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TV Preview: House, M.D. – Season Eight Premiere “Twenty Vicodin”

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Caveat: mild spoilers ahead

The great actor Brian Cox (Coriolanus) recently explained that drama is more about empathy than sympathy. You can hate a character for what he’s done, but ultimately if you understand his (or her) actions, the character will endure. I believe that really is the key to why so many have loved the character of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) on House, M.D. through seven seasons. However, at the end of last season, House snaps and crashes his car into ex-girlfriend Lisa Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein, who has left the series for The Good Wife) home. With that rash action, he has lost the sympathy of not only of his friends and allies in Princeton, but a considerable number of fans in the online community.

So the question coming into season eight is whether the audience can still empathize with House after the events of last season’s controversial finale, whether or not they find him sympathetic at this point.


We find House at the start of season eight facing a parole board, one year into a longer sentence at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility. He’s become eligible for parole (not because of anything he’s done to merit it, but because there is a space issue—and he’s had “good-ish” behavior during his year-long stay in the slammer).  

He has five days until his parole is effective and House basically has to stay out of trouble during those last five days—easier said than done. He makes an effort though, and for the most part plays it straight, even giving in to the intimidation of some antagonistic prison bullies who intend to collect an “exit tax” from him before he goes. Part of their price? Twenty Vicodin.

But the prison gang is just the least of House’s worries when an inmate exhibits some strange symptoms that House finds irresistible. While trying to navigate the prison (and prisoners’) rules, House’s curiosity gets the best of him, and along the way he meets the young, earnest, but very bright Dr. Jessica Adams (Odette Annable), a prison doctor as intrigued by House’s medical skills as she is by the patient’s mysterious symptoms. But ultimately, she is faced with making a choice (and risking her job) between following protocol with the patient or trusting House’s instincts and unique observational abilities. 

I really liked “Twenty Vicodin.” Peter Blake, who is great at diving into House’s character, has produced a terrific script that never excuses House’s rash behavior in “Moving On,” and suggests that as I’ve always believed, that no one is harder on House than House himself. Like the season six opener “Broken,” this episode takes place completely outside the world of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The pace is slower than much of what we saw during season seven and there’s more of a focus on character.

The medical case is relatively straightforward but it serves as a fulcrum to explore what “the puzzle” means to House’s inquisitive mind. It also serves as a framework for exploring House’s relationship with the prison doctor.

House’s environment is populated with a lot of folks who either don’t like or don’t care about House. They don’t know him; aren’t impressed by him and couldn’t care less about his pain or his reputation. He does have one friend, an older chess-playing prisoner whom House seems to have taken into his confidence. But their relationship, too, is less friendly than convenient. Neither of them seem like they belong with hard core criminals.

We learn that during his year in the pen, House hasn’t had any visitors or phone calls; it’s not clear if he’s refused to see anyone—or if he’s been completely shunned by everyone he knows. His post-prison plan is to leave medicine and pursue a PhD in dark matter physics—the last big mystery, with a bonus: no human contact necessary. Human contact, House explains, is what got him into trouble in the first place.

I realize that season premieres, like season finales, are not necessarily indicative of the season as a whole. “Twenty Vicodin” is certainly an episode apart from House’s real world. But I’m intrigued and it provides an excellent starting place for taking House in a new direction post-Cuddy. I’m curious about how House will interact with his former team and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) after not having had any contact with them for an entire year—a year, as he notes, during which they’ve all had a chance to move on with their lives. I doubt House even knows about Cuddy’s departure.

So when House returns to Princeton-Plainsboro (whenever that happens, since I assume it will happen at some point), he will be in a different reality than the one in which he’s existed and that will affect all his relationships. How will they react to him—and how will he interact with them? It’s likely to be strained in any event for a while to come. And my curiosity is piqued.

I think that’s all I’m going to tell you for now, other than to answer my original question. We are never meant to be sympathetic to what House had done in “Moving On,” yet I couldn’t help myself in feeling a strong empathy for him at this extremely difficult place in his life. After seeing several of the promos for season eight, I wasn’t sure I was going to like “Twenty Vicodin” or the post “Moving On” House. Only goes to show you: never trust the “promo monkeys.” They are only out there to obscure and obfuscate; confuse and frustrate.

I plan a more extensive preview of the episode the weekend before it airs, so do stay tuned! The season eight premiere of House airs Monday, Oct. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

(Photos courtesy FOX)

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  • Nickel–I just took a closer look at one of the promo photos. You’re right. Hmmm.

  • Zeenit

    Prison Break, main character and young female doctor-situation, agressive fellow-prisoneres, will main character get out? Never mind, it’s something else. Mentalist is in jail for killing Red John. Will he get in trouble with other prisoners? Can he get out?

  • nickel

    Looks like his outer office is now some sort of prep room as well.

  • I didn’t notice that! I’ll have to take another look.

  • Nickel

    Hey has anyone noticed that the door on Dr. Gregory House’s inner office door does not have DIAGNOSTICS DEPT on it?

  • Nickel

    Oh yea also forgot how Foreman tried to infect Cameron in Euphoria 1(thus basically tried to kill her). Now that is definitely a quality I want in a leader.

  • Nickel

    Oh yea something else that I meant to mention. It looks like Foreman is the new Lisa Cuddy (oddly enough both are identical in their personality). Both want power and control (mostly over House). If Foreman is truly the new DoM I really hope the 12 board members are all patients in the hospital with brain injuries, since that would have to be the only way Foreman could be DoM. Let’s re-cap some of Foreman’s more unworthy traits. In Need to Know, he was willing to cheat (split the winnings with Cameron) in order to win a bet with House, in Fools for Love he bet with House even though he already knew the answer, manipulated the Huntingtons schedule in order to sleep w/13, stole Cameron’s article in order to boost his ego with publication, burned the morgue sign in log with Chase’s name on it (some think to protect Chase…yeah, that sounds like Foreman always looking out for others.) my guess was to protect his own ineffectiveness in the diagnoses of Dibala. So—lie, cheat, steal and conspire in murder….all for the advancement of his own personal gain. Yeah that sounds like a perfect DEAN OF MEDICINE…..LOTS OF ETHICS.

