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TV Open Thread: Sister Wives – “The Brown Family Decision”

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The Browns with Santa Claus

As the Browns prepare for Christmas, they learn the police investigation results were turned over to the county prosecutor. The sister wives put up Christmas lights, flirt with a Christmas tree vendor, and make presents for the kids, all while they struggle to figure out what they are going to do to protect their family. Finally they head to a snow-bound cabin in the mountains to get away from the pressure. Once they arrive in this winter wonderland, they reveal a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Dear Sister Wives fans,

I hate to miss this one, but I have to attend a family event and I won’t, if you can believe it, be anywhere near either a TV or computer on the night of Sunday, May 8th.

This means that I won’t be able to post my regular TV Open Thread column Sunday night, but I will be back on the following Sunday at about 10 PM, commenting on the new episodes of the season.

We should be hearing something about Robyn’s pregnancy before long! I hope you will all forgive me, please use comment space to rant and rave about tonight’s Sister Wives; I will be back in the saddle as soon as possible.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • Meloni

    They just need to leave them alone. The kids are all loved and taken care of. How many “normal” familys are as loving and supportive as these people. They should be left to live their lives in their own way. They are not hurting anyone and I thought this country was founded on freedom of religion??!!

  • Coleen

    This is a loving family. The kids are more loved and taken care of then alot of kids in this country! Kody has only legally only married one do the wives. They live honestly, then knowe about each other, no different then most people today, only most don’t know about each other, called a affair….leave this family alone they have done nothing wrong ot illegal!

  • barbara

    In a country where same sex marriage is becoming more and more accepted, it is ridiculous that these people cannot be left alone! They are not hurting anyone! Other religions are tolerated for some stranger behaviors and customs then this family! Although I do not understand their lifestyle and do not think I would be secure enough to handle sharing a husband, I still think that they should not have to run away for fear of police action that would destroy their faimily! It is outrageous!

  • Denise

    I come from a conservative Christian background where you are taught that marriage is between one husband and one wife. However, during Biblical times, many of the Godliest and most respected men of history had multiple wives. My thoughts are this. These people are obviously well adjusted, loving, caring, great parents who are seeking God’s will for their lives and their families. The government needs to stay out of peoples personal lives. The last I checked, people love America because it is a free country. So leave these people alone and let them live their lives.

  • gina

    The way that I see this is if they are going to make a family such as the Browns illegal then why not prosecute the men or women who quietly has an affair and multiple children creating no different of a family of children as the Browns. The difference being that He is there and there is an open honest relationship with not only his sister wives but also the children when so many of us claim to be the normal family can’t even be honest with each other. I watch the Brown’s in each episode and hearing they are moving because of the all high and mighty in the state and county is just sad.

  • CJM

    This is a loving, very self-sufficient family who is busy raising their children. The children are healthy, robust, well educated and do not have problems with alcohol/drugs or legal issues. Either the DA is jealous because this family is making it financially and he/she isn’t or he/she is using the position as DA for the classic stepping stone to the governor’s office–which is usually the case when you see the DA pushing for this type investigation for prosecutorial purposes. The government should butt out and leave this family alone.

  • Sierra W

    I do not understand why there are laws stopping plural marriage when it is biblical. Yet homosexuality, which biblically is punishable by death, is accepted as normal.

  • Sil

    I do not understand why they are being prosecuted. They take care of their children, are raising them to be good citizens, good christians and are very well loved. It is their own personal choice. They are not like the perverts in Colorado City or in Texas who forced underage children into marriage. These are all consenting adults who KNOW what they are doing. Maybe the rest of us do not want this lifestyle, but no one has the right to keep them from their own choice.
    Just leave them alone!!!!!!

  • Dear Brown Family, My prayers are with you. You are being treated so unfair. How many men, that are married, had or are having an affair with another woman and had a child or children with the other woman and does not pay any child support and the tax payers are paying for it. eg. one woman in the state I live in is 30, has 8 children and gets 12,720.00 per month from welfare, plus medical etc. Perhaps your lawyer should look into that aspect. How many of the people trying to destroy your family are without blame in their own families? I wish you well, from the bottom of my heart.

