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TV Preview: The Mentalist – “Red Moon”

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I haven’t watched CBS’s The Mentalist since it premiered in the fall of 2008, so The Mentalistwhen I heard of a chance to get a screener for this week’s episode for review, I jumped at the chance to check it out. After all, though I hadn’t cared for the series on my initial viewing, the show is in its third season, so I figured it had likely gotten better.

I’m sad to say, I was wrong. It is a typical crime show procedural. The gimmick of The Mentalist is that the central character, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), pretends to be psychic to help the police solve crimes. I have to say, I didn’t notice any psychic shenanigans in this episode at all. I checked Wikipedia, but it didn’t appear that the premise has changed. USA already has a fake-psychic detective on Psych, and their version, albeit sillier, is better executed. I think it’s Jane’s quiet calm that throws me off. If a show is going to build around an eccentric central character, the person should actually seem eccentric. Otherwise, he’s just boring. (See House or Castle for successful examples.)

The ongoing plot involves Jane hunting for Red John, who murdered his family. This provided the sole interesting moments of the episode. The exchange between Simon and Teresa (Robin Tunney) about revenge, and the purpose it may or may not serve, was fascinating. Sadly, it was short, and didn’t go very deep. I feel like this was an opportunity for the show to shine, and like Jane, it slunk into the shadows instead.

The central story this week involves a serial killer taking out cops, who seems to have broken his or her pattern. Patrick, Teresa, and the others partner with the local law enforcement to take down the treat. Star Trek: Enterprise‘s former series regulars John Billingsley and Connor Trinneer guest star, as does Chris Ellis (Catch Me If You Can, Apollo 13, Armageddon). They each does a fair job pulling their weight, but are constantly sucked down by what happens around them.

Though procedurals are not at all my bag, I can recognize a good one. I have tuned into an episode or two of Law & Order: SVU and been blown away. The Mentalist does not fall into this category. How it has lasted three seasons is beyond me.

The Mentalist airs Thursday at 10pm on CBS.

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  • Con

    Seeing as you’ve got the premise all wrong, i don’t take your opinion into account. He isn’t acting as a fake psychic – thats the point! And that is why you didn’t see any “psychic shenanigans”. If youd watched the pilot properly you’d have seen that Patrick USED TO BE a fake psychic years ago, but since it led to the death of his wife and child at the hands of Red John, he claims that psychics do not exist at all. He laughs at even the smallest mention of them. Get your facts right.

  • Sorry if I offended you. As I said in the article, I am not a fan, I do not regularly watch the show, and I only looked at wikipedia briefly as I was writing it. That does not change most of my criticism, however, that the episodes I have seen, including tonight’s, are boring and uninspired.

  • Margot

    Do either of you know what the last words were on tonight’s episode, that were spoken by the burned up criminal? Couldn’t make it out, and by the look on Patrick’ face, it was important.

  • Jason

    I believe it was “tyger tyger” as per the peom red john left at some point in the past.

  • TK

    I’m with Margot, I couldn’t make out what the dying guy’s words were!

  • Jack

    The fact that you used “Castle” as an example of a good crime drama and that you believed Billingsley and Trinneer did “a fair job pulling their weight” completely takes away any credibility you might have had as a critic. Also, please proof your work before you post. You come across as a trek geek with a G.E.D.

  • Seriously.

    You got the whole thing wrong. Good job.
    The Mentalist is one of the most unique shows on TV currently.

  • babs

    what did he say? I love the show, Patrick is so debonair he could be a james bond

  • Shannon

    This is one of my favorite shows. I guess by inspired, you want completely unrealistic crimes, with lots of graphic crimes. I prefer the mind games to the blunt force, in your face type of crime shows. With maybe a touch of realism thrown in.

  • gil

    I agree with Seriously. Jane IS a psychic of some form who used to fake it for cash. I too could not make out the last words of the burn victim. Prior to that, Jane was standing aside his car, thinking, then turned his head as if he had mentally discerned something. I’m curious as to what THAT is, as well.

  • Mattie

    I agree with Con’s comment; if the writer had done his homework he would have known that Jane doesn’t believe in phychics. I imagine he had no idea and completly missed the joke when Jane asked the other guy if hewas trying to hypnotize him.

  • <3

    I didn’t hear what the dying’s man’s last words were either, I rewinded and rewinded again. But I agree with whoever said that they were “Tyger tyger” as in the first lines of the poem Red John spoke to Jane when he had him tied up. I’m not sure what this means though…

  • gil

    Since Jane REALLY has discernment abilities, he doesn’t accept most other “psychics.”
    IF the burn victim said “tyger tyger burning bright” – an allusion to Blake’s poem:

    Tyger! Tyger! burning bright,
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    In what distant deeps or skies
    Burnt the fire in thine eyes?
    On what wings dare he aspire?
    What the hand dare seize the fire?