  • Nickel

    Not to be the only naysayer here, but I truly hope that Foreman’s character has an anvil land on his head so he can experience the wonderful feeling of being disabled rather than just dead-boring. On a second note, I do hope that House does apologize to Wilson and then tells him to go psycho-analyze someone else. I have to say that between Cuddy’s manipulative behavior, Wilson’s idiotic better than thou attitude and Foreman’s prejudgment of OH I DON’T KNOW…..EVERYONE. This show would be better off to let House sink back into his shell and just solve cases. Seems to me that David Shore is determined to completely ruin the character of House (probably due to the fact that David Shore wants to live vicariously thru House so he too can get over being bullied as a teenager because he was such a winnie). I continue to be amazed that no one in House’s orbit ever gets any smarter. How is it possible that 1)Stacy lived with House for 5 years and doesn’t know him at all (seriously a fling?????) 2) Cuddy has known him for 20 years and doesn’t know him at all (not to mention why does she think for one moment that House owes her anything……) 3) Wilson, his best friend can’t tell who House really is. I could go on and on and on…..all I know is if I was surrounded by these people I would have rammed my car into an embankment…..

  • BrokenLeg

    101 @Diane


  • Diane

    @Ladybelle Fiske (#99):

    Given Cuddy’s history of screwing up every relationship she has ever had (her words) in combination with her intense guilt complex and exacting personal standards, I doubt that she’s successfully dating these days even with House out of the picture. In fact, after what happened to her at the end of Moving On, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still struggling nowadays with fear of intimacy or low self-confidence when it comes to romantic relationships. Between re-establishing her career away from PPTH and raising her daughter, she probably doesn’t have the inclination to jump-start her love life any time soon. If TPTB ever manage to lure Lisa E. back to the show in whatever capacity at some point this season, it would be interesting to witness what has transpired in Cuddy’s life away from her familiar surroundings and usual support system of family and friends.

  • The Other Barnett

    It is nice to have House separated from everyone else in PPTH. It gives us an idea of how sane he may really be and how dysfunctional the work environment may actually be.

    I remember an episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye said that, if you put a row of men next to a road with the foot out in the path of an oncoming jeep…the last one to pull it away is actually the sane one. Sometimes I feel the polite inanities of operating any human-driven entity creates a kind of skewed view of reality. And, my view of House is that he is (most of the time) a clearer thinker than those who profess any kind of moral high-ground.

    And, Barb, don’t you think this silence about who is going to be the Dean is a promo ploy or a sign that the PTB are not confident of their decision?

  • I wonder if Cuddy moved away, got another job, married that guy in the last ep of Season 7, or what?
    And BTW what about Candace Bergen who promised to “Kill” House if he hurt Cuddy?

  • PS Sorry to interrupt the thread again, but Barbara, if you know MAUS, and the “Prisoner on the Hell Planet” segment, I am the “Isabella” who spent the weekend with Art when his mother committed suicide on May 20, 1968. I was 17 (he had had his nervous breakdown a month or so before) and he was 20.
    So, I love intense, rather crazy men with brilliance and ability! (House, too)

  • I agree Barbara. There are many “Jewish” reflections in House. He also seems to know a lot of Yiddish and even Hebrew. And the rituals of Judaism.
    Yes, it’s obvious that Shore is Jewish, and Katie Jacobs too!

  • Well, if it’s Foreman, I’ll take it. I’ll take whatever has to do with House!

  • Hi Barbara,
    Yeah, Art and I were lovers for about three years (maybe 2 1/2) when he was in college and then had a passionate reunion in 1976-77. After that, Françoise Mouly came on the scene and we all became friends instead. We started a rubber stamp company (Top-Drawer Rubber Stamps) together– a collaboration of Quarry Hill and the Underground Cartoonists– it’s had a couple of incarnations… R. Crumb is a good friend of mine, too.

  • doodle

    @Ladybelle Fiske
    maybe formulaic but the most credible. He has nothing to do anymore in House team, Foreman gets bored and he feels out of place among them IMO.

    @earth orbiter @sophie


  • Ladybelle: Holy smokes, Art Spiegelman was your boyfriend? Cool. He’s brilliant.

    Although I agree that House doesn’t parallel the Jewish experience intentionally, There are many themes in House that reflect Jewish teaching (I’ve lectured on that actually), and David Shore (and many of the writers) are Jewish.

  • If I were Houses’ Mom, I’d try to find out what the hell was going on with my son once in a blue moon!

  • I’m hoping Foreman isn’t the new DOM. This would really be “formulaic.” It’s been done, honey, as my old boyfriend, Art Spiegelman, said to me on many occasions. I’d much prefer to see “Big Love,” Wils on, or Sam as Dean. I hope one day to see Cameron reunite with Chase. I still feel they aren’t done with one another (and now no 13 either). I can’t see why House should be punished for trying not to be in pain. Also, fail to see what House has to do with Jewish experience (he’s Dutch, right?). Though I admired their lack of hassle over Cuddy’s Jewishness and House’s non-Jewishness.
    I hope House sees his mom again; talks about his non-dad and his dad; and begins to transcend his problems. Or he may die. There’s always that.


    look like they were the faults under the carpet

  • Oversimplified

    @ 85 Earth Orbiter

    I know for a fact that Peter Blake and David Shore went through law school, but that’s kind of irrelevant in relation to my original point. Writers have signatures and narrative patterns that they fall back on, compounded by accepted norms/trends in television and especially in drama with a procedural emphasis. Before working on the show all of the writing staff will have taken writing classes and/or worked with other shows where these ‘rules’ are hammered home. Within each House ep this translates basically to ‘Compelling teaser- DDX- Misdiagnosis 1- Misdiagnosis 2- Cure/Death – Lesson for the day’. On a more general level with regards to a season it’s usually ‘Recovering from rock bottom for the first few eps – Restoration – Mid-season bombshell- Plateau – End of season rock bottom’. Knowing this and having been acquainted with the characters for seven years does allow for some educated guesses as to where they are going at least. After being brought up with these formulas all their lives through television, film etc, (and more specifically because they’ve spent a number of years watching the show), people are instinctively good at spotting these patterns and building on them regardless of their level of education. If they are right or not is a different matter, but as time goes on they are more likely to be. It’s a bit like an old married couple where the wife/husband knows what their spouse is going to say before they do because over the years they’ve learnt their habits etc. Besides in the last couple of years, this year certainly, I feel like they’ve become less adept at bringing original ‘twists’ to the screen. House sort of swallowed itself and became self-referential (i.e. Two Stories – Three Stories), as well as looking for it’s cues from newer, wholly different shows, I believe, because the ‘ideas well’ ran dry. This is why the ‘back to basics’ thing doesn’t instill me with enthusiasm.