  • Paula

    Dear Brown family, my heart goes out to you. It is clear to me by watching the show that your children are loved, the siser wives have an incredible bond and everyone is very well adjusted. The bottom line is that you are a very God loving family. I just don’t understand much about the laws in Utah. If Kody is legally only married to Meri and all the other marriages are more of a spiritual and emotional bond, what is unlawful about that. Can someone explain?

  • MFN

    Although I’m not for polygamy, if they want to live that way, that’s fine as long as they’re not doing anything illegal.
    But weren’t they asking for it when the “announced to the world” about their lifestyle? What did they expect if they KNEW there was a potential risk? Just saying…
    It’s one thing to tell your friends or coworkers about your lifestyle but it’s another thing to be in a doccumentary on TV and making an announcement about it.

  • Debbie

    Well if you all think that it is good for a man to have as many damn wives as they want to go from ones room, to the next, to the next, and to the next then why don’t you just have an orgie with your husband and let him screw as many women as he wants to. That is what you are saying is okay. I guess the women should go get them three other husbands. Get real. The world is fucked up enough and so are kids now days.

  • Debbie

    Isn’t ADULTRY against the law??? You can get many different things from a husband your divorcing if there is proof of adultry. Come on, would you want your husband to screw other women just feet away from where your sleeping. God does not approve on a lot of things and when you say they are a god loving family; uhhh well, does god approve of their living arrangements or having sex with many different women. They are not married to one another except Meri and Kody, so therefore he is just being given premision to screw the other three and to have kids with these other women. It is sick. They all might as well have an orgie. Don’t let them fool you on TV; they probably are the most disfunctional family around. Get real, tv is all rehearsed.

  • Brittany

    Although I prefer a monogamous lifestyle for myself I see nothing wrong with the Brown family living life as they want to. They are great parents and children are being hurt in no way. It’s not like an old man is marrying an underage girl. These are grown adults and should be allowed to marry whomever they choose.

  • cheryl

    Freedom of religion. If we can have gay “marriage,” why can’t the Browns practice polygamy? I think the Brown’s have a very loving, strong family. They aren’t hurting anyone. The gov’t. should leave them alone.

  • Sam

    I think there is a lot more that is NOT shown on the show. I think polygamy is a selfish lifestyle. The man gets all the perks while the women have to deal with jealousy, caring for a ton of kids, etc. The show tries to make everything look wonderful when human nature tells us that there has to be a lot more jealousy and anger than is shown. I believe a lot of editing is done.

  • melissa

    I think it is a strange lifestyle,and one I would not be able condone under my own roof,but on the other hand,I see alot of benefits for the children,wives and the husband.The jealousy and whatnot is probably there,but to deal with those things on a daily basis may teach all of us about handling our emotions and lives in a manner that is different than the traditional.

  • I grew up believing that there is one wife and one husband in a marriage. Yet as I watch the Brown Family I still believe in that for myself, but I can see how wonderful it could be for others. I do not feel that anyone has a right to tell these people how to live. Watching this family you can see the love and it is so beautiful. I can honestly say I can see the attraction to it. The Brown’s you could say have changed my views on polygamy. I see everyday in the news of abused children and awful things some families live, yet more then not half the time things get sweep under the rug. So why would you take a loving, healthy, happy family and destroy their lives?? What is the difference between this and a group of people living together and the only difference being the label of polygamy? At least Cody takes care of his family and is not out there fathering a bunch of kids and not taking care of them, he makes his family his first priority. My thoughts and prayers are with this family and all the families that deal with this. Hang in there Brown’s and know you have a lot of support from your fans.

  • Browns R Tuf

    “Let he is without sin cast the first stone.” Yes, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marriages could be considered as common-law. Yes, they knew the risk by announcing to the world IN ORDER TO CHANGE THE STIGMA OF POLYGAMY. (Showing that it’s not always as horrific as it seems. It’s not always between an innocent girl and a disgusting old man.) Yes, there is probably jealousy and anger. However: the children are not being abused (or else TLC would’ve already turned in the abusers) and the wives knew what they were getting into and always have the option for therapy or to move with her kids to another house and “divorce” Cody.

    As far as I’m concerned, there are some things that only the Lord can judge. Modern, not traditional, polygamy is one of them.

  • Kris

    The government has no place in personal morality issues like this. No one is being forced or abused, the kids are healthy, happy and socially active. These folks have my blessing and support, I hope they find a place of safety and less worry. Big Brother butt out!

