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TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 12: The Jack Bauer School of International Diplomacy

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Remember last hour was the bomb blast at the bunker. KaBoom! Is Prez Wayne all right?  Will A-Hole KSD Carson get away with this? Will Reed Pollock slither away? Will Tom Lennox and his shiny shoes be okay? Wayne is brought into a medical treatment room, he’s stable but unconscious. Guess what that means? Yes, Vice President Noah Daniels, who is still flying the friendly skies in Air Force Two, will have to take over Presidential duties. His first mandate will be to get rid of these FREAKIN’ SPORKS! 

Nattily dressed Jack and Logan prance into the Sexy Black SUVs and Sedans to head to the Russian consulate. Jack again lets Logan know that he doesn’t trust him. Logan responds by yakking on and on about silence. Now that’s a nice paradox. 

The Chiefs of Staff and assorted Cabinet members are not overly optimistic about Wayne’s prognosis. Everyone is getting antsy about Tom. Question: do real White House staffers refer to the Sec Def as the… Sec Def? 

In the boiler room (by the way, cute use of the “boiler room” analogy, 24 writers) KSD is lecturing Tom when Reed bursts in – “The Secret Service are looking for Tom! — KSD still wants to kill Tom, but Reed is firm against it – “you’ll have to go kill me too!” Reed has a talk with Tom; by his responses they assume he’ll finally cooperate. Just in time, the suits are almost at the there. As soon as they join the suits out in the hall, Tom blabs, “these two guys were wicked mean to me, and they’re the ones behind the assassination attempt on Wayne, and I think they also engineered the Lindberg kidnapping, started global warming and stole the mascot from State U!” 

And what of our Sharp Dressed Men, Logan and Jack? Logan chills with Markov, but they don’t smoke. They only thing that smokes is Markov’s temper. He doesn’t like Logan’s questions. He denies knowing anything. Logan presses, but finally relents, telling Markov that he believes him. Once outside though, Logan tells Jack that Markov is a lying sack of poo. Sure enough, we see Markov call Gredenko, and tip him off that the authorities are wise to him. Damn it!

Jack plans to go back with a little help from a quiet Chloe who will shut down power at the consulate. What a girl, she can do everything. And to think I’m excited when I figure out how to program radio stations on my stereo. 

The Veep is back at White House. He checks in on the interrogation of Tom. Yeah, you heard me right. They are making it look like Tom had a more active part in the whole debacle. Then Veep Noah and Tom have some angry words. We do not like Noah. We weren’t crazy about Tom, but Noah leaves a real nasty taste in the mouth. 

Golly, that Jack is at it again, violating another country’s sovereign soil. Now, I’m not saying he should he should try to mix it up with say, Ireland, Norway, or Jamaica – but why oh why does he have to pick countries that have had, at best, tenuous relationships with the U.S.? Perhaps the thought of languishing in Russian or Chinese detention centers is more intriguing than being remanded to countries that produce Guinness, gorgeous girls, or ganja. Oh well. 

Lookie there’s Russian Prez Subarov on the phone with our Veep. He fondly remembers the joyride that he, Anya and Martha took a couple years back, but he’s not happy about Jack going nuts at the Consulate. And Jack IS going nuts – he’s barricaded himself inside Markov’s office and is smacking him around, yelling, threatening, and even chopping off one of his fingers with a cigar cutter. It works, because Markov finally gives Jack some intel that scares him white – Gredenko is planning to arm drone planes with the nukes. 

Before he can do anything with this news, Consulate staff blow open the door and Jack is knocked unconscious. They quickly hustle him to another room, not before Markov gets in a parting shot – literally – an uppercut to his gut. When Jack comes to, he confronts the guard, explaining how Markov is really a bad, bad man who’d done a bad, bad thing. The guard actually believes him, and following Jack’s directions, he calls Bill Buchanan to tell him about Markov and Gredenko and the nukes. However, the guy is shot dead by another Russian, Vasili, before he can talk to Buchanan. Damn it!  

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  • Great article, as ususal.

    The show gets more exciting or silier, with each episode.

    Jack’s going to sneak into the Russion consulate to interogate the Consul and not get caught? Sure.

    Oh, Vasili also appeared in The Hunt for Red October.

  • Thanks Trin : )

    About Jack and the Russian Consulate – don’t you think everyone in America was shouting at their TVs “NO JACK – DON’T GO BACK IN!”?

  • What’s funny MK is that even Logan was warning Jack. Either he needs to have a house fall on him or he just doesn’t care. I’d guess it’s the latter.

    Nice review. I love the thought of a Jack School, but it should be something like Jack Bauer’s Torture University. Let’s allow the man to teach something he is great at doing.

  • Yeah, I was certainly thinking, “No Jack! Don’t go back!!”

    The show is daring but the more they script it with unbelievable scenes, the closer it comes to being a parody of itself.

    Has Kiefer played Jack on SNL?

  • The show has jumped the shark now. Even Logan was telling Jack “you already did the embassy thing” but Jack didn’t listen because this shark needs jumping.

    It cracked me up when Jack calls Bill “Bill, I f*cked up.” Bill calls the Veep and say “Mr. VP, Jack f*cked up.” The audience sighs and says haven’t we done all this before?

  • Really, really great review Mary K.

    I always come here for the lowdown on my fave show “24” and you guys never let me down.