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TV Recap: Ghost Whisperer and Medium – The Ladies of Friday Night

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School buses now greet me on the street in the mornings. The leaves on the neighbor's trees are turning colors and falling into my yard. The weather is unseasonably warm, so everyone says. And, on TV, the fall shows are having their premieres.

CBS just rolled out their new Friday night schedule, Ghost Whisperer at 8/7 Central and Medium at 9/8 Central. So, there I was last night, sitting in front of the television.

Spoiler alert: Don't read any farther if you haven't watched the two shows.

Ghost Whisperer

Last season on Ghost Whisperer, Jim died after being shot. Before Melinda could stop him, he took over a newly dead man's body and became Sam Lucas. The rest of the season was spent having Melinda give Sam/Jim hints of just who he really was. By the time the season ended, Jim was back to being Jim and Melinda was pregnant with his child. But all was not sweetness and light, Melinda found the Book of Changes and as her baby was due on 9/25, something ominous was going to happen.

The season premiere started with Melinda giving birth at exactly 11:48 on September 25. At the moment of little Aiden Lucas Clancy's birth, the clock stopped and the feet of a ghost appeared. And, those weren't the only weird happenings in this episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Before the opening credits rolled, little Aiden went from breast-feeding newborn to five-year-old child. It reminded me of that Days of Our Lives episode when Marlena and John head off on their honeymoon and their daughter, Belle, is five. Upon their return, Belle is sixteen and Marlena says something to the effect of “John, look how our baby's grown.” I am totally disappointed in the aging of Aiden. I was looking forward to watching Melinda struggle between breast feeding and crossing over wayward spirits.

There were other changes, as well. Jim/Sam is now just Jim and he's a doctor doing his residency. We learn that Delia no longer works for Melinda and is selling real estate full time (in this economy?). Ned's in college and taking classes with Eli.

I'm not sure if I like all of these changes, except possibly for Jim just being Jim. One of the reasons the show worked was Jim's being totally understanding of what Melinda does. He was always the strong man for Melinda to lean on for whatever she needed. Yes, I'm sure that being that handsome man is boring for David Conrad to play, but I don't care. I love watching the love story unfold and I'm glad Jim's just Jim now.

However; my logical side pipes up and says, “What about Jim's mother?” How does she feel about the new man in Melinda's life? I think it's strange that no one said to Melinda, "how can you marry this guy you just met?" No one objects and Sam's parents just walk away from their only son never to see him again? How does that work? As long as you pause your belief system, the whole thing works.

Now, I do realize that I just wrote how disappointed I was in the aging of little Aiden from newborn to young child, but even with that said, I think this coming year just might be Ghost Whisperer's best season. I believe that's because watching Melinda contend with ghosts and her son contending right along with her might just make for some pretty good escapist television.


Last season's final NBC episode of Medium had Allison foregoing an operation on her brain in order to solve a case. If she had gone ahead with the operation at that time, she would've lost not only her gift, but her entire family. Allison solves the case that prevents the death of her family, but ends up having a stroke right before the surgery. The season ended with Allison in a coma and NBC canceling the show.

Luckily for fans of Medium, CBS picked up the drama and Allison emerges from her coma in the season premiere. Allison, though, is still showing signs of her stroke.

Allison needs to walk with a cane and can't open her right hand. Luckily, she doesn't suffer from any speech impairment after spending three months in a coma. However; her gift of having visions when she dreams is gone. Or, is it?

Unfortunately, because the show is called Medium and is about a psychic, you knew two things at the end of last season: 1) Allison wouldn't die and 2) her gift would come back (at least it would if the show returned). When you know the outcome, the suspense is gone.

On a good note, Allison's gift doesn't come rushing back to her. She doesn't wake up walking normal and she doesn't just regain the use of her right hand overnight. Even better, none of Allison and Joe's children age five years. Ariel is still in high school, while Bridget and Marie are still in grade school.

I think the case has a pretty foreseeable twist, but that is forgivable since the show deals more with Allison and Joe's family issues. I liked how they bring back Allison's gift with small little twists. She doesn't immediately get her gift back, nor does she trust it when it does comes back. Even better, Allison and Joe argue when she gets her job back as a part-time paralegal. He's worried about her health and she's worried about their financial well being.

I'm not sure whether this'll turn out to be Medium's best season, but I believe that CBS is going to realize they made the right decision when they paired it up Ghost Whisperer.

Happy watching!

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