sara McLachlan song was so good…. WHAT’S IT CALLED?????!!!!!

  • Brown

    Sara McLachlan song is “Dirty Little Secrets” off her album Afterglow

  • eriqo


    Pas possible!
    No way Vaughn is dead.
    But Nadia will definitely be out of the picture soon.
    Has anyone heard from Will?

  • Logo

    I’m very mad that vaughn is dead i’ve been watching this show since season 1 and I never thought this would happen i always told myself if they kill sidney or vaughn then i will not watch the show again. if he doesnt come back then the number of watchers will go down like you wouldnt believe

  • Logo

    I’m very mad that vaughn is dead i’ve been watching this show since season 1 and I never thought this would happen i always told myself if they kill sidney or vaughn then i will not watch the show again. if he doesnt come back then the number of watchers will go down like you wouldnt believe

  • Red


  • The season opener was one of the better premieres of Alias but I was dismayed and suprised that they would kill off Vaughn – or did they? The show just won’t be the same or nearly as compelling without him – let’s hope it’s one of Alias’ plot ploys of which they are never at a loss to use!

  • A’sha

    I can’t believe I missed the season premiere!! I am too wrapped up in college life. I don’t know what to do! There is nothing like watching the episode when it is on TV for the first time. I refuse to download it, it just won’t be the same!

    When I heard Vaughn was dead, my mouth dropped to the floor, but seeing all of your comments has given me faith that he will come back. You are all are very observant to the clues!! ALIAS is famous for faking deaths. We have to stick it out guys!

  • Buck

    How on earth could anyone survive 20+ blasts from a machine gun in the chest? The fact that they took him to a hospital was implausible and ridiculous… he would be dead!! Unless…

    Unless the entire shooting was a set up by Prophet 5… Vaughn was wearing a special vest that was filled with blood and that exploded in relation to gun shots… he decided to wait for a trip to his romantic elopement with Syd to transact an escape from the woman he was about to spill his secrets to…

    Ok, that has to be the most ridiculous amalgam of words and theories ever thought of. He’s dead… dead…dead!! If he is not, I think I will be more pissed and disillusioned about the entire show, because he can’t be alive… he’s frickin’ dead!!

  • Vote for Pedro!

    Listen up! If you missed the season premiere, goto http://www.mininova.org and download the torrent file. Then watch the episode commerical free on your PC. AIGHT!

  • I just watched a show from the first season and am surprised at how much Syd has been allowed to “grow”. During the first season, she was asking questions like, “what’s the point? I don’t get it.”

    Now, of course, she’s smart enough to be one step ahead of the pack.

    I had totally forgotten about her dead boyfriend, Danny, from Season 1 as well.

  • Jen

    I think vaughn is not dead. i agree that it was just a cover up, and jack is hiding vaughn until everything is settled, and it’s ok for him to come back. and im not sure syd knows. i think that jack may have just done this without syds knowledge. and then when syd is having isabel vaughn will show up.

  • -E

    I honestly don’t care either way if Vaughn is dead or not. I kinda like Sydney better without him anyway. But the whole dead person ends up not being dead thing is getting old in terms of Alias. I appreciate that they try and throw you through a loop and keep you on your toes, but find a new way to do it!

  • Jamie

    This totally reminds me of X-Files when David Duchovny (Mulder) “had other things he wanted to do” and only made appearances towards the end of the series. I’m soooo hoping that this isn’t the case for Vartan, because he’s one of the major reasons I’ve been watching since the beginning!!! I am afraid that either this or the baby will kill the series, and this will be the last season as I’ve heard rumors of!! Sydney wouldn’t make much of a kick ass spy and fly out of town on a whim when she has a child at home! Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best!!!!

  • he’s gone

    they already removed Michael Vartan’s bio from ABC Medianet…think he’s gone for good…

    join the MV Campaign

  • he’s gone

    from MV campaign:

    “Due to my association with the MV Campaign, I was contacted by a source from the set of ?Alias? and given the following information regarding Michael Vartan?s status with the show.

