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TV Open Thread: House, M.D. – “Moving On”

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I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Season 7 House, M.D. finale. I will have much more to say about it, and have a chance to process my own feelings about it later in the week after I’ve had an opportunity to talk with the episode’s writers Peter Blake and Kath Lingenfelter.

Until the last few moments of the episode, they completely had me riveted: a patient (Shohreh Aghdashloo) whose unnerving mirror image portrait of House (Hugh Laurie); House finally processing what has happened between him and Cuddy, realizing that what he had done to his leg was just insane, and that something has to change. He has to change.

House is hurt, and not just from Cuddy. He doesn’t blame her, he says for the breakup. “It’s not your fault,” he tells her, acknowledging rightly or wrongly that his own faults have rendered him essentially unlovable.

But House has been a ticking time bomb for seven seasons. He wants to change; he struggles with his inability to change. He’s tired of being judged and analyzed and having his motivations, his pain and torment questioned. He is stuck and he knows it; he doesn’t need Wilson or Foreman or Cuddy or a patient to remind him of that. And I totally get that. We are meant to see House being pushed and edged to the brink, wanting desperately to be who he does not believe he can be. “It’s not your fault.” Read, “It’s mine.” 

But the last five minutes do not add up for me. And I wonder why. With House insanely (and I do mean really insanely) crashing his car into a house full of people—with the potential for loss of life (never mind that it is Cuddy in the house), I’m not sure what to think; maybe that’s the point. (It is, after all, a season finale.)

Vicodin plays a hugely important part of this episode. House is taking it like candy; it’s at his bedside—in the ICU. Is it there to remind us that House on Vicodin is a disaster waiting to happen? The amounts he’s taking will do more than trash his liver, as Wilson suggests. For House, Vicodin means hallucinations.

Then there is House’s mirror image patient. She’s a performance artist who would do anything (even kill herself) for her art; nothing is more important than that, not love, not life. But even the mirror image cracks at then end; she is able to change when he is not; House argues and pleads with her, his anger seeping through his usual guarded surface. Is he arguing with himself? Trying to understand himself?

And then comes the final sequence, from Wilson’s visit to House’s apartment through the end, and the shock of House intentionally crashing his car into Cuddy’s home—and then his walking away from it, uncaring, barely a word, self-satisfied, leaving devastation in his wake as he walks merrily into the sunset. 

So, I have to wonder how much of “Moving On” plays out in House’s mindscape. It’s a device the creative team has used before, however usually with clues (but not always—think “Under My Skin”). If it isn’t all imagined (and I would guess not all of it would be), I wonder if everything from the point of Wilson’s visit (at least) is either in House’s mind or a delusion seen from inside House’s point of view.

Or maybe things go surreal after House sees Cuddy with her sister’s friend enjoying an ordinary life, something unobtainable for her as long as House was in her heart. Ordering Wilson from the car, House drives away at top speed, beyond caring. Has he just kept on going, breaking from reality to imagine he has turned the car around and crashed into Cuddy’s home?

Or has he just snapped, and everything we see on screen is exactly what happens in the story? Of course there is the possibility that it’s all real—a terrible, terrible tragedy for all involved. After seven seasons of repressed anger and issues with his father, his mother, Stacy, Wilson, and Cuddy, has House finally snapped? The ticking time bomb exploded big time? 

House rarely raises his voice; anger is something he pushes down, deflects and relegates to a place in his psyche he tries to ignore. And it’s certainly possible that House suddenly, dramatically snaps inside when he observes Cuddy and her new friend. But what doesn’t add up for me is that no matter how angry, no matter how out of character, would House actually drive his car into a home he knows to be occupied? 

If it happened “really” within the story, and House has actually done what it appears he has done, what does that do to him as a character, and what does it do to the series moving forward into what is likely the final season? Walking away from the destruction he has wrought is pretty unforgivable. How do you recover from that? How does House not come to his senses enough to understand that what he has done is beyond belief and beyond the pale? How does he go to a tropical paradise, running away from everything and everyone into some sort of fantasy that cannot exist? 

And what of next season? Will it be House on trial for attempted murder? Will he plead insanity? Will he wind up back in Mayfield?

Had this been the series finale, it would have been a weirdly logical, but very disappointing ending, with House walking off into the sunset, leaving behind destruction and devastation with a smile on his face and not a care in the world. It would have rendered this difficult, troubled, fragile and completely sympathetic character, suddenly and irrevocably not.  But we are now heading into Season 8 and a lot remains to be seen.

I will be speaking with the episode’s writers Wednesday afternoon with the interview going live by the end of the week. I am incredibly curious about what they have to say. So stay tuned!

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  • Kerry

    Can’t blame him for snapping really. Cuddy was so annoying for most of the last half of the season, banging on at him to talk to her about how he feels. I’m sorry, but House doesn’t speak to anyone about his feelings so why in the hell would he want to speak to someone who so coldly dumped him and treated him with an unbalanced mix of emotions- a product of guilt in one scene to a target of contempt in the next.Ok he should never have driven his car through her house but in terms of his feelings of anger, frustration and heartache, I was definitley on his side more. Lisa Edelstein has left so the story is pretty much moot. I can’t say I blame her for her depature; contract negotitions or whatever happened between the seasons. She did her best with a character and a story arc that was becoming stale and irritating when it had potential to be the exact opposite. Writers need to go back to the drawing board and accept the fact that however much they drive home the idea of change, it ain’t never gonna happen with House. Deal with it! (by the way i’ve only just seen this season on dvd, just wanted to get it off my chest)

  • bakerstreet blues

    I have determined that House was neither angry nor jealous at Cuddy in the final moments of this episode. Thinking back to Unfaithful, the priest (being the only patient or friend for that matter who actually analyzed House correctly), accused House of not wanting someone to prove him right, but instead he wants someone to PROVE HIM WRONG. Unfortunately Cuddy once again proved him right. When House realized that he was cast aside (just as Lucas was), that was just a little too much reality for a man who not only lives his life ALL IN, but truly believed he knew Cuddy well enough to believe that of her also. The moment in the hall between House and Cuddy, with House’s honest and heartbreaking answer to her about how he feels, was absolutely the breaking point to this entire dance these 2 have been doing for 20 years. In the moment that Cuddy apologized to him for hurting him so badly (and unjustly in my opinion), House did exactly what House ALWAYS has done for her. He took the blame off of her and told her it was not her fault. Now he may have been saying that because he knows her and accepted that it is in her nature to “screw up every relationship she has ever had” or he may have been taking the blame on himself because he believes that he is “unlovable”, either way he took all the hurt off of her shoulders. When I say that Cuddy broke House’s heart unjustly, I mean the fact that she did NOT want him in any part of her decision making process during the entire episode of Bombshells….she actually confided in Wilson more (and even Chase for that matter). I have always contended that Cuddy defined herself as House Tamer and nothing else. Control has been her addiction from the pilot until Moving on. I believe that House while driving away from Cuddy’s house initially was determined to either kill himself by driving into traffic or just disappearing into the world never to be heard from again. Thankfully rationality overtook him…..why should he give up anymore of who he is for this woman, who apparently cares more for her hairbrush than for the shell of a man that she not only helped to create, but ultimately helped to destroy. I know that I am in the minority here, but lets face it I believe that this was a lesson that Cuddy desperately needed to learn. HER WORDS TO WILSON (GREATER GOOD): You don’t get to make someone miserable without paying the consequences…..all during this time she was torturing House for being who he is. After all Lucas could have just as easily done the exact same thing to Cuddy a year earlier. The fact of the matter is: had House not exploded at that moment, he absolutely would have lost EVERYTHING, he would have either killed himself or he would have completely lost his mind and landed himself back at Mayfield, this time maybe never coming out. I say good for him for FINALLY showing where blame belongs and laying it at that doorstep for once.

  • Happy Dude

    This was one of the better house episodes. I liked the fact there’s no happy ending all the time – just shades of grey.

    I wached it over and over again on Hulu – until they took it off.

    This was a logical conclusion from the previous episode where house jumps from his hotel room balcony into the ocean. He needs so badly to feel. Feel anything – anger, happiness, revenge, pain and pleasure.

  • Alayne

    The writers were bringing House back to his true nature. We had House Lite with the Huddy relationship. Go watch season one again to remind yourself what House is really like. What? House did something reckless? Wow. He’s never done that before. He treats patients with dangerous, toxic drugs without confirming his diagnosis with tests. But you’re okay with that. You are willing to accept such an absurd premise as that. No doctor would ever treat a patient with chemotherapy drugs because they “think” the patient has cancer. No doctor would schedule brain surgery to remove a theoretical tumor without doing an MRI or CT to confirm that there really was a tumor. These are reckless, crazy, unrealistic things that House has done during the series and you gladly accept them, but let him drive his car through a house and suddenly you question the writer’s decision. Seriously? Driving a car through Cuddy’s house COMPLETELY fits House’s personality. You just got so invested in the doomed-before-it-started Huddy relationship, you’ve forgotten what House’s true nature is. He is a complete bastard – and we love him for it. And the reason he was in a suit on the beach was to let the audience know that when he walked away from the car, he went directly to the airport and bought a plane ticket to a tropical locale. He didn’t even go back home to pack a suitcase or change his clothes. He is back to his impulsive, reckless, I-don’t-give-a-crap nature.

  • billbarrett

    I have to say that I agree 100% with what Tomas wrote, in the previous comment. I’d also like to point out some things that most people didn’t notice. A) House was under the influence of Vicodin (that’s not a surprise) and B) when he sees Cuddy with her new boyfriend, he knows that they are going to leave the table in a few seconds( cuddy’s bringing coffee, her boyfriend is picking up the dishes etc.) The writers and the director did that in purpose. They wanted to show that house is maybe a bit lunatic( who isn’t after all), but he is not a murderer.

  • Tomas

    @ Barbara Barnett:

    Sorry to say but you – typically for a woman – do not and can not understand the meaning of the last five minutes.

    Dr. House has been under pressure to change for a long long time (regarding drinking and Vicodin), but he was sober for a while when whit Cutty and then she started the typical man-women emotional subtle game: you must change even more, you must adapt to be ‘good’ and to please me.

    When he decided to return the hair brush to Cutty he was actually under the influence of the scene where he told her he was hurt (shouting at the hospital door) and I think he was willing to ‘change’ and get together with her just for her.

    That second at the drive way he realized that Cutty lied to him and emotionally misled him to think that if he changes she will stay with him but she wont (scene with the artist and the white rose), he will never be ‘good’ enough to please her and she will eventually leave him!

    The car crash was dr.House letting of steam and sending her the message ‘do not play with me’.

    Final moment: Wilson talking to the detective that House is probably in a dark depressed bar drinking his life to hell. But no, House changed for himself when he told the bar tender at the beach that he does not need another drink and then left for the sun set at ease with him self.

    He won … he followed his inner voice and stopped hoping that ‘one day he’ll be good enough’ to ‘I an good enough without the change’ …

    The emotional game described above in a real life situation for every man and woman … in my opinion a man has to change only as much that his actions are according with the law, from then on the change is irrelevant. Take me as I am or leave me, it’s as simple as that!

    Slavoj Zizek: “Love is seeing perfection in? imperfection.”

  • Patrick

    Assuming that they’re not going to use the Vicodin hallucination again, House’s final scene is not too implausible.

    We see him telling Wilson he’s feeling better, then walking away. My guess is that he goes back to his apartment, gets money and passport. Then he takes a cab to the Philadelphia airport. Buys a ticket, likely one-way to either Florida or somewhere in the Caribbean. Cut to the final shots as we see them. As this has all taken place in the time since he drove the car into Cuddy’s place, that’s why we still see him in the same set of clothes in the new locale.

  • merkof

    370 – Nemo


    I got a bit tired will all the bitching and nitpicking.
    I also found it a good finale. and only fitting after a rollercoaster season: It had to be extreme; ending in a low note would have been very depressing for us and would have lowered anticipation for se8 .

    “……the”Huddy” thing being the backbone of the entire show.
    I think House being a genius-jerk is what made the show that popular……”

    Absolutely agree.

    Anyway the “Huddy” only started developing late in se3 when House was already hugely successful.
    I rather suspect that “Huddy”, evolving more than it should later on, is what started the downward trend of the ratings. This touch of soap opera has detracted from the unique drama/black comedy atmosphere that is the journey into House’s tortured genius.

    Hopefully they will lead us back there.

    As for the suit, this is what I mean by “nit-picking”.
    It is quite simple: he probably went directly to the airport and flew to a sunny, sandy destination. (why Fiji, I am sure USA have lovely white sandy beaches), a clear departure from his dreary life that he evidently cannot take anymore.
    He did not pass by his place to pack (does anybody think he had the time?)
    And arriving to whatever place he found himself, he evidently chose to go to the seashore to have a drink and a walk instead of losing time doing mundane things like buying clothes ( he couldn’t care less anyway, he never did).

    So there! Not so strange.

    Frankly when I go on a holiday the first I do is to check out the place and have a drink and to hell with the suitcase (Sometimes I might not even unpack, better things to do).

  • Nemo

    I think it was a good finale. It left people wondering how the writers are going to transition from this ending to the 8th season. I think people should speculate with a brighter perspective. Let the writers surprise us with the events in the coming season. It’s the final season correct? Should turn out good, I hope.

    As for those who’re saying that House is too self-centered and ridiculous for ramming the house with the car, well, what do you expect from him? That’s why he’s House.

    I beg to differ on the point made about the “Huddy” thing being the backbone of the entire show. I think House being a genius-jerk is what made the show that popular. It’s a reflection of what most people want their lives to be; being so right that no one questions the radical methods by which they do things. Although the “Huddy” things uplifted the mood for half of the season, it had to come to an end at some point. As House puts it, you don’t always get what you want.

    P.S. Taub’s situation is just a big hilarious puzzle.

    S.P.S. Don’t contemplate too much on the tropical beach + same suit. It could be a hallucination or house could flown to Thailand. Does it really bother you that he’s wearing the same suit? Lol

  • robert7132

    The ending makes perfectly good sense from a Shakespearean perspective. On the surface, House, the character, is Sherlock Holmes. hard to miss this. The apartment he lives in is 221 b, Wilson is Watson, etc. But on a less obvious and deeper level, “House” the show is Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” an underlying theme in Much Ado is “everybody lies.” House is Benedick, Cuddy is Beatrice, Wilson, Claudio. House chastises Wilson for his love for (insert love d’jour here) much as Benedick chastises Claudio. Benedick and Beatrice have an ongoing war of wits, much like House and Cuddy.

    The alignment of characters is not always perfect, and this episode is an example. In this case, House is Claudio, and Cuddy is Hero. In Much Ado, an enraged and jealous Claudio beats Hero literally on the alter, having been deceived by his own foolishness as much as by Don John’s plot. Hero is then beaten as well by her father, It is especially shocking because the audience knows Hero to be innocent, much as we know Cuddy is innocent. Note that Claudio’s rage is brought on by seeing “Hero” with another man through a window, just as House’s rage is brought on when he sees Cuddy with another man through her window.

    The solution is that Hero plays dead, others guilt Claudio into feeling remorse, he does penance, and in the end is fooled into marrying Hero (who of course forgives him).

    Should I point out Robert Sean Leonard played Claudio in Ken Branaugh’s Much Ado? Hmmm. 🙂

    So… Based on this, anyone want to guess where the plot goes next season?

  • robert7132

    The ending makes perfectly good sense from a Shakespearean perspective. On the surface, House, the character, is Sherlock Holmes. hard to miss this. The apartment he lives in is 221 b, Wilson is Watson, etc. But on a less obvious and deeper level, “House” the show is Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” an underlying theme in Much Ado is “everybody lies.” House is Benedick, Cuddy is Beatrice, Wilson, Claudio. House chastises Wilson for his love for (insert love d’jour here) much as Benedick chastises Claudio. Benedick and Beatrice have an ongoing war of wits, much like House and Cuddy.

    The alignment of characters is not always perfect, and this episode is an example. In this case, House is Claudio, and Cuddy is Hero. In Much Ado, an enraged and jealous Claudio beats Hero literally on the alter, having been deceived by his own foolishness as by Don John’s plot. Hero is then beaten as well by her father, Leonato.

  • robert7132

    The ending makes perfectly good sense from a Shakespearean perspective. On the surface, House, the character, is Sherlock Holmes. hard to miss this. The apartment he lives in is 221 b, Wilson is Watson, etc. But on a less obvious and deeper level, “House” the show is Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” an underlying theme in Much Ado is “everybody lies.” House is Benedick, Cuddy is Beatrice, Wilson, Claudio. House chastises Wilson for his love for (insert love d’jour here) much as Benedick chastises Claudio. Benedick and Beatrice have an ongoing war of wits, much like House and Cuddy.

    The alignment of characters is not always perfect, and this episode is an example. In this case, House is Claudio, and Cuddy is Hero. In Much Ado, an enraged and jealous Claudio beats Herp

  • Susan

    Sara 365 – the writers had Cuddy get House out of the situations with Tritter and Volger.

    And Huddy did maintain its audience even though the writers did an awful job with their relationship. The show isn’t doing as well now, in part, because of disappointment over the way it was ended.
    (If House and Cuddy can rise from the dead I will be very happy.)

  • sara

    Please don’t let it be a dream or hallucination, It ended perfectly.

    And for all those who are saying how horrible the ending was, sorry I am not buying it.
    If, after he crashed into the house, he had gotten out of the car, walked over to Cuddy, taken her in his arms and kissed her then all the Huddies would be cheering and claiming it was “just perfect”

    Huddy could not maintain the audience it inherited, it needed to be ended in a way that made it clear it is not rising from the dead. David Shore did that.

    Now, on to season 8 with a clean slate. The writers who got House out of the situations with Tritter and Volger will manage this time too.

  • lobentti

    Glad to read that L E is realy leaving HOUSE show, I was wondering if that was only marketing! Although I admire LE as artist, her character was not so good, from my point of view; so, let´s take some vacation, and wait, or we´ll spend all this time trying to guess what is in the writer´s mind :/ I´ve lost all my ‘feelings’ towards this show, but – it´s a show, so …

  • Susan

    #361 Lisa and #295 Aaron. I haven’t watched my old episodes since Bombshells.
    And you put the words in my mouth, with a slight twist, “the entirety of the show led up to that relationship, and without it the show IS over.”
    But, I’m leaving out hope for new contract negocations for LE, seeing how angry alot of the fans are. Maybe everyone will come to their senses.
    Another sad sight – TV Guide’s page on House has dropped Cuddy from its list of characters. That hit me in the stomach.

  • lobentti

    Well,I didn´t watch this episode, but from the recap in Fox and your comments, I remembered what House did to Harold in ‘The dig’, so it seems that he is directing his anger outside, instead of to himself; and probably allucinating a place of peace and joy … it´s just a guess 🙂

  • Lisa

    295 – Aaron : “I can’t even comfort myself in past seasons. I can’t even watch past seasons.”

    Exactly how I feel. The entirety of the show led up to that relationship, and without it the show feels over.

    Additionally, we love House because we identify with a man who, though troubled, aspires to be a better person. That’s what made the Mayfield storyline so great. Now that he’s headed downhill – not just a temporary downward spiral, but headed toward irredeemability, with an endless line of hookers on the horizon – it’s hard to care about him.

    For the record, I did not think the car crash was off character. It seemed vintage House – this is the same man who drugged his girlfriend’s mother, after all. Since when does House not break laws when he goes to extremes? I also do not think the car crash in itself makes him unredeemable. I suppose it’s not House that is unredeemable – it’s the plotline.

    Since this is my first and last post here, I would also like to say that I loved Amber – why did you kill off one of the best characters the show ever had? For 13? What a mistake.

    And for God’s sake, please don’t bring back Tritter. That was the most tedious stretch of House to date, though Vogler came close.

  • 2Lightworker

    348-@Sherlock Jr
    Your post is right on about the seductiveness of this incredible story and character. I have read fan comments about the show being “addictive.” Since I’ve never been part of anything like an on-line fan community, I find this to be a powerful means for people to process more than the story and character itself. If we allow, we can learn a lot more about ourselves, our values, and how we respond in the world. Since this is an international, multicultural, and intergenerational community, posts have a wide range of perception.

    I also am in creative work as an artist in painting, drawing, and clay sculpture, and continue to hone new skills as I seek to communicate my beliefs and concerns, much of which have to do with issues of human empowerment and justice, and finding a balance in expressing beauty and suffering. Actually, I find both of those in House. I also find much in House that is at the other end of the spectrum, but I enjoy the lampooning of political correctness because I have worked and lived with that and know it can be just one more way of controlling people.

    I am so encouraged by Hugh Laurie’s open journey of risking another art form among his many gifts, and he is such an inspiration to all of us who revel in creative process.

    At the end of Season 5, when House went off to Mayfield and there was a fan event where Hugh was present and fans asked him a lot of “what now” questions, he said seriously and gently, “this is a fictional character.” He has expressed dismay at the intensity of some fan responses to him as an actor, and emphasizes that he is NOT Gregory House! (smile) Of course his charismatic interpretation is responsible for much of that!

    House is so very engaging, and yes, it is important now to have more distance which I have had to do since “Bombshells.” We internalize this intense energy, invest in our own lives – creativity, relationships, ways to help the vulnerable, supporting efforts to reveal what is hidden since “everybody lies” – and follow what this “incredible man” House is experiencing, which is never on a par with our own lives. If it goes beyond that, we need, like you, to reassess.

    Go well!

  • sherlockjr

    My moniker is in honor of both Sherlock Holmes (read the Annotated when I was 12 and was a card-carrying member of the Baker Street Irregulars) and of the great Buster Keaton’s 1924 classic film, Sherlock Jr.

    Sorry, off topic. But off topic is almost a pleasure at this point.

  • screamingmimi

    348 sherlockjr

    The fact is the House storyline IS Shore & Co.’s baby… their intellectual property. They needed a punch, something unexpected & shocking to hold interest over the summer & get everyone talking. They succeeded in spades. I also wouldn’t discount a payback for all the Huddy mania. It had to be annoying to them, all those Huddies telling them what they should do. I was happy as a clam at high tide to see House & Cuddy together, but knew it would end disastrously, because that’s what screenwriters do.

    I’ve known people with repressed anger issues. Barbara’s right, they’re time bombs. So House’s reaction shocked me, but i could see it as realistic considering his mental state & addiction. The problem for me is how in the heck they intend to get him out of it. This season has had more than it’s share of plot holes, Cuddy & Wilson OK with his vicodon use??? Huh? He’s an addict, for god’s sake. Cuddy, whom i consider(d) a damned smart woman, didn’t see the chaos she would cause when she dumped him for one lapse?? Give me a break. But i still see what he did as realistic. My big hope is that they resolve this whole mess with something i will find plausible. They sure have their work cut out for them.

    By the way, if your “sherlockjr” moniker is indicative of an interest in the Holmes canon, you should check out William S. Baring-Gould’s “The Annotated Sherlock Holmes”. Every novel & short story with copious annotations by what many consider the ultimate Holmes scholar. And there are no screenwriters to jerk you around. My Holmesian interest is what got me hooked on House in the first place.

    And Simon, 353. LOVE YOUR IDEA.

  • 2Lightworker

    344 – @ Barbara Barnett

    Dear Barbara, I congratulate you on managing this blog along with all that you have on your plate right now, and thank you for taking time to respond. I look forward to your next interview and more detailed review.

    I retain compassionate empathy for House and am interested to see how redemption is presented in Season 8. I agree with your assessment of the interior pressures that brought him to such a tragic place and share your sensibilities in my post 149: “The way their break-up took place set the stage for a fragile, desperate man, after first reacting in self-indulgent but finally empty ways, to be emotionally frozen by what he feels is betrayal and rejection. He is then encouraged to speak his heart, to acknowledge his anger, to hear that Cuddy is not seeing anyone, to bring over her hairbrush which is symbolic of their shared intimacy in his home. When he sees the scene in her dining room, where he had shared meals, he experiences blinding jealous rage and acts out in a horrifically destructive and criminal way.”

    Probably from your quick scan, in post 344, you referenced to Merkof a quote in italics that was from a post I had made in 334,and that Broken Leg referred to in 338:

    “What troubles me more than hostile viewer comments is the seeming lack of engagement by the showrunners with the concerns that have been raised, but more of a dismissive attitude. They may perceive a wave of reaction as showing they have engendered a caring response, but they don’t seem to have the skills to acknowledge that there are thoughtful people doing that caring.”

    Since you seemed not to be on the quote’s wavelength, just didn’t want it to be aimed at Merkof, who wrote about Byronic heroes as well as whether House could be betrayed by his creator (David Shore).

    You go on to say, “What do you expect the creative team to say? ‘sorry guys, we were wrong, we’ll be better next year?'”
    I can’t say I have “expectations,” but I would prefer fewer very defensive responses.
    In my family, we encourage honest expression of opinion, but young people are cautioned to watch their “tone.” I think it is the tone of some of the clips, tweets, videos, interviews, that has drawn criticism about the attitude of those giving them, with the exception of Hugh Laurie, who has a gift for discreet and thoughtful exploration and reflection. Even with Hugh, there is a noticeable difference in his responses according to the interviewer, which has been at peak in Tavis Smiley’s gracious and informed interview and this week’s “The Sounds of Hugh Laurie on A Culture Show Special” on BBC2.

    How performers, writers, producers, directors speak to wide audiences is a crucial part of nurturing the community of those who watch and allow themselves to become invested in the work.
    Although I imagine since you have spoken directly to these folk, you have a different rapport, in post 343, I wrote the following perception of the situation with the writing as well as consideration of the feisty exchanges that David Shore betrayed the character:

    343 – “As to being betrayed by creator Shore, it appears there has been creative concept shifting over this season, with reports that Shore returned to rework the second half of the season, and that may contribute to some of the changing perceptions. Shore’s vision of the character is stunning, and it is often the case that those of us who can offer something so provocative are not comparably gifted in dialogue with those who ask questions that annoy us or whom we think just don’t ‘get it.’
    And so the rumblings continue.”

    Given the widespread discussion, as well as quite critical external reviews, I can imagine that there could be behind the scenes processing that has elements of disappointment, resentment, and even feeling unappreciated and devalued. The departure of Lisa Edelstein has been very unsettling to many, although not all, and I hope once sincere and specific expressions of appreciation are able to be issued, there will be a calm after the storm. As one who has never engaged in a fan community before, it is the brilliant concept aligned with extraordinary performance that has hooked me. I hope for more of that in Season 8.

  • sherlockjr

    Simon –
    I love it!

  • merkof


    I totally agree with you.

  • Simon

    Here’s my take on next season:
    Wilson goes looking for House after he and Cuddy decide that they won’t press charges. Cuddy moves to another state and gets a fresh start away from House. House goes back home, having faced that cataclysmic turning point event, he starts therapy again but finds out that he has Lupus. The End.

  • casa

    Next season (8), Cuddy could continue to be a part of [H]ouse’s ongoing journey
    Another actress can interprete her part;
    It happens in Broadway shows, TV programs,
    soap operas, etc
    Anyhow, had LE stayed for the next season, one would assume that their relationship would be very different and strictly profesional
    Count me in for next season!

  • my interview with the writers will be up in about an hour. I think you will be interested in what they have to say even if you don’t agree with it.

    Sherlock, after thinking about it, and talking to Kath and Peter about the episode, I beginning to wrap my head around it, and have come to separate what the character has done (a terrible thing) and the why the creators chose to go in this direction. I am much curious about next season.

  • 60 plus

    In thinking about possible ways the writers might begin the next season, I recalled Shore’s answer to this question:

    “TVLINE | Would you have done anything differently had you known going into the episode that Lisa was leaving?
    DS Had I known going into the final dozen episodes that she wasn’t returning, I’m sure it would’ve unfolded differently. Having said that, it does allow [for Cuddy’s exit]. I don’t really want to talk about where we’re going to go next season until [the writers] start meeting. But we’ll make the most of this. There will be opportunities that come from this. We’re going to get excited about next season.”

    Putting myself in his place (and the other writers), I have to believe that when they wrote the finale, they believed that Lisa would return and that Cuddy would be a part of [House’s] ongoing journey. It just does not seem realistic to me that they would have written the car crash without having at least a general idea of what the follow-up would be. In other words, I don’t think they painted themselves into a corner…they had an exit planned. What put them in the corner, with seemingly no exit, was Lisa’s decision to leave. I do not for a minute believe that they saw that coming…and certainly they didn’t want it to happen.

    Whether I like what happened in the finale or not, and whether I care for Shore’s communication skills or lack thereof, and whether I think the writing was sloppy, etc., logic tells me that his “But we’ll make the most of this, etc.” is saying that yes, they were somewhat blindsided, but they will try to make lemonade from lemons, so to speak.

    Shore says that if they had known she was leaving, the final dozen episodes would have been different. I just don’t think we can play Monday morning quarterback.

  • Paul.s

    I’d be very much surprised if TPTB surfed the net to get a feel of the fans’ reactions to their work. It matters little to them what we think as long as they captivate us enough to watch the show and bring the ratings.