  • Tracey Eagleson

    I am a direct descendent of Brigham Young, therefore, I am a great-great-great granddaughter of a polygamist family. I do not live this lifestyle myself, but I support those who do. The Brown family has many of the same issues in their family that any other family does. They are all loving parents and raise their kids in a good home. So many families today have step-siblings and step-parents and they all function as a family. Cody is only legally married to Meri and so I am not sure what “legal” actions the county has. So what if they all live together?! Their kids are loved and not abused, neglected or ignored. No one is on drugs or an alcoholic. They provide for their family and teach their kids right from wrong. If you ask me, too many times CPS or the government allows children to stay in a home where it is completely dysfunctional and not safe just to keep the family together. But they are trying to break this family up when no one is abused or neglected. I am sickened by the treatment this family is receiving and hope that eventually they can be happy and raise their kids just as they have been doing. I thought we had Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression in this country! I can see nothing illegal here. So the government needs to focus on deadbeat parents and those who don’t take care of the families. Leave the Brown family alone!!

  • Marsha Haas

    It seems like a simple solution..Leave them alone stop hounding them their not hurting anyone.Just because its not the way you or I would live who is to Judge them.I love this show and think Meri is just awesome,she should never been fired from her job over this.If Gay people in some states can have insurance togeather and in some states Marriage seems to be aceptable between same sex couples why is this very old fashion concept under attack?As my husband said why would anyone want more then one wife….I wouldnt share either but thats not us its them .How about everyone live their lives and let this nice family live theirs.

  • Deerios

    I also grew up believing that marriage is between one man and one woman and have CHOSEN this for myself. Kody and his 4 wives are all consenting adults and they have CHOSEN this lifestyle. Who are we to say what is right and wrong, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, etc. Watching the Brown Family I can see so much love, nurturing, and bonding. This is their life and once again they have CHOSEN this for themselves and it seems to be working for them. If you don’t like their lifestyle then don’t choose it for yourself but stop meddling into another happy and functional family’s business!! At least they are being raised by a dad and are blessed with 4 moms. If you need something to worry about then worry about how some states allow same sex marriages and how they are allowed to adopt children. How do you think their children will react to having 2 moms and no dad or 2 dads and no mom?

  • Allison

    This is a FELONY!!! End of story. If they did not want legal trouble, don’t go on national television exploiting illegal behaviors. No one would prosecute if they were not capitalizing on illegal behavior. No one is jealous. This is not like an “affair”. It does not matter that only one marriage is “technically” legal. It is common law marriage and that is what makes this practice against the law. This is NOT a religious conviction for them. I have NO SYMPATHY for people who KNOW this is illegal and decide to flaunt their behavior in front of the law and then cry unfair when the police are only DOING THEIR JOB!!! TLC should be just as ashamed for producing illegal behavior on a national stage. They want to change the laws, fight for it at the national level. Otherwise, step off!!!

  • Allison

    You want to know why Meri was fired? Not because she is living this life style. Her job knew she was a polygamist. She was fired because she and her family decided to CAPITALIZE on ILLEGAL behavior. No job can endorse a felony. The police could come after them. You can’t employ a felon knowingly and not expect legal problems. Living with man/man or woman/woman is not comdemned legally because it is NOT AGAINST THE LAW! Who are you to say you are above the law. Should we all break laws that are not “that important” or “does not hurt someone else”. Sorry, answer is NO!!! They may love each other a whole lot, but they are felons. They better not tell anyone in the new state they move to because now they are felons on the run. Good luck getting a job to take care of that family of 17 kids. I guess their show is over. Sorry, bye, 15 minutes of fame are over. Stop crying all over television. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Allison

    I see people talking about religious conviction and freedom of religion. Anyone hear of “separation of church and state”? You can’t do something illegaly, claim it is your “religious belief” and get away with it. Not all religions follow the bible. Why do you all assume that the “bible” is part of everyone’s life. In your religion you may decide to put your faith in the bible, someone else may not. They can’t teach the bible in public school. Guess why??? Separation of church and state. I can’t say I am a devil worshiper and burn a cross on your front lawn and say, it is my religious belief and so therefore you can’t punish me. That is insane. All it comes down to is the law. This is based on “common law marriage” and therefore he is married to 4 women which is what makes this illegal. End of story. Someone else’s wrongs do make the Brown’s right because they love them. An affair is not the same thing. And adultery is not punishable in a divorce, unless there is some sort of prenup. My husband cheated on me and trust me, it did not benefit me in the divorce. It makes NO DIFFERENCE!!! It sucks, but legally, there is nothing different. Brush up on the law before you jump on the Brown train.

