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TV Recap: 24 – Day 8, Hours 3 and 4

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As we’d expect, the first two hours contained some fine thrills and surprises. And of course, numerous subplots have been introduced, and a red herring or two. The journalist Meredith Reed was a question mark, until we saw that slimy Farhad was in direct contact with Davros. And Farhad figures that Meredith will cop to the affair (yes, there was a full-blown footsie affair), so he counsels, rather he urges Omar Hassan to deny, deny, deny. He hopes to ruin any credibility that perky Meredith might have.

When we last saw Davros, he was making sympathetic faces to Jim and Maggie – in response to Jim’s plea to just leave them alone. Hey, it was worth a shot. Evidently Davros figured as much too, so he shot them. Dead.

Jack arrived shortly after, all energized from the quick pick-up ball game at the court across the street. A great encounter with the locals was worth that $100.00. Right, Jack? Anyway, Jack kicks open the back door, sees the nice dead folk in the kitchen, and skulks around their house to find the perp.

Suddenly there are voices outside! Local NYPD are on the scene in response to a neighbor’s call. Finally Jack confronts one of the cops, who seems at least halfway willing to cooperate, when Jack is tasered from behind by Cop #2. Now #2, who’s name is John, really is a “number two”. Not a very nice man. He starts kicking Jack, claiming he’s a cop killer. He also tells his partner that they won’t call this in just yet, and demands that cop #1/Philip help him drag Jack inside.

And at CTU, there is an attack of slime. No, not that gooey stuff from the Nickelodeon show, it’s a visit to Dana from her stalker Kevin. She meets him outside and he easily convinces her to let him stay the night at her apartment. She offers up her house key as easy as you please. Seriously, this must have been a past abusive relationship, he orders her to beg him, to say his name, to recite the alphabet backwards, to tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue…you get the idea.

Poor Jack is getting his share of abuse from John the angry cop. The younger rookie cop, Phil, is nearly freaking out; this is not what he signed up for. John advises him to wait upstairs if he can’t stomach the beat down. Phil does go up, and when Jack has a moment to catch his breath, he does one of his fantastic fighting-back-although-his-hands-are-bound type deals, overpowering John without too much difficulty.

Of course, Phil hears this new commotion and comes down, weapon drawn. He tells both Jack and John to shut up and works at regaining control. Jack repeats his statements about being attached to CTU, and asks Phil to phone his supervisor and ask what shift assignment that the murdered Jim upstairs was scheduled for. Phil relays the question and they wait.

At CTU, Dana and Arlo finally see the data hidden by the encryption – files that were thought to have been stolen by Meredith Reed (who is getting a biometric truth test elsewhere in CTU). And when the images come into view, they show diagrams, schematics, and an Acme box complete with a loud ticking sound. They conclude that there is a bomb at the UN, just below the council chamber. Chloe protests again that this could be fake intel, but no one – especially not Hastings – gives her any satisfaction.

Now, the UN must be evacuated immediately. Calls are made, dignitaries are escorted to the parking garage, engines whir into action, and our old pal “Mike” Davros sits proudly on a police motor bike calmly activating a remote bomb. Except that this bomb is not below the UN building proper, rather it sits below a man-hole cover in the street outside the parking garage. And Hassan is about to ride right over that bomb.

Finally young officer Phil gets the information Jack suspected, that the dead officer in the home was supposed to work the UN detail that night. Jack persuades Phil to drive him to the UN in the squad car, calling Chloe on the way. They share intel and they now know that the assassin is posing as a cop. Jack gets patched through to Cole, but Hassan’s car is already out of the parking garage. Jack insists that Cole must try to stop Hassan’s car, and from the look on Cole’s face, he needed no extra urging.

Cole races his car up the ramp, and catches up to Hassan’s car, doing his best to push, or side-swipe the other car off the route. Davros still signals the explosion, and Cole’s car lifts in the air and turns over, crashing down several yards away. For a few smoky and confusing moments, we don’t know who is hurt, and who is OK. Finally Cole climbs out of his wreck, runs to Hassan’s car and helps him out. Hassan and his associate are fine, and they are taken to CTU.

There is still panic in the car transporting Dalia, daughter Kayla, and nasty Farhad. They don’t know if Omar is safe. Finally Farhad pretends to call an official, or someone in the know, but is really calling Davros. Davros tells him that Hassan survived. He puts on a relieved face for the sake of pretense, but is secretly upset. Davros advises Farhad to run. And that’s exactly what he does. He bolts from the car, hesitating for just a minute as the CTU agent asks him to get back in the car. Farhad whirls back to the agent, and stabs him in the neck with a pen. Dalia and Kayla scream in horror as the agent slumps against the car smearing blood as he succumbs to his injury.

Meanwhile Cole, along with other police and/or CTU agents, have chased Davros into a nearby building,. Jack and Officer Phil are on their way as well. Mostly the camera is on Cole, as he maneuvers down corridors, checking stairwells and empty rooms. And then suddenly Davros is behind him. The hostile has a gun at the ready and asks Cole to kneel down, and then make a call to his men to tell them that this quadrant is clear, and to work on another section of the building. Cole begins to follow directions, but then quietly says, “He’s with me now.” He waits for the inevitable, but the shots he hears next do not hit him. Instead it’s Jack, just in time to shoot Davros and save Cole. “Are you okay? Are you okay?!” yells Jack. “Yeah”, says Cole, “just gimme a sec to change my shorts, will ya?” Jack has the foresight to open Davros’ shirt and begins to take video of the tattoos on the dead mans’ chest.

As the video footage arrives at CTU via Jack’s phone, so does Hassan. He gives a hearty thanks to Hastings and then asks to see Meredith (who will now be in the clear). As they walk away Hastings chides Chloe on her facial expression, guessing that she thinks Hassan should have thanked her instead. She tells him that maybe Hassan should thank Jack, then Cole, then her. Hastings almost looks like he’s going to ream her out, but then compliments and thanks Chloe for her insights and intuition.

But the story does not end here. It never does, really. Now there are several issues to sort out, one puzzle is the tattoos on Davros along with the tattoo images taken from the other fallen hostiles of the last few hours. They show a disturbing pattern of a secret Russian crime organization. Another twist is that the corpse of Davros set off a Hazmat alarm in the medical unit. He had been exposed to trace elements of U235, enriched weapons grade Uranium.


The plot thickens right on schedule, get ready.

Dana’s ex-something-or-other Kevin is trying to subdue Dana on the phone and she will not back down, so he smashes up her apartment a little.

Farhad is trying to buy nukes to for unsavory political and world domination needs.

The Presidents will get back to work shortly to finish negotiations in order to sign an agreement.

Hassan meets Meredith who nearly spits in Hastings’ eyes as a way of accepting his apology, and then Omar breaks up with her.

CTU is bringing in an expert – someone who has gone inside the Russian group and lived to tell the tale (and love the vodka): former FBI Agent Renee Walker, and now she is one scary chick.

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  • Jen

    Mary K,

    Wow! Right on the dot.

    Who would have thought Jack is still alive after that exposure from last season. I’m following this series as well.

    CTU is mind boggling high tech. BTW, I think Jack’s granddaughter is one cute kid.