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TV Review: 24 Hour Six – Monkeyshines

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Good Morning. It’s 11:00; do you know where your nuclear weapons are? That’s okay; neither does anyone else, except for Abu Fayed. You know, something about that dude bothers me. Besides the fact that he’s a nasty terrorist, it’s his name – Abu. Abu. You may remember a certain cheeky monkey of the same name in Disney’s 1992 animated feature film Aladdin. Ohh, I could have a LOT of fun with this. 

Moving on. Tom Lennox is aggravated the with president’s speech, Prez Wayne made a promise he couldn’t keep, referring to the temporary nature of the current security measures. Karen butts in. “Am I a bleeding heart liberal?” Back and forth bickering about the constitution, with Tom telling Karen that she ought to “hop a shuttle” to the justice department. She hangs tough, cautioning Lennox that he won’t be able to wear her down. His parting shot: 

“Actually you’re wearing me down.”

This Lennox, I’m thinking now that I really don’t care for him. His character is what last season I referred to as a red herring. Lynn McGill (Sean Astin) was a perfect example of such – a character that seems to either be at cross purposes with one or two of the protagonists or downright alienates most everyone, yet comes through with some great nuggets of support, or even truth. But for several episodes, or perhaps near a whole season, we just can’t decide – ‘Good or Bad?’ In the previous hour, Lennox advised Prez Wayne about how to address the country, and his counsel was fine. But now he’s truly showing a vicious side. 

He wants Karen Hayes to go away. And the long awaited appearance of Chad Lowe as Reed Pollock shows us a deputy Chief of Staff who is all too eager to help in that department.

And at CTU, Nadia is getting profiled. Seems that a mandate came from Washington, instructing that now all government employees of Middle Eastern descent will be working with restricted security access. She’s pissed, Bill is pissed, and in turn Milo is pissed when he finds out why. He needs his best workers going as fast as they can, and Nadia is suddenly slowed down to a crawl because of this new rule.

And what of our hero Jack? He had bagged his brother Graem/Graham Cracker – literally. Finally the plastic comes off. Graham whines and cries. Finally he spills. But is it a lie? He reports that ‘Dad’ put together a security team, and went to find McCarthy (a dude who was an independent munitions contractor). He was supposed to decommission the nukes, but stole them instead. Now goodness, why didn’t Graham and his Dad inform anyone right away? Well, those weren’t exactly Jack’s words, but something close. 

(An aside – just imagine if this show were on a cable network. “I’ve had it with these MF terrorists in this MF city!”)

Jack and Graham leave Graham’s dump of a house to go find this McCarthy guy, maybe to glean some more info from his computer. Though Jack is in a hurry, there’s still time to have a meaningful exchange of glances with Graham’s wife – the eyebrow goddess Marilyn – before scurrying into a Sexy Black SUV. (No more grimy white Volvos for our Jack!) 

Bill talks to Karen and tells her about the new ruling. She’s fairly horrified, and promises to tell Prez Wayne. But her notion is cut short by Lennox. He asks her to resign; she asks him what he’s smoking. Somehow, with the help of toady Pollock, Lennox has some sort of blackmail material, involving her husband Bill Buchanan. Evidently prior to all this, Abu Fayed, that little monkey, was among a group of detainees at the Seattle branch of CTU. When they were released due to lack of evidence to hold them, it was Bill who signed off on the release. No, not a crime, but icky Lennox phrases everything so distastefully, and within the hour, Karen goes to see Prez Wayne.  

What’s this – she’s resigning? Wayne is upset, but Karen will not explain anything. Wayne is pretty sure that Tom Lennox is involved somehow, but Karen won’t open the vault. Nope. She does ask to be transferred to CTU in LA, and Wayne sadly agrees. Weirdly, in one of the closing scenes, Karen affects the ‘walk of shame’ down a D.C. corridor. Girl, you have nothing to be ashamed of, except perhaps, for not giving ole Lennox a broken jaw. 

Walid is still ‘data mining’ – oh wait, now they’re calling it “harvesting.” When Sandra is incredulous that one of the potential terrorists has smuggled in a cell phone, the FBI mentions that the Security was ‘porous’. Porous? These euphemisms keep getting better and better. Walid manages to nick the phone, and when he dials an FBI instructed number, it leads to a terrorist website. Guess this means that those dudes on the playground were just wanabes, not real terrorists. When one of them realized that his phone is missing, they suspect Walid, search him, and beat the crap out of him. This ain’t gonna sit well with Sandra. Poor Walid is looking pretty ‘porous’ right now. 

Graham shows Jack how to get to McCarthy’s office. (Turns out McCarthy is the Aussie type jerk riding around with Blondie.) They want to check the computer. Jack finds his Dad and some questionable goons. They rough up Jack a bit, until Dad (James Cromwell) steps out of the shadow – “That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do – he’s my son.”

Whew! Jack gives a good the cuff keys to unlock Graham still stuck in the other room. But as soon as Graham comes back, he takes over the show, finally showing his true ugly colors. Now he’s got both Jack and Dad at gunpoint. Damn, where is a falling helicopter when you need one.

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  • As usual, all it not what it seems.

    Wayne sort of pales in comparison to his brother as Prez. Nadia and Milo are somewhat weak characters to me. Homeland Security has flagged Nadia. We’re upset. How unfair, she’s been here since she was 2. I won’t be surprised if later on we learn that she’s connected in some way to the bad guys.

  • You capture the two most important elements going on here: the Jack-Graem-Dad dynamic and the Karen-Tom-Wayne interaction. Doubtless, last night’s victors (Graem and Tom) are going to come down fast and hard.

    Next week (spoiler alert) Jack will introduce Graem to some things he learned from the Chinese prison. Ouch!

  • You left out one important part- the terrorist cell in the internment camp is not a terrorist cell and they are spying on and detaining innocent Americans.

    I was happy to see Cracker (we call him the Bald Blue-tooth at my house)finally showed that evil guy we saw last season. I was annoying me that this guy had such control over the President.

    Great summary. I think Milo just set himself up. I do not think Najia is a terrorist, but somehow he is going to get set up for using his password.

    I hope Cracker does the classic bad guy thing and tells Jack everything before trying to kill him. It would be a shame for Jack to kill him without first knowing the full reasons why.

  • We’re upset. How unfair, she’s been here since she was 2. I won’t be surprised if later on we learn that she’s connected in some way to the bad guys.

    LOL Trin. That made me laugh. My husband was wondering the same thing about Nadia. Right now – far as I can tell – she’s not giving any indication that she’s dirty. We’ll see!

  • Doubtless, last night’s victors (Graem and Tom) are going to come down fast and hard

    Let’s hope so Vic!

    Btw, did you know that if you look up Graem on 24‘s site – you’ll see that for Season Five, they’re using ‘graham’ and this year – of course it’s that pretentious spelling ‘graem’.

  • Regarding Nadia, in S1 Nina Myers was the mole, but it was played with in such a way as to cast some doubt (right until she started speaking German over the phone). We have to wait and see what Nadia does, but I’m starting to think that Milo might just be setting HER up somehow.