    And what shoulder, and what art?
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand, and what dread feet?

    then the fake psychic’s hand on Jane’s shoulder is curious.

  • agreeing with jack

    Dear Jack. I just have to say that you are my idol. I mean my lord…who the heck pays this man to write about television. I’m not saying this is the greatest show on TV but writing off like you’re too good for this show and knew it all along just makes you sound like an a-hole. P.S. Awesome catch on the last two words.

  • gil

    so IF “tyger tyger” were the words and the William Blake poem “Tyger Tyger” is alluded to – and more than once – Red John set that man on fire – somehow – and is seriously toying with Jane. No wonder Jane’s eyes.

  • hannah sapp

    hey did anyone understand what jane said i though that he said tiger tiger but if i was smart enufe i could have put a capition on it but i was not smart

  • gil

    and the online program writing for tonight’s show suggests Red John has another Mole – this time with/in the agency – and a friend of Jane’s. . . hummm. . . curiouser.

  • KB

    Very curious-especially after that montage of RJ ‘memories/thoughts’ Jane had while he was looking at the fake psychic’s handwritten card. Is he connected somehow?

  • gil

    I’m wondering the same, KB. Was the “fake psychic” really a “fake”? 🙂 travelling in circles of attempted analysis here.

  • Ken

    Closed captioning stated he whispered “Tiger, Tiger.”

  • gina

    i think that the “physic” ellis mars or whatever his name was is not a physic like what jane thought. i don’t know what to make of the man’s last words though, did he have a connection to red john? and if red john set him on fire, why wasn’t his red smiley face in the cell? and did the guy who died really commit those murders?

  • lisa

    Tiger Tiger were the last two words on tonights episode of the mentalists

  • gil

    Great questions, gina. The “tiger tiger” is an allusion, I think, to the William Blake poem – although it’s spelled “tyger.” The imagery from that poem does certainly seem to apply:
    “burning in the forests of the night”
    “In what distant deeps or skies burnt the fire in your eyes”
    “What the hand that seize the shoulder?”
    The poem too has many questions. This poem is from Blake’s Heaven/Hell series of poems, I think.
    But then, I do tend to see allusions everywhere ;0

  • gil

    Oh well. It’s not 9:30 pm here – it’s 12:30 am 🙁
    At least I have one question answered: “tiger tiger” were the last words spoken; they had been spoken before by Red John (someone else said tonight). Lots of burning – evil, revenge, desire.
    Ah heck. I have to get to work soon.

  • Wayne

    “Sorry if I offended you. As I said in the article, I am not a fan, I do not regularly watch the show, and I only looked at wikipedia briefly as I was writing it.”

    Says much more than your article and explains exactly why you are so off point. If you haven’t been involved with the show up to this point, you would be lost in the subtleties and underlying story which escaped your grasp and poor choice of a critic.

    You gotta know the subject to pull that off and as you admittedly DON’T you should rent and watch the entire first season. I guarantee your opinion would change and you would see just how stupid you look while thumping your Wikipedia bible. You really phoned this one in at any rate.

  • al57king

    The dying mans last words, Tiger, Tiger, maybe relating to the psychic Ellis Mars, maybe he is RED JOHN?

  • Jose

    I like Red Moon episode. The only thing I did not like was the way it ended with Rusty Moore. Great acting by Bryan Lugo. They accused him of murder throw him in jail, was wrestle down to the ground and that was it?. Come on I think they should bring rusty back for another episode. They did not offer him and apology or anything. I feel they did not close the gap by ending rusty role like that. Rusty is the only character that did not complete the cycle. I enjoy Rusty, you can’t let a good role like that go to waste. Rusty deserve another chance.

  • Ellis

    The tiger, tiger poem was featured in an earlier episode. I think it was in a form of a letter to Jane after a murder scene with red john’s smiley. The significance of the tiger, tiger line was that the murderer could be red John or an impersonator.

  • Buttercup

    I thought the secret he said he had was that he was gonna set himself on fire. That he’d done it, the final tiger tiger was letting Jane know he knew red john

  • Jando

    From my understanding, he was set on fire by someone as he was going to tell Jane about his connections with Red John. He’s dying words ‘Tiger, Tiger’ to Jane made Jane realize that Red John was affiliated with this since this episode was about getting revenge. Jane wants revenge on Red John, Red John saw this and thought it would be funny to set the man on fire.

