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TV Recap: 24 – Day 8, Hour 9

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Previously on 24: Well, I took last week off. And it was quite an exciting episode too. Jack got electrocuted, Jack took control of Bazhaev’s restaurant by shutting down the power, Jack got Bazhaev to confess. Josef undermined Dad’s wishes by making his own deal with Farhad – and then takes off with the rods. Dana goes AWOL (no great loss there) and Kayla confesses to Daddy Hassan that she and Tarin are an item. Yes, exciting stuff. I’m sure you all muddled through it just fine without me.

And this week, we’re staring into the long abyss of night, or rather early morning. It’s 12:00 am; do you know where your nuclear rods are? Do you know where Dana is? Do you know where Tarin is being shipped off to? Let’s find out.

Bazhaev calls his son and pleads for Josef to turn himself in. They’ll both get full immunity for their cooperation. Josef finally agrees and begins to move. Not so fast, Josef. Farhad’s faction is on an adjacent roof, Josef sees a red laser dot floating nearby, but cannot get out of the way in time. The sniper shoots and takes down Josef. But his cell call is still live, and back at CTU they overhear Farhad’s men moving in, and a discussion about “heading to the port.” Chloe has been able to triangulate the call to the general area of central Queens.

As CTU SWAT and TAC teams prepare to swarm Queens, Hastings receives a call from Rob Weiss at the UN. Rob is quite concerned, bordering on pissed-off about the fact that prime suspects are turning up dead, and nuclear weapons are not yet recovered. Turns out that Hastings is “his man”. Rob got Brian Hastings the head job at CTU, and if he fails, he’ll make Weiss look bad. (Seriously, does it really work like that?) Rob Weiss is sending over a chick from Justice to really talk to Renee (read 'interrogate'). Hastings is a bit squeamish, about this, but consents.

He’s not the only one who feels squeamish. Farhad’s partner Samir proposes not shipping the rods home to Kamistan, but instead using them here in New York to strike hard at America. Farhad protests, but Samir convinces him it’s the best way. Of course.

Kristin, the chick from Justice is really putting the screws to Renee. Chloe wanted to stay and sit in on the “interview”, but Hastings says no. Nice scowling Chloe. You never disappoint. Kristin presses Renee hard, bringing her to tears. Just as we think Renee is about to break, Jack arrives at CTU with Bazhaev. Chloe updates him about Renee’s “interview” with Justice. Jack quickly heads to Medical, punching and jabbing the poor CTU security dude stationed outside.

Once he gets in he grabs Kristen, performing his trademark but beautiful throat slam against the wall. Nice. He lectures her, “How dare you, after everything she’s sacrificed…” He tells her the interrogation is over, takes Renee by the hand, and leads her out, taking a moment to convince another security dude to lower his weapon. Weapon is lowered, Jack and Renee proceed into the hallway, but quick as you can say “damn it,” Jack is tasered from behind by another security staffer. They are both taken into custody

At a boat warehouse Farhad, Samir, and assorted henchmen are discussing the rods. Farhad offers to contact a professor who will help them build a detonator. As he’s brought to a phone, Farhad attacks his escort, and escapes the warehouse. One of the henchmen realizes that there’s trouble and calls out to Samir. This particular baddie with the big eyes is none other than Ahkmenrah, the handsome young Pharaoh from Night at the Museum. Really. Rami Malek will be joining the cast, playing Marcos, one of Samir’s henchmen.

Farhad calls CTU (how did he have that number handy – one wonders). He calls while Jack is confronting Hastings on the Renee debacle. After he promises Farhad he will help him, and after giving Chloe instructions to try and pinpoint Farhad’s location, and to get Cole. But she has to tell him that Cole is off following a mysterious lead. Hastings tells Chloe to put Owen in charge of leading the teams to Farhad. She questions this, and Hastings tells her to just do it. Hastings then tells Jack that he’s going to be “processed” and he’ll have to leave the building.

But shortly he changes his mind. As he’s walking with Owen, going over strategy for the Farhad situation, Jack overhears and comments that there is nothing typical or standard about this situation. Hastings calls him over. As they talk, he realizes that Jack would be the best one to lead the team. Jack agrees, only if Renee is exonerated. Hastings will accept that, only if Jack stays on for the whole deal. And Jack once more is saving the world, or at least New York City.

Dana’s got a gun. Her dog day’s just begun.

She’s been in the woods, spying on Kevin and Nick, who are in their van. And man, that van is a-rockin’! Finally the van doors open up and two strippers leave. Dana stealthily approaches but headlights appear in the woods. It’s Cole! He’s naturally pissed, having assumed that Dana had been cheating on him. She has no choice but to tell him the whole story.

Interestingly, as Dana/Jenny tells her story, she begins to lapse into a bit of an Ozark, back-woods accent. Fine, she’s not really from New York. But as he listens; Cole does the same:

Dana: “What would you have done?”
Cole: “Not dis.”
Cole: “You was gonna shoot dem in cold blood.”
Cole: “Stay in da truck and make me a sammich.

So Cole stalks over to the van and interrupts the boys as they’re about to light a joint or something fun like that. Kevin sees Dana, and then teases Cole, calling him Soldier Boy. He recognized his picture from Dana’s apartment. Cole is all stern business, telling Nick and Kevin that either they go to jail, or they leave with whatever stolen money they have left, and never come back, and never contact Dana again.

The boys agree, and after Cole and Dana go back to their vehicles, Nick pulls out more weapons. Kevin says that they’re done. Nick doesn’t want to be done, he wants more. Kevin argues and Nick stabs him viciously. He starts to follow Cole and Dana, but Kevin is able to yell a warning. Cole turns around and shoots Nick fatally. Dana runs to the dying Kevin, while Kevin states the obvious. “I never should have come.”

Indeed, Kevin, indeed.

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  • Another great review of the episode, MK. I’m just ticked off that it took them 9 episodes to get Jack back in the mix. I’m hoping next week we get some real Bauer Power.

  • I know..but he has had some good “Jack” moments lately. Whew.