  • sherlockjr

    I’ve done a lot of thinking (and talking to a good House friend) over the last few days, trying to get a handle on my reaction to “Moving On” and why it has been so extreme. I still feel that I’m going through the 5 stages of grief, but maybe I’m getting closer to acceptance than I was a couple of days ago.

    This is not to say that I like what happened in the last few minutes of the finale. It still bothers me, still feels very out of character, still feels irredeemable (or howeverthehell that’s spelled). I still think the writers made a terrible mistake in going this direction.

    The difference my feeling of acceptance has made since I posted earlier is that I think I’m now willing to watch next season and see if they can work this out. I may be watching with less emotional involvement than before — they’re going to have to pull a pretty big rabbit out of the hat for House’s behavior to become palatable to me — but I think I will be watching, at least for the first episode or so.

    As a creative person myself, I don’t think I’d appreciate it if someone told me that my own character was now “out of character,” and I’m quite sure I’d be upset if people said they hated me for what I’d done to that character.

    That said, I still can’t really wrap my head around the whole thing. Clearly David Shore & Company have hit an exposed nerve for a lot of people. Perhaps that was their intention. Perhaps they didn’t realize just how tender than nerve was or how upset people were going to be about it. Perhaps they just don’t care. Perhaps they’re going to be in the writers’ room over the next few weeks, discussing what they’ve done and how to deal with the fallout, one way or the other. Perhaps they have a plan for redeeming House. Perhaps they don’t. Perhaps they feel that House is their character, not ours, and they can do whatever they like with him.

    What it comes down to, I guess, is that I’ve had to remind myself once again that it’s just a TV show, not life or death. I’m realizing just how isolated my own life has become that a fictional character can upset me this much. As a result, I’m taking steps to broaden my world so that the affairs of a fictional man don’t invade my consciousness the way this has. I encourage you all to do the same.

  • housemaniac

    Thank you 2Lightworker @334 and BrokenLeg @338 for the crucial reminder that confidence and humlity make a great team and, often, great art!

    JordanRichardson #327: I don’t think we among the fans who are criticizing TPTB are suggesting that there is one right way to write the show. I think it’s a matter of artistic integrity, being true to the vision that the artists themselves set forth. What “true to the vision” means is subject to many interpretations. There is no wish for a blueprint here, just honesty, integrity, and creativity. You seem angry. So I would remind you of your own words: “At the end of the day, it’s just a show.”

  • Nulles, maybe therein lies a part of an explanation of House’s behavior in Moving On. Years of repressed anger, especially at himself, but also at Wilson and Cuddy for telling him things that deep down he’s probably telling himself even more harshly. Years of telling him how he should live his life when they have no idea what it means to live a life of chronic pain (yes, exacerbated by emotional anguish), but terrible chronic pain.

    I have a friend who couldn’t deal with the chronic severe headaches. She took aspirin after aspirin on day for relief, moving on to Vicodin, taking many pills just to rid her head of the terrible pain. She nearly died from OD.

    What House did has nothing to do with the pain and as inexcusable as it was, is a possible outcome to having snapped finally, explosively. His repressed anger at everyone, including himself exploded. I didn’t like it, and I certainly think House is out of character doing it. He just snapped and bad things happened. Is his character destroyed? Yes, for not. I want to see what they do to redeem him.

  • oops…meant “Moving On” not “move on.” Blame it on tiredness of spending more than 6 hours on a tarmac last night flying out of NYC.

    BTW–I will be posting my Lingenfelter/Blake interview later today.

  • Merkoff–my entire chapter on House in Chasing Zebras casts House as a Byronic hero. The chapter is nearly 40 pages long. Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights is also a Byronic. He was an unmitigated jerk no matter his searing love and tortured past.

    What troubles me more than hostile viewer comments is the seeming lack of engagement by the showrunners with the concerns that have been raised, but more of a dismissive attitude. They may perceive a wave of reaction as showing they have engendered a caring response, but they don’t seem to have the skills to acknowledge that there are thoughtful people doing that caring.

    What do you expect the creative team to say? “sorry guys, we were wrong, we’ll be better next year?” They may not (and actually do not) agree with some of the Move On criticism. Not everyone hated Move On, not everyone has hated this arc. Everyone on the writing team is deeply disappointed that LE is leaving. The writers just came back this week to plan S8.

    You may not agree with their vision. They have painted House into a corner at this point, but he’s is not irredeemable from it. Heathcliff was.

    The writers have taken House to a deeply dark place–much darker in a way than at any other time. I don’t like this Dr. G House. I’m angry at him and do not agree with what he did. But I’m willing to see how he pulls himself from the rubble of this self-made disaster.

  • 2Lightworker

    Always great to hear the way you make the connections!
    I enjoyed renting a DVD with 5 Murphy episodes, and tho’ a bit dated, they were witty and fun – in a more benign way than our wounded healer [H]ouse, she pulled the rug out of many situations and people; she was often embarrassed by turns of events, but without so much of the dark side. You asked last about the painter – Eldon! – whom I enjoyed, and reminded me of two different but similar experiences with bilingual Spanish-speaking painters and window-repair people in this NYC apartment building – both sort of “moved in” during the day and were chatty and bearers of good will and humor.
    Renting Murphy Brown confirmed my instinct that Candice Bergen contributed a lot more to Season 7 than the negative image of a meddling devouring mother – she said her truth the way House says his, and both have their own agendas. Wish she might be back one day, but I’m not “going there.” 🙂

    Maybe the reference you made to arrogance is more about insecurity than stupidity?
    It takes confidence to handle criticism with grace.

    thanks for reminding us about the Byronic hero, which archetype Hugh Laurie has credited in some interview as a key to people’s fascination with and seduction by the character of [H]ouse. Also about to what extent Hugh’s persona seeps through his interpretation – there have been moments, usually funny, when it was so Hugh,such as when he asked Cuddy if the entree had been meat, or when the champagne bottle broke from the sword………..and dare I say, a rhythm in the way he got out of the car wreck, gave Cuddy the brush wordlessly with just a moment’s pause, and then sauntered off with a lilt in his limp, with the offhand remark to Wilson that he felt better – from my chair, an echo of Hugh and Stephen in ABOFAL.

    I don’t think HL has been going in the direction of softness, but of depth laced with vulnerability (e.g. endings of “Three Stories,” “Honeymoon,” “Dying Changes Everything,” searingly at the end of “Bombshells”). But you are certainly on the mark that [H] is no Boy Scout — and as HL shows in his interpretation and love of the blues, he isn’t either.

    As to being betrayed by creator Shore, it appears there has been creative concept shifting over this season, with reports that Shore returned to rework the second half of the season, and that may contribute to some of the changing perceptions. Shore’s vision of the character is stunning, and it is often the case that those of us who can offer something so provocative are not comparably gifted in dialogue with those who ask questions that annoy us or whom we think just don;t “get it.”
    And so the rumblings continue.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    yeah Dexter’s actually a byronic hero despite is sociopathic state and yes its sociopathic not psychopathic if was a real psychopath he’d just be a murderer he’d feel no empathy whatsoever with anyone and wouldn’t care for his spawn one iota other than that the child can be used as a good cover. so he’s a sociopath.. sorta like House.. though i don’t think House is quite that far gone.

    i think that House is… angry, jealous, in the mood for revenge… angry… and that’s about everything that i can think of right now… oh satisfied is another one probably i guess.

    people you’ve got to stop thinking that House is going to be coming back to New Jersey anytime soon he’d have to be certifiably crazy to do that and he isn’t crazy.. unless you count criminally insane but clinically he’s about as sane as they come… hell if anything he’s probably saner than any of the rest of us.

    he’s moving on, i think he’s dropping his drug abuse for good and well he’s just gonna be enjoying himself from here out. drinking a bit, stealing candy from babes, seducing women, that sorta thing. he’s probably hanging around somewhere in the Bahamas or maybe Hawaii, and is gonna run into some female from his past life. Lydia, Stacy, Cameron… that’s about all i can think of… maybe he’ll discover that Lydia or Stacy had his child while they were gone.

    eh maybe we’ll find that he’s in Puerto Rica or however you spell it and hanging around with……. what was his name? the rapper guy who House rapped with the guy who couldn’t stop talking who House beat up. eh that guy. hmm it would be kinda fitting if he were to be House’s new partner in crime i think. i mean the guy does owe House and together i do think they make a good team.

    gesh! maybe the janitor will be there too lol… then we can have a whole new House team. Gregory House, Janitor guy, latino rapper guy… some female like.. Cameron! or Lydia, and we can have them all thinking up ways to evade… hmm either the authorities or the former House team.

    the opposition: Dr James Wilson, Robert Chase, Thirteen, maybe Foreman but i doubt it. possibly trailed by M Tritter and Vogler while we’re at it.

    it can be a whole new Smokey and the Bandit series lol…

    and then at the end all the others can be getting arrested or something like that for aiding and abetting and stuff and as i said earlier House can end up walking out into the desert alone and end up dying of thirst or heat stroke though not before impregnating Lydia or some other female and passing on his cruel bastard genes…

    eh the idea needs more work but still its the way i think things oughta go. with House having his carcass nibbled on by coyotes and stuff alone and mostly unwanted. i think its how he’d want to go, eh its sorta how i want to go certainly that way my bones can go up in a musem or soemthing a thousand years later or so after being discovered by archeologists and stuff. i’m not sure i haven’t consumed enough caffeine yet to be exactly coherent for long periods.

  • maria-eleni

    @broken leg
    So, D. Shore and House are stupid now but in seasons 1,2,3 etc they practiced humility and so were intelligent?

    And all of you who are indignant with DS and House:
    My God, has no one here read history or literature?

    Constantine the Great killed his own son out of jealousy but he still became a Saint.
    Alexander the Great in a fit of rage killed a faithful friend and bitterly regretted it.
    Shakespeare tragedies are full of protagonists who killed their loves (Othello), their kings & friends (Macbeth), their love’s father (Hamlet) and so on.
    Dramas whether, literary works of art or popularistic TV shows are usually larger than life and their purpose is to generate passions, that the spectators would probably never encounter in their lives. And if they did they would run as fast as possible to escape.

  • merkof

    Wikipedia: The Byronic hero is an idealised but flawed character exemplified in the life and writings of English Romantic poet Lord Byron. It was characterised by Lady Caroline Lamb, later a lover of Byron’s, as being “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”. The Byronic hero first appears in Byron’s semi-autobiographical epic narrative poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812–1818).
    Byronic hero:The work provided the first example of the Byronic hero. The idea of the Byronic hero is one that consists of many different characteristics. The hero must have a rather high level of intelligence and perception as well as be able to easily adapt to new situations and use cunning to his own gain. It is clear from this description that this hero is well educated and by extension is rather sophisticated in his style. Aside from the obvious charm and attractiveness that this automatically creates, he struggles with his integrity, being prone to mood swings or bipolar tendencies. Generally, the hero has a disrespect for any figure of authority, thus creating the image of the Byronic hero as an exile or an outcast. The hero also has a tendency to be arrogant and cynical, indulging in self-destructive behaviour which leads to the need to seduce women. Although his sexual attraction through being mysterious is rather helpful, this sexual attraction often gets the hero into trouble. The character of the Byronic hero has appeared in novels, films and plays ever since.

  • merkof

    House, a tortured,”Byronic” figure (says HL in an interwiew), an unmitigated jerk from the beginning, continuously inflicting verbal and psychological violence to everybody around him is a creation of DS.

    So how can he be betrayed by his creator?
    Do you forget how he cold-bloodedly attacked the unfortunate inmates at Mayfield?
    That was so much worse as these were patients and with no connection to him. He did it purely to further his own purposes.
    At least, now his behavior is explained by his hurt and despair. It is definitely criminal but forging Wilson’s prescriptions is also criminal and self-serving. Why nobody seems bothered by this?
    This is House and I agree with those who say that we love him because of Hugh Laurie’s interpretation. (Though it is possible that we just see HL’s persona and that is what we love and not House)
    It has been recorded, however, that HL has resisted efforts to make House softer as he relishes the edginess of the character.
    And I have to say that he definitely relished the moments in House’s car. He was scary and, I admit, murderous.
    He was also murderous in “the Dig” before shouting with the spud gun!

  • BrokenLeg

    @ 2Lightworker

    Nice to hear you again! How goes your Murphy Brown’s review?

    Your post:
    “What troubles me more than hostile viewer comments is the seeming lack of engagement by the showrunners with the concerns that have been raised, but more of a dismissive attitude. They may perceive a wave of reaction as showing they have engendered a caring response, but they don’t seem to have the skills to acknowledge that there are thoughtful people doing that caring”

    Because that ego, many [H]ouse followers all over the world feel themselves cheated, mocked and frustrated. It’s like throughwing salt on a wound.
    And about Proverbs 16:18: at the University, one absolutely atheist teacher taught me the same. It’s all about common sense and humility. As much brilliant you are, much needed of humility.
    Arrogance is the sin of the stupid ones.

  • D

    It was an entertaining episode. It wasn’t as strong as I’d hope for a typical House finale, but the wave of shock and dismay over the ending is just perplexing to me. I think the most headbanging responses I’ve seen are the ones about the show’s producers advocating female abuse. Everyone seems to be torn up that because House did a horrible thing, they can’t like him anymore. Not only is that not true, disliking the character doesn’t necessarily constitute disliking the show. Things like “I guess House can do what he wants!” and “he’s a murderer!” just amaze me. No one is looking at the layers of the episode; just the surface. And the David Shore interview responses are worse. The writers have flat out said what House did was disgusting, so the argument that he’s free from retribution doesn’t hold when we haven’t seen Season 8 yet.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    334@2Lightworker: AMEN to ^This^

    I feel like TPTB have retaliated against fans as though we are all “rabid Huddy fangirls.” It is insulting.

  • Susan

    I still have not seen the finale and after reading through a few of the comments I know why I haven’t been able to turn on the DVR. I am avoiding the finale like the plague. I guess I think if I don’t watch it and I don’t read the internet stuff about LE’s departure, it won’t be true. I can’t believe that Cuddy will actually not be on the show next year.

    I had a really good week (family wedding, relatives all getting together every night, etc.) and I avoided this site. Looking at it this morning is bringing me down again. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll ask if anyone has any positive spin to put on the show – is there any possibility that LE will get her salary, come back to House, they’ll get together again for a happy ending, the writers will rewrite her character so she’s not a bitch, House will not be a psychopath etc etc.

    I guess I’ll come back when I’ve seen the episode.

  • 2Lightworker

    332 @ Broken Leg

    Continue to find Goody Two Shoes’ analysis of the 2 perspectives on [H]ouse, Shore’s and Laurie’s, sheds light on the divided fan community…..this ambiguity in following the journey becomes confusing from time to time, and like House, we feel “hurt” and lash out.

    Seems to be the way of the world that when we put creative work out there, we invite all kind of positive and negative response.What troubles me more than hostile viewer comments is the seeming lack of engagement by the showrunners with the concerns that have been raised, but more of a dismissive attitude. They may perceive a wave of reaction as showing they have engendered a caring response, but they don’t seem to have the skills to acknowledge that there are thoughtful people doing that caring.

    Proverbs 16:18
    “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (King James Version)
    When we ridicule questions about our creative work, we risk making mistakes and missing deeper insights. The most talented art teachers I have had are those who have a modesty as well as confidence about their work, and treat students in the same spirit.

  • bigHousefan

    House officially checked out.  He stopped doing battle with his inner-demons and worse than surrender to them, he EMBRACED them.   He gave up all hope and felt LIBERATED in doing so.  His demeanor on the beach was of total liberation.  

    All of his mantras: all love is conditional, giving in to baser drives, we’re all wildebeests dying on the riverbank (Live the Dream), none of this means anything, he doesn’t need human connection or deserve it (Son of a Coma Guy) etc…In House’s mind he’s been proven right – and he’s pleased with himself.

    I love the character, House. I’m sad he is in this mentally sick state. I hope by series end we find House at peace with himself. But, knowing David Shore just when House finds peace he’ll also discover his liver is gone from Vicodin abuse and he’ll die.

    If this were the SERIES finale, I would be devastated. I will watch to see where the writers go with this, the story is not over and I’m glad of that. I would so love to see Mira Sorvino come back as Kate (Frozen)!

  • BrokenLeg

    329@Sneaky Microbe
    Greed, fame, and arrogance almost always do not let see things as really are.
    One architect’s building must fullfill both, user’s necessities and architect artistic envision. No one is over the other. The difficult one is to reach totally both of them. With humility and empathy. The creator ( architect)designs something to be used by and belongs to others ( final user). I think creation of TV shows follows the samne pattern.It is not something for personal crator use. And less after seven seasons.

  • LizzieE

    329 – Of couse Shore is laughing, just like his role models, the Lost writers. This finale is a case where, for once, mom and dad (the Fox suits) should have said no. Just maybe, Shore is secretly wishing they did but wait, I momentarily forgot that he is the poster boy for the phrase “the arrogance of power.”

  • BrokenLeg

    287-290 @Good Two Shoes
    Thank you for your brilliant analysis.
    ok, you are right!
    323 Nulles
    Your words are mine too

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Reading through all these posts makes me so sad. There are tons of anger, frustration, disappointment . . . fans making fun of fans, fans insulting fans, fans crying, fans stunned, fans rejoicing in the despair of other fans. I mean, what does this say about Humanity?

    And is David Shore on a beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail and laughing about all this? There are easily two-thirds of long-time fans who claim that they are “done” with the show. Does he even care how negatively TPTB have impacted the House fan base? I think not. He’s wallowing in the money, the fame, and laughing at us.

  • HouseFan

    #327. But don’t sit there expecting them to come your way because you’re the “faithful audience.” It’s that type of shit that sucks the life out of art.

    I just have to say thank you. I hate the hate that is going on. I love House and I’m in it to the end. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been frustrated or disliked stuff when things haven’t gone how I thought or expected it to go but I have taken it in, thought about it and in the end accpeted it.

    Any show lasting 5+ years tends to go over the top. And house was over the top from the beginning so it’s sort of natural things would get even “crazier”. Why? Because to me it seems writers (of any show) constantly have to come up with more screwed up or intense story lines to keep an audience. It’s not neccesarily what they want to do but it’s a trend I find myself see happening all over the place. For better or worse.

    I still love House the character even if not all episodes. I will confess that is mostly due to Hugh Laurie cause he always gives such a great performance and whatever direction DS takes the character, HL takes his own route based on that and I have enjoyed the overall ride so far and am looking forward to more.

    As for this debate going on that House is now a homicidal psycopath I can’t agree at all. Of course I think he was wrong in doing what he did but I didn’t see a person intent on killing. I saw a man losing it. A man full of pills that may (or may not) be aware of how severe his action really was. A man that has been getting more and more out of control and years of surpressed anger finally exploding.

    Still not saying what he did was ok. But he did do a very houseian thing. He didn’t think it through, and he definitely did not plan it, he simply saw red and as I see it wanted to destroy the image of a happy Cuddy with a new man. And until DS tells us otherwise, I will believe this was an act not to cause bodily harm on anybody but rather material harm.

    Would it be fair to suggest that maybe he didn’t even realize the car would go through the wall and end up in the living room as it did? Maybe he just thought it would cause destruction to the house but not quite that much? Just giving out some thoughts I don’t think I’ve seen discussed anywhere.

    Anyway. I am very interested in seeing how and where they will take House next season. I have my hopes for how things should happen like everyone else but I will let them take me whereever they go.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m not much for television, but it seems to me that a lot of you are upset for a particular property not going where YOU want it to go. Have you ever thought about being receptive to the artistic direction of the show rather than formulating expectations of characters and plotlines and crossing your fingers in hopes that Shore and Co. bring things your way?

    You being the “faithful audience” shouldn’t trump what Shore or the writers or the actors want to do. Sorry. You have your imagination and your ideas and they have theirs. If you’re no longer interested in their ideas, fine. But don’t sit there expecting them to come your way because you’re the “faithful audience.” It’s that type of shit that sucks the life out of art.

    And at the end of the day, it’s just a show. Doesn’t it say something about it that you’re all so attached to every little breeze it blows your way? I think that’s really something.

  • AreKay

    Yes, I’m very upset with David Shore. Yes, House is his creation, but we are his faithful audience. One without the other is nothing. Shore’s problem is that he really doesn’t think he can fall flat on his face and worse yet he doesn’t even recognize it when it happens!

  • 2Lightworker

    324-@Sherman Alexis

    THIS! to both of you! Right on!
    Many perceptions out there,
    but you have nailed it.

  • Sherman Alexie

    Shore has lost it completely, hasn’t he?

    I always told my friends back when House and Cuddy were starting to get a bit more screentime (together) around Season 3 that I still thought some of the things David Shore came out with were strange and that I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him if he decided to put them together in a relationship.

    He seems to think House is this genius character that he has created (which he was) so that gives him license to do whatever the hell he wants – ruin other characters, destroy relationships between characters, etc. – all to preserve House in a desperate state of despair and hopelessness.

    Who in their right mind would EVER employ House? Especially now after he drove (I cannot believe I am typing this after we have been told it was for real) his car into his ex’s (and BOSS’) house?! If House can’t be a doctor anymore, there is no show. I’m dumbstruck by all this insanity. And that isn’t even starting on how wrong it is that he DROVE HIS CAR INTO CUDDY’S HOUSE. I MEAN WHAT IN THE HELL?!

  • Nulles

    I’ve watched episodes from past seasons just to convince myself that Shore is nuts and that the last few minutes in “Moving On” were completely OOC for House. And you know what? They were. House forgives everything and everyone even when he shouldn’t. He EXPECTS people to lie all the time – Everybody Lies, remember? – so he doesn’t get mad at things like that. He is fun and funny, intelligent, rational. He is also NOT physically aggressive. Not even close. He retreats from confrontations. He is child-like in his curiosity and his playfulness.

    He seeks advice from Wilson and, get this, he usually FOLLOWS it even when he thinks Wilson is wrong. House and Wilson are fun together. Wilson wasn’t so whiny like he’s been this season.

    He adores Cuddy and goes to see her just because he can. Their relationship has great affection, loyalty, and humour. Cuddy is intelligent and challenges House medically. House worries about her. They are incredibly sexy and intimate with each other. House is physically gentle with her and protective. When she’s mad, he allows her to get up into his face and personal space.

    I’m still so mad at David Shore I can’t even explain it.

  • Katie Serrona

    If we’re to take Shore’s word that “the car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside” and “I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody […] I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out,” then it was aimed entirely at Cuddy and was an act of violence against his former partner.

    Abuse isn’t always physical – even if House specifically tried to avoid injuring Cuddy and everyone else in the house, which we know he didn’t – he took away her right to feel safe in her own home. Your house is where you go after work, on the weekends, when you’re sick – it’s where most people feel most comfortable and able to be themselves without having to worry about the outside world. Imagine how Cuddy now feels about her house, after experiencing a lunatic driving his car through it, not caring how much damage he wrought or whether he injured/killed her or her family or acquaintances. I know if I were Cuddy I wouldn’t want to stay in that house – in fact, I might not feel comfortable in any ground-floor dwelling for quite a while. That’s the core of it, no matter what House’s intent was. And that’s abusive in and of itself.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think the writers expected anyone to find House redeemable at the end of this episode. His actions were pre-meditated, they were violent, and they could have been absolutely catastrophic. House sitting on a beach, grinning with a cocktail, doesn’t suggest any regret or misgivings about what he did.

  • Boo-Boo

    Just because House’s intention wasn’t to harm Cuddy according to Shore, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to crash a car through your ex’s home. Nor is it okay to take that kind of chance that no one will get hurt when, as others have said, what if someone hadn’t moved out of the way fast enough or Rachel was playing under the table? Someone drunk driving may not have intended to kill a mother and her kids but they still did it. They’ll still get vehicular manslaughter and serve time. His actions were not acceptable no matter what his own rationalizations are for them, and he should go to jail and never be able to practice medicine again. Also, Cuddy does not know what he intended nor do her friends and family. From their perspective, he just tried to kill them.

    One other thing I would like to mention. I think what really bothers me about this episode is that Cuddy gets treated as if she “deserves” this action because House’s heart is broken again. Some people here and on other sites keep focusing on how Cuddy was awful to him and had trip wires in his office in that one episode, and that she emotionally assaulted him, etc. A trip wire or Wilson’s sawing his cane down the middle, while mean, are not as severe as a direct car crash through one’s home. And House has been verbally and emotionally abusive to Cuddy and Wilson numerous times, often in order to manipulate them. Some viewers paint House as this poor guy who needs a cathartic release, and paint Cuddy as some “bitch” that richly got what she deserved in the end. It’s really unfair. Cuddy has a right to move on – be it with a rebound like Jerry – just like House had the right to seek the company of hookers and a mail order bride. But the difference between the two is that Cuddy didn’t try to harm House with her car! She was upset and felt heartbroken over his marriage, but she walked away. Why couldn’t House have done that? Or at the least just thrown the hairbrush. The one good thing about this episode is that it opens up a discussion about domestic violence yet sadly sheds light on how many people side with the abuser over the woman. It’s very disturbing to me, when this kind of action is rationalized and accepted as reasonable by men and women who watch this show.

  • Carotid artery

    # 253 – KrispyKreme
    Excellent analysis! I’m at the denial stage right now, I refuse to believe House is realistically capable of such violence. DS might be trying to throw the fans off the scent by saying all the events are real. I’m waiting for stage #3 to set in and see what bargaining chips my mind might come up with. Thanks for bringing that point up!

  • Clammy

    I’m in the minority since I don’t see the car crash and beach scene as ruining House. He’s always been a lovable sociopath, just like Dexter has been a lovable psychopath (on Dexter). Cuddy has been on the downslide since “Ignorance is Bliss” from Season 6 when the writers added “cruelty” to Cuddy’s list of traits. Honestly, at that time I decided that I didn’t even want House and Cuddy together anymore because Cuddy would only screw with House, even though she’d been warned by Wilson and had more than enough knowledge of how House operates/works/really is. And that’s exactly what she did when it counted the most; she couldn’t take off her “normal person” filters to understand or comprehend that House wasn’t avoiding her because he wanted to hurt her; he was avoiding her because he avoids pain in general, and the mere notion or possibility of the love that he finally let into his heart DYING on him would make him feel the need to medicate again in order to buck up to be able to be around her. And then she dumped him, coldly and cruelly.

    So, again, I’m in the minority. I don’t think he had any intention of killing her or anybody. I think he felt quite satisfied that he was able to send her that final “message” at the end there because he felt – on top of being emotionally HURT like he told her – betrayed by her yet again when he watched her through the window. I’m surprised that Shore didn’t buy the rights to Tom Jones’s Delilah for that scene.

  • 2Lightworker

    @ Goody Two Shoes – thanks for your superb comments on the difference of interpretation of the character of House between Shore and Hugh Laurie. It is clarifying around the polarization of viewers over this season.
    Hugh Laurie has always acknowledged David Shore for his creation of the character, but it is Hugh’s interpretation and charismatic presence that holds me, not so much the original concept, which has run aground.

    @David Wong – Thank you for your humor and realistic assessment of the finale and the impact on subsequent episodes.

    House as an anti-hero with underlying nobility is an amazing performance by Hugh Laurie, but the nihilistic implications with which this season has devolved are not appealing to me nor worthy of the complex sensitivity Mr. Laurie brings to the role. I have said before after listing all that House has experienced that he succumbed to a blinding jealous rage. That does not justify the particular circumstances of the finale, because there were other options for him to name his demon.
    So after this finale, I find great delight in Hugh Laurie’s music and in the prospect of his new film. He has more than paid his dues, and does not deserve to be diminished by showrunners who do not have his depth of understanding human personality.
    And I still would like to see Stephen Fry come into the story and tell his truth as he sees it.

  • Jenny

    One of my friends pointed out to me today that there is no difference whether the violence invoked by House had been perpetrated on a man or woman. I think the fans of the House/Wilson relationship do see this too. House’s open aggression toward Wilson by shattering the things is his office, showed that if they were in a relationship and Wilson hurt him too, House would be capable of violence toward him as well. And Wilson did get hurt in this fiasco too – physically and mentally – knowing that he is the one who told House to express his feelings. I don’t want to get into ship bashing. Both Cuddy and Wilson need to fear House in this current mental state. That episode press release we got describing House “doing something that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently” makes sense now. This is just ugly behavior no matter how you look it.

  • angela

    shore and company did a character assassination of house

  • Committed

    @278 sherlockjr – I couldn’t agree with your assesment more!! I feel for you because I know what it feels like to reach the point you are at.

    You described exactly what I felt at the end of “Bombshells”. For me, that was the beginning of the end. I watched it for awhile longer, a couple more episodes but found that it only upset me. I was confused and unsure if what I had thought I had seen over the past seven years was real. It was no longer about House’s journey for me but rather David Shore’s misery ridden portrayal of a character that seemed to have no hope of happiness (and now redemption) and who would be eternally stuck in a cycle of addictions and outrageous actions. I too thought that somehow things would work out for him, that the whole thing was a dream or hallucination or that he would seek the help he needed after a few bad benders and I waited patiently for him to wake up and for that to happen. Didn’t happen and it isn’t going to happen. I now am convinced of that. I’m just sorry that I didn’t fully accept what David Shore had said in the first place – people don’t change.