    Whether or not ‘critical thinking’ involves ‘speculation’ or ‘extrapolation’ depends on if you subscribe to ‘liberal humanism’ or ‘post-structuralism’. In my opinion even a finished piece of work involves a certain degree of ‘speculation’ as to it’s meaning, hence you seeing Cuddy as the Devil incarnate and me not. Different experiences inform different points of view. Both more than valid if a well-presented argument is put forward.

    I read Carroll a long, long time ago but I’m up for a re-read, although the Dante is pretty much impossible as my Italian is non-existent. Have to say though I’m not a huge fan of medieval literature even when it is in English 😉 I have no idea if you’re interested or if you even care, but there is some amazing work out there by post-structuralist theorists like Jacques Lacan and Jacques Derrida which blew my mind when I first read them.

    I’m also enjoying this debate by the way. We may not agree, but that’s often half the fun.

    @ 86 Barbara

    Thanks for the info.

  • Again, I’m asking. Please do not discuss the episode if you have seen it. This is not the place for it.

  • sophie

    Earth Orbiter, I agree. The episode was okay, nothing great for a season opener. House was House. No big reflections about what he’d done, just an indication of why he was where he was, but he’d also stayed on his island for three months, so… meh. Entertaining but just a House episode without the regulars. Certainly not Broken.

  • Oversimplified. No, it didn’t. It was very much a House episode in its own way.

  • Earth Orbiter

    I saw the premiere. Sorry to disagree with you xinyuActor; however, (to put it into terms that us non-post-grad-in-Literature individuals can comprehend) with the exception of a few really good moments, it wasn’t that remarkable.

    @Oversimplified: Your sobriquet is at odds with your self-description. However, you are forgetting a number of things: The writers of House probably didn’t finish college, they never, ever write a story the way we think they will, and they are very good at misdirection and (especially) misinformation.

    May I suggest you read “Through the Looking Glass” and “The Divine Comedy” (the latter in its original Italian is best), and then rethink what you think you know and what you speculate as a result.

    And, by the way, that in which you are engaging is not “critical thinking,” it is “deductive reasoning.” “Critical thinking” does not involve “speculation” or “extrapolation.”

    Nonetheless, I am enjoying our debate. You have a brain and are not afraid of using it. Good for you.

  • Oversimplified

    @ 34 Earth Orbiter

    No need to to explain ‘critical thinking’ thanks: former post-grad English Literature student here. It can also include speculation on future arcs based on our knowledge of patterns in narrative directions that have already taken place and information that’s already available. With regards to Foreman, his failure was a result of his own choices when faced with certain decisions, coupled with his intrinsic inability to control House. Cuddy wasn’t likely to give him the same leeway when he isn’t as good a doctor as House.

    Barbara, just out of curiosity did the premiere remind you of any other prison films, tv etc like ‘Broken’ had a slight ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ feel to it?

  • xinyuActor

    When I heard there’s a leaked version of Tweenty Vicodin out on the internet I feel very upset. I hated myself after I finish watching the episode… And I’m telling you Tweenty Vicodin is AWSOME.

  • Diane–it’s very distressing.

  • Diane

    @Barbara: In case you haven’t heard, it appears that a copy of the DVD screener of Twenty Vicodin has been leaked online two weeks before the official premiere date (and on the anniversary of Now What?). How could something like this have happened?

  • BrokenLeg

    79 @ Barbara Barnett
    78 @Nickel

    I subscribe both of your posts!!!!!

    As an architect myself I’ve thought about GH apartment many times. The house of one person, were he/she lives, were is free to show him/herself as really is, were is surrounded by beloved or significant things, etc.. use to say many things of its user.

    I’ve tried from the very beginning to find clues about GH self in it, and I believe that his home is mostly a really very common one, that only shows little sketches of the great, complex and uncommon character GH is, and that may be there are things that are still hidden, but can be discovered by the paintings, objects, etc..

    So I find exciting if you, Barbara, can see this part of the set by yourself, talk to the art department people, and make an article reporting about all in this post, or in CZII.

    I encourage you!!!!Bravo!

  • Hi Nickel–I’ve done an interviewer with the head of the art department (I think it was last summer), and like you, I am fascinated by House’s apartment. Who knows? I may eventually get to see it for myself.

    I’ve told as much as I know in other pieces and in CZ, but if I learn more, I will indeed report.

  • Nickel

    Barbara (off subject), are you ever going to delve into the art in House’s apartment? I am really curious about the b/w picture just left of his front door, and the brown pictures in his bedroom (look like boxing gloves.)

  • 20V

    @ #29

    “The commentary to “The Dig” was just silly. Hoselton and Sara Hess sounded like they didn’t know what they were talking about; and during that “Amongst the Oaks” scene where Thirteen finally admits to House that she killed her brother, and House is too stunned to say anything right away, one of them says, “This is exactly why Cuddy broke up with House – because House is emotionally incapable of connecting with anyone.” Huh?

    What are you “huh?”-ing at? That was the whole point of that episode. As for Cuddy’s reasons for breaking up, I turn you to House circa Season 2:

    “Cuddy…you see the world as it is and you see the world as it could be. What you don’t see is what everybody else sees. The giant, gaping chasm in between. … If you did, you never would have hired me. You’re not happy unless things are just right. Which means two things. You’re a good boss. And you’ll never be happy.”

    She was warned.

  • DL-Mom isn’t mentioned in the premiere. I agree that she probably has no idea of any of the things that have happened over the past two (now three, given the jump in time) years.

    The episode is a standard one-hour event (it’s slightly longer than the usual 43 minutes, but not substantially.

  • Dirty Larry

    @Barbara — This might seem like an unusual question to ask, but could you please tell me if House’s mother is brought up in some way or another in the season premiere? We’ve heard neither hide nor hair of her since Birthmarks, roughly two seasons ago. Given how badly things went during the eulogy that House gave at his father’s funeral, I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor woman knew nothing about the going-ons in her son’s personal life, especially post-Mayfield. In fact, would Wilson even have the heart to contact her and inform her of everything that’s happened to House since their last get-together?

