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TV Open Thread: House, M.D. – “Out of the Chute”

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I’m going to be adding an extra House feature weekly, so that you all don’t have to wait to express your opinions about each week’s episode. Part of Blogcritics new “TV Open Thread: For All Your Rants and Raves” feature, I’ll be posting a short episode summary write-up to start the discussion. I’ll follow up a day or two later with something longer and hopefully more considered “End of the Thought Process” piece as well. I hope you like this new approach; so let me know what you think! Now on to “Out of the Chute.”

In the aftermath of his breakup with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), everyone is worried about House (Hugh Laurie). Having cleared out his bank account and checking into a hotel, House seeks to bury his pain in a bottle of Vicodin and with a series of hookers. We know that House can be self-destructive, especially when things go badly for him. And Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is right to be worried about him.

What is House seeking in sinking into a such a dissoulte and decadent adventure? Realizing that her breakup was badly timed and unfair, and acknowledging that House was acting out of fear and did his best in a terrible situation, she knows he loves her, and that she still loves him. He deserves another chance, but as she tells Wilson, she cannot go backwards. 

Worried about his best friend, Wilson insists that House is on the brink of self-destructive disaster, but despite the fact that he’s back on Vicodin and consuming enough alcohol to poison a small animal, House insists he’s not being self-destructive. But Wilson has been here before with House, watching him fall apart in the aftermath of a bad breakup (Stacy). Have House’s coping skills improved since then? The hurt is still too new to really know.

In the meantime, the team treats a bull rider who is attacked by an animal. House tries to diagnose the case from the comfort of his hotel room and poolside (and in the midst of a bubble bath). And despite the booze, broads and Vicodin, House comes up with an elegant and brilliant diagnosis.  

But in the end, it’s not enough—just like the long line of hookers, champagne and room service meals, it seems. Nothing excites him; there is no real joy left, despite appearances. And from within his turmoil, House realizes he’s depressed—aware that neither medicine nor the dissipated pleasures he’s been enjoying. This is a bad sign.

This dawning realization leads House to the balcony of his hotel, considering how, or even whether, to cope with the loss of Cuddy. In the end, House wants to know he can still feel—can still experience something that can take his breath away and excite him. The way he goes about it is completely insane, which only speaks to how messed up he is right now. Wilson and the entire team have good reason to worry in the aftermath of House’s leap into a pool from his hotel balcony. 

Tommy Moran and Larry Kaplow’s script delivered on some interesting parallels between the bull rider patient and House, and Sanford Bookstaver gave us a great teaser sequence that echoed through to the ending. The evocative music gives viewers some insight to what’s happening inside House’s broken heart, while to all appearances he’s having a ball. 

I realize this will be as controversial an episode as “Bombshells” (if not more so), but please keep things civil and respectful, whether you loved or hated the episode! Don’t forget, I’ll be posting a longer essay later in the week with a closer look both at the episode and my take on House’s considerable humanity—and how it’s plays out from the series’ first episode through tonight’s “Out of the Chute.”

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  • Sera G

    Thanks, Barbara,
    It’s silly that I am the first to post, since I did not watch. I am truly glad that I didn’t.
    Now, Cuddy is introspective? I love her. I love LE, I love the character (former) character of Lisa Cuddy, but come on! What did she expect when she left him? I am not saying she was wrong to breakup (although I think it was) I am saying NO ONE should be surprised that he spiraled out.
    Of course, now we know that there will be no more House/Cuddy, we can’t even hope that in a few ‘days’ they will talk it out and come to at least a civilized place.

    Hurtful writing! Destructive turn of events! What does this accomplish?

    As I said last week, this is dismal. There is nothing you can do? Life has no hope? No matter how hard you try, it will always fall apart? Even at the beginning, when House was isolated and afraid to reach out, I never felt hopelessness from him.

    I wonder if they are trying to kill this show?

  • House spends most of the episode fighting what must be a sense of hopelessness. He does it in a way that is self-destructive and in full denial of his hopelessness.

    Wilson said much of what was wrong about the breakup. But that final scene. Lordy!

  • Jaim

    I was happy when Cuddy said that he may deserve another chance but this decision is not about what he deserves. Her feelings do matter. She has a right to want more from her lover. I never will accept that what he did in Bombshells was romantic, noble, or brave. He was being a coward. I’m glad that Cuddy did not let Wilson sway her into changing her mind. She does deserve better, especially now. She should not be his emotional crutch nor a self-sacrificing doormat. Yes, she loves him but when she needed him most he was escaping with drugs once again. Why in the hell should she settle for this?

  • Jessie

    I’m so glad Wilson told Cuddy what I’ve been thinking: “You said you didn’t want him to change.” Of course House needed to change for a relationship to work, and Cuddy has the right to realize she was wrong when she said that. She also has every right to demand a boyfriend who is supportive and present. But that’s not House. At least not now. She should have known that before she even started up with him. And part of her did.

    I felt bad for House, seeing him spiraling out of control, trying to find anything that made life worth living. But, as always, Hugh Laurie is brilliant. IIRC, he’s had his own history with depression, so I imagine he was able to pull from that, in small part.

    I liked House and Cuddy together, but I think it was never meant to last. I don’t see them getting back together anytime soon, if at all, but I’m excited to see where both characters end up after this.

  • Taylor

    That final scene….gave me chills.

  • RobF

    The show is best when it is being brutally honest with its characters (especially House), and not giving in to the temptation to make them happy.

    This new direction is honest and inevitable. House is an addict. He is selfish. He will always put himself first. Cuddy knows this and had to face up to it sooner or later.

    Story arc aside, the last two episodes have been brilliantly done. When House is like this, it is almost art.

    House, as always, doesn’t bother to sugar-coat things to lie to himself, nor to lie about himself to those around him. His binge of self-pity with hookers and Vicodin at the hotel is pathetic, and he knows it. He essentially tells them “I need to wallow in self-pity in my usual self-indulgent disgusting manner”, without making apologies.

    As the episode progresses, we notice that the hookers and pills aren’t making him feel better. More revealingly, even his old standby of being an acclaimed genius doesn’t help make him feel good about himself. Everyone cheers his brilliant master-stroke that cures the patient, but he feels nothing. As is often the case in this show, the choice of song is very deliberate. In this case, Arcade Fire tells us:

    “I’m standing on a stage
    Of fear and self-doubt
    It’s a hollow play
    But they’ll clap anyway”

    So they clap when he saves the day, but that is no longer enough for him. Like the rodeo star who accepted that his days of “the 8 seconds” are behind him, and knew he would find other loves, House has to be reborn and move on.

    Being House, he chooses a particularly extroverted and dramatic method for this rebirth.

  • Jill

    I am saddened, yes greatly saddened that the show and character I have loved since 2004, is reduced to this pathetic man. Some say House is back, not to me is is not. This is not the House I have grown to love and feel for. Tonight I saw a different character, yes the House of the past had his prostitues. But nothing like this, he is even showing them and him to his team! House has never acted like that before. And do not even get me started on the promo for next week.
    I am right now very VERY sad. The character I have grown to love all these years to me died last week, I do not see him anymore. If there is a season 8, I do not think I will be watching after what I saw tonight. But then again I don’t fall into that demo that the networks want anymore, maybe that is why they made House so extreme tonight!

  • 54

    Barbara, thanks for opening the new thread. I know we’re supposed to be respectful here, so I’ll try to be as respectful as I can while ranting.

    Unlike what I posted, or at least tried to, post in my reactions to episodes before, I find myself unable to come up with a halfway decent coherent reaction to this episode. I was/am that nauseated by it. Is it wrong that my fist was clenched because I am so upset?

    The thing that kills me, in addition to this episdoe, (what with the crazy simultaneous different season weather, the hookers, and the amazingly cheap humor (gross/crass humor on House used to be funny now a lot of it just looks like a cheap attempt at shock value)), is the promo for next week. It’s so…again, cheap. I hate the gimmick of the marriage thing with a passion.

    If House isn’t supposed to change, as the writers argue, then how could he marry anyone at all at this point? I thought marriage was “seven levels of hypocrisy” to him. So, House being a jerk will never change, but, one of his fundamental beliefs can? In line with the craziness apparent in the show right now, I would even accept that he would have a regular hooker, heck, I’d even concede he might move in with a hooker. (Why do we have to talk about hookers so much in relation to the show?) But marrying? I don’t care if the marriage turns out to be fake and a device to just hurt Cuddy. This is just beyond I don’t know what.

    I wonder if the writers realize the massive destruction they’re leaving in the wake of these gimmicks. Why do they choose to explore themes in this way? NOT exploring themes in this way was precisely why I loved the show.

    The gimmicky path they are taking is literally bombshelling the show’s rich history, their characters. The idea that House would choose marriage to hurt Cuddy is something that seems to come out of a badly written fanfic. And the consequences of the dramatic device used…are the writers thinking about it? House getting married in reaction to the breakup…this would be proof that (1) House really is an unreachable and unsavable jerk, (2) Cuddy was right to break up with him because, as everyone can see, the cruelty he’s capable of is out of this world (3) he’s so emotionally stunted that he is, really and truly, doomed to be alone. If that’s the intent of the writers, well, bravo.

    I read some other reactions to this night’s episode, and I think that perhaps (of course I could be wrong) the newer viewers to the show thought the episode was “awesome”. They thought it was suspenseful, and House at his depressed state was so much more interesting than a House who was trying to be happy. Maybe the producers and writers are gearing towards these relatively new watchers. I don’t know. But, for someone who has watched every single episode, this episode was nausea, and I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch next week. I wonder how much consideration goes into thinking about fans who have stuck with ‘House’ for years, as opposed to trying to attract a wider audience for that episode only for ratings purposes.

  • Jill

    Thank you 54, you feel the way I do, the ones of us who have watched since the begining, are not cared about any more, its just the ratings they care about now. I am crying to think that. But it’s true. It hurts me to think that HL could buy into this crap!

  • 54–I’ve watched House since the beginning, analyzed every episode (probably more obsessively than I’d like to admit). I’m not a newer viewer at all.

    I didn’t find this episode gimmicky at all. I found it really pretty plausible that House would go for the dramatic just to prove (mostly to Wilson, probably) that he was “fine” and even better than “fine” having a great time.

    We know he’s anything but “fine.” So does Wilson; so does Cuddy. He’s not fooling anyone (least of all himself). Throwing himself into pleasure is not normal behavior for House. It’s over the top and designed (by him) to force himself not to care about the breakup. It designed to allow him to lose himself in the sensations of pleasure and turn himself off to how he’s really feeling and coping (not well).

    The music did a good job (as it sometimes does) of helping us to understand that House’s actions weren’t reflective of how he was feeling. That ending was simply chilling. House can be pathetic and incredibly self-destructive when he’s deeply hurting (Merry Little Christmas, Distractions, etc).

  • fatOlady

    Okay, I came home from work and went to sleep. I let the episode go to the DVR for the 1st time in months. I was a coward and wanted to read some of the comments first. I have now watched he episode.

    I am aware that my opinion is likely going to be unpopular with the majority of fans I have been grieving with for the last week, but I liked this episode. I apoligize but remeber this is just my opinion. I thought it was everything that I tune into House for week after week.

    I thought the episode was well written, smart, sharp witted, sarcastic, and full of bare or barely veiled angst. As sad as it is to say, House in pain is addictive and he always hs been. This episode was full of drama impulsivness, and avoidance, 3 things House does well.

    I see a lot of HL in this episode. In interviews he has talked about his own battles with depression. He has talked about driving a race car over 100 miles an hour and feeling nothing but boredom. House was saying this with every crazy stunt in this episode. The bow an arrow sceen,the hookers, and especially jumping in the pool. This is classic House. His passion demands you either get busy living (even taking stupid risks) or you get busy dieing. Who has that kind of courage?

    Also, I now have more hope for a future for House and Cuddy than I have had in a couple of weeks. No matter what has been said by the creative masters or the characters themselves, this is a love story that will have to be revisited. The passion that is so evident on the screen is going to have to be released or it will blow the top off everything. Watching them tonight, this love is not going to just go away if you ignore it. What you say doesn’t matter; what matters is what you do.

  • Michele1L

    I’ve been watching “House’ since day-one and I thought this episode was spectacular, so it’s not only newer viewers who liked it. I enjoyed every moment of it. House has no choice but to somehow find a way to get beyond his grief in order to feel something other than … grief, and the pool scene at the end, I agree, represents a rebirth of some sort (who knows of WHAT sort) but I’m fascinated to find out where it goes.

    I am pleased to see that Cuddy takes some responsibility in the failure of the relationship and expect she will expound on why it happened because I know there is more to it. While I agree with her point that she deserves to have someone “step up” and be there for her when things are not going well, I also felt the split was ill-timed and abrupt.

    I thought it was so touching how Wilson was fighting for House and Cuddy and how he was just about brought to tears over it.

    Some of us are so depressed over the breakup, but I’m not convinced they are over. For now, perhaps … but even so, they can’t avoid each other while being boss and subordinate in the same hospital. There has to be communication, and Wilson put it well — they need to be in each other’s lives — even if they are not sleeping together.

