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TV Review – 24, the Newbie and Two Hours to Figure It Out

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comI watched the two hours of 24 on Monday with eager anticipation. Those two hours flew past and I hoped to improve on my. first review of the show. Not that it was necessarily a bad review; it was just that I was a newbie to 24, admitted it publicly, put my tongue in my cheek and waxed poetic on how much I didn’t understand.

I did, before writing this missive, check in on two 24 experts, Victor Lana, and Jeff Kouba, right here on Blogcritics.

What I did learn during this two-hour 24 whirlwind brings me nowhere near the expertise of those two. What to do? I fretted.

I decided I’m still a newbie to 24, have already confessed, so I would discuss this past two-hour presentation of Fox’s hit series from the perspective of my own still-confused brain.

Although I did learn a thing or two; may I take credit? That 24-hour digital clock thing, heh. Did you know that the series 24 name means exactly what it says. The entire show’s season lasts 24 hours and each show represents an hour within that 24. Okay, so duh. I think this is a darn important point yet it’s not all that clear to a newcomer.

There are still a lot of characters with whom I’m not familiar. I was somewhat enlightened, at least to some of the names of the characters, by reading Lana and Kouba’s posts. Some characters I still do not know their names and for very few do I quite grasp the complexity of the relationships within the context of the show.

For example I still don’t get who President Logan’s buddy is. Last time I thought he was the Vice-President, but to my surprise I met the VP this past week and it’s not the guy always around Logan. The guy who is always with Logan looks a lot like Dick Cheney, hand to God. Which is why perhaps I thought he was Logan’s Vice-President. I’m guessing he’s the President’s Chief of Staff and while I’m still not sure, I think his name is Mike.

As for the two-hour action-packed early March 2006 presentation of 24, I understood both storylines. The Russian motorcade was not attacked as the terrorists had instructed. So they kept their promise to release the nerve gas on the American public. Beginning with a hospital but all were saved.

This week up pops a fellow named Tony. Tony was married to a Michelle, now deceased. I don’t know who Tony is or how he fits into the scheme of things. Tony does know that Henderson, an evil government contractor as I understand it, was involved in the transaction involving the terrorists and nerve gas. It’s apparent from the storyline that Tony’s going to be getting involved in this mess so perhaps I’ll figure out who he is.

Two scenes in this week’s 24 action shocked me. One was when Jack shot Henderson’s wife in the thigh. Sure it’s probably in the CTU instruction manual although Jack readily admitted he could have shot her in the knees. But Henderson’s wife had just been making cozy with Jack and man it must be tough to shoot someone who was kind to your daughter.

Which, by the way, I didn’t know Jack had a daughter and who that character was with her.

The president’s wife floors me. She knew the Russian motorcade was going to be attacked, she jumps in the limo anyway, than she gets mad because her husband didn’t stop the motorcade. Causing the terrorists, please understand, to release nerve gas on innocent Americans as they promised. I don’t know what else the president could have done under the circumstances. Mrs. President was only saved by CTU, not her husband.

Then she gets mad at the poor husband and makes a pass at another guy, well she held his hand but by the high drama and Dick Cheney’s reaction one would have thought she’d committed adultery on the spot.

The second shock of the evening was the former CTU head’s sister and her boyfriend getting shot in the back of the head. By the way, who is this guy, why did he let his sister get his key card, where are they holding him, is there some sort of jail in CTU?

The CTU gets attacked by nerve gas and Edgar, the chubby CTU guy that we all should know and love only I don’t really know him that well, is felled by the nerve gas while the rest of his colleagues look on sadly.

At some point bad guy Henderson ends up in a torture type of chair and is injected with something. Something that I assume will make him talk only Henderson doesn’t talk, at least in this episode. I know Henderson is a specially trained former CTU agent of a sort but surely he’s not super-human and able to defeat the stuff in that needle?

I did learn a few things by reading the posts of my fellow Blogcritics. I learned that there is allegedly a mole in the very high positions of our government. We don’t know who it is yet but now that I’m so knowledgeable I am ready to take a guess.

That goofy first lady has got to be involved in something untoward. Her actions simply make no sense. She put herself into a soon-to-be-attacked limo causing me to think she didn’t want that motorcade attacked. Don’t tell me she was all sad because Mr. And Mrs. “Suburu” were nice people. Only for my immediate next of kin would I hop into a limo about to be viciously attacked and even at that I’d have to think about it.

I suppose Mrs. President thought her husband would stop the attack which brings me back to my contention that the first lady wanted that attack stopped. And that bit with the hand-holding, well it was such a strange thing for the first lady to do. Can you imagine Laura Bush doing such a thing?

Way I figure, if they kill enough of the former characters off they’ll have to get replacements, surely? Then I will be able to figure out the replacements and their interactions.

Meanwhile, next week: all of CTU stuck in sealed rooms. Which means the world must twirl without Jack.

I will be there with bells and whistles. Mark my words about that first lady. She’s evil, I can feel it in my guts. I mean if she’d willy-nilly hold hands with some security guy, who’s to say she wouldn’t bed down the strange Mr. Bierko?

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  • Thanks, Pat! It is a confusing show to walk into cold.

    (Let me put in a plug for my co-critic, Paul. He contributes to most of my reviews, and is a nice complement to what I do. I’m usually the foaming at the mouth bomb thrower, and he’ll be more of a thoughtful, big picture view.)

  • Thank you Adam. How I was hoping some knowledgable soul would help out. Especially that Dick Cheney lookalike always hanging around the President.

    Until this recent 2 hour episode, I thought he was the VP, seriously. And I only know different now because the actual VP showed up on the recent show.

  • Adam Wood

    Here’s some info I think will help you out:

    1. Mike is President Logan’s cheif advisor. A few hours ago, Logan’s cheif of staff commited suicide after commiting treason. As for Mike, he was President David Palmer’s cheif of staff until season 2 when he got fired for political betrayal.

    2. Tony has been Jack’s best friend at CTU every season. At the end of season 3, he commited treason to save Michelle. He was pardoned by Palmer in between seasons 3-4, at Jack’s request. He came back to CTU under a direct order from the Secertary of Defense in season 4, who was Jack’s boss at the time. Tony also helped Jack fake his own death.

    3. Jack’s daughter Kim is played by Elisa Culthburt.

    4. The guy you reffer to as a guy in holding at CTU is Lynn Migill. Lynn left for a few minutes to give his sister some money, but got robbed by her boyfirend instead. CTU found out about the attack on the motorcade, but Lynn refused to notify Secret Service. He was removed from power because of this, (its a little more complicated, but this will get you the idea) and is in holding to protect National Security (this is typicall in 24).