    1- Yesterday, Wednesday August 17, 2005 was Michael Vartan?s last day of shooting on the series ?Alias?.

    2- The funeral scene was filmed yesterday.

    3- At this time there is no intention of having either Vaughn/Vartan return to the series.

    4- In regards to Mr. Vartan?s departure being a ?mutual decision?, Mr. Vartan?s intentions had always been to stay with ?Alias? until the series concluded as he had many times, stated in the past.

    I was contacted earlier in the week regarding this information, and was just told yesterday that I could release it.

    This is all the information I?ve been given regarding this matter, so please don?t PM or email me for additional information or my source. Also I will not be involved in any other ?spoilering?, because considering I won?t be watching the show, I really don?t care.

    Sorry if I sounded rude, but this is really all I’ve got!



  • DG

    Vaughn is gone from the regular cast. Get over it. However, I think they wanted to leave a few clues that he could make a guest appearance later.

    Clue #1 – The doctors closed the blinds right before he died.

    Clue #2 – Closed Casket – his body was fine for an open casket

    I think his character might be back some time down the road for a guest appearance but say good night to MV.

  • Lucas

    I think the Vaughn’s death is simulated by de A.P.O in order to protect him an stract from the hospital. Don’t you think that Sidney seems too calm at the funeral??

  • alias-fan

    Ok first of all, this is a great premiere; however — yes however — if you look at the last couple of minutes from season 4’s finale, and compare it with this season’s premiere, you will see several differences, the most important one being that in season 4’s finale, it was NOT a car that hit MV’s car, but a TRUCK (run it in slow motion or get the latest ALIAS MAGAZINE issue). Second, the scene’s dialogue didn’t match at all, season premiere’s was shorter and to the point — now, i don’t know about the fans out there, but i personally like consistency in TV series, i don’t know about you guys, but i find it annoying when an episode is cut in two (or more) and the storyline from A doesn’t add up to B — the rest of the premiere was good, indeed with the closed casket one would think MV would be back on the show, but based on the fact that MV isn’t filming on location with the ALIAS crew anymore, i find that his comeback is not to be. well then, that said, i do agree that ALIAS season 5 will not be the same without MV’s presence (MV _is_ an excellent action actor for what my opinion is worth) — if it turns out he’s a bad guy, that wouldn’t be the first (nor the last) unoriginal idea that JJA’s crew comes up with — honestly, it’s been done too many times, get over it people and change your story line!!! Imagination! please!!! and hurry!!!!!

  • Lyra V.

    I’ve only seen 1/2 through season three..But I don’t really care what happens to Vaughn, as long as Sark is still in it ^^;

  • i<3alias

    its so horribly deprtessing cuz he really is dead, theyve “killed” him too many times for him to not be dead this time. plus they showed four monthes later and hes still dead. it seems final. oh dear i cant go on!!! ahhhh!

  • -E

    I think Vartan is hot, but I don’t think the show will be bad without him. I guess I never invested any emotional attachment to him in the show. He kinda always creeped me out to be honest.

  • H

    Jennifer Gardner insisted that Vartan be removed from the show…it was too difficult to continue to act like love interests on air after they split in real life (and especially after she married Ben Affleck and became pregnant). Ben used to visit her on the set and it was always uncomfortable. I blame Gardner for getting him booted which makes me hate her even more and now i will officially boycott the show.

  • sarah

    I think Sydney is the one that might have fake killed Vaughn and he is doing some deep undercover work… do you remember how she gave him a sip of water? And water is never just water on Alias.

