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TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 10 – “Hello, my name is Jack, and I’m a CTU Agent”

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We open seeing Jack checking through wreckage of the fiery bombed out van. Milo and Marilyn are running through the alleys and streets with Phillip’s henchmen close behind. They hide behind some dumpsters, but the bad guys know they are there. Milo tries to outshoot them, and tells Marilyn to flee, but she can’t. Goons close in on them and grab Marilyn. Milo gets shot twice, but Jack shows up in time to stop the baddie before he kills Milo.

This season, we are again reminded of Jack’s medical diagnostic skills. A quick glance at Milo’s right arm and he pronounces him fit as a fiddle. Actually something like, “The bullet went through…no arterial bleeding, you’ll be OK. Oh, and that Right Guard you’ve been using has gone wrong. Ya might want to switch to Arrid XX.” He then “quizzes” Marilyn about how she tipped off Gredenko’s men. Jack really seems to favor grabbing women by the throat and slamming them against the wall. Finally she comes clean about the whole ‘call me Susan thing.’

At CTU Chloe checks on Morris’s progress with the vectors (Gosh, the vectors – we have missed them, glad they are back again this season!). Anyway, it seems like Morris is still feeling sorry for himself. Chloe tells him that he should see a CTU shrink, or call his sponsor. Wait, his what? That can only mean one thing, either Morris is an alcoholic, or he’s about to scarf down everything on the craft table. OK, not that overeating is fantastic, but overdrinking – or even just plain drinking could be quite wrong for Morris at this point. Oh, boy.

He tells Chloe he just needs to go for a walk. That walk brings him to a little store where he buys butts, Red Bull ——- and whiskey (And Altoids, we all know that they dispel any nasty alcohol in your system, right?). He downs nearly the whole pint and immediately makes himself puke. Chloe calls him, and he’s just about in tears. He says he’ll be right back. He’s cool when he sees Milo though, commending him on his field actions. Maybe he’s being too nice; Milo asks him if he’s OK.

Remember Josh? Phillip had kind of kidnapped him, bringing him to his hotel room, but Josh just thinks he’s hanging out with Grandpa while Mom is joyriding with Jack. He finally gets a clue when he overhears Phillip on the phone, saying that he’d kill him. He then decides he’s got to have a soda, right now. No, the mini bar is not good enough. Phillip eventually just shows him the heat (gun), and tells him…’fughetaboutit.’

But Jack has a lovely plan. Now that he knows the truth about his dad, he’s scheming to take him down. He gets the goon to cooperate, and call Phillip. Dad finally agrees that Marilyn will be brought to his hotel. So Jack, Marilyn and goon arrive at the hotel, but need to prepare first. This means Jack gets Marilyn to take off her blouse. Smooth move Jack. Oh, I guess putting on the Kevlar is a valid excuse.

At the D.C. bunker, Tom has the President’s itinerary. He gives it to Reed, who explains that the evil plot will be blamed on Al-Assad. Tom has to sit down with Prez Wayne for a short meeting, and then he heads back to Reed. There’s a quick discussion about a new person that needs to be brought into the scheme, and how their security clearance will be handled.

After Reed leaves, Tom quickly and stealthily calls the Secret Service. Well my goodness. Tom is doing the right thing after all. He makes plans to meet with a shift supervisor. But as soon as he walks through the door, Reed bashes him one. Guess he had been a bit suspicious of Tom’s intentions, and now he knows Tom won’t be joining in the double secret plot to off Prez Wayne. Ouch!

Chloe checks on Morris about the drinking. She could smell the liquor on his breath. Guess those Altoids didn’t do the trick. Morris swears to her that he didn’t actually drink the booze. She finally believes him, and reminds him to call his sponsor.

Phillip leaves his hotel room with Josh and goes across the street. When Jack and Co. arrive at the hotel room, they get a call from Phillip. They arrange for Jack to come unarmed in exchange for Josh. Marilyn waits patiently in the stairwell. Jack gives her a camera to keep her busy. “Just point and shoot.” Oh wait, it’s not a camera, it’s a Sig or something that shoots bullets instead of images.

When Jack enters the area where he’s supposed to meet Phillip, he utters quite the incongruous combination of words. “Dad” and “I’m unarmed.” Anyway, the exchange is made, Josh is let free. Phillip gives Jack some song and dance about Gredenko blackmailing him …yaddah yaddah… he even played the Patriot card. Jack listens almost patiently and obeys when Phillip asks him to kneel down facing away from him and his gun.

While down on the ground, he tries to explain why he went his own way instead of going into his father’s business and being part of the Bauer legacy. After too much silence, Jack turns around and sees that Phillip has left. He races back out onto the roof, sees no one, but finds a lone cell phone on the railing. There’s a message, “Jack, call the following number that did NOT have the ubiquitous 555 exchange.”

Stranger still, the person at the other end is a hairy plaid-clad ex-president Charles Logan.

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  • As always, nicely done, MK. I wonder about Logan. I mean, Jack brought him down, so he might be out for revenge. He cannot be trusted, but then I’m sure Jack knows that.