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TV Recaps: Ghost Whisperer‘s “See No Evil” and Medium‘s “Who’s That Girl”

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Ghost Whisperer – "See No Evil"

When I saw the previews for this week's Ghost Whisperer, I thought it looked a little weird. The premise was that people on campus were receiving a chain email. When the chain is broken, something happens to the chain breaker and a loved one.

The episode starts with Melinda and Jim discovering that they have a free night. Aiden's asleep, the dishes are done, the laundry's folded, and Jim doesn't have to work at the hospital. A little romance is in order and they get right to it and that's when the scene switches to Ned and his girlfriend Brianna,  whom we've never seen before, making out in her college dorm. Can I say right now that I've been in college dorms and they were never that large? I don't know anyone who has been in a dorm that large. His girlfriend gets up to double check something, turns on the light and lets out a blood-curling scream.

Melinda, oblivious to Ned's predicament, has a dream/vision. A man and a woman dressed in black sew her eyes shut. She screams and the credits play.

The next morning, Melinda is telling Jim how she could feel the rusty needle. They're interrupted by Aiden. After declaring that he wants milk for breakfast, he asks if Ned's okay. Seems that the little five-year-old empath has another skill — human caller ID. He knew that Ned had called that morning and wanted to speak with Melinda, even though the phone was on vibrate and he had been sound asleep when the call came in. It was at this point I felt just a little sorry for Jim. Like Joe on Medium, he is the only member of his family who doesn't have visions or see ghosts. I can only imagine what that must feel like to have everyone else in the family have a gift and you don't.

Ned's voicemail sends Melinda to the college where she sees Brianna's dorm room in a mess. Brianna tells Melinda that it must be her dead friend, Gwen, that hung her doll up. Ned shows Melinda the strange chain letter and we're off and running.

During the course of the show, Ned breaks the chain and both he and Delia end up hurt. It seemed a little gimmicky. Melanie is left trying to convince a dead Gwen that breaking the chain did not cause the accident that left her mother in a coma.

This episode didn't seem up to the caliber that Ghost Whisperer has achieved in the past. That said, the mystery of the strangely dressed people wasn't resolved and the twist that a little girl suffering from cancer is the person who set off the chain letter in the first place was interesting. I am wondering if this development is going to be the mystery that takes us throughout the season.

Medium – "Who's That Girl"

Medium started with a montage of serial killers. The idea here is that all serial killers started out as someone's daughter or son, something goes wrong, and murder ensues. The montage ends with Joe returning home, calling for his family, and finding Ariel covered in blood in the kitchen. This was a perfect beginning to the rest of the show.

Devalos' maid's daughter, Elena, has been murdered. She is a good girl who has never been in trouble before. Except, Devalos doesn't know the whole truth of Elena's life and she wasn't really the good girl he thought she was. To add to the twist and turns, Ariel has been taken over by Elena and is off to seek revenge on the married man who killed her. Allison spends the episode trying to convince Joe that Ariel is someone else. I thought the argument between Joe and Allison over Ariel was especially realistic. Parents fight like this all the time over their children, even if the argument itself isn't one two real parents will ever have.

At first, I thought this twist of Ariel being taken over was a little pat. Then, we learn that the man who killed Elena is the father of one of Ariel's classmates. I did think that Sofia Vassilieva really had the chance in this episode to shine. She went from scared little girl to worldly woman and back again. Even her voice seemed to change when Elena was in charge. If she doesn't win an Emmy for this episode, I'll be very surprised.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. Allison is still trying to regain the full use of her right hand and she's still dealing with the after-effects of her stroke. We learn that during the four months we didn't see on camera Ariel really stepped up to the plate and helped her family. Nice to see a teenager being something besides a snot-nosed brat on TV.

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