    Also, is Twenty Vicodin a two-hour event episode like Broken? It seems as if there’s almost too much taking place in the season premiere to fit in the standard 43 minutes.

  • ellet

    And “Emmy” goes to… to the HELL!!!

  • I can’t answer the last question susan, because that is addressed in the episode and I don’t want to spoil that. It’s a very small part of the episode (almost a throwaway), but it’s significant enough for me not to want to spoil.

    He does first meet this doctor during the five days, but (I think this point isn’t clear) she may be new on the staff.

    I’d rather not talk about the timeline, but yes, he does spend three months on the island before he comes back. That is correct.

    Dusky–How could he not have won for Help Me? or Broken? Or Both Sides Now? It baffles the mind.

    I was delighted to see Peter Dinklage win for Game of Thrones, and Guy Pearce win for Mildred Pierce. I couldn’t be happier, since both were deserving and are particular favorite roles I’ve seen this year. Would have been nice to see Hugh win for After Hours, but perhaps this year as he struggles back, we’ll get more Emmy fodder 🙂

  • Duskybatfishgirl

    Not a response to BB’s wonderful piece but rather an addendum – how could Hugh Laurie NOT have won an Emmy today for his incredible perfomance in “After Hours”? *Sigh*

  • SusanM

    @Barbara Thanks for the review! I love spoilers but I don’t want to know everything – you do a great job with not revealing too much. Having said that, I do have a question that maybe you will or won’t answer about the timeline. I’ve read in another review that House spends 3 months out of the country and you said that he’s been in jail for a year so has 15 months passed since the crash? Also, does he meet the new doctor during the last 5 days before he gets paroled? It seems odd that he would develop a connection with her in 5 days and why didn’t he meet her before?

    I was so upset after the crash in the finale and finding out that Lisa was leaving, I didn’t know if I could watch the show again. Surprisingly, I’m completely excited about the start of season 8. I hope it lives up to my high expectations because my preference would still be to have House and Cuddy together, the crash to have never happened and House to not be in prison. I agree with the poster above who doesn’t understand why House ended up in that type of facility – it doesn’t make sense – did he ask to be sent to a maximum security prison or did he just have a really bad attorney? 🙂

  • Dirty Larry

    @Barbara — Thank you very much! Despite everything that happened last season and the absence of Lisa Edelstein (for now?), I’m looking forward to Twenty Vicodin.

  • confirmed. I really liked all the performances.

  • Dirty Larry

    @Barbara — Could you please confirm if Jaleel White, best known for his role as Steve Urkel from Family Matters, is in the season premiere? I remember reading somewhere (cannot for the life of me remember where) that he supposedly plays a fellow inmate who shows House how to survive in prison. Is that true? If so, what did you make of his performance?

  • EmmyK


    Please remember that while you may speak for at least some fans, you don’t speak for all of us. Personally, I found the House/Cuddy romance completely contrived and unbelievable, and while I was sorry to see Lisa Edelstein leave I felt that she didn’t have much choice, because there was really nowhere for her character to go, except to re-tread the same tired storylines.

    While the House/Cuddy shippers may have loved it, Season 7 was not a successful season for the show overall–it alienated far more viewers than it attracted, and the ratings showed that. I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers can do now that the H/C elephant is permanently out of the room. From what Barbara’s shared with us, it seems as if they may be headed in new and interesting directions, which is all to the good!

  • To be honest, on the screener, I really didn’t notice the use of the same set. A prison would have different tiers, so why not use the same set. It did look like a prison to me. There was evident a great deal of attention to detail throughout. Yea! for the set people 😉

    Lots of little details.

  • @57 – BrokenLeg

    Hello! Yes, I am here again, my summer hiatus was so productive, and I am here, as I said before, House gets me again! With HouseDetectives proyect I was on board…time cure everything…and HouseMD, for now, is the best TVshow I ever watched…so, even if I am still sad after last season finale and LE departure…Why I could not seen this fantastic series anymore? This character still has a lot to share with us (the viewers).

    About this “paralell” between “Broken” and “20 Vicodin”, I really did not mean a paralell of “form”, I meant a paralell between kind of “punishment”. In Broken we saw a House fighting against the vicodin that helped him to “kill” his physical pain. In “20 Vicodin” we will see a House in jail paying because he tried to “kill” his psychic pain. He crashed his car into Cuddy´s house because he was so hurt, but this time the pain he felt was psychical.

    So this is only the “parallelism” I saw between this two episodes…well, also, that this two episodes happen outside of PPTH.

    @64 – BrokenLeg

    “I think I can recognize the PPTH two level lobby with very little “make up”, even in almost same colours.”…me too.

  • BrokenLeg

    58 @ Barbara Barnett

    Thank you for your answer. It clear a bit my fears.

    But I still do not understand the reason for a maximum security prison instead a psychiatric prison facility to a person with a big history of additions, but if you say to Earth Orbiter and Big Boyd that there are a reason for that, I’ll believe you and wait and see.

    Other thing: watching one of the promos, when the two levels jail corridor is shown, I think I can recognize the PPTH two level lobby with very little “make up”, even in almost same colours.
    Was that evident only to me? Or was an easy way to reduce production costs? Or is what more of us noted last year: little care to details in the production and post production team? If I’m true, was so difficult to use another Fox set or external facility?

    And, due today is Emmy’s awards, good luck and fingers crossed for our hero!!! He deserved so much his Emmy, and must had it years ago!!!

  • Big Boyd

    “There’s a reason, and it will surprise you, so I’m not telling.”

    I actually like surprises…the good ones that is! Since it so happens that “Twenty Vicodin” will air on the same day as my birthday, I’m quite excited (and a bit nervous) about the season premiere. Here’s to bigger and better things to come this season!

  • Big Boyd–there’s a reason, and it will surprise you, so I’m not telling.

    Earth Orbiter: may be true, but wrong reason.

    Diane–thanks so much! Part 2 is completely reliant on book sales for Part 1 🙂 I have little control over that (Unless I were to self-publish it)

    I am really excited for season 8. I am intensely curious about where they are going with this season.

  • Earth Orbiter

    @Big Boyd #59: House is in maximum security because he is guilty of committing at least three felonies, and felony sentencing always means Big Boy prison.