  • Cathy

    … Legally Kody is only married to 1 wife, the rest are close friends with benefits. This said, Kody could be no different the many of men out there that have lots of lovers and children, but he is not sneaking around and he is trying to take care of the people in his life. When you bring millions into your home, there will always be those that will find something wrong with the situation. The legal issues they face are unfortunate, because the children are always the ones that suffer the most. I wish them all well and happiness. (Christine, suck it up…you always want everything your way or no way!)

  • Lisa

    I;ve never written in before to any t.v show,or celebrity. I’ve thought alot about your show and what it stands for, and what it is showing to our community. I have a question for the world. DO men/women who do not stay loyal in their relationship, they don’t get charged, they don’t risk loosing their family due to judging, we have gay marriages now, no one goes to jail for that, we have in society had to except all kinds of living arrangements, children who are in gay marriages have 2 of the same sexes. I see this family showing strong values in how to care for one another. There are fathers that go to work, come home and go to bed, or better yet take off to play golf with their buds. I see this incredibly family wanting to open their hearts to show what a family is all about, strong morals and love for eachother. If it works, why ruin it UTAH!!! I would be honours if they were my neighbors or friends. There are a few women that work in the family to, and by golly everyone gets along fantastically, they are like strong best friends and sisters. Really, this is a great family, let them show us that..What makes these people fellons? Honestly, if we as a society or law going to break this family up, that’s wrong. We have had to accept this world as non judgemental, and what are we doing?? Cody, is cheating on his wife, the wives are there knowing and wanting this unit as a family, you can feel the love for eachother through the television for goodness sakes. Id love to be in a half a relationship as they are, Id be the happiest girl in the world. Another thing, Cody doesn’t drink, smoke or go out with buds, he is soo dedicated to his family and good on you guys!!!

  • T Dorman

    Debbie, if this is Just TV why are you watching it and commenting on it? Maybe you should try and not care. Or get on with your sour life. I fell upon this show accidentally one night, and as an active Member of the LDS church I was sure interested to see how it was going to go. I have really had a respect grown for this family. All these comments about the hard relationships with the wives, and the poor children and how hard it “usually”is, are bogus. Not only do you not know, but you must not be married, and if you are maybe you have the absolute perfect marriage or something. Is there not issues and things that come up in every relationship? And to say that he just goes sleeping around one wife to the next, you must not watch this show at all! I hope that this family finds a place where they can relax and find happiness. And get away from all the American Hypocrites that pick and choose what should and should not be legal. If you have a fear of this family and want to punish them for that fear, you are in the wrong. Browns, I support you:)

  • Helane

    I’ll start my post with the fact that I find myself watching this show and will continue watching it.
    Living in the US, being from the Middle East, I have seen and will continue to see many things that I do not personally agree with. Also, let it be known that I am a Christian and not a Muslim so having multiple wives is not in my culture.

    In regards to the Browns. He is only married to Meri, if she wishes to share her husband with the other women then who am I to say no? It is not my husband.. I do feel horribly for the children, especially the older ones, but as one of his wives said, the parents always convey what they believe to their off-spring and in this case they are sharing what happens when people break the law. They are felons, they may lose what they consider a family. If Kody and the ladies wanted to live this way, then they should have lived in a country from the beginning that legally allows polygamy in order to protect their children from the pain that they are undergoing now. Also, I think they should have embraced Islam because in Christianity polygamy is NOT allowed. “From Wiki link” “Polygamy in Christianity is a form of marriage within Christianity. It has numerous examples in Old Testament. Whether the new testament allows or forbids polygamy is an active debate with no clarity.” In my mind, they are not Christians. Are they Jews?? Does Judaism want them?
    They moved to Nevada..but I just read this.
    ” A senator from Nevada has announced his intentions to introduce a bill that would further put sanctions against polygamy.” from the Wiki link quoted above.
    So, where do they go to next? Does Kody,and I call him affectionately, the rooster, move “his” family out of the country? And will we follow him, pay for his family to live? That is the question.
    It is my personal opinion that their lifestyle just plain STINKS. I would not wish to share my husband, I really like all of Kody’s wives. They help each other and have a great thing going..Why couldn’t they each have their own husband’s and live near each other and help each other they way they do now? Why would the other wives wish to not have “The legal” status of being married and have most of society consider their children as “illegitimate”?
    Now, if the baby’s daddy is caring and loving and taking care of the children, at least be honest and say that you are living together.

