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TV Recap: Bones – “The Dentist in the Ditch”

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This past week's episode of Bones had a case that was less controversial than the episode before (the one with JFK's body), but the side story was not nearly as interesting. No possible pregnancies this week, but there is an impeding engagement. Unfortunately it is not with Angela and Hodgins, and there's no information about whether or not that couple have stopped being stupid and gotten back together. If they won't give us Booth and Brennan already, they could throw us an Angela-and-Hodgins delicious bone!

The corpse of the week is found in a Civil War re-enactment camp, and the people there argue over if it is actually from the Civil War. It isn't, because then there wouldn't be an episode! This corpse is very much from the now. The body is stuck in red clay, which provides a real problem for the intern of the week Mr. Nigel-Murray. Aw, he's one of the best interns. He's the British boy who brings up random facts in order to focus. This week he's desperately seeking approval from Mommy Brennan, and since she doesn't really approve of anyone, he has his work cut out for him.

When they work on the body, a great deal of spiders come pouring out, which is just as terrifying and icky as it sounds. Hodgins says that the spider is not from the area where the body is buried. Intrigue! So the body was moved. They figure out his name is Dan Pinard and he was a dentist. When they get to his home, his contractor Lucas is making himself at home and says that Dan's out of town. He points them toward Dan's ex Chris, who was angry because as a gay couple when he split from Dan he got none of their assets. Dan owed him a great deal of money. Red herring #1? Check! They even think Chris' bow and arrow set might be the killing weapon, but no dice.

Next up in potential killers is a former co-worker of Dan's who accused him of giving her Hepatitis C. It wasn't an affair, he 'nicked' her in the surgery room. Obviously she was having an affair with someone else and lied about it. She doesn't know much else, because she was fired after that. Mr. Nigel-Murray finds a way to get the red clay off by using rhubarb (don't ask me), but the cause of death is still not apparent. The next possibility is that he was a part of a football league and that there may have been some rage about his sexuality.

Instead, they find out his whole league is gay, and they also get the blood of a former team member named Cyd from Dan's helmet.  Cyd is not out of the closet yet and they had a secret relationship, which Dan broke off because he didn't like the private nature of it. They miss cause of death again on the bones and Brennan is harsh to her intern, which leads Cam to taking the blame and telling Brennan she needs to give the interns a little more credit. She does try to do this, albeit very awkwardly.

The spider location has been found! And it's in Dan's fired co-worker's driveway, but she's not the murderer, oh no. She just had a contractor working on there, the same one that was at Dan's. Yes, it was Lucas from the very beginning. He was using Dan's material on her driveway, thus basically stealing from Dan. When Dan got angry about it, Lucas accidentally killed him there and moved the body after he was dead. Case solved!

The side story of the week is that Jared, Booth's brother, is back from his trip to India and in love. He wants to marry Padme, a very pretty woman he met while traveling. Booth naturally is overprotective, hates that they want to get married so fast, and he does a background check on her. He finds out she used to be an escort and tells Jared, who is just angry Booth would do the check in the first place. He informs Booth that he already knew and that he has asked her to marry him officially. Brennan makes a cute toast about love so the shippers will be happy another week as they drag that story out to infinity and beyond.

Best part of the episode:
Mr. Nigel-Murray's reaction when he actually gets praise. Ha!

Worst part of the episode: The spiders. Too freaky!

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