  • Diane

    Barbara – thank you so much! I really cannot wait for the premier. I also want to thank the house fans who commented this time around. I’ve been wondering where you all have been. It’s starting to feel like home again (ha ha). Just want to say that I love this show, the characters and the writing. I hope David Shore does whatever he wants with his character. He should stay true to his vision. I believe we’re just along for the ride and he has not disappointed me yet. He has shocked me, surprised me, made me laugh out loud and made me cry. It’s been an amazing ride made even better by this amazing opportunity to connect with others who have a passion for this show. So, thank you again Barbara. Please consider finishing the House and Cuddy relationship analysis. I know it upsets some people but there are plenty of us who don’t regularly comment but ALWAYS enjoy reading YOUR articles. You have such a great take on this show and express yourself expertly. Don’t hold back or get discouraged. By the by, loved your book. I really do hope there is a part 2!!!!

  • Big Boyd

    @Barbara (#50) – Glad to be of service! To be honest, I didn’t realize it was Massee that I saw in one of the promos for “Twenty Vicodin” until after watching him reprise his role as serial killer Charles Hoyt in the season finale of Rizzoli & Isles. It’s a small world after all!

    By the way, if it’s possible, could you explain to me why House is serving his sentence in what appears to be a maximum-security correctional facility? Believe me, I’m not trying to mitigate the seriousness of his loss of self-control at the end of the season finale. He did as he pleased, not worrying about the consequences for the people around him or the effect his actions had on them even after he fled the country to (literally) escape his troubles.

    However, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t maximum-security prisons typically used to incarcerate high-risk/high-profile inmates (e.g., serial murderers, rapists, kidnappers, gang members, drug dealers, etc.) that have committed serious felonies and are considered to pose a serious risk to staff, other inmates, and the community in less secure facilities? Why is House forced to endure such a harsh and violent environment when his crimes are more suitable for confinement in a minimum-security prison, which houses mostly first-time, nonviolent offenders?

  • Broken Leg:

    They are not the same in any way except that they both are “off campus” and feature only House.

  • BrokenLeg

    41 @ RedTulip_Ana

    Welcome back, colleague!I hope your summer hiatus was ok.

    You’ve post:”For me there is a parallel between “Broken” and “Twenty Vicodin”.
    I see more than a parallel:as much as I read about this season premier, as much I think we are in front of a “Broken 2.0” episode. If reality confirm my fears,that means to me a writers total lack of creativity. Same problem, same fellows, same reactions, a new chess player as old Alvin, etc..

  • Angie

    I also want to clarify that when I say “the Jewish experience,” I meant the Jewish experience viewed through a specific lens or series of lenses. Not “The Jewish Experience” as some sort of concrete entity.

  • Anonymous

    “We find House at the start of season eight facing a parole board, one year into a longer sentence at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility.”

    Exactly how long is House’s original prison sentence? I’m only asking because I thought it was just 12 months?

  • Angie

    Not to say that’s all House is, just that it might also work on that level.

  • Angie

    I really do think it can be supported, even with my limited viewing. I’ve only watched the episodes once (missed a couple I’ve been catching up on), but once I made that sort of intuitive jump, things started to fall into place.

  • Angie–I’ve never thought of it that way, but I do teach a course (and give lectures) called “House vs. God: Jewish values through a Housian Lens”

    I’d have to give your theory a bit more thought…hmmm, maybe an idea for a new essay on House 🙂

  • Angie

    Just a thought: Is House an allegory for the Jewish experience? (considered broadly, of course.)

  • Big Boyd: Yes. I loved this character in the episode, and wondered who it was (the credits had not yet been inserted in the version I’ve seen). Thanks for letting me know.

  • Eloise


    I m not trying to beat anyone into submission about enjoying the Huddy relationship.
    What I’m objecting to is the blanketing of the whole fanbase to certain points made by people, who are saying ‘we fans’. Not all fans want the same thing, that is why it is never a good idea for tptb listening or reading their opinions.
    They should just continue as they feel true to their vision and people will either watch and enjoy or they won’t.
    Personally I watch for Hugh, he is what is important to me.
    I actually don’t care whether LE comes back or not, unless its a good story, preferably not, but thats just my personal choice. I don’t expect anyone to listen and do as I say!

  • Habitusa: Re your #45 – the person who inappropriately used your tag when posting comment #29 has also posted several other comments under a variety of names.

    For the record, comments posted by the names “Magnificent Elliot”, “HilsonHacy”, “Running Joke” and “Evo Mulder” are all coming from the same IP address.

    In my experience, this can only mean one of two things; either it is one person posting under multiple identities are a variety of people using one IP.

    I don’t know who that person is but if I see even one more example of multiple identities posting from that IP address, I will ban it permanently.

    Unknown poster, this is your only warning…

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Big Boyd

    @Barbara –

    “He does have one friend, an older chess-playing prisoner whom House seems to have taken into his confidence. But their relationship, too, is less friendly than convenient. Neither of them seem like they belong with hard core criminals.”

    Are you referring to Michael Massee’s character who tells House in one of the promos, “You wanna get back at these guys? Get out alive on Friday”? He’s had a whole career of creepy roles in movies like The Crow, Se7en, and Lost Highway as well as shows like FlashForward and Rizzoli & Isles. I think I’ve yet to see him play a character that wasn’t disturbed, mentally ill, sociopathic, or just downright evil. In fact, when I found out that he was cast as a fellow inmate in “Twenty Vicodin,” I assumed he would end up being House’s tormentor (instead of his confidant) during his stint in state prison. So it will be interesting to watch Massee break away from normal type-casting by playing a relatively “tame” character (in the context of his career as an actor) that’s not a violent criminal or manipulative psychopath.

  • Earth Orbiter

    #34 Oversimplified: Nope. I’ll reserve judgment until after I’ve watched a couple of episodes. Its called “critical thinking,” whereby you gather all of the available evidence and then form an opinion, discarding passion and prejudice, based on that evidence. Anything else is just masterbation (and usually wrong).

    And THAT, dear lady, is very “House-ian.”

    And remember, if you please, that Foreman “failed twice” at being a department head because he had no support from Cuddy and therefore no support from the team. He was put in that position either as a result of calculated manipulation on her part or to temporarily fill the position during House’s mental crack-up and subsequent license suspension. People do not respect “manipulation” and they do not respect anything “temporary,” hence Foreman’s percieved “failure.”

  • Habitusa

    Barbara, I don’t know who posted that thing above under my name and why (that was a part of my post on another forum on another topic), but please disregard. If someone can teach me what I can do to prevent other people from using my name again, any advice will be highly appreciated.

