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TV Review: Alias 5.3

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Alias opens with a heist of a nerve agent called Substance 33. They believe there are connections to Gordon Dean, the former CIA agent who infiltrated the SD-6 office to get information on Vaughn in order to kill him.

Sydney isn’t a fan of the new agent, Grace, and doesn’t want to go on a mission with him. They are sent with Marshall to Prague to track down Rachel Gibson. She claims to be CIA, but she is conveniently off book, on black ops. Sydney is convinced that Rachel has been led to believe she is working for CIA, much like Sydney was before. Sydney’s speculation turns out to be right. They use Rachel to get information on what Dean is up to.

Sloane may have found a cure for Nadia, which requires his release from prison for a couple of days. Dixon escorts him, at least until Sloane is told to be alone. Too bad his contact wants to kill him and uses the farce of a cure as a guise to be able to do so. Sloane smooth talks his way out of death, of course. So still no word on what is going on with Nadia.

They finally show Sydney’s belly. So we can see how far along her pregnancy is in the show.

The Shed was a fairly boring episode if you ask me. There wasn’t a whole lot of action. The only “mission” was sending Rachel into the fake CIA office to help Marshall access Gordon Dean’s server. The only suspense was when Dean picked up on Rachel knowing the truth and set the bomb off in the office. At least we weren’t tricked into thinking Rachel was killed, because that fake out is getting a little old in terms of Alias if you ask me.

I also think it better be Rimbaldi in the case from the past episode. Hopefully next week will be a bit more exciting.

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  • I can’t wait until I can catch up on this show myself. Invasion is dead in the water on Wednesdays. It’s time for Alias to come home.