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TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hours 23 and 24 – Not the Show’s Finest

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This is not an “Oh my God — did you see that?” kind of wow. It’s more of an “Oh my God, I must have missed something — from here it looked like a whole lot of nothing!”

I want to just head right to the end of these final two hours (which appeared to end five minutes too soon – or was that due to the timing of the commercials?) and wallow in disappointment. Even now it’s hard to admit my frustration. When I heard my peers and other fans express their dissatisfaction with this season six earlier on – I kept quiet. I enjoyed watching each hour tick by, usually intrigued by the conflicts, and amused by the inconsistencies.

And speaking of inconsistencies, I’ve always poked a lot of fun at the show, but with a familial protectiveness; much like the big sister who is merciless with her goofy little brother – until outside forces try to interfere, then the older sister becomes the fierce protector. I could make fun of 24; I did it from a loving place, if you will.

I had the right.

Now, I’m not abandoning the show at all. I’ll follow all press releases, news, and fan sites from now until season seven. But now I don’t see the point in holding back my surprised displeasure with this much-touted season finale. But I’ll get to that after discussing some of the last two hours not in any particular order.

Daniels and Subarov evidently have offices right next door to each other. Why else would they have the same sunlight coming in their windows? The only explanation that comes close to being satisfying is that we must assume that the 4:00 hour is Pacific Time. And the outdoor footage there is still in appropriate darkness. Therefore it has to be approximately 7:00 AM at the White House. But that doesn’t jive with the previous episode, which occurred between 3:00 and 4:00 AM (Pacific) and between 6:00 and 7:00 AM (Eastern). If you recall, in the scenes with Lisa under surveillance at Bishop’s apartment, it was quite dark. Middle of the night dark. And now at the White House, things seem to be quite bright.

However Moscow, which is eight hours ahead of Washington, seems to enjoying the same sunny morning, when in reality, it’s 3:00 PM. But hey, if this were the least of the 24 problems – we’d be in good shape.

Something about Josh Bauer has bothered me. He hasn’t been all that believable. He makes me miss Derek Huxley from season five. I was pleased however, to see him give the elder Bauer a much-deserved beat down. Phillip Bauer was despicable.

Believable or not, I did like the seeing the major players, even Bill, and Daniels too, work together either to help Jack, or to exonerate Bill and Karen. Without spelling it out, Karen agreed to cover Jack’s ass, and Lennox agreed to help Karen. (By way of not being a tattle-tale.) I knew that in time, both Doyle and Nadia would come around and be willing to follow Jack’s plans.

So, Chloe is pregnant. We may get to see a pregnant Chloe, and what fun that would be, but I doubt it. One reason is that the 24 writers tend to set each season at least 12 to 24 months apart. Chloe could have a couple kids by season seven, and all we’d get to see is her changing diapers, back to her slim and snarky self. Most likely is that she’ll either not have much face time next year, or the pregnancy will not last. 24 characters don’t live in the mundane world.

Again, last night I was afraid that Doyle was going to get killed. I’ve grown to like him, and hope he returns next season, but allowed that if something had happened, at least that would have been exciting. Well, seeing his face blown off was definitely unexpected. I guess he’ll be running Denver CTU with an eye patch.

Previous to last night’s show, I and other Blogcritics compiled our predictions and general thoughts about the season. There, I mentioned my hope for closure on “missing” characters. I was joking, actually, but now that plot lines and/or characters seem to have just up and disappeared, I have to raise my hand and ask, “WTF?”

Okay, there was a slight mention of Wayne Palmer, when Subarov passed his wishes for recovery of the ill President along to Vice President Daniels. But you know, that’s just not good enough. The fans deserve more.

I had also joked about the appearance and crazy stabbing antics of Martha and Charles Logan, referring to that bit of action as "shark-jumping". I stand by that; they definitely jumped the shark there, and even if it was just done as a ratings stunt, it was a fun diversion. But no mention of this again? A former U.S. President was stabbed, by his ex-wife no less, and no one brings it up? No one wonders, “Gee, wonder how Logan is?” But they barely asked about Wayne, why would Logan get more notice?