  • Angie–Glad you found us 🙂 You hit on some of the most important reasons why House is such a great series.

  • Angie

    I really wish I’d discovered these resources earlier in watching House. It is fascinating to see how people respond differently to the ethical situations posed and the psychological issues of the characters. It adds a whole new layer to the experience for me.

    If I were a writer on this show, I would read these comments with great interest. Perhaps even keep score of which philosophy is winning or losing that week. (I mean, who really liked the little Kant girl?) As the show goes deeper into psychological territory, opinions seem to diverge even further.

    Thanks to everyone here for adding so much to the experience!

  • Evo Mulder

    “No shock value stuff. Everything has a purpose in moving forward the narrative.”

    I just hope the themes established in “Twenty Vicodin” end up being representative of the upcoming season as a whole, specifically House’s struggle to understand who he really is versus who he wants or imagines or needs himself to be. IMO, too much of Season 7 seemed unfocused and directionless at times, almost as if the writers simply stopped caring about continuity, consistency, and character development while scripting so-called “game-changers” to draw an audience and boost viewer numbers.

  • Barbara, as always, an excellent article and as always, full of hopes. In your words, the fans of House always find a reason to continue watching the series. So thank you for sharing with us your privilege to have seen the premiere.

    Although I am still sad about the end of season 7 and by the departure of Lisa Edelstein, and although I still think that “After hours” would have been a perfect ending to last season, as I said, time cures everything, so this summer has helped me to getting back to the “House´s boat”.

    I really think that this whole mess, well attached, can serve to turn around the series and really explore the figure of House, as a person. In fact, I would love that this year in jail has served for something. I just hope that House now try to use his intelligence to solve the puzzles of his own life.

    For me there is a parallel between “Broken” and “Twenty Vicodin”, ie between “Mayfield” and “The jail”. In Mayfield House was looking for ways to detoxify about the drugs that helped him to fight his physical pain. In prison, House must pay for crashing his car into Cuddy’s house and flee. But the intention of House when he crashed his car into Cuddy’s house was to end his psychical pain. It seems logical to think that Mayfield was “The punishment for trying to end his physical pain” and Jail “The punishment for trying to end his psychical pain”.

    Honestly, I think, though it is possible that it was not planned (by David Shore): The stay of House in jail and the exit of Cuddy of his life, these events may be the salvation of House as a person.

    Well, as a dreamer, I’d like that once House fix himself (as he said on “Help me”), Cuddy returned to his life. Despite that fact that we need something more than good writers for that, as a fan of the actress Lisa Edelstein and the character Lisa Cuddy, I will hope her return to the series at some point.

    And finally, I have a question: You say that we will see House first on parole, but…at some point Will we know How did House go to jail? Did the police caught him in “paradise”?

    Again thank you for your article and here, I will waiting for the 2nd part of this review.

  • Running Joke


    If you don’t mind offering some information without divulging any major details or plot spoilers, does the season premiere reveal how House went from strolling down the beach of a faraway tropical paradise at the end of last season to serving time at a New Jersey state prison? Was he extradited and arrested when he arrived back in the United States, or did he come to his senses and return home of his own volition to face the consequences of his actions? Also, how long is his original sentence?

  • Magnificent: No shock value stuff. Everything has a purpose in moving forward the narrative.

  • Magnificent Elliot

    Barbara: Thanks for the response. I don’t mind surprises and plot twists as long as they make sense within the context of the characters and advance the main narrative, rather than going for pure shock value or misrepresentation as provocation. Here’s hoping for the best this season!

  • nitemar

    Barbara, you said w will know House’s actions explained through his POV. But we always have, right?
    @Spoilerchicka-I totally agree. Hoping someday to hear Lisa is coming back for at least the end of this season/series.

  • Cesar–Thank you. Yes the book is available throughout South America in Spanish (and English).

    Good discussion everyone. I can’t wait until the season really kicks off (and I will have some surprises for you :))

  • Magnificent. I don’t want to be any more explicit than I have. Sorry.

    I was pretty disheartened by the reaction to part one, which is why I took an extended break. I may get back to write part 2 at some point.

  • Oversimplified

    @ 32 Earth Orbiter

    Now you’ve got that out of your system do you feel like contributing to the debate? Any thoughts on how Foreman will cope with being the DoM, (which is looking increasingly likely), when he’s failed at being a department head twice? What do you think about the new ducklings? Something? Anything?

  • Oversimplified

    @ 29 Habitusa

    Oh come on! In that Bombshells commentary LE wasn’t just talking randomly about her nipples. She was actually making a valid point about how it’s way easier to get slicing the head off a zombie past the censor than it is to get a areola or nipple passed by them. I agree with her- I think it’s ludicrous and worth discussing.

  • Earth Orbiter

    @doodle: Because we still can’t stop gagging.

  • doodle

    why do now huddy haters speak more about huddy and cuddy than huddy fans? lol
    one thing, this character has really stood the series, we liked her or not, but there’s no indifference like there was with cameron’s departure for example.

  • Oversimplified

    @ Susan and Eloise

    People watch for all sorts of reasons, guys. There’s no right or wrong thing to watch for because it always comes down to subjectivity. Fair play that some people watch just for the medical mysteries and House, but this constant beating down of people who watched for the character interactions or even just specifically for House and Cuddy is really tiresome. The writers brought that to the fore in the past few seasons because they wanted people to root for the relationship. Whether that worked or not is a matter of opinion, but for those who it did season 7 was a bit like being beckoned towards someone for a hug and then being slapped in the face just as you go to embrace them. For that reason alone I can see why some people might be still hacked off.

    Personally I watched for a whole number of reasons including the medical cases, character studies etc, but it was a delicate balance. For me a Cuddyless season is going to be a bit like a piano with a key missing. Some melodies won’t require that note and will sound fine, but others will just sound odd and off-key. Time will tell I guess. In my opinion I don’t think relying once more on the medical cases is going to do them any favours. They’d evidently plundered that particular box of tricks a couple of years ago, which led to the shift of interest in the first place. Straight-forward procedurals just aren’t doing that well anymore anyway as is reflected in the Emmy nominations. The world’s turned a lot since 2004 when the show first aired, and audiences/critics have different and perhaps more sophisticated expectations. Nostalgia is all well and good, but it’s hardly showcases diversity of skills in the creative team.