    House did not just become pathetic. He has always been pathetic and he has always exploited his use of hookers, bringing them into the hospital without shame,etc. This is nothing new. This is House. He has always dealt with his pain by over-indulging in things that bring pleasure, in typical addict fashion. I have no idea at this point where this is going but I have to admit that after last week’s episode I am both relieved and intrigued. I didn’t expect this episode to be as good as it was. Well done.

  • Michele1L

    SeraG – You should watch.

  • 54

    Barbara (#10), thanks for sharing your opinion. I absolutely agree that the music was good this episode. “My Body is a Cage” was amazing.

    I know House’s self destructive tendencies have been shown since day 1 of the series. I’ve also seen the history with the hookers, the drugs, the alcohol. I can understand that. But I just can’t wrap my head around this marriage idea. That’s what feels essentially gimmicky to me, IMHO.

    On another note, I think the idea to open a forum for rants/raves right after the episode is a great idea.

  • fatOlady

    54 – I second your cheer to Barbara for opening a forum for rants/raves right after the episode is a great idea. Good job.

  • Celia

    # 16 Out of the Chute easily the best episode of this Season. Kaplow can write , man ! Every Dept. hit their mark, from the Teaser with the metaphorical bull ride & goring, to the ‘broken’ heart, to the ‘baptismal’ jump in the pool. Beautifully shot, written, directed and acted. Even the small things like the bath tub scene: the hooker faces House and ids distant from him; with Cuddy he cradled her and was close. Brilliant.They’ve roped me in again * pardon the pun)

  • Manuel Mexico

    Hello Everybody…

    Im so sorry for my badly english, all i want to say is that as a house Fan all over this 7 seasons, and under the “foreing” perspective, i think the episode was Brilliant, and before i missed, BARBARA, youre So Mean, cuz you know where this is gonna end, i do know, and im “Happy” xD for it, DO YOU REALLY, HONESTLY EXPECTED A CHEAP LOVE EVER AFTER STORY JUST LIKE THAT? CMON PEOPLE!!! ITS HOUSE!!!
    Nothing comes easy with Him, This will be, FURTHER, one of the Most ICONOCLASTIC Modern Couples ON TV of our Time…
    QUOTE°°°° (EveN if they wont “last forever”)
    House will “not change” Because Everybody Lies!!! Its a LIE that he´s entirely as he Claim to Be…
    But we cant Loose House Escence… AND FOR ALL THOSE WHO FEEL BETRAYED OR ANGER… YOURE JUST HYPOCRITE… all the people that enjoy seen House Miserable, its just because they are Hopeless with themselves, hate House when he was Happy, but I WILL ENJOY WHEN HE PROVE ALL OF YOU… THAT EVEN FOR SOMEONE LIKE HOUSE, IT IS POSIBLE TO BE HAPPY, GETTING OUT OF THE CAGE… HE.. has the Key… xD and hopefully, You All, Maybe learn Something…
    So, It was Smart, hilarious, just Brilliant, and even better, no matter how many times you all say youre “quitting” the Show, youll be there first in front of tv…
    Barbara its a pleasure to Write on your Wall… i may screw it all with my pitty writting, i just hope you understood what i was trying to say…
    One day, and i hope still take a while… we all honored House MD, for showing us, that “Everybody Lies, cuz Everybody Hurts… But once the Pain goes away… Lies will vanish trhu the Winds of Love… Cuz he Might not believe in God, or a Life After death… but he´s learning for the very real first time, about the Power of Love… and with Love comes Hope, and what is God if is not Hope and Faith…
    Thaks, and sorry again…
    Best Ever Ending Episode…

  • Ragula

    The last 5 minutes of this episode were truly epic in ways I can hardly describe! The fact that House just can’t get over Cuddy by resorting to anonymous sex, popping pills, marinating his liver, concocting extreme pranks, and even solving another medical “puzzle” means that the break-up profoundly and fundamentally scarred him. In fact, he was wounded in a such way that he had to resort to utterly reckless behavior by jumping off a balcony just to force his heart to beat again (and as metaphor and tie-in with the patient). He did not go to such lengths when Stacy left for the second time, or even when Wilson practically disowned him after Amber’s death. Only for Cuddy.

  • Molgano

    House’s slowly despondent plunge (literally and metaphorically) into the unknown in conjunction with Peter Gabriel’s cover of “Scratch My Back” by Arcade Fire as well as his cathartic yet unhinged grin while underwater will forever haunt the very recesses of my mind for an extremely long time to come.

    To quote Al Pacino: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

  • Fantastic teaser! I loved the metaphor of the bull rider’s 8 seconds and House’s relationship with Cuddy. House felt like the bull rider, holding on tight, recalculating and adjusting to every twist and turn and in the end, falling and failing – and getting kicked when he was down.

    Is House trying to numb his pain, or trying to feel something amidst a pain that has numbed him? I think he wants Cuddy, Wilson and his team to know how ‘off the deep end’ shaken he is by the breakup.

    The writer’s continue to defend Cuddy’s decision to leave House. I can understand and even accept the premise. But, I would have thought it more true to her character that Cuddy would agonize over how she would approach this given her acute awareness of his fragile emotional being. She loves him and knows that House ‘needs her’, and I would have thought Cuddy would be more gentle and protective.

    Cuddy seemed so cold and ‘back to business as usual’ when chastising House for wanting to blow up the patient’s heart and accused him of trying to ‘fill a void’.

    And in the end we hear the lines: “What do you do when you win? Party. What do you do when you lose? Party harder.” Perhaps when Thirteen returns she will play a large part in helping House grab hold of his reckless self to some degree. I have always thought House had a particular respect for her. Thirteen sees through him and House knows it. The choice of the song, My Body Is A Cage was perfect.

    My body is a cage
    We take what we’re given
    Just because you’ve forgotten
    That don’t mean you’re forgiven

    I’m living in an age
    That screams my name at night
    But when I get to the doorway
    There’s no one in sight (Seriously, they found a song that mentions the doorway? 🙂

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    And, poor Wilson. House looked so maniacally delighted that Wilson was there to witness his cannon ball! I think instead of the hiding in his depression as he’s done in the past, he’s doing this craziness out in the open to signal to everyone (especially Cuddy) how scared and scarred he is.

  • Val

    I also really liked this episode. I saw a familiar House yet an unfamiliar House…let me try to explain.

    The familiar House I saw was the one with his Vicodin, his puzzle, his booze, his hookers; basically his self-destructive behavior.

    The unfamiliar House was the one I saw realizing that that kind of behavior wasn’t having the affect it used to have. The Vicodin and booze wasn’t numbing the pain, the medical mystery wasn’t taking his mind off his troubles, having a string of hookers maybe wasn’t a good as what he had with Cuddy, and even a highly planned practical joke wasn’t lessing his depression or taking away his heartbreak. It looks as if he will be trying even more tricks to forget Cuddy and numb his heartbreak (which he admitted to Cuddy he had, and I think he was telling her the truth), as we see next week.

    I think he has evolved a bit these past couple years. No his behavior hasn’t changed, but I think he may be in the process of learning what’s really important. And, though his cannonball into the pool seemed a bit predictable by the end, it was good to see him really smile…a smile of understanding. One I hadn’t seen since he went to the carnival with Freedom Master.

    Wilson was great and did what he had to do. I don’t think he could have done anything more or less. I knew there was a reason I trust TPTB and let them take me wherever they must…even if I only watch certain episodes once, when I usually watch them at least twice! Tonight’s episode just proved it again. This is not your series 1 House.

  • carpenter

    First: Sorry for my English, it isn’t my mother-language.

    Although with a lump in my throat and near to weep I found this episode great. The self-destruction trip we find House is worse to look at than the breakup last week but his behaviour was very believable. He tries to benumb his pain – of course unsuccessful. His actions have been extrem but typical for him. Only sad he reminded me on the House from de fifth season (his behaviour – not the progress of the story).

    Cuddy blames herself, demonstrated red wept eyes and remains strong to Wilson, who cares heartbreaking about his friend. But she depicts again how weak she is when House requests (with totally cold eyes) to do her job and try to stop him if she means his judgement is affected. At least she’s so honest to admit that this development is also her fault and she’s still in love with House (if only just to Wilson).

    The patient have been a interesting subplot. His brainfailurs, Martha’s amorousness and finally again a possibility for House to give proof of his genius. To bad that does’nt even satisfying for himself although he has shown he was right despite hookers, booze and drugs and he’s a brilliant doctor.

    The end of the episode was nerves disrupting. Certainly I knew that House doesn’t kill himself – there remains 7 episodes untill the season ends – but this song “My Body is a Cage” and then the bounce from the balcony in slow motion … I had rather preferably caught him.

    This episode war good. I hope FOX know that Hugh Laurie is a treasure and will give us a season 8. But I can’t watching “Out of the Chute” a second time. It’s only a series but I love House very much and it’s aching to see his pain.

  • Fe

    Honestly I haven’t been this excited after watching an episode for months. It was cracking. I thought the whole downward spiral would be done badly but the metaphor with the patient was soooooo brilliantly constructed from the opeining scene to the one one where house told him he’d never ride again and he said he’s fine something else, while his hand was tightly wound round the bedding. While Cuddy says she loves him, that scene with the bull rider was the one that nailed it for me. Like the patient, House can do all the destructive things he wants to his boday and heart, but it won’t take away his love for her. It was great and all done without pushing it in our faces because at the end of the day it was a good POTW.

    As an aside, Masters reminded me of why Cuddy loves House. As she falls for the fearless bullrider and at the same time a little bit for House when you saw how impressed she was with this diagnoses.

    Just perfect. Long may these episodes last.

  • Committed

    I think I’m still having a hard time with the break-up to give this episode a fair comment and I know that. This may not be a return to the House of old but watching him spiral down worse than ever – well, it’s just hard to call it entertaining. I really didn’t find too much humor or hope – actually just the opposite and maybe thats the problem for me – I just don’t need to be depressed week after week no matter how fascinating House’s character is. Hopefully by seasons end, something positive will evolve from this, otherwise, speaking for myself only, there isn’t a lot of reason to return.

    I still think the best hope House and Cuddy have is to be friends, I don’t see where they will ever be a couple again. Sad because it did take so long for them to figure out that they wanted to try.

    Maybe someone who does think they can still make a go of it can explain why they feel that way.

    I can’t wait for 13 to come back – I need something else to focus on.

  • smk46

    the bull rider’s hand was wound up in the bedding because before he rides a bull, a cowboy has to bind his hand to the bull’s circingle. that part wasn’t shown in the episode, but it is a vital part of every bull ride. when the potw freed his hand from the blanket, it was him letting go of the eight seconds/ every ride that he defined his life by. his congruency to house who has been unbound from cuddy is the symbol here.

  • Last night we finally saw just how deep House’s pain really goes. He is simply reacting and going through the motions. He’s sad, terrified, angry, lonely and empty inside. Those are feelings of a depressed person who feels completely LOST. There is no question that when you looked in his eyes last night, he was LOST. I felt so bad for him.

    It was evident from the beginning he was trying to wallow in self-pity in an effort to feel better. The amount of cash that lay in the bowl on the table in his hotel room to be used at his whim for any and everything, the number of hookers (6) that he went through, the amount of pills and alcohol, using the bow and arrow-everything he did was some method to ease his pain. Sadly none of them worked, nor did saving his patient’s life which for House is usually a big deal.

    What scared me was the only thing that did make him feel alive again was “living on the edge”. The look on his face when he jumped, when he was underwater–I knew he was in big trouble. Living dangerously is the only thing that will give him excitement now. He’s going to take risks he never took before and he’s going to make hasty and not very well-thought out decisions. Living this way could cost him everything. Ironically everything would be his life, his job, Cuddy and Wilson. And in the end I really don’t think he wants to lose any of them, no matter how bad he feels.

    I’m hoping the return of Thirteen helps him. If anyone knows what it is like to live on the edge, she does. Her excuse? She’s dying. But I think Thirteen went away not to live dangerously but to think and ponder and maybe enjoy her life. I hope she comes back and in some small way can help House. If anyone knows what it’s like to face death head-on she does.

    I felt for Cuddy too in this episode. She hurts as much as he does but she is putting herself first here, it’s about what she deserves too. Cuddy is as dysfunctional as House. She has her thoughts about how things should be, she’s controlling, somewhat of a perfectionist, but she sucks at relationships, probably in part because of it. I really believe Cuddy wanted this relationship to work, they both did. From the beginning though both seemed to do little things to sabotage it, probably because from the very beginning they went into it thinking it wouldn’t last. If you go into a relationship with that attitude, it won’t last because both parties are constantly walking on eggshells wondering when the end is near.

    I do not believe that Cuddy has convinced herself that she is better off without him and made the right choice. I think she wants to believe it, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I think this is probably one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do because she does love him and does care so much about him.

    Cuddy can’t help but be drawn to House and vice versa. With all his flaws Greg House has a lot of redeeming qualities about him which she loves. House is the ONE person she could always be herself with and the ONE person who knows her better than she knows herself is House.(Lucas, while he loved Cuddy, never really understood her like House does). With all her dysfunctionality, House always accepted Cuddy as she is. Cuddy never had to be someone she wasn’t around House, and vice versa, he could always be himself and she accepted him. They could always read each other’s thoughts and call each other’s bluff. House and Cuddy were each other’s conscience.

    We’ve had nearly seven years of what I just described between these two people, that spans more than twenty years in their lives. You can’t throw that away in six months. It doesn’t do the characters or the fans justice.

