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TV Open Thread: The Borgias – “Lucrezia’s Wedding”

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The Borgias seems to have found its footing in the kindred souls of Cesare and Lucrezia. You could even call it their miseducation. Cesare has been systematically turned into an evil minion of his father over the first three episodes. It might be important to remember the historic Cesare was only 18 when he became a cardinal. Lucrezia on the other hand enters the episode a child of 14 and leaves as something else. A victim (I doubt, she is Rodrigo’s daughter), or no doubt a newly empowered monster.

The wedding finds the various members of the family falling more and more into debauchery for debaucheries sake. Jeremy Irons is particularly good making the audience squirm as decked in popish garb he lecherously paws his young mistress, Giulia Farnese.

I think it also important to notice that the costuming in this series finally reached the level that was seen in the Tudors. Vanozza dei Cattanei’s dress was amazing. However, the centerpiece of any wedding is the wedding dress. Lucrezia’s gold and white dress was nothing short of amazing. As in The Tudors, the costuming means more than just simple dress. When the young Lucrezia runs to her father the Pope to plead for her mother’s attendance at her wedding, bits of the put-together dress fall off. Like leaves on a tree, she is shedding her innocence.

With five more episodes to go, The Borgias promises a lot before the probable death of Rodrigo later this season. Showtime may yet have a big hit out of this one. Oh yeah, and I am starting a pool to see how long it takes for Sforza to start pushing-up daisies.

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