    Red John set the man on fire because Jane thought he was in control in this episode, Jane had it all going and everything was working how he wanted to. Him being on fire was not this and his dying words of ‘Tiger, Tiger’ made it clear to Jane that Red John wanted him to lose control.

  • I agree with Buttercup – that the burn victim set himself on fire. The room looked secure so I don’t think it was Red John that lit him up, as a couple of people suggested. The burned guy planned it to happen just before Patrick opened the door. Good ending I thought, if he had just spoken a tiny bit clearer, huh? But it all ties in with the poem.

  • whaa

    Did no one think the burned guy might have been Red John? how else would he have known the significance of the words “tyger tyger”? … I guess RJ could have a poetry reading serial killer cult. idk.

  • Natalie

    [Edited] As has been said before, he is NOT a fake psychic and I love his eccentricities. The show is on the air because viewers like me love the show [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

  • boco

    This article is a joke. Its not a matter of being a fan or an expert in all things The Mentalist but to write a completely false premise is sheer incompetence. Citing wikipedia as the source of this “critic” was icing on the cake. The sad thing about this information age amongst other things is that any half wit with a keyboard is a self proclaimed expert in something or the other.
    That being said, I heard the ‘Tyger Tyger’ whisper long and clear. I wonder what the psychic (?) said to Jane the first time he met him which made Jane turn around and tell him to go?

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m sure there are fans of the show, like many of you, hence why it’s been on the air so long. Personal attacks and insults are not necessary. I have my opinion, and I don’t like the show, which I am also entitled to. I appreciate most of your comments, but some of you, please think before you post.

  • Charlie

    You know, I’m all for freedom of speech! and you’re allowed not to like the show. But this is just BS. If you watch one episode and base you opinion on that? what kind of critic are you. Looking up what Wikipedia says on a show is terrible research.

    About the notion that Patrick isn’t a eccentric person as Castle or House, you miss completely. Don’t get me wrong I love both of those two shows. Maybe Patrick didn’t come off as you’d expect. But if you paid good attention you would have noticed he, hypnotized the killer. Played the other conman. You tell us his calm demeanor throws you off. So somebody can only be eccentric. When they make wild notions and toy with someone’s life(House) or if he’s a great story teller with too much energy(Castle)?

    On the other notion you make is that the show revolves around a character who pretends to be a physic truly shows you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Patrick doesn’t even believe in physics. He reads body languages and has a very good eye for details. So it doesn’t revolves around a pretend physic but around an consultant of the CBI.

    About the conversation between Patrick and Lisbon, you say this was a chance for the show too shine and they missed it. That’s not true. If they, like you would have liked went into it a little deeper? It would have been wrong for the characters and the show. The question of revenge being good or bad. Is where Patrick and Lisbon differ, the way they did that scene was brilliant for everyone that actually knows the show.

    You might write great pieces about shows you know and interest you. But watching one episode of a show that doesn’t interest you and doing a quick Wikipedia search without double checking it? Shows a great lack of personality. If you can’t write a fair and honest based review with good research and under build opinions? Just don’t write it!

  • 1. He did say “Tiger, Tiger” as confirmed by closed captioning.
    2. The guy was in a cosed room and the timing seemed to be set up for Jane to walk in and witness the burning.
    3. The guy really was a murderer and a cold blooded killer. He said he had a connection with Patrick Jane and wanted to tell him a secret.
    4. I believe that the Phrase “Tyger, Tyger” was between Red John and Patrick Jane only. No one else would know. I dont think red John would have told any one else about something that personnal to give as a message to show his presence in the plot. He probably would have left a smiley face or said something else without refering back to such a personnal moment that those two had in the previous episode.
    5. The episode was called “Red Moon”, the guys face was all burnt and red when he said “Tiger, Tiger” This entire episode seemed to be a plot to draw Jane in from the beginning. The bodies were ritualistically placed as to make Jane accept the case.
    I hope I’m wrong, but I believe the guy that died in the hospital was Red John and that maybe he’s not dead. They may revive him. Since the whole show is driven by Jane’s pursuit and vengeance to exact out on Red John, I hope it wasnt him. Ive seen a shocked look on Jane’s face before when seeing left overs from John, but not like the look I saw last night.