    Right now I feel House’s pain and I can see that he is going to do some really stupid things to himself and others while he’s feeling like this. We were told that things would get worse before they get better, I’m counting on that. I’m counting on the long friendship House has had with both Wilson and Cuddy to help him through this. I am hoping that TPTB begin to explore House’s inner turmoils (as I mentioned last week) because there’s more to this than just Cuddy breaking up with him. It doesn’t seem logical that a man like House would be codependent, needy and miserable (prior to Cuddy) because of his ex girlfriend Stacy breaking it off with him and because of his leg. It goes deeper than that. The trust issues he has with people, the fear of love and being loved, of opening himself up to feelings are at the very heart of his problem. Why does he not trust anyone? Where did that come from? And how can it be resolved?

    There’s more to Lisa Cuddy and Greg House than we’re seeing here. Time to explore this.

    So, what do TPTB plan to do NOW? Our three major characters are in turmoil. The first is living dangerously on the edge, the second is feeling guilt-ridden over having caused it, and the third is watching his two best friends fall apart literally before his eyes and there’s nothing he can do for them.

    In addition to some good POTW stories, there are stories here about these three that need to be told.

    I’m keeping the faith that my favorite show, that I have followed faithfully since day one, is not losing its edge, but rather playing this out to a deeper much more meaningful season end. The House we saw last night is a House in pain, and we’ve seen that same House through the last six and a half years> If it was hard to watch then it’s worse now because we KNOW House can change, we know that if he really wants to change he can do it. Thing is for House he has to do it for the RIGHT reasons. House was clean for two years, and even though he was still an ass, he did make some important changes in his life. He did it because he wanted to be happy. He can still be an ass, but I think his character deserves some credit for the two years he worked his ass off to stay clean and try to improve his personal relationships. If he could do it then for Cuddy, he can do it now for himself.

    This idea that people don’t change is ludicrous because people do change. We’ve seen our three major characters change over the last six and a half years. Sometimes they took steps forward, sometimes back but no question these three endured a metamorphosis since day one based on the experiences they’ve been through. Oh sure, at their core there are still some things about them that will never change, it’s part of what makes them who they are. Wilson will always be a mother hen, Cuddy will always be a control freak and House will always be a sarcastic pain in the ass, but regardless, they all have changed. Change is inevitable and it can be good, even for misanthropes, control freaks and womanizing mother hens.

    Oh and based on the previews, there’s no telling where this is going next week. If House is marrying this chick it’s probably to get her a green card and she’ll promptly haul ass after a quickie annulment/divorce and we’ll never see her again. Or is that what’s up? He’s doing this to hurt Cuddy? The House we once knew was an ass but never did anything to intentionally hurt Cuddy. He only ever hurt her when he was in pain. She never intentionally hurt him either unless she was in pain. So now where is this going? Are these two going to battle it out and spiral out of control to the point where one of them gets hurt worse? And are they going to hit rock bottom and be able to find their way back to what they once had? And they once had a lot…before they became involved, they had a long standing friendship and they trusted one another. How far will they go? Are TPTB going to take our favorite characters on a wild “out of character” ride where we don’t recognize them anymore? Please, I hope not. This is one show that has always been terrific, hell it’s the most popular show in the world. Now is not the time to blow it.

    By the way I am once again in AWE of Hugh, Lisa and Bob’s incredibly amazing performances. We may not like the scripts they’re reading right now but the acting is superb in every way!

  • Fe

    Interesting thought. I got the connection with the bedding and how he rides the bull but I actually thought it was him lying to himself that he could find something else to do, pretending he can move on – as House can’t either. He couldn’t forget what he loved. Interesting how we see different things in these scenes. Think it shows how good it was.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Thank you Barbara for opening this place to talk about last episode of HouseMd:

    First of all, I´m really very sad. Probably it is my fault, because I wrote (in my mind) another story about this Season of House.
    All we see at the last episodes is happening too quickly! I don´t understand why?

    – Ep.10: House helps Cuddy with Rachel. House plays with Rachel. Rachel huges House.
    – Ep.11: Family practice. Everything Ok. House helps Cuddy with her mom.
    – Ep.12: House worry about Wilson. Everything ok. Cuddy is happy. House is happy,
    – Ep.13: House realizes that little things are important at a relationship. “I can do better”.Cuddy is forgives him.

    – Ep.14: “Shut up, you´re too drunk to finish this relationship”. “I will always choose you”.

    – Ep.15: OMG. What happened here? Cuddy broke up the relationship at the five last minutes of the show. No sense.

    – Ep.16: OMG. What happened last night?

    —House and Cuddy don´t talk about it, why?
    —House on drugs, why?
    —House with jokkers, why?
    —Cuddy saying “is my fault” but she doesn´t want to go to talk to him, why?
    —House needs Cuddy but he doesn´t go to talk to her, why?

    —COME ON! They are a couple. Why they don´t talk about nothing?

    – Ep.17: House´s wedding. That finally killed me!

    Well, I don´t say that I don´t like the episode. I say that I DON´T UNDERSTAND the “new” storyline. I think all of this is happening too QUICKLY.
    I think writers didn´t explore at all the relationship between House and Cuddy.

    I think, this relationship (overall, after this las episode) doesn´t work like this.

    I hope House and Cuddy finally come back together, but previously they have to fix theirshelves!

    I don´t know how writers can fix this situation, but I hope they will give us happy moments soon!

    I am an spanish viewer, and I watch the show since the begining, I can say that the House we watched yesterday, isn´t the House of ever!

    Well, I will wait…but I´m now very sad. I repeat: “probably is my fault”…

  • RedTulip_Ana

    26 – Jessica aka JLCH

    I agree!

    Very good comment!

  • I’m glad you seem to like this early opportunity to discuss! It will not eliminate the longer pieces at all, but give everyone a chance to vent (or rave happily) before!

    RedTulip–Neither House nor Cuddy are very well adjusted people. To “talk” about it isn’t in either of their natures–especially not House’s. He is so guarded, his immediate reaction would likely be “I’m fine. Leave me alone.”

    House probably always had in the back of his insecure mind that this was probably inevitable and actually expressed that to Cuddy in Now What.

    I really like last night’s episode. The hookers did nothing for him, and the outrageousness of House’s behavior is that of a man desperate to bury his deepest feelings and find something, anything, to ease the deadness in his soul.

  • Dmcky

    This is a great idea Barbara, it helps to be able to vent shortly after the ep, and I look forward to your longer review..

    That being said, this was one of my least favorite episodes of the season.. (Note: I have yet to read the other comments so forgive me if I make some of the same points).

    This ep left much to be desired for me. I mean the parade of hookers was disturbing, his childish behavior was well, childish (even for House), and very unattractive, not to mention dangerous. I also felt that he was totally disrespectful to Cuddy. I get the feeling that the writers are trying to make House even more of an ass then he was before, but at least I could respect him before, now I’m not so sure..

    I could appreciate that he is in pain and in turn self-destructive, but I always felt he was smarter then what we saw last night. But I guess this is the point, the irrational mind, of a rational man paradox. So either the writers took it to the extreme and went outside of what we know his character to be, or they were trying to show us that we only THINK we know House, but revealing more of him to us. The jury is still out. And it’s true that we’ve never seen a post-break up House before, so maybe this is who he is??

    I don’t know if I’m in the minority here when I say I enjoyed Cuddy last night (the 5 mins we got of her). I felt that she to was very much hurting , but was standing behind her decision, as painful as it may be. The fact that she tells Wilson that she love House, and that she is aware that he love her speaks volumes. She doesn’t question their love, her decision was based on more than that. Someone has to be the adult here, and if this ep proved nothing else, it proved that House isn’t that person. I also loved her comment about House deserving another chance, but it not being about what House deserves. You go girl! I don’t know why people don’t see that she is the strong Cuddy she always was?? You have to be strong to make these tough decisions. And Wilson needs to respect her decision and stop enabling House, because that’s what I saw him doing everytime he spoke to Cuddy…

  • josie

    I enjoyed last night’s show, but when it ended, I did not feel anticipation for next week’s show. I feel what else can they do with this character? If he gets fired, he’ll be re-hired, if he marries the prostitute, it won’t last. Now that he has re-lapsed, he still doesn’t get support from his staff. Last season, no one welcomed him back after Mayfield–even Cameron. I would think his staff would have some compassion for him, despite that he’s an ass. I hope next week’s episode ends with an Intervention because I’m already bored and disgusted with a spiraling House. Lastly, it was 43 degrees in N.J. yesterday. Cuddy and Masters were dressed for winter yet House and one of the prostitutes were sitting in the sun.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    30 – barbara barnett

    You´re right “Neither House nor Cuddy are very well adjusted people. To “talk” about it isn’t in either of their natures”…

    Because of this I said that: “I hope House and Cuddy finally come back together, but previously they have to fix theirshelves”

    I think, both have a lot of baggage to fix before “things will be better”…

    I agree with your first thoughts about that episode!

    Thank you, again, for give us the possibility to express our thoughts!

  • rjw

    I thought this was a very solid episode.Great teaser,interesting story with the patient.I liked how Chase let Foreman know that Foreman wasn’t running the show.House’s situation is very sad,with all the countless hookers,booze,Vicodin.The last scene is simply horrifying!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    31 – Dmcky

    I agree with your comment about Cuddy. She really is suffering, she is hurt…she is crying all the episode…she is very sad! She left House, but she loves him and she Know he loves her…Because of that, her decision is more difficult…

    House has a big big problem with the pain (not leg), and Cuddy knows this. House need help, but now the help can´t be another vicodin, I mean, Cuddy can´t be his new vicodin, because if Cuddy died (ep.15), House will always look for the other vicodin.

    I think the real reasons of Cuddy for the break up are these…I´m pretty sure she is suffering a lot!

    Lisa Edelstein said: “things will be worse before everyone will be better”…

    I don´t believe she said it because House and Cuddy will come together…I think she said it because both characters will be better (not together yet, but better).

    Well, wait for next episodes, and see…

  • LadyA

    This is the first time ever i post about a tv show…Last night episode was nicely tied, the 3 top-actors did an amazing work specially HL, the POTW had a great parallel with House tragedy but the whole really left me sad.
    House is digging deeper and deeper a new hole to hide his sorrows and nothing seemed to work except the life threatening jump in the pool…How sad is that ! and how insightful this is about the next episode…Taking such stupid risks to be able to feel something besides hurt and depression for few minutes…
    The harder part was, this broke-up Huddy for ever…I don’t see how after last episode they can mend the pieces of their relationship (And I don’t believe they can go back to being friends anymore)…H went from C to hookers (not one but at least 6 or 7 !!!!) publicly without any consideration for her feelings…He wanted to hurt her as much as he was hurting…and next episode : the wedding !!!!It reminded me of Both sides now when Wilson told him : make her angry / terrorize her…maybe House is trying to get a reaction from her but I think the only reaction he will get will be rejection and anger…As wilson says in the promo for next episode: “You’re pummeling an opponent who isn’t fighting back…” I don’t know how a single woman in the world (dysfunctional, normal…)can forgive and forget something like that…So this leaves us with 3 depressed “friends” (and the misery oscar goes to H as usual)

    NB. English is only my third language so I beg your pardon for the mistakes…
    It’s great to read your posts guys ! I feel like I went back to Litterature classes 🙂

  • RedTulip–I think if Cuddy had died, House would have tried to do the same (I think he has a very large self-preservation streak, but that might have done him in). OF course that can’t happen!

  • espejoses

    I liked the episode a lot and the strength of character each from his seat in the ring of feelings that are and are now. Each one in his corner crying and brooding in their positions while the two are certain and wrong simultaneously.

    I can not agree with the theory that the old House is back because if I’d be arguing with the premise that what defines a House is drugs, misery, sadness and bitterness that I think that in addition to wrong is simplistic. To begin huddy relationship has hardly been explored, even remotely.And if you have done has been as a pretext to accomplish an end that they had already set up (where we want to take and if you have reached will come back to after the season or the end of the series, we see it, and why I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt thanks to the great series and Houses). A deep exploration Cuddy would have been if they had not started their fighting ability and courage to put all eggs in one basket in the relationship despite the doubts and fears we have, fighting for what she feels is right but remove the ability to see the other’s position.They went from being frank and brutally honest with each other, which is as always has been, to turn the cliche that men are from Jupiter and Venus women.

    What I’ve seen since recession-proof so far is a scared to death Cuddy that House’s role had been in this relationship, how deep was his love for her and what she really meant / meant for him. The fear got so much responsibility, she realized that the deeper your relationship is done, if they fail or disappear from the world in any way, he will be inevitably lost. But she miscalculated out of panic, after a situción health crisis and was drastic in its action, and what she wanted to avoid in any way been fulfilled it. The Cuddy as we know it is strong enough to stand alone the curveball of a cancer, with fears or not, but not strong enough to endure the pain of House in her consciousness.

    To me the words I can not be your Vicodin, your defense mechanism to avoid problems are a reflection of it because she is so emotionally involved as the relationship is what makes it permissive. It already is at work too, but there she can control him, but can not on feelings. Wilson reaffirmation when this justifying their actions the second time he goes to her house, corraborated it.

