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TV Recap: 24 Day 8 Hour 6

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(Previously on 24)

While Farhad was waiting for monies to be wired to him so he can purchase his precious uranium rods, he was left with two hookers, Pip and Squeak, (courtesy of Bazhaev) as a way to pass the time. How nice. Against Dad’s wishes, Bazhaev’s older son Josef brought his little brother, the hapless Oleg, to a doctor in hopes of curing or slowing down Oleg’s radiation sickness.

Dana has continually given us reason to question her judgment. Her stalker ex has been making more and more demands, and she complies with nary an argument. The latest request is asking for her CTU connection to be used in some kind of large “score.”  And not the musical kind.

Meanwhile, an uneasy air clouded the UN as Presidents Taylor and Hassan disagree on how to proceed after learning that Hassan’s brother was behind the assassination attempt.

And now it’s 9:00 pm, a whole new hour of fun begins when Jack is within viewing distance of Renee’s close call at the river. He’s still reeling from the last few minutes and he wants to pull her out of the deal. Hastings won’t do it. He will however, let Jack continue with his own role as nuke buyer, and then once he’s in, he can get Renee out.

Other deals need to be expedited as well. Dana Walsh, who is growing more brain-dead by the minute, does some fancy CTU computer searching and finds some lonely drug money languishing in a police impound warehouse. She calls her ex, Kevin, and tells him that she can walk him through the scenario. Arlo grows more suspicious and even more annoying as he pesters Dana for details. “How did it go when you snuck out earlier? Did you go buy cigarettes? Beer? Girlie magazines?” Dana just rolls her eyes and continues pretending to work. Arlo offers his shoulder in case she needs “to talk.”

Oleg’s new doctor has given him morphine, but says he cannot do much else. He tells Josef what Oleg really needs is a bone marrow transplant, something that cannot be done at his office. Josef does not like that answer. The only solution is to administer a drug to help flush out the radiation, but it’s not an optimum cure at all. Bazhaev calls Josef to find out why they are not at the country house. Ah, stuck in traffic, that always fools everyone. Whew!

Vlad, who is glad he did not shoot Renee, is going to be even more glad when he receives a cool five mil from Renee’s “buyer,” as a good faith down payment. Arrangements are made to meet Meier-the-buyer Bauer at a warehouse within the half hour. That’ll give Jack time to hook up with Cole and some CTU TAC men to go over the deal. Cole casually talks like he’s in charge but is quickly corrected by Jack. “I’m running this op, damn it” No he doesn’t say damn it — but I’m sure he was thinking it. Of course, he does offer up his usual “I don’t have time to explain this.”

Vlad asks Renee why she’s so jumpy. He assumes it’s his sexual allure that is making her nervous. He even apologizes for the past and offers her a single malt scotch. Aw. She passes on the drink, passes on his pass, and takes a shower. Can you blame her? Then Vlad goes to his lackey, Lugo, and asks him to meet with Meier-the-buyer (Bauer), take his money, and kill him. I guess five million is a good enough payoff for Vlad.

At the UN, Ethan and Rob show Allison a YouTube video, “Hitler’s Reaction to the Assassination Attempt on President Hassan” (Nicht Nr. oh mein Gott!) Also included is extra footage of the protests and the Hassan-ordered arrests back in Kamistan. They tell the President that the British, the Germans, and the Egyptians are all rumored to want to pull out as signatories to the peace deal, because of what is happening in Kamistan. Allison asks all the delegates involved in the peace accord be assembled so she can appeal in person. Hassan, for now, will be kept out of the loop.

But Hassan is getting even more interesting news. His head of security, Tarin, brings him a list of recent arrestees, dissidents against Hassan. Hassan is upset to learn that one of those arrested is a cousin of a man named Jamot, a man who is currently right there at the UN as a delegate. Oops! Hassan wants him arrested. Tarin does not think that is necessary, but Hassan insists, as he does not know how to trust even his family.