  • Vickie

    Always get a good laugh over people writing an ‘article’ on a subject they haven’t researched properly. Anyone who has watched a few episodes and paid attention, is well aware the Patrick Jane does not claim to be a psychic (he learned the fake psychic tricks growing up in a traveling carnival, evolved it into a big moneymaker, went on TV and toyed with a serial-killer named ‘Red John’ & as a result, his wife & daughter were killed (butchered) by RJ. Thus he quit his act. He uses his ability to focus on details/quirks etc the average person would overlook to help solve crimes.
    The whispered words ‘Tiger tiger’ by the killer in last nights episode were from a poem Red John read to Jane when he kidnapped/tied him up last season.
    Because Jane determined last nights killer was doing this for quite some time before the murders in this episode, it leaves two possibilities (from my viewpoint) A) The killer/man who was burned up was Red John, & he set himself on fire or B) Red John somehow got into the SBI building, got a key to the interrogation room and set the killer on fire and took off without being seen. Either way, Patrick Jane was freaked out and that’s what RJ would want.

  • WTF

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    He’s not a psychic, he’s a mentalist, go look it up in the dictionary bright spark! He clearly observes his surroundings and takes everything into account. Things that are there that shouldn’t be, things that should be there but aren’t. He studies peoples’ body language and the way they construct their sentences when they converse which is where people often slip up in using the incorrect participle. Other than that.. people who spell ‘psychic’ as ‘physic’ are really pissing me off in this thread.

  • I have also been blown away by some episodes of SVU and other shows. I have also been so bored that I ended up falling asleep. It’s not fair to watch one episode and write a piece about the entire series. If you hadnt seen previous episodes, then you would even appreciate it all in it’s entirety anyway. Patrick has lots of small quirks that make him unique, not boring. You wouldnt know if you had only seen a single episode though. If your job is to research to write a critique on a television show, then don’t skip out on the research next time. You did however give me a venue to find out what others thoughts were about this episode. Good job

  • Jordan Richardson

    In fairness to the author, he didn’t write an article about the entire series. It says very clearly that this is for the episode “Red Moon” and that this is a TV Preview.

    He also admits at the beginning of the article that he hasn’t watched the show in a while, so he’s disclosing the information you need right out of the box. He probably could have done without the second to last line, but I guess that’s his prerogative.

    As for whether or not this was an effective TV preview, however, I think that’s a little less clear. He doesn’t really provide much of a synopsis for the episode beyond a rather unenlightening paragraph, for instance, and his reasons for disliking a character seem strange (his “quiet calm”).

    And the writing is pretty careless, too. Lines like “They each does (sic) a fair job pulling their weight, but are constantly sucked down by what happens around them” are not only grammatically incorrect but incredibly vague.

    Ah well, at least he’s probably got more people talking this way. That may have been his intent all along.

  • elaine

    As to the burning man being in a locked room – remember that he was in a police station locked room. The police secretary who was a Red John follower who killed the police boss in an earlier season was also killed in a police station as she was being led off in handcuffs BY RED JOHN. Supposition there is that RJ is a cop or was at least present in the police station dressed as a cop. Same possibility here.

  • Jason Dobbins

    i’m sorry but Jerome is correct. The Mentalist is a horrible show, phoning it in entirely on the CBS mantra of a crime show with hot people gets us ratings. The pilot was boring. The show is boring.

    Just cos he has a different opinion than you, you rip the guy to pieces. Pfft.

  • nursinmomma

    Oh this critic, like so many others, are so busy watching snippets of a bunch of different shows that you didn’t even come close to grasping the story line of this show. This is such a good show because they give you the basic story line of the past and then with each show they give you little by little, more and more. And that’s why it’s in its third season and why I have seen every single episode! Simon Baker plays the part sooo well and it’s not necessarily about the crime itself but human psychology and even anthropology and why people do the things they do! FASCINATING!!

  • I actually do watch every episode of almost every show I review. If I don’t, then I always put a disclaimer, as I did in this review. As I said, I apologize if anyone was offended. It was not my intent, and the personal attacks do hurt. I am simply giving an opinion of a show I watched, and I try very hard to watch a lot so that I can give the best opinion possible, even occasionally about show I don’t usually tune in on. I welcome any constructive comments or debates about the series. Just please don’t insult me personally. If you knew me at all, you know I would never do the same to you, and I am a very open minded person, willing to listen to any reasonable dissenting viewpoints. As I tried to keep an open mind about this show, hence why I decided to take on the episode and do a review.