    As for House reacts in appearance as before but this is different. He did not try to deny the fact of the break, and their feelings, or even attempt to steer the conversation in front of Wilson, just do not want to talk. What’s that mean? Just trying to relieve pain with pills, with the whores, with alcohol, but above all attempts to eradicate his memories of his relationship with Cuddy, as if that were possible!!!!To me the words “I’ll always elect you,” says it all.

    You do not know if you noticed it but to me all the scenes that we saw yesterday with the whores and that is so painful, is a repetition of what he did to Cuddy. The sequence of the bathroom. their actions on the bed (to talk to his department about the patient by phone, and then continue with another session of sex), games and jokes with them. It is as if to change the memories, to make the whores in the place of Cuddy, he wanted to change their meaning as only a sex act void of emotions. The downside is that it fails. His face changes when he is in the hospital, sad and dark shading. And anyway, can barely stand being there, not even in your office. Nothing he does gives him satisfaction. The only real feeling that we’ve seen all the episode comes from his only contact with Cuddy, and it’s instinctive, almost like the reaction of a child, and that is none other than returning the wound. “Is that you think I’ll break his heart like you’ve done with mine?”. That phrase has been all the rage and every intention

    Finally the scene of the jump from the railing is very significant, but I have yet to clarify its meaning, apart from the risk. It pops out the intention of it, but I do not see at all clear that either with suicidal intentions. I think it’s different this time. Not that way but it is different. It’s a gut feeling that I have of it.
    What I can tell you that the rest of the day will be as raw and visceral emotions like these last two chapters. The event will be moved.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    37 – barbara barnett

    Of course, I hope that CAN´T happen!

    [A note for you Barbara:

    I have to say you thank you for another reason: my mother language obviously isn´t English. This blog and comments are too interesting, so I have to look many words at the dictionary!

    I´m learning a lot of new words and expression!]

  • exfan

    As a fan that has watched every single episode, these are my feelings for the last couple of episodes:
    – after being shocked and saddened by the house and cuddy break up in the end of bombshells, i thought they may have gotten back together.
    – after seeing the last episode i think they have killed any hope. if that was their intention, then it worked!! but the show has been ruined for me.
    i don’t see how cuddy can continue to have any sort of affection toward this man. he supposedly loved her yet he’s sleeping with countless prostitutes the next day?
    I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole now!! she should stay away if she values her life! he is disgusting. who knows how many diseases he’s carrying around.
    – so now we are back to square one, but worse, because the chemistry they had, for me, is gone and the house that i loved is also gone. the characters have been killed!! i guess it would be better to watch mystery diagnosis, cause that is what’s left of the show the medical mysteries. i am no longer interested in what happens to them anymore. i was indifferent when house was jumping off the balcony and i thought he was killing himself, might as well have.
    in addition, I was also looking forward to seeing them share more equal screen time. I think edelstein has proven herself to be a great actress and to go back to the 5min (if any) tv airtime is an insult.
    At this point i don’t see why edelstein should stay in the show at all. i think there may be bigger and better things for her to do elsewhere because this show has ruined her character’s place in the story.
    very disappointed.

  • RedTulip–Happy to oblige.

  • ruthinor

    For reasons I don’t completely understand, I found myself far less depressed over this episode than I did after Bombshells. Perhaps it was partially because I’ve been sick for 2 weeks and am finally feeling better (!), but I think it’s more than that.

    I have to say that looking back at this season’s episodes, when TPTB put House and Cuddy together they partially destroyed both characters. What did we enjoy about them? The bantering, the fighting, the attempts at one-upsmanship etc. But other than in maybe the first 3 episodes of the season, they made this couple a bore. Of all the things House and Cuddy are, boring should not be one of them. House was still a prick, but he became an obsequious prick. Constantly saying he could do better. Whether the writers intended this to be the case or not, most of the episodes about their relationship were totally lacking in pizzazz. All the things we loved about them were sublimated, making the relationship one based on fear rather than love.

    I liked this episode, not because I enjoy seeing House hold a pity party for himself, but because it was interesting. We’ve seen the self-destructive House before, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen him so angry, as well as depressed. His comments throughout the episode were, IMO, different than in previous downward spirals. They weren’t bitingly funny as they have been in the past. House is frequently at his sarcastic best in these situations. Here he just seemed too uncaring to even be funny.

    With regard to Cuddy, I have been very sympathetic towards her and continue to be. Again, the writers seem to have real trouble dealing with female characters and making them seem whole. I think many folks hold it against her that she is able to keep it together in spite of how awful she feels. We don’t get much insight into her because everything is centered around House. She doesn’t get the screen time showing how all this has effected her, so she takes, and accepts, the brunt of the blame, unfairly IMO.

    The music in this episode was fantastic, from the first song during the bull ride to the chilling last scene. I had never heard “My Body Is A Cage”, but along with the jump into the pool, it was chilling. In no way did I find that House was excited and happy at the end, but this was just him trying to drown his sorrows and failing. If any of this leads to House and Cuddy actually confronting their feelings in a more honest way, whether or not they are ever a couple again, it will make for interesting TV.

  • Michele1L

    exfan – House has always slept with prostitutes and Cuddy knew this when she got involved with him. She also knows that House is an ‘infectious disease’ specialist and while he’s reckless, he’s certainly not stupid. He would protect himself. He is not substituting prostitutes for Cuddy because the prostitutes mean nothing to him and she means everything. He is merely attempting to placate himself with them, just as he does with the booze and the vicodin.

    On another note, the more I consider the future of the Cuddy-House dynamic, I think we may be in for a Stacy-House type scene in the near future — where Cuddy professes she will always love him, it was wrong to try to “force him into the mold of the domestic life” she seeks outside of the hospital, it isn’t him, etc., but she will always love him for who he is, etc., and at some point House will stop being angry, just as he did with Stacy.

    I think Cuddy and House, after a meeting of the minds where they are both honest with each other about things, can still be friends. If anything, they should be better friends than before. Perhaps the romance will not be revisited, but I think the bond between them is forever.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I had a hard time finding this new site. I left messages on your previous reviews, but I wonder if others are having the same problem.

  • Rachel

    If you’re upset with the direction of season 7, you might enjoy this “letter to DS”… http://mich32.livejournal.com/

  • DebbieJ

    I don’t indulge in the media frenzy of Charlie Sheen’s obvious problems. I don’t find it fascinating or humorous, I find the whole thing sad and pathetic. I don’t want to see it happening to Gregory House, either. Even his excitement with all the college students in the pool sound like he is convinced that he is “WINNING”. Ugh! Please, I do not want to see him going down this path! TPTB didn’t hit the reset button to Square 1. They went far beyond that to Square -1 and then some.

    Okay, he’s on a bender. We get it. But hooker after hooker, vicodin after vicodin, scotch after scotch? You don’t need to shove it down our throats for an entire episode. This is honestly the first time ever watching an episode that I was totally pissed off the more it went on. And promos for next week’s don’t look any better. Please, please, please, let House’s self-loathing phase end!

  • Flo

    I will wait the whole review to post something more but I just wanted to say that I found the episode interesting even if it was a bit over-the-top and that there was a problem in the rythm IMO.

    As much as it was predictable that House wouldn’t cope well, and as long as I understand that House was therefore showed going crazy, I kind of agree with Debbie. We didn’t need all those scenes with this. It is one of the first time that writers and directors prefred to show rather than suggest.
    House lack of good coping skills made him regressed. I don’t think it will last really long though. We’ll see. The hookers-booze-vicodin parts were a bit long IMO.

    However, this path is interesting to me. They were really good scenes especially between Wilson & House and between Wilson & Cuddy.

    Ruthinor (#42) I agree with everything you wrote in your post.

  • LizzieE

    #42 Ruthinor-I completely agree with your analysis. Was I as depressed with this episode as I was last week? No, but only because the “other shoe had dropped” in Bombshells – a shoe that TPTB always indicated would drop. I can’t help but think that the whole Huddy coupling was engineered just to break them up, a way to justify House returning to his downward spiral or a reboot to square one as some would say. That does somewhat explain the fear based and yes, boring nature of their relationship this season (I’m with Wilson on this one – where was their honeymoon phase, off camera?). Maybe I’m too cynical but I have never felt that the writers are as passionate about and committed to their characters as we are and I seriously doubt that they spend nearly the amount of time crafting a script as we do analyzing same. Therefore, it’s hard for me to stay as committed to the show. As a result, I’m curiously indifferent now as to what happens going forth. Perhaps my sense of hopelessness mirrors that of House but I don’t think I’ll cannonball into a pool from a balcony just yet.

  • Nola

    Well this is definite my favorite episode this season.
    First the opening bull riding scene, between the slow mo filming, the countdown, the music, just WOW, kudos to the film crew.

    The banter between Foreman and Chase over who is boss while House is away. House telling Chase on the phone to quit screwing with Foreman. Great stuff.

    Masters attraction the the POTW.

    House and the POTW both needing to find new ways to find that high for life.

    And of course House, finding his own way of dealing with his pain. Finding his own way to bring excitment back into this life.
    The look on his face as he came up from the water, a look of pure joy in knowing he can still be excited.
    I dont feel he will continue looking for that high, he just needed to know it was still there.
    I dont feel the writers will continue House on a path of destruction.
    But this is the way House heals himself, he uses hookers and booze and practical jokes and cannonball off the balcony.
    And WOW, would I have loved to have been the hooker in the bathtub. 🙂

    And all the music used thru out, how perfect.

    Oh yes and the hotel concierge, he was quite amusing too.

  • JRD

    I was greatly disappointed with this episode. I want to start by saying that my disappointment isn’t because of the break up itself, but how they delt with the aftermath. I have always been indifferent to the relationship but understood it was the natural course for the show to take after 5 seasons of tit for tat antics between the two. what has always drawn me to this show was character developement. i watched every episode becuase i saw a man who was hurting and struggling with himself, i saw the capacity for change. what this eppisode did was revert back to the last five seasons of a pill popping self-destructive infant man child and while i commend Hugh for his abilities i’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. i’ve seen it all before and in my own oppinion am tired of it. i saw nothing inside of house struggling with what happened. even when he was an addict there was always something there that showed his vaulnerability and humanity. all this was was a cheap charlie sheen imitation. even with the “deppression” part. i didn’t find it convincing. the ending was completely predictable and completely implausible that he was able to come up with nothing wrong with him and down a beer. at that height and how he landed he would of smacked his head on the bottom. i was actually hoping that he did try and committ suicide than at least I would see some emotion out of him. I did like the Wilson part though hopefully he will finally call it quiets the poor guy continues to try and be a freind to this guy with nothing in return. i still love the show and will continue to watch it i just hope they don’t continue to go backwards. and i’m quite convinced that house and cuddy are not done. (I’m not sure how i feel about that)

  • exfan

    32- josie
    It’s interesting, what you pointed out. House was sunbathing, it shouldn’t have been that warm. that was off… hmm
    i hope this is one big nightmare.

  • Celia

    I may be so wrong here, but I felt watching the Promo for next week that House was pushing Cuddy’s buttons with a ‘fake’ wedding to either get her to ‘take the plunge’ with him , or to wound her. I really don’t know where TPTB are going with this arc, and with Cuddy loving House & riddled with guilt, anything is possible. Last night’s episode was brilliant and I’m staying at this rodeo.(Speaking of which : the earlier PR photos of House as a clown may tie into the rodeo theme, as clowns are used to distract the bull so the thrown rider can make his escape).

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    I might be in denial and then again, perhaps it’s gone way beyond that and I’m now all the way to thoroughly deluded but… I’m not quite sure. Honestly, I don’t think anyone is actually wondering what I’m wondering and so I fully expect the grand majority of you to call me an idiot here. But… I think everyone accepts what they saw to be what actually happened (setting aside the fact that I STILL think this is all a dream and I assume there are others who still think the same). Now I guess I should explain.

    To start with, I… am actually not convinced House is taking Vicodin. Frankly, if it’s really Vicodin he’s taking, in the quantity he seems to be taking it, he’d be stoned out of his mind, if not dead (add the booze and seriously… I do think he’s drinking though – I’m not THAT crazy). I think he (potentially – assuming this ISN’T all a dream – and I will believe it is until the last minute of the season plays out to tell me otherwise) took Vicodin when Cuddy left his apartment but since then… I’m not so sure. It’s my quandary. (He could have ANYTHING in that prescription bottle.) Because he HAS grown – he knows he doesn’t need Vicodin and I’m not sure he even WANTS it (he wants Cuddy) but he HASN’T grown so much in the maturity of things (therein, I think he’s playing games here).

    Onward we go – second, I’m not convinced he’s having sex with the prostitutes. It seems to me he’s cushioning himself with illusions of the comforts of a relationship so that he doesn’t really have to accept the fact its over for him and Cuddy – he doesn’t want it to be over after all – and by it only being a cushion, in House logic, since he’s not actually having sex with them, if things turn around, it can’t be such a block between him and Cuddy getting back together (screwed but come on – his logic has always been quirky and so isn’t it possible?). Think of it this way – House isn’t one to indulge (to my knowledge) in playing house with prostitutes – they are there for a purpose; they serve it and that’s it. They do their JOB. But HERE we see them doing anything BUT their job and we see him nipping toes, holding hands, sitting in bed beside a companion, taking baths with them, amusing himself with them through games and practical jokes, etc., but we NEVER see compromising positions (unless I missed something). Think back to the desk episode but not about the desk – think about his game to trick and teach his team. He hired a prostitute to help him carry out his scheme. I THINK he is acting this out for the witnesses – of which there are many of them, present or semi-present (and frankly, if he WAS popping Vicodin like that, would his body even react? – and too, I think House loves Cuddy so, I’m not sure his body would react to all these women if it wanted to – he’s an emotional mess after all).

