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TV Review: 24 – Hour 17 – Extreme Customer Service

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Not so sure how well my recap of last night’s episode will turn out. Somehow, the first 10 minutes didn’t get taped – so there’s that. Also, I’ve just been feeling lousy and somewhat depleted. But as a result of being couch-bound yesterday, I discovered that the A&E network was running several hours of 24’s Season Two. Ah, what a nice trip down memory lane. George Mason, the head of the little ‘nuclear’ family at CTU, bearded Jack with his trusty hacksaw, Paula – the data cruncher turned crunch-ee, Michelle and Tony, before they were in love. And the PNW retreat gang, President Palmer, his assistant Lynne – weird to see all these faces and think “wow – he’s dead, and he’s dead, and so is she – and her, and right, she was killed too” Yeah, about the only ones alive here in Season Five are Jack, Mike Novick, and good old Kim.

Also, while on the couch, I watched The One on FX. I’d seen it a few times already, so I didn’t watch the whole thing intently. But there was a scene that caught my eye. When the S.W.A.T team is moving Jet Li’s character out of the cell, another prisoner caught my attention. I said to my son – who is very good with the facial recognition thing – “Doesn’t he look JUST like Bill Buchanan? My son agreed, and later on I visited my friendly neighborhood IMDB.com to check. Sure enough, James Morrison was in The One. Except he played a police officer, doh!

Oh well!

Now, really on to hour 17 – I come in as Karen Hayes is on the phone with the world’s newest traitor – President Charles Logan. Oh, the back-story on this should be interesting. Anyway, Prez Logan is telling Karen that Jack needs to be taken into custody. Karen doesn’t quite understand, but heck – it’s the Prez, and she’s a good Homeland Security girl so she proceeds to put out the arrest warrant for Jack. Miles reminds her that Audrey is still pawn material – so Karen orders a transponder (fancy word for tracking device) put on her vehicle. Audrey’s cover story is that she will be trying to get some sleep. Although, as one of my 24 colleagues mentioned, the chick looks dewy fresh – despite the terrible interrogation with Burke (or, because of it?).

So, next we see Jack and Wayne Brady breaking into a bank manager’s house. I kind of pieced together that they needed something other than money. At gunpoint, they take this guy Carl to his bank and get him to open up. Now, I didn’t see the name of the bank, but seriously, it’s got to be a Citizen’s Bank. I mean, Carl is like so obliging. Has nothing to do with the gun being waved in his face, right?

Audrey, in her pristine white coat, calls her Dad, Secretary of Defense Heller, to ask for help. (By the way, we’re taking bets on how many episodes this coat will remain white. Jeff? Victor? What’s your best guess?) Anyway, Dad agrees to meet her at pokey little Van Nuys airport in an hour. Audrey stops for gas and Chloe walks her through how to locate a tracking device using a …walkie-talkie? Are you kidding me? But heck, it works and Audrey takes a page out of Memphis Raines’ (must be the name ‘Raines’) book and tucks the transponder into the wheel well of a big ole truck. (And here’s a little bit of trivia. Gone in 60 Seconds starred Delroy Lindo as the detective trying to catch Raines. He also acted in another movie with a 24 star. What was the movie, and who was the other actor?)

Speaking of trivia – has somebody recorded the number of times that Valerie says, “Will do”?

Back at the Prez retreat, Logan and Veep are having a disagreement about Jack being arrested. Soon as those words are out of Veep’s mouth, Logan sends Aaron out of the room. Then Prez gets snotty and says, “Last time I checked, I was still the Boss of You”.

When Logan addresses the press, Martha is all mushy and emo. She and Aaron are listening to the Prez giving himself kudos, and Martha is proud of her husband. She comments, “I should have trusted him”. Aaron throws up in his mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing, I’m just tired.” Of working for your horrible, murderous, backstabbing, no-good, pond scum of a husband/President!

And we wonder, what became of poor Evelyn and her daughter Amy? They are holed up in this motel room. Amy is a little sickened by her mom’s blood and starts to cry in the bathroom. Bad move kid. Evelyn is drawn to her daughter’s distress and limps her way to the bathroom – or almost – as she collapses on the floor. Amy thinks she’s being a good-do-bee and calls 911. Kid, when will you learn? Robocop’s henchmen intercept her 911 call, and of course, they give the info to him, and he heads right over to the motel. Just as the EMTs are tending to Evelyn, they’re shot dead and Robocop enters the room. Scene ends while Amy screams in horror.