  • Youmustbetrolling

    You are entitled to your opinion, even if you have only watched the pilot and this episode or whatever. However, your opinion is only valid of those 2 episodes (one more than the other); you cannot judge the entire programme, all three series, and to a lesser extent this episode without having at least some knowledge of the storyline and characters. Thats prejudice and arrogance. Fair enough, if you didn’t like the pilot, dont watch it. If you didnt like this episode, continue to not watch it. There is, however, no reason for you to write a review on something you have no clue about, have given no time to relate to the characters or their history and have no idea whats happened from the start of the show to half way through the third season. Also you “wonder why it has so many seasons” or whatever, and then go on to explain that you understand it must have alot of fans. You are contradicting yourself in the comments.
    To conclude, any review beginning with “I haven’t watched … since it premiered” is always going to be a lot of nonsense.
    Please think before you post.

  • Carol

    Perhaps it is because you are not a woman. Patrick (simon) is just adorable. I love his character. I think you would have to be a follower to get it and you admitted you were not.

  • Lori

    Wow. You don’t watch the show but you checked Wiki…so that qualifies you to do a review? Yikes.

  • OWL

    Finally saw the episode. Good one.
    Jerome, you saw a fragment of a story that has many layers – after random couple episodes you just haven’t seen enough to get it, sorry. Still, one could at least enjoy it IF one likes the characters. I understand you didn’t.
    Red John has a badge and access, or he can buy those. Or he gets those as “gifts”, tokens of appreciation. Or no one says no to him. He is alive and well. The poor ‘Tyger Tyger’ guy got cold feet and was about to slip too much info of him to Jane, and got burnt. The psychic Mars could be Red John’s henceman. Mars is, like we know, the red planet. His first card that looked like hand made, did it have a smiley face on it? Some kind of circle… He was nicely rehearsed, too, enough to show Jane he was being imitated… It was creepy.

  • lisa

    I think red john killed him, he was about to tell his secret, so red john killed him

  • Adam k

    Two points about my fav show on TV (next to Entourage of course).

    1. As someone earlier mentioned, to really appreciate this show and its eerie magnificence, you have to watch them all from the beginning — its subtle nuances carry forward from episode to episode and the RJ subplot continues to build. Thats what makes this show so great and differentiates it from TV shows of the same genre.

    2. Red John is NOT the burn victim and is certainly NOT dead (yet). That is silly; unless this was the last episode and then I would say it was a lousy way to end it all. If people recall from various episodes, several characters have come on and have had a connection to Red John, and we learn of it and it intrigues us, just like this last episode. Red John is cult-like, a Charles Mansion of sorts with connections to characters throughout.

    We will never see that psychic guy again. That was just part of this plot.

    Oh, and remember that fireman with the burned face in this episode. Interesting wasn’t that?

  • Adam k

    And just to add on to my point #2, Red John communicates to Patrick (and us) through these other characters as his “game” he is playing with Patrick continues to unfold subtly through almost every episode.

  • William Strange

    My wife and I wondered if anyone could hear what the killer whispered to Patrick before he died. That’s the most recent program of November 18, 2010 program.

  • canadasucks

    at what point did jane mention red john to the guy or the killer never indicated that he new anything about janes past or red john? It didnt seem that his character was that clever of a guy?

  • tdkoehler

    I to had to watch it many times. He said I tried to tell you. He tried to tell him the killer was Red John the trucker with the smiling orange on his truck.Which is brilliant this is my favorite show of all time.

  • No, he said Tiger, Tiger. I DVR’d it and I turned the closed caption on to verify it as well.

  • Lucas

    So, I´ll say my conclusions, and sorry about any further mispell or english mistake (Im writting from Brazil).
    Fisrt of all, the spotlights of the episode weren´t at Mr. Mars, what could explain some mistery around him and what happened to him before he walked away from the Motel. One thing is right: His card when he gave the statement to the TV channels was diferent than the first one he gave to Jane, there is a diversion point that should be looked up.
    The expression “tiger, tiger” was in Jane´s thoughts and the logo of Mr. Mars old card was a Tiger.
    The burned guy (whose name I forgot right now) told John that he had a greater picture behind his murders and also if we go back to the episode when Jane gets close to a woman that Red John visited and kind of kept contact, I do remeber one missing piece on that episode, I dont know for sure if there was another men that helped Red John but anyway, that could be one of the possible explainations of that “context” the burned guy was into.
    For me, Mr. Mars is the key of the mystery, specialy because his “psichness” and the way it “coincidently” appeared on a case in the middle of nowhere, just to “interact” with Jane. It is really suspicious. I´d dare to say that Mr. Mars is Red John, or is his “middle man” and the burned guy is that missing part of the episode I mentioned, and he also knew Mr. Mars for some how. BTW Mr. Mars definetly was the one who set him on fire. I only wonder if the burned guy was also a victim of Red John (it could explain the “tiger, tiger” mention) and that is the connection betwen his self and Red John.

