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TV Recap: 24 Day Seven, Hour Nine – When Worlds Collide

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First – apologies for no post last week (Hour Eight). I watched the show, I took notes. We even had a back-up recording. But it was difficult week, evidenced by the fact that I was viewing from my son’s hospital room. So, for the first time since I started covering the show in Day Five, I missed a week’s wrap-up. I hated that. It really bothered me for a while, but at the same time I was too overwhelmed by life to be halfway coherent. And so, I had to just let it go and look at the big picture. Anyway, the boy is home and feeling pretty well and that’s a good thing.

And on we go.

So, we know that poor Henry got a literal parting shot from one of Dubaku’s henchmen – a nasty GSW to the chest. We also know that Renee terrorized Vossler’s wife and baby as inspiration for him to give up Henry’s location. This week she gazes in a mirror as Larry lectures her via cell phone on her new Jack Bauer-inspired MO for crime fighting. She shows her misgivings about the events of the last hours – but she’s also aware of the results and reminds Larry about that.

When President Taylor hears the news about Henry, she’s got her own share of doubts. Her hard line against the Sangalan dictatorship regime and Juma are the direct factors that led up to Henry’s shooting. But Allison is one tough cookie, and she knows she was on the right path. However, she does regret doubting Henry’s convictions about their son Roger’s cause of death – murder, rather than suicide. When she sees him at the hospital, she tells him he was right all along.

Now we can chalk it up to February sweeps, but either way some real interesting stuff has been going down this last hour. First is the aftermath of Henry’s shooting, Taylor has had a tough day already, this is not going to be easy. Second is the appearance or reappearance of some friendly faces. Good old Morris (Carlo Rota), Chloe’s estranged and now-current husband, is seen chauffeuring Chloe to the FBI office AND offering his expertise if she gets in any geek trouble. I’ll be sorely disappointed if his story line ends there.

Also a welcome back to my favorite Secret Service man, Aaron Pierce (Glen Morshower). Now anyone with a pulse could handily fit in – instead of dirty rats Vossler and Gedge – but we know that Aaron is the real deal. And because Bill Buchanan is only relying on the most trusted of associates, Aaron has the job of transporting First Daughter Olivia (Sprague Grayden) to see her father at the hospital. And Miss Olivia, well, we’d not seen her before now, but her name was listed in the season’s character list, now we can put a face – and attitude – to the name.

There have been some other new characters introduced recently, Dubaku’s girlfriend Marika, and her sister Rosa. Marika seems sweet, and Rosa, overbearing – but they both appear to be on the side of good. Since Dubaku’s plans have swiftly come undone since the CIP device was damaged, he wants to leave the country tout de suite. He asks his boo Marika to go with him and even magnanimously invites her sister Rosa to follow along in a few days.

But he has got enough problems just trying to get his own paperwork set to leave the country. As he sits in a hotel lobby with a government mole; he looks around and realizes that mysterious folks are positioned to take him out. No gun in sight, but the scenario is clear. Dubaku tells his contact Burnett that if anything happens to him, a long list of names of all parties involved in the days events – plus bank account information – will be instantly released to the Justice Department. That quiets down Burnett.

As Marika packs to go, she and Rosa argue about “Samuel”. Rosa thinks the whole thing is wrong and that Dubaku is a sham. In the midst of the tense discussion Jack and Renee suddenly bust into the apartment, scaring the crap of out the two women and much of the viewing audience. Earlier, Jack had pulled intel out of the dead goons’ cell phones that cross-referenced an address to what they assumed was a safe house. It was a safe house until Jack and Renee came along.

So now, the bold plan is to let Marika go off with Dubaku (or his driver) and Jack and Renee will follow a safe distance behind in their car. They also outfit Marika’s cell phone with a transponder so Chloe can track her by satellite. Of course it’s Chloe doing the tracking. This is her thing. You know that little Preston O’Brian cut his teeth on protocols, satellite arrays, and refers to nap time as “going dark”

And for this job, her base station is in a conference room at the FBI. Chloe’s cover story is some nonsense about shoring up the Homeland firewall, which is exactly what Janis Gold thinks – that the task is contrived – and Chloe is really there to take her job. But curiosity killed the cat – and Marika might be next. Because Janis just had to see what was going on, she borrowed a doo-hickey* from Sean, and inserted it into another doo-hickey, saw something she shouldn’t have – and yanked aforementioned doo-hickey out and ran back to Sean to tell all.


First of all, the “Chloe working at FBI” subplot is the same as “Bill Driving the President to the Hospital” subplot, which is the same as “Aaron Pierce Bringing Olivia Taylor to See her Father”. Don’t these scenes of when Worlds Collide give the vibe of a TV crossover, as if a show with Bill, Aaron, Tony, and the rest used to exist on a separate plane, outside the realm of the new Whitehouse administration, and the FBI folk – and that the two entities were allowed to join together to boost ratings? No matter, I like it.

And Sean is The Mole. Yup, just as nice as you please, his status changed to annoying, cheating, gossiping analyst to annoying, cheating…well you get the idea…MOLE.

Oh Snap!

As soon as Sean learned of the latest surveillance job, he called the doo-hickey in a suit, Burnett, to fill him in. All of a sudden, not only did Chloe temporarily lose her link, and hence the surveillance, but Jack and Renee were stopped by DC police for a federal warrant – issued from the FBI. Temporary panic ensues in the conference room and on the street where Jack and Renee lay face down – surrounded by uniforms bearing guns.

Double Dammit Snap!

*A highfalutin Technical Term borrowed from CTU for the Simple-Minded: A 24 Resource for Mouth Breathers.

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