Dear Audrey was dealt with. The message – and not just coming from Dad, former SECDEF Heller – was that this was the end of the line for Jack and Audrey as a couple. In retrospect, having Jack actually spend time with Audrey in her wasted state was much more effective then talk of a restraining order. And that brings me to the last scene. Seeing that gun in Jack’s hand was chilling, more so than the panning shots down the cliff-side of Heller’s property. I had forgotten that he had that same gun trained on Dad just moments before, and seeing him with it as he watched the surf pound, gave me a sick premonition.

I would have been angry if he did kill himself, but at least the night would have lived up to the hype.

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  • Nice, MK! Despite your problems with the show an honest evaluation. I do think that this ending (along with silent clock) is a death knell for things the way they have been. Season 7 is going to see a very new and different “24” in which Jack will no doubt be totally on his own.

    I doubt we will even see Chloe, much less see her pregnant. Jack will turn up elsewhere (the UK perhaps), and he will be living a completely different life until something happens that (ala Michael Corleone) keeps pulling him back in.

    It’s been a good ride, but like Jack I am awfully burned out. I think I too need to go dark for a while.

  • Nice work. Mary– I especially liked your attention to the lighting inconsistencies. And fancy meeting you here, Victor. I’ve said it on more than one occasion, but I’ll say it again–the commentary you two guys provided was the most enjoyable aspect of my whole Day Six experience.

    We can only hope Doyle isn’t wearing an eyepatch come Day Seven– that would be way too Nick Fury! Now if they outfit him with a fake eye that’s also a two-way surveillance camera. . .

  • JC

    I have been a hard-core 24 fan since the beginning. I waited from May of last year until January 07′ on pins-and-needles excited about season 6. I was terribly disappointed. I kept waiting for the normal 24-twist, but nothing. Even during the finale, I thought to myself, “okay, here we go!” But nothing. Predictable.

    Charles Logan coming back into the show as refreshing to me (because he is so dastardly), but as one of the above comments so aptly stated, he just up and disappeared the product of a knife woman from his wife.

    Rick Schroeder was also a refreshing addition to the cast, and I am actually surprised that they did not kill him off. That would have made the finale even worse. Nadia is a great addition to the cast because she is so easy to look at, and is a good up and coming actress.

    If season 7 doesn’t get back to its roots (in office deception, suspicion, uncertainity) it will be a long “day.”

    Other frusterations:

    -The Chinese break into CTU? Come on!
    -No bad guy or gal in the office? (No traitors).
    -The ultimate bad guy is Jack’s dad? (come on!)

    I AM A 24 FAN. I am looking forward to the next season, but it will be with bated-breath. Hopefully the writers will get back to the roots that made 24 the best show on TV!

  • I would not be surprised if Jack Bauer and Nadia become lovers in the season 7.

    I can’t see how Chloe would just disappear like that because of pregnancy, I can see Chloe already familiar and consistent face, and passionate geek personality reappearing in season 7.

  • Ryan Hunt

    Great review – much agreed!
    Here’s my explanation for the lighting issue, and it may or may not be correct; I’d have to go back and watch to be sure. You’re right, the time is always in West Coast, meaning D.C. would have the nice morning sun in the final few episodes – so they did mess up with the Lisa Miller scenes. But if I remember from earlier in the season at the time of the Logan ‘showdown’, Suvarov and his wife were in Eastern Russia not Moscow, meaning that the light we saw was likely dusk – not sunrise. But in all reality, the producers probably could care less about such details, otherwise half the series would take place in bumper to bumper LA traffic.

  • Canucker

    Your analysis of the show is terrible, it’s people like you that keep the ratings of American Idol high.

    Go Sun-gina!

  • Wow, I need to give some feedback here. Long overdue.

    Victor, thanks for your always kind words. During the summer we’ll have to work on a new 24 drinking game. Ray – you too dude.

    And Ray, thanks for always stopping by. I like that fake eye idea!

    JC – I don’t agree with everything you said…Why not have his own dad the ultimate bad guy? I just wish that was handled a little better though. I do agree about not having an office mole. It is always more exciting. But on the other hand, maybe they thought it was gettign too predictable to have one at CTU and one at the White House all the time. Who knows?