    I don’t know. I could TOTALLY be wrong. (And if this is a dream, maybe it doesn’t matter QUITE so much.) But I think there are too many quirky details here. The hookers aren’t serving their purpose (wouldn’t want to see it if they were but you’d think it would be more… obvious). They are an emotional, not a physical, substitution for his relationship with Cuddy. (Remember he paid the hooker at the pool before leaving and as far as we know, all they’d done was hold hands – how conservative of his pocket book too :)).

    What am I missing? I do think the jump from the balcony was legit. I do. And stupid and childish but also, just another game – House’s specialty. It was made all the better for him in Wilson being present to panic. It made it into more of a game in that moment than that of just doing what he’d come up with from the bullfighter’s and the bartender’s comments – looking for another thrill or regressing to irresponsibility. He’s escaping from his pain in stupid ways but… It’s House. He likes to push the envelope. And wasn’t that what he did all episode? With his personal choices, with Wilson, with Cuddy, with Carnell, with his team, with the patient… (What was scary for me as far as the patient went was that I wasn’t so sure that House’s disappointment was because he didn’t get a rush from solving the case but because the guy didn’t die from him pushing too hard. Part of me thinks in that moment he realized a part of him believes that if he doesn’t have Cuddy, it WILL break him and to have to consider it might not, totally upset his view of the world but… I’m not sure that’s all it was to me – I can’t quite put my thoughts here into words yet).

    On other fronts, I’m not sure I’d say it was interesting, per se, but I saw another line between Cuddy and Masters in this episode. Just like with Masters’ attraction to the bullfighter despite what her brain was telling her, House is one fine specimen and Cuddy is most definitely attracted (the man is a genius so as the bullfighter was identified as a procreation dream (in other words that I can’t quite recall perfectly), so is House along other lines), even if that attraction is against her better judgment (What did Masters call the bullfighter? A “hillbilly and an idiot”, right? Well, House has the idiot part down pat). And the ending left it kind of open. Cuddy said there was no going back and Masters tried to take her words back, then tried to retreat, then thought about trying again, only to have opportunity close in the form of a glass door. There’s no clear cut there. The bullfighter never actually answered anything. In that way, Cuddy might do the same (someone else – can’t remember who – suggested that each scene with the prostitutes echoed one with House and Cuddy – which also seems true to me – the bath scene, the bow and arrow vs. swordplay, the hand holding…) and try to take it back. Will circumstances (such as a potential marriage, perhaps) take the opportunity to try again with House from her? Hmm.

    I don’t need to comment on the head and heart of the patient versus House’s head and heart in this disaster. I’m sure everyone got that. There were plenty of connections there between the two.

    As for next episode, I don’t think he’ll go through with it. I’m not even sure if he’s the one supposedly getting married (it seemed to me too that his position up front made him more of a best man than a groom but that doesn’t really make sense either). I also don’t think the girl is a prostitute (I too was thinking green card but now I really think she’s just another girl being paid to play along in his mind games – I know – it’s not that comforting to think he’s playing games but it IS better than him actually marrying). In any case, I don’t think he will marry her. For whatever reason. And it isn’t because of his viewpoint of marriage being seven levels of hypocrisy. House doesn’t have all that much of a problem with personal hypocrisy when it serves his purpose. I just don’t think he will. And perhaps if he is the groom, he will be rescued by a perfectly timed brainstorm. 🙂 But I don’t think he’ll do it. He IS awful childish with this sticking it to the man thing. 🙁

    As for Cuddy, LE said she’d do something immature. One-night stands and marriages aren’t immature. They are way beyond that. So I don’t see that as happening (I’m also not sure about NJ law and how much notice you have to give to get a marriage license). I think it’s more likely she’ll… deface property – smash the wedding cake perhaps, get in a catfight with the bride, something along those lines. (I also think if we find out she doesn’t know she’s attending a wedding or that Wilson doesn’t know until they get there – then this is most DEFINITELY a dream because there is no way they wouldn’t know ahead of time, given the team knowing and all – no one is THAT cruel after all. But if they do know and go anyway, I could see that. Cuddy might hate herself for going and not want to go – Wilson too – but they would – they wouldn’t be able to help themselves.) As for Cuddy’s expression when she leaves the room, wouldn’t the WORST thing (and I’m NOT saying I think this is a possibility of what will actually go down) be if she finds the REAL groom and it’s LUCAS and House set this up so she could have what she seemed to want all along, snidely giving her what she wanted him to be and what he failed in his attempts to comply with?! This WOULD totally be dream-material. Who would let THAT go down and be a part of it?! But I can imagine how insulted Cuddy would be and how wounded all at the same time. Although it would also be incredibly upsetting if the bride was made up to look like her! How antagonizing that would be! (Ha ha – my crazy speculations…)

    So… I know and I cringe in part in reviewing here. I had NO intention of watching this episode. I said that loud and clear. And then I found out I could watch it livestream online and that was mystifying for me – my curiosity about THAT was peaked as Hulu and Fox are eight days after and I’ve NEVER had anything like livestreaming work for me and… I was more curious about that and whether it would work than anything so I tried it and it worked and… I STILL didn’t think I’d watch it and I DIDN’T watch ALL of it but I watched the great majority of it, drawn to see how the trainwreck played out next while horrified at myself for making a liar of myself but… I watched all the same. I feel very contrite over this truth. And I apologize. (Sorry!) I feel in part like I’ve failed. Mainly in my word – not in anyone expecting me to not watch for comraderie or something… But honestly, in the end, it WASN’T as bad for me as I thought it was going to be. It was too ridiculous on one hand for me to not find it rather amusing in the very last minutes (even if I was horrified at House’s behavior while the episode played out) and then I started analyzing things afterwards and… you’ve seen my position on things so if I’ve thoroughly deluded myself now, that’s probably why I’ve dismissed this episode as… “O-K-A-Y” in the great scheme of things – not so much outraged in this episode as shaking my head over it in acceptance. (I do think the patient/House ties were brilliantly done this ep.)

    I still hate Bombshells. I still don’t like this whole fiasco. I still think the writers did an AWFUL job of exploring the great potential of this relationship – the ups and downs they COULD have tackled and given insight into House because of. (Perhaps they just CAN’T do relationships – maybe that’s where their writing falls apart and can’t hold together, I don’t know.) And I STILL want House and Cuddy together, despite all the STUPIDITY this season and this ep in particular. But the episode wasn’t as bad as I expected. (Wilson was very refreshing in a number of ways.) And I found my own methods of coping in watching it perhaps. (It also helped that GY has kept silent the last several days).

    So… okay. Now you can tell me how deluded you think I am.

  • justabitterfan

    House never resorted to such great lengths when he and Stacy “broke up” the second time around sure, he spiralled down again but this is really the new House I saw. Flaunting the hookers to his team, getting on more binge of hookers, booze and pills. Cuddy really broke his heart. And my defense is more for him. True, he is one big of a jerk doing all of this after only days of the break up but can you really blame him the man feels nothing, even the binges dont excite him as much and the medical mystery fails to excite him too and I really felt for him. I do not apologize for the fact that I have always emphatized with House and looking back at it now, I really hate the fact Cuddy contradicts herself. I even felt irked at how she even acknowledged the fact that she loves him and knows he loves her and how he needs her. House really needs her, he did everything he could to cater to her needs before, and he caved in to her too. He had short comings but then again isnt House normal? He is an addict and he has issues, deeper issues that goes as far back as his childhood. He is a brilliant genius but he is broken and screwed-up. And Cuddy knew that, always knew that and I am saying is she should not have given him false hope. I dont know I cannot ever trust what Cuddy says now. I am still confused to her actions, the things she says. And what really annoys me is how they are seeming to put more reality in her head which makes me think she must be really delusional before esp in the earlier seasons when she was really into House. And they are saying nobody changes? Cuddy really has changed.

    Which leads me to the frustration of the storyline, the characterization, i am really confused. I loved Wilson and how he tries to put sense back in the two but to no avail. Now i would be more glad if House spirals downward more (because thats really what TPTB really seem to want) and Cuddy to live in her guilt forever. If you really love someone you accept him right, accept all the flaws, understand his inabilities and forgive him. Or maybe this is the masochist in me speaking. But anyway I am also starting to hate House for rubbing salt more into the wound if he is marrying the hooker. I feel sad for Cuddy, I feel sad for House. House and Cuddy do not amuse me at all anymore. They said its all been explored etc etc but then again for me it wasnt really. anyway Wilsons such a good friend. And Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein and RSL’s acting really got me they will always be so great in their acting.

    I liked the episode. I loved how they used music, the songs were fitting and perfect, cinematography was great as always and POTW was interesting a perfect parallel to House. He said “He can always find something else to love” which made me think of the situation with Cuddy. With marrying this hooker is he finding something else to love? Yep. Really no hope for the two for me.

    I dont think it was edgy. House jumping down the balcony was all too predictable thanks to the promo of him in the pool. The attempt of the hookers fake murder was cheesy to me and again I am still bitter by the fact how TPTB is handling the character development. I have never complained all this season but how they have handled the House and Cuddy situation really dissapoints me. They really had rich history and all and from the petty small lies and Cuddys whining and wishing to have House be the perfect boyfriend really killed it for me. I also do acknowledge the fact that Cuddy has a standpoint, House has flaws, Cuddy is being selfish, House was being selfish too. But really how they have been written is really really dissapointing for me. I would not want them to get back together anymore as much as I really want to because I have no faith left for how things will be written. I really could just shrug with the next episodes until the finale and I hope all those who watches the show just for the medical msytery is happy now. The medicine stuff is looking interesting now but – the great exploration of the characters are being disregarded.

    And one last thing I dont agree that House substituted Cuddy for Vicodin. When he got back from Mayfield and found out Cuddy was with Lucas he didnt relapse nor had any slip. I just cant see how Cuddy is his drug. Vicodin didnt make him happy it just helped him ease the pain, made him forget about the pain. Cuddy made him happy, made him tolerate the pain, made him more in touch with his emotions. Because he cared for her, for Rachel, for her mother. Vicodin made him lose in touch with his feelings and emotions. So Cuddy and Vicodin for me are two different things.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    53 – Baby Seal On the Run

    Oooh, you again! I really really like your post, even I don´t belive yet all of this is a dream!

    Well your dream´s theory has most sense that the storyline I´ve seen at the latest episodes since House is drunk and said “…I will always choose you”. Maybe, if you were right, anda all of this is a dream, I would belive again in the writers, producers and director of that fantastic TVshow!

    Do you still belive my theory about that Masters doesn´t exist?

    After Ep.16 I can´t believe dream´s theory, even it is very very sense…But now I´m trying to think (maybe I´m lying myself) that all of this big mistake will leave us to a better place…If not…this show is over by me.

    Now, I´m really sad. I said at my first post of today, that maybe the fault is mine, because I draw (in my mind) another storyline about this season. I´m very disappointed with how writers had “explored” the relationship between House and Cuddy, and most disappointed with how they broken up it. Someone said “There is a difference between break up a relationship or ruined a relationship”.

    Well, I don´t say this ep don´t like to me, but I say I DON´T UNDERSTAND the “new” storyline of that show.

    I hope I will can to say at the end of HouseMD, that it was a very good TvShow with a very happy end!

    mmm…Again say to you: I LIKE YOUR POST (well, the beginning of your post…I think you were too hard at the end of it)

    I hope I could read your comments again!

  • somy

    Since I’ve now reached the bargaining stage of the Grief Process, I only have one thing to ask of TPTB:

    Can they PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Cuddy lines that make her sound witty and intelligent again? I don’t care all that much WHAT she says, but recently they’ve given her such bad and bland lines, especially during the Toothbrush Arc, and again in last night’s episode it was all “I just can’t…” (not even a complete sentence) “Things go wrong I don’t wanna hope I’m not alone, I wanna know it”, sadly that’s not even grammatically correct. She used to say clever and witty non-desparate-housewifey things like “this is beyond asshood” and “you think of something to make me miserable, I think of something to make you miserable, and I’m going to win because I’ve got a head start…you are already miserable”.

    Recently and during her whole relationship with House, their interactions were just dulled down as much as possible, they didn’t have a single intellectual or medical argument, weren’t allowed to be sensual or passionate for some reason. In light of the break up it feels like such a waste.

    I don’t necessarily need them to get back together, but I wish the writers would apply themselves and bring some wit and passion back into their interactions and let Cuddy have more intelligent lines. Even poor Lisa Edelstein seems to dislike what they are making Cuddy say, she now speaks slowly and takes strange pauses in the middle of her sentences as though she can’t believe they are making her say these things LOL.

  • 54

    Having watched the episode again, I appreciate the structural intricacies, and especially the teaser & music (which I liked originally too). I agree with all the perceptive viewers who found multiple connections/symbolism between the bull/bull rider and House/his situation.