    Anyway, I´d love to hear some thoughts about my theory, I know it does´nt include this only episode, but the whole plot.

    ps.: I still think that Rigsby is the inside man of Red John on CBI´s office, or Lisbon but I dont think so.

    The Mentalist is the best investigation Tv serie ever!

  • CharlieWise

    The Mentalist fails to deliver, even after three seasons. Why is it still on the air?

    You ask this question? but you’ve only watched one episode? I don’t care about your opinion about the show. I really don’t. But just because you don’t like this episode, you ask why it’s still on the air.

    I don’t understand that, I really don’t

  • anonymoose

    if you don’t watch the show, how do you deem yourself qualified to review it based on one or two episodes? there is a back story, and you need to understand what is going on and more about the characters to be able to evaluate it. how can anybody take you seriously?

  • I would consider my experience watching and reviewing a lot of television qualification to review shows, even ones I don’t normally watch. You don’t have to view an entire series to know if a show is good or not, although I admit, sometimes a good show can make bad episodes.

  • Bubster

    REALLY poor review. Learn about your subject so your opinions will be based on knowledge rather than ignorance or knee-jerk emotional reactions. Anyway, I think the “Tyger, Tyger” reference was to let Jane know that Red John was behind the “big picture” that crispy guy told Jane he wasn’t seeing. Crispy guy knew Red John and he was killed to keep RJ’s identity secret. Crispy guy felt connected to Jane because they both were looking for revenge. RJ has direct access to, or has minions working in, the CBI, which made it possible to light up crispy guy.

  • Ivana

    Too bad just about anyone gets a chance to write critics and when they actually do get a chance all they are trying to do is draw attention to them selves by throwing garbage on something that 99% of the world actually likes.

  • Anne

    Fake Psyhic is Red John.

  • Tiffinita

    Do you think the guy was red John?

  • Chris

    I totally agree with Wayne! You have no idea what this show is REALLY about. How dare you base your article on what some1 wrote on wiki!? How can you even say Jane isnt eccentric?! That last line really makes you look like a fool….

  • Thomaz

    The critic is self-based on Wikipedia facts and a couple episodes. How can you critic something with this so-low knowledge? Shame on you, Jerome Wetzel.

    But talking about last episode, I was thinking that neither Todd or Mr. Mars was any relative for the future prospect of the show, but after Todd (burned guy) words at the end of the episode: “Tyger Tyger”, which relatively repeats the first sentence of the poem read by Red John on the season finale of the previous season, I guess that Mr. Mars, who’s still alive, might have something to do with Red John, afterall.. Who knows? Can’t wait for the next episode of The Mentalist, what a great show!

    Please, instead of reading this critic about the show, how about just watch it and see for yourself whether you like it or not?

    And, I am from Brazil, sorry if I mispelled anything.

  • For those of you who continue to post rude comments, please read this article and consider the following

  • James1138

    I Agree with what some people wrote, he isn’t pretending to be a physic. Perhaps If you watched the show instead of wiki searching the plot of a series, you might pick up on some more things about it. I think The Mentalist is a clever twist to a crime drama, adding a sense of humor and intelligence with the character of Patrick Jane. Lrn2Watch.

  • doug m.

    Not I see what your other article is about. Do you think you could watch first episode and then a random episode from the third season of Lost and get all that was going on?

    So does anyone know if the wikipedia entry actually is wrong or was it more lazy work by the writer? Really not sure why a writer would only trust one source when he doesn’t know anything about the material.

  • The wiki article had nothing to do with the quality of the show. Wiki does say he USED to be a psychic, and uses those skills. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a boring, poorly written show, with lazy, underdevloped characters.

  • And, to be clear, that is the last I will say on the subject. I’m heading out of town for the holiday weekend, and will not be responding to further comments. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Instead of piling on, you fans should update the wikipedia page if the information there is inaccurate

  • Liz

    As someone who writes TV reviews, I find it offensive that you’re judging Mentalist on just two shows – the premiere and “Red Moon.” There have been 54 episodes of Mentalist to date, and there’s a reason for that. The CBS show is a smart drama with interesting and developed series regulars, not just Patrick Jane.
    As others have commented, Jane isn’t a psychic, nor does he claim to be a psychic. As this episode showed, he’s just a guy using his powers of observation to search for his wife and daughter’s killer.
    Please don’t review a show as a whole when you’ve barely even seen any of it.

