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TV Recap: 24 Day 8 Hour 5

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When we last left Jack and company, life in the Big CTU Apple has been shaken. An explosion nearly killed the important Omar Hassan, visiting president who is working with our own President Taylor to hammer out a peace agreement between their two countries. Omar’s brother Farhad was behind the plot, and he has now run off, fleeing the scene like a little girl.

He’s off to meet a Russian baddie a man named Bazhaev who – as it turns out – had an arrangement to sell Farhad some nukes. And for a very, very high price. The fact that Davros is dead instead of Omar Hassan does not really alter the arrangement that much. How happy for them.

This whole Russian connection causes CTU to bring former FBI chicky Renee Walker into the story. But Renee is not the same chicky. She’s got a haunted air, reminding us of someone, hmm, someone who has done things, questionable things, someone who breaks rules, gets in trouble, but still saves the day. Just can’t put my finger (or thumb) on who that could be.

And now it’s 8:00 pm and Farhad is speaking to a general back home, reporting in on the latest events in New York, and in turn, hearing that unrest is brewing in Kamistan. He tells the general that the plan will still work, he just needs lawyers, guns, and money – well mostly money – to buy the nuke rods and show who is really in charge.

Speaking of nukes, Bazhaev’s son Oleg is very sick with radiation poisoning. He was the poor sap who was in charge of transporting the uranium rods, and according to his dad, he got careless. His brother Josef convinces dad Bazhaev to let Josef bring Oleg somewhere more comfy to die. Aw. (He had hoped for proper medical care, but dad put the kibosh on that).

Elsewhere, Renee is administering some funky medical care to the hapless Ziya, her hopeful contact that will lead her to a Vladimir, a shadowy underground baddie who Renee worked with during her undercover days. So poor Ziya is on the ground, bleeding. “Why”, you ask? Renee needs Ziya to bring her to Vladimir. But Ziya is wearing a 24/7 parole bracelet. Renee brandishes a circular saw in Ziya’s direction, ignoring his protestations that nothing will cut through the bracelet. Pshaw! It wasn’t the bracelet she was trying to cut.

Now Ziya is all thumbs – oops – rather he is missing his thumb on his bracelet hand. More importantly he’s missing his bracelet and now he will be free to leave and get rich. Yeah, Renee is promising him some $ from “the deal”. And off they go, with Jack following at a distance, waiting for CTU to prepare his cover story as “the buyer”. (I’m personally looking forward to seeing Jack undercover again)

But while Dana is trying to get his cover story all set, she’s interrupted by a call from Kevin, the slimy stalking ex, who is camped out at her apartment. He demands that she come see him, finally she agrees, not easy while in the middle of all the CTU drama. She asks Arlo to cover for her and finish the task for Jack. Arlo agrees but cannot resist flirting with Dana. You’ve got to wonder if anything will come of this flirting and Arlo’s longing looks in her direction.

Of course, we can’t forget our good friends at the UN, President Taylor, Secretary of State Kanin, and Chief of Staff Weiss. They grow bored of playing Old Maid and Crazy Eights, and decide to talk affairs of state(s). Taylor is shocked to learn that the fancy weapons-grade uranium is here in the US. And there’s the thorny problem of President Hassan’s reactions to the day’s events. He’s nearly declared martial law in his fictional land of Kamistan. Now of course his actions are understandable, but they will could sour the almost-done peace agreement. What to do, what to do.

Drink vodka is Ziya’s answer. Renee tells him to stop boozing, but Ziya has no other painkiller so vodka it is. They arrive at the chop shop that Vladimir is supposedly at. “Vlad” is not happy to see Ziya, and is very suspicious of the proposal to bring in Renee, but agrees finally, because Ziya is too stupid to make up a story about nukes and the like. All glance at Ziya who is licking the paint off the walls and giggling. Ziya is ordered to bring Renee in to the garage.

Someone else who is tired of being thought of as stupid is Kevin. Slimy stalker slacker Kevin. Dana arrives at her apartment, nervous enough, but then more upset to see that Kevin has brought in a buddy. Dana tries to give Kevin some money, to make him go away, but Kevin is offended and slams Dana against a wall by the throat. Hey, I thought only Jack Bauer did that? Anyway, Kevin’s real purpose is to convince (some might say blackmail) Dana into using her CTU data analyst skills to bring in some real dough. Six figures. Oh cripes.

Throat grabbing and slamming against walls is nothing compared to what Vladimir used to do to Renee. While she gets brought in to meet Vladimir, Chloe fills in Jack on more of Renee’s history, especially her history with “Vlad”. Not good. He had put her in the hospital and most likely tried to rape her. Jack and Chloe wonder if Renee has a death wish. Seriously? Of course she does!


So she meets with Vladimir, and he thinks there’s something different about her, wondering if she’s sick, perhaps with hepatitis. Or perhaps she’s spontaneously growing comm units – or at least that’s our fear, that she’ll be discovered. But Vlad does not seem to notice. Good thing, because Jack can feed her the cover story while she confronts Vladimir.

There is some real sickness hovering elsewhere — Oleg’s radiation sickness. Josef decides to go against “Papa’s” wishes and brings Oleg to a real doctor. Josef threatens the doc that harm will come to his family if he does not cooperate. Doc reluctantly puts away his “Operation” game and helps Oleg.

But who will help Renee? After she seemed to satisfy Vladimir with the details of her Mexico City cover story, he orders her and Ziya to be bound and thrown in the trunk of a car. Jack freaks when her comm goes silent. He follows the vehicle that leaves the chop shop, while Chloe monitors the movement at CTU. Jack assumes this is going to turn into a hit on Renee. But suddenly her voice comes back online, and it sounds like the car has stopped. Great! But the problem is that Jack is still following a moving car.

Finally, Chloe locates a stopped vehicle “by the river”. TAC teams are ten minutes out. Not good. Jack speeds to the location, listening to the conversation on Renee’s end. Vladimir tells Renee and Ziya to kneel. (Kneeling never bodes well). While Jack is listening, he hears gunshots. Renee does not answer him. He’s shocked. Finally he hears Renee’s voice and realizes it was only Ziya who was killed. Whew! Ziya was too messy anyway, what with the constant, annoying bleeding, not to mention the vodka guzzling.

Renee, Renee, Renee, yes indeed girl, you DO have a death wish. She tells Vladimir that he can go ahead and pull the trigger. She has nothing else to live for, except this deal. Nothing except the deal, and perhaps that ashtray. The deal, the ashtray and this paddle game, but THAT’S IT. But ok, the remote too. Just the deal, the ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote.

Evidently Vlad is in a giving mood. Jack listens while Renee is welcomed into the inner sanctum her arms filling with underworld schwag including an ashtray, a paddle game, and a remote. The coveted “deal” is still ahead.

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  • Glen, I think Greg Itzin(sp?) is on the books for this season. For Martha, I’m not so sure. Yeah, and Renee is off the rails eh?

  • I seem to recall it was mentioned in the last season that crazy lady Martha had popped her clogs.

  • I’m liking this new 24 season so far. But what I’m really waiting for is when they bring the Logan/Nixon character back. Hopefully they’ll bring crazy lady Martha Logan/Mitchell back too! Until then, well I guess Renee Walker does crazy lady pretty well too…