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TV Open Thread: Stargate Universe – “Seizure”

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It almost seems to be an exercise in futility discussing Stargate Universe, a show that we know is already cancelled and is rapidly approaching its series finale. On the one hand, if the series continues its downwards spiral, there’s satisfaction in the knowledge that had the writers and producers listened to the fans, the show wouldn’t be in this mess. Although most of it can be dismissed as fanboy ranting, thre are some universal truths to be found when almost everyone has the same complaints. On the other hand if the series lifts its game in a last ditch attempt to save itself then the result can be heartbreaking when the ratings just don’t improve and the powers that be decide to cut their loses.

I’m still undecided over which hand Stargate Universe sits, but I have a feeling it’s in the latter. In the episode “Seizure” we are treated to some exploration of concepts introduced in the previous episode. Two characters thought dead have returned in consciousness form only, uploaded into the Destiny’s computer for safe keeping and storage whilst they work out how to find new bodies for them.

In another show this may have been the last that we heard of these characters except for the odd reference but I’m pleased to see the writers running with the idea.

A meeting of the minds - McKay and Eli in Stargate UniverseAt the same time we are also treated to some familiar Stargate faces with guest stars Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey) and David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) reprising their roles from Stargate Atlantis. It’s always nice to be reminded that SGU is part of the bigger picture despite being so different in tone and unlike the appearance of Daniel Jackson super spy Woolsey and McKay make sense to be there and give us hints of what has happened to Atlantis (without telling us anything!).

As a standalone episode I don’t think that “Seizure” is going to win over anyone, but it does makes interesting use of the communication stones, and there are a couple of nice character moments. The strength of this episode is the bigger picture, which this close to the last episode, seems a waste.

Something else to look out for is the file size of the mind when it’s uploaded to the computer. Ahhh…who’s going to prove them wrong?

Why SGU did you wait so long to get interesting!?

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  • Arjan

    I really wonder how long they thought about coming up with the size of the mind as uploaded data.

  • They used to say when they were making Star Trek The Next Generation that they would never mention the size of the computer because they expected that it would never be enough so best not to be specific which is why I’m surprised the SGU people suggested a figure, eh what do they care the show won’t be around to be proved wrong anyway 😉

    Thanks for commenting Arjan!

  • Major Davis

    I didn’t like seizure.. but I LOVED hope… i thought it was a great episode that balanced serious and funny elements perfectly.

    The most recent episode didn’t work, the B story acted like the A story (plus the story was terrible in the first place)…. and seeing rush and perry in bed was just well…. weird lol.

  • I’m frustrated because I think SGU is in the “improving” camp – they finally did listen to the complaints of the fans, but sadly too late to make a difference.

    My prediction is that the final episode will be one of those cliffhangers that just leave you sitting there going “crap. we’ll never see the end of that.”

  • @ Major Davis – yes Hope was really good and yes totally agree with the Rush and Perry in bed comment!!!

  • @ Jeff – this week’s episode proves that are not in the improving camp 🙂 I suspect they didn’t know until they’d filmed all the episodes so the end will be unresolved or hastily put together.