    For me, I am done – stopped watching awhile back though I do enjoy reading the articles and the comments from everyone. I find the perspective of the fans to be wide ranging and thought provoking and so I am thankful that I can still come here. Who knows, someday someone may write something that might convince me to watch again. I am hoping that once the series ends there will be some value in the body of work as a whole – maybe once it is fully written, it will make more sense to me.

  • MHM

    still not watching the show, just here to ride out my 5 stages of grief.

    i share Aaron @295’s feelings as exactly as possible. Thank you for that concise description.

    Sherlockjr @278 & 279: I always appreciated and respected your posts here. Thank you for another wonderfulf post (or 2)

  • Oversimplified

    @ 60plus- Quite often I’ve seen a lot anger directed towards David Shore and others. Often it’s unwarranted and even personal and I have massive problem with that. The fact of the matter though is that when you put your work out in the public domain, and House is the most watched show in the world, you do quite rightly leave yourself open to criticism. Human beings make mistakes and learn from. They evolve, as do writers. Even ones at the top of their game. I think a massive error of judgement has been made here in that the plot has started dictating to the characters instead the of opposite which has always been the status quo on House, and it needs to be picked up on and pointed out.

  • Paul.s

    I think as long as the story line was about House as a doctor, the medical mysteries and the occasional office tryst it was all good. I actually quite enjoyed the formulaic episodes, I found myself grinding my teeth at the silly House/Cuddy arc, it killed the show. We might not have the right to tell the writers what path to send the characters but I’m just surprised that DS didn’t pick better qualifed screenwriters instead of the mediocrity we’ve been treated to lately.

  • Oversimplified

    I’ve just re-watched the finale again with a friend who hadn’t previously seen it to see if my revulsion towards the last 10 minutes of the ep was just me over-reacting, but apparently not.

    I totally get the argument that because we’re all taking the time out to discuss it, it must therefore be a sign that Shore & Co have done something right, but how can it be when a significant amount of the loyal fanbase are so disgusted by the protagonist’s actions that they don’t feel like they’ll be able to stomach another season of what is increasingly looking like nihilism from the writers… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show sign it’s own death-warrant in one scene before.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve never watched House to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but even when he was being at his most vitriolic I still saw that 9 times out of 10 his words/actions were designed to protect his patients/colleagues/friends no matter how misguided they seemed, even if what he says and does is guided by his particularly bleak worldview. This in itself was explained by his abuse as a child, the betrayal he felt when Stacy made the decision about his leg after the infarction, and the excruciating pain he suffers day in, day out. My issue with the crash is that in the past he’s never been so obliquely cruel and acted aggressively towards a person who isn’t in a position to defend themselves. Sure Cuddy can verbally spa with him til the cows come home, but to physically destroy the place where she feels safe, her home, is actually disgusting, whether you think it constitutes attempted murder, reckless endangerment or whatever. It gets worse when you consider the smirk on his face at the end. Aside from Cuddy what did Rachel do to deserve having her home trashed like that?

    As a writer myself I honestly wouldn’t like to have to go back in the writersroom and discuss how they can make season 8 a. coherent and b. salvageable without going down the hallucination or brain tumour route…

  • 60 plus

    308 – Jennifer Carroll
    Thanks, Jennifer, for taking time to post before your “vacation” from [H]ouse. You have perfectly articulated my thoughts and feelings. I would like to emphasize one part: “I have read a lot of hostile posts towards David Shore; why should we be doing this? [H]ouse is his creation, and he sees where he wants to go with the main character. Who are we to dictate to him what he should or should not do with his creation? This has been part of the problem. We the fans are very good at telling the show’s writers and creators about what they should do.”

    It saddens me that the sense of entitlement and the setting of the many differing personal expectations, followed by the eventual disappointment when they are not realized, breed such negativity.

    I’m with you…looking forward to the next part of [H]ouse’s journey wherever Shore and his merry band of writers take us…although I don’t know if I can stay away from [H]ousedom until the journey begins again in the fall. 🙂

  • screamingmimi

    All these postings about the (supposed) out of character & violent end of this season: I remember House showing rage before, in Broken, when Dr. Nolan thwarted one of House’s schemes. Don’t know the exact scene, but the few seconds of absolute, murderous rage and hate on House’s face has stayed with me. He is totally capable of it. But in the words of the immortal Vulcan philosopher Mr. Spock: I understand, but I do not approve. (Just know there’s a Trekker out there who can name the episode. I sure can’t.)

    Nate expressed the way I feel. It reminded me of one of my favorite novels, Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, about the thoughtless destruction of a man by the woman he loves, and which ends in a flophouse, with an unlit gas jet, & suicide. (“What’s the use?”) Sure hope DS doesn’t read the books I do. It would fit, but I don’t want it.

  • Jennifer Carroll

    You could say that this has all been a huge success. TPTB wanted to shock and awe the audience, and they certainly did it. I am going to say my feelings here, and then will be signing off for the summer hiatus just like the show. I have read a lot of hostile posts towards David Shore; why should we be doing this? [H]ouse is his creation, and he sees where he wants to go with the main character. Who are we to dictate to him what he should or should not do with his creation? This has been part of the problem. We the fans are very good at telling the show’s writers and creators about what they should do. Case in point the House/Cuddy relationship! They gave a part of the fandom what they wanted, while Shore gave over some of his control to others during his absence. He came back and attempted to steer the show back to his vision of the character. Many didn’t like it, but what is done is done. House has always been unstable, right from Season One. He has always done things that have risked peoples lives, even his own. So this emotional breakdown at the end of “Moving On” does not surprise me, it’s been coming a long time. Everybody had been at him and to show how he really felt, especially Wilson and Cuddy. So, he finally does, walks away, and says he feels better.

    If people want to walk away from the show because it did not live up to their expectations, then so be it. David Shore and TPTB, I am certain, won’t be too worried, they will continue to tell the story their way. As for all the distress and wringing of hands over the absence of Lisa Edelstein next season, I too am saddened by her not wanting to return to the show. But at the end of the day, it’s her decision. I really hope she thought it through, and did not act on a sudden impulse that later on she might regret. But somehow I don’t think the show will suffer too much without her. Season 8 will be a big challenge. But these writers and creators have always risen to the challenge. I honestly don’t think I could write a TV show, how many of us could? Maybe some of those who think this season has been all bad writing should move to Hollywood and try their hand at it. Then see how easy it is!

    Sorry I went on a rant here, I don’t do that often, but it’s stuff I wanted to say. I know a lot of you will disagree with me, as is your right, but let’s all be friends about it. I hope that as fans of the show, we will stick together and continue on what could be the final part of House’s journey. For those who want to get off the ride, I think I will miss them more than Lisa Edelstein. Anyway, signing off for now, I need a vacation to recovery from this season, and I look forward to joining you all again prior to the start of Season 8. I will check in to read some of the comments from time to time. See you all later, and have a great summer!

  • Jacksam4eva

    @goody two shoes: I totally agree with you. The problem here is that it feels like shore is not able to compromise anymore between his view and Hugh Laurie’s. I know creatively, it can be very hard to be forced to do something you don’t actually feel like doing but I believe in that finale he should have. This season was so full of bitterness and controversy on this fandom that everyone needed an episode to bring the fans back together on some kind of common ground for next season. The final season. He should have done what he did with season 4: some hated it, some loved it but by the end, I do not know one person here who would deny the brilliance of house’s head and wilson’s heart. To me, house was never a great guy underneath an jackass’s clothes but I’ve always seen him like a human being, being meaner towards others and making even more mistake than anyone could ever imagine and yet being able of greatness, under some special circumstances, like all of us. I rely on Hugh Laurie’s view for the rest.

    However, even if we rely on shore’s idea according to which house is a very dark character that will never change, this episode doesn’t make sense to me. I may be repeating what others have already said but House has never shown to be capable of any act of angry violence towers others. Never. We’ve seen him depressed, angry, struggling, I’ve never seen him like Shore says he does: having always been capable of killing the ones he’s close to. Even if some argue that here it wasn’t the case, it doesn’t change the problems I have with Shore’s theory. There are many characters on TV I’d see as capable of doing that (Jack Malone on without a trace for example) but House has never been one. Which leads me to believe that maybe I have missed soemthing that has been there all along, and that’s why I’ll re-watch the show this summer to check whether or not I have missed something. If I haven’t, then it means that Shore is not as good as I thought he was, because he wasn’t able to hint at this before on his show. Or I’ll have to conclude that House HAS changed, which would also mean Shore failed to support his own beliefs

  • Barbara barnett

    Sorry to be AWOL. I’ve. Had little online access these last three day, having been at blogworld and book expo America. I did the interview yesterday and just got back the transcrIpt. I’m sitting on plane right now and both the interview and my Longer commentary will be up tomorrow and Sunday resPectively. Like you I’ve been processing. Be back after I get back from NYC later finite.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    hmm i suppose maybe yeah… can’t really figure how though. i suppose they can have House rushing into a burning building or a flooding one or a crashed vehicle or something and end up rescuing Rachel and handing her off to Cuddy and end up going back inside whatever it is and never come out… end up drowning like Charlie did in Lost.

    or maybe Rachel’s bus will go over the rails of a cliff or something and end up sinking. House will go inside rescue some kids then find Rachel get her out of there then rush back in… and well like i said drown in the wreck. and so only Cuddy and or maybe Wilson will only hear of House’s bravery from Rachel… Rachel will cough out some water while sobbing in Cuddy’s arms a weak “House” or maybe they’ll only hear of it from House’s body being identified in the wreck but it’d be more… eh i dunno tragic or something to hear it from Rachel’s lips.

    then the scream can change to an underwater view of House’ floating body in the wreck of the bus at the bottom of the ocean, dressed just the same way as in the ending of season six is how i see him.

    its a beautiful and very tragic scene. i almost have tears.

  • Nate

    The Grinning Psychopath,

    I’m glad to see someone agrees with how brilliant it was. And I think Barbara will too. It definitely is something that makes you step back and go WOW, but for me it’s a good wow. I (like you) never expected the House Cuddy relationship to work out. After all, two broken people do not make a whole. Part of me sees the beach scene as being a hallucination, just kind of showing what kind of place he is in mentally more than a physical tropical island. But, it could be as well. And like you I think House will die. I think he might find redemption in the way he does though.

  • The Grinning Psychopath


  • Nate

    I think with all of the vicodin in his system and the sight of what he saw, House snapped. I just don’t think it makes him unredeemable.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    Great comment Nate, bravo. yeah for House there is or well there was a light at the end of the tunnel and it was a flame thrower… either that or an oncoming train, though really i think it might’ve been a mix of the two. cause after this finale… i think House is going to be haunting Cuddy’s dreams for… eh probably forever. there will be no redemption, no rectifying past errors it is the end. the song Termination Bliss by Deathstars comes to mind now. House is going to be Cuddy’s very own Freddy Krueger i think… god that song just won’t leave now. heh. oh god all of my shows are coming to an end. Smallville, House, Chuck, i think Supernatural is taking its last dying breaths now, Red Dwarf is acting as Jason Voorhees a dog that just won’t die and somehow i think NCIS is close to a final end as well though i haven’t read anything for it yet just a feeling. pretty much all i got left is Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries… hmm sadness. oh i suppose i got Ron Jeremy’s River Monsters but honestly how many more shows can there be for him to put on for us. oh i suppose i got Doctor Who, heh yeah that’ll probably never die…. actually i suppose it will yeah just remembered.

  • silmarils

    “Anger makes you do very bad things”
    yes, as murder attempt.

    “I think in that moment he didn’t care what happened to any of them”
    Def of psychopathy, this is one symptom, maybe they should write something about House’s mental disorder.

  • Nate


    I have been mulling this over since seeing the finale and have come to a conclusion: it was brilliant. It was entirely in his character. He has never gotten physically angry to such an extent before. Just watch Hugh Laurie’s eyes when he is about to floor it and crash into her house. There is rage and pain all at once. He truly is one of the best actors around.

    Let me continue my argument going back to the season seven premiere, in which he tells Cuddy they shouldn’t start a relationship because he will inevitably do something to make her leave. She reassures him that she loves him for him. He had never been more vulnerable, more open than in that moment. And then, low and behold, he takes vicodin so he can actually face the situation and she breaks up with him. It wasn’t something unforgivable. In many ways it was house risking himself so he could be with her. But, still she ended it. The episodes to follow found him in the darkest place he has ever been in, because this is something he had prepared for. She had assured him that she didn’t want him to change and made him feel like maybe he was worthy of her. He wasn’t at all prepared for her ending it. And it devastated him, because I think for once he was really trying to be the best he could. You could tell he had a lot of worry, seeing as how many times he would seek Wilson’s advice on how not to screw it up. This was what Wilson was talking about in season 1, when talking to Cameron. Except, House was far more invested in Cuddy. He lobed (loved) her. But, he wasn’t good enough for her. She made that clear.

    Now let’s jump ahead to the finale. Cuddy is trying to mend something that she has completely broken. It is her fault too. I don’t understand why people blame house, when he was the one who said that “we shouldn’t do this because I’ll do something that will make you leave.” Everything that has happened to House after the break up is her fault in many ways. From the plunge off the balcony to the taking experimental drugs. And in the finale, it was ultimately her fault that he crashed into her house. Let’s look at it from a perspective that you’ve covered. If Cuddy hadn’t intervened at the end of season 6, House would have started using again. Now with their relationship, the pause button has been hit and when it ends he comes crashing down so much harder. He had that light at the end of the tunnel. He had the girl he always wanted. But, then she left because he was too damaged.

    In trying to repair their relationship in “moving on” she was tampering with a bomb. When House pushed her against the wall, you could feel his anger, and then he calmed himself down to a level of pain. He was boiling all episode. With Wilson and Cuddy continuing to say that he should let out his feelings, they were continuing to make him bottle them up deeper and deeper until they finally came out in something he couldn’t control. People have said that he could have killed someone. And it is very possible that he could have. But, House was not House. He was the bomb going off. It was his anger finally letting out, and then the calm that followed. Maybe in some ways he really wanted to hurt Cuddy. Maybe that was his initial intention. And even if it was, I don’t see it as out of character. After all, he is so broken already that by the time he was crashing through her house I don’t think he really cared what happened. Anger makes you do very bad things. The consequences happen after. For me it is the perfect way for Cuddy to leave the show. Very housian. Some say that House is no longer a redeemable character. I don’t agree. If you just watch that scene again, he clearly is a man so filled with anger and pain. And I think it comes from feeling that he was nothing but someone to move on from, after she destroyed what was left of his life. He wanted to destroy what was left of hers. I think in that moment he didn’t care what happened to any of them. And that in many ways makes him redeemable because anyone can get so mad if pushed far enough. It is so in character. So human. So very brilliant. And sadly, I feel like the only way House is going to end is with his death. After all, David Shore is writing a tragedy. But, maybe he’ll surprise us all and end on a lighter note. I don’t expect that though.

  • silmarils

    295 – Aaron : “I can’t even comfort myself in past seasons. I can’t even watch past seasons.”

    OMG I’m not alone! I asked some other fans, same feeling. After this finale, I can’t rewatch old eps, something is broken.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    heh, i don’t why people are all insisting on looking for a brightside here.. eh okay that’s a lie people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. gods stop deluding yourselves people. House started in this show a miserable bastard only fitting he should die as such. all of my money is going down on us being faced with House’s cold dead eyes at the end of this show. heh as far as i’m concerned this season finale has been the best season finale i have watched… EVER!! well okay i suppose Smallville season 7 finale was pretty damn good as well as the season finale that had a whole bunch of meteors falling from the sky. but apart from those best finale i’ve watched ever.

    see i suppose i am what you might call a cynic, i’m always looking on the dark side. from the first kiss we saw between House and Cuddy i knew it wasn’t gonna work, heh people say they have chemistry i say nay. House and Cameron? now they had chemistry, House and Cuddy… they have about as much chemistry as a great white Shark and a Megaladon do. if one tries to court the other the other will bite the other one’s head off or his dorsal fin.

    and i’d say that Cuddy sure did bite into House pretty damned good, though he was the one who ripped her stomach out and ended up falling to the sea floor with her guts tangled in his teeth. chewing on them even as he falls lol..

    Gregory House is gonna die, its the only end in sight. its…unavoidable. House can’t change, its never changed. people have tried changing him pulling him more their way more to their liking and stuff but House is elastic he just snapped back into position and crushed the hands of those who pulled on him. the only difference from now and the begining is that now Gregory House has few to no friends… hehehahahahaahahahaaahaah!!! well i guess 13 is going to need to find someone else to euthanize her now lol.. oh fuck gehehessh *GRin* god i love House MD always gets the brain stimulated, thinking in new and old ways.

  • Macon Bulls

    It’s hard to justify House’s actions in the last five minutes of “Moving On.” One can say that he is in tremendous pain, and that Vicodin dulls the normal checks and balances that go on in a person’s mind that prevents one from doing what he did. But those are reasons, not justifications. I have a feeling that the next season will have more Hugh Laurie in it than any other season. For that reason I will probably look into it, because he is still an amazing actor. But the character, despite assertions to the contrary, has changed.

    Sure, the first mention of Vicodin was in the very first episode. First mention of hookers was in the second episode. By the third episode he was in full snark mode (from clinic_duty):

    “Speaking of which, if you’re particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this. This is Vicodin. It’s mine. You can’t have any. And no, I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem. But who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m too stoned to tell.”

    Has he ever seriously hurt someone? He hit Chase while in withdrawal, and a few seasons later did not retaliate when Chase hit him back. He hit Alvie with his full consent. He egged some people on to hit him, and sometimes he returned the assault, sometimes not. He hit Wilson, but not really, only as part of a pain-induced hallucination. So here we are again.

  • Aaron

    All I know is that, 3 days after the season finale aired, I still have bouts of nausea while thinking about it. This is not how a show should make you feel. This is not how House used to make me feel. I wish I could stop obsessing about this. All I can think of is how the House I knew has been shattered post-“Moving On,” and left nothing of what I saw in him before. I can’t even comfort myself in past seasons. I can’t even watch past seasons.

  • Everlast

    I think Shore and co. lost their own moral compass. Quoting David Shore : “They were standing up and she put his hand on [the new boyfriend’s] arm, which was part of the whole thing that set him off. The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.” See, this is creeping me out, because I have read comments here and elsewhere excusing House’s behavior because Cuddy did not talk of her possible new date, and “kind of deserved it.” That is what victims of domestic abuse hear. And no, domestic violence is not a repeated thing, it starts at the first attempt. Let them go with running a car and why wouldn’t they roll over someone, next time? Shore explaining it by Cuddy “putting her hand on the guy’s arm” leaves me horrified. You don’t justify this. Period.

    And the fact that Shore gave the impression that Cuddy was a liar and then makes statements like the one above is just beyond clueless. It is reckless and morally reprehensible. If Shore has daughters, I don’t know how he can look at himself in the mirror. However, given his interviews and his direction to assassinate Cuddy’s character (and now House’s), it seems when he looks in the mirror he sees that same grin that we saw on House as he sipped his cocktail on the beach.

    But I think the backlash from the fans MAY have opened their eyes. People have made it clear that they will simply not root for House anymore if he is an attempted murderer. Most of us root for him for many reasons: Because he is funny, because of Hugh’s baby blues, because he says the things we sometimes wish we could say, because we see glimmers of his humanity from time to time, but mostly because he is a HEALER. To turn House into an attempted murderer is to lose the very essence of why we allow ourselves to care about him. It’s character (and therefore show) assassination.

    So I think TPTB will have to rethink their plans for Season 8 (seeing the crash as the ultimate eraser of the Huddy love affair and a chance to, God forbid, rewind) and do one of the following:

    (A) Make the whole thing some sort of hallucination/dream.

    (B) Make it credible that House was, in fact, having a Vicodin-fueled psychotic breakdown and therefore is not fully responsible for his actions.

    (C) Make House pay, so dearly, for his behavior to the point where we actually might actually feel sorry for him.

    None of these options are ideal, especially without Cuddy in the mix to forgive him (if that’s even possible), but they have to do SOMETHING.

  • smk46

    #287 goody two shoes: you are totally correct. it is the destruction of hugh laurie’s interpretation of house’s character that has the fan base in an uproar. the hope of many of us is that greg house can somehow be salvaged from that car crash as a man worth saving. david shore’s vision and version make it almost impossible to see how that might be done.

  • Dave Wong

    As I see it for next season Shore has two bad choices: Either Shore fails to write his way out of the corner he has boxed House into this time and leaves House on that desert island practicing medicine on grass-skirted locals (look, over there, watch out for that polar bear!) or House is on the run from Tritter like a New Age Jean Valjean.

    Or Shore creates a whole new neighborhood of unreality in the world of No Consequences allowing House to return to PPTH and cavort with reckless abandon, not caring that he tried to kill Cuddy and not having the law or his colleagues care either.

    Either way, “House” – both the show and the character – is wrecked.

    The problem is that the only one who can exonerate House in the eyes of the law is Cuddy, his victim. And she is also the only one who can forgive House for his violent moral trangression against her family. Similarly, Cuddy is the only one in an administrative position to bring House back to PPTH. So without Cuddy, House is screwed legally, professionally, and personally.

    So, Shore thinking that after dealing with the “consequences” House will be back in PPTH solving medical mysteries is pretty much deluding himself.

  • Joelen

    It’s funny, after last season’s finale, TPTB were all patting themselves on the back for taking such a huge risk. This season, they don’t have a thing to say. I’m sure TV producers and TV producers-of-the-future will be watching how this unfolds very closely. How far is too far? How much can the TV-reality vs actual reality dichotomy be stretched? How unsympathetic can you make your protagonist, and still keep viewers?

  • Goody Two-Shoes

    Forgot to add this to my previous post, but had Shore decided to show the self-destructive fury of House coming to a head by crashing into anything BUT Cuddy’s house, Laurie’s version of House would still be alive and House still could have walked away with the burden of anger lifted, ready to move on and still dealing with consequences. What we have is Shore’s House, happy with – not his self-destructive fury lifting actions – but with his aggression towards others. As opposed to being a flawed and damaged man constantly victim to his internal struggle, we have a man who is freefalling into a mental state somewhat reflecting a psychopath. It does sound extreme, but the Laurie version is more of an anti-social, narcissitic man who was more about self-destructive tendencies than agression toward others. (Hitting someone in the leg with a cane to make a point, or the other pranks that have been pulled, shouldn’t be misconstrued as a true act of agression.) This was not a prank, though, or a “point maker.” This was blind rage directed at another person who House had admitted wasn’t at fault in the first place.

    Up until that final scene, we saw House barely controlling his anger at himself. The character was imbued with that feeling of self-loathing that all of his pain was his fault. That last scene didn’t direct his pain inward, it expressed it outward – not as a means to release it, but as a directed and intentional act of aggression. If he had hit anything but Cuddy’s house it would have come across as self-destructive and kept the precarious balance of the two versions of House. Instead, we have what we have and now the viewers are forced to choose if they want to continue on this journey.

    It is what it is. I hate to see the fans imploding on each other because of this. And, I do wonder sometimes if TPTB really understood who existed in their fanbase. If they thought it was predominately “fan-girls” or “monster truck guys,” they missed the point. Much of the fan base involves deep-thinking professionals with a bent toward over-analysis. Understanding that would help with some of this careless writing and the preoccupation with shock and awe.

    This is all my opinion. I don’t mind discussions, but the blantant hostility that has come into play the past few days is very uncomfortable. It’s unfortunate. TPTB seem to like polarizing the fans, but causing them to implode is probably not the best move.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    *Grin* oh that will be a day to drink i guess… maybe get stoned on some Vicodin too lol…

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    hmm one possibility i suppose is that House is going to be found dead of exposure on the side of the road. we’re gonna have a whole season of House hallucinating a grand ole time with someone… my money’s on Cameron since Cuddy is definitely out of the picture. he’s gonna hallucinate living out a young man’s life with her, lots of sex, booze, road trip around to see the Grand Canyon things like that… then as i said earlier, we get to see House’s bright vibrant blue eyes staring dreamily up into the camera, into the light as he breaths his last… eh i dunno i think i’m just repeating myself at this point, but i think that there is a distinct possibility that House may well die in this last season, i would actually bet on it.

  • Goody Two-Shoes

    David Shore has been writing a very dark and hard person for a long time. As he peels back the layers, we see more darkness. On the other hand, Hugh Laurie has been imbuing the same character with nuances of softness and light. Shore writes House as someone who is dark with a bit of light that reveals he is human, not a machine. Laurie plays him as a human being with a lot of darkness that is hiding his humanity. This comes straight from their own descriptions of the character. Shore believes people love House because he is dark and says/does things that they can’t get away with in real life. Laurie believes people love the character because they see a very flawed individual and can embrace his struggle. These two approaches worked well together in the beginning, but as the layers have been pulled back, more and more of the Shore version in the scripts and actions overshadow the subtle expressions and nuances that Laurie plays. The season finale exposed (and escalated) this current chasm occurring within the fandom.

    It all depends on which approach has attracted you from the beginning. Both versions deal with the same character, but they come from a different motivation. The fans, viewers, and critics are split. Neither is right or wrong, but to the network none of this matters. The network cares only about attracting viewers and ratings, the so-called “bottom line.” As long as both versions were somehow being balanced, you had a large viewership. But once TPTB took this extreme route, it alienated a very large portion of the fan base. The fact is you can take the various polls and use it as a sampling. They do not refelct exact and accurate numbers (anymore than Neilsen ratings), but they provide a clear view of what is going on in the fandom. Looking at the sampling, you can see that the collective fanbase is roughly split in half over what to make of the season finale. If half your viewership finds the main character undredeemable and they cannot relate to any part of the show any longer, you lose viewers. To a writer trying to tell their story, it doesn’t matter. To an actor who doesn’t care as long as it’s “done well,” it doesn’t matter. To a network who needs a large audience, it matters. This is where it gets hairy. This is when networks begin to butt heads with the creative team, when the “business” takes over the art, and when the fans pay the price. The remaining fans who liked the Shore version and are all in, pay the price, too.

    This is why it would have been a better choice to continue with the destructive path House was on by having him drive away from Cuddy’s house in a rage and crash into something, anything but Cuddy’s house, especially with forethought. Being angry, violent, self-absorbed and self-destructive is not a deal breaker for any faction, but heading his car into Cuddy’s house and risking the lives of those inside took it too far for fans of the Laurie version. No one is right or wrong, but from a business stand point it wasn’t a great move on Shore’s part to push it so far and alienate such a large segment of the audience.

    If Shore is scratching his head wondering why so many are shocked, he apparently hasn’t been listening to Hugh Laurie or many of the fans. For many it has been the tortured hero, who is very flawed because of a past so full of pain and betrayal that it tries to extinguish the light. They have been watching the man struggle to keep that light even as his pain and his logical mind work to kill it. For others, it’s a different approach. Again, the character looks very much the same, but the motivations behind them are different. To the fans (and critics apparently) that motivation mattered.

  • Veresna

    Barbara, when are your next articles (interview with the writers and finally your review of the episode) going to be out?

    There’s not much I can add to the conversation. I have been an avid fan (as in recorded the episodes as I watched them, watched them again at least once with my husband and often viewed them multiple times, and then bought the DVD sets) since about the midpoint of Season 3. Hated most of Season 4, but that was certainly redeemed for me by the brilliant House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart ending. Could not understand people who, throughout seasons 5-7 declared that they were losing their interest and that the show was definitely not aging well, even though I had found myself very unhappy over episodes like “Two Stories” and “Bombshells”. This is especially heart-breaking to me because I do think that “After Hours” was a spectacular episode, and was so looking forward to see what would unfold next. But after that infuriatingly stupid finale, I find myself thinking that I really do not want to waste any more of my time following the adventures of Gregory House if this is where the writers are taking him, revealing him to truly be the guy “who always chooses himself over others”. And, like many others, I have gone overnight from being crestfallen that Lisa Edelstein was not returning, to cheering her decision because at least now she will not have to be involved in this travesty of what was once a great show. I am probably still going through the stages of grief, but right now I have absolutely no desire to tune in next season, and no plans to purchase the DVD set for this current season, and will instead turn back and watch the best of Seasons 1-6 if I ever feel the need to revisit Hugh Laurie’s brilliant performance.

    I am sure that next season will be the last, and I am increasingly convinced that this once-great show will hobble off (irony intended) into the sunset and end, not with a whimper, but with the unnecessary “kabooms” (yeah, Greg Y) that they have been throwing in to disguise the fact that the show has lost its brilliance and vigor.

    David Shore, you may be happy that people are being so vocal about their reaction to the finale, but I think there are going to be a lot of people who, like me, are now saying “I have no desire to see where this goes” rather than “I can’t wait to see what happens next season.” The ratings have been pretty poor already, I think you are about to lose a big chunk of that already dwindling audience.

  • housemaniac

    DS’s philosophy: House doesn’t change. Except when he does — for the worse!