    After a lot of thought, and I think this thought has been subconsciously in my head for a while now, I think I’ve put my finger on what has really been bothering me about S7. I appreciated certain episodes individually and certainly admired the actors’ performances. I think that something, somewhat of an ineffable quality in the atmosphere of the show has changed.

    I can’t quite express exactly what it is– perhaps it is an element of technological presentation.

    I can only say what I feel, and, for lack of a better phrase, I feel a lesser degree of gravitas in the atmosphere of the show than I felt in previous seasons. The “eureka” moments and the self-doubt moments, self-destruction moments, self-reflection moments are all there, but the atmosphere somehow feels different. The “atmosphere” I am talking about, certain random examples of the “atmosphere” that struck me in previous seasons…
    (1) The end of “Humpty Dumpty”: House & Wilson talking, half joking around, the rain starting to fall, H & W’s respective reactions to the rain/cut to Cuddy in her house, setting out pans to catch the rain
    (2) The end of “Cane and Abel”: House and the song, “Gravity”.
    (3) The end of “Both Sides “now” with its collage of characters: I think the atmosphere is best expressed in RS’ “As Tears Go By”.

    Perhaps, because the characters have become more complex and developed more, this different “feeling” is akin to throwing those characters/elements under high relief, to put the high beams on certain characters/aspects of the show. Perhaps that is why certain things feel garish, at least, to me. Perhaps the glare is intentional, as House has never shied away from presenting truths or unflinching viewpoints. Maybe the point is, as more and more of a characters is revealed, you can’t rely on nuance. Up close, character flaws are glaring, heartbreak is in-your-face devastating, and the ability of a human being to self destruct is, really, frightening and garish when put under a microscope. The extent of House’s pathology(?) his deeply seated issues, his heartache, when really put under a microscope, is unsettlingly scary, as shown in the ending of “Out of the Chute” with the song, “This Body is a Cage.”

    Maybe that is the point, that it’s supposed to be scary, as it must have been scary for House to open up and then feel like he has lost everything, including his lifelong pleasure in solving puzzles.

    Yes, I think that I am scared by S7. Whether that plays right into the intent of the writers and producers or because of a personal idealization of the “atmosphere” I was used to feeling on ‘House’, I don’t know. All I know is, at the moment, “As Tears Go By” keeps on running through my head.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    54 – justabitterfan

    I have to tell you you have opened my eyes. I always defend the theory that Cuddy was the new vicodin for House. Oh, you´re right. I´ve never stopped me to think about that, really. House wasn´t on vicodin for one year before, when he cames back from Maynfield, and when he discovered all about Cuddy and Lucas he never thought to come to drugs…He only took drugs to handle the pain of a possible Cuddy´s die, because he wants overall stay with her. Cuddy knows it…

    Well, I also agree with you about writers treat this relationship. I don´t want to be too repetitive…

    I like this blog and comments because we can see other opinion that maybe change our own!

  • eileen

    I AM SO SAD AND DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW. Not just because of last night’s episode, but because so many people liked it. I am so sickened by the fact that many people are hoping that House and Cuddy could end up as friends. FRIENDS – REALLY? After all the love and chemistry between them, the best case scenario is f**king friends?! I guess I’m in the minority now and feel no excitement or joy from last night’s episode or any future episode. I am thoroughly disgusted. The Huddy relationship was not properly explored and their breakup along with House’s subsequent actions have left me feeling like I need to take vicodin to keep watching. What a waste.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    56 – somy

    I agree with you about the “new” Cuddy. Also I think at that last episode I really understand her “pauses”…she was very very sad and hurts.

    57 – 54

    I agree with you too, about all you say of “atmosphere”…It´s true, I missed thats moments of older episodes. I trust their will come back.

    After seven years watching that show I don´t want to lose my faith…O.o

  • Committed

    Eileen #59 – make no mistake about it, I am not happy that the best I hope for is a friendship. I just think that is the way this is going to go. No one would be happier than me (well seems like maybe there are more of us based on the posts here) if they got back together. Seems like it was so much work to get there and he had come so far. For some reason, I just get the feeling that part is over. I don’t think it was ever the intention to have them last that long based on the many interviews that came out last week.

    So I suffer with you my friend. I am just glad that we have this place to come to talk.

    Thanks to all of the posters and to Barbara for allowing us to come here. This site has many thoughtful comments expressed very, very well. Looking forward to reading more of them….

  • eileen

    Committed #61 – The build up for so many years was what kept me coming back to watch week after week, especially during season 6. It was FUN imagining H and C together. I feel like they were only together for a few moments before crashing and burning. I don’t want to see them with other people. So, for me, without hope of them experiencing their love together again, I find no enjoyment in watching.

  • 54–Interestingly, It’s not been since “Both Sides Now” and maybe “Broken” that I’ve felt this intensely connected the episode’s music. Like “As Tears,” “Grey Room” (One Day One Room), “Gravity” (Cane and Able), and others in S1-5.

    I thought both the opening and closing songs added to the emotional beats of the moment, explaining what House could not. Even the teaser music applied to House…

  • Committed

    Eileen – I understand where you are coming from. Many of the folks here have remarked that they have to be together by virtue of their jobs. Sooner or later, they have to face this. I am holding out hope that that will lead to a positive ending, whatever that may be.

    Maybe we should both have faith that whatever form their relationship takes, it will be better than it was. Like it or not, their relationship as a couple was troubled and they both deserve better than that.

    Here is my final advice, find a copy of “Now What”, download it (if you haven’t already), and watch the opening scene. There is no mistaking what happened there and how they felt about each other. We will always have that.

  • Loomis

    I remember reading a post — I can’t remember from where — that mentioned (I’m paraphrasing from memory here) that House and Cuddy spent so many years developing their friendship that when they finally got together it was more of a fantasy, for a while at least. While I agree with the latter part of that statement, I disagree with the former. The bulk of their interactions were job-related (where she held authority over him), and there was very little personal sharing or opening up on either side (especially House’s). Cuddy thought she knew what she was getting into when she decided to try a relationship with House, but she was wrong. Her expectations weren’t built on knowing him well – that wouldn’t make sense. They were built on NOT knowing him that well.

    I think we’re only now starting to enter into the part of the story where they both will have the opportunity to really start building that foundation, of getting to know each other without the constraint of trying to make a romantic relationship work at the same time. Where that will ultimately lead is for David Shore to know, and us to find out.

  • 54

    Barbara, I agree. The song selection in the episode was awesome.

    I was trying to convey what I perceived as the difference in the overall “atmosphere” of the show by using songs as examples. The atmospheric change that I feel is an overall one.

    No matter how I felt about an episode, the music selection on ‘House’ usually astounds me and educates me on new songs I’ve never heard before. To me, “My Body is a Cage” and “This Night” was the perfect song choice for the “harsher”, more “in your face”, blatant “atmosphere” of House–in its very lyrics in how the words seem to spring directly from House’s heart and mind. Prior songs seemed to have more of a nuanced but nevertheless pitch perfect “atmosphere” about them.

    Hope everything is going well for you, Barbara! Thanks again for providing a place where we can all discuss our views 🙂

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    I think it’s really hard to conceive of this being the end. Even FOR NOW, suggesting maybe down the road… I don’t know where I read it but someone said something along the lines of Cuddy having spent all this time focusing on what he’s not instead of what House IS and… That strikes me as so true of this season. And I think that just stirs up an overwhelming sense of sadness in me. Of despair. I don’t want to hear that she can only appreciate him when she’s NOT in a relationship with him. That is just crappy. And it’s not at all fair. But it seems to be true of late. I mean, we didn’t even get to see her happy with him after he saved her mother’s life. There was no thank you. There was no recognition of what he’d said in her office and what lay beneath his statements regarding what the future would hold for them if her mother was to die. Where is the sense in that? Have they really made Cuddy into this woman who could so easily forget that he’s the most amazing man she’s ever met?

    So people believe that the best we can hope for is them being friends. But didn’t Cuddy just say that there’s no going back? And who would want to? Who doesn’t want BETTER? I WANT BETTER for them. There is no one else for these two screwed up people. And am I idealistic for believing that it’s never a question of love being enough? Love frankly, in many cases, comes and goes in a committed relationship. It’s very emotion-based. The commitment is what matters. They’ve been committed for a long time now. They will CONTINUE to be committed, even if Cuddy attempts to limit them to something short of being together. On top of that, the love has been there. So I don’t understand how people can buy into love not being enough for House and Cuddy because honestly, that’s not even the question. THEY HAVE COMMITTED. Maybe not in marital vows but in decisions they’ve made and will no doubt continue to make. It irks me that the writers pronounce themselves to have decided it could never work. That he can’t be the man she needs when it’s clear he’s the man she’s needed all this time (what guy has been a part of her life longer than House and there for her more than House? Come on! It’s AMAZING what works when you least expect it to. For me, I think if Cuddy moves on and they eventually get to a point of House moving on, the great reality is that neither character will be better for it. They’ll still be stuck, not having triumphed together here. And what? Because Cuddy’s AFRAID he’s not what she wants? Get real. Sadly, even if they move on, we who love House and Cuddy will… never get over it. Maybe some will accept it because they aren’t given much of a choice. But we’ll never get over it. We’ll never be thinking about what COULD have been if the writers had dared to be creative here. We’ll forever feel broken by this pairing that was meant for greatness and trapped to the earth by people who just couldn’t see the stars in the sky for being stuck under city lights. It’s… really depressing. No wonder we’re all in group therapy together in this.

  • Kim in California

    Thanks to Wilson for saying to Cuddy what us non-Huddy’s have always been thinking. Frankly, the way she dumped him was inhumane and, since she is the Dean of Medicine with a boatload of liability regarding his return to Vicodin, she should have at least insisted that he get help as soon as he relapsed. I think Cuddy is as selfish as House is in her own way. Rather than taking responsibility for helping this man that she says she loves (I question this,) she walks out! Washes her hands of the matter and moans about her own needs not being met. If you really do love someone and know you have to walk away, do it in a way that will do the least damage. Don’t just leave someone as damaged as House to their own devices. One method might have been counseling between the two. She could have gotten him into couples counseling and then pulled the plug while House was still in counseling. Not that it would work, but it’s better than leaving him flat.

    The person who posted that this episode is a mirror of Hugh Laurie’s comments about nothing exciting him because he was depressed, is spot on. House finally found something in the end to excite him, but it won’t last and he’ll have to keep upping the ante until the cracks in his personality shatter. I enjoyed the antics and am glad to see that the only person who truly loves him is still in his corner (Wilson.)

    I also liked the focus on the POTW and I like Masters and will be very sad to see her go. Her naivete is refreshing.

    I’m still not convinced that this upcoming wedding is ‘the’ wedding that we’re told to expect this season, especially since we’re told that episode 19 is the night before a wedding and episode 20 is the wedding itself. We also know that Arlene is in episode 20. I’m hoping David Shore doesn’t pull a scam and give us a Huddy wedding. I’m hoping that we’ll see Arlene get married to her gardener. LOL

  • carpenter

    Sorry for my englisch, I’m a Berliner.

    @Baby Seal On the Run: The first time since “bombshell” I faint.

    Love is hard work and it’s unbelievable that Cuddy and House to do unfit to fix their mutual problem. Why the writers did say, that the two of them not gotten another chance? You’re so right and your words are heartbreaking. Usually I’m very strong. Now I’m crying.

  • Cross-Eyed

    I don’t know if anyone here has asked this before, but how it is possible for House to stand on that balcony for several seconds after several shots of alcohol, only one or two Vicodin tablets, and his leg being in extra pain? Moreover, I still don’t know how he didn’t end up howling in pain after performing a classic cannonball maneuver into a pool from several stories high. This is the same guy that can barely lurch up the stairs of PPTH. And girls in bikinis in the New Jersey spring makes no sense.

  • Susan

    I am going to copy and paste Eileen #59 and 62 – because she said it right. Quoting Eileen now –
    “I AM SO SAD AND DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW. Not just because of last night’s episode, but because so many people liked it. I am so sickened by the fact that many people are hoping that House and Cuddy could end up as friends. FRIENDS – REALLY? After all the love and chemistry between them, the best case scenario is f**king friends?! I guess I’m in the minority now and feel no excitement or joy from last night’s episode or any future episode. I am thoroughly disgusted. The Huddy relationship was not properly explored and their breakup along with House’s subsequent actions have left me feeling like I need to take vicodin to keep watching. What a waste.”

    “The build up for so many years was what kept me coming back to watch week after week, especially during season 6. It was FUN imagining H and C together. I feel like they were only together for a few moments before crashing and burning. I don’t want to see them with other people. So, for me, without hope of them experiencing their love together again, I find no enjoyment in watching.” (End of Eileen’s comment)

    Without House and Cuddy as a couple the show has no meaning for me. I can imagine in my mind every scene of the 7 years that they had together, and all the love, tension, etc. I still can’t let that go. And I don’t understand why the writers, if they knew that they were not going to last long together, would have bothered to write their relationship so beautifully and for so long that fans would fall in love with the relationship and see it as one that would continue indefinitely. I know I’m scratching at this like House’s mosquito bite but the breakup is unjustified.

    (I said this last night on the interview thread) but when House jumped into the pool I felt nothing. I would have been satisfied if he had died because this drawn out torture would have ended (for me).

    House and Cuddy’s confrontation scene in the hospital was so sad- there was such coldness in his eyes. I ache for the wit, sensuousness, etc. in other confrontations. (As in the scene where one med student says, She hates him, and the other says that’s not hate, that’s foreplay).

