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TV Recap: Bones – “The Devil in the Details”

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The newest episode of Bones had religion written all over it, which means we get to see the start of a new round between Brennan and Booth about how she thinks religion is foolish and he's the faithful Christian boy. The corpse of the week is a burned body that has actual horns and a tail. It is left on a church's altar. Okay, that's a little creepy. Even with a logical explanation, you can understand how it would make a few people nervous. Booth is certainly one of them, especially after Brennan assures him that the horns and tail are real.

The victim is human, luckily, and not the Devil. The boy (nicknamed Hellboy which really works) was born with the tail and had some mental problems, and this led him to eventually get the horns added on. He did believe he was the Devil, and he spent most of the time in a mental facility that his mother and brother sadly sent him to. So off Booth and Brennan go to the mental facility with Sweets as their back up since this is his home turf. Brennan has never been very fond of psychology, as we all know, so she does snark a bit about the study. She even meets a psychiatric patient who introduces himself as a doctor and she gets along with him well. Poor Brennan, all the guys who hit on her are annoying, crazy, or Sully.

The first red herring comes in the form of another patient who swears she is an angel, and that she killed Hellboy because God told her she should. They write her off quickly and jump onto the next possible suspect, one of the nurses in the building. They search his car and find heroin, and it turns out he's been dealing it to the patients when their own medication wasn't working properly. Could Hellboy have been killed by his dealer? Nah, it turns to be unlikely.  The cause of death takes awhile to pick out, but thanks to Angela's awesome computer from the future, it becomes apparent it was electrocution.

The culprit turns out to be his own brother, and that it was somewhat of an accident. He went down to Hellboy's special basement, saw him shooting heroin, and got angry. He'd dealt with his brother's madness so long and just lost it a little. He only meant to push the boy, but Hellboy hit the wall and got electrocuted. Sweets explains this gently to the mother, who is horrified and heartbroken.  It is a great reminder why he works so well on this team — his kindness and empathy was always missing, we just didn't know it.

On a personal level, the intern of the week is Muslim Arastoo Vaziri, the man who pretended to have an accent so no one would question his faith. There's a little borderline racist panic this week when he makes a comment about seeing the Devil every day, and Cam jumps to the conclusion he's talking about them. In time he talks to her about it and confesses he once killed a man in Iraq, and he was talking about the evil inside himself mostly. It was a nice moment, but they sometimes try too much with Arastoo. He doesn't flow as naturally as the other interns. He is pretty amazing though with a nunchuck! He's a good character, but there is a lot of exposition with him, and less connection with the other team members. They should work on that as he continues on the show.

Bones is off air until April for the Olympics. Awww. But we're getting ever closer to the 100th episode!

Best part of the episode: Sweets talking to the mother at the end.

Worst part of the episode: A bit paranoid, aren't we Cam?

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  • Sweets has been missing kindness and empathy? I doubt that’s what you meant. Cam needs to understand employees of the Jeffersonian undergo a thorough background check, this is the FBI after all. Talk about thickheaded.

  • No I meant that the SHOW was missing a certain kind of kindness and empathy that I think he filled in when he arrived.