  • dc1whitebluff

    I am late in joining the discussion, because I have to record things during the week and watch when I have a chance. I just saw the Red Moon episode. I’m SO glad I wasn’t the only person who had no clue what the dying man whispered. I think elaine’s comment is a very good point regarding the earliery episode where the secretary in the police department was acting out for Red John, and that this took place in a police dept. as well. I would not have made that connection. I really enjoy the show. It makes me laugh, and it is a good drama as well. Everyone may not like it – that is a choice. I just like things that entertain me and that I don’t have to put a tremendous amount of thought into. The Mentalist is just good television to me.

  • CD

    I won’t go on like everyone else has about how wrong the author was about the premise. My biggest shock was that you weren’t gripped by the pilot. That first scene was AMAZING and sets up Patrick as one of the most interesting characters on television.

    He uses the most unethical means to get to the bottom of cases, much like House, but he has the ability to remain in control of a situation even when it appears he doesn’t, unlike house who always has to get his diagnosis wrong several times over the course of an episode (although I’m still a huge fan of the show).

    Besides the human manipulation with a carefree attitude he has an entirely different side as well. When it comes to Red John he’s a cold, merciless SOB and can be almost as obsessive as the killers he chases.

    Sorry, I’m studying psychology so I find this show absolutely riveting.

    But yes at least if your not a fan of the show please understand the concept and plot before critiquing it.

  • Steven Chambers

    Rarely have I seen a critic get so much wrong in such a small space. This is 100% wrong: “Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), pretends to be psychic to help the police solve crimes.”

    You missed a major point of the show. Good job.

    Then you say “I have to say, I didn’t notice any psychic shenanigans in this episode at all.” You didn’t see them because, again, you missed the point by such a huge margin. If you’d even bothered to read the wikipedia article about the show you’d have had a much better understanding. But you didn’t. You’re bad and I’ll never read anything you write again. This was pathetic.

  • Laura

    Even tho this is a stupid statement since many of thousands of people do it on the internet.. but How do you blog about something you know nothing about? You know nothing about this show so in the future don’t blog about it.

  • Peter Sims

    I only started watching season three and I like it that much I will see if I can rent the first two season box sets. Along with Burn Notice, Fringe and Human Target (all good series) I watch a varied level of other series. Mentalist has a mix of humour, guesswork, action, suspence that many series have failed to deliver on. CSI is nothing more then OK, its just the same old, same old. At least mentalist comes at crime from a physcological angle and that is actually quite facinating and def different to the other crime dramas out there.

  • dashesy

    Seriously, did you have to write an article about this series? I have seen lazy students copying Wikipedia for term papers, but they have to turn out their papers for grades. If you are such a bad critic do yourself a favor and find a better job!
    I came across this article trying to figure out the last words BTW.

  • A

    He said, Tiger, Tiger
    At the end of last season red john said to Jane “Tiger Tiger burning bright” This guy is red john he set himself on fire after telling jane he was sending him a message. The words Tiger Tiger are just conclusive proof

  • Wikipedia

    Although you claim to site Wikipedia as your source, the plot summary for The Mentalist on Wikipedia‘s page claims that Jane “does not believe anyone actually has psychic abilities” and that he uses his abilities to help solve crimes- not claiming to be a psychic at all. Here’s the page, try actually reading it this time, hm?

    This show is not at all comparable to Psych- though both are good shows in their own ways- and you doing so shows that you really have no idea what you’re talking about. They both are crime shows, yes, and both deal with psychics in their own ways, but they are not even in the same category.

    Psych is light, funny, and uses this humor to solve the cases and forward the plot, while The Mentalist is deep, angst-filled- and humorous in it’s own way- and due to this it helps give the show a deeper feel to it.

    Perhaps next time when you choose to preview a show you should actually know more about the show than what you (incorrectly) read on Wikipedia- or use off your own personal bias of the first season-?

    Or, maybe, you should have just passed in general and let someone who’s actually capable review the show for the fans instead of you wanting to feed your ego and come off like a know-it-all? Just an idea.

  • Seriously.

    You can’t watch a couple episodes of a TV series and expect to know enough about the show to write a review. That’s like watching ten minutes of a movie and then writing a review. You don’t understand the FULL plot that way. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion but your creditability as a “critic” is bashed if you don’t know what you are talking about. For future references: stick to what you know.
    And leave The Mentalist alone.

  • Sa

    So who is red john any ideas?

  • James

    “he is mar-” is similar to “Ellis mar-“, Ellis Mars being a main character in the episode. I believe that the real criminal was a follower of Red John, and that he was told to relay the message “Tyger Tyger” to Patrick (his “secret”). It’s fairly easy for RJ to gain the loyalty of someone who’s killed before. I think Ellis Mars is possibly RJ, although RJ could be the leader of a cult, and “he is mar” could have meant to be “he is many”, although it only appears to be “man-” because of the blood dribbling downwards.

