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TV Open Thread: Lights Out – “Infight”

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Eamonn Walker in Lights Out

This week’s episode of Lights Out continued the excellence of the past two episodes, as the show has finally seemed to iron out the kinks and hit its stride. The theme here was two warring family factions battling for control of the sometimes hapless ex-heavyweight boxing champ “Lights” Leary, who is merely the guy who takes the punches in the ring, after all.

Lights’ nuclear family, his wife Theresa and his daughters, take a shine to Lights’ new trainer/guru, Ed Romeo, played by the amazing Eamonn Walker (of Oz fame). But Lights’ blood relatives, especially his scheming brother Johnny, resent Ed’s control over the family cash cow.

Lights seems to have a self-destructive impulse to put his family over himself. He knows that under Ed’s tutelage, he is in the best shape of his life, but he can’t totally commit himself to Ed’s strict regime.

Johnny’s destructive influence is symbolized when Lights is seen hungrily wolfing down cheeseburgers (Ed has Lights on a strict health diet) when he sneaks away to meet his brother to discuss pre-fight publicity.

If Lights was thinking straight, he might realize that it is his wife and his daughters who have his best interests at heart, and not Johnny, who is the reason that Lights had to get back in the ring in the first place.

But the fighter is a creature of habit, and ultimately can’t face a megafight with his rival “Death Row” Reynolds without the support system he’s always known – even if the support system is a parasitic one.

Johnny’s destructive influence, however, may have backfired on him at the episode’s end, when the forces of good and evil battling for Lights’ soul, symbolized in the scrap between Ed Romeo and Johnny, results in a severe injury to Lights.

Another great episode, overall, that leaves the viewer anxiously awaiting next week’s installment of Lights Out. What did you think of last night’s episode? Weigh in below!

Lights Out airs Tuesdays on FX.

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