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TV Review: 24 Season Six – Hour Seven: “No Way Out”

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As you recall, Tom Lennox was taking satisfaction in nefarious doings. He has been making friends with his inner Montgomery Burns, which causes him to delight in executing deeds that chop his colleagues off at the knees, and advance his own megalomaniac agenda. That’s one theory anyway.

Also from last week, and a little more suspenseful, was the scene of Jack and Dad (James Cromwell) being strong-armed by some goons who now answer to that prick of a guy – that bad apple of Bluetooth Bauer progeny – Graham. Curious to see if Dad can kick ass. Let’s hope at least Jack kicks his share.

And now, Hour Seven.

Tom tries to make nice with the Prez, playing the ‘ohh too bad Karen left’ game.
He wants Prez Wayne to sign off on the executive order to tighten security (and hence changing the meaning of civil liberties). Wayne asks Tom to convene the cabinet.

Karen calls Bill; he’s astounded at her resigning. He naturally asks questions, but she doesn’t want to explain everything over the phone. But Bill has to keep asking:


“Mommy can’t explain right now why she can’t stay at the White House”

“But why?”

“Billy honey, just be patient, Mommy will be home soon. While you’re waiting, be my good boy and try to find those four other nukes, OK?”

“But Mom—“, Karen cuts him off, Bill calls back and Karen shuts off her phone.

“Calgon, take me away”

Chloe can’t raise Jack or his back up team. She’s worried.

While traveling in the van, Dad tells Jack, “its all for you.” He was referring to Graham, and Jack thinks to himself that Tinker Toys would have been fine. The van pulls up to an abandoned construction site. Jack eyes the cement mixer, the cement mixer glares back, full of menace. This has all the earmarks of an assassination. But Jack AND Dad kick some ass. Dad kicks a little too much ass; he kills one of the goons when they fight to overcome their captors. Jack is pissed; he planned on interrogating the dead guy. That is, before he was actually…dead.

Ohhh, Graham is going to get his own perimeter! CTU arrives and pops in the house for a chat with Graham. Oh, and the Marquis de Burke is there with his ‘interrogation package.’

Meanwhile, Milo gets word at CTU that Morris’s brother has been injured, specifically radiation exposure – his condition is critical. Milo doesn’t want to tell Morris, but Chloe says ‘he’s a tough guy, he can handle it.”

Soon as Morris hears this, he’s like – ‘sorry, I need to cry like a little baby and get outta here.’ Chloe talks him into staying to finish the project.

Meanwhile Jack is torturing interrogating his brother to get info on McCarthy. He has Burke inject some lovely hyocine-pentothal. This makes Graham get all sweaty, which in my book, is pretty bad. But Jack feels that pain must be involved. So, this goo in the IV also induces horrible pain, and Graham is miserable. He keeps denying knowing anything about McCarthy.

Jack orders some more cc’s to be injected. Graham is shaking and drooling, moaning and groaning. It’s incongruous to say the least, to watch Jack comfort Graham, and simultaneously yell at him for information. Finally he gets Graham to confess bunch o’ stuff, all about Palmer, and Tony; pretty much confessing to being behind ALL of Season Five. Funny, I thought it was the writers. Anyroad, Jack is wild. He yells at Graham, Graham yells back, “We’re the same!” Jack takes offense, and in one of the (unintentionally) funniest moments this year, he shoves at the chair bound Graham, sending him backwards on the floor. “We are NOT the same!”

He orders more cc’s, but even Burke says it’s too much. Jack levels his gun at Burke and commands more. Burke starts to add more, but also calls for some aid. Another CTU-er comes in; Jack waves the gun at him as well, “Drop your weapon.” It’s not until he sees his Dad that he slows down and regains control. But when the camera closes in on Graham’s face, he is all tough and cold, I-am-still-a-bad-guy. This doesn’t leave a warm fuzzy feeling as we break for commercial.

Wayne calls Sandra, he’s heard about the schoolyard fight. As Sandra explains about how the detainees were not really terrorists, and that they would have been more helpful to the authorities, had they been treated with due process, Wayne absently fingers the Executive Order that Tom Lennox wants him to sign.

Why is Phillip asking for ‘a few minutes’ before he goes back to CTU? Who will the geek-that-will-need-coercing-to-trigger-the-other-four-bombs be?

We get a good look at Wayne’s Vice President, Noah Daniels (Powers Boothe). As he’s on the phone with Tom Lennox, he wonders if Wayne will have the ‘stomach for the cure.’ Eww, a little too Aryan Nation for me. So, the cabinet is ready in the bunker’s situation room, and the Nazi VP is on speaker phone – and Wayne begins his message. “You’ve all had a chance to read Executive Order 1066.” Hey, wait a minute, I’m not sure exactly what the full scope of this E.O. is, but we know it’s not good. In fact, the whole thing is eerie, especially for the Stars War fans who might remember that Order 66 was an embedded code, commanding all the clone troopers to wipe out any and all Jedi. Wayne doesn’t like the connection either. “Implementing this plan would be a terrible mistake.” Yeah Wayne! All you need to do now is work on your voice. Raising it above a whisper is okay, please give it a try.

The scene at CTU is weird as well. It reminds me more and more of 1987's No Way Out, with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. I’m pretty sure that once all those pixels get sorted out, that face on Morris’s computer is going to be recognizable. And as the process is nearly complete, Morris feels comfortable enough to leave the task for Milo and Chloe. He needs to see his ill brother, and heads out.

Yep, I knew it. The picture has finished forming, and it’s… Kevin Costner! Ah, just kidding – it’s Morris. CTU calls to warn him, but McCarthy shows up and kidnaps him right out of his car. I bet Morris is wishing he were knee deep in Jimmy Choos right about now.

Phillip Bauer goes to see Graham in the other room before he’s taken to CTU. Right away we know it’s not going to end well. Damn! Dad and Graham were in cahoots this whole time, AND Graham was faking. Ha, I bet Marilyn could have told us that. Dad doesn’t think that Graham can hold his ‘mud’ once they get to CTU. So, keeping in mind what Burke had explained earlier about how much hyocine-pentothal will be dangerous, He injects the IV line, and Graham seizes and goes limp.

Dad’s commentary: I’ve had it with these MF sons on this MF day!

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  • DMAC

    I love it! Great review. I read one review that described Wayne as “a president with all the gravitas of an underwear model”. Seriously. Have they finally gone into “sequel mode”–earning bucks off an audience they’ve already got locked in by trimming costs on the writing and directing staff? Even Chloe’s perma-scowl is no longer cute. Which makes me sad.

  • Korrie

    This episode was a dissapointment. I’ll have to wait for deadwood to get my TV fix.

  • which Daddio do you mean? Which Bauer begat Josh?

  • As usual, great job, MK. I think it’s important to note that Graem’s wife Marilyn tells Daddy-o not to involve Josh. Why? “Tis a muddle, indeed.

    At least next week we get 2 hours. Can’t wait!