  • me

    I think that tonights show was kind of bad because they showed how out of shape Sydney was especially when she kicked him out of the window…but other than that i think the show was good. AS to whether MV is dead only time will tell…just wait and c what jja has planned…this may b the last season nyways…sad i no but tru. tell me abt what u think and ill check back lata

  • Jasmine

    I agree with H. I have heard, from various sources, that Jennifer is the reason they kicked him off the show. Apparently she was ‘too uncomfortable’ doing love scenes with him what with her new marriage and baby. She, obviously, has the upper hand because without Sydney the show dies…so they kicked him off instead.
    Just goes to show, ladies and gents, never get involved with a co-worker.

  • andrea

    hey! i don’t think vaughn’s dead, and i’m gona explain why…maybe it’s a little stupid and maybe i’m wrong but that’s my idea…
    when the episode begins we can see the names of every actor and actress that will appear on scene … but in the first episode the actors starrin were jennifer garner, ron rifkin,(and obviously)michael vartan…so why put his name in that list if he will not appear any longer on the show? like greg grunberg who appears as a special guest star ( greg g. who has been on the show since the first season!!!) and there’s more… mia maestro’s name doesn’t appear!
    now, there are some things i’m not quite sure.. but why on alias official web site ( well the one from abc) there’s no longer michael’s photos or biography? they eliminated everything about him! what’s that suppose to mean? but mia maestro’s bio and photos still are on the web… i’m really confused now… :S please someone can explain me everything!

    bye, andrea

  • DANA


  • me

    Check this out, maybe it will answer some of your burning ?s or just add more i dunno which but here u go…


    Alias View Portal Page
    22 Sep 2005 J.J. Abrams on character rumours for Alias, Season 5
    This news story contains SPOILERS related to the programme, programmes and/or episode(s) mentioned in the headline/news category. You have been warned.

    The contents of this story have been hidden for the moment,
    please make a selection from the buttons below:

    J.J. Abrams, creator of ABC’s Alias, told TV Guide Online’s Ask Ausiello column that rumors of Agent Vaughn’s (Michael Vartan) demise are exagerrated. “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings,” Abrams told the site. “You have to see what the story is. And when I said at the beginning of the year that [Vartan] is back this season, I wasn’t lying. So in the way that Alias does things that you might not expect—in a way that you might not expect—it’s typical of that. The conclusion people are coming to isn’t exactly what it is.”

    As for tabloid reports that Alias star Jennifer Garner, Vartan’s ex-paramour, pressured producers to dump Vartan? “When you read that no one on the set is allowed to look at her in the eyes, you can’t help but laugh at that,” Abrams said. “It’s so preposterous that it’s one of those things that doesn’t even warrant a response, because it’s so silly. When people achieve a certain status, it is inevitable that they are the ones who become the targets. But I think there are very few voices who are saying this. The majority of people who really care about the show and about Vartan are not the people who are indiscriminately attacking Jennifer Garner. The majority of [Alias fans] really do, and rightfully so, appreciate Michael Vartan. And I hope they keep watching. And I would say one thing: Watch carefully, because there are clues as to what’s going to happen in the episodes. And if [Vaughn] happens not to be in the episode that you’re watching, it doesn’t mean he’s not part of it.” Alias returns Sept 29 in a new Thursday 8 p.m. ET/PT timeslot.

  • jen

    i missed the second episode, can someone tell me in great detail what happened please?

  • Izzy

    Can anyone tell me the name of the David Gray song that played at the end of Episode 2 (Season 5) this last week?

  • Dick Steele

    You can DL the second episode off the internet and the third..

    As for Vaughn…thank god they killed him off. The man looks like a thief.
    Hopefullt Affleck takes his place soon as rumor has it.

  • amelia

    well..i was so damn pissed off when i knew Vaughn was dead,but you guys had given me hope!And if he doesnt come back,let’s just hope the new agent which is going to be replacing Vaughn will be cute and hot!!

  • Shawn

    there are rumors out in the industry that Vaughn will be replaces by Ben Affleck soon but he gets killed before the seasons end.

