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TV Recap: Steven Seagal Lawman – “Medicine Man”

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We are headed into the New Year and we have yet to run out of Lawman episodes so let’s take care of the latest recap! In this past week’s episode, "Medicine Man," Seagal fans are treated to the usual formula: Seagal and his team patrol the streets, eventually spot a suspect, and get involved in some sort of profanity-laced foot chase that inevitably sets up the episode’s theme.

This week’s chases include a suspicious person in front of a liquor store, some guy driving while intoxicated, and some more suspicious guys in a parking lot. Apparently all the chases were more than Colonel John Fortunato’s knee could handle — ergo, this week’s theme!

After the first few chases Seagal decides to take Colonel Fortunato to a Chinese medicine man for some knee relief. Not only do we learn that Seagal is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine but we also get to see Seagal use acupuncture to treat Fortunato’s weight problem. Is his large appetite the reason he has knee problems? We really never find out but Seagal does offer us this: “We’ll speed up the metabolism and you will eat less, digest more, and lose weight.”

Later, during one of the profanity-laced foot chases, Seagal is outrun by a fleeing suspect. However, Seagal does explain why the guy escaped. "He just outran me — he had too much of a head start."

Yeah, right. All I can say is that if Seagal’s physique and apparent foot speed is evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss, then Mr. Fortunato had better plan to buy larger pants.

The chuckle of the week goes to some drunken guy who was driving his vehicle while drinking bourbon from a cup. Since he had no outstanding warrants, Seagal’s team calls the drunk a cab and eventually lets him go. However, during the interaction, this guy questions Seagal’s martial arts prowess and rattles off a list of Hollywood martial artists who he thinks Steven could or could not “take.” Included in this list is the lesser known martial artist, “Sacky Chan.”

And that quote, my friend, pretty much sums up this episode.

Sacky Chan!

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