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TV Recaps: Ghost Whisperer – “Do Over”/Medium – “The Medium is the Message”

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Ghost Whisperer – “Do Over”

Two kids decide that a fun thing to do on a boring night is to break into the morgue and see if they can spend 15 minutes inside one of the freezers. This results in one boy seeing a ghost, which would've scared me. They are convinced that the morgue is haunted. A haunted hospital morgue? I would have never suspected it. To top off the haunted morgue, the hospital is clearing out surgical equipment from the 1950s. Jim brings home an old clamp. He shows it to Aiden, who has a vision of a doctor ready for surgery.

After a morgue attendant experiences a haunting, Jim brings Melinda to the morgue. While she's trying to contact the ghost, a corpse picks up a scalpel and tries to attack them both. Melinda begins seeing a vision at 9:15 every night of a doctor and a nurse before surgery. Each night, she follows them from her kitchen into her dining room, where the surgery moves further and further along. Finally, Melinda has the vision while Jim is there. She describes the room and the equipment to him. The patient dies on the table, because of a mistake the doctor made.

Eli is sick, so Jim visits him at home. It turns out that Eli just has laryngitis, but he has more than that. He has his mother, Evelyn, visiting him. She's keeping a close eye on her ill son and hovering over him like only a dead mother can. Eli tells Jim that the clamp he is carrying has a very angry ghost attached to it.

Jim hunts through the hospital files. He finds out that the doctor that performed the surgery in Melinda's visions died the same day. But he was interrupted by his own haunting before he can discover the name of the patient. Melinda has the vision again and this time she checks the name tag on the patient's wrist.

Let's take a break and look in on Delia, because this was truly the highlight of the show.

The side story of Delia's dating life was a good one. Delia goes out on a date with a lawyer named Roger. Things seem to be going good until the maitre'd spells a red wine on Delia's very white blouse. Roger goes ballistic on the guy. This causes Delia to decide that Roger is not the one for her.

Delia avoids Roger's calls like the plague. Then she receives roses on her car with a note that says “Roses are red.” She then receives another note that comes with violets being dropped from the rooftop. The note reads “Roses are red, violets are blue.” A mime gives her a sunflower with yet another note. That note states “Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't hide my feelings.”

The final complete note is left in a gift box at the coffee shop. Delia sees Roger and decides to give him a second chance. Roger, on the other hand, says he's given up on her. He walks away and she opens the gift. It is a monogrammed towel with the complete note. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't hide my feelings, that's why I keep spilling things on you.”

Turns out the maitre'd has feelings for her. At the end of the episode, they go out on a date.

Now, back to the haunting.

It turns out that the original boy who broke into the morgue with his buddy is related to the patient in Melinda's vision. The patient is the boy's grandfather, who actually didn't die. Melinda brings together the grandfather and the doctor, who has spent the last 50 years trying to figure out the mistake he actually never made. The doctor had a bad heart and died before Bill was revived. The doctor goes into the light and all is well. Or is it?

Melinda realizes that if Bill Jett is alive and well, there's still an unnamed ghost haunting the morgue. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Medium – “The Medium is the Message”

Medium opens in a hospital room (must be the night for hospital dramas). There's a man, John, dying in a hospital room. Another man comes in and shows him pictures of dead women. The first man wants John to admit that he killed those women. John says no, but immediately dies. So much for a dying declaration. The first man is pulled from the room yelling, “Admit it! Admit it!” Allison wakes up yelling "admit it" and we learn that this is another one of her dreams.

After the commercial break, it is breakfast with the DuBois family. Ariel is helping Allison with her cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is where you look at flash cards that have pictures of milk, trees, fish, arrows, etc. on them. This is to help her with the residue effects from her stroke. Allison is to have been completing this cognitive therapy, but she hasn't been doing it. I totally can relate. I didn't always perform my therapy either.

Allison goes to her therapy appointment, but instead of seeing a tree on a card, she sees the symbol for Libra. A man, Neil, who is in therapy gives her a hint on how to best read the cards. He tells her to read them from right to left to help her mind concentrate better on the cards. Neil was the victim of a mugging eleven years ago. He knows his way around the therapy room.

Allison is pulled away from her conversation with Neil to the morgue where Lee wants her take on a murdered woman. Allison sees the Libra symbol carved on the woman's head, only to discover that it isn't really there.

Joe goes on a job interview that appears to have gone all wrong — we've all been there — but before he can even get in his car, his headhunter calls. He has the job. Joe calls Allison and tells her the news, but Allison's mind isn't on what he is saying. Allison can no longer read any signs. Everything has turned into cryptic symbols. After a close call with another car, Allison gets off the phone and pulls into a parking lot. The only sign she can read is for the Book Box. She pulls in and sees that they are holding a book signing. The picture of the author is the man from her dream who had been pulled away from the dead man.

Allison stands in line and has a conversation with the author. He is convinced that John David Boatner was the Libra killer. He has written three books and in his final book, he has claimed that John David Boatner confessed before his death. However; Allison (and the viewers) know that he's lying. John said no before he died. He wasn't the Libra killer.

Personally, I thought this wasn't the best Medium. I saw the ending before the show reached the halfway point. However, the preview for next week's show has me waiting impatiently.

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