    Philomena – I think it’d be great to have a pregnant Chloe around, but 24 doesn’t seem to go for too much good news kinda thing. Unless she gets kidnapped or something interesting.

    Ryan – your lighting suggestions are interesting, but I still think it’d looked like AM sun rather than PM sun. But that’s just me. : )

    Canucker –

    You’re entitled to your opinion about my analysis. That’s fair. But I’m quite in the dark about your reference to American Idol. I don’t see the connection at all, aside from the fact that they are both on Fox, and both wildly popular.

    So, if you think I didn’t analyize 24 very well, what does that have to do with the ratings on AI?


  • mark

    stop bitching. its a great show, the best in fact. id like to see you try and do better you geek.

  • Mark? Who are you referring to? Hope it’s not me, I think it’s a great show too. Just frustrated w/the finale

  • season6 had so much in the beginning it was almost impossible to end with a bang like it did in season5…in fact were it not for jack getting picked up in season 5 by the chinese…that was a crappy ending of logan getting busted

    i think the prob is that they usually concentrate so much per episode that theuy forget the season as a whole

    but 24 still remains one of tv’s best dramas

  • Jessy

    Huge 24 fan but disappointed with the season. What I find odd is why Philip Bauer needed the Chinese to break into CTU and capture Josh. Why not wait for Josh and Mom to be released (which there were) and get them then?

    I hope season 7 goes into the past and not the future. There is nothing left for Jack to do that we haven’t seen already. They can make it around the time he and his special squad were sent to kill Victor Drayzen.

  • GM

    S6 kicked off with a loud nuke bang! I felt Jack’s sense of loss and anguish as he watched with unbelieving eyes the nuke exploding into a wild mushroom cloud of death which seemed to hang over the sky for eternity. That to me was Jack’s lowest moment in his entire counter terrorism career… made worse by the fact that he had to kill Chris to get him out of his way. He told the president he was quitting and I believed him, much as I resented the proposition. He was in no shape to carry on. Secretary Heller’s eerie remarks that Jack was cursed.. and that everything he touched always somehow ended up dead sliced through my liking for Jack like a double-edged sword. I flashed back over all that Jack had ever touched in his entire life at CTU and the truth in Heller’s evil conviction was more than compelling…. but overall I ranked S6 the lowest of all the seasons… Wayne Palmer wasn’t convincing as President… he is tall and handsome, but hell not as President of the United States….

  • Jodi

    I was a bit disappointed with Season 6, but it was still good. I enjoyed the finale, especially seeing Cheng injured and bloody and taken back to CTU.

    About the Wayne Palmer thing though, Mary K., what else were they supposed to say? In reality, they wouldn’t know if he was going to survive under those conditions, things we’re still iffy, so what were they supposed to do?

    The writers know they goofed this season, and they’ve already started working on the next one. They’re trying to “re-invent” the show again. No more CTU, they’re pulling the carpet up from under the characters. Chloe and Bill will be back (from what I’ve heard) and the threat isn’t going to be big, like a nuke or a war, but smaller things for the characters.

  • Elric

    Sorry JC, as muych as some of this season has been over the top (well it is made by Fox and it is American, so guess that’s almost a given!!), I really do have to question your points of frustration.

    The Chinese break into CTU? …Why should CTU be off limits? It was actually refreshing to see things like that, as who could really fear a terrorist/military organisation who couldn’t infact pull somthing like that off …especially given all that Holywood gives you Yanks credit for pulling off!

    -No bad guy or gal in the office? – Did we really need more of that same old plot (even though that sub-plot did reapear at White House level)??

    -The ultimate bad guy is Jack’s dad? Stop whining …just cause you didn’t see that one coming. Do note that you never actaully saw him die. He was after all within easy reach of the boat (kept that one open).

    It will actually be interesting to see if Philip makes a return somewhere down the line (Do remember that Audrey’s father was also thought to have died, only to re-appear …don’t rule this one out 🙂

  • George Yiakoumi

    i quite like this review mary. nice one, the sunlight debate did confuse me also hehe

    question to all though.