  • BrokenLeg

    289 @ Jacksan4eva
    And I agree with you, totally. But with your last paragraph even more:this is not a bad and messy parode of sci-fi show. Once was the most brilliant medical one.
    Sad. Very sad.

  • 2centsworth

    Laurie’s long lonely limp down the beach in street clothes reprises his similarly-dressed samba through the surf in “Girl from Rio” (glimpsed at the end of this funny clip:)

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    ahhh seeing so many Huddy lovers floundering, scampering around, clutching at any faint hope they can find that Huddy isn’t gone forever.. hmm so… wonderfully intoxicating all the sweet despair i taste, touch and smell here. gehehehessh. i haven’t been this happy since i got drunk off two bottles of Jack Daniels, one gentleman Jack, one Single Barrel Jack, way back on my 15th birthday, split half the contents of both bottles with my dad. such great times they were… pity their gone now. oh well. i think that there is a strong possibility that House might finally die in this next season.

    several possibilities as to how. Overdose,shot to death, hit by a car, hanging himself, cutting himself, drowining… and that’s about all i can think of.

    oh my own personal favorite is. he’s walking out into the desert all alone possibly he does this for a while going on day and night never stopping for rest always walking and then he drops his cane and starts running, running, laughing and all sorts of stuff without any pain whatsoever. and then as a last scene we see Gregory House laying flat on his back staring up into the camera hovering above him a dreamy smile on his lips as he dies from heat stroke, or maybe thirst. but dies with a smile on his lips as he relives one last fantasy.

  • BrokenLeg

    278 @ sherlockjr
    You’ve very good expressed my thoughts.
    People don’t change??House has changed for bad and mad. I feel exactly like you (both posts)Thank you for say it so clear

  • Jacksam4eva

    @sherlockjr : I love you. My feelings exactly.

    The thing is, I thikn this ending would have been fine if it had actually been that, an ending. Not a season finale but a series finale. It would have been up for debate, people arguing whether it was a dream or not, when the dream started, I believe that somehow, everyone could have been able to make sense out of this.

    The problem is that now, we’re going to know what happens after that beach scene, the worst part being that the writers are going to have to WRITE those following episodes. In all honesty, I really don’t see how they can get out of that tiny corner. Just like Barbara said. Last Monday’s events were surreal. No matter if you legitimate, find excuses, try to explain House’s behavior or not, this still appears as the craziest thing he’s ever done. And now, he can’t go backwards, can’t go back to his “normal life” – even David Shore agrees here – but I don’t believe the writers can keep going that way either. What is Hosue going to do next? Kill Wilson because he didn’t prevent him from ruining his life? It makes no sense.

    I don’t think I want a trial either. I mean, seriously, this isn’t a cop show, and this is not like the Tritter arc, it wouldn’t be even laughable anymore. You can make a joke out of the guy who’s obssessing over a doctor that humiliated him, you can hate said doctor for acting like an idiot… Here, this is beyond feeling. Really. I personnaly haven’t even started going through the five stages of grief yet, I’m just stunned. I don’t know where the writers are going, I don’t understand why they did that, I just… Gape. I think I would have liked the episode as a series finale because I wouldn’t have had to think about what would happen next. Just remember that House did one crazy, unbelievable thing before giving us our Monday nights back. Today, considering L.E. isn’t even coming back, I really, really don’t know how they’re going to get out of there alive.

    For some reason, I liked season 7 and even the finale, until the last five minutes. It doesn’t matter whether House wanted to hurt Cuddy or not, Mr Shore, I truly don’t think that is the matter here. I personnaly don’t care. I just want to know why I am experiencing this really strange feeling right now that drives me to wonder why the hell it feels like my favorite rational and medical show has turned into a messy parody of science fiction. Why can’t I believe you anymore?

  • sherlockjr

    P.S. I think I found the ending most disturbing because it followed on the tail of last week’s episode, which showed House bonding so strongly with Rachel. I could see him giving up on the idea of him and Cuddy, but how could he do that to Rachel? Can’t get my head around it. And I’m annoyed that it bothers me this much.

  • sherlockjr

    I’m normally one of the first to comment, but this time I’m so flabbergasted that I really had to go away and think about it.

    For several years now, I’ve been reading comments (here and other places) from disgruntled fans who have become disillusioned by something that has happened on the show, and I found myself thinking, “Oh, just get a life! It’s only a TV show!” But apparently, it’s more than just TV, because I now find myself in their shoes. I found the ending so disturbing and upsetting that I actually have been feeling as if TPTB have murdered the character I thought I knew. I feel betrayed.

    Someone earlier said: I can’t remember what episode/season it was when house went down a list of the 5 stages of grief: 1. Anger 2. Denial 3. Bargaining 4. Depression. Acceptance. I think that’s what we’re all going through here , but once you have time to mull things over you come to terms with the situation and find yourself waiting patiently for season 8.

    I agree. With the exception of the last phrase (about waiting patiently for season 8), that’s exactly what I’ve been going through (minus acceptance — not there yet). I’ve definitely been angry and depressed. I’ve been bargaining — please, let it be a hallucination, or let House be in a coma, dreaming this. I’ve denied the reality (until David Shore’s interview forced me to accept — if he’s telling the truth, anyway — that the last 15 minutes of the show were the reality he’s forced on me).

    I guess I’m back to bargaining — please, let the rat experiment given him a clot in his brain that has affected his judgment. Or, please, let him have a drug-induced psychotic break. Anything but a cold, intentional act.

    Because if it’s a cold, intentional act, then this isn’t the House I thought I knew. And if it isn’t the House I thought I knew, I don’t know if I can watch next season. I never though I’d be one to say that — I’ve always said I’m in it for the ride, all the way to the end — but I just have too much trouble accepting this behavior, and I certainly can’t rejoice in it. I’m sure I’ll watch the premiere next fall, in the vain hope that the writers can pull something out of their hats to make this palatable to me, but for now, I’m caught in the 5 stages of grief.

    The ironic thing here, for me, is that although David Shore keeps insisting that people don’t change, he and his gang of writers have definitely changed the fundamental nature of House over the years. Look back at seasons 1 or 2, and tell me that’s the same guy (deep down) who just crashed his car into the home of his ex-girlfriend (and boss).

    I sure hope Barbara’s interview with the writers can shed some light on this, because this is the first time ever that most of the fans seem to be in agreement, and not in a good way. Did David Shore think he was being clever in allowing this psychotic ending to season 7? Is he sitting around, pleased with himself because everyone’s talking about the ending? Certainly his interview suggests that he’s feeling smug about it. Did he really think the fans were going to accept near-homicidal rage from a character they’ve grown to sympathize with and even love? If so, he’s sadly mistaken.

    I just hope there’s redemption somewhere. Otherwise, like the Hamerons and the Huddies (and apparently some Hilsons), I’m outta here. With regret. With anger. With sorrow. With some actual anguish.

    It’s too bad, really. It pains me to say this, but I suspect it’ll be a long long time before I let myself get invested in a TV show again. After all, it is just television.

  • Lena

    I am all for a return of Dr Nolan. I seriously think he needs his help.

    Uncover his “father” issues for real. The very small hints they gave us was way too small. And that issue is IMO the start of all his relationship issues and how he keeps people at arms lenght. (Even as much as he has clinged to Wilson I don’t feel he has ever shared his inner self to him.)

    I really really wish for them to think out an overal plan, arc if yo will, that covers the whole season that can take House to a fitting end.

    And I don’t mean an end where House ends up completely alone and still miserable. I don’t have to see him all healed and happy but I want to see that he has a chance for it. Actually, I don’t expect him to ever be fully healed, he just have too many issues to be that, but if anything I think this season has showed that he wants it and he can make an effort even if he will still be juvenile and a jerk. That is just who he is and I like him just fine that way. Warts and everything.

  • Margdee

    If Season 8 is really the end of the series, let’s bring back the big guns:

    Detective Tritter (David Morse) to handle House’s criminal charges.

    Mayfield Hospital has closed now, so bring back Dr. Nolan (Andre Braugher) to be Dean of Medicine at PPTH and to expand the psych ward. One of his continuing patients is Annie, who has returned to NJ to play in the orchestra. Tagging along with Annie is Lydia (Franka Potente). This would be a nice reunion with House. Juan Alvarez has to come and visit too. Mira Sorvino would return to the hospital from the Antarctic to work on the psych ward.

    House has to have a heart to heart talk with his Mother and meet his Father.

    Formans’ Dad, Charles Dutton, comes back maybe as POTW.

    So many possibilities here.

    Let Katie Jacobs do the directing for the emotional stuff – she has a fine hand with a camera to pick up the little things that bring so much to a scene.

    Greg Yaitanes is so great with the “in your face” scenes.

    And to David Shore … if this is the end of HOUSE, please review your thinking that no one ever changes.

    House has to have a heart to heart talk with his Mother and meet his Father.

    Formans’ Dad, Charles Dutton, comes back maybe POTW.

  • 2Lightworker

    I like your idea, but Shore has said to TV Guide that it is NOT a drug-induced fever dream, and there are real consequences.

    From another interview, it appears that they have not decided on the next steps in the story, and he said the writers will be meeting soon.

    As to the return of “old” characters……..
    never sure about these kinds of comments,

    so guess we’ll wait and see………….

  • BrokenLeg


    after a few he tweet “..me!yo! Ka-Boom!!!”
    He seems to think that doing that he’a a good PR…of himself

  • bluehue

    Old character? Ha..maybe it’s Lucas..and we “hear” through the PPTH grapevine that Cuddy hired her private eye-ex to go look for and bring back her former “hospital ASS-et” in order to turn the sick man over to the proper authorities.

  • Paul.s

    @ 267 Brandon – It’s “Taub” ..sorry

  • smk46

    house suffered a drug-induced psychotic break. this happened to one person i know who was subsequently treated with electroshock therapy and which therapy erased the memory of his murderous behavior. i can imagine house incarcerated in a mental hospital by his health care proxy…cuddy? wilson?…and having shock treatment by which he is cleansed of his memory of huddy, his assault, maybe even his team and his unhappy past… virtually amnesic. that way season 8 could start with a clean slate.

  • silmarils

    @267 – Brandon : “All in all, I would not be the LEAST bit surprised to see Season 8 start with House waking up with his leg gone. (His real change in life)”

    Wow yes yes yes great idea!

  • KrispyKreme

    You guys see Greg Yaitanes’s twitter page? Apparently an old character is making a comeback in season 8!! Stacy anyone??

  • casa

    @267 – Brandon
    I like your interpretation
    (HL has mentioned that he finds it difficult to keep walking with a limb)

  • Brandon

    I don’t think it was a hallucination, but a dream. Think, House lost a LOT of blood in that bathtub. He may not have even been awake during the entire Cuddy scene. The shock he was in without ever sleeping on the amount of meds he was on during the “operation”. Then there are all of the symbolics in the entire episode. House has his mirror image, sure, but whom else? The assistant to the patient is a “Wilson” if you will, always watching idly but never (read rarely) intervening. Cuddy meets the new guy who does what? Oh, he is the Vice CEO of a bank (I think it’s vital that he isn’t the head boss because Cuddy also has to answer to a board whenever she makes an attempt at anything, thus keeping her involved directly in her work). Finally Talp knocks up both Ruby and his wife thus creating the perfect mirrors, though I’m not sure what Talp has to do with anything here. All in all, I would not be the LEAST bit surprised to see Season 8 start with House waking up with his leg gone. (His real change in life)

  • casa

    Anybody knows if for Season 8 they can use all the footage they have of HL and LE, like the beach scenes? since LE is not returning.
    Just wondering!

  • silmarils

    261 – Goldstein :
    “Wilson will be mad at him? Yeah, that’s gonna hurt. House will just forge scrips in someone else’s name and sit at home getting high like he does now anyway. Sure, bowling night will be a little lonely, but he’s got his green card bride for company.”

    “Wilson and his team will be pissy for approximately 6 episodes, until House does something brilliant and they realize how hurt he was and they shouldn’t hold it against him.”

    LMAO! as always, House will be fine, and yes the green card bride will replace wilson for some episodes, but it could be funny to watch. I think this show needs now new characters. Can’t wait to know who will be the new dean of medicine.

  • hawaii

    I have never commented before but I have always enjoyed the reviews here. However some of the comments here about the season finale and House’s actions are scaring me a bit.

    It is perfectly acceptable to think that this is in character for House (though I personally never saw him this way) or that the ending was fascinating or exciting or what have you. But some people here (and it seems to be a few people saying it repeatedly so maybe they are over representing themselves) seem to be suggesting that because House had his heart broken, or because Cuddy did not treat him well, or because Cuddy told him she wasn’t dating but she did go on a date, that it is OKAY for House to have done what he did. But that is just…well…really horrible. To me that was the act of a man unhinged, and now sadly needs to be locked up for years and years. There is nothing excusable at all in that act unless House has some sort of brain tumor that we will learn about in season 8.

    Women die all the time (daily in the US sadly) from men who are jealous or angry or what have you. I am sure that some men die too from women who are the same way. Most killers then try to blame their victim or claim that they didn’t think anyone would get hurt.

    Making excuses for House based on Cuddy’s behavior is the kind of thinking that makes my stomach twist in knots. I really thought society had gotten past that attitude. 🙁

    One last comment – to those that thought House knew that Cuddy would not be at the table anymore or knew for sure that Rachel wasn’t on the floor, it was still an act meant to psychologically terrorize her and it left open the possibility of great physical harm or even death. Sadly, House is no longer a sympathetic character. I used to really enjoy him, now he is just a scary abuser.

  • silmarils

    260 – Ramirez : “”And after that’s over, then it’ll be a joke…”
    yep future House bad joke : “anyway Cuddy wanted to change her decoration. So where’s the problem?”

    “But even if he does lose her, since according to DS, House never really changes, it really isn’t a consequence. Her being gone? EH. He’s still going to be who he is. And since the beach scene is apparently real, he doesn’t look too upset at losing her.”

    I see one or two eps with House in jail (or not), but as Cuddy has said, House is always fine!
    And no mention of side effects with vicodin, no hallucinations, so all is ok, House walking on the beach is just back to Plainsboro but without Cuddy.
    “Moving on” is for Cuddy and Lisa Edelstein. lol
    I hope we’re wrong, because I want to see something new with House like in S6.

  • silmarils

    252 – Johnathan : “He already proved he can’t handle a small diagnostics team, that would never qualify him for dean of medicine.”

    Yeah same jobs!
    So you think Cuddy would have been able to handle it?

  • Goodstein


    Yeah, I’ll believe the “consequences” when I see them. (Which might be tough if I’m not watching, but you all get what I’m saying.) If all that was real, honestly, what consequences can there be?

    Cuddy will move away, which might hurt House, but it’s not HIM making any sacrifice or facing any real personal consequence if she’s the one to pack up and leave.

    Wilson will be mad at him? Yeah, that’s gonna hurt. House will just forge scrips in someone else’s name and sit at home getting high like he does now anyway. Sure, bowling night will be a little lonely, but he’s got his green card bride for company.

    His team will think he’s crazy? Stage a mutiny? There’s no consequences with them because ultimately they’re afraid of pissing him off and getting fired. They may not like it, but they won’t do anything about it.

    Even if House were to go to jail (which I don’t see,) or get tossed back into the nuthouse (which I also doubt), he’d still run differentials from his cell and learn NOTHING because as Shore has repeated, ad nauseum, House doesn’t and won’t ever change.

    I just don’t see how they can enforce REAL consequences in the aftermath of such an UNREAL situation. The most I see coming out of this is:

    Maybe some tighter restrictions from whoever the new Dean is.

    Maybe an anger management class, which House will mock to no end.

    Wilson and his team will be pissy for approximately 6 episodes, until House does something brilliant and they realize how hurt he was and they shouldn’t hold it against him.

    One thing I used to like about the show was that it wasn’t Grey’s Anatomy in this regard. Obviously, House is gonna get away with some stuff. But then he never did anything that I can recall that would have seriously warranted 15 years in prison. (Someone will probably correct me on that.)

    Remember when Foreman was violating the rules with the drug trials to benefit 13? He then decided to leave the hospital and Cuddy refused to write him a recommendation. It was a small thing, but I liked that the show did things like that. They couldn’t have a secret surgery club in the basement and get away with it. Now…

  • Ramirez

    I would believe David Shore a bit more about the “personal, professional, and legal” ramifications House will supposedly suffer in Season 8 if he hadn’t spent a good part of yesterday defending and qualifying House’s behavior. It’s hard for me to imagine that the ramifications would be satisfying when he won’t even admit that, yeah, House tried to kill Cuddy. “He knew everyone had moved out of the way” doesn’t exactly demonstrate that he gets it. It really seems like Shore has a hard time recognizing just how awful that moment truly is, and as a result, I find it impossible to believe that those ramifications will be anything more than one or two episodes of “Oh House” and vague repercussions that have absolutely no lasting effect on him. And after that’s over, then it’ll be a joke, something to reference when they want to remind you just how zany House is.

    And unless they are going to change the very nature of the show, which Shore has said they are not doing, then there are never going to be ramifications that are equivalent to what he did. You either can’t let the character do things like that, unless you’re fine with creating a world in which there never real consequences. Then again, this is a show that forgets pre-established facts on a regular basis, especially this season.

    You know what I just thought? I would assume they’ll write Cuddy out by having her fleeing House’s insanity. So they will point to that as the real “consequence.” House does something this crazy and he loses Cuddy completely. But even if he does lose her, since according to DS, House never really changes, it really isn’t a consequence. Her being gone? EH. He’s still going to be who he is. And since the beach scene is apparently real, he doesn’t look too upset at losing her.

  • Ziggy

    This finale has obviously caused a strong reaction in the fan community. I can’t say I was a fan of this finale; in fact, I couldn’t believe this could even really be considered a finale. I believe it would have been more acceptable if it were a regular episode, leaving more time for explanation.

    It does provide a few troubling afterthoughts. It has been shown in past seasons that Cuddy is the only person willing to put up with House’s antics in the workplace. How will House be able to recover from losing Cuddy as Dean of Medicine? Will he keep his job, especially now that he will have to face the law after his terrible rampage?

    Will he keep his friendships? Will Wilson still be willing to be there for House after this could-have-been murderous outburst.

    How will this change the dynamic of House as a person? We’ve never seen this side of House before; the side that is willing to harm those close to him. Will he feel remorse for his actions?

    I am disappointed to see that Lisa Edelstein is not returning for season 8. I feel she and the character of Cuddy deserved a better send off than this finale, however, it shouldn’t be too hard to explain Cuddy’s absence in light of House’s actions in the finale.

    Like most of us, I wish it was a dream.

  • Sadest[H]fan

    The only positive thing that can come from that “shocking” ending (yeah right) was what someone posted on another site…………..

    House will finally have to get a new car. Seacrest (me) out!

  • Anne Marie

    I am with the group who loved it! He was completely vulnerable to those in his circle questioning why he had done what he did to his leg and he tried to quash any questions from his ducklings by saying he was making changes but he knew he lost his power with them because he could tell they resented what he had done or tried to pity him and House hates pity and even more so hates being made vulnerable.

    Cuddy made him go beyond talking about his leg and wanted to talk about their breakup which exposed his emotions more so.

    Wilson supposedly annoyed him by putting a stop to his access to vicodin which he had been taking like candy to try and get through this ordeal.

    The patient had convinced him she knew her diagnosis and she would die for her gift as she knew he would in playing the game to diagnose her but her then choosing love over her gift tipped him over the edge and soon after we have the full force BOOM of his emotionally repressed being.

    What happens in the last scene isn’t only emotional anger from this recent situation, it is anger from years and years of successfully supressing his emotions and only thinking in a rational state of mind.

    Whilst I do not condone what he did in driving his car into Cuddy’s dining room I am not going to overanalyse the end scene because I think it was just used as a dramatic statement to get House away from the pressure of his current life while he contemplates what he wants his life to become.

    One thing I have learnt from this season is that House has to sort “himself” out and I think they have him finally realise that, Wilson enables him (sure) but House had been slowly putting a stop to that in previous episodes this season and in this episode Wilson made a stand to which I think House was proud with regards to the stopping of the vicodin, Cuddy has been worse than Wilson all along in the crazy things she let him get away with since she was the boss and Wilson’s just his friend.

    I am sad to hear LE is leaving but this opens so many opportunities for season 8 and I am very much looking forward to them.

  • housefriend

    Lots to think about in this episode but finally House is back! Drama is back! The tedious boring forced relationship with Cuddy over,That was one of the main things going on here House said he was hurt but its not her fault,I think hes still deeply hurt by Wilson(yes that is the only real love story here) He wanted to go back to just friends with Cuddy He made a genuine attempt by bringing her stuff/actually talking with her,And what does she do Something so ridiculous as to ask for her hairbrush. Bizzare and House from the beginning never even wanted the relationship. it was forced on him by Cuddy and Wilson. I think he just got sick of people telling him what he wanted and how he should change ,And they leave him anyway! So now he left!! Not sure whats real whats not but Ds said it was real, But symbolically this episode showed exactly how House felt!! How to redeem the character for actually doing what he did I dont know but at least NOT BORING!!

  • What the Freud

    Not watching the show anymore because House is apparently capable of domestic violence, pathetic, and criminal.

    Can’t agree with anyone who says House’s actions can be rationalized. He can’t have known for certain he wouldn’t hurt anyone. If a girlfriend you knew had her house rammed into by an ex-boyfriend, what would you think of that boyfriend? Wouldn’t you want him in jail? How can you rationalize domestic violence, even in House-land? Just as delusional as the writers. Like many others, effing done with this bottomless crapfest. IMO, anyone who cheered House crashing that car is just as delusional as the writers who thought sensationalist writing for shock value would bring ratings up.

  • Peter

    While I’ll admit houses reaction was somewhat out of touch, you have to understand that this is the type of person that does not know how to deal with feelings/change very well and he always does deflect with smart remarks. House is a time bomb waiting to happen. I do not like the fact that he did this and I also hate the fact that fox is to cheap to give lisa more cash. but however I am a fan of the show and not just one character and therefore I will watch the 8th season as it will most likely be the last. To people who say they won’t watch the show anymore because of LE is clear that they were never fans of the show.

  • KrispyKreme

    @ # 250 Rick –
    What you’re feeling is quite natural, I felt the same way initially. I can’t remember what episode/season it was when house went down a list of the 5 stages of grief: 1. Anger 2. Denial 3. Bargaining 4. Depression. Acceptance.
    I think that’s what we’re all going through here , but once you have time to mull things over you come to terms with the situation and find yourself waiting patiently for season 8.

  • Johnathan

    @ 250 – Rick
    Deep down people want to change and make themselves believe they can change but we all know that at breaking point their personality will take over again. House may be willing to change but without support (Cuddy and Wilson) he can’t do it alone so he gave up. It all makes sense if you think about it.

    @ 238 – silmarils
    “I hope Foreman will be the next dean of medicine, it could be funny.”

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here. He already proved he can’t handle a small diagnostics team, that would never qualify him for dean of medicine.

  • DebbieJ

    Earlier in the episode my heart ached for him when he said to Wilson he felt nothing. Then told Cuddy in that powerful scene in the hallway that he felt hurt. I really felt sorry him. I’ve always had sympathy for House since forever but Monday night, all empathy, sympathy etc flew right out the window.

    What House did was inexcusible and unforgivable. I had never before not felt sorry for him. I know he is in so much pain, emotionally, physcially. But for him to go to such an extreme was reckless, homicidal, suicidal.

    To make excuses for his actions is inconceivable.

    How are they going to dig themselves out of this mess? Although it’s a “been there, done that”, I think the only way they can explain themselves out of this one is to have it have been in his head.

    DS cannot convince me that After Hours wasn’t the originally planned finale. (refererencing the TV Guide interview.) The ending of it just felt like a good place to leave off; House acknowledging his need for change. Why they ordered a 23rd episode and made Moving On the finale is beyond me. Was it because they weren’t sure they were coming back for an 8th season at the time? Did they think this was a good/smart way to end the series. I shudder at the thought.

    Hugh Laurie is THE only reason I am still watching and will continue to watch next year. To me, the show is at the point of no return to the must see tv that is once was.

  • Rick

    I’m done with House. Gave up on him/it two episodes ago. The writers beleive that a person can’t change so the character of House believes he can’t change. Why I have spent all this time watching this series? I’m not sure but unlike him, I can change.

    The basic issue is that I believe that personal redemption and transformation are possible through faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Obviously, the writers of this series do not share my viewpoint. That’s not surprising. The only surprising thing is that I stuck with this series as long as I did.

  • Here’s an interesting story on Lisa Edelstein leaving House

  • silmarils

    Jasmine : I think huddy was more interesting when they didn’t date. I regret that writers started something between them. I’ll miss Cuddy as the dean of medicine in S8 but not House’s ex-girlfriend.

  • madfashionista

    Barbara, I reviewed the situation in my blog, Diary Of A Mad Fashionista, at http://tinyurl.com/3ebnkzt

  • katerina

    The scene between House and Cuddy in the hallway…JUST WOW..so passionate,intense and sad at the same time!!Both HL and LE were AMAZING at conveying their feelings.I cried when I saw Cuddy crying.Once more(sadly the last one) their unbelievable chemistry onscreen!!

  • Jasmine

    @191 Pepper Jones Excellent post! And I’d like to add that the way they’ve written Wilson for a long time is way beneath RSL’s talents. What a waste.
    @202 Bee Bee First you said, “Let’s finally put biases aside …” Then you said, “Those of you who believe LE leaving is just the best thing to happen to this show … you belong in Crazytown along with TPTB.” Do you see how that’s Hipocrisy #3?
    I think the Huddy stuff was horrible, BUT it was written true to each character. In the finale, House said, “All we do is fight.” That is all they did. Sex and arguing. They had nothing to talk about in “Now What?” because these two characters WOULD have nothing to talk about. So I have to give the writers credit for writing this relationship the way the characters really are (Cuddy didn’t change; she always wanted him to be someone he wasn’t), even though I was bored by it all. I look forward to S8.

  • TripleM


  • BeeBee

    @204/214-silmarils/@203-Take Five: Wait am I you guys or are you guys me!? LOL…help me out b/c @211-Silvia’s amazing grammar inspection/investigation has us figured out! I mean b/c it’s so obvious I wrote comments 202-204…ridic! And thanks for the “Rock on” and “+100000000” 😉

    @209 – Silvia : I’m glad my post made you laugh. I thought it was quite clever too. Truth bombs can be kind of funny like that huh!? That season finale was straight GARBAGE and downright Crazytown!

    …and that was my official last post 🙂

  • BeeBee

    @204/214-silmarils/@203-Take Five: Wait am I you guys or are you guys me!? LOL…help me out b/c @211-Silvia’s amazing grammar inspection/investigation has us figured out! I mean b/c it’s so obvious I wrote comments 202-204…ridic! And thanks for the “Rock on” and “+100000000” 😉

    @209 – Silvia : I’m glad my post made you laugh. I thought it was quite clever too. Truth bombs can be kind of funny like that huh!? That season finale was straight GARBAGE and downright Crazytown!

    …and that was my official last post 🙂

  • LH


    This is exactly what I was thinking. I really enjoy reading the reviews but I am mad at myself for getting too caught up in the ‘hints, spoilers, & comments’ from many sites. I have never done that before, for this show or any other show. You mentioned you were not going to visit websites till the end of mid-season and after the finale. Same here, except I was also not going to watch until mid-season and again after the finale. But it doesn’t matter now because, unfortunately for me, I watched just for the House and Cuddy relationship, good or bad. I really would have enjoyed watching these two next season especially after what just happened in the season seven finale.

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    heh, Cuddy is not coming back. hehahahaahaahahaahahaahahahaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! i am oh lord… oh gods gehehehessshh this makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.. gets me a little wet too *Grin* YES!! now i’m really hoping that my earlier comment on here the story i concocted there is gonna pan out cause i am a big Hameron fan… well i’m a fan of it before she turned blond anyway, she looks cuter and stuff as a brunette.

  • Serum114

    Something to keep in mind about House wanting to/not caring if he hurt someone; If you pay close attention, he watches them leaving the room he crashes into. As it breaks from his view, Cuddy is shooing everyone into the other room.

    I think this is a pretty important detail. I think he knew (at least in the “House” sense of knowing) that no one would be in the room. Does it make his actions more forgivable? Well, that’s a bit grey, but it certainly makes the action feel more believable. (imo)

  • silmarils

    Bluehue : as always House will be back in Plainsboro after 3 or 4 weeks in jail (or in Mayfield) I’d like to see Dr Nolan again.
    I hope Foreman will be the next dean of medicine, it could be funny.

  • bluehue

    After sifting through comments it seems that many “fans” feel the ones run over by a speeding car because of some lunatic behind the wheel.

    Yes, TPTB said to “buckle up” at the start of the season, but didn’t really think the airbag would be deployed or we would all be sitting curbside with a shock blanket around our collective shoulders while the gifted Doctor leaves pile of wreckage & walking wounded behind, skips town, (reality) and goes on Summer holiday. Hope he sends some “post cards from the edge.”
    P.S. My “interview” question: “Did the finale mean something..or are we going in a completely different direction now?” (kidding).

