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TV Preview: Californication – Season 2

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Hank Moody and the clan are back for an all-new season. Californication has fast become one of my favorite shows on television, so I was ecstatic when I got the Californication press kit in the mail.

The DVD screener I got had the first four episodes of the second season on it.

When we last left the people of Californication, Charlie and Marcy had figured out their marriage problems, Mia was stewing in her own self-loathing after stealing Hank’s book, and Karen had just jumped in the car with Hank and Becca leaving Bill in the lurch.

The next season picks up right where we left off, but Karen is a bit bitchier. She gets mad at Hank for everything, even a case of mistaken identity, that could only happen to Hank. But, she knew who Hank was when she decided to leave Bill on their wedding night. She knew what kind of person Hank was and the kinds of things he did and said.

Karen is pretty hard to take in this season. She’s constantly flying off the handle with Hank even though he really, truly is trying his best. He’s saying no to sex at every corner, and in Californication, sex can be had at every corner. He’s being tempted from all sides, he even runs into the chick that stole his records and guitar and turns her down flat.

Hank’s trying! He’s trying for his family and Karen seems to not be buying it at all. It’s pretty sad at times. I find myself yelling at the screen every time Karen gets mad, because she has no right.

Hank on the other hand is Hank. He’s got a temper, and an ego and their both fully visible right off the bat. I won’t give away many of the things that happen with Hank, but it would suffice to say that he gets himself into a lot of trouble with love and the law within the first episode.

Becca Moody has become a full-fledged Satan worshipper, and she’s the cutest one on Earth. Madeleine Marin plays a Becca so perfectly that it’s a delight to see her on screen. She gets her first crush, which is cute to watch unfold.

Charlie and Marcy, on the other hand, find themselves in a completely different world. Marcy is doing coke like there’s no tomorrow, and the scenes where they’re both high as kites are priceless.

Something that is a bit sad this season, no Bill. I miss the banter between Hank and Bill. I do like, however, that they are focusing less on the more annoying characters like Dani and Mia.

There’s not a lot I can say specifically about this upcoming season or it will give away juicy details that are better left to be viewed on your own. I will tell you this though. The fourth episode is one of the best Californication episodes to date, it only comes second to the episode where Hank’s Dad came to visit.

The fourth episode features one of the most dysfunctional dinner parties ever assembled. Imagine, if you can, Hank and Karen sitting around the table with their Satan-worshiping daughter and her new crush, a coked out Charlie and Marcy, a sullen Mia, an insane music producer and his emotionless prostitute, a new-age hippie writer and Sonja (the girl Hank had sex with and then she puked all over Bill’s bed). You know that dinner party isn’t going to turn out well, but watching it play out is hilarious and tragic at the same time.

This season of Californication is going to be a doozy, I can already tell. It hasn’t missed a step and is still as crazy and borderline offensive as it has ever been.

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  • Eleanore

    Great post! I’m so glad to hear that the first four episodes are as crazy, funny and strangely touching as ever. The episode with Hank’s father from last season is my #1 as well, so I’m very curious to see 2×04! I’ve been waiting for this show to come back, so bring on September 28th, Showtime!

  • Meg4fancast

    Ok reading your post just got me really excited! But, I’m sad to hear that Karen becomes crazy and moody. She was totally my favorite character after Marcy!

    FYI- Showtime and Fancast are both showing the season premiere early online. It will become available for free on Fancast on Friday, Sept 26th. Check out Californication.

    -Megan (on behalf of Fancast)