Arlo is wondering if he can trust Dana as she now has the nerve to go to the bathroom, and she still has not freed up memory on the servers so he won’t have a 5-second lag in his drone cameras. Of course Dana is really off to meet skanky Kevin in the parking lot. Arlo shares his thoughts with Chloe. Silly man, he does not know her very well. Chloe hisses at him that he’s lucky that Dana has not called HR. Arlo says she’s just jealous. Precious, precious moment there. Chloe snarls again and says, “Oh yeah, I’m jealous. Please, won’t you stare at my ass while I walk away?” (True!)

She does. And he does.

Dana meets Kevin and his cohort Nick. Dana gives Kevin some techno-gadgets to help him break into the impound. She implores him to leave her alone after this is done. Arlo secretly watches from one of his many peeping-Arlo cameras.

Too bad he does not have a camera at Vlad’s chop shop. If he did, he’d get an eyeful of Renee stepping out of the shower with just a towel. Vlad enters and wants just what we think he’d want. Yes, the name of her colorist. He’s considering getting some red/blonde highlights in his hair, convinced it’ll make him even oh-so-much more attractive and powerful. Renee balks, pulling the towel tight around her. “I’ll give you the name of my shampoo girl, but I’m not giving up my colorist. No way.”

Vlad says that the deal will be off if he does not get what he wants. She relents, saying, “Ok let me get roaring drunk to dull the horror of what is about to happen.”

As he leaves to take his Viagra and make her a drink, Jack chimes in on the comm. “Renee, are you out of your mind? A good colorist is like gold in this town. Sure plastic surgeons are right up there, but that’s more of an LA thing. You give up the name of your colorist and you won’t be special anymore. We can find another way.” “No Jack. There is no other way.” I’m going dark.” “What, your roots? What? No nooo Renee!” Renee rinses her ear piece down the sink, along with her dignity.

At the UN, the delegate in question, Jamot, is having a heart-to-heart with the British ambassador. He is talking up Hassan, saying that he is really a good man. Seconds later Tarin shows up and insists that Jamot accompany him to the embassy. Jamot is excited, thinking that there will be parlor games and cocktails. Finally he realizes that he is being arrested, by order of Hassan. D’oh! And just to through more intrigue into the mix, we see Tarin call Kayla, Hassan’s daughter, asking to see her to discuss her father.

Poor Josef and Oleg, remember them? While they are waiting for the medication to stabilize Oleg, there is a knock at the door. The doc opens the door and is immediately shot dead for his trouble. It is a couple of Bazhaev’s goons, come to bring home the boys. Damn it! As they escort Joseph and Oleg out at gun point, two medical staffers are seen on the floor, dead. That Bazhaev is not fooling around. We don’t like him.

Jack finally gets into character, donning some Coke bottle glasses and a white shirt. He meets Lugo at the appointed place and time. Lugo tries to trick him by speaking German. Silly man. Of course Jack speaks German. In between drags on a cigarette Jack sets up a laptop to begin a money transfer into Vlad’s account. Lugo and some henchmen are drooling at the idea of shooting Meier-the-Buyer when the transfer is done.

Back at the chop shop lair, Vlad and Renee engage in pillow talk. He confides that his men will take out Meier when the money is transferred. Then Renee can stay with him forever and it’ll be grand. Renee tries to call Jack to warn him, but Vlad quickly overpowers her and takes the phone. “If you ever do that again, not only will I kill Meier, I’ll take out Moose and Squirrel!!”

Oh no, the wire transfer is almost done! Jack — watch out! But before the baddies can shoot, Cole and his sniper team take them out. Bang! Bang! Jack (still playing Meier) knocks Lugo to the ground and insists that he call his boss. When Vlad is on the phone, Jack demands that he speaks to Renee, to make sure she is safe. He is incensed that Vlad would think him a fool to just be taken for the dough. Vlad says that it’s all good, and Lugo is to bring Meier to him.

There is to be more shooting in the hour though. When Bazhaev confronts Josef about his disobedience, he levels a gun at him. Josef is freaked, so is poor Oleg. They both plead, and suddenly Bazhaev swings and aims at Oleg. “Sorry my son.” Bang.

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