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    heh i am almost one hundred percent certain that House was not hallucinating when he drove that car of his through Cuddy’s house. heh even the thought that it could have been an hallucination didn’t occur to me till i read the comments lol… no i think it was reality was there.. i kinda hope it was too *Grin*

  • silmarils

    Margdee : “Why is everyone shocked that this man ran his car into Cuddy’s house? Hello !! Have you not watched seven years of this man’s life? It was exactly what he would do”

    You’re right, he had already tried to kill Chase, so why not Cuddy?
    I’m very scared now for Wilson. lol
    Too much vicodin since ep 15.
    The last scene with House smiling reminds me what Shore has said about the show, when House is smiling, something is wrong.
    The landing will be harsh, as Shore has said in a recent interview, there will be consequences personnally and professionnaly (jail or another drug rehab?)

  • Natalie S.

    For anyone still questioning if the final moments of “Moving On” were real or not, TVGuide’s MegaBuzz finally sets the record straight:

    That House finale really upset me. I’m just praying the last five minutes are another of House’s hallucinations. – Jessica

    ADAM: I don’t want to ruin your summer, Jessica. But I will give that privilege to David Shore, who promises that the car crash and walk on the beach was not a Vicodin-induced fever dream. “These things are real, and there will be consequences,” Shore says. “You cannot drive a car through somebody’s house and almost knock over your best friend without ramifications. Personally, professionally and legally.”

  • Michele1L

    Not to worry. We will see Lisa E. again sometime next season — just not as a regular.

    Just an observation to put out there — I feel that in the moment House had with Cuddy when he confessed he was hurt, as she was holding his hand, she was contemplating taking him back — but when he said it wasn’t her fault and wrenched his hand from hers and walked away, she knew it was finally over.(She then agrees to get to know this new man — although I do believe that was way too sudden after her tear-fest in the hallway with House. (Why were they always casting these guys 10-12 years younger than Cuddy as potential love interests? Couldn’t they find any guys in their mid-forties? — Just a shameless and now pointless rant.)

    Cuddy has always been able to forgive House for everything — breaking a 3 million dollar MRI machine, forging prescriptions, saying awful things to her, etc.. There is a part of House that knows she would take him back — and, although he clearly loves her and wants to be with her, to reconcile with her scares him. This is evident in the scene where he is angry with his patient for choosing love over her intellect. He says to her, ‘he’s already left you once, he’ll leave you again’. Clearly, he was talking about Cuddy. He couldn’t risk getting back with her because as bad as it hurts now, it would hurt worse if she were to dump him again. What better way to ensure that never happening than to do something for which he believes she would never forgive him? I’m not condoning what he did, but in his twisted world it makes perfect sense. (Believe it or not, I actually think that Cuddy would even forgive him for THIS. — I think she understands him enough to eventually come around.)

    Having said that. HL has had amazing chemistry with pretty much every woman he has worked with on the show. I know the creative staff are not interested in seeing House in another romance, but it would be interesting to see him sparring with another administrator. — How about Mira Sorvino’s psychiatrist character from “Frozen”? I think most of us would agree that he could use another shrink right about now!

    We are all speculating as to how the creative team is going to get House out of this insane situation, which is exactly what Greg Yaitanes (spelling?) (according to him) and the lot of them want us to do. For all we know, House was just having either a really good or really bad dream …

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    oh wait that comment is above sorry haven’t completely woken up yet haven’t had any coffee yet. *Grin*

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    heh loved the expression on Wilson’s face lol… just before House drives off Wilson tells him “Whatever your feeling let it out, express it you’ll feel better!” heh Yeah House sure did EXPRESS IT ALRIGHT! hehahahaahaah. everyone’s telling him to express his anger in this episode, oh boy i don’t see why anyone is confused by his actions i mean seriously this was a long time in coming. and oh thank god. NO Lisa Cuddy in this eighth season, i mean she’s had her moments but i just.. eh never really liked her that much. always liked Cameron and Thirteen best of all the women in the show. yeah House express yourself, drive your car into an occupied building… it is truly worth it. expescially if what i think is planned out for the eighth season pans out which as i said in my comment below i really hope it does.

  • maro

    219-anhem, 220-olive, 221-the other jack, 222-ojective2, 226-2lightworker, 227-margdee

    I am totally with you. Finally some voices that do not sound holier than thou…..

    House always had an extreme disregard for laws, social behavior and everything else that stood in his way. (If it was not for Hugh Laurie’s depths the show would have been unwatchable.)
    And yet few voices expressed disapproval until now. We all watched happily and dreamed of his redemption.
    When he finally snaps and seemingly endangers the ‘beloved by Huddies’ Lisa he suddenly becomes a coldhearted criminal and domestic abuser.
    But what would one expect of a drug-addict continuously in pain, physical and psychological? Is it forgotten that he also a VICTIM OF CHILD-ABUSE?
    For years he has suffered disapproval by his friends, forever expecting him to fail, never encouraging him and often insulting him. Remember Cuddy telling him she got him cheap as he was unemployable?

    His outburst is not justifiable (violence never is) but can be rationalized.

    Both persons closest to him push him to let his anger out.
    And Cuddy, whom he still loves, after coercing him to express his hurt, offers a heartfelt but condescending “I am sorry” with no expression of her own hurt and, evidently relieved, moves on to the next youngish man.

    House is anything but stupid, a world famous diagnostician who can jump to the correct conclusions with minimal evidence.
    He ‘diagnoses’ the situation as soon as he witnesses the happy scene in Cuddy’s house.
    He is again the outsider relegated by Cuddy to glimpse at her world through her windows. Remember Rachel’s christening, Thanksgiving, Lucas?
    Of course he snaps. And of course he turns violent. It is not just the latest rejection by Cuddy. It is years and years piled-up feelings of rejection and despair for his unhappy life.
    Some of us bang doors or break vases, but House is larger than life. Inevitably his reaction is extreme.
    He has always been a man of extremes.
    And he is liberated, the way breaking a vase in anger might liberate us, lesser mortals!
    Hence the smile and the beach.

    I am so impatient to find out where he will go after…

  • The Grinning Psychopath

    heh, I don’t think House is going to be returning to New Jersey anytime soon. i think House is probably going to be on one of those soul searching things, he’s gonna try and find the things he needs in his life and put them in their places. i think that if Cameron ever comes back, which there have been a few rumors of it will be in Season eight. heh, perhaps Hameron fans will finally get what they want lol.. yeah House is gonna spend a little time in the Bahamas, get wasted, maybe have a horrendous go at surfing, do a little cocaine, make a little love, dance. things like that, then he’s gonna get serious. maybe he’s going to see Cameron on the beach (blonde or brunette take your pick I’m sorta hoping for brunette Cameron myself) their gonna chat each other up a bit, talk about past cases, how things have been going, how Chase has been… maybe get drunk and screw each other senseless. House is gonna go wondering outside the following morning sunglasses on, cane in hand probably only wearing his boxers… and then Wilson is going to show up lol.. he’s gonna see Wilson, pull his shades down to get a better look. then he’s going to panic limp as fast as he can to his room start grabbing at his clothes and things, Cameron is going to wake up and wonder what the hell is going on. he’ll explain a bit while packing like the madman he is and she’s going to volenteer to go with him, they end up getting an RV or he ends up going with her in her own RV or he has a super RV hidden somewhere around and they go on the roadtrip of their lives. they’ll be the Bandit and Frog on a wild quest for… god and Lucifer knows what with James Wilson starring as Buford T. Justice. hehahahahahahaah!!!!!!!! *Grin* eh hemm i was referencing Smokey and the Bandit incase anyone was wondering.

    you know this would make a real great fanfic heh i wonder if i could manage it???… naah i got enough on my plate as it is turning Illidan Stormrage into the saint and savior of Dranor, into the Light bringer Lucifer the Half Demon Half Night Elf being worshipped as a God on Draenor and looked upon with Jealousy and anger and stuff like that by all the other heroes who will dwarf in comparison to his might and his glory and his… herociness… eh probably shouldn’t have mentioned that but eh i’m bored and my ears hurt.

    anyways that’s my opinion on what we’re in store for in season 8 i’m kinda hoping its true.

  • Eloise

    Margdee, yes you so expressed what I would wish. They kept saying to him Wilson and Cuddy express your anger do something, they opened a can of worms ie his suppressed emotions! It was a very Housian act!

  • Margdee

    Why is everyone shocked that this man ran his car into Cuddy’s house? Hello !! Have you not watched seven years of this man’s life? It was exactly what he would do.

    I was happy for him to see him smiling on the beach.

    I loved this finale. The symetry with him and the patient was wonderful. He began to berate her for changing her mind and then realized that he was wrong to do this. She chose treatment and love. She had a huge flower given to her by her lover.

    He went home to think. Wilson arrives. House decides to return Cuddy’s hairbrush to her while on he way to a bar. There was no reason why he had to take that brush to her house. I think he went to her in hopes of making a connection again. The brush was his flower to give her.

    Walking up her steps he sees her with another man. They are clearing away the dishes. House realizes she has moved on.

    You could see the white hot rage in his face. He orders Wilson out of the car and drives away at a high rate of speed. Is he going to crash his car into a wall? No he deliberately turns around and crushes Cuddy’s house, hands her the brush, walks out and tells Wilson “I feel better now”

    I do too.

  • 2Lightworker

    206-@Brokenleg, 191- @ Pepper Jones
    This absolutely!
    221 -@The Other Jack
    lobe your perspective!
    213- @ smk46
    Yes! This show has been made into something else because of Hugh Laurie, and even with the downturn this season (to which I ascribe the change in characterization as well as a feeling that the viewers are being “played with”), he has turned dross into gold.

    When he climbed out of the wreck, walked nonchalantly over to Cuddy and handed her the hairbrush, with a brief wordless moment, and then walked away with a bit of a jaunty limping gate, he reminded me so much of his ABOFAL low key comedy. His subtle comic irony gave me comfort, that if he can ride this out, so can I.

    Since this is continuing for a while, I would love to see Stephen Fry turn up as an intellectual, eccentric beachcomber in S 8.

  • bbt

    I just want to add one final thought, I watched all prev seasons of House without ever looking at this website, or other House websites. In my opinion, one enjoys the show more without looking for hints, spoilers, comments, etc. Would I have enjoyed as much season 2 had I known that Stacy W. was just a temporary addition to the show? Next season, I will not visit this websites till the end of mid-season and again after the final. This is a good website but in my opinion it just builds up too much the expectations, and therefore I feel let down, later I re-watch the show again, and overall I like what I see. I do like some episodes more than others, Ex I did’t enjoy the Triter arc, but overall I can take away something from each episode, I can not say the same about any other show on TV.

  • Heather

    #221: ”

    This is the man that had a mental breakdown two years ago but now he’s sailing through life with an enormous smile on his face? House’s crashing the car into Cuddy’s house is not the only criminal activity recently. The way Cuddy AND Wilson have hurt, ignored, badgered and COMPLETELY misunderstood their so-called friend’s feelings and actions is nothing short of criminal.”

    Sure, there’s no denying Cuddy acted like a jerk (and, I would argue OOC). But there’s certain actions that aren’t excused by “Well, my ex made me do it because she acted like a jerk.” I would say driving a vehicle into an inhabited house is one of those actions.

    One can possibly understand the chain of events that led someone to do something while still asserting that the action itself is beyond the pale, and inexcusable for any provocation.

  • TripleM

    Whatever happened to the promo scene with Cuddy and House on the beach?? Totally forgot about them..

  • Creative2

    I agree with The Other Jack. Everyone is so consumed with House’s bad behavior that they neglect to see that instead of supporting to him, Cuddy and Wilson’s approach to his problem was either to expect him to “get fixed” or constantly criticize him for the methods he chose to help himself. Cuddy evolved into a whining, demanding girlfriend and Wilson seem like he’s doing charity work by being House’s friend. I’m glad Cuddy is out of the picture, she was a bad note in House’s life and his actions simply show that he acknowledge the affect she had on him. I’m surprised Wilson wasn’t against the relationship from the beginning and warned House against it. Good finale none the less.

  • The Other Jack

    “Ok, now that I have made House admit that he is hurt I can forget about him; I got what I wanted!”

    This is how it appeared to me too. Cuddy pushed and pushed him to open up and then when he did open up AND LIED to her that it wasn’t her fault (STILL trying not to hurt her), right when he was totally vulnerable and hurting, she lets him walk away.

    She didn’t follow him THAT time. Why? Because she got what SHE wanted, she felt exonerated, had done her good deed for the day for the useless cripple and could then move on. Totally oblivious to the horrible shrieking pain SHE put him through, connecting with the previous episode’s flat statement, “House is always alright.”

    What? Is she that far out of touch? This is the man that had a mental breakdown two years ago but now he’s sailing through life with an enormous smile on his face? House’s crashing the car into Cuddy’s house is not the only criminal activity recently. The way Cuddy AND Wilson have hurt, ignored, badgered and COMPLETELY misunderstood their so-called friend’s feelings and actions is nothing short of criminal.

  • Olive


    Very well said and a very good point. It doesn’t do wonders for someone’s self esteem if those closest to them still believe that they need to be fixed no matter what they do or how hard they try… that they will never be good enough. One little setback, one mistake, and it was the same old House all over again in their eyes. (Not talking about the finale here obviously) Instead of giving the guy credit for the progress he did make and saying, it’s okay, it’s a setback, but look at how far you’ve come, you will get there… instead of that’s just not good enough, you screwed up again…I don’t believe you can do any better it’s just who you are. Yeah, I think that hurt just a tad, and House has been treated that way by both Wilson and Cuddy.

    Not to mention that his hurt – both emotional and physical – are so easily dismissed. Even if he believed Cuddy (about not dating anyone), the new guy was still a slap in the face like: “Ok, now that I have made House admit that he is hurt I can forget about him; I got what I wanted!” And even Wilson thinking that a drink will “cure” all.

    Going back to House crushing his car into Cuddy’s house, the only wrong thing to do at that point was do nothing. I am happy for House that he chose an action and not a reaction. But I am also relieved that he didn’t injure anyone in the process.

  • Anhem

    Of course, it could be in House’s head that he went to a happy place instead of a dark one. However, I don’t believe so. House walked off, probably grabbed a taxi or bus, and headed straight to the airport. He picked the first flight out to a warm sunny place leaving all his baggage behind. It was a very symbolic action on his part, and to House it is actions that matter. He literally has nothing left in his life now, and he isn’t clinging to anything from his old life. He committed an unforgivable sin against the only two people that really mattered to him in order to purge his emotional demons. Why did he have to do that? Well, the only thing left to do when nothing can be done to fix something is to stop trying to fix it and get a new one. If you keep the broken one, you hold out hope that someday it will work again. You can talk about fixing it but that doesn’t solve anything, you can do little repairs but then it just keeps going haywire it keeps frustrating the hell out of you that it won’t work like it should. It isn’t anyone’s fault it doesn’t work now, it is just too worn out, abused, and neglected… it is unfixable, it is what it is, so get rid of it and start over.

    And one of the things that had been abused too long was the friendship of Wilson and Cuddy. How long can you be friends (and stay sane) with people whose sole purpose (in life, seemingly) is to FIX YOU. They stay friends with you, because they believe somebody needs to FIX YOU, and they have opted to be those “somebodies”. There may be a future for House and Wilson as friends (even Cuddy, but probably not as LE isn’t coming back at the moment), but the whole friendship needed to be totally reset. Old needed to be obliterated and new terms needed to be put down.

    After the initial shock, I’ve really grown to like this episode.

  • BrokenLeg

    213 @smk46
    Good point. But I fear DS don’t think the same. At this point I agree witn 215 @silmarils : ” House will end alone, maybe with Wilson on his side, but can’t see a happy ending with House”. And I add maybe not a happy ending but how a most deserved not such bad ending. Journey? Redemption? Not in DS mind

  • Joe

    @ 176 margaret (and some others)

    It seems like a lot of people here want to lay down the ‘domestic abuse’ card in lieu of a logical argument. This show is and has always been bigger than life. Virtually ALL of House’s behavior all along would be illegal/abusive in the ‘real world’. In fact, much of it is illegal and immoral within the reality of the show as well. To claim that suddenly House is now an irredemable maniac because you don’t like the direction the show has taken this season AND hiding behind the words “domestic abuse” like it is some kind of golden argument ticket..its just weak. By your definition, House has been ‘abusing’ his team and Cuddy for many years now. Why the sudden outrage? Is verbal abuse not still abuse?

    You’re entitled to your opinion. If you feel House’s actions have crossed a personal line (for you) then say so. Make your case. But, to deem this as ‘domestic abuse’ and call out anyone who disagrees as akin to the kind of people who blame the rape victims and not the rapists? Come on.

    It’s TV. This show has always presented, in my opinion, an exaggerated reality. Some people don’t get the show anymore. I understand this in some ways. Personally, I have never tuned into this show to watch happy people have a good time. House has done something terrible and now he has to live with it. Its interesting to me…

  • bbt

    I enjoyed the last episode, I wish it had been a 2 hour episode, they could have used the pictures they have of House and Cuddy at the beach and taken more time with the patience. Returning to LE not returning next season, that does not mean necesaryly that the character Cuddy is death. They could use a different actress that looks similar to her. At the beginning it may look strange but we the audience would adjust. Have a great summer!

  • silmarils

    Sylvia : “They’ll suspend his medical license, he could volunteer his genius in some third world country for a year, find true love and I will finally be happy. Imagine the possibilities…”

    Not DS vision of the show I think.
    House will end alone, maybe with Wilson on his side, but I can’t see a happy ending with House.

  • silmarils

    sylvia : ah no I don’t speak english better than bee bee! I’d like to develop my feeling about this nightmare but bee bee said it better for me.

  • smk46

    this mess is all hugh laurie’s fault. if he weren’t such a great actor, infusing depth, humanity, and vulnerability into the jerk of a character that david shore imagines greg house to be, then this act of violence would seem a natural progression of house breaking apart emotionally. hugh has made us see into house’s psyche, and this suddenly aggressive, unforgivable violence contradicts what we have come to know about house. we know he is not as he has been written in “moving on” because hugh laurie has shown us the truth about his character. not that he can’t be destructive, but his destruction is always aimed at himself. one reason we care for house is that he cares about the lives of others, regardless of what his creator might say in an interview. we have seen hugh put that quality into greg house and it can’t be talked or written away.

  • Carotid artery

    It’s a little unbelievable that House could resort to that kind of behavior, however mentally fragile he is at this point. I’d like to think that his time at the loony bin served its purpose and he has stabilized. We’ve all been through breakups and wanted to “take a louisville slugger to both headlights” in the worlds of Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats” and granted some people can’t handle the pressure so they commit suicide or resort to violence,but I just can’t see the rational, cynical Gregory House taking this route. He’s in the business of saving lives not ending them, he is not a killer.

  • Silvia

    Anyone else think #202,203 and 204 were posted by the same person?

    Anyway, the situation house is in atm is critical enough for the writers to start on a clean slate so to speak. If Cuddy presses charges, I don’t think he’ll sit in jail because his lawyers will argue that it wasn’t premeditated (lost control of vehicle, it happens) and no one seriously got hurt. I don’t think Wilson will testify against him and I don’t think Cuddy will press charges, she’s too much of a weakling when it comes to house.
    They’ll suspend his medical license, he could volunteer his genius in some third world country for a year, find true love and I will finally be happy. Imagine the possibilities…

  • Peter DaCourte

    I think it was about time for something radical to happen. Back in the days, when I was watching the first seasons of House, it was all about the case, the medical mystery. But for a while now, this medical series has turned into a drama, being more focused on the interpersonal relationships rather than the patient.
    So hopefully, season 8 will start to look like those first seasons, because i’d like to see House use his ‘gift’ some more again.

  • Silvia

    @ 202 – BeeBee
    Your first and last post made me laugh , I think you take the show wayyyyyyyy too seriously! Like it or not the show has another season to go and I’m for one can’t wait for it to unfold. I’m pretty sure you will watch it too if only for the sake of hypocrisy itself.

  • smk46

    191 @ pepper jones:

    you are oh so right in all you said, alas.

  • maro

    Has anybody noticed at the last shoots that Houses eyes have lost the madness.
    They have an almost dreamy,faraway look.

    How nice for HL if House gets a job as a pianist at a hotel!

  • BrokenLeg

    191 @ Peper Jones
    THIS!!THIS!! &THIS!!

  • MHM

    House as a character is irredeemable now. (I KNOW the show doesn’t OWE me anything. I’m speaking in terms of how House, in his own painstakingly slow way, has always been on some sort of journey for redemption– whether it be for truth, less, pain, love, or clarity.)

    House has always had destructive tendencies–to himself, to others, but this is, IMHO, too insane, even for House. More importantly, what does it reveal? That he either really does have homicidal tendencies or that he has such reckless disregard for human life that he doesn’t care if he kills someone? None of those things make sense to me. I don’t believe that we are supposed to believe House knew no one was in the dining room. Really? How could he be sure that no one came back/was still in the living room in the time it took to turn his car around and come back? And Rachel. The teaser does say she was at Arlene’s, but, how could House have possibly known that?? Is he an omniscient being? What if she had been in the dining room, playing under the dining room table?

    House’s act was so insane, even for House, that it just makes him irreedeemable and just plain unlikable. If the attraction to House as a character was that, despite all his flaws, he was a compelling character, I don’t see how any compelling factor can overcome what he did, and I don’t see how what he did can make him a compelling character anymore.

    I can’t get over the fact that, even in an insane rage, he would have such a reckless disregard for human life. When he took deadly risks before, it was always to preserve life, or if he took those insane risks, it was upon himself. I never thought I’d see House in this way, and it’s so unbelievable that I definitively choose not to watch Season 8. This is just unbeliveable and irreedeemable. The only logical conclusion for House to end up now is either in a padded room or in a jail cell for all the forged prescriptions and attempted vehicular manslaughter.

    This season has felt like a long goodbye, and, in my personal opinion, I’m glad Ms. Edelstein chose to leave, whatever the reason. I know that I am moving on from this show definitively. I’ll always respect and love the great episodes of the past, but the show has just become too unbelievable for any sort of justification or reason to watch anymore.

    Wishing everyone the best.


  • silmarils

    Bee Bee : I completely agree with you, this finale was awful to watch, I miss my House! and yes it was attempted murder, I’d never thought House could do this.
    Concerning Huddy, it was poorly written from S6, I think getting them together was a big mistake, I don’t recognize Cuddy’s character since 2 seasons.

    “Unless some part is a Vicodin induced hallucination…this show has gone to Crazytown”


  • Take Five

    Rock on, Bee Bee!

  • BeeBee

    I’m a long time lurker, and this will be my first and last post! The hypocrisy of some of the comments are just ridic, I’m sorry!

    Hypocrisy Example #1: Beginning of the season this board was flooded with Huddies so excited about the season. They overlooked EVERY morsel of bad writing. They overlooked and disputed the ratings drop being Huddy’s fault. Then when Huddy looked like they were on the ropes 7×08-7×15…all of a sudden the writing’s just horrible, everything’s OOC, GY and Shore are the devil, and the character of Cuddy has been assassinated.

    Hypocrisy Example #2: Now the board has been flooded with anti-huddies coming back to gloat and praise the fact LE’s leaving. And they are overlooking the equally horrible writing of episodes 7×16-7×23, not to mention the even worse ratings drop that cannot be blamed on huddy.

    Point is…let’s FINALLY put biases aside and get real about the show we love! That season finale was atrocious! Not even talking about the “possibilities” for season 8. Hell, any amateur screenwriter could come up with 20 ways to get House out of this situation right now…and they would ALL be unrealistic. Even when they magically write Cuddy off and she just happened to decide before she left to “drop” all charges against him as she just wants to move away and on from New Jersey because she doesn’t want to have to come back to testify…Uhhh NO! The state would still proceed on charges and House would still be wanted. That was attempted murder people. At the lowest attempted vehicular manslaughter, still a freaking felony. And there lies the biggest problem with season 8. Unless some part is a Vicodin induced hallucination…this show has gone to Crazytown. There is no logical way they write House out of this.

    Those of you who believe LE leaving is just the best thing ever to happen to this show…you belong in Crazytown along with TPTB. Think about this. Let’s say House will magically come back b/c of some “unrealistic” storyline they Micky Mouse together. RSL in a handful of episodes, OW too busy with Justin Timberlake and making movies, so they’re gone. And we have our new “stars” of House MD…TAUB, Foreman, and Chase??? And TAUB has a juicier storyline than anyone with his Maury Povich train wreck. No women characters? And you indeed have yourself a problem Mr.Shore. The fact is Cuddy was made the scapegoat this year. Her character was ripped apart because of lazy writing. And apparently LE takes her craft very seriously, and could not stomach it anymore. Good for her.

    I have a problem…I no longer care about House. He’s psycho and capable of murder. I want him arrested and thrown in jail. I want someone to wipe that stupid smirk off his face on the beach. I want him to be held accountable for his actions. The problem is TPTB don’t have the guts to smack their beloved character on the hand. You can’t hate House…he’s the “tormented genius.” Well, I’m the “tormented viewer” and I’m done.

  • silmarils

    “Moving on” : this title is for Cuddy (and Lisa Edelstein) not for Gregory House. This guy is mad and completely lost. Mayfield here I come!

  • BiaAylesworth

    #196 – Visitkarte

    There were acts by the House as well, he took the extreme Cuddy .. he deserved what she did to him, to tell the truth I think that only made ??him more loving, because she was so “Plague” as he is.

    And Wilson also been up with him ..

    Only things that were innocent, all apologized later, less House, he never apologized … so I can not understand how you can tell that Cuddy did bullying, after House was never a saint.

    Sorry for the mistakes of writing, I’m from Brazil.

  • After a day to process, I suppose Shore and Company are going the “Breaking Bad” route. So much for creative originality.

  • Greta

    @Pepper Jones – excellently put, I completely agree with you.

    I have no idea why so many people on ths blog have approvingly nodded at the “venting anger” bit – House has vented plenty, in my view. A non venter would have gone about his business concealing his anger and hurt from those close to him. House went on a bender the minute he was dumped – ran around with hookers galore in that orgy (I thought it was quite offensive, bordering on sexual harrassment, the way he lay in bed with a hooker with hs team watching as they consulted him) – he jumped off the hotel balcony, he married Dominica, he slashed open his thigh – was all this not enough to “let out” his anger?

    I am coming back to my Option3 – David Shore says House is in another country – and that is probably in some lala land that House’s vicodin OD has taken him and he will get a shock when he wakes up and finds that his druginduced fantasy was actually for real. Incidentally I recall now that when he last hallucinated he almost got Chase killed through that strawberry allergy on Chase’s bachelor night – so yes, he does harbour murderous thoughts as do many other people – but he was shocked that he had allowed his subconscious to carry them out. So bashing a car through a house is not likely to be a conscious deed for him. His smile to me seems more and more the smile of a man who had a nice murderous idea and laughed at the fleetng pleasure that gave him.

  • BiaAylesworth

    #191 – Jones Pepper

    You managed to express the exact words … I agree with absolutely everything you said … a shame the people who support the idea of Shore.

    Good show for those who embrace size insult.

  • Visitkarte

    Sorry, I was scared to read how my word correction and/or my internet connection mangled my sentence. It was meant to come out this way:
    One time action while badly hurt doesn’t necessarily qualify as domestic violence, if you ask me. DV is defined as a repeated action, not a single act. Even if you define House driving his car in Cuddy’s home as DV, I don’t think he wanted to intimidate her, he rather wanted to stop her from hurting him again by coming again near him.
    The act itself was a violent crime, no denying there. House knew that, that’s why he fled out of the country. So maybe he isn’t self destructing anymore and doesn’t try going to jail. I’m sure before the act he wanted to achieve exactly that.

    What I wanted to say also is that there were many acts of domestic violence before by Cuddy. And that emotional hurting and bullying are just as bad as physical violent acts. Because they can kill as well and hurt even deeper.

  • James Wilson

    For me, what scared me was not House driving into Cuddy’s house, but how natural the wreck was considering past events. In Season 6, House desperately tried to change himself, but Cuddy failed to see his progress countless times (Thanksgiving turkey sandwich was so cold), culminating to House despair at Nolan’s office in pre-season finale (analogous to car crash).

    In previous seasons, thanks to Hugh Laurie’s brilliant acting, House had irresistible charm, even when he was an arrogant, narcissistic jerk. This season, what scared me was the madness in House’s eyes after getting dumped. I actually hated House, because he had no concerns for others (a psychopath; as Cuddy say, he was being mean for the first time). Only in rare occasions, usually when 13 was involved, did House come back to sanity and show concern. From my perspective, the desire to be happy with someone was a tumor that was going to kill him unless suppressed by Cuddy, but he removed it surgically by crashing into her house; thus, thereby, House transformed an emotional problem into a mechanical problem, as he always does (it’s his protection mechanism because if feels too much).

    I just hope that House will serve some time in prison or work as an exile from the island, so that the show gets grounded in reality even when House as character is not.

