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TV Recap: 24 Day Seven, Hour Ten – Unexpected Death

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This week, is it my imagination or does Sean look extra suspicious, because we now know he’s the big bad mole? Well, the man looks like he’s thinking nasty thoughts. And not just the thoughts about him and Erica doing mattress laps. Oh, and Blondie Erika is in on the diabolical plans as well. Another reason not to like her. And what is extra diabolical in this scenario is the fancy-pants listening device doohickey that Sean has placed in the conference room to overhear EVERYTHING that’s being said.


Chloe: Oops, excuse me, Mr. Moss, that fantasy lunchtime burrito is coming back to say ‘hola’.

Moss: Amazing, fantasy food producing real flatulence!

Chloe: Yeah, it’s something we developed at CTU a few years back, since we never really ate.

Moss: Hmm, I didn’t know CTU did R&D.

Chloe: We didn’t. Okay, back to the traffic cams!

And why were Chloe and Larry looking at traffic cams? Because in the previous hour Sean the snake sent DC police a warrant to arrest Jack and Renee. So now, while their task to protect Marika is being obviously compromised, she meets up with Dubaku, who angrily questions her on her involvement with the FBI, checks her phone, sees the transponder, and smashes her phone. And how does Dubaku know that Marika has been ‘turned’ by the FBI? Because Sean the snake called Ryan Burnett who called Dubaku. (Incidentally, all had a good laugh over Chloe’s tooting.)

Because of Larry’s intervention with the police, finally Jack and Renee are set free to continue after Marika. But since there is no signal for Chloe to track, she is relying on handy-dandy traffic cams that happen to be placed on the route that Dubaku’s driver followed. Shortly, Chloe sees an image of Dubaku and Marika getting back into the vehicle and driving off. Dubaku has told Marika that he is really not a bad man; he’s just drawn that way. She seems to believe him, and agrees to continue on with him out of the country.

Chloe relays the positional information to Jack who, in his zeal, drives rogue through a park. Jump-ropes go limp, ice cream cones are dropped, mouths hang open, and soccer balls bounce off of children’s heads as they watch the legendary Jack Bauer speed through their midst. Jack is so… jacked that he causes an accident when he’s back on the street.

Dubaku watches in glee, and Marika in horror, as they see Jack and Renee deterred once more. Marika decides to take things – and the steering wheel – into her own hands and soon their SUV is flipping over and lands with a crash. Jack and Renee get out and run to the scene with guns drawn and ready. Jack pulls out Dubaku still alive and badly injured. While he’s asking Larry for an ambulance, he sees that the vehicle is in flames. He yells to Renee, who is trying to free a pinned Marika, to get away. He finally tries to grab her, and she pulls her gun on him, telling him either help or get the heck away. Jack helps. Smart man.

Just as the two of them pull the unconscious Marika away from the SUV, it explodes. Renee works on Marika, and Jack goes back to Dubaku. As the scene closes, we focus on Renee, trying desperately to revive Marika. Sean Callery’s haunting music sets the tone for despair, as Renee realizes she can do nothing to save Marika. A vividly sad moment, cut too short by the commercial break.

Jack does not have the luxury of such despair; he tries to get Dubaku to reveal any names of his co-conspirators. He orders the EMTs to revive the victim, which they do temporarily with a shot of epinephrine. Jack threatens the lives of Dubaku’s family if he does not cooperate. Dubaku agrees to provide the information, but loses consciousness before he can say anything else. Jack is frantic and yells for him to be revived again. The workers shock him, and realize he has a metal plate under his skin. Jack orders Dubaku to be cut open there on the street. A little convincing from his Sig pointed at the EMT helps. They cut and Jack fishes around under the flesh and finds a wee computer chip.

Now, mind you, the dude was not wearing any gloves. Sanitation be dammed! He then flags over a chopper cop and tells him to hustle the bloody chip over to FBI so Larry Moss can upload the intel. Again with the no gloves! Amazing!

Gloves are also off back at FBI. Because Sean knows that the precious bloody chip with his and Erika’s name inside is on its way to the building, they have a plan to crash the system computers from the mainframe. Then Chloe won’t be able to get squat from the chip. They mean business this time!

And the damn plan works. Of course, Chloe and Larry realize the sudden crashing was intentional, and they race to the mainframe room. Sean is all calm, and tells Erika that she did great, and they’ll be in the clear very soon.

Then he shoots the bitch.

I almost feel sorry for her, slimy Sean the Snake is practically comforting Erika, telling her he’s sorry. Right. He then shoots himself in the arm, throws the gun over to Erika’s body, and is ready with his “It’s not me!” story when Larry and Chloe enter the room. Larry believes him after a moment and tells him to go get checked out and perhaps seek counseling. Ha! If only he knew!

And he does know, just a few minutes later. Our sweetie Chloe has managed to actually get the information – thanks to her mad skilz with mirroring her work on an alternate, off-site server. Sean is bagged! Whew!  I sure hope Janis gets to pistol whip Sean while he’s in holding.

Bill Buchanan relays this good news to Madam President – stating that arrests will be made within the hour of over 100 Washington baddies. (C’mon, no jokes now.) This news helps to somewhat alleviate the stress of the moment with estranged daughter Olivia, who wants to go to the hospital to see her father. Mama Bear says no way; Olivia is safest at the White House. Hmm. We’ll see about that. Bill asks President Taylor if she’ll give Jack Bauer her protection, or at least call off the bulldog that is Red Foreman (Senator Mayer). She says she’ll think about it.

There was a sad and angry session with Renee at the hospital. She had to tell Marika’s sister Rosa the bad news which leaves her even more bitter and confused with Jack’s non-reactions. Later, Jack sits outside the Capitol building and looks out at the Mall. Another too-brief moment of real cinematic beauty, the lighting, the music and Jack’s expression speak of exhaustion and maybe a small amount of peace. The moment is then gone as Tony Almeida stops by to talk to Jack.

Unfortunately, terror still looms as Tony tells Jack that another high profile attack is being planned for 1900 hours. He’s a bit vague on how he knows this, but with “It wasn’t easy getting the information out of him”, we have clue that some sort of torture was involved. Anyway, as usual, Jack’s day does not end after ten hours.

And neither does Ryan Burnett’s. We now learn that he is actually Senator Mayer’s Chief of Staff. Why that dirty so-and-so! But perhaps we’ll get to see him squirm yet. Red Foreman asks Ryan accompany him to the White House. Red the Senator has been asked to talk to President Taylor about Jack Bauer. But then Ryan receives a text message from someone (Juma?) telling him that everything is a go for the next attack. And moments later, as Fox airs the “next hour, on 24” teaser, we hear that the attack target is none other than the White House.

It will be interesting to see if any Washington rats desert that sinking ship, before it blows.

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About MaryKay

  • Yeah, I was not totally shocked over Sean’s status. Didn’t expect him to kill Erika though.

    Definitely looking forward to next’s two-hour show.

  • Clare

    Yea, Sean as the mole was the most predictable plotline ever. I’m slightly disappointed – saw it from the beginning. Also saw that Marika was a quick expendable. This episode was enjoyable though, I think it rated high on the intensity meter.