    Wilson’s role is getting stale – all he does is run after House – as head of Oncology doesn’t he ever work?

    Did anyone else notice that Hugh Laurie seems to be wearing a toupee? He had a lot more hair in the back and bottom (and I’ve often thought that the cameramen don’t show the back of his head in a usual episode). But he looked fantastic, better than ever.

    One good thing – I was upset with the hooker with House in the tub – I said aloud to my husband “He never kissed Cuddy’s feet”. But at least the analysis showed that the hooker was on the opposite end of the tub, while in “Now What”, Cuddy and House were cuddled together.

    This episode, that I thought I would hate, proved me right. Too many hookers, too sophomoric, too depressing, yucch. I would title it “Welcome to the End of House”

  • PH

    I, too, have been an avid House fan (addict) since the beginning of the series. I have watched each episode more times than I care to admit (even on this site).

    I have always loved the predictability of the episodes. Their mild swiss-cheese-flavored storylines have uplifted me in my daily life, enriching my vanilla side with even more ‘sweet sauce’. Through it’s family values themed episodes, I have learned to appreciate the ‘goodnight johnboy’ moments in my life. *cough*

    GET REAL PEOPLE! You have watched House for years because of its knock-your-rocks-off (yes, I said rocks) stories. We salivate over the crass, brutal methods of a physician on the edge, only stopping to wipe the drool off our chins when we realize it’s a commercial break. The series is not for the faint of heart, it sucks you in, takes you on a ride, sticks your hand in that hornet’s nest.

    I feed off the series, assuaging my addiction with the off-color banter and the airing of society’s dirty laundry. No series is more worthy of it’s water cooler supremacy.

    Frankly, I cannot understand a fans’ insistence that the show follow their own personally pre-determined avenue of evolution. If you’re seeking a transformation of House into a clean, mellower version… might I suggest you go back to viewing the Waltons and the equivalent mindless drivel.

    For those House viewers that are looking for the honey, stick your hand in a beehive instead.

  • TulipanRojo79

    67 – Baby Seal On the Run

    I agree with you at ALL.

    But, sadly WE don´t write this TvShow. I´m very disappointed how TPTB has wrote this storyline BECAUSE if all we want to see House and Cuddy together is BECAUSE they show to us that it is posible, well, not only possible, it´s the best final for both.

    During 7 years I thought that!

    I don´t understand the words said by David Shore or Greg Yaitanes, after the break up:

    – he got more hate mail than he ever thought possible from #Huddy fans after the break up.
    – In regards to the hate mail GY said, “It just shows they (the fans) care.”
    – House will be in pain the rest of the season.
    – Huddy was doomed out of the gate.
    – Return of cranky H fans loved.
    – GY also told TVGuide they knew they’d separate Huddy when they got them together. So, it was doom from the start.

    Well IF writers don´t want this couple, we will not have this couple.

    But, WHY they show to us during 7years other things? Do you think all of us are crazy?

    Oh, yeah, we’re all in group therapy together in this!

  • DebbieJ

    @#70 – Cross Eyed – I was wondering the same thing and even asked my husband who was watching with me, how in the world could he 1) lean on his right leg to hoist himself on the stool, then 2) get from the stool to the ledge – while being highly intoxicated? Never mind that a plunge from that far up would clearly have killed anyone, no matter how deep the water. Yes the water that was in the pool at a hotel, in New Jersey, in the month of March? Yes, that pool.

    But I was so disgusted with House last night and disgusted with the writers for bringing him down way past Square 1 and how spoon-fed every scene was (as opposed to the beautiful subletly we used to get from this show, that I figured those highly doubtful actions (of him jumping into a pool) weren’t even the main issue of concern. But it did add to it’s unbelievability.

    I just read a blurb in the new TV Guide dated March 21st that Greg Y states that “Huddy fans have sent “more hate mail than I ever thought possible. But that shows they care.” How condescending. I am not a Huddy. And I am so angry at the writers right now and it has nothing to do with the demise of Huddy, but how they explored (NOT!) the relationship and how they’re are seemingly sadistically pulling House back into the hell he so desperately wanted and succeeded (for a time) to crawl out of.

  • crosseyed–adrenaline rush.

  • ruthinor

    The writers on this show appear to be either unwilling or unable to write scenes between 2 adults in a serious, sustained relationship. As I said before, I think this is because they have never written a “complete” female character. I have no idea why this is the case since they have several female writers on their staff.

    Cuddy went into this relationship against her better judgment. She was in love and didn’t want to think about what she was getting herself into. With House sobered up for an extended period of time, I don’t think she wanted to think about the possible pitfalls. Cuddy now blames herself. I don’t get this hatred of Cuddy from some fans. What do you want her to do, set herself on fire? This idea that House really, really tried is total BS. Treating her like crap and then begging for another chance is not my idea of trying.

    Of course I would love to see them together. I love the two characters, but not as written this season. They’ve both been castrated. I would have much preferred them getting into serious arguments which led to brief separations but back together again.
    They love each other but they are both so dysfunctional isn’t it really asking too much to expect them to live together as a couple? If they became friends with benefits I could live with that.

  • Committed

    #74 Debbie J – I am a fan of the couple but I totally agree with you. This goes beyond them – this is the disintegration (temporaray or otherwise) of what has happened with House the last two seasons and as a fan of the show, that is disappointing.

    As far as Greg Y is concerned – his mail would not have been near as bad had he not sent the twitter messages out. If you don’t have respect for the fans, Huddies (really dislike that term) or not, have respect for your work. No need to make this worse. I really lost tremendous respect for him. He obviously underestimated the investment all fans have in this show.

  • Flo

    54, about your message on the atmosphere and the change, do you perhaps feel that the episodes are more writtien as single entities rather than part of a hole season?
    Do you feel something was/is lacking in the episodes chain or sequence? Perhaps making this season so far slightly less cohesive somewhat? Or less cohesive with the other previous seasons?

    If that’s the case, I will only say that every season made fully sense once it ended. Remember all the critics that the past two seasons got from the fans at the times? However, once they were complete, they made sense. Each season is to be judged and regarded as a whole. 7 episodes to go!

    If that was not really what you were talking about, then my mistake. I’m just asking here.

    I too, was missing the good use of the music. It was indeed great to have that again in the last episode.

  • eileen

    Susan #71 – Thanks for your acknowledgement.

  • DebbieJ

    #76 – ruthinor – I don’t hate Cuddy. I just hate the way she has been written this season. She is like tin foil. The writers bend her, shape her, anyway they want her, I don’t even know what is OOC for her anymore!

    When Wilson said to her last night, “you said you didn’t want him to change.” And she replied, “well I thought that was true, but it’s not.” (paraphrasing) It wasn’t as if SHE said it, it was as if the writers were speaking to the fans through her. Does that make any sense? How many comments in just Barbara’s blogs recently complained that “she said she didn’t want him to change but that was all she tried to do during this season.”?

    @77 – Committed – I’m not anti-Huddy, nor do I ship House with any other character. I just thought Cuddy was a natural choice for him since that’s they way IT WAS WRITTEN since from almost the Pilot! They had more sparks, more chemistry in the first 5 seasons than they did since they’ve been together.

    Regarding GY and Twitter – I’ve always thought having too much access to the fans and vice versa was a slippery slope. I agree with you, I think he very much underestimated the fans as a whole.

    The rest of the TV Guide blurb says:
    Somehow, it’s reassuring to have House’s Dr. House back as his crabby, drug-addled self. House’s snuggly romance with Cuddy couldn’t have gone the long haul. “We knew when we brought them together we’d have to take them apart,” says GY of Huddy’s breakup. “House in a stable relationship? It was unsustainable.” What happens now? “Despair, sarcasm, devastation – at least for House,” GY says. After all, there’s only so much happiness a curmudgeon-by-nature can take. Cuddy expresses breakup guilt in the March 21st episode, but [House] must stay true to House. “We’re back to everything hardened and cranky about House that fueled him the six seaons before he and Cuddy got together,” adds GY. Perhaps he’ll crack a smile when 13 returns on April 11th. Or not. Says GY, “House’s pain ripples though the rest of the season.” Pass the Vicodin!

    Really? Are they at a dead end and don’t know how to move House forward, that they resorted to him returning to his “crabby, drug-addled self”? The line that says: “Despair, sarcasm, devastation – at least for House”, I was so hoping it said – “at least for now”. I even read in incorrectly as such, that is my wishful thinking.

    Why not explore the REASON House is a “curmudgeon-by-nature”? I think it’s more that he is a curmedgeon-by-nurture and would LOVE to see THAT explored. C’mon! This will be the only way he can find redemption and some contentment in his life. Why can’t they write that?

  • Flo

    #70 crosseyed, I couldn’t help but wondering the same thing watching the epi. I liked this last scene for what it was and the dramatic effect asmuch as the meaningof it. It worked for me.
    But yes it was highly unbelievable. No credibility at all. It was simply unrealistic. It was just one of those moments when the writers and the director overlook realism and credibility over dramatic effect and metaphor. Happens a lot on fiction work such as this.

    But yeah, even I couldn’t help but be like “impossible!!!!” adrenalin rush or not (sorry Barbara, poor explanation).

  • DebbieJ

    @Flo #78 – That is my hope and wish! I hope once the season is complete, it will make sense – as a whole. Here’s hoping!

    About the music – great songs, but again, it was bop-you-in-the-head obvious instead of something subtle as they have done so beautifully until now.

  • susan

    Just noticed on my night table the TV Guide copy from months ago with the title “House and Cuddy Together at Last? How ironic.

    But I’ll leave it there……

  • New, longer article…conversation continues there if you wish…

    House, M.D.: Finding House’s Humanity in “Out of the Chute”.

  • 54

    Flo, you make an excellent point about each season not making sense until the finale. Thanks for reminding me.

    The atmosphere and change I was referring to was not referring to the episode sequence (though, as I said, you have an excellent point!). It was more the atmosphere of each individual episode.

    PH, just commenting on your post, I don’t think that previous seasons had “soft” atmospheres. I do think that they were more layered and complex in their approach. That didn’t make the themes they dealt with any less brutal. I think the way they examine things now is at times frenetic and at times obvious, IMHO. That’s the harsh glare that I’m talking about. That harsh glare may be emblematic of a House that is more self destructive and so dangerously near bottom than was ever seen before, and I fear for his character as a fan. I mostly fear that the show is going for the obvious angles instead of the unexpected angles.

    I am disappointed in GY once again, because I really do think that he likes to jerk people around. (He tweeted again today. I unfollowed him.) While I loved House with Cuddy, I was more upset about House’s character development and was not a shipper–and even I get angry with his tweets. I wish he’d just not say anything. Why give away spoilers, anyway?

    GY’s tweet today particularly bothered me because–totally my personal opinion–I think that ANY type of marriage, even a vengeful one by House, is crazy OOC. I can’t watch it.

    On another note, if, according to the TVG interview, H&C were doomed from day one, I guess the “they’re really going to give it a go” message at the beginning of the season was a half-truth, designed to rein people in. Well, that’s the nature of tv, I guess.

    I’m still so invested in this show that I can’t help but be part of it in some way, but I think that I’ll read the summary for future episodes before deciding whether or not to watch it. I find myself sadly thinking that I’m having to justify my own reasons for watching the show, and that’s a feeling that I do not want to have for *this* show.

    Maybe I’ve become too emotionally invested in House’s journey, and his devastation after trying so hard to grow as a person strikes me too deeply, on an irrational level. Maybe I’m guilty of that. All the more reason to take a break, I guess. It really does hurt too much to see House like this after seven years, and, after reading GY’s interview, I think I may hold out until the season finale before I watch again. I need to know that there is a point to all of his pain. Since that will come to a head (or won’t) in the season finale, I guess I’ll have to wait.

    I have to say, the commentators on this blog are so intelligent and illuminate the show in ways that are incredible. I have so much respect for all of you.

    Good night.


  • Sherlock


    I thought last nights ep was ok its a good job they have good actors as there are more holes in the story than ever. I still was hoping it was a dream.

    I think House will probably marry Dominica next week and then maybe that sends cuddy running away for a few week, I trip to see her mum perhaps.

    I was thinking they might even make Cuddy pregnant the future episode titles could fit with that and it would open the door perfectly for house to get with his farther issues.

    I also agree that the season finale can normally bring everything together so fingers crossed it happens this year.


  • housecomelately

    Ok it’s my first post, so don’t shoot me for supporting Cuddy… ‘-)

    What I find more dismaying than House’s self-destructive display, are all the knives that have been sharpened for Cuddy! Yes, she was the one who ended the relationship, but can you honestly say you would be happy if your partner wasn’t there for you when you were seriously ill–even if he admitted he was scared? And it amazes me how quickly people have forgotten all the many times that Cuddy HAS supported House both professionally and emotionally all these years. Not that she expected it, but shouldn’t there be a little emotional payback from House?

    And I don’t believe for a second that she ‘lied’ to House when she said she didn’t want him to change–as she said at the end of ‘Bombshells’, ‘I’m sorry…I thought I could do this’. If she’s guilty of anything, it’s of wearing rose-tinted glasses at the beginning of their relationship–not an uncommon occurrence for people in love.