  • Anne

    Maybe everyone is right. If this turns out to be the last season Sid can have her baby at the. Vaughn will return for the last show or two. We hear about the whole seasons plot and how he was in hiding. Then the show ends with the fans knowing Vaughn and Sid and baby are together. Then Jen does not have to deal with Michael throughout the show and not look like the bad guy for forcing his departure. It will all be a big cop out. Actually, get rid of Vaughn for the whole season but be able to say they did not because he’s at the end and be able to take the heat off Jen and have the two stars still ride off into the sunset. I think Jen wants to move on with ben and family anyway. The show would hurt without vaughn so they figure end the series this way. Or try what the X-files did and failed at, bring in new people and try to build the show around them and silp the old stars out of the series. Doubt this will work it never does.

    If Ben joins the show even as a guest please pass me the barf bag.

  • AnomousReader

    I cried at the 1st season pleeeeeeease say MV is alive PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NNNOOO

  • !!!! : ( yipes

    if MV is dead i’ll only b watching ALIAS
    4 isabelle bristow vaughn 🙁 sniff sniff i am soooo dang mad at jj & sad at ALIAS
    its so not fair
    ——who is gonna save syd?————

  • ishta

    apparently they killed off vaughn because of growing tension between him and his ex jennifer garner which is pretty sad. the vaughn and syd plot was critical i think now its buggered and now theyre speaking of ABC cancelling the show because of poor ratings it came in at 70th on the last ep they took in 7.5 million viewers peopla int happy plus with the new characters being brought in to take the pressure off garner. so not only have we lost Vartan but we only have a partial Garner 🙁 its going a bad way! DOWN this SUX

  • Alias iz KRAZYim very mad!!

    NO WAY!!!!!! M Vaughn IZ NOT DEAD (I Hope) he cant b the 2 reasons im still watching
    1.)2 c if MV iz alive
    2.)syds baby
    NNNOOO—-M Vartan iz 2 hot 2 die !!!!!!

  • humph64


  • WHAT?!@#$%&

    He cant! he wont! I sure HOPE “Alias charm” kicks in!!!!!

  • MV!? u’d watch out JJ

    Im only 11 but i LOVE alias & now JJa just ruined it 4 me its over just like that!
    bring him back PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE

  • -E

    The idea that Vartan is off the show because of tension with Garner is a rumor and a very false one at that.

  • paul enery

    i think that its very wrong to killed of vaughn because i think the show needed a wedding and the wedding should be sydney and vaughn or weiss and nadia.

  • Phedre

    OK, i live in australia and i’m only about half way through season 4, but i read the spoilers and i read that Vaughn dies!!! can someone PLEASE explain to me what is giong on??? Vaughn can’t die!! he….it would just ruin the show if he did. and i think – that if he really is dead – it’s because he went out with Jennerfier Garner and now they can’t work together. which is stupid! i liked them together and was really sad when they broke up, but anyway, back to the main piont here, can you tell me in detail what happened to Vaughn and how he died! coz i read up there that someone thinks that Syd drugged him to make it look like he died. i sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo hope that’s true. i refuse to watch it if he reallly does die! it would suck, she’d fall in love with someone else and it would suck! Suck!
    sozzy about me ramberling! i’m just so shocked that Vaughn might be dead! *sad*

  • mandy

    i really hope vaughn is not dead….i do not think he is but still it mis kind of sad..

  • Eddie

    I need a favor from you kind people. Has anyone been taping the season 5 episodes? I would love to get a hold of them to give to someone I am dating to get them up to speed. I would pay for the costs of everything involved and be greatly in your debt! Please let me know.

    Kind regards,

  • jus_anova_gurl

    I’m going to have to wait aaages for alias to be shown in the uk!!!
    I hope MV does come back any how, the show wont be the same without him!!

  • Bill in Hong Kong

    Eddie, Phedre and Jus
    Why don’t you folks download the show off mininova.org

    I am in Hong Kong and the download takes roughly 45 minutes per show. The shows are on Mininova within hours of their release on TV and the quality is excellent…High Def.