  • Jimmy

    I find it hard to have sympathy when Cody acts surprised that they are investigating him for Breaking The LAW! In a civilized society, we can choose which laws we follow, but must man up and pay the consequences when we choose to break them, especially, flaunting it on TV. MAN UP CODY, and be ready to suffer the consequences, because YOU are the one who put your family in this predicament in the first place.

  • Salem

    I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. But, I don’t see anything wrong with how the Brown’s are living. They are loving parents and the children seem to be happy, healthy, and respectful individuals. They’re not being abused and though they’re growing up in a Polygamist family the parents have said many times that it’s the kid’s choice if they want to continue that in their adult lives. So, leave the Brown family alone and let them live their lives. You don’t see the Brown’s putting people in a monogamous relationship down so why should we do that to them? Prayers to the Brown family.

  • Thank you all for your comments and thoughts. I really enjoy the wide variety of opinion and feeling this show brings forth. I like it because it gives Americans (and others) a chance to USE the wonderful First Amendment to the Constitution, and feel free to say whatever is on your mind (for the most part) without fear or favor of any man (or woman), as they say here in Vermont when people take an oath (the “Freeman’s Oath”) that permits them to begin voting for the first time.
    It’s a great country because we can say what we think. I feel, personally, the Browns should be able to live as pleases them, as long as their kids are well cared for and the wives are able to leave the arrangement if they wish to. However, I want to acknowledge the right to think otherwise expressed by some of you, and thank you for being willing to a) watch the show and b) write in about it to us here at Blogcritics!

  • I look forward to posting a longer article about the show next Sunday. Till then, be well… and enjoy this glorious springtime.

  • Tracy

    I think they should leave this family alone. We are in a changing world, we have gay familys and that is not wrong. So why should polygamist be any different. I do not live this life style, but I don’t see nothing wrong with how this family is living there life. The husband could have a wife and cheating on his wife. They just are living the truth and they have trust in each other. If there is abuse then worry about it.

  • REBA


  • I agree with those who feel the family should not be prosecuted. I was a little startled by Kody’s insistence on “being the leadeer” when the early shows had said everyone gets to make a choice. Despite all this, I feel they have a right (as we all should) to choose a lifestyle that suits them.
    They should not be driven away from their home just to live as they wish. Their kids seem fine and happy. I plan to write a longer article on all this and would like to ask all commentators on this show if I could quote your comments when I do. Thanks very much. Will post again Sunday, possibly later than usual as I am attending a play with my son.

  • rachel

    I think the law should be change then.. Who to say how many people u can love.. I have watch this show and I love it.. I have to most respect for the wives- I couldn’t do it but they r happy. What right does the law have to say u cant love this many people. The kids r happy.. Cody is a good dad..Hello how many kids can say their father sticks around mine sure of hell couldn’t.. Good luck and I will fight for u all..

  • mary

    these people are hurting no one..there children are well cared for intelligent and well brought up.. how about going after the people who have multiple children with multiple apartners and collect welfare.. or the muslims that come here and marry while still being married in there own country.. dont think it doesnt happen cause it does..leave the browns alone

  • Cathy

    I hope that all turns out great for the Brown family. The children seem happy, the wives seem happy and free to speak their minds or leave if they want to and they are supporting themselves so what is the problem. No one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to so leave them alone. Go after those that are forcing young girls to marry them so they can have many wives. This life style may not be for the majority but nor two men or two women together and we accept that. Live and let live!

  • America

    Leave them ALONE!!!!!! They are not hurting anyone. This is America land of the FREE! Act like it!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ll be honest, I began watching the show trying to find something wrong with this marital “agreement”. Maybe Kody was controlling and would negatively affect the children and exploit the wifes. Instead I discovered strong, loving marriages that work together to resolve issues, that take care of one another in good times and in bad. Children and wifes that are loved, respected and included in all family activities. I’ve laughed with them and cried with them and hope this prosecution will be over soon.

