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TV Preview: Nick Premieres Season Two of The Naked Brothers Band On January 21

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I told myself I would never watch a show entitled The Naked Brothers Band. I mean, come on, it's called The Naked Brothers Band. Well, I just finished watching the season two premiere, "Sidekicks." At first I was like, what have I gotten myself into? I started to relax though; it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen (see: Pocahontas 2, a shame to Disney).

It wasn't the best thing I've ever seen either. It's probably a lot more appealing to 12- or 13-year-olds. My twin sister, who watched it with me, said, "I'd probably watch it again if there was nothing else on."

The show is about these two brothers — Nat and Alex Wolff — who have a band. They have music videoes and recorded songs. Sound familiar? I noted it was extremely similiar to Hannah Montana in the way that it's about famous musicians, and the actors release their own albums. It is not as good as Hannah Montana though. Not even close.

Anyway, season two starts with the episode "Sidekicks." Amigos Middle School, where the brothers attend on the show, is having a school dance where everyone dresses up as Superheroes and Sidekicks. The Naked Brothers Band — as the boys call themselves (horrible name if you ask me) — are scheduled to perform. The boys' band also includes real-life friends Thomas (Thomas Batuello), David (David Levi), Qaasim (Qaasim Middleton), Cooper Pillot (Cooper), as well as Nat's love interest Rosalina (Allie DiMeco). There are two new songs in the premiere: "Mystery Girl" and "I Don't Want to Go to School."

Rosalina (who is two years older than Nat and is in high school) gets invited to prom by a senior, Donnie Timmerman (Adam Draper). Prom is the same night as the middle school dance, but Nat encourages her to go anyway. He gets invited (more like forced) to take Patrice (Sarah Livingston), a sour lonely freshman jealous of Rosalina's senior date. She figures a rock star is just as good as some stupid senior.

Meanwhile, Qaasim invites four girls to the dance. Classy, right? One of them has to say yes, right? Of course, all of them say yes. Next time, ask one and wait for the answer. That boy is more hopeless than me about dating. And that's scary. This is the girl who's been asked out four times (that I know of, of course) and didn't realize it. See, that's sad. Alex plans to take his 23-year-old babysitter, Jesse (Jesse Draper). Yep, a sixteen year age difference doesn't mean anything. He finds a new date.

David and Thomas think they are so cool by not bothering with girls for the dance. They insist on leaving a mark on the school. Principal Schmoke (Tim Draper) used to be the star football player when he was a teenager, and there was some graffiti about how great he was in the boys' bathroom. The two decide it's time to erase the graffit. That'll leave people talking, right?

The best part of this movie was Nat Wolff. God, that kid is amazing. He's easily the best actor on the show. He also is the lead singer and song writer. At thriteen, he's written more than 150 songs. Ten of 14 songs featured in season two were written by him. On the Naked Brothers Album, 13 of 15 were written by Nat. After September 11, Nat performed a tearful song, "Firefighters", raising $46,000 for families affected by this tragedy. He's going far in Hollywood. Oh, and I'm sure 12-, 13-, and 14-year-old girls are going crazy for the boy. He's quite a stud. Great actor. Great songwriter.

Alex Wolff is pretty good, but nowhere near his brother. He plays the drums. He's best when he's in scenes with his brother. I assume this is due to the chemistry between them. Rosalina's fine, but she would be better on the news. She apparently wants to be a broadcast journalist, so that would work out. I'd study that, if I was her. Cooper, the band manager, is fine as well, but they don't really give him much to do. Jesse kind of bugs me. I don't really know why. I think it's her character. Actors to ditch: David, Qaasim, and Thomas. The three are absolutely horrible. Get rid of them. No talent. They are worse than Jamie Lynn Spears! Now, that is saying something.

Another thing that impressed me was their music. Now, I'm not going to run out and buy their CD, but I wouldn't mind watching their music videoes once in a while. "Mystery Girl" is absolutely amazing. Nat's voice and lyrics are great. It's amazing he's only thriteen. I don't believe it. "I Don't Want to Go to School" is good. However, I think I've heard stuff like it before. It sounds like a song in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode, "Battle of the Bands."

