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TV Preview: 24 Season 6

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24 is one of those rare television series which has become part of the political and cultural conversation. Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed (already online at Google video) Friday on Charlie Rose, there was a think piece on the politics of the show this week in Time, and Entertainment Weekly had a special season guide (some of the articles are on their 24 page) inserted in last week's issue. And there is much more.

I've seen the first four episodes plus ten minutes of the fifth. I agree with much of what Stephen King wrote in Entertainment Weekly (particularly that they better not hurt Chloe) though I liked last season better than he did. I'm also not giving anything away, so this is more a brief preview in the hope you'll tune in tonight and get hooked (if you aren't already) than a review.

But this could be the best season yet. Not to mention the most complex.  

Though I'll admit it is a bit hard to see Peter MacNicol playing the Vice President without thinking of John Cage, his character from Ally McBeal (even though he is a good actor). 

It does help to have watched the series from the beginning. Luckily, all the previous episodes are out on DVD. If you miss the first four episodes, they will be out on DVD on Tuesday.

It does help to get a sense of what Jack Bauer has been through to watch the season six prequel which was on the season five DVD and is also online.

There will be episode summaries here and probably much debate.  I hope you'll watch and get involved in the conversation.

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  • The danger that 24 faces is sameness. I noticed Kal Penn as a kid who’s father is taken away by the FBI for questioning, as he may be a terrorist. A real twist would be to have Penn’s family not as the being connected the bad guys, but it came as no surprise to see the opposite. So predictable…

    Still, I’m a fan and look forward to seeing part 2 of the premiere tonight.

  • BJR

    I didn’t think Peter MacNicol was the VP, but some type of advisor to the President. I enjoyed the first 2 hours, but didn’t find it as suspenseful & action packed as past first hours, but that could be because Jack wasn’t his “normal” self.

  • Saw the final two hours of the 4-hour premiere this evening.

    Let’s see…Moslem terrorists and nuclear bombs…seems I recall something like this from before.

    I’d still like to know what they gave the Chinese to get Bauer back.

  • Right you are Triniman. I haven’t even seen seaons 4 and 5 and I was scratching my head going haven’t we seen this before?

    Still, I’ll keep watching.

  • Steve, thanks for not giving away those ten minutes of episode 5. We don’t need spoilers here.

    Oh, by the way, Lennox is Chief of Staff (like Mike Novick used to be) and not Vice President.