  • NOT Habitusa

    Disclaimer: I love the show and I am very optimistic about S8 (although slightly scared), but I am going to vent on this thread.

    I watched most of the special features from the House Season 7 DVD set today, and I am upset. Every next commentary was worse than the previous one. First, I saw “Moving On.” It was with Shore and GY. Not too bad: a bit too much talk about the actual production, and Shore explaining and apologizing a bit too much for House driving into Cuddy’s house (which I always thought was a mistake – he should have kept silent on that)…

    Then I watched the “Huddy” feature, and everybody just kept going about how much of a jerk House was and how he was not ready for or capable of a relationship. Even David Shore and Hugh himself.

    The commentary to “The Dig” was just silly. Hoselton and Sara Hess sounded like they didn’t know what they were talking about; and during that “Amongst the Oaks” scene where Thirteen finally admits to House that she killed her brother, and House is too stunned to say anything right away, one of them says, “This is exactly why Cuddy broke up with House – because House is emotionally incapable of connecting with anyone.” Huh?

    And the commentary to “Bombshells” went downhill from there. I don’t know what substance LE was trying to add talking about her nipples, her bra, and something else related to either sex or nudity. One Vicodin doesn’t a stoned person make, and a day of hesitation doesn’t mean some someone is incapable of being there for you, ever. But again, Cuddy’s reasoning didn’t make much sense to me to begin with, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, after all.

  • HilsonHacy

    @Nate (27)


    In the VLog to the episode Bombshells, Friedman and Hess said that the Huddy relationship lasted longer then they thought originally.

    I was surprised, too that it has lasted that long. I’ve given it 6-8 episodes at the beginning of season 7. For me it has been clear since season 5 (at the latest) that Huddy was doomed right from the start and that the Huddy relationship was like watching a train wreck about to happen. I’ve been attacked during season 5 when I mentioned it that a Huddy relationship only can end in a disaster. And I was right, because now, we have the disaster (House’s car in Cuddy’s house).

  • Nate


    As always it’s fantastic to see you on House’s side. I was kind of worried that you were going to be one of the fans to turn away from the show. Gladly that is not the case.

    I am here to express my excitement for the new season. I’m tired of hearing about Cuddy, and how without her the show will be nothing. Let’s be honest, maybe it was the writer’s, or maybe it was the way she acted the part, but after the episode in which she ends her relationship with House, I didn’t want her to be on the show anymore. There were two ways the writers could have gone with last season. They could have made the relationship last. But, I’m glad they didn’t. Despite what David Shore says in interviews, I know he has a plan for House to grow by the end of this. I think trying to change is growth in itself. Being with Cuddy was growth. She is the one who cut him off at the knees. And she really expected nothing from him? No lashing out? No real anger? She single-handedly undid everything he had worked towards. She proved all of House’s theories right.

    In “Now What” he says that he can’t be with her because he’ll do something to make her go away. She brushes it off and says words that I’m sure he took deep to heart: “you will always be the most amazing man I’ve ever known.” She is life post-Stacy, where House is finally well enough to try at something real. I don’t see another relationship happening in the run of the show, simply because she has made him lose trust in everything people say. Maybe he was an amazing man to her, but clearly not enough for her to try a little harder. And what’s worse is those words are probably the kindest things he’ll ever hear. Now they are tainted. Now they are just lies. I will not miss Cuddy. House will be better off without her. The show will be better off without her. As this amazing series comes in for the landing, be it this season, or two seasons from now, I want House to find happiness in who he is. Part of me thinks that by show’s end, he will have his leg cut off. After all, pain has made him the man he is today: a man he hates.

    One thing I think the writers just showed us is that even the things he wants most won’t bring happiness. He is not healed inside. It’s all surface. Either House will find a place of peace with who he is, or I think he may sacrifice himself for someone else. Either way the series finale will be something life changing, even if it’s a final look as he sits at his desk thinking about puzzles. There are so many ways the show could end. I’m just happy that it won’t be with Cuddy at his side. She doesn’t deserve him. She never did.

  • Well done, Barbara. I totally agree with you and according to what I could read, this season premiere will be wonderful (or the best ever). However, I have to wait until October 3 to check everything on my own.

    But I know it will be fantastic.

    On the other hand, Your book is available in Venezuela, isn’t it?

  • Eloise


    To you its all about House and Cuddy to me and many more who don’t even go on the net its not!
    Its about HL and his incredible portrayal of House MD.
    Why should they grovel? she made her own decision, we were not there.

  • Magnificent Elliot

    @Barbara (#23)

    Sorry if I seem a bit dense, but do you mean “yes” as in “Yes, that scene with Foreman is not in the season premiere” or “Yes, that scene with Foreman is in the season premiere”?

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, are you still working on the second part of your review/evaluation of Season 7? I highly enjoyed the first half and cannot wait for the second half to come out.

  • magnificent: yes.

  • Susan

    I haven’t commented for a few months now, but just wanted to say #14 spoilerchicka – I agree with you. Call me a romantic but it’s all about House and Cuddy. I’m hoping the producers are groveling and will get her back for several episodes.

    I definitely don’t have the anticipation of last year at this time for “Now What” and the new season of House, but I will be reluctantly watching……

  • Magnificent Elliot

    “To clarify, Foreman is not in the episode.”

    Wait, I thought one of the promos showed Foreman sitting across from House telling him he could get him released early from his sentence? Are you saying that particular scene is not in the season premiere?

  • Eloise


    Sorry you are still unhappy but you can’t speak for all fans, there is a proportion who want Cuddy back but also some who really dont! We still don’t know why LE left, salary may have something to do with it but that may not be the whole story.

    You say ‘we fans’ are annoyed by the House driving his car through Cuddy’s House and that he should make amends, some of us don’t agree. And I think House is paying by going to jail, also although he did wrong I personally enjoyed the finale.

    There are many fans egarly awaiting this episode and the rest of the season.
    So I am not meaning to be rude but please don’t blanket all fans together.

  • Oversimplified

    Thanks for the preview Barbara.

    I think you hit the nail on the head about empathising with the character. It’s something they got so right in the past, and so spectacularly wrong at the back end of season 7. I’m glad they are at least doing something to re-address that, but oh boy they seriously have their work cut out for themselves. The whole thing with the new doc seems to be what most people predicted: she appears to a splice between Cameron and Thirteen, i.e. she has Cameron’s righteous morality and belief in redemption, coupled with Thirteen’s risk taking.