    Best of all it costs nothing.

  • never fair 2 me

    i understand tension between mvartan & JenGarner but it…it…it just aint fair 2 me & the show!!!i cant watch without him it just is not the same!!!! but i do HAVE 2 c if he comes back & then i HAVE 2 c isabell bristow vaughn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phedre

    *sigh* my dad wouldn’t let me downlaod it.
    *sighs again* NOT FAIR!!

  • sorry

    Aw! im so sorry for you Phedre!!

  • luv ALIAS HATE this season i think isabel is the only thing keeping people that & mic vaughn and possibly nadia –totaly off the subj.– i luv this site cause i can share without my dad freaking about a membership– Now anyhoo people they have to bring him back–tell me-how hot is MVartan!

  • hes hot


  • atatched& personal

    when i found out i started to cry so i ran up stairs to cry in a pillow-sheesh JJ hes the 2cd main caracter at least to me (some might say jack or sloan 1st but not me)

  • Phedre

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Vaughn is soooooooooooooo HOT! so is Sark, it’s a shame that he’s gone out of it.
    i can’t believe Vaughn’s dead. it can’t be true! i won’t watch it if he dies, it wouldn’t be the same 🙁
    i wish i could download it. *sighs in frustration* i guess i’ll just read the spoilors until it airs in Astralia. that way if Vaughn comes back into it, i can read about it and tell my frineds that he’s back, coz they said that they wounldn’t watch it either if he dies.
    i came VERY close to crying too atatched&personal, i think i will tonight, coz it’s the last episode of season 5 tonight. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! but i like the fact the Vaughn was a bad boy, i really REALLY like bad boys! lol

  • Miraviki

    Hi all,
    i think its safe to take the comment that was taken from JJ Abrams lips that Vaughn isnt gone, so to speak and we should watch out for him in the epesodes – even if hes not there, he is there. And about Jennifer making Vartin leave, seriously does anyone know that almost anything in the tabloids is made up. You know when they say a ‘source close the friend’ they just make it up. Its all to get a story and funnily enough people believe it – though i dont know why!

  • Les

    What was that beautiful song ending this week’s epsisode? Did anyone recognize the tile or artist?

  • Candace

    The song title is “The Water Is Wide”, artist “The Dream Factory”, album “Night-Night Lullabies”. There are many versions of it by different artists to wade, but this trio, with the dissonance & resolution of chords–mmmmmm. Had to buy it myself just now.

  • Candace

    Now that I adjusted the equalizer–maybe it’s a quartet. It’s definitely the one from the show. The lyrics can be found here.

  • Candace

    The song title is “The Water Is Wide”, artist “The Dream Factory”, album “Night-Night Lullabies”. There are many versions of it by different artists to wade through, but this trio, with the dissonance & resolution of chords–mmmmmm. Had to buy it myself just now.


    whatever who cares about asong ive heard it a million x who cares i thought it was quite uglily dun bsides MV is dead!!!!!!!!!!!Or is he THATS what counts

  • Rayna

    Isnt Michaael Vartan on Bradley Coopers (Will Tippin)new show on Fox (Kitchen Confidential)? I also heard he has one more guest spot on Alias as a dream sequence with Sydney. I think he’s off, but there was the closed casket for a just in case we want him back kind of thing. They did make a big mistake, what about professionalism. Can’t they just get over it? It’s all about money and power, not about the fans. I understand people need to die and new people need to be introduced but, gimme a break.

  • indigohowie

    the song “the water is wide” is by Karla Bonoff.
    there are MANY versions of this song since it’s a popular folk song. Karla’s use of tabs are unlike other versions tho.