  • Matt2590

    I’m in two minds over the ending, one way i think the writers did a great job showing just how destructive not letting go of anger and hurt can be if you just let it build up, i can relate to this myself as i keep feelings in and let them build up and if you hold it too long you can get to the point where you would do this regardless of what kind of person you are, luckily i’ve never held it that far but i can see how someone else could have the potential to do it, but in another way i don’t think it’s the quite the right way to have done it, it either needed to be smaller or bigger, something that would have left you wondering if he had killed himself or others, the car crash is serious but, i cant quite describe what it is but it just doesn’t seem to fit right, i love this show and i always start to worry once a show hits it’s seventh season as thats usually where shows slip , it takes alot from the writers to keep a great show up and is usually the point where you know if the show will be one of the few that just keeps going or not, hopefully the writers will put everything they have into the next season.

  • Iam Out

    Well looks like a perfect ending to the series to me. I sort of wish it was the end.

    Seasons 1 through 5 were awesome. Season 6 was ok. Season 7 had only a few shows I enjoyed, too much personal drama.

    And how many times can it “not be lupus” ???

  • Exfan

    I am just feeling very sad about how they told the H&C story. Don’t know why they had to end it so miserably.

  • Pepper Jones

    It was an undeniable fact that House had to snap in order to move on from the storyline TPTB had written for him. But what was even worse than his extreme reaction at the end was how contrived it was. The way they had Cuddy tell House about not seeing anyone only to make her look like a liar to get him to snap and then have him, with malice and forethought, endanger her life and Wilson’s and 3 other people, and possibly Rachel, was just cheap, implausible (she seemed freaked out when Jerry asked her out at first but then she’s gung-ho after that emotional scene with House?) and venal. Do you mean to tell me that they couldn’t figure out another way to get him to release his anger that doesn’t turn him into an irredeemable psycho ex-boyfriend (who had sex with about 8 hookers the day after they broke up and then married a mail order bride right in front of Cuddy) and now criminal on the run.

    Despite Shore’s stated intent, his lead and much beloved character is now not just a brilliant, arrogant, narcissistic jerk, but also a psychopath and misogynist. And despite our investment in the show, this season provided no further explanation as to why House is the way he is. He’s just a psychopath who we’re supposed to love because, c’mon, he’s Dr. Crankypants, it’s gonna be fun. What’s a little attempted vehicular manslaughter when House is finally happy.

    I really can’t understand how the writers could do this and how anybody can defend his actions. Saying that House did it b/c he needed to express his anger, it’s healthy, and he knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone is no different than a batterer who says, “I hit her b/c I just needed to let off some steam and she’s really OK and she was asking for it anyway.” They created a contrived situation where Cuddy’s a “bitch” for having dinner with a guy (BTW, anybody who would call or consider Jerry her “boyfriend” obviously has no experience in dating or is just hellbent on maligning her character), so therefore she deserves to be threatened with bodily harm and property damage. But David Shore says they stayed true to the characters. Slowly turning your lead female actress, a key element to the show into a cold-hearted slut (not my characterization but certainly that of others commenting on other sites and here and clearly by the writers with their use of the word and parallels insinuated by the writing this season) that deserves to be victimized and destroyed sure seems like a change in character to me.

    I’m simply stunned that TPTB either intentionally wanted to create this sick rationalization of violence against women or didn’t realize that it would lend support to it. Whichever it was, it reeks of carelessness, arrogance, and greed. What they did with this finale insulted my intelligence to the point where the show has absolutely no entertainment value for me whatsoever. At least they’ll now have the male batterer demographic locked up for Season 8 (pun intended).

    Although Shore would like to think so, I am not naive or blinded by romanticism. I knew House was a dark, complex, tortured, genius, but he was never, in my eyes, capable of doing what he did at the end of the season finale. The look of glee, satisfaction, and peace on his face after his actions was beyond the pale and the fact that I (and Wilson and Cuddy) want him locked up in a rubber room in the state penitentiary makes me feel ill. I love Hugh Laurie and his brilliance, but I don’t think he can carry the show for me b/c IMHO it has become a condescending farce and at this point Shore is only capable of destroying incredible characters. The occasional brilliant line or funny or touching scene can in no way change what has happened to this show. I wish I can say that it will get better for me and that I’ll cool down and be able to make sense of what is in my view clearly FUBAR, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be possible. I’m pretty sure I will feel the same way even if an AU scenario is involved because the manipulation and arrogance involved requires such a disdain for the audience that I can’t in my right mind support the creators. I hate giving up and I’m utterly heartbroken. The only redeeming aspect of this epic fail is that Lisa Edelstein quit and that she is a smart, strong, woman who wouldn’t take less pay or any pay for a role that had become so beneath her principles and talents.

  • Dmckoy

    Before I even read Barbara’s review or ur comments, i have to say that I was with this ep all the way until the end. What a let down? Now I’m usually very positive and tried to see the best in the series this season, but as far as House season finales go, this had to be the worst one ever! I mean honestly, how OOC are they willing to make House? I always knew he was a borderline sociopath, but psychopath? Never thought I’d say this, but I’m not very excited for S8.. I didnt expect much for Huddy in light of LE’s recent departure, but seriously?

    One good thing though, the intense Huddy scene in the hallway..Loved it! But didn’t love this ep…

  • Silvia

    I’m thinking he’s in Hawaii. Any other guesses?

  • screamingmimi

    156 – 60 plus: Yes! Exactly the way I’ve always seen it, as an incredibly fascinating character study. And your “it’s still not boring” quote reminded me of Wilson’s hurling a bottle through that stained glass window… which is exactly what House did with his car, except he dialed it up to 11. So Housian.

    So, still not boring! This is a story, a novel set to TV, not real life, or some tragedy you read about in the paper. I’m still hooked.

  • Simon

    Does anyone else think it was weird when House suggests a name for the artists piece : “It doesn’t mean anything”, do you think it has any significance to the hallucinations? Or am I just reading too much into every word in the episode?

  • housemaniac

    Just to be clear, from a legal perspective, I do not place any weight on whether House intended to kill Cuddy et al. (I do not think he did.) However, because there were people in the house when he drove his car into it, then, yes, it is AT LEAST reckless endangerment, and almost certainly a crime more serious than that.

  • housemaniac

    Barbara, I wonder if you could ask in the interview what happened to Dominika? TPTB had said she would definitely return (I believe in the last episode among others) and there was also talk of her mother making an appearance. Did they have to cut any scenes, or did they change their minds before shooting? I think the timing is such that they would have had to cut her out. If so, why did they change their minds?

    Also, I agree with Matt #54 that the structure of the episode, especially the interviews with the police, suggest that this was NOT a hallucination. The beach scene could have been, but just don’t see the car crash that way.

    As for the car crash, if it was real, then it is attempted murder, or something like it. And if this is the case, then House will not be able to practice medicine for a long time, if ever. But how can this be? This seems like a ridiculous premise for Season 8. Can a program entitled House, M.D. really jettison House practicing medicine? I don’t see how, but I also don’t see how House can avoid a felony charge here and being sent to jail, which just doesn’t make sense as a major plotline for THIS show. He could plead temporary insanity based on the Vicodin, but that would still leave him in a prison hospital for quite some time and not practicing medicine. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

    A final thought: I think after seeing this episode I am glad that LE is not coming back. I would not want to have seen the House-Cuddy dynamic play out in the aftermath of this kind of horrific behavior by House. I agree with the poster who said that this episode proves that exploring the aftermath of the breakup never had much potential. There has not been an interesting dynamic between House and Cuddy since they broke up (except for After Hours), and Moving On shows that After Hours was the anomaly. (By the way, of course Cuddy is leaving PPH; she is leaving the show!)

  • maro

    I have been following and enjoying the discusions here for some time, but never wrote anything since I would have been repeating opinions already expressed.
    Now , however, I need to express how surprised I am by so many people suddenly disliking House, as he is perceived to behave out of character.
    What was there to like before in House? The conception of the character was that of an extremely unlikeable person, a wounded genius: mean, bitter, the absolute misanthropic personality. Always ready to lash out verbally with the intent to hurt and annoy and insult. But he was also funny.
    It is a tribute to the sublime Hugh Laurie that hidden depths were perceived in the character of House by the millions of fascinated fans (of both genders and all ages) to the point that we identified with him.
    So why dislike him now? House finally reacts emotionally, as most of us wanted to see him do and suddenly so many fans get enraged. Why?
    He commits a crime of passion fuelled by his feelings of despair and betrayal. It is certainly out of character but this is the definition of a crime of passion. And it is not bad writing. Great literature is often based on such sudden passionate acts starting with Medea who kills her children to get at her faithless husband!
    It is not a change of character but a moment of aberration, an explosion of pent-up feelings which usually leads to catharsis; a Greek word meaning cleaning up that is used to express the feeling of the audiences of the tragedies presented in the ancient theatres. Catharsis is also used to describe the state of mind that follows dramatic acts that a person commits when emotionally charged and by committing them unloads all those negative feelings.
    That is House’s state of mind: he finally externalises emotions that have piled up for years ( Cuddy is right in saying that )
    His half smile is evidence of catharsis and that he is MOVING ON.

    It was a great moment for me, almost joyous:
    Since season 5, although I was a Huddy, I had this feeling that Cuddy was repressing House, continuously putting him down, mocking him and not really supporting him when he was going down.
    Wilson was the one sincerely trying to help.

    So for me this was really a “cathartic finale” that will move the plot forward by exploring House’s character from a new starting point. This is the first season that ends with House almost smiling and not brought down, miserable or near death. It really is an uplifting closure of a very emotional season.
    That is not to say I condone his actions. Even though I find them justifiable, I still believe he should suffer the consequences of the violence he has inflicted, as this is the way to complete the catharsis. In ancient Greek tragedies nobody escaped unpunished by human or divine law even when their actions were morally justifiable.
    And I have to say that House has this element of the tortured tragic hero (bless the talented Hugh Laurie for transforming a jerk to an almost heroic figure complete with contemporary humour).
    P.S. It gets even better at the second viewing and it goes without saying that I am Greek!

  • Ellie

    #173 Lisa from the Valley-I agree with you about the dynamic between House and Cuddy, how couples like them can give a sense of hope. I’m sure that you would concur that the way the whole long-standing relationship and affection between the two of them was destroyed with a few strokes of a pen was heartbreaking and unnecessary.
    there was so much about this show to love that has gone by the wayside, and not just the relationship between the two characters. but Cuddy has always been a central part of House’s world, and there was a steady, solid history between them. and in my mind, after this horrendous debacle of a season, NONE of that history, chemistry, friendship, love or whatever you want to call it means a bloody thing. it was all rendered meaningless. I think of all of the times between them with all the attraction and all the playful banter that I enjoyed over all the seasons and I just feel sad all over again. the whole show, not just House, Cuddy and ‘Huddy’ is irredeemable as far as I can see. what a waste.

  • shy reader

    I don’t know if someone already pointed this out, but:

    Wilson says to the police officer – you can find House in a bar, one that “matches how he feels inside” – probably the “deepest, darkest hole in NJ”

    And at the end, House is shown in a bar on a beautiful, sunny, tropical beach.

    Matches how he feels inside?

  • KrispyKreme

    @ 176 – margaret : However insane the act was, I cannot agree that House is clinically insane. Even if he did get pushed over the edge, how is he able to function as a diagnostician? Unless the psychosis has no bearing on a person’s skill as a physician. Can someone address this issue? I’m confuzzled 🙁

  • Tyrone


    He got it, by George, I think he got it.

    The whole business with Lucas never did sit well with me. I NEVER liked the character of Lucas but particularly came to hate him after he tripped House in the cafeteria. Seriously? You stoop that low to trip a cripple? Not to mention that by loosening the grab rail in the bathtub, Lucas could have killed House.

    Irregardless, Lucas ALWAYS treated Cuddy and her daughter with love and respect. In “Bombshells” the audience discovers that Cuddy would actually like to have the unrealistic, apron-wearing house-husband cooking dinner for her and staying home to take care of Rachel while Cuddy is out bringing home the bacon (but obviously not frying it up in the pan). Lucas fit the bill to a “t.”

    Yet how does she reward him? In one night, she tosses him overboard for her genius employee. Then she has the unmitigated gall to use her daughter as an excuse for not allowing House over to her place because she doesn’t want them to connect and then for House to no longer be in Rachel’s life.

  • Emma

    I still can’t believe you people think they had romantic chemistry. Cuddy had more chemistry in the 60 seconds she spent with that new guy her sister set her up with, than she ever had with House. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CAWWFEEE

  • Nalle

    Season 7 Cuddy was a lying, conniving, heartless harpy who tosses away the man who DID give her the 1950s house-husband lifestyle she apparently dreamed of in “Bombshells” (Lucas) to lure an emotionally fragile genius into a relationship only to betray him utterly in her rejection of who he is when she knew from the beginning what his faults were and said she accepted him as he was. House opened his heart to her, and she repaid him by breaking it.

    Of course, I could be wrong about that too. Maybe Cuddy was ALWAYS this abhorrent and House was too blinded by love to see it.

  • Paul.s

    Chillax, it’s all drug induced hallucinations..

  • margaret

    Look, House did something insane – no denying that. But to those saying this was a murder attempt…I don’t think so. What House saw coming up that sidewalk (in pantomime) was Cuddy clearing the table and “the new guy” insisting that they help her. House had a pretty good idea that they would be in the kitchen when his car hit the dining room. He’s all about details like that. Still completely nuts, but…less so. More ‘reckless endangerment’ than ‘attempted murder’. I’m assuming Rachel was in bed or with the babysitter?”

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Either House was clear-headed enough to “know” that everybody was out of the room, then crashing the car was a clear-headed decision.

    If House was completely out of his mind with anger and jealousy and couldn’t stop himself from crashing the car, then I really don’t think he was rationally deducing where everybody was in Cuddy’s house.

    And even if House HAD “reasoned” that Rachel was probably somewhere else, he does not know that with absolute certainty. Have you met any kids Rachel’s age? They run all over the house. They’re small. They crawl under things. House would never have been able to see her if she was in that room.

    And finally, even if nobody was in the room, it is still an incredible act of violence against Cuddy for spurning him.

    I mean hey, by the logic of some people here, Cuddy would have been totally justified crashing a car through House’s front window after all the hookers he used. Or Stacy’s husband Mark would have been justified driving a car through a room where she had just been sitting.

    The double standards here, and the lengths to which people will bend over backwards to defend intimate partner violence, is sickening. THESE ARE EXACTLY THE KINDS OF EXCUSES PEOPLE MAKE FOR REAL-LIFE DOMESTIC ABUSERS.

  • 60 plus

    #168 Broken Leg
    While I respect your right to state your opinions about David Shore’s interview, I do think it is wrong to quote him out of context.

    For example, the questions about Lisa E. and Cuddy:

    TVLINE | When you were breaking the episode, did you think in the back of your head: “Well, this gives us a way out in case Lisa Edelstein doesn’t return”?
    DS No. Not at all. That was never the plan. It happens to do that, which I have mixed feelings about.

    TVLINE | Would you have done anything differently had you known going into the episode that Lisa was leaving?
    DS Had I known going into the final dozen episodes that she wasn’t returning, I’m sure it would’ve unfolded differently. Having said that, it does allow [for Cuddy’s exit]. I don’t really want to talk about where we’re going to go next season until [the writers] start meeting. But we’ll make the most of this. There will be opportunities that come from this. We’re going to get excited about next season.

    TVLINE | You don’t resume shooting until August. Are you holding out any hope that this situation can be rectified and Lisa will return?
    DS No.

    TVLINE | Would you be interested in bringing her back on a guest-star basis?
    DS I would be. Absolutely.

    I don’t agree with everything Shore says and does. But to me, in this case, he was only saying that they hope to make the best of a situation that they did not seek or want. I don’t see how his “Absolutely” in answer to the question about her returning in a guest role can be viewed as anything less than positive.

    For those interested, here is the link to the interview.

  • Laura Saxon

    Man, that was crazy. I hope House comes back and straghitens things out.

  • Lisa from the valley

    I’m left feeling flatline-flat after this season finale. Nothing like last year, which left many of us elated and hopeful. A while back I was watching a documentary about the Dashiell Hammett characters Nick and Nora, the most loved couple in the fictional world of their time. Very rarely does the perfect storm of wit, humor, charm and chemistry come together to create a couple we all aspire to be, rather than have to choke down due to sickening sweetness. Couples like House and Cuddy give us all hope, because no matter how crappy our own lives are, watching a truly great couple gives us all hope that there is something better out there for us all, even the Houses of the world. Which is why I detested Bombshells, partly due to breakup logic that seems weak at best (really, Cuddy didn’t know House was an addict? And can’t forgive a minor slip in a very difficult situation?), though I still believed they would reconcile, partially due to how the writing was building up for a reconciliation. Knowing now that LE is leaving the show of course changes that, but regardless, ending this season the way it did seems to leave little hope for House ever having a happy ending, Cuddy or no. Thus, little hope that the show House will ever have a happy ending. If there’s no hope, why watch?

    That’s about where I am right now.

    No way it was a hallucination. The writers would never revisit that. Brain tumor from the rat drug? Probably too similar.

  • BrokenLeg

    Extract from “Diary of a Mad Fashionista” about Shore’s interview.

    “If that isn’t the most cowardly, disingenuous explanation of House’s horrific behaviour, I don’t know what is.

    Cuddy’s three-year-old daughter Rachel might have been in there. He wouldn’t have seen her from the car. He could have killed or injured all four of them.
    When an incident such as this happens in real life, it makes headlines on the local news.
    But this is David Shore’s world.
    SHAME, for revealing just how misogynistic you are.
    SHAME, for destroying a fascinating character by making him into a one-dimensional puppet.
    SHAME, for reducing Cuddy to alternately a tear-stricken doormat or the Demanding Girlfriend from Hell.

    And most of all:
    SHAME, for implying that abuse and destructive behaviour are acceptable acts.

    If you think I’m overreacting, your faithful correspondence doesn’t care.
    Any more than David Shore does.”

    NO COMMENTS. They are not needed.

  • Silvia

    I have to watch the episode again to see if there’s any clue for season 8. I still don’t understand why House would be so upset over Cuddy, she obv played him .

  • Betty

    #154 Kaliera Completely agree! There seems to be a double standard going on for House and for Cuddy. A reflection of how there is still a wide gender gap in what’s considered acceptable behavior between the sexes, the boys will be boys mentality, and what they can get away w/ in the eyes of some people. No wonder women still have a long way to go. Very sad.

  • Linnet

    I had a smile on my face after the ending. Here’s my reasoning: Cuddy was the only chance at happiness for House. I was devastated at their breakup, because I thought that meant House would be miserable forever. And there’s only so much unrelenting misery one can take from a TV show.
    Before the finale, I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch Season 8, since Lisa Edelstein would be gone and that meant there would be no chance of reconciliation. I didn’t even really want to watch the finale because I was sure something horrible was going to happen that would leave House in even more misery (like season 4 and 5).
    But no, House is not miserable. He is happy. All the things that come with crashing a car into someone’s house that people have mentioned (attempted murder charges, etc.) belong to the real world. And he doesn’t want to live in the real world any more. There’s no reward there, and no hope. He was stuck in the real world, and now he’s “moved on” (har har) to a happy fantasy land, burning all bridges along the way. And when House is happy, I’m happy. This is why the finale makes me want to watch Season 8.

  • BrokenLeg

    Extract of Shore’s words on TVLine interview and my comments to them
    “I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him.” Not until now, so you are not true to yourself or to the character, dude!

    “The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.” Thanks God……What a relief!!!

    “I don’t see this as a fundamental change in the character.” Seriously?? What do you think about creative integrity, or, if the case, do you know what it is?

    “There will be opportunities that come from this. We’re going to get excited about next season.” ( talking about LE leaving [H]) Seriously?? It seems a little unfair to me that way to think about a 7 years fellowship.

    “I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again.” Are you joking?? Are you mocking your fans? Or are you seriously dumb or too much superb?

    “Are you holding out any hope that this situation can be rectified and Lisa will return? No” With friends like that (as supposedly he was), she did not need enemies! And now I know LE quit was mostly for creative reasons.

  • Amie

    I was bored.
    Same ol’. same ol’…
    House is down.
    Patient mirrors House.
    Wilson and Cuddy try and talk sense in House.
    House does something crazy.

    I got that House was finally expressing his anger and that was the point of the house crash (and it never crossed my mind that it was attempted murder or anything).
    But I don’t care about him anymore.
    Since the breakup, he has lost the ounce of humanity I still thought he had. He doesn’t care for no one except himself (even more than before). His smile at the end seemed like someone happy of the harm and “prank” done. Not someone who is finally happy (and why was he wearing the same closes???)
    Up till now, I thought that his selfishness and jerkiness was a way to protect himself from getting too close to people because he had too much empathy, he cared too much. But he is now pathetic. And I don’t care for him anymore.
    I didn’t get the point of this season (except for making episodes to make money).

    I usually read all your comments thoroughly and carefully. I didn’t feel like it this time. I just skimmed through. Wanted to see if I was the only one feeling like this. I don’t care analyzing House anymore. I don’t care what happens to him.

    This makes for a good series finale come to think of it. House is alone, he has lifted the burden of his care from his “friends” and he is and always will a jerk. He has come to terms with that. “people don’t change”. Fade to black.
    I can stop watching. I have my closure.

    Even my husband, who is not a huddy and was not spoiled like me (i knew House’s was crashing Cuddy’s house) thought the episode was boring!

  • Ellie

    a few weeks ago I wrote a rather long post extolling the virtues of this show and everything that made it great. I said that even though it was getting a bit long in the tooth I would be with it to the end, never forseeing (or believing)that anything could happen to make me NOT want to continue with it. and then I saw last nights episode. at first I sat there stunned, and then I have to admit I began to grieve. I actually cried, not for the demise of ‘Huddy’, but for the demise of what was once a phenominally great show. a few weeks ago I said I got hooked on it because it was almost magic, how good it was. my heart breaks a little every time I remember last night and how David Shore and who ever wrote that last effluvium which was the last several episodes (actually the last SEASON)destroyed what ever is left of this show. clearly he doesn’t care about the fans of this show. clearly he never has to have served up such complete and utter irredeemable TRASH.
    I loved this show. I really did. I should have seen it going off the rails earlier than this, I suppose, and I will try to forget ‘Moving On’ and remember instead what the show once was. only I know that House has been ruined for me. it would have had to be something extreme to make me give up on this show. to me this was pretty extreme because I feel angry and betrayed and sad. life is tough enough without simple pleasures. House was one of mine, one of my very favorites. I hope the writers in their infinite selfishness and inability to connect or stay true to their own character are right pleased with themselves. congratulations, guys. if you were trying to lose viewers, you lost at least one.

  • Amie

    Even if Lisa Edelstein had signed for season 8, they wouldn’t have gone back to exploring their relationship (which is a pity in my opinion).
    Therefore it maybe is a good thing LE is gone…

    Excerpt from the TVline interview of DS :
    TVLINE | Regardless of whether Lisa returns or not, is it fair to say the events of the finale spel the end of Huddy?
    I think so. It was going to be it. I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again. I’m sure some of the viewers feel we’ve done that. [Laughs] But we really try not to. We wanted to explore that relationship in all the different ways we could. But we didn’t ever want to be a show about a couple that breaks up and gets back together and breaks up again. It was intended to be the end of that personal relationship.

  • BrokenLeg

    Please read more Reviews of season finale:
    A.Ocassio (Screenrant),Sara M (television w7o Pitty)Shannon (The 2cent.com), Magali Levet ( The voice of TV), Jonathan Krakow (IGN), erik Wilkinson ( Give me my remote),Michelle (Daemon Tv).
    Even TVLine Ausiello’s.
    They all agree with the lack of credibility, bad script quality and low episode level of this season finale.
    Even the questions that EW made to DS go on that way ( and remember EW point clearly that was DS who call them…, and I ask myself to apologize or something like that? To try to extinguish “the fire”?
    It’s all said.

  • ReBoRN

    Good season finale.

  • Jaim

    Edit: His act of violence are much more detrimental than Cuddy’s tripwire and Wilson’s sawing of his cane.

  • Jaim

    So, domestic violence only matters if it happens more than once? God, people on this site are really unbelievable. Also because House’s intention wasn’t to kill or intimidate then that makes everything okay? Again, what the hell kind of reasoning is that? Cuddy and her family don’t know what his intentions are all they know is that he came at them with his car. That is violence and Visitkarte, if you think that her office pranks are on the same level of violence as this then you are a fool. No one can use the argument of relativism here. Not all acts of violence are the same and this forced car crash is no where near as detrimental as her trip wire or Wilson sawing House’s cane down the middle.
    I’d love to see how any of the people on this site would feel if their close friend or family member had their ex crash a car in their home. If the ex just needed catharsis and their intention was only to scare the person, then is it okay that your loved one’s home was destroyed, because the intention wasn’t to hurt them? Ridiculous.

    Also domestic violence does include acts of threatening, destruction of property, as well as physical assault. Eloise, I don’t know what you experienced but there are many different types of domestic violence situations and this does qualify.

    So, I’m not coming back to this discussion because it makes me furious to read some of the ridiculous and nonsensical justifications for House’s behavior. People who accept this kind of situation as justified are complete morons. Sorry, but you are. Fare-the-well.

  • Jasmine

    From Peter Blake on twitter:

    It didn’t, actually: the finale was written when we assumed show and Lisa were both coming back.

  • ruthinor

    #154Kaliera: Amen!!

    When House and Cuddy first got together I thought that the first few episodes were OK. House was still House and Cuddy was Cuddy. But when looking at it as a whole, I totally agree with the reviewer from Television w/o Pity that with time, the writers totally destroyed Cuddy’s character (and they did a number on House too). As the season wore on, I found that both were so OOC that the relationship became meaningless.

    I guess 13 is the new toy. I like OW so I hope that the inherent misogyny of the writers doesn’t further destroy her character as well. I’m glad this season is over and I’m happy for LE that she has left this mess. There ARE actually TV shows in which women (even older women) are not only the stars, but are seen to have brains as well as beauty and are not just sex objects. House isn’t one of them.

  • bigHousefan

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after watching twice I loved this episode. I have always thought House and Cuddy belonged together and was very disappointed in the lack of real exploration between these two characters and what I saw as great opportunities missed. I loved Bombshells but thought that the Cuddy I knew would have been more protective of this fragile man she knows so well.

    So much of the dialogue surrounding the patient was so reflective of House’s processing of so many powerful emotions that he was holding back or not allowing to come to the surface because as Cuddy points out – he avoids pains because he feels too much, too acutely.

    In season 6, House tried to do the right things (as he saw it in his own screwed up way) by everyone and was finally rewarded in Help Me. He went all in with Cuddy and lost. I never expected anything like the last scene, (in fact I thought he would choose to burn bridges with Cuddy and Wilson for their own good as House saw it with his words) but I did expect him to react badly because after all these years of trying he has finally accepted defeat.

    It was sad to see him observe Cuddy and her guests through the window because he appeared to be dragging out their conversations to keep contact.

    I can’t imagine where the writers are going with this but I’m looking forward to next season. I’m still hoping that the silence all around with regard to LE means there is still hope something can be worked out to have her back. If not, I would love to see Kate (Mira Sorvino) from Frozen come back. Not necessarily as a love interest but, as a woman who is capable of going toe to toe with House!!

  • Kaliera

    Whoops – I also wanted to add to Visitkarte – I don’t agree with 99.8 percent of your thoughts – but agree that the tripwire heinous.

    Also – I adored House/Cuddy’s relationship, but thought their breakup was completely ridiculous and yes for a STUPID reason and made Cuddy look bad. Apparetly “Almost dying changes nothing” doesn’t apply to Cuddy.

    Still not worth attempted vehicular homicide… but a legitame dark spot on the otherwise good character of Lisa Cuddy.

  • 60 plus

    Although I can’t begin to fathom what Shore and the writers will come up with next, I do believe they have at least a general idea. Despite all that has happened since, when the finale was written, there was no expectation that the full cast would not return or that the show would not be renewed. So I have to judge the finale from that perspective.

    As I understand it, it was meant to end the personal relationship between House and Cuddy and set the stage for the next part of House’s journey. While I liked Huddy, I also liked the Stacey arc and who Lydia was for House. I’ll even admit to liking the little bit we saw of Domenica. I didn’t particularly like parts of the Tritter arc or Lucas as someone for Cuddy or the Foreteen pairing. But the way that Shore and the writers tell House’s story, both content and style, doesn’t depend on who or what I like, anymore than I can change the characters or the plot or the storytelling style in a novel I’m reading. I have to go where the author is taking me.

    For me, for seven seasons, House has continued to be one of the most intriguing and compelling characters ever created. The finale has just upped the intrigue factor 100-fold.

    I may be in the minority, but, my thoughts today about both House and the show are best summarized by what House and Wilson each said about their relationship: It’s still not boring!!