    Oh one other thing- he intends to do a PhD in particle physics, specifically ‘Dark Matter’?! That’s one hell of a jump in specialism. It’s a nice metaphor for more going on under the surface than is actually apparent, but it is a tad gimmicky and a little out of left field. I don’t know how it works in the US, but getting funding for research is hard enough without having a criminal record and years of experience in the field. I know he’s a genius and all, but wouldn’t something like genetic mapping have scored a little lower on the ‘suspension of disbelief’ scale, and reinforced his interest in people ‘in abstract’?

  • doodle. Sorry I can’t answer your first question about whether House will still be in jail at the end of the episode. You’ll just have to wait and see (LOL).

    The crash is discussed and dealt with, although I don’t know if it will be adequate to address those who are angry with the series. (I doubt it.)

    I don’t want to go into any more about it however. Only to say that the the way it’s dealt with is not meant (I don’t think) to make us understand House’s actions, but to hear it from his POV.

  • doodle


    I’ve heard that rachel will be mentioned (House seemed to know that rachel wasn’t in the house when he was a little bit upset, lol)
    Writers seem to have read forums feedbacks about House violent behavior towards Cuddy and her family, is it enough to reconcile some fans with the character? not sure.

  • me

    So just House is in it then? are Wilson and Cuddy mentioned at all?

  • doodle

    Is this ep just about House and inmates and House and the new doctor (who btw looks like 13)? it seems to be a stand alone ep with no surprises.
    And last question : is House still in jail in the end of the ep?

  • spoilerchicka

    Barbara, thanks for the great preview and explaining a few things. I am still so annoyed by the Cuddy exit from the show due to asinine executive positioning to cut the salary of the female lead of the show (especially after all she’s done for it and espc. in S.7 – nudity, hello?) that I’m not sure I want to help it’s ratings by watching. The only thing that would bring me back is to see Cuddy return and House fix the greatest puzzle of all – why he is the way he is with people (guessing childhood abuse?) — and making amends to Cuddy. Digressing a little more, I do understand the character Cuddy would not necessarily want to reunite with House after this second mind-snap. However, I do want to hear about the studios contacting Lisa Edelstein and groveling enough to get her back on the show. We Cuddy fans LOVED the dynamic and personal power she had over the character House. Any chance of hope in that direction? Getting LE back, I mean? Please find out for us. We fans are beyond annoyed with House’s vehicular attack – it never rang true to me that his jealousy would come out so maliciously and dangerously.

  • Kabby

    Thanks so much for this — it’s been a very long hiatus! I’m really looking forward to the set-up you mention with House returning to his old team and Wilson. With all that has happened, we finally have “new ground” to cover and reveal with all of these characters. This actually sounds really promising!

  • Thank you for your kind words. To clarify, foreman is not in the episode.

    It is not clear whether anyone has tried to make contact with house at all. It’s possible that house tuned them away and refused to see anyone.

  • Jane E

    Thanks for the article. In all your articles, you really show a love for the character of House, like so many of us viewers have. I look forward to a great year of communication with you through this blog.

    I find your statement about empathy for House very much on target. That goes soley to the acting of Hugh Laurie. It has amazed me for the last 7 years how he had made not only me but the rest of the world cheer for this misantropic, cranky physician. What an outstanding preformance. By the way, I read your blog article on All or Nothing at all, so I rented it on Netflix. You were right. Hugh was great. The character was a total user and just like House, you feel such empathy towards this character due to Hugh.

    PS. I also brought your book.

  • dago

    Thank you for this nice little teaser.I really apreciated it.But allow me one question:is your article on the House/Cuddy
    failure part II still to come or is it canceled for good ?

  • doodle

    “Even if it’s much more realistic that Cuddy wouldn’t want to have anything to do with House ever again”

    It would have been more realistic to start the season in an another hospital, Plainsboro is Cuddy’s baby. But maybe, Cuddy will again give to House a 1256 chance, she’ll leave Plainsboro and will let House with his habits and people he worked with, knowing that whoever from the team will replace her, will also reinstate House in the hospital.

  • Lucy

    “a year, as he notes, during which they’ve all had a chance to move on with their lives.”
    As a viewer, I’m really sad that Cuddy has moved on with her life for good. I’d have liked to see her and House trying to work together again after the crash (which apparently was Shore’s original plan). Even if it’s much more realistic that Cuddy wouldn’t want to have anything to do with House ever again.

    6- MusicandHouse
    “I know Foreman is in the episode from the promo so I find it kind of odd that he hasn’t mentioned Cuddy’s departure. I am really curious though to see how he finds out and reacts when it does happen.”
    Yes – also I thought Foreman was visiting House and offering him the chance to return to PPTH as the new DoM, which would’ve implied that Cuddy has left. So maybe Foreman is not the new Dean after all?

  • doddle

    “I think it would be interesting to see House and Wilson trying to mend their relationship with Wilson now in the position of boss.”

    Please no, wilson as the new dean, it would be a bad joke.
    As for this ep, it looks like “Broken” but in an another place, a stand alone ep.
    I’m not worried about House’s return, nothing will change, just cuddy and maybe 13 will leave the hospital.

  • MusicandHouse

    Well, based on the adition of new cast members we do know House returns to PPTH but I too am curious to see how his relationships change. I am surprised to hear that even Wilson has not made contact with House the whole time he was in prision. I want to see their relationship strained but restored to what it was eventually. As much as I am apprehensive about the posiblity of Wilson becoming the Dean of Medicine, I think it would be interesting to see House and Wilson trying to mend their relationship with Wilson now in the position of boss.
    I know Foreman is in the episode from the promo so I find it kind of odd that he hasn’t mentioned Cuddy’s departure. I am really curious though to see how he finds out and reacts when it does happen.
    Also, glad to finally know where the title of “20 vicodin” comes from! I’ve been trying to figure it out for weeks now

  • me–you are half right 🙂

  • me

    So are House and Foreman the only regular original cast members in this episode?

  • Thank you. Chasing Zebras II is up to the publisher. The more people who buy CZ I, the better chance that there will be a CZ II!


    Barbara I hope Chasing Zebras II! do not disappoint me! Love so much!


    I like so much, fans don’t watch House.We live House!