    To the Brown Family,
    All the members of your family are wonderful examples of good honest people that show their integrety in every sense of the word. I envy the relationship Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have built. They are truly sisters. Kody you are a loving father and husband and should be commended for your honesty. All of the children are a joy to watch and listen to because of the high morals they have been taught and follow. I pray for you,wish you well and hope you find peace in the near future.

  • Hi Friends!
    Thanks so much for all your thoughts and comments this whole season. I really appreciate being able to read and think about all these different points of view regarding the issue of a different style of marital life.
    Tonight is the FINALE, at 9/8 Central on TLC as usual. Here’s some information TLC has been kind enough to share with me pre-finale– check out the link for a look at the “sneak peek.”

    Here’s TLC’s press release and a link to a video:

    “With 3 flat tires and a run-in with the Utah Highway Patrol, it takes the Browns 24 hours to go 200 miles. They are finally making the move that will change their lives forever.

    Tune in to an all-new SISTER WIVES this Sunday, May 22 at 9/8c, to watch one of the most powerful episodes of the season. Follow the Browns as they gamble on their future and begin the move to Las Vegas. With the move to only three days away, Kody tells the younger children they will be leaving their home in Utah forever. Despite some protest, the Browns begin to pack. But when the media gets hold of the news, plans turn into panic.”

    I hope you enjoy taking a look at this. Join me tonight after Sister Wives for more commentary on the finale of the season!
    Thanks again for all your thoughts.

  • Sis

    I believe that this family is being persecuted because of their religious beliefs. They are hurting NO ONE. They are a loving family, raising their children with good Christian values, BETTER then some every Sunday going to church people. They believe in marriage, they are not homosexuals pretending to be “normal”. They believe that God has commanded them to follow this lifestyle. If people are trying to change the law so homosexuals can legally get married, why not for this family? Doesn’t make sense to me. I am one who would not want this life style for myself but that is my own personal choice. I say let them live in peace.

  • elle

    While this family mostly appears to be wonderful and loving, more subtly, I am disturbed by the sexism and the double standard of the male being allowed to engage in basically adultery while the women, who openly vent their jealousies about matter, are forced to submit. They say that the more wives means more love-I wonder why they aren’t open to more husbands then? Its because these male-dominated “religions” are suspiciously convenient for men wanting multiple sex partners.
    The good thing about this family is that these women seem to have chosen this life, as adults, but most polygamist sects DON’T allow girls freedom of choice of lifestyle. Many are kept isolated, told to “stay sweet (don’t complain or have any feelings)” and deprived of liberty.
    THAT is WHY polygamy is illegal. Yes, this family is mostly lovely, but the parts about it that are troubling are troubling for a reason.
    Polygamy in this country has a history of underage girls being forced to marry against their will. And in some bands in Utah, the males (sometimes underage) are thrown out of the community because there aren’t enough women going around. That creates REAL social problems. Young males (sometimes called lost boys) lving on welfare or the streets, because they fundamentalist “church” kicked them out because they didn’t want them taking up any wives. So while this family makes a case for the fact that this system might be workable sometimes, it does not negate the fair and serious questions that these groups create for the rest of society, and for some of the members.
    Law is about more than just what “feels good.” Some of these people seem really nice and it makes you want to cheer for them.Some of their values are admirable.
    But they were adults when they chose this. Their children, minors, were not.
    Being mad at gay marriage doesn’t make the argument for polygamy any stronger. We are talking about Polygamy.

  • Sorry my article has not been posted on last night’s show yet. I await my editor’s vetting of it. Should be up soon.
    I felt concerned last night for Mariah when Kody was speaking about keeping her in his home “till you are married.” If she can leave when she’s 18 and “graduated,” that’s certainly better. I hope she is aware that she will be legally free to do so, not have to marry someone to move from home.

  • CJ

    Allison… you come across as one mean hearted, closed minded, bitch as far as I’m concerned. These people are trying to change the way the world views polygamy; last time I checked people usually have to do things that are outside the box or “illegal” to make big changes happen. Example being Rosa Parks, a black woman, who dared to sit at the front of a bus. She broke the WHITE law and as a result helped pave the way to racial freedom. The Browns are more functional than the majority of American (and Canadian!) families and I think society can learn from them. My problem with laws is that they don’t move or bend in respect to the situation and it’s people like YOU that make change impossible.