    He is very precise with his murders, unlike the man arrested in the episode. I noticed the title of the episode, and if you take into account the car in the beginning was incinerated and the guy tried to burn himself, also the nighttime and the moon, and the “Tyger Tyger” and the woods, this whole theme of the episode appears to relate to the Tyger Tyger poem, I don’t just mean the line I mean everything that happened.

    also, if you read Tyger Tyger and the poem about the sheep (by the same author), whichever one ends with the sheep making a sheep out of the other (or something about humiliation) I think either PJ will kill RJ or RJ will eventually win. I also believe that if we’ve seen RJ, it was NEVER a criminal, it would have to be a main character in the plot (even if just in one or two episodes) and they’d have to have some knowledge of killing; let’s face it, if you examine murders every day and catch the culprit because of their mistakes, you’re going to find the solution to not make that mistake, and eventually you’ll have a perfect and untouchable murderer.

    RJ is either a misunderstood “evil” variant of PJ, or he is a myth, a name created for a cult of murderers. Or even the boss of a cult, I’m not sure.

    I’ve noticed that (and this IS relevant), RJ’s role is similar to that of the G-MAN in Half-Life2. He is always watching you throughout the game, and as long as he needs you, you cannot die, he is mysterious and unknown. Patrick seems to always be watched by RJ, and he never dies or ends up in hospital, it seems as though RJ is planning something because he needs him alive, even if it is just because he wishes to torture him indirectly, because PJ knows he’ll have to work his best to stand a chance of catching him. Also, in the episode (I think S2: Finale) where he’s tied to a chair ready for death, RJ saves his life and leaves (after reciting Tyger Tyger).
    He may wear the mask simply before Patrick. He may not need it anywhere else, his face could well be perfectly formed, if Patrick recognized him it’d be the end of a great show, I think he puts on the mask shortly before saving Patrick, to avoid being caught.
    Red John is a genius, and in a way, he is Patrick, the bind between them is so big, they’re a major role in each others lives, Patrick and Red John are so alike I wouldn’t be surprised if they were very close to him, he should realize that they are kin, and that they’re not all so different…

    can’t wait for more, I’m not too fussed if they don’t catch him until the very last episode. I don’t think Patrick could kill him, even if he wanted to, he’ll forgive Red John in the end, he’ll be at peace knowing he knows RJ’s identity…

  • Karen

    If your going to write a piece about a show you should at least watch the show and have a good grasp of the context. Not everyone can like the same shows, if you don’t like the show then fair play, bit if you don’t watch don’t criticise. Oh and top tip for writing watch your gramma!

  • Justin

    Agree with Karen – but you spelt but wrong! lol

  • cjtg

    hehe I guess they want to make money with this series. so they try and make you keep watching. having red john burn himself and end up in the hospital just like that is definitely not what is going to keep you watching. so that’s not what happened. and pls remember it’s a show. how secure a room looks is an observation that might serve you in reality, but not in a TV show.

  • Manda

    I’m not sure I understand why you even took the time to write a review of a show you know nothing about? Great credibility right there..

  • megith

    I agree with Jerome Wetzel.The Mentalist seems to be lacking.It’s an immediate snoozefest for me and a lot of that has to do with the unconvincing smoothness of Jane.Really I just don’t think he pulls it off.

  • Kaci

    There is a sister poem to Tyger, Tyger, called The Lamb. I vote on Grace as being Red John.

  • abi

    The Mentalist is myfavorite show in the world. Its funny and exciting, not boring. Yoyu suck!!!

  • Helen

    Ya know as a critic you really need to do more research before typing a single letter. Jane dosen’t even believe in psychics in the first place. I believe he could be working down the poem.
    Tyger! Tyger! burning bright,
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    Maybe next Red John is gonna do something in a dark forest next? He could also be working up too.

    Tyger! Tyger! burning bright,
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    Starting at the last line and the beginning of the episode, Red John could be working up the poem and have finsished at the end of the episode with the killer burning bright and then wispering Tiger, Tiger. As for Red John’s person inside the CBI, I don’t trust O’Loughlin. Think about it. Ever since O’Loughlin came, things have been really tight with the Red John case. However, maybe it’s just because were so far in.

    Jack don’t feel too bad we’re all entitled to our opinion.

  • Helen

    OMG, the 2nd “psychic”, the Ellis guy, could be red john or atleast working with him. Oh and Kaci, Van Pelt is NOT Red John, however she could be working with him.