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TV Recap: 24 – Day 8, Hour 10

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Our sweet young lovers, Kayla and Tarin, have a scant two minutes to talk before Tarin is shipped off to “the embassy.” Yes, that phrase is spoken in the most ominous of tones. Clearly embassies are places of desperation and torture, right? At least the Kamistan Embassy is such a place; Tarin says the torture will wait till he gets to… cue organ music… the embassy. But take heart, dearest Kayla — Bashir, a security dude who is still loyal to Tarin, will help him escape, and then the two will meet straightaway at a nearby hotel.

Our former sweet young lovers, Cole and Dana, are stunned at what just took place there in the swampy woods. Dana wants Cole to just go so he won’t be implicated in the mess, and Cole wants them to both work to cover up the situation. They start stripping the van and weighing down Kevin and Nick’s bodies so they can sink to the bottom of the swamp. Eww!

CTU Chief Hastings calls President Taylor and tells her that although they know where Farhad is, there is a threat of a “dirty bomb” (as opposed to a clean bomb?) being detonated in New York. To stop this bomb, CTU needs security intel from the IRK, President Hassan’s undercover force that has operatives in the US. Taylor says she’ll try to get the information from Hassan. After she leaves the room, Hastings grows a pair and tells Rob Weiss that he’s decided after all not to hang Renee for the screw-ups. Weiss is pissed, but Hastings is firm, explaining that there are more important leads and other things like dirty bombs to worry about.

Later, President Taylor dusts off her own “pair” and tells Hassan that if he can’t provide the intel on the IRK (which naturally he is reluctant to do), AND if a bomb does go off, she’ll have no choice but to retaliate. Hassan pales:

“You mean… a purple nurple? Please, not a swirlie!?”

“No dear Mr. President, I’m talking about (more organ music)… an atomic… wedgie.”

And naturally, Hassan’s own pair shrinks and runs away at the thought. But happily the IRK information will be available shortly.

At the risk of allowing the “pair” theme to get out of hand, I’ll just say that Tarin acted very bravely, as he oh-so-politely pulled a gun on his pal Nabeel and escaped out into the New York night, calling Kayla to meet him at the hotel. But when Nabeel didn’t answer a phone call from Hassan, Hassan instructed one of his IRK team to go find Nabeel.

And Farhad never had any acted like a little school girl; instead of staying put and silent as instructed, he jumped up and started running away. He’s immediately shot by Samir’s hench-dude, Ali. CTU closes in afterward, but do not find any IRK, rods, or dirty bombs, only a dirty Farhad, who is about to die. Jack orders him to stay alive, but sometimes even JB can’t stop the eventuality of death. But wait, Jack and CTU concoct a crazy plan. They’ll pretend that Farhad is still alive, and transport him to a nearby hospital in the hopes to flush out IRK operatives who will then try and finish the job. So crazy, it just might… endanger the lives of everyone at the hospital! Nice!

Soon, news stations are reporting the capture of a critically wounded Farhad Hassan, who will be treated and questioned at St. Julian’s Hospital. Samir sees the broadcast and begins to make plans to send a one-man team to the hospital (mistake #1). He will send Marcos because his mother is American (mistake #2 – Marcos’ maternal ethnicity has nothing to do with anything really, but it sounded good). He leaves Marcos alone to make a covert phone call to his mom – to warn her to get out of the city (mistake #3). Incidentally, Mom is former Brat Packer Mare Winningham. She’s all grown up now and is not only Marcos' mother; she used to moonlight as Meredith Grey’s step-mom on a rival network. Lastly, Marcos looks much too crazy-eyed (mistake #4).

Cole and Dana are still covering up their deeds at the swamp. Cole mentions that they have to “clean up” before they head back to CTU. Speaking of that, does any other English-speaking working person refer to their job by the company name ALL THE TIME? Can’t Jack or anyone else just say "get back to the office" or "get back to work"?

Because of the possible dirty bomb threat, President Taylor and the rest of the delegates are ready to evacuate the UN. Hassan will not leave. He’s concerned about Kayla – who is gadding about Manhattan with Tarin. (They are actually in a hotel room, getting frisky). So he will remain at the UN, and calls his wife to see if she can contact Kayla, since Kayla is not taking calls from Daddy.

Because Chloe has begun racial profiling facial recognition via the hospital surveillance system, she can see that Marcos is approaching the hospital, and carrying what looks like a detonator. Jack contacts a nervous Owen and tells him to do whatever Marcos asks. As Owen escorts Marcos through a seemingly empty hospital, Jack instructs him via comm unit that he must stop Marcos under a surveillance camera and get him to unzip his hoodie so Chloe can get a good look at the vest, in order to disarm the device remotely.

Marcos actually does unzip, and Chloe gets what she needs for a visual. Precious seconds go by as Chloe and Arlo do their geekery magic and configuring. Marcos and Owen enter Farhad’s room. Finally the bomb vest is disarmed, and a surprised Marcos then shoots Farhad, but is confused when the EKG monitor does not register any change. He realizes it’s a trick just as Jack and CTU folk enter the room. Jack is all calm and sweet, he tries to engage Marcos in a conversation and gets him to lay down his weapon. But crazy-eyed Marcos gets the “jump” on things, crashing out the window to the ground below.

Silly boy, he runs back inside the hospital, with Jack in pursuit. Finally he locks himself inside what looks like a hyperbaric oxygen unit. He calls Samir, who tells him that he will help “walk him through” setting off the bomb manually. A moment later, Jack comes face to face – err – monitor to monitor with Marcos. A chilling moment passes while Marcos gives one last crazy-eyed look, before smashing the chamber camera, blanking out the monitor.

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  • Yeah, I guess Old Man Bauer made it off the burning platform and swam all the way to the beach. Can’t kill those Bauers.

  • Yes, there probably will be an uber bad guy at helm of all the nastiness – maybe it’s Pa Bauer, he’s still alive, right?

  • Great article, MK. This always happens: just as Jack gets in the driver’s seat, something goes wrong. Damn those terrorists for not making things easier.

    In the previews they show poor old Mare trying to talk her son down. EIther Mommy is going to get blown to bits or crazy-eyed Marcos is going to go quietly into the arms of Jack Bauer (where he will be promptly tortured).

    Lucky Marcos.

    By the way, as in all seasons past, I am waiting for the Big Bad Guy to finally be revealed. Stay tuned.