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TV Preview: 24 Trailer Launches Today!

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Well, the good people at the Fox Network are doing their best to get loyal 24 fans into a tizzy. I hope they don’t think we’d forget all about the show because we have to wade through those pesky new fall programs that are NOT graced with all things Bauer? Jeez Louise, Fox – you’ve got to know that we all have those calendars, patiently marking down the days until January 14, 2007 8:00 PM ET. Instead of big red Xs, we’re using thumbnail photos of President Logan, a circle with a line through it superimposed over his scowling visage.

So, though fans need absolutely no reminding, we all do love a good tizzy now and then. Part of the fun of waiting for anything is to kibitz, commiserate and speculate on possible plot lines. Well, today, October 24, Fox is launching a sneaky peeky 24 trailer to tease us with glimpses of Season Six. They are also broadcasting it on the News Corporation’s Panasonic Astrovision screen in New York City’s Times Square. News Corporation is the Fox network’s parent company.

Wow, six years already? Could 24 be headed toward the category of long running shows such as The Simpsons, Seventh Heaven, Cheers, and ER? We’d love to see our crew be around for a long time, yet they only seem to thrive on disaster. That can’t be too good for their collective blood pressure or morale in general. And you know the general mood and characters are a bit too somber for real life.

There’ll never be a special Christmas episode on 24. Whatever small talk the characters indulge in is in some way directly correlated to the crises du jour. Their dialogue does not consist of idle chitchat inquiring after one’s families, bowling averages, or golf games (or even what was on TV last night). If Jack and Audrey ever tied the knot, it’d be to restrain some hostile so they can terrorize no more.

But something about the tick-tock, tick-tock – new development every commercial break – premise keeps us coming back with gusto. Even when the twists and turns take us right along the roller coaster rim of realism, we don’t care, and we get back in the queue for another ride.

Also along for another spin are returning CTU staffers, Bill Buchanan (James Morrison), Curtis Manning (Roger Cross), Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Wayne Palmer (D.B. Woodside), and Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson). Audrey Raines will also return as long as Kim Raver can handle the balance between 24, and her new show, The Nine. Oh, and some dude named Jack Bauer (Emmy winner Kiefer Sutherland).

Of course, a new season requires new faces, too. New to 24 but familiar to us will be the faces of James Cromwell (Spiderman 3, I Robot, Six Feet Under, Babe), rumored to be Jack’s estranged ‘bad-guy’ father; Kal Penn -– of Harold and Kumar fame -– to play a terrorist or some sort of baddie; and Regina King (Ray, Jerry Maguire, Miss Congeniality 2) as Sandra Palmer. Other additions will be Peter MacNicol (Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope) and Chad Lowe (Unfaithful, Melrose Place, Life Goes On). So in a few hours, with Dramamine at the ready, fans will get their first whirl in the new season’s visual vertigo that is 24.

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  • OMG – It looks soooo goood! I can’t wait for January. The Chinese return Jack. Wayne is president! Chloe is there and looking sharp. Curtis is still around. Wow! I want to watch it now.
    Damn, I feel teased…

  • Mary Kay, you’re starting to get me very anxious about this show. Some highlights:

    -Jack with long beard

    -Jack shaven

    -Jack with gun

    -Jack shooting (I love that part)

    -Jack on phone with the president again

    Makes me want to sit down and watch Seasons 1-5 all over again.

  • Thanks for stopping by S. I actually didn’t remember to watch the trailer – I figured my computer would be too slow to make it worth anything, but after reading your comment, I skipped over there and voila – it was great!

    Very, very exciting stuff. Yeah, I feel teased too. Thrown out like an old dishtowel.

    No, wait, that’s something else. : )

  • Sure, blame me for your heart palpitations Vic!

    Season Five will be available December 5th. Wonder exactly in what way (this time) they are trying to sacrifice Jack.

    Chloe either wasn’t kicking someone out of bed and rushing into work, or she must have invested in a California Closet system or something. She seemed to be wearing a suit.

    Can’t wait!

  • You have to be very careful when choosing what to wear when going to work at CTU. You never know if you’re going to have to wear it for 24 hours on any given day.

  • Meagan

    The season 6 trailor for 24 is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot wait for January 14, 2007.
    Its going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH better than all of my christmas presents combined!!!
    24 is my life and i cant wait to see it on television again.
    omgosh im still in shock!!!!!
    i love jack bauer and 24 with a burning fiery passion!!!!!!!

  • Well Meagan, make sure you come back here and share in all the 24 glory as Blogcritics covers every Tick Tock.

  • Mark Saleski

    gee, maybe i’ll actually watch this year. seriously.

  • Well of course you should birthday boy!

  • Mark Saleski


  • I’ll never shhsshh!

  • Mark Saleski

    how about a stifle then?

  • Ohhh, Archie, lighten up. : )~

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  • Mary Kay, I think I’ve got a great idea for a “24” Christmas Event (See, I’m trying to think like Fox).

    (Exterior Shot of the White House. Cut to Oval Office and Wayne Palmer on the phone) Jack, I can’t express how important this mission is.

    (Cut to shot of Jack on a pay phone wearing a Santa Suit) Jack: I understand the importance of this mission, Mr. President.

    Palmer: The North Pole is under attack; Santa Claus’s sleigh is destroyed; the elves are dead from a poisonous gas, and Mrs. Claus has turned out to be a double agent.

    Jack: I hear you, sir.

    Palmer: But it’s all about the man in red, Jack.

    Jack: (pulls gun from toy bag and nods his head) Of course, Mr. President.

    Palmer: He must make his deliveries and nothing can stop him.

    Jack: I hear you, Mr. President.

    (Cut to shot of Jack as Santa aiming gun at terrorist elves) Jack: Put down your weapons or I’ll shoot you right between your pointy little ears.

    (Cut to shot of Jack hanging from speeding sleigh as Santa drives) Jack: Don’t worry about me; we have to land on the next roof in ten seconds.

    (Cut to shot of Chloe staring at her computer screen and talking into a phone) Chloe: Jack, according to the satellite, you are already over the Benson house.

    (Cut to a battle ravaged Santa and JAck holding his gun sitting on roof) Jack: Don’t worry, Santa, we’ll get those toys to all the good little girls and boys. We have no other choice.

    Santa: Thank you, Jack Bauer.

    (Cut to shot of sleigh with Jack and Santa flying over LA)

    Voiceover: The staff at CTU have had bad days before, but these 24 hours will be the hardest they’ve ever had too endure. Will it take a miracle for Christmas to be saved? If you don’t know the answer, you don’t know Jack.

  • Victor, this was super! Absolutely loved it. From your lips to the writers’ ears!

  • I bought Season 5 last Tuesday and finished it a couple of days ago. I haven’t actually seen 24 on tv but I will be there for the Season 6 premiere! If I can find the time, I may do a Season 5 dvd set Blogcritics post.

  • Trin – You should try to watch this year, but it gets addicting!

    I’d be interested to read your thoughts on the Day Five’s DVD set.