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TV pop-ups?

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More proof that big media, together with the corporations that feed it, still doesn’t get it: pop-up advertising is set to come soon to a TV near you. I wonder if it would be possible to develop some way to block the advertising signal without disturbing the show you’re trying to watch…

(Via Poynter.org. From the.Limey.Brit.)

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  • john

    If we can block pop ups on the internet, why can’t we block them on the TV ?

  • Jim

    I am so annoyed that I was posting this very thing on by blog and I was doing some research and found your site – yes it pisses me off. Shame on TNN especially!

  • Robert Csordas

    I have e-mailed 5 members of the FCC. They returned e-mails indicating they can do nothing about that problem. Recommendations were to contact each station and complain. Mike Landis of the FCC said,”Authorization for the FCC to regulate this type of activity would have to come from the US CONGRESS”. What a country. So I suggest that we keep bugging the FCC and also start contacting your congressperson.

  • scott

    there is no advertising sinal, that’s the proble. DVR’s helps for commercails but are unable to help us here. The pop-ups are feed with the same video singnal of the programing that you are watching.