    I agree with Jaim and Dmcky who said ‘Wilson needs to respect her decision and stop enabling House’. This is well-said and perhaps a key to Cuddy’s decision to end their relationship.

    I also agree with Ruthinor that ‘we don’t get much insight into her because everything is centred around House’. Sure the show is called ‘House’, but what is interesting are his dealings with the other characters, and this for me has been a big problem this season as most of the supporting characters have been reduced to caricatures with no inner life of their own.

    I don’t remember who said it, but yes, the most powerful image this episode left me with was of all three friends and colleagues, House, Cuddy, and Wilson ending up being quite isolated and alone (OK House was surrounded by frat kids, but…) — House pushing Wilson away, Cuddy being criticized by Wilson, and Wilson ending up seemingly disillusioned by his friendship with House. Very sad, lonely, brilliant people—and still fascinating.

    P.S. What I miss is the smart, witty and sexy banter among the House-Cuddy-Wilson characters. After recent events, I don’t see how these relationships will ever be able to recreate that frothy intelligent dialogue again seeing as they are drifting apart. Hope I’m wrong.

  • ruthinor

    Thank you House come lately for not leaving me out there on an island!

  • Sera G

    Hello, all.
    Barbara, add my thanks for this quick rants/raves column.

    As I said last night, I did not watch. After talking with friends at work (who, sadly) thought it was well done, I am glad I didn’t. Interestingly, one friend’s husband said, “It’s okay with me if we don’t watch this anymore.” (He is not an emotional guy, not really into Huddy one way or the other.)

    I understand all of the symbolism, the need for House to numb himself or heighten himself, what ever the %&*4 he was doing.
    I am sorry, this whole story line is about ratings! If they truly cared about the characters that THEY created, or the audience, THEY have lured and now disparaged, this would not have be happening.

    TPTB are hoping to attract the ‘gawkers at an accident’ audience. House has never been about that, no matter his sarcasm, or juvenile behavior or even the drugs and alcohol. I must agree with whoever said it, “DO these people even know their charcters?” I ask if they even care about the show anymore? To me this is all about craft and nothing about soul.

    House has a soul, he has a heart and he has a twisted view of the world, but with all that we cared about him. He wanted to get better. We wanted him to get better. Who’s stupid idea was it that we wanted to see him “…hardened and cranky” again? TPTB spent 6 years telling us that there was more to the man than that. They spent 6 years making us hope for him and gave him 15 measly episodes, written with the intention that it wouldn’t work. I am really sad, sick and disheartened.

    I won’t even start on the promises that were made at the end of “Help Me” and the beginning of “What Now?”

    I want to add a few hellos before I go:
    Jill, #7, my thoughts exactly.
    Debbie,J. #46, I agree with you, too.
    eileen, #59, you said it perfectly.
    susan, I read your post last night, great! I have that TVguide, too. 🙁

    Here are the saddest things to me and then I’m done:
    1. They are killing what used to be the best show on TV in a long time. There has really been nothing like this before.
    2. They lied to the audience, led us to believe that they were going to give an unusual couple a real shot at a life together.
    3. Now, I don’t even have the desire to watch the old DVDs, as I know the heartbreak and manipulation ahead.
    4. I have really enjoyed this site, Barbara’s wonderful, deep writing and all of the comments and commaraderie.

    I will probably continue to peek here just to see how it’s all going, but I feel the need to distance myself as I continue to mourn what I have loved and lost.

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    Carpenter – Sorry I made you cry. 🙁

    I’m beginning to think this IS going to come down to the last minute of the season. And… I’m beginning to wonder if the writers even know what David Shore has up his sleeve. Think last season – last episode – last few minutes. Few on the set knew before it was filmed and even then… Still think this is a bait and switch but I could be wrong. That to me though would mean they waste a lot of time planting clues for us to question a conspiracy. (I.E. add the watch reference in Bombshells and the lack of a watch on his wrist since the beginning of the season). I’m way too curious for my own good and way too obsessive now too. But if he marries this girl, I don’t know what I’ll think of watching from here on out. It really SUCKS to be this emotionally involved in a show that kills you. 🙁 If they keep hurting each other (and now seems to be House’s turn in this), I guess we’ll have more reasons to expect Arlene’s appearance. Hope she brings some good to this mess.

  • housecomelately

    88 Ruthinor, you’re welcome! Yes, no man or woman is an island–not even House!

  • susan

    #89 – Sera G – in case you don’t look at the blog for a few days (But I hope you do -we need your input – there are, according to your Fan Post poll or whatever, not enough House and Cuddy lovers out there).
    Anyway, rent Pride and Prejudice w/ Colin Firth immediately, and I recommend to you my favorite book “Zemindar” by Valerie Fitzgerald. Keep in touch. Are you on FB?

  • Sera G

    Thanks, susan,
    I will rent P./P. No, I’m a dinosaur, not on FB. We have been plagued by viruses, so I am banned from giving out e-mail address.
    (Does anyone but me still use that?)
    Anyway, as you can tell, my addiction is not cured, as I keep peeking in here.
    I look forward to reading what you write.
    (I will look into “Zemindar” as I will have an extra hour now. 🙁

  • susan

    #93 – Yeh, I cracked up when I saw you were still here, peeking.

  • Alia

    By far, the best episode of the season. I literally held my breath when he leaped and the conversation with Cuddy was truly brilliant and felt deeply authentic. The whole romance arc felt out of line with the whole ‘House’ setting. It felt so unnatural to see House say sappy things (see episode ‘Recession Proof’) to Cuddy and act like a tamed kitty at times. This episode was wild and thrilling. I do not understand why so many people were offended by the sight of prostitutes, alcohol and Vicodin. We’ve seen them all before in House and I find it natural that he would resort to his old shenanigans to get over what must be a severe blow for him if not THE most severe blow for him so far. Did anyone expect to see him go to a counselor and talk about his feelings? To wallow in his apartment playing sad piano songs? Of course not! And when all the Vicodin and the booze and the prostitutes can’t do a damn thing to jump start him he’ll do something extreme. Some people cut their hair short, dye it an awkward color, drink their minds off, tattoo stuff on themselves and so on, but some, if not many, people who suffer some sort of heartbreak will do at some point something stupid and/or extreme. House is definitely not one to act with moderation and have a sensible and mature attitude towards such things.
    Hugh Laurie was pure genius in the scene when House is talking to Cuddy. The portrayal of ego and the defiance are amazing. I can’t imagine someone saying ‘Why no, I would have acted completely different in such a situation, I would have admitted how hurt I actually felt to the person that left me, I would have let them see how they’ve broken my heart and at the same time be all pathetic and obedient.’
    Another great moment was at the bar and before in the OR when it dawns on him that despite all his tricks he’s wounded so badly that he’s numbed(it may be a pretentious assumption but that’s how I saw it). The expressions are so genuine and his pain so real.
    I wish people could see past the hookers and the booze that are so offensive for some and enjoy the awesome acting and what is a damn accurate portrayal of how people react and feel after a significant break-up.

  • Boeke

    I think many “House” fans (especially women) thought that the adventure would end with Huddy and now they are disappointed.

    But there is much more remaining in House’s life before he stops kicking and lays down to die.

  • espejoses

    Boeke, Wrong, what many fans have seen was the adventure, as you call it could continue going along with or in the hands of Huddy and not as you suggest a fairy tale ending. Let’s not think that all fans are hysterical teenagers huddys

  • Committed

    Here, here #97 – espejoses. I am in no way at hysterical teenager. Cuddy always seemed to me a stop in the road for House – whether he chose to stay or not was the story that needed to be told. It wasn’t told very well – at least up until now. Six years of build-up, six months of the story. Not sure that is true telling of the story ….

  • espejoses

    #98 Committed Sorry, I did not want to offend anyone, just that there are many people who think of the huddy shippers in that mode. Perhaps not well expressed, and again I apologize but I am Spanish and speak in English does not always go as I wanted. You have said that whenever you think that Cuddy was a stop on the road for House and if he chose to stay or not a story to tell. “I do not disagree with that, but, following your anologia of the road, it was not just a stop to it, but a constant in that their highway. A constant that has not been a walk in the park and yet there was. And so that leads me to believe there could House continued his search in the road of her life but her.

  • exfan

    According to Yaitanes latest interview, they knew they had to split house and cuddy up as soon as they got them together. `i think the whole relationship was written in as a way to get house back on vicodine and prostitutes.
    Their relationship felt very superficial. too bad. 20 yrs. for this??

  • andree c

    Folks, I agree with so many of you and disagree with an equal amount as well. Here’s my take, bullet-styled:
    1. House and Cuddy will be back together — eventually.
    The writers enjoy the angst. As much as GY and DS love to jerk us around, these guys are just as much into the romantic angst as anyone. It makes for good drama and the tortured soul they see in themselves (likely these powers that be just are a little immature to recognize they need to man up now and then and stop making the women out to be the heavies in the drama).

    2. House needs to fix himself before being worth any woman’s time. Remember Stacey saying how alone she felt when she was with House? She left House for a reason. The tortured soul business gets old after a while and either the guy evolves, resolves to mend himself or ends up alone. House ended up alone. Enter Dr. Nolan who explained House had the control to make himself better and he deserves to be happy but not at others expense. House’s behaviors after the breakup prove some important facts. He is dead inside without Cuddy. She is what he wants, needs and choses. She rejected him and he goes off the deep end hoping to feel something inside (drugs, booze, prostitutes). I saw the plunge off the balcony as House finding himself still capable of feeling something even if it took risk and danger to feel it. I do appreciate Cuddy’s guilt for the realization that she did expect House to change just enough to make it work and when it became too disappointing, he became work, not happiness. The only way these two come back together is for House to fix himself before she can take the chance to be with him. I do hope to see her help him fix himself but not while they are together. I wish some of the anti-Cuddy readers here would realize she is a human (character) too and has her own doubts and fears. The best thing she does for House is refuses to enable his self-destructive ways which is why he respects and trusts her and will always chose her. I think in the long run, the break up is a wake up call for House.

    3. Cuddy is RIGHT TO DUMP HOUSE. She gave him several warnings that things weren’t satisfactory. Him always screwing with her as foreplay is acceptable. Not showing up when she needs him is not acceptable. Dying changes everything. Almost dying changes nothing. Cuddy almost dying gave her the chance to see House won’t change as things are. That told her she either accepted it or rejected it. I respect Cuddy’s character for leaving House because he simply isn’t open to others needs. She needed him, she really had every right to expect him to step it up. After a while, she had had enough and realized it wasn’t what she deserved. I respect someone who draws the line in the sand and refuses to cross it. Wasn’t it House who told her not to make threats she can’t live up to? Well, this time she did it right. And it was House who crumbled. Wasn’t that what House saw in Cuddy? She doesn’t let him slide. She holds him up to a certain standard and he knows it, craves it and respects it. I am worried about the wedding promo. I also wondered if this is House being a jerk or just the opposite. What if House is pulling this wedding mess just to help Cuddy end her guilt trip? Help her move on without him since he’s incapable of being what she deserves? That would be the ultimate proof he puts her first. Mean on the surface but deeply romantic underneath. Sounds like House. Then again, he could be just lashing out at her. Who knows anymore.

    4. Lastly, Barbara, thank you for this R&R blog site. I’m pleased to see others opinions and I’m hopeful that your insightful reviews stir up so much comment. What a fun job you have. Keep up the sterling job you do!

  • ruthinor

    Andree c: Enjoyed your post. Hope you’re right, but I don’t hold out as much hope for these writers as you do!

  • Committed

    #99 espejoses – You did not offend me, not at all. I was agreeing with you. Sometimes I do feel that if you are a fan of the couple you are labeled a hysterical teenager. I’m middle aged, far from a teenager. I see this House character as a very complicated, troubled, but loveable guy. He is an ass sometimes yes but he does have the ability to love and he does love Cuddy, always has. We shall see what happens with them. I hope they are a constant, I really do.

  • asdlfkj

    Jumped. The. Shark.

  • fatOlady

    Where is the open thread for tonight?

  • Barbara barnett

    Will be posted after the west coast airinG

  • I seem to have a completely different opinion than anyone else. I never thought House and Cuddy should have gotten together to begin with. I thought the whole relationship smacked of nothing more than a romantic hook to keep viewers watching. Cuddy is a strong, intelligent, self-supporting woman who is also beautiful and could have any man she wanted. So why in the world would she fall for someone as damaged, irresponsible, weak, and manipulative as House? In real life, to me, this relationship never made any sense. House, even though he was clean at the beginning of their relationship, has abused his body for far too long. There is no way he could possibly be good enough in bed to make up for all the disrespectful crap he heaps on Cuddy. She deserves so much better.

  • Nickel

    Everyone who thinks that Cuddy “had every right to leave House” really needs to remember when she “joined” him. She pounced on him at his absolute lowest moment of his life. He had said goodbye to her in Help Me, but with the death of his patient Hannah he feared he had lost the only thing that he ever truly knew he could count on….his medical ability. So out of the kindness of her heart Cuddy swooped down on him like a vulture (knowing that she could control him like this) and then just when he once again hit the same level of emotional trauma she swooped down on him again and broke his heart. Looked to me more like she was angry that he made a decision on his own (without her approval) to deal with the possible loss of her with the vicodin. Gotta love controlling women….they smell like pus.