Back at Citizen’s Bank, Mr. Good Citizen, Bank Manager Carl, asks a lot of questions. Wayne and Jack finally come clean. Carl does a 180 – and all is okay with the way he and his wife have been treated. He helps Jack and Wayne get the vault open – they find the precious recording that clearly implicates President Logan in all the nastiness. Carl seems to take it all in stride, keeping company with a former (and newly assassinated) President’s brother, hearing that his own president is a real honest-to-goodness bad guy – must be Stockholm syndrome. They’re about to split when they realize that Robocop’s little robots are waiting for them outside the bank. Damn! They get the bright idea to trip the silent alarm. That way the local cops will show up, engage Robo-hostiles in fire and provide a nifty distraction for Jack and Company so they can run away.

At CTU they’ve got some awesome James Bond music going on to accompany the whole ‘searching for Audrey on satellite’ thing. Chloe realizes what’s going on, and makes her way to the servers to disrupt the feed. Miles gets suspicious quickly though, and sprints to the backroom in time to catch Chloe in the act. But our girl Chloe is quick, and by the time Miles is there – she’s gone. He wanders down the halls, and finds her coming out of the Women’s rest room.

“What were you doing?”
“Are you kidding me?”
“No, what were you doing? Number one or two? Did you even wash your hands woman?”

Chloe offers to write him a report when she has a sec.

God, don’t you just love this girl? Maybe we can get her hooked up with Aaron Pierce.

Speaking of hooking up – Martha is still acting all weepy and proud and…horny. Prez frantically searches for his little blue pills, but a phone call interrupts the moment. He wants to take the call privately, but horny Martha is having none of that. “C’mon, the crisis is over – no secrets.” So, Prez reluctantly takes the call. Of course it’s Robocop on the other end and it seemed to me that Logan wasn’t trying to hide all that much. “Let me know when it’s done” Of course, he lied and said it was “Jamie”. But he still sounded all menacing on the phone – in front of Martha. Hmm.

Back at the bank heist or pseudo heist – or intel gathering – wait, is this what they mean by ‘data mining’? Anyway, Jack, Wayne and Carl the Friendly Bank Manager prepare to make their getaway. Jack thanks Carl for playing and wants him to stay at the bank. Carl’s response – “Um NO, I’ll take my chances with you fine gents!”

He might live to regret those words. Actually, living is not the operative word for poor Carl. Yup, he gets shot in the cross fire and by the time they get him into a vehicle to drive off, Jack inquires after his health.

Wayne: “He’s dead!”
Jack: “Pity”

Ouch! Harsh, Jack. Harsh.

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  • Well, Mary K., the way things are going, more than Audrey’s coat is going to get soiled next week. Judging from the previews, Lowguns and Nuts Landing are going to go at it. Can’t wait!

  • Oh, me too Victor! – see? I’m doing the dancing around – throwing punches – thing. Woohoo..maybe I ought to put my gloves on for real and hit the bag – to get rid of all this excitement

  • Yeah, I imagine missing the first ten minutes of an episode in this show is a good way to be confused.

    Good movie trivia this week!

    I’m wondering what happened to Evelyn and Amy. Given all his other Evil Actions, I can’t imagine Henderson just let them live. It would be far too harsh to show Amy getting shot, so maybe the scream was the clue that Mom and Daugther went to CTU Heaven.

    As for Audrey’s coat, hmmm. DaD talks to Logan next week, so he makes it to the retreat. HS is still tailing Audrey, so maybe Miles tries to get her arrested.

    Lowguns and Nuts Landing are going to go at it

    Oh my. This really is CTUback Mountain.

  • And btw – what has happened to Snakehead? (Bierko) No mention of him this ep either.

    Yeah, the scenes for next week show Audrey – in the perfect white coat – standing there with gun(s) trained on her.

    Maybe they’ll make her dance the Macarena

  • Yeah, he and Curtis must still be hiding back in CTU Medical. (Curtis didn’t even come out to check his email or something?)

    We haven’t seen Mike Novick for a long time, either.

    (and thanks for watching my back…)

  • Yes, I wondered too, about Curtis – and Mike.

    and yes… Sure. got your back – just call me Chloe – : )

  • Congrats! This article has been placed on Advance.net

  • Regarding the coat, you called it!