  • BrokenLeg

    2Perpetuating the sense that this past season of House was but a mere film school project, many of its episodes ?” including the finale ?” were so thematically different in their visual execution and story development that it became hard, if not impossible, to even find some resemblance to the series we all fell in love with years ago.”
    Ocassio dixit
    And previousle he’s said:
    “Continuing this season’s general trend of lack-luster storytelling, mixed with moments of brilliance, the House season 7 finale perfectly personifies both the positive and the (many) negative traits that viewers have come to experience as this season painfully crawled to one of the most underwhelming, incoherent finales of the year.”

  • Kaliera

    I normally just browse this forum and don’t comment, but I have been COMPELLED to join in due to some of the comments here. I haven’t been this appalled since that Chris Brown/Rhianna thing and reading girls saying things like “she probably deserved it” or “she drove him to it.”

    I have read more than once here that Cuddy LIED and BETRAYED House (and thus deserved having her house destroyed). And one commenter above (Boo – 129) called her a slut? She told House she wasn’t dating anyone and hadn’t dated anyone. That was true when she said it – she only reached out to take a step forward after that lunch with House. And it was COFFEE, not an invite to sex. And the writers of the episode were clear in their posted video log that this was just that. A step forward to get out of being STUCK and NOT a relationship – they were clear to make that point.

    And Betrayal? How do you betray somone YOU ARE NOT WITH, HAVEN’T BEEN WITH in months, AND GOT MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE?! How exactly are the words “I’m haven’t dated anyone since you” interpreted as “And I won’t even think about it until you give me your permission and are okay with it.” So asking for her brush back was an “open invitation?” She asked him that at the BEGINNING of the lunch conversation – when House was still deflecting and Cuddy thought he was trying to “make a change” and return her stuff – literally it was the first words after “so”. House did use that as a way to go see her again, but he could have just as easily had his wife/maid bring it over. Even later in the hallway, when House finally admitted he was hurt. She just said “I’m Sorry” – clearly sticking to her guns that the relationship was over even knowing he was hurt by it. No “Come over and let’s try again”

    Finally, one coffee date – with her sister and her husband – and a touch on this guys arm (thanks for that info David Shore!) meant she’d “forgotten him”? She hadn’t forgotten him in 20 years. At the beginning of this episode even her own sister noted she was right back being stuck on House (exactly the same place she was a year ago). She may never have seen this guy again. Or she may have decided after one date that she really, really can’t jump into another relationship yet. Or she could have decided to go on another date. All things she did not need House’s permission, approval, clearance, or opinion on in any way – just as he did not need hers when he started banging hookers 5 mins after they broke up. And this does not make her a B*tch or a slut, or a liar.

    But let’s say though (for the sake of argument) that House did indeed think she had lied to him – And then felt betrayed that she wasn’t sitting at home pining for him, just waiting for him to come on over and try to make it work again. EVEN THEN, his act of destroying her House and yes POTENTIALLY hurting the people inside – even if that was not a conscious intent – was horrible, over the top and yes an act of domestic violence. No less terrifying than if he’d shot a gun in her general direction. And just becuase he only did it “once” doesn’t somehow lesson it’s severty.

  • Susannah

    Well, if Cuddy hadn’t woken up to her ringing phone, House would probably have died then and there in his bathroom at the end of “After Hours.” Then he wouldn’t have destroyed her house. Well, she saved his life and as a thank you he crashed his car into her home. That’s enough to hate him forever, alright!

  • BrokenLeg

    149 @2lightworker
    Nice to hear you! As almost always, I agree with your toughts.Specially about DS knowledge about what redemption is. And about personal growing and evolution.Nothing, he does not know nothing. I ask myself how must be in his personal life, because after all, everyone creation always reflects a bit about who you are. Always.
    150 @Jay
    [H]ouse WAS gold. Not now. I do not care if other TV shows are worse compared with [H].
    I only watch what I want, if it’s as good as [H] was. Now? Not give them nor the benefit of the doubt.

  • Jasmine

    @123Greta Great point! I love that idea.

  • Jay

    I do not believe that House has snapped. I think that was the writers’ idea of officially ending the relationship. Did I like the Huddy relationship? Sure. However after a while it began taking away from the show. EVERY episode was about them. It was fun for a season but its good that they want to go back to the pure season 1-4 House.

    Now I am a Huddy fan and I hope at the end of the series they can be together but frankly other people do not share that same passion for it. Ever since Huddy the ratings have gone throught the toilet. I dont think it was because of Huddy particularly, it was the fact that the writers spent SO much energy on it.

    I like the Taub sub-plot however soap opery it may be. Without that lets face it, Taub would be a nobody. Chase is Chase and I like him just the way he is. I do want them to explore the 13/Foreman relationship or at least give Foreman another storyline.

    I will definitely be watching the last season and if your a true fan you would too. You can’t emotionally invest yourself in characters for 7 years and NOT watch the LAST season. Dont be bitter. Just watch it. I mean like there’s drama on TV right now that is even remotely close to even one of House’s worse episodes in its worst season. Its gold.

  • 2Lightworker

    Barbara, thank you for so quickly providing this first opportunity for us process the season 7 finale in this safe place for reflection.

    When I as growing up, my mother warned me “never toy with people’s emotions.”

    Although these are fictional characters, the lead actors are deeply convincing and have touched me in ways I would not have expected from a television show. When the writers decided, for whatever reasons, to develop the House-Cuddy relationship, they showed the character of Lisa Cuddy invite House into her life. She knew he was a fragile and sometimes desperate human being, with social insecurities as a result of a painful childhood, complicated by serious chronic pain following the infarction, and resulting addiction/hallucinations, related to her medical advice to Stacy.

    The way Cuddy has acted on his behalf in the past, made the abrupt manner of her sudden dumping of him inconsistent; the outcome may have been the same, but the earlier character would have processed the vicodin usage more thoroughly, perhaps with “tough love” feedback from her and Wilson, and sessions with Dr. Nolan.

    The way their break-up took place set the stage for a fragile, desperate man, after first reacting in self-indulgent but finally empty ways, to be emotionally frozen by what he feels is betrayal and rejection. He is then encouraged to speak his heart, to acknowledge his anger, to hear that Cuddy is not seeing anyone, to bring over her hairbrush which is symbolic of their shared intimacy in his home. When he sees the scene in her dining room, where he had shared meals, he experiences blinding jealous rage and acts out in a horrifically destructive and criminal way.

    But this turn of events is finally NOT about the characters, but the particular world view of the creator and writing team. The tone of their interviews does not suggest the depth of understanding human personality and behavior that Hugh Laurie brings to his performance. With that limitation, they may not have the chops to understand what redemption is and how it happens, whether from a secular or spiritual perspective.

    My mother had wisdom in her warning.

  • Vilma

    Regarding whether or not the crash scene at the end of “Moving On” was real, here’s what David Shore had to say as part of an interview with EW’s InsideTV:

    Q: Did you see the crash, that grand gesture, as closure for him or just a boiling over of emotion?

    DS: Both and probably so much more. I hate to tell audiences what to think of gestures. We write the gestures, and the gestures are motivated, but complicated. So I’m sure it’s all those things and more.

    Q: What’s the “and more” in your perspective?

    DS: Well, I’m sure there was a lot more going on in his head ?” what he was trying to achieve, what he was thinking about, what he wasn’t thinking about.

    Q: That last shot we saw him in, are we to assume he fled to a different country?

    DS: Yup. Far away.

    It’s interesting that Shore didn’t directly confirm if what the audience witnessed during those final five minutes was “real” or just some dream/hallucination/altered mental state from House’s perspective. I hope this issue is clarified sooner rather than later during this long summer hiatus.

  • ruthinor

    I agree 100% with this review. Sorry but copy and paste doesn’t work here for me.

  • Kaliera

    Can I make a comment

  • Cecilia M

    I enjoyed the last ep. But I feel very disapointed the way the creative team put Cuddy such a heartless. I think House’s behave is perfectly understood but not Cuddy’s. For 7 years she really seems to love him and now what? This is the black hole for the 7 season to me. Barbara please ask the writers if they knew LE decision before writing the 23 ep. Regards!
    Sorry for my English, Im from Argentina.

  • ruthinor

    Visitkarte and David Shore: Two great minds!!

  • Visitkarte

    Well, today we define even sitting on the train rails and so stopping the train from driving away as a violent act.

    One time action while badly hurt doesn’t necessarily qualify as violence, if you ask me. DV is defined as a repeated action, not a single act. Even if you define House driving his car in Cuddy’s home, I don’t think he wanted to intimidate her, he rather wanted to stop her from hurting him again by coming again near him.

    Cuddy was violent to House so many times, I’ve lost count. I already named this occasions, like the tripwire, the stolen cane, sending him for hours to her sister’s home at Thanks Giving… I could go on and on and on. She crushed him and made him feel worthless, not lovable, she broke his heart over and over again. That’s violence, too. People have killed themselves for lesser reasons.

  • Gary

    @Jasmine – Good point. Just a thought. Imagine House has kept a home on some tropical island paradise? What else does he have to do with his money? He never spends it. If the bartender knew him, he would ask him if he was headed home (secret double life). Maybe House plans to put out a shingle in paradise. Sort of like Nip/Tuck moving to Cali. Well maybe not.

  • Gary

    One more observation: When Wilson tells House the prescription was for one month and House had almost finished it off, I laughed. I take hydrocodone for hip pain and my one month supply comes in a big bottle. 180 pills. House has always carried around that little 30 pill bottle which he would go through by the end of the episode. 🙂

  • Jasmine

    It was also weird that the bartender asked House if he was going home. House was obviously on a tropical island far from home (or was he?). Also, his footprints looked like the only ones in the pristine sand. I just don’t want another sell-out hallucination, though.

  • Gary

    Quick observation: I wish DS knew LE was not going to return for S8. He would have been free to close out S7 much differently. That would have been fun to watch. Oh well.

  • BrokenLeg

    128 @Heather
    So this is the reason to not watching anymore. Mocking political correctness have limits. And these limits have been overstepped too far.
    If this is how DS thinks about society, he is simply a mentally sick person.
    Someone would try to justify House actions because is House. And that is not possible.First years of Hitler people do not react to people been shaved and “fethered” and after happened what happened. In Spain, Franco was justified by many people during 40 years too, and now we are still discovering mass graves of many people killed by him. But the society sometimes justifies the unjustified.
    And one TV show can overstepp SOME limits.It can be the beginning.

  • Gary

    @Arekay – I agree with you completely. I have watched and rewatched each episode over the last several years and I am sad to see it go. Truthfully, they could have ended this season so many other ways which would allow some good to come of Season 8. I just cannot see how they can salvage a storyline for another 20 or so episodes. I want to thank and congratulate every actor involved for giving us 7 seasons of some of the best content on TV. Thanks.

  • Walter


    Good point.

    I was wondering about the seatbelt because I didn’t think I saw him wearing one. Not ready to see the episode again, although unlike every other season, I have not rewatched ANY of the episodes this season.

    Also, House just a day or two before (because he was still in the hospital) had performed self-surgery on his leg and his pain levels were elevated. How the hell was he even driving with his mangled leg? And I know he checked himself out of the hospital against doctor’s orders, but he was in the hospital longer than Cuddy was when she had her kidney surgery. What’s up with that?

    Just some of the glaring inconsistencies that cropped up ONLY in this season. Seasons 1-6, while not faultless, did not have these kinds of issues with the space/time continuum.

  • Heather


    I am sorry you experienced domestic violence as a child. That is absolutely terrible and my thoughts are with you. That being said, House’s actions ARE NOT domestic violence.

    “This includes any behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, injure or wound someone.”

    Seems to me that driving a car through a house would be frightening and intimidating and could possibly hurt/kill the inhabitants inside.

    If you still do not think that that is domestic violence, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • Luisa

    If the ending is not some dream or hallucination, then can anyone explain to me how House did not get injured crashing his car? No airbag deployed, and he was not wearing a seat belt. He simply got out of his car, stepped over the wreckage to Cuddy, and walked out down the street. He had already pulled a stitch back at the hospital just hobbling around. He just rammed a car at high speed into someone’s home and somehow did not inflict any more damage to his leg or even get hurt in the process? He didn’t even have dust or debris in his hair or on his clothes. NO WAY THIS IS REAL.

  • AreKay

    After watching last night’s finale, I can better understand Lisa’s decision to leave HOUSE and I can see why Hugh is hinting that next season will be his last. I imagine he wishes he had never signed on for Season 8.

    I have always been a big fan of HOUSE, Hugh (especially Hugh!) Lisa and Huddy. But after last night’s fiasco I’m wondering if this episode was written by the proverbial group of monkeys locked in a room with computers. Or possibly the finale will be explained as another dream sequence or fantasy. This has been done before quite effectively but now it’s “fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me. I also see it as a lame excuse to write something totally off the wall and then say “it was all a dream”. It’s such a cop-out. But unless this is the case, I can’t see anywhere left for this story to go.

    House’s medical genius has been rendered nearly irrelevant. He simply cannot be trusted to function rationally out on his own. He’s gone beyond putting himself in danger and potentially putting his patients at risk; he is now putting others in danger as well. He needs to be in jail or institutionalized. Viewers would have no interest in watching a trial and we’ve already “been there, done that” with regard to a rehab or psychiatric facility.

    If House is gone, there is no HOUSE!

    If by some wildly imaginative and totally unbelievable scenario, House did return to the hospital, Cuddy has witnessed House put her life, her friends’ lives and her daughter’s life in extreme danger. He had no way of knowing whether or not Rachel was at home.

    As a mature, intelligent human being, regardless of how she may have felt (or still feels) about him, she must now realize that she cannot risk having any kind of contact with him. She would have to leave the hospital and move away. And, of course, Lisa has moved away. The hospital would need a new administrator.

    I just don’t see Wilson in the role of an administrator. Besides Robert Sean Leonard also seems to be tiring of HOUSE and would like to do more stage work. If the hospital were to hire a new administrator, it is highly unlikely that he or she could be as tolerant of House as Cuddy was. He would be fired and, again, without House there is no HOUSE!

    I am very sad about the possiblity of losing my favorite show but please just kill it now; don’t let it limp away dying a slow and painful death. I hope the actors go on to other endeavors that I can watch and enjoy.

    But my thoughts now are RIP, HOUSE!

  • Joe

    Look, House did something insane – no denying that. But to those saying this was a murder attempt…I don’t think so. What House saw coming up that sidewalk (in pantomime) was Cuddy clearing the table and “the new guy” insisting that they help her. House had a pretty good idea that they would be in the kitchen when his car hit the dining room. He’s all about details like that. Still completely nuts, but…less so. More ‘reckless endangerment’ than ‘attempted murder’. I’m assuming Rachel was in bed or with the babysitter? He also took the time (in a blind rage) to force Wilson out of the car so he wouldn’t be hurt (or implicated).

    I can see the writers bringing us out of this, honestly. After reading Barbara’s great interviews of late, I can see that the power players let the rookies take the wheel this season and things got a little squirrley. Its a TV show and it happens. If this is to be the final season, they will find their focus in the lead up to the end. Season 8 will be a great farewell to the show, I’m sure.

  • Eloise

    Domestic violence no way, I grew up in a climate of DV this was not it. And by the way this is TV so they can do anything and people dont need to take it so seriously but this is not domestic violence!!!

  • BrokenLeg

    119 @ Jaim
    Totally agree with you!!!

  • Boo

    For a show that has as one of its main tenets that “people don’t change,” this season in its entirety has been particularly hard to swallow.

    I’ve never been a fan of Cuddy but exactly when did she become an unmitigated, heartless, raging bitch? From “You are the most amazing man” and “It’s your choice if you want to go back on drugs” and “I’m in my new house with my new fiance but I can’t stop thinking about you” to this? “If Greg House comes anywhere near me or my hospital, I want him arrested.”

    And the monstrous act of pushing a man whose sanity is fragile at best to open up to her only so SHE can feel better and assuage her guilt was completely horrifying to witness.

    Was it only obvious to me that House wanted to keep her hairbrush as a sentimental keepsake? When she asked for it back, Cuddy struck the final blow. That is until House tried to do the right thing by returning the hairbrush to her as she requested and witnessed the fact that she’s already forgotten him by taking up with someone new.

    Was Arlene Cuddy right all along to call her daughter a slut? And Wilson was never THIS much of a wuss but now he’s completely impotent with both Cuddy and House.

    When did Foreman get so nice? When did Thirteen become the great oracle of House and his life? When did Chase make peace over his killing of Dibala and his divorce? When did Taub become the sex god and the inseminator of all women currently residing in the state of New Jersey?

    Perhaps most heartbreaking of all is what TPTB seem to be trying to tell us in this finale:

    No one is salvageable. Cuddy will remain a heartless slut. Wilson will always be ineffectual. And House, House is completely bereft of hope. He will never find understanding or love and will end his days in pain and alone.

    Am I really expected to say, “Thank you sir, may I have some more?”

  • Heather

    Bottom line it doesn’t matter what David Shore et al. meant with the car scene.

    It is shocking, horrifying, and absolutely and unequivocally domestic violence.

    There is no entertainment value here. The means Shore used (domestic violence) to get to the ends (whatever twisted point he was trying to make) was so horrific as to render any explanation of such meaningless.

    If the writers wanted to portray House as slightly racist, would it be ok to use the “N” word on TV? Heck no, it wouldn’t.

    If the writers wanted to portray House as having the politcal leanings of a nationalist, would it be ok to show him wearing a swastika arm band? Heck no, it wouldn’t.

    Similarly, if the writers were trying to show House finally expressing his emotions, there were a thousand and one ways to do so, none of them cavalierly portraying domestic violence.

    This is simply inexcusable.

  • Eludium Q36

    House could be charged with 4 counts of attempted murder but it’ll get plea bargained down to felony(?) trespass. This was not far off from being a series finale.

  • Greta

    David Shore says “I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him. [Laughs] That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did. It was a lashing out ?” a very extreme lashing out. I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out.”

    Oh well, there goes my theory (upthread)

  • Visitkarte

    76 – Marianna

    Loved every word you wrote. I share your sentiment.

    • 81 – Jen B

    May 24, 2011 at 5:38 am

    I am actually not a bit surprised that House ended the season on this note. Let’s face it. Cuddy did not tell House about her new love interest and House is already “hurt” as he made clear during his conversation with her. That he still loves her very much is not hard to figure out. Her betrayal of his friendship and his tendency towards whacked out responses were what set the stage for a highly climactic end to Season 7. In my case, they will get exactly what they had hoped for… another dedicated fan tuning in for Season 8… with or without Lisa Edelstein. 😉 End of the quote

    THIS. I think Cuddy nagged him over and over again, invited him over and over back to her house, orthered him to give her back her brush… It was an open invitation. And then she has nothing cleverer to do but to invite her new aquaitance over for a dinner, at the same day she told House that she is still single and not over her. What did you expect him to do? I know that I cried all the tears he suppressed. I know, I feel like a fool for letting me be hurt by series character, but Hugh sold me every bit of his hurt. It’s not as if it were the first time ewer I’ve shed tears for someone on screen.

    82 – Jerome Wetzel

    Thank you!

    • 88 – Eric

    May 24, 2011 at 6:55 am

    But he has moved on… The old House would’ve done something self destructive & played mind games. The new House perhaps is just being plain o’ expressive.

    He was angry and lashed out. Its healthy.

    Good for him.

    I second this

    104 – rjw

    No, I don’t think so. House had a small smile at the end, yes. But it was a very bitter smile, it was like feeling relieved that he left all hope behind and finally put a space between him and Cuddy, so they never get the chance to hurt each other again. He was trying to do this all of the time, only to have her giving him falce hope over and over again, only to hurt him over and over, getting his hopes only to let him down. Again.

    Now he is friendless, but free of any expectation. It’s bitter, but he is releaved.

    106 – margaret

    Domestic violence? Well, maybe, I never condone DV, but a lot of you did in the past: What was the tripwire? Stealing the cane, blocking all elevators… He could have broken his neck! I could go on and on and on. What was getting Alfredo on the roof in the middle of an asthma attack? Were that nice and caring acts? That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    Besides, who told you that breaking a man’s (or women’s) heart is just OK? People kill themselves every day after such devastating moments, and she delivered quite a few to House over this year. Couldn’t she just stop? She wanted to push him over the edge. Well, it backfired, for once. For the first time, House lashed out, didn’t self destruct. Bad luck, maybe Alfredo can fix her house… Oh right, he can’t… Bad luck.

    110 – Joan
    I agree, House was never this mean before. But while Stacy maimed his leg, Cuddy managed to break his heart. And as Wilson once said, it might be the last time he dared to hope. Now he’s lost all hope.

    114 – Michele1L stated similar thoughts.

    @all David Shore confirmed: “The car was aimed at the house, not at the individuals inside.”

  • Val

    Wow…After reading about last night’s episode I am glad I decided to miss it (after long consideration). I decided last week’s episode of Cuddy wanting to try to be friends via Rachel, and House knowing he had to change and walking with Wilson’s help was a fine ending for me. I don’t recognize the House (show or character) that I found so intriguing.

    Barbara, I love your thoughts so I think I’ll continue reading just not watching. Thanks for your great work over the years. I’ll look forward to reading next season.

  • Greta

    I’ve been thinking again of the two options posted so far : Option1, that he really did bash through the house, in some sort of insane psychotic episode. Option2 – that it was a hallucination, which would be a copout of sorts. What about Option3 – that he thought it was a hallucination (hence the smug smile and pleased air when he walks away), but it actually happened. All his hallucinations so far have been shown from his perspective – he’s never been absent when he was delusional – so showing Cuddy and Wilson talking to the cops would indicate it was real. Yet, the time lag, the fact that he is inexplicably on a beach, makes me think he was under the impression that he was acting all this out in his mind – a kind of a flip to the earlier season finale (when he checks into rehab) when he thought things were real but they weren’t – now he will find things are real when he thought they weren’t. So back to the asylum he goes, this time for some serious time, I suspect.

  • hosh

    To me, House finally snapping was a natural progression given the patient here. With everyone nagging him to finally express his anger, all he sought was to not feel anything. Just numbness.

    In the patient he finally saw someone that was just as tormented as he was. She first chose to die, rather than lose her ability to create art and forsake her lover. House’s reaction was to respect it – even embrace it – in that here was individual who understood his cross to bear. Recall when House was drunk and said he would choose Cuddy rather than be the miracle-worker that he is as his happiness translated to being a less than super diagnostician. He did not try and persuade her to live.

    Yet when the patient changed her mind and decided that her gift was not as important as love he became enraged at the patient. Here, it didn’t seem like he was enraged at her choice but more than he could not even bring himself to that choice. The patient pleads to him, “Why are you doing this?” and he has no response.

    Maybe the patient’s choice gave him one last glimmer of hope because he decided to return Cuddy’s brush personally. Maybe this was his last attempt to see if they could salvage something – anything. But seeing her with another man, and happy with him, must have been the final straw.

    I do admit that driving the car through the window was a bit too much – why couldn’t he just have rammed it into a tree?

  • sunnysea

    I question those who believe that House was familiar with the home and Rachel’s routine and therefore KNEW she was not in the room. Have you guys ever had a three yr old? Three yr olds LOVE to play under tables! They are short! They can’t be seen in a room from the street, even in a room with floor to ceiling windows. Kids play in corners. Further more, kids are rarely in the same place for long periods of time, especially when there are guests. Even if House had xray vision, everything can change in a second. Yes, he spent a lot of time in that house and he knows beyond a doubt that kids aren’t always where you think they might be. Remember when Rachel appeared in the kitchen after she was in bed and asleep for the night? Anyone ever had a kid who got out of bed once they were settled for the night? and for the record, crashing a car into someone’s home is not a healthy expression of anger in any universe. I don’t recognize this House at all.

  • Greta

    There have been so many loose ends this season. Lucas was shown as an intensely competitive and possessive man, even vengeful, deeply in love with Cuddy – we are to assume he walked away from the broken engagement with no retaliation? Then there is that weird marriage with Dominica after which she disappears. Cuddy’s mother wants House to get back together with Cuddy despite knowing he just got married, sham or not. I think the ending was a terribly cheesy metaphor – House crashes a house. House brings a house down – something silly like that. He has never been shown to be physcally violent with another person – to swipe Wilson, and endanger Cuddy – and Rachel whom he is actually quite fond of – this beggars belief

  • Jaim

    I am really disturbed by many of the comments on this site. Many people seem to think that because House felt upset and betrayed, that his behavior was warranted. This is sick. No one should be threatened, nearly killed or harmed, or have their property destroyed because an ex-boyfriend wants catharsis. This is insane. I’m starting to realize how messed up our society truly is, when people try to excuse the violence of a man because his girlfriend broke his heart. This is unacceptable. This also sends the worst message. This was reprehensible behavior and no amount of personal heartbreak justifies this action.

  • RobF

    I agree with everyone who has said the domestic violence cannot be excused just because everyone loves House, or that he’s a “jerk”. This goes way beyond “jerk” behaviour, and the show must not try to laugh it off as “House being House”.

    Perhaps they’re planning to take the character down the road of Walter White (in Breaking Bad) — he is the main character, and we are meant to see things from his point of view, but he is increasingly an unsympathetic character. Viewers are not meant to side with Walter on many of his choices, and the show does not attempt to excuse his reprehensible behaviour.

    If the final season of House is along these lines, with House’s actions condemned while the show continues to see things from House’s point of view, it may work.

    And we might get to see Foreman actually do something for a change.

  • Betty

    #110 Joan Completely agree with you. There are other ways to express that level of anger. Domestic violence as someone pointed out earlier is inexcusable. House should be thrown in jail.

  • eleonora

    House… you are great !!
    You are right .
    Wilson and Cuddy didn’t understand his real feelings and so they didn’t help but exasperated him with their reproaches.
    Cuddy thinks too much to wellbeing so she isn ‘t the right woman for House.
    Now what happens ? House house that will do?
    It would be better that House would begin to work to ” médecins sans frontières” . But perhaps it is asking too much ! 🙂

  • Oversimplified

    Ok so I’ll start with the things I did enjoy. The POTW was interesting enough in itself. The idea that a patient would play House at his own game was a great way into his current state of mind, and also a fascinating juxtaposition for the rational and emotional parts of his psyche. As so many other people have stated the awkwardness of the scene in the cafeteria followed by the first honest exchange between House and Cuddy for numerous eps was the stand-out part of ‘Moving On’. Hugh and Lisa were simply breath-taking to be quite honest.

    I just can’t wrap my head around the last 5-10 minutes though. Yes, of course I can see House snapping when it appears to him that Cuddy has moved on with that frankly quite creepy guy a. because it appears that she lied to him and b. because he quite clearly is still in love with her. But to do what he did just doesn’t fly with me. I don’t care what anybody says about him knowing that they weren’t in the dining room or that Rachel wasn’t there. To be quite honest how could he have known if the people in the house wouldn’t move back there in those seconds between him telling Wilson to get out of the car, driving down the street, doing a 360 and then accelerating until he ploughed into Cuddy’s house? Aside from the fact that he seems to have forgotten all the things that she did for him prior to their relationship including perjuring herself and keeping him in a job when nobody else would, the House of old would have sought his revenge in a much more intelligent and less irrational manner. I guess David Shore has negated his own statement about House not changing. He has. Just not for the better. No matter what he’s done before I’ve always empathised with him to a certain degree. Now I feel nothing for him at all except disdain. Cuddy was definitely at fault by forcing her unrealistic expectation on him, but it still doesn’t excuse what he’s done to her, not just in this ep. The idea that this was in some way cathartic for him, as exemplified in the beach scenes, actually turns my stomach.

    I really do think that the writers have backed themselves into a corner here, whether the last few minutes of the season or indeed the majority of it is some sort of hallucination or coma dream. If it is, like others have pointed out, the audience will stop trusting what they see altogether. If not, then I just don’t see how House can atone for what he’s done without a long spell in prison. I hate the idea of Wilson and the ducklings just forgiving him too, simply because he’s House and he does crazy things. This was a step too far, and if they do I’d actually be angry with them.

    There have been elements of this season that I’ve loved, but overall it appears to be a victim of the original character driven narrative falling by the wayside, in favour of a plot-driven one that intends to make people drop their jaws in awe, but actually leaves them scratching their heads and asking, ‘Did I really just watch that?!’ Katie Jacobs was spot on. Maybe less money next season is a blessing in disguise, so that they can once again focus on the great storytelling they once used to. I’m still gutted that Lisa Edelstein won’t be a part of it though.

  • Michele1L

    I’m with most of the men who’ve posted. — I LOVED this episode, from beginning to END. Many are mortified by House’s driving his car through Cuddy’s house, and it was absolutely crazy, no doubt, but I watched this scene several times, and he did not drive his car directly towards Cuddy and company. Clearly he had no intention of killing anyone — and we don’t know that House was unaware of where Rachel may have been. He did date Rachel’s mom for a year and may be familiar with a routine we as viewers have no knowledge of, ie, perhaps she plays over a friend’s House late in the afternoon … and everyone says they were having dinner. It looks like they were having coffee at a coffee table. How do we even know what time it was or what meal, if any they were eating?