There were a couple of things that I really liked. First of all, Donnie was absolutely obsessed with his hair, which is decked with highlights. Nat and Cooper talk about how it was weird, and they didn't get it. But then Nat goes over to his brother and laughs at him, because he didn't know popular senior boys get highlights. I know a senior guy with highlights. He's incredibly hot with them, but I'm not too fond of him right now, so this whole highlights thing wasn't as great as it should have been. Not the show's fault though. The brothers' scenes together are really good. Alex, who's nine, is giving his brother girl advice — what tux to wear and how you need to get that flower pin thing for a girl when you go to a dance with her. Is it called a courset? I think it may be called a courset. Whatever. Doesn't matter. I'm not googling it. I don't really understand the concept of a flower pin, but, according to Alex, it's a must. I don't agree, but if a guy bought me a flower thing I wouldn't complain.

Anyway, the movie wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I probably won't watch it again, but my sister, who's sixteen and still obsessed with Disney princesses, says she might see it again. Also this season has some impressive guest stars, including Joel Madden, Tony Hawk, George Lopez, and Phil Collins. Pretty sweet. It all starts January 21 at 8 PM ET. Be there.

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  • Karlie

    hey cool story im a nat lover. but how did u see the movie already

  • CallmeMaddy

    I got the DVD special from Nick to review it for them.

  • Grace

    How could you have watched it….it didn’t premiere yet……It premiers on January 21st @ 8:00pm…just wondering

  • Lizbeth

    I think its so cool I love Nat He sings grate
    I love you and the movie is grate.

  • Kate

    Not as good as Hannah Montana?? Hannah montana sucks its the worst show ive ever seen. That Spoiled bratt “miley” is a huge loser. NBB is 100% better and shouldn’t even be compared to that failure

  • CallmeMaddy


    Who’s making more money? Who’s got the sold out tour?

  • dr3m g1rl

    NAT:) we have so much in common together.And by the way I love you’re music and Nat you are soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuut:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • dr3m g1rl

    Dude Allie is sooo not your type!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr3m g1rl

    Give im a break. Do you think it is easy to be a rock star!!!!

  • dr3m g1rl

    Whate have you done to yourself Allie!!!!!!!!!

  • dr3m g1rl

    I wounder if NAT has a girlfrind;)

  • dr3m g1rl

    I hate Allie have u seen the pictchers on youTube.

  • dr3m g1rl

    Allie if you are going out with Nat than why are you kissing that other boy?

  • dr3m g1rl

    On you tube Allie and your friend why are u and your friend are picking your butts.Wierd!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Amy Levin

    The Song “Long Distance” off of the album titled “The Naked Brothers Band (Bonus Tracks)” was not written for Rosalina (Allie DiMeco). It was written for a girl that Nat met at camp but not on the show. He met her in real life.

  • Amy Levin

    In the beginning of the film, Nat and Alex are talking about their tour which ended 3 months ago. They don’t want to explain it, so they ask the audience if they want to go 3 months in the past in their “Time Machine”. They try to go back in time making strange noises, but they’re still in the present because the audience didn’t believe, so they try again, and are taken 3 months into the past.

    It is the final few days of school at Amigos Elementary, and the Naked Brothers Band start their tour at the end ofthe year Masquerade Party. The theme of the party is “Superheroes”, and Nat and Alex don’t know who to be. Alex finds the Batman costume, which means that Nat is a sidekick. Nat and Alex change their minds many times, and don’t care what hero they are, as long as they’re more powerful than one another, but Nat just wants to be more powerful than Rosalina. Then, Jesse remembers that Rosalina’s prom is the same night as the Masquerade, so she won’t be going to the Masquerade.

    At Amigos Middle (Nat’s School) and Amigos High School (Rosalina’s school), Nat and Rosalina begin conversing about the Masquerade Party, which coincidentally is on the same night as Rosalina’s prom. Rosalina says that she doesn’t want to go to the prom because it isn’t her dream. The head of the prom committee, Patrice Johnston (Sarah Livingston), bumps into Nat and Rosalina’s conversation and tells them to act cool, because the most popular boy in High School, Senior Wade Kilgannon (Mark Richard Keith), is walking over to the High School doors. Wade asks Rosalina out to the prom and Nat (Nat Wolff) tells her to go (even though he didn’t really want his crush to go out with another guy) and Wade makes plans with out letting Rosalina have a final say in the matter, saying that “It is every girl’s dream”. Patrice gets very upset, because she thought that Wade was coming over to ask her to the prom.

    Meanwhile, Thomas and David are thinking of pranks to pull on on Principle Schmoke (Tim Draper), and Qaasim is running away from 4 girls that he asked to the Masquerade Party, who all said yes, and have no idea about the others.

