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TV Recap: 24 Finale – It’s Over, Damn it! (Live Blogging)

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24 Finale – It’s Over, Damn it!

Although I haven’t been able to express my thoughts in these last hours on the doings of Jack, Chloe, Taylor, Logan and the rest, I’ve still been watching steadily. My verdict?

Intense. Damn intense.

A few weeks ago, 24 began to change direction, or I could go as far as saying changing genre. It seems as if all things CTU, the UN, the Air Force, the NYPD, etc – have jumped to an alternate universe. Wondering if 24 was doing a cross promotion with Fringe, I found myself scratching my head.

All of a sudden Chloe is in charge of CTU. Sure it’s an interim assignment, but still, Chloe? Then Jack has sex during an episode. And drinks coffee. Those things don’t typically happen in the 24-verse. The peace treaty was supposed to die with Omar Hassan, but yet his estranged wife Dalia can carry on with the blessings of her country to sign the accord.

But still subsequent episodes remind us that The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same. Our girl Chloe has really matured over the last few years, and is capable of helming CTU even for a short stint. But she does it with snark intact. She will bow to protocol, but always ask questions even if they don’t make her very popular. Jack finally gets to be with Renee, something they clearly both needed, but again, Jack is robbed of that special companion who would offer him the shoring up and emotional validation that he needs. Finally, the peace treaty is becoming a sham, and Taylor’s actions are very questionable. Typical for a President on 24!

However, in these last hours something is very different. Jack has shown a cold rage that leaves even the most hardened fans with mouths agape. We don’t want to believe that he’ll go out as simply a killing machine and nothing more, but we can’t see him offering forgiveness for crimes committed against the country, or himself. No matter what, it won’t be boring.

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  • Thanks Eric and Dawn. It was fun and easy (just like you said Dawn) And like Vic said, a long time to wait for a possible movie (currently “in development”) but a lot of cool possibilities.

  • I apologize for missing this one, Mary Kay.

    We used to think it was a long time to wait from May to January for the next season, but now it’s an even longer time.

    Still we have the 24 film to think about. I wonder if Behrooz (or other lost characters) will pop-up to surprise good old Jack. It’s very interesting thinking of all the possibilities.

  • great job MKW – very sorry you had to handle it alone. But you are a champ!

  • Nice job covering this Mary! I was pretty sad to see the series end, it’s one we’ve watched religiously since day 1. I feel pretty confident that the ending will be a the lead in to a movie, so we at least have that to look forward to. (I hope)

    Thanks for doing such a great job on this.