  • jr


  • JR




  • JRD

    i’m sorry people VAUGHN WILL NEVER APPEAR AGAIN on alias because sydney had some problems with ben afflec and kiked vaugn’s ass out

  • kissVaughn

    i searched&searched and found this site and along the way i was reasured he would come back but the more i watch the more it seems like hes *gulp*gone!
    like Syd cancelling his magizine and turning his pic. down-ok so mayb she doesn’t know but its still heart wrenching and signs of certain death which stinks she has to fall in love again for the show but cant Bcuz vaughn wasnt GOOD enough so they killed him-and now she’ll be a single mom-she should tell people when they ask about the father-sometimes its good to be pitied

  • CRYVaughn

    i miss Vaugh! WAHHHHH HE HAS 2 B ON THE SHOW – HE HAS 2

  • bh luvs mv

    no no no! even though the 1st episode is WAY over i still cant get over it its tooooo sad he HAS 2 come back Do u hear me?-he has 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julissa

    Vahn cant be dead without him the show stinks thier will be no Alias it will be so boring You need to put him back in you hear me JJ ADAMS AND BEN AFFLEC jen is just ackting not actually married ben. BEN TAKE A CHILL PILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NONONO!!!

    You have to put vahn in you have to you hear me you have to everybody is going to hate the show if you dont put him in

  • Phedre

    everything you guys just said is 100% true! he can’t be dead, i just won’t belive it!


    he comes back next episode!!!!!!!


    ooops sorry Phedre

  • Phedre

    i read that KRAZY KURLS and i was like “HE COMES BACK!!!!” and then i read your second post and i was really dissapionted. 🙁

  • rayna

    so, is he dead or is it real, i guess we will find out the real news tonight

  • Tim

    Vaughn is not at all dead.They are faking his death and he is now part of Prophet five. From the beginning, I had a funny feeling about Vaughn,He seemed like a nice sweet charming lover but when you really study the character, You can see that he is just as mysterious as the rest……will definitly tune in to find out what happens next!

    They can’t kill off Sydney,She is the shows lead and you can’t kill off the lead unless you are going to cancell the show…..The faking of it,,,,yes is possible again……The Magic of Television…………Gotta Love it

  • -E

    Sure they could kill her off, this is the last season.

  • Phedre

    what do you MEAN it’s the last season?!?!?!?!

  • -E

    If you paid attention to the promos shown after last week, they said “Alias is going out with a bang” but check out press releases and stuff. Season 5 is in fact Alias’s last season. Which is also why I’ve never thought Vaughn was actually still alive.

    What would be the point to trick everyone all season to think he is dead only to have him come back in time to be “haha it’s over, now make it up yourself”?

  • Phedre

    alias hasn’t started over in Australia yet, so i haven’t seen in adds.
    wel, i suppsoe they can’t bring him back now *admites defeat that he is dead. shanks my head coz it’s so stupid*


    that last epi was a disappointment!!!!!esp to find out its the last season ALREADY!!!after only 5 seasons!!no fair!!!!and such a cliff hanger too!!!!!!!!

  • pros&cons

    Pros:baby,Vaughn,every thing else that made it one of the BESt shows of all time Cons:MVs death,end of show,too much DRAMA still the show was better but i hope mv does come back and mayb (according to syd saying she wants no more spy junk)she has the baby and her mv and isabelle live a apo free life!yeah rite this is alias!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pros&cons p.s.

    oh yeah and i hope Nadia comes back i just do cuz if she dies syd&mv wont live AS happy (if mv comes back that is)

  • ?uh?

    its all very confusing is all i can say

  • Gina Wilson

    I have been destroyed since the whole death scene with Vaughn the show has not been the same.
    Vaughn Sidney and Jack have been the heart and blood of this show please bring him back
    very dissapointed fan
    gina wilson

  • Let’s face it, Vaughn is a deadbeat dad. He had to go snooping in Prophet 5’s biz, and then got shot for it… leaving his seed with no papa. What, no trust fund? You bastard! :o)

  • o no u didnt

    1st of all mark s vaughn DIDNT snoop his dad was in and once your in you cant get out so its NOT Vaughn’s fault

  • michaella


  • michaella

    hello everybody from bulgaria, yes alias has its fans even here in sofia,

  • michaella

    vaughn will come back but i really doubdt it!