    While practicing for the tour, Alex makes up his own superhero “BASSFF Man” (Batman and Super Strong Fantastic Four Man), and he makes Nat his sidekick, “Birdie”. Jessie comes in for practice with her sisters, Bessy and Tessy, as well as 3 other sisters (The Adorable Timmerman Brothers), for the new director, Wing’s, vision about the tour having dancing girls. Rosalina comes in late for practice (visably upset) because she went shopping for her dress. Nat is also upset that she is missing practice constantly, whether it is for setting up for the prom or getting things for it.

    One another day, where Rosalina was no where to be found, Nat thought that this was enough. He goes to Rosalina’s school, and she is decorating for the prom, because she has to put in hours or she can’t go. Patrice storms in and tells Nat and Rosalina that she is going to kill them, because they cut her scene out of the “Long Distance” music video. In order to get revenge, and to make Rosalina mad, she forces Nat to go to the prom with her.

    On the night of the Masquerade party and prom, Alex is trying to get Nat ready. Nat is wearing a baby blue tuxedo, and Alex is splashing him with cologne. Nat goes to pick up Patrice, and she ignores Nat and is all dolled up for the cameras. When Wade picks up Rosalina, she asks him to come inside to take pictures, but instead, Wade pulls out his cell phone and takes a picture there. At the prom, Nat and Rosalina bump into each other and are very lonely because their dates abandoned them near the punch bowl. A slow song comes on, and Nat and Rosalina dance together.

    Meanwhile, Qaasim is running away from the four girls he asked out to the party, and (strangely) they are all dressed the same, so he can’t tell them apart. David and Thomas are in the boys bathroom at the elementary school. They erased the legendary graffiti in the bathroom that said:

    When Principle Schmoke find out, he stops the party and searches everyones bags for cleaning liquids. Cooper kept it in his brief case, because he tries to take the blame for it. Qaasim tells David and Thomas to confess, because he wanted to continue the party as fast as possible. Qaasim starts shouting, Confess and the students join in. Then, Principle Schmoke finds Cooper’s brief case and Principle Schmoke tells Cooper how disappointed he is in him. Then, Alex (Alex Wolff) shouts out that he did it, since he doesn’t have a reputation to break. David and Thomas feel guilty and wonder why everybody is taking the blame for them. Then, David and Thomas finally confess. Then, Principle Schmoke grabs them by the top of their costumes and takes them to the bathroom. They kept spelling Schmoke—Shmoke. So Principle Schmoke, takes over spelling his name.

    At the prom, Nat and Rosalina watch Patrice’s [very bad] world premiere edit rendition of The Naked Brothers Band’s Long Distace (Music Video) starring herself. It is basically frames of her sighing and looking out of a window in black and white. Nat and Rosalina leave the prom and change into their sidekick costumes while no one is looking to perform their song, I Don’t Want To Go to School. A high schooler finds out the NBB is performing at the elementary school and tells everyone, so they all leave to watch, and everyone (except Patrice) is happy, and the NBB begins their tour.

  • Amy Levin

    Sorry but its Wade Kilgannon and not Donnie Timmerman.

  • crystal

    that was the best movie i have seen nat sings so well hannha montana not good

  • crystal


  • dkdjfjfid

    you stink dude why do you say that naked brothers band do better than hannah montana. by the way she sucks, even my sister and brother hates here and i dont really like disney that much……….P.S hanna montana sucks boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog

  • naked brothers you band rule hannah go lick a tree you really should not sing please you do my head in you sing giberish

  • nat you are sooooo buff/cute i wish you were next to me everyday as for hannah montana i am sorry to say this but you olden days now your alright though but naked brothers band are better

  • danielle

    nat you are so cute and alex he is the little cutie of the bunch and alex i love how you dance to three is enough and i hope you can send a film to my e-mail thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 keep me smileing or i will look like this:( oh no don’t do that to me please!!!!!!!

  • dylan heidish

    the naked brothers band is my favorite band. they are better than i carly. i carly sucks. the naked brothers band is the best band

  • dylan heidish

    I am your biggest fan. I wish i could meet nat wolff and the band. nat wolff is cooler than miley cyrus.

  • Ginger71

    I love the NBB I think the show will go far. I love all the actors especially Qaasim I think he’s funny and cute love the hair. I saw him on another show I think it was on HBO special. I also think the NBB is better than Miley Cyrus o! Come on she can’t sing she yells. I would love to meet everyone.

  • julissa

    Omg Nat is cute he is so awesome Rosalina lucky girl you are the bomb



  • charlotte

    nat you look so ugly now what happend but i love your band