    ‘There is nothing left for Jack to do’ this cought my eye.

    is there any reason at all to think that they may include Kim Bauer in future 24 seasons or is she totally out of the picture now. after all, she is still alive, and anything can happen. what do you guys/girls think?

  • wow, some more interesting and insightful comments.

    Jessy: I hope they go into the future, by using the past. As someone else asked, what about Kim? It would really depend on Elisha Cuthbert’s schedule and/or desire to delve back into 24. And do the producers want to go in that direction – who knows?

    GM: Nice reflections. (btw, did you mean killing Curtis? I don’t remember a ‘Chris’)But yeah, he’s sunk pretty low.

    Elric: “…especially given all that Holywood gives you Yanks credit for pulling off!”

    Funny and So true!

  • George Yiakoumi

    There were a few things that got to me aswell

    aaron pierce – charles logan had him tortured and almost killed in season 5,and pierce didnt exactly show the dislike/hate for logan as i expected,

    secondly, where was mike novick? 😛 he is still one of the good characters in 24 and i cant believe he wasnt standing by palmer’s side, especially with his loyalty to david palmer in the past seasons

  • 24 is a great show , Damn would i love to miss it.
    But it would be better if you for the last time made kim more desperate for her dad than every time ,Jack having to say i wanted to tell you my self.

    Say to mention something change Agent Aron peirce to someone more frequently hard in the next season.

    Can’t wait for next season

  • Timothy

    All i want is Chloe to be killed.Her atitude is just not fine with me.Shes been around for a very long time.The only person who should be around for so long is Bauer otherwise,the show will lose meaning.Kill Chloe

  • Jakub Hynek

    season 6 finale is great…you are frustrated cause you dont understand the power of relationship between Jack and Audrey..i think that it was one of the hardest moment in Jack´s life when he had to let Audrey go…it isn´t finale of action but finale of love..

  • John

    If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. I hate when people get on their soapbox and tell other people how they should feel. Wow, get over yourself and watch something else. I heard prison break is a cool show.

  • I hate when people get on their soapbox and tell other people how they should feel.

    John – I hate when people leave scathing comments about an article they apparantly didn’t read.

    And get over myself? That’s actually kind of funny.

  • sam

    i think that the final hourof season 6 was awsome
    the way it ended was good
    better than what people said
    i cant wait to watch another episode of 24

  • ROY


  • Rody The Appreciative

    season six finale was terrific, it went back to the roots of 24, which is the direction most of you are claiming you want it to go!!! This was a personal conflict with jack. Remember the main character of the show?!?1! DUH>>>> That was the point!!! All the exploding stopped a few episodes back, this was just some unfinished business. For instance, season one, drayzen is found, and Jack has the chance to call in the calvary, but he goes in there head on for avenge his daughter, it was PERSONAL, season six did the same thing, with his resolving his daddy issuses, and in season one he runs to stop Nina and loses his wife, season six he attempts to stop his torment, by letting go of his love and accepting his misery. Most of you are trying really hard to analyze, and frankly you suck at it, big whoop daylight, sunlight, am pm, shut uP!!! bet no one noticed season 4 where curtis’ arms cross and uncross shot to shot. Theres a buttload of mistakes in every show, and when you catch them its funny, it remind you its not real, and seriously if your gonna stop watching the show, then go ahead and stop watching it!! dont sit here and cry to people who still like it about how terrible it is!!! so in conclusion, Day 6 Episodes 23-24, were exactly what they were supposed to be. The writers didn’t re-invent the show, they just tricked you into thinking they did. Sorry not enough stuff blew up, and no one was a secret bad guy, and people ran out of ammo, and every spot wasn’t booby trapped, you sound more like an alias fan, dont get me wrong it’s a good show, but reality is not for most of you. 24 is beautiful. The editing, acting, variety, and story, get over it and wipe your tears away. Here comes the epic response from some cryface now. But like I said, if you dont like the show, don’t watch. Don’t cry. And please don’t respond to this, because i will honestly never be on this page again. Touche u crybabies.