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TV Preview: Dexter Season Five Premiere

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the first three episodes of season five of Dexter. While I’ll try not to spoil the experience for those looking forward to seeing these episodes for themselves, I will offer an overview so you’ll get a taste of what to expect.

At the end of season four, a shocked, silent Dexter (Michael C. Hall), stood on the blood drenched tile in his bathroom. His infant son, Harrison, was crying on the floor next to the tub, covered in his mother, Rita’s, blood. In the bathtub, Rita lay in the scarlet water, eyes open, her soul gone. She was the victim of serial killer, Arthur Mitchell, also known as The Trinity Killer. Mitchell was a monster, a most challenging and seductive adversary, whom Dexter murdered after a harrowing game of cat and mouse.

Now Dexter needs to heal, which will not be a simple process. He’s come so far over these past four years, due to the normalcy he found with Rita, their baby, and Rita’s two children from her first marriage. As season five opens, we don’t have the luxury of seeing Dexter after he’s told the kids the bad news and attended Rita’s funeral. Rather, we go through the painful process with him. Because it’s not in his makeup, he sheds no tears, which arouses the suspicions of Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) “The husband is usually the number one suspect in a murder,” Quinn announces to his detractors. He believes there is something strange about Dexter’s seemingly unemotional reaction to Rita’s death. Could Dexter be the perpetrator of this inhuman crime? Quinn suspects as much and sets out to do what he can to prove it.

In the meantime, Dexter does what he can to make the kids feel secure, but his old ways have begun to dominate his thoughts. He is pleased to have found someone new to prey upon. Those dark urges and conversations with the ghost of his father serve to make Dexter feel more like his old self and force his hand. He sends Rita’s children to live with their grandparents…just for awhile.

What happens then is a rollercoaster ride through Dexter’s world of darkness and light: his attempts to find a nanny for Harrison (with help from his sister, Debra) provide some welcome comic relief, but then it is time for Dexter to return to the hunt and his plans to rid Miami of a truly evil man.

This touch of evil is just a hint of what is to come. According to executive producer, Sara Colleton, this will be the year to “take a break from having a one season-long adversary. So as Dexter’s grief goes through different stages, different characters will play their part and yet eventually, these characters interlock to form a a worthy adversary for Dexter.”

In the final scene of the third episode, there is a stunning moment: a twist so totally unexpected, you’ll curse the fact you’ll have to wait a week to see what happens next.

Revealing more about this trilogy would spoil the fun. If you’ve watched the show for the last four seasons, you know how unpredictable this character and these stories can be. So tune in, immerse yourself, and get ready for an intense ride.

The premiere of the fifth season of Dexter airs on Showtime, Sunday, September 26 at 9PM ET.


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  • Mindy

    Since these episodes haven’t aired yet, I wanted just to give an overview.

  • doug m.

    Rather light coverage for 3 episodes.

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