  • weeping tearz

    since this is the last seazon:( it should go down like this:mv comes back syd has baby Nadia comes back and they said someone would go BANG so ill say…hmm?Renee?agent whats-his-name Grace??? the possibilities are endless!!so sad that its ending i guess JJa was out of KraZy ideas/with out mv alias was dead so JJa had to end it b4 he lost $$

  • Can somebaody please help me I feel like i’m suffering from the “fire” needles. I am a recent fan but man am i hooked. I saw an episode 3 years ago and dismissed it- but then i saw one early this month and i was all over it so i started at the beggining- I rented and bought all 4 seasons and have watched them almost back to back! I’ve laughed and cried and cursed vaughn for marrying that Lauren witch, I’ve cheered and screamed I’ve hid my face and when season 4 ended w/ the “crash” I laid on the floor face down – i couldn’t move – do you remember Syd’s smile- her ring sparkling you could just see the current between her and Vaughn. They were finnaly on thier way to see the Giraffe w/ the crooked neck. Ok I’m laying there face down and then I remember Hey I saw an episode of her and vaughn on a dock and she throws 2 cell Phones into the ocean. Remember when they were trapped in the china prison and (he’s still married to that witch) they kiss- she says to him “we always find a way back to each other” so I’m thinking either she was dreaming the cell phone incident or they find each other again.
    I know season 5 is running but i don’t want to start in the middle of 5 how do I find the first 9 episodes????

  • download

    well iv never done it but theres aweb site you can download them off of if you read previous comments you can probally find the site.

  • (nm)download

    oh never mind i found the site its mininova.org

  • 11

    only 5 seasons stinks it should SOOOO go like 5 more seasons

  • 36/12

    alias is SOO the drama

  • 36/13

    i dont dont get the whole “syd’s mom”thing i mean how is it her mom kept coming back like 20 times its getting old JJa he must not be very good at this producer (or whatever position he has) thing cuz HE KILLED VAUGHN!!!a MAJOR caracter!!!!!

  • 36/14

    i cant wait for the next new episode havnt seen a new one in at least 3 weeks can anyone tell me when the next new season is????

  • 36/15

    too late to hope for Vaughn to come back but then again there is ALWAYS a shred of hope with Alias + they are ALL acting like hes dead even Jack

  • 36/16(14)

    oops on 14 i meant to say episode NOT SEASON jack was saying he took vaughn’s death if he was in on it syd will HATE jak

  • Jack

    There is a rumor that Garner has quit the show. Can anyone confirm this?

  • loopie

    why wud garner quit the show? she is the main character and alias is being cancelled anyhoo.

  • 36/17

    Garner probably didnt quit her contract time probly ended then again im only 13 so dont listen to me

  • 2-mich-hapnin-heds-spinin-do-i-hear-tickin?*BOOM*(clos1 Will)

    nadia nadia nadia huhh(i wont mention how for others sakes-Phedre ect.)/UH SLOANE!!! he is SSOOO STUPID AND NIEVE /RENEE NO!!!!/von oh von *sigh*total hottie /SHEs baaack “mom??” /HI BABY! /uhoh troble by ana espinosa (who is she anyway??)and Peyton

  • 2 much hapnin hed spinin *tick boom*

    just a breif and vague up-to-date

  • 1 word 36/18

    1 word and thats “CLONE” if you havnt seen it youll never guess who became who

  • maria

    well von was not dead & nadi was killed by her one father & syd beame a mother of 3!!
    is any hope that ther is a 6 th season???? pleassssssse!!

  • marieaoukar

    i don’t think that vaughn will be dead because first of all the directeur will be sobad and i don’t think he is so for the fans who has been watching 4 season i guesse the director will apreaciate their attention so i’m certain that he won’t let vaughn dead beacause as alias always attrac us with many hope i think thy will be another hope for vaughn