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TV Recap: Steven Seagal Lawman – “Street Justice”

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First I have to apologize to those of you who follow this weekly recap. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to watch last week’s episode and write a recap in anything approaching a timely fashion. So, to those of you who actually had to watch "Parish Under Siege," I send my profound apologies. Those of you who rely on this series for your weekly summary of Lawman will just have to watch last week’s episode. I can, however, offer what may be my shortest recap ever: "Parish Under Siege" involved swamp rats, alcohol, and the SWAT Team.

So with that out of the way, let’s get started with this week’s recap!

"Street Justice" starts with a discussion of how Hurricane Katrina impacted Jefferson Parish and then transitions to a narcotics team that is about to serve a warrant. Does this make sense? Probably not. Regardless, Seagal and his fellow officers are invited to join in the fun. The team enters the house and removes all the suspects from the area. One suspect in particular swears more than our Zen Lord which provides for this week’s laugh. Better still, Seagal actually participates! He enters the house with his gun in hand, helps to remove suspects, and even uses that famous Zen bionic eye to search for drugs. Naturally, it spots some crack cocaine and later in the search some marijuana is also recovered. The scene closes with Seagal pondering how sad it is that children were in a house full of drugs.

Later Seagal meets with former New Orleans police chief, Eddie Compass. During Katrina, Seagal volunteered to serve under Mr. Compass. Mr. Compass now works with troubled youth who were displaced after Katrina. After a brief chat he invites Seagal to attend a new youth martial arts program. It is thought that Seagal’s star power can help to inspire the kids to stick with the program. Without hesitation, Steven Seagal agrees to visit the school.

Next we transition from that scene to Seagal back on patrol. Before the crime hits we get to see police officers ribbing Seagal over reports that martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme once beat our Zen Lord up. Steven Seagal’s response? “It’d be like me squashing an ant!” Again, does this scene make much sense when placed in context with the larger episode? No, but then again, if you’ve been following the series on a regular basis you are probably used to the randomness by now.

Soon the scene jumps and Seagal is regaling viewers with his street wisdom. He comments that drug dealers like to hide in the shadows. Naturally, the Lord of Whoopass has a solution: “For as long as I’ve been doing this I try to be able to see into the shadows.” Almost as if on cue, Segal’s shadow-seeking Zen bionic eye spots some suspicious activity. Apparently it was not suspicious enough because Seagal’s team keeps on driving. To belabor the obvious: It makes no sense. After this, Seagal and the officers are called to a drug motel. However, aside from a small amount of drugs being found, there is nothing much worth reporting here.

The episode closes with Seagal’s inspirational visit to Grandmaster Eric O’Neal’s Blue Lion Karate Academy. Grandmaster O’Neal’s karate schools were destroyed during Katrina, yet to his credit, Grandmaster O’Neal returned to rebuild his schools. During the visit we see our Zen Lord offering a student advice on the correct way to perform a karate high block. After that Seagal gives the students a motivational speech. Does it inspire them? I guess I’ll just have to let the viewer decide. Either way, I can assure you that this episode lacks swamp rats or Seagal singing. So, there is that.

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