    House’s driving his car through that house reminded me of the film “Fried Green Tomatoes” when Kathy Bates’ character drives into a parking lot and her parking spot is stolen by two much younger women. When she confronts them and says she was about to park there, they retort, ‘too bad’. She then proceeds to ram their parked car with hers repeatedly while laughing and saying, “I’m older and I have more insurance”. In that moment, a woman who felt beaten down discovered a power within her she never realized she had and, despite doing something absolutley insane, she was positively giddy — not for what she did, but because of what it did for her.

    I don’t believe in the crash scene that House lost his mind — I think he reclaimed it. He reclaimed his power. While being in love with Cuddy had its benefits, it also made him feel out of sorts, vulnerable, off his game — all very uncomfortable feelings for a man who makes himself emotionally unavailable in order to avoid being disappointed — which, incidentally happened with Cuddy — in a BIG WAY. House has always appreciated anyone willing to accept him for who and how he is. An example is the scene in “Frozen” with Mira Sorvino where he says, “You gonna’ try and fix me now” and she says, “I never said you needed fixing”, which completely ensnared him. So when he expressed his fears to Cuddy that their relationship wouldn’t work and she assured him she didn’t want him to change I think in the end, the fact that he actually bought into her words made him more angry than the break-up itsself.

    I especially enjoyed the scene where his patient chooses love over intellect. it reminded me of the episode prior to “Bombshells” when a drunken, yet sincere House tells Cuddy that he will always choose her. He was actually, in that moment, placing his heart above his head because he loved her THAT MUCH — which was HUGE for him and in the end he is re-payed for this by being dumped, left feeling angry, hurt and feeling powerless to do anything to change things.

    Some of this may in fact be a dream, but I have to say because I never bought into Cuddy’s reasoning for leaving House or her behavior over the past several episodes, I was very satified to see House smiling and looking relaxed for a change. I hated when Cuddy complained that they hadn’t had a conversation about their break-up. Whose fault was THAT? She was the one who rushed out of his condo the day she dumped him.

    Lisa E. leaving definitely leaves a big hole in the show, so it will be interesting to see what they will do. These developments have the potential to re-set the series, and right now I think that would be a good thing for what will probably be the final season.

    From what I understand about Lisa E.’s departure, it wasn’t for creative reasons that she left, it was the contract negotiations. They asked her to take a pay cut but kept RSL and, of course, HL at their previous salaries.

    So much drama! But I have to say, as crazy as it all seems they’ve got me intrigued.

  • Addison

    It’s amazing how much can change in one year. Last year’s season finale was, IMO, the best episode of the series. This season finale was by far the worst.

  • Addison

    I agree with the majority here. I feel cheated and betrayed. House has acted out in the past, but always in a manner that is at some point forgiveable. But crashing his car into Cuddy’s home–acting homicidal–is irredemible. Throughout the years I have spent watching House, through all the bickering with Cuddy, all the flirtation, Lucas, even the breakup of Bombshells, I was comforted by the fact that House and Cuddy would get together in the end of the series. They belong together; her loving him would disprove his theory that he deserves the worst in every situation. Now that the writers destroyed that option, I don’t think the series will ever come to a resolution. The old Cuddy would not have broken up with House for the reason she did, and House was acting so out of character that I’m still in shock. Unfortunately, I am done with my favourite show of all time. I’ve had enough.

  • smk46

    when you have your interview with the writers, would it be possible to find out if “moving on” was written with the knowledge that lisa edelstein wouldn’t be back for season 8? it sure seems like this episode was written to contradict the hopefulness of the ending of “after hours” and we have been told that episode 23 was a special request by tptb. it has effectively closed the door on hopes of any kind of relating between house and cuddy, as i am presuming it was designed to do.
    thanks for all your time, effort, and the good job you do analyzing the show. we, your blog readers, are grateful for all of it.

  • Joan

    To certain posters — running a car into a home with people in it is NOT a healty way to express anger…do I really need to say this? Its about as far from healthy as could be. Normal healthy expression of anger would be a good loud shouting match with Cuddy or even Wilson that actually says what he is feeling without deflecting constantly. Moderately healthy anger release might be to go drive his motorcycle out into the country and enjoy a little fresh air and come home ready to change in a positive way and actually have a mature relationship with Cuddy like he supposedly asked for earlier in the finale. Immature slightly crazy anger expression could range from dumping or burning the Cuddy ‘stuff’ at his apartment or leaving dead flowers on her driveway or any of the crap House pulled with flaunting hookers the day after their breakup to forcing Cuddy to watch him get married. Reckless endangerment with a car is just unadulterated crazy. Those of you arguing to finesse the point that House was braking, knew where Rachel was or could calculate to a nicety where he would land in the dining room — please just stop. Its a ludicrous argument. I don’t think House meant to kill anyone, including Cuddy, but it was beyond negligent recklessness. I do not believe House would do something that endangered others livles, at least I never did. His crazy stunts were not so mean before.

  • BrokenLeg

    Sorry, I want to say “mocking political CORRECTNESS”

  • BrokenLeg

    106 @margaret
    I agree with you that exposing in this episode violence against women as a matter “forgivable” in some episodes in season 8, excused because is a main character’s behaviour, or even can become some “ story arch” that can be forgot in a few episodes to come, is far beyond any previously considered political mocking as this show did. It has overstepped all the limits. As it did while writing all female characters. And it’s not now that I post this first. Weeks ago, not knowing how the end could be, I thought the same. Only that my suspicions are confirmed now.Sad.

  • xinyuactor

    no one actually know well enough of House, even not wilson, he told the police the oppsite place house would have been. or he did and just protect house from jail? i dont know. and wilson invite house to a bar somehow reminds me ‘softer side’ in season 5. he was doing the same thing to find out if house was on heroin. but this time? did he knew house was overdosing vicodin? yes he did, then why bar? little confused here. looking forward to read the writers’ thoughs in this fantastic forum hosted by the always fantastic Barbara 🙂

  • margaret

    In a world where real-life women are the victims of intimate partner violence and murder every day, there is NO WAY for me to enjoy this turn of events. It makes me sick that so many people will write this off as “House is troubled,” “House is angry,” “Cuddy lied.” SO WHAT? He could have very easily killed Cuddy, her family members, or her daughter. And even if he didn’t, it is still an incredible act of violence.

    Yes, House is often “shocking,” but frankly that doesn’t impress me. A well-written and well-constructed shock is wonderful. But this is the type of “shock” that says the writers have nothing else up their sleeve and are just pulling out random horrible things for House to do.

    To make matters worse, the writers have a bad track record of following up on “shocking” developments. Remember when House’s leg was cured? Remember Tritter? Anything? No, all of these “SHOCKING” twists were forgotten about in a couple of episodes. I know they will treat House’s violence against Cuddy the same way. I won’t be back to watch it.

  • Leiney

    I wanted to watch the episode a second time before commenting, but I’m still not sure I can wrap my head around this. Bottom line, I just didn’t enjoy it, that is, find it entertaining, and I doubt I’ll watch this specific one again. It just seemed disappointing all around. The PotW had potential, but despite her direct parallels with House, I didn’t feel we learned anything new about him through her. In the end it was comparable to the genius who doped himself down to be happy with his girlfriend.

    I know that House was out of his mind with pain, both mental and, likely, physical by the end. House has always said that words don’t matter, actions do, but how is this action any different than the balcony jump? Than the rat test trials? The hookers? Anything? Because it was hugely physical, loud, and aimed at Cuddy? Because people could have died? Are we supposed to see this as a cathartic moment for House, accepting who he is and not repressing a la Foreman? Why should (or should) I believe that this is where the crazy stops? Is that what the happy beach atmosphere at the end is supposed to convey in reality or metaphorically? I guess I don’t buy it. And I don’t think the fact that House was looped on vicodin mitigates his crazy at the end. If anything, legally, it would only exacerbate his problems having been under the influence. It certainly would seem that this has to be addressed next season and not unceremoniously dropped liked so many other criminal plot lines.

    I guess I’ll be interested next season to see what “moving on” really means. Will House move on from the goals he’d set at Mayfield, and just accept that he’s meant to be alone, obsessed with his puzzles, and disdainful of those who sacrifice for faith, love or hope? Or will he move on, trying to address his issues with trust, abandonment, self-pity, self-loathing, and arrogance for HIMSELF? Will he be adjusting to prison, a new DOM, or something completely different? The character is sadly becoming less sympathetic to me, but I still gots to know.

    Whatever’s in store, for the love of Pete, please let them use Taub’s baby daddy story as a way to explore House’s relationships with his dads. Otherwise, I’m gonna be hard pressed to make it through that muck.

  • rjw

    Did he really crash his car into Cuddy’s house and go off into the sunset?Of course,this is totally out of character for House.However,the whole show was about what is real and what is not.

  • flower

    It seems like there we can see what happens to every marketed product (this time TV show) at the end of its lifecycle. Nobody wants to invest much, even creative staff, just keep revenues. But it hurts so much when it happens with your favorite show. I can understand all those people who express their anger and disappointment by wanting to stay out of it next season.
    So, Barbara, could you please ask writers/producers /directors could just care about characters next season instead of pulling another stunt to excite us. And maybe it’s time to ‘move on’ with ‘people don’t change’ thing.

  • I’m traveling toDay, and can only leave a short comment. I can absolutely see House snapping like that, and there are lots of ways to explain it. It is the height, perhaps depth of house’s self-destructiveness. But how are the writers going to work their way out of this seeming very tiny corner?

  • Eric

    It makes total sense. Most people would suggest a clean break up with no lingering yes,no,maybe. Simple & effective. Nothing says “We are through!” quite like a car through a dining room.

    I’m intrigued with whats coming. Huge will make smoking peyote good television lol.

  • hazel eyes

    What was going through my mind when watching this episode was that, if the negosations for season 8 had gone totally bad, let’s face it LE’s did, this could of been the very last episode of House, because nothing had been signed when they finished filming this episode and to me there was no real closure, so it would be good to know if there was another ending planned or they meant to leave it hanging like it did?. I was expecting to see a shot of a hospital bed with House in it and Wilson/Cuddy sitting next to it and we been told that season 7 had been all or the House parts played out in his head as he lay in a coma from taking Vicodin back in the final of season 6.

  • BrokenLeg

    97 @ RobF
    I call it BAD WRITING

  • BrokenLeg

    First of all thanks to Barbara for the quick review of the episode. I share most of your thoughts, specially your astonishment about “this House” that is not the House we’ve known from seven years. And thank so much your honesty expressing it. This time it’s clear you do not “cover” , even understand the writers.

    Myself: Frustrated, cheated, mocked, etc.. by the writers team. Unbelievable, They’ve made this character unbelievable. This is not House even under the darkest Housian lens.

    This episode is not a hallucination. It comes clear with the subtitle at the very beginning. Even, if part of the episode was, I think that on S7E23 the writers have jumped, not the sharks, but a real big big whale. Better a big cachalot. It is a kind of “on own demand” full breakage of deserved creativity integrity.

    It’s clear that now they do not know where and how to drive the [H] characters .Come on, Greg House, even as mad as he can be, value others life, even despising his own, but his character development doesn’t include a murderer.

    And about the season 8 , now it is clear they do it only for greedy money issues, even if it suppose to betray their own creativity, if they get good paid for that. So HL was tied so early on a renewal a year ago until season 8. So HL do not say a word different of his new music career ones. He can’t.

    The episode not even was able to shock me. I was prepared to something so stupid and unrealistic. All the season drives to that. This episode only confirms my bad suspicions. Certainly there was fine H/C moments as “the-against-the-wall” scene, but there were no closure to their relationship at all. Portrayal was great, nothing more. Nor writing, nor directing.

    The level of the scripts falls, and falls, and falls. As 32@Jaim said, “this is an awful end to an awful season”. Undeserved end too.

    It’s the death, beyond any resurrection intended, of once one of the greatest TV character. LE quits, I hope HL can quit too. This is not the “deserved ending of the House character” he once quoted and wants.
    I feel [H] is going through the same X-files pattern: Some guy is able to create a brilliant sitcom with great characters and great writing team, the series succeeded many seasons, greed appears, the once brilliant guy lost his brilliancy and did not know how and when cut the series , some main character leaves after so many seasons, sitcom continued because of the money, fall in absurdity, total lacking of plots creativity and changing what the series and characters was, to finally die.

    I like to watch a well structured story, consistent with itself, with great stories portrayed by great actors.That attached me to [H]ouse. Now [H] is only about undeserved great performances. Not enough for me. Although, as someone points here, HL was in this episode so, so, damn sexy.

    I will read your next interview, Barbara, hoping to be able to tie up some loose ends. But for me, [H] is gone. I cannot get them nor the benefit of doubt, only want to know how successfully I was betrayed.

  • RobF

    I don’t see them digging their way out of this in a palatable manner.

    If House was hallucinating yet again, the show stops having any dramatic effect because nothing we see will ever be real. (Like when too many people were brought back from being “dead” in the Buffy/Angel world, death on the show lost its meaning.)

    If he actually did drive his car into a house full of people, he doesn’t get to practice medicine any more. Maybe he goes to jail, maybe a psych ward. If the writers try to put him back into his team as though nothing happened, it will show that there are no consequences to House for his action, and again the show stops having any real meaning.


  • Jacksam4eva

    I’ve just realized this sounded like I had hated the episode and was going to stop watching the show because House was OOC. I am not! I loved season 7, I loved the finale, even though I didn’t quite find the ending “fitting” and I am going to tune in for next season, love House again and all. Lol

  • fatOlady

    I think they are morphing the show HOUSE into The Fugitive Reboot. Just my opinion.

  • Jacksam4eva

    @Marianna : let’s agree to disagree on this one.

    You say “House has consistently acted recklessly, unthoughtfully, egoistically since season one, putting not only himself in danger (that is some kind of a hobby) but, in the heat of the moment, putting others in possible danger as well.

    Why have we forgotten this? Why did we think there are exceptions to these rules? Above everything else, House is a highly principled person: no exceptions, no favourites, no darlings.”

    House puts patients in danger, yes, because of the puzzles they represent and the medical issues he has to solve. However, no matter how bad he’s reacted to Wilson’s, Cuddy’s or even the ducklings’ actions over the years, he’s never, ever, put them physically in danger (except for the one time he punched Chase but he was detoxing). Understand me, I’m not trying to find excuses here, just stating a fact. I think that the one thing the show has showed us is that House tends to react under difficult circumstances when the people he knows are concerned.

    He gets angry at them, like he did with Cuddy, shouting and proving his point, often using a patient’s life in the way. However, he NEVER endangers the person he’s angry at. He deflects, maybe cowardly (that’s for everyone to decide). This shows for example when he tells Cuddy she’d be a terrible mother. On the opposite, when the people he “cares” about are in a life threatening situation, no matter what kind of relationship he has with them, House tends to react badly. When Foreman was sick, he clearly wasn’t rational anymore, when Wilson gave a bit of his kidney, he acted childish and got jealous of his other friend, when Cuddy’s mother was his patient, he agreed to anything Cuddy would say out of fear of losing her and when Cuddy was in a health crisis, well we all know what happen. I think it is not fair to him to say he doesn’t care who he hurts and that everyone is the same. This is actually shown by Wilson during the Rebacca Adler case : as soon as patients become human beings in his eyes, he questions himself. It doesn’t mean that he won’t do what’s necessary under desperate circumstances, it just shows that he puts some additional thoughts into it. I don’t believe he’d be ready to risk Cuddy’s life just out of emotion and anger, no matter how reckless he can get.

    So maybe yes, he just wanted to make a point “I’m hurt, I run a car into your house” but I honestly don’t think so. Even if he knew nobody would get hurt (something a lot of you have suggested apparently) I just don’t think he would react this violently to Cuddy’s actions. He behavior really drives him out of his usual “pattern”. He could have humiliated her in front of the hospital, threatenned to just off the roof even, but not drive a car into her home and then fly off to the Caribbeans.

    On the other hand, I agree that there could be another explaination to this, him saying just “WTF?” and leaving Princeton in a bang. He tried self-destrucive, it didn’t work, she made him try talking and getting angry at her, it obviously wasn’t that much of a success so why not driving a car into her home? Honestly, I don’t know and like I said in my older post, I’m waiting for season 8 to give us the answers we need.

    However, I didn’t really like Cuddy’s behavior in this episode, because no matter how crazy and delusional his actions were, she did do everything she could to push him over the edge. This is unquestionnable. IMO, she broke up with him while lying to herself on the reason. I think she didn’t see herself succeeding with him from the start and when she realized he wasn’t who she needed him to be. When she told him in Help Me “I just need to know if you and I can work”, she was already implying that it wouldn’t. It was the one thing she just had to “try out” before getting what she really wanted in life. Which, I think is the hospital and her daughter, and nothing else. Nothing ever showed in her behavior that she wanted a relationship. Of any kind. With anyone. She’s a beautiful woman, smart, talented, a doctor, she could have been married long ago and yet, she decided she wanted an anonymous sperm donor, clearly not wanting to commit to anyone but herself. I’m not saying she’s wrong, I’m just saying that even now, I don’t really believe she needed to have a stable relationship, even with the one guy she’s ever loved. So obviously, I don’t believe she truly resented him for not being there for her during surgery or even taking Vicodin. That’s why I think that when she asks House for that fight (“let’s have our fight”), I think she’s just telling him she feels guilty and wants him to make her suffer for playing with him. Except that Hosue doesn’t understand that and doesn’t want to hate her so he drives (is this is real) into her House to make a point. It’s his weird, twisted way to avoid conflict.

    In all honesty, I still feel the only way the writers can get out of this one is saying that House was thinking it was all a hallucination when it really wasn’t. The other explanations seem to me or too far from his usual self-destructive pattern or to difficult for TV to express in forty-minutes long episodes. But we’ll see in September.

  • angela

    barbara Banette

    Is there a glimmer of hope to see mullet season 8?

  • James Wilson

    Just to add, to those who say House could have hurt someone (Rachelle, grandma), I say House has lived in Cuddy’s house before and he knows the layout. He would have killed someone if he really wanted to.

    As Cuddy once said, House knows how to hurt someone if he really wanted to, but the truth is, he uses self restraint. I agree with Eric (#88) that House released his anger in the healthiest way.

  • Judy

    Saying ‘goodbye’ to House after 7 wonderful seasons? Really? That’s pretty ridiculous. Last night was just a result of House being, for 7 years, told he is mentally unsound, emotionally crippled and professionally negligent. The trouble with that is that telling him these things makes him want to be more so. He’s funny like that. He’s been constantly striving for someone who ‘gets’ him just like he is and, when not able to find that, strikes out. He’s always been this way. I’m not surprised at all that he might have lost it last night and drove a car into what hurt him the most. Yeah, it was dangerous and crazy as Hell. Maybe he felt that after all the trauma of their relationship, Lisa was worried about something petty like hairbrush, but not worried enough about his feelings not to lie about dating someone else. I think at one point, he would have been at least content to see her happy, even without him, but, I think at this point, he now believes she was just toying with him. He thought she understood him and was willing to accept him as he was at the beginning of the relationship…she did give that impression. And after he was getting settled into their relationship, she starts changing her mind. Apparently, he’s NOT what she wanted, so throw him away. So, he snaps.

    I think that, with him being so fragile, which she KNEW going in, and after being dragged around for 7 yrs, he finally just did the ultimate lashing out. It was either that or hurting himself, which he already tried LAST week and it didn’t make him feel better. Fragile people sometimes do that. I wouldn’t stop watching for anything but the grave. I want to see what happens next. Always have when it comes to House. I’ll be there.

  • James Wilson

    I agree with those who said the ending made sense. Throughout the season, House’s rage was very apparent. In previous seasons, Hugh Laurie managed to brought charm and humor even in House’s darkest moments. This season, it was pure anger and complete joylessness.

    After Cuddy told House that he was being passive aggressive and House saw Cuddy’s betrayal (from his perspective), I knew he was going to drive the car into the house (House is in the house!!). Though, I was surprised that he used the entire driveway for acceleration.

  • boris

    I think this is the ending of the series. LE is not coming back and rumors are that the last episode is next year. Perhaps writers and actors decided to end the series last night.

  • Eric

    But he has moved on… The old House would’ve done something self destructive & played mind games. The new House perhaps is just being plain o’ expressive.

    He was angry and lashed out. Its healthy.

    Good for him.

  • Robin

    Quoting Marianna in comment #76: “No matter how brilliant he is (in fact, that is completely unrelated), no matter how many relationships with people that care for him he has been engaged in (Wilson, Cuddy, Stacy, even the ducklings), no matter how much professional help he has sought, no matter how much medical help he has sought, the fact remains: House is, and has always been, a deeply troubled, dark, complex, unpredictable character who, whenever feels vulnerable, responds with a bang.”


    For seven years people have been saying House is an unredeemable jerk–so when he does something an unredeemable jerk would do, namely, drive a car into his ex-girlfriend’s dining room, suddenly everyone’s shocked, freaked out, devastated?

    House is House. Take him or leave him, that’s who he is. I’m not saying what he did was right. I’m saying we shouldn’t be surprised, given who House is now in the seventh season.

    I enjoyed this finale, and am eagerly awaiting season 8. Whether this was reality or some vicodin, psychotic-break induced hallucination, I look forward to exploring what’s happened.

  • Heather

    Breaking news:

    I’ve scored an exclusive interview with the producers of House and they’ve revealed to me their next project….

    A revival of the musical Carousel!

  • Sneaky Microbe

    This was the final straw for me. Will be reading through all the comments, but for me, I’m done with the show. It simply can’t get any worse. House only faces multiple counts of attempted murder. He could easily have killed Rachel. Was Season 7 just a dream? a hallucination? That’s the only way he’ll ever practice medicine again. Otherwise, he’s off to prison. I am hurt, disappointed, shocked, angry, and very disgusted. No wonder Lisa E. quit. The path this show has taken is a disgrace.

  • Olivia

    I’m sorry. He drove his car through someone’s HOUSE. He should be in jail. End of story.

  • jerm

    I really liked this episode and hope it does not turn out to be a hallucination. Since season one we have known House to enjoy one thing in life which is the puzzle he faces on a weekly basis. The Huddy situation made house boring and too dull. With the breakup he was pushed back into his old self from seasons past along with the vicadin addiction. I think when he saw Cuddy with another dude he snapped and wanted to push their relationship to a point of no return (a typical Houseism) so he drove his car into the lying scumbag’s house. After that he was at peace, no longer bound and free to deal with his puzzle..the last scene, however, may have been a hallucination..he is probably passed out in his office or apt floor on vicadin…but atlease for the moment he is happy and not in pain.

  • Skimming through the comments, I was shocked at how many angry people there were who are ready to give up on the show, or at least say they are. Haven’t the brains behind House delivered seven brilliant seasons of story? I am as shocked and confused as anyone, and I definitely look forward to Barbara’s interview for more explanation. But after seven years, there is a trust built up with the House staff.

    As crazy as this is, I am more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will handle this with care and finesse. With such an open ended ending, it is impossible to judge whether the story is worth it or not until we see the next piece.

    Should this all prove real, it does provide the perfect reason for Edelstein’s Cuddy to depart the show. Who wouldn’t want to get away after that?

  • Jen B

    I am actually not a bit surprised that House ended the season on this note. Let’s face it. Cuddy did not tell House about her new love interest and House is already “hurt” as he made clear during his conversation with her. That he still loves her very much is not hard to figure out. Her betrayal of his friendship and his tendency towards whacked out responses were what set the stage for a highly climactic end to Season 7. In my case, they will get exactly what they had hoped for… another dedicated fan tuning in for Season 8… with or without Lisa Edelstein. 😉

  • Heather

    “I will have much more to say about it, and have a chance to process my own feelings about it later in the week after I’ve had an opportunity to talk with the episode’s writers Peter Blake and Kath Lingenfelter.…”

    I hope it’s not the case that your review will be informed by your talk with the writers; but rather, the interview will serve as an adjunct to your review?

  • Heather

    You know how sometimes that cast of House do public service announcemets?

    The only thing that could have made this ending more awesome is if they did one for victims of domestic violence, just prior to showing a deranged lunatic crash his car into his GF’s house for having the effrontery to date another man. \sarcasm\

    Domestic violence isn’t cool (to put it mildly) and to show House doing it in the context that he did is contemptible. And then he’s smiling about it and sitting on the beach afterwards?

    WTF doesn’t even begin to cover my reaction.

  • Deborah Collin

    Going back to the experimental drug, House only had an MRI of his leg, not his whole body. For all we know, his brain could be riddled with tumors. He could be comatose — a bit overdone as a plot line, but better than the alternative. There is a wealth of possibilities for the writers to drag themselves out of the mess they’ve made of Season 7. All we can do is wait and see what it is they have in store, and trust that despite the last several episodes, “After Hours” notwithstanding, they might actually know what they’re doing. It’s going to be a long, hard summer….

  • Jane E

    I did enjoy last night’s episdoe. I like how the Patient mirrored House and the ending to her story. As for House, I loved when he grabbed Cuddy and told her he was hurt.(watery eyes at this point) But, you are right as much as the car at the end was insane, I can’t see how they can get him out of this for season 8. House also loved Cuddy deeply and I don’t think he would have endangered their lives. If they open Season 8 wihtout Cuddy and have her move away, I will stop watching but I think that is where they are heading.

  • Would you all feel so shocked if House had done an act like that during seasons One or Two? If he had flipped and drove a car into the house of a, say, patient in whom he had invested a lot? If yes, then my arguments have no point, so you might as well skip my comment. If no, then, well, read on to find out why I thought this was a pretty consistent behavior (always keeping in mind that this was one of those difficult to handle is-this-a-season-or-series-finale episode for the writers).

    To borrow one of our beloved house-isms, “Normal is overrated”. House believes that, preaches that, and he himself has never been normal. This does not mean that he is a freak; it just means that he does not act like everybody else.

    He can of course have periods of his life that everything works just fine. During those periods to act recklessly would only seem like a pity and a waste of effort: he just sits back and enjoys the rosy periods, playing only little harmless -more or less- mind games to keep the interest going, exactly because he knows, better than anybody else, that nothing good lasts for long. This was probably a period of his life with Stacy (a period we never saw on screen), this was definitely the period he and Cuddy were dating we saw this season.

    It was a great period, but of course it was a parenthesis: as there is ‘no happily ever after’ in real life, there is no relationship-that-runs-smoothly forever in television too (or, at least, there shouldn’t be).

    Why oh why would we think that House would start acting normally out of the sudden when things would start to get difficult? House is who he is, has always been, and this is what draws people to him, fictional characters and viewers alike.

    To borrow another beloved house-ism, “People don’t change”. The fact that he is deeply compassionate, thoughtful, has an inner ethical compass and can (and needs to) feel love like everyone else, should never undermine the other uncontestable fact he has always been unable to handle failure, loss, rejection. House has consistently acted recklessly, unthoughtfully, egoistically since season one, putting not only himself in danger (that is some kind of a hobby) but, in the heat of the moment, putting others in possible danger as well.

    Why have we forgotten this? Why did we think there are exceptions to these rules? Above everything else, House is a highly principled person: no exceptions, no favourites, no darlings. When it comes to exploding, when it comes to irrational thinking, on the very moment of no return he has consistently shown that he goes ‘all in’, holding nothing back, putting everything at stake and hoping that his brilliance and luck will do the rest. If (/when) these fail, then he has always counted on his cunningness or his loyal friends to get him out of the deep, deep trouble. This has been House since season one.

    Have we suddenly forgotten all these? Or just because viewers have invested so much in a fictious relationship, we hoped that this time there would be an exception?

    No matter how brilliant he is (in fact, that is completely unrelated), no matter how many relationships with people that care for him he has been engaged in (Wilson, Cuddy, Stacy, even the ducklings), no matter how much professional help he has sought, no matter how much medical help he has sought, the fact remains: House is, and has always been, a deeply troubled, dark, complex, unpredictable character who, whenever feels vulnerable, responds with a bang.

    Hugh Laurie has said (I’m paraphrasing here): the moment House becomes a happy family man in a rosey garden and a bunch of puppies in his lap, it would be the end of “House”. I never thought this was a literal statement (and I don’t think it was intended to be one): A happy, ordinary, functional House would not mean the series finale (“the end of House, MD”). It would mean the death of the character (it is “the end of Gregory House”). And I am glad that the writers stick loyally to that, no matter how much pressure they receive from the audience.

    That said, I thought it was an interesting episode, interesting season finale and I am interested to see how it all plays out.

    And as always a pleasure reading you Barbara, and looking forward to an even more thorough analysis after the chat with the writers.

  • Joan

    Matt12 and Mindy25 how this is a perfect ending is awfully twisted. What House did was way beyond Housian crazy — its like a felony: reckless disregard and careless endangerment of multiple people’s lives not to mention the huge damage to Cuddy’s house — that was what he needed to do to ‘free’ himself from Cuddy? What bs. If seeing her having probably a polite set-up dinner with someone else puts him into a homocidal rage then clearly HE’S NOT OVER CUDDY. I would have liked to have seen him express his anger more — frankly one of the failings (I thought) of all the post breakup eps was that they never ever let House and Cuddy have some scenes expressing their anger/betrayal/hurt — even getting back to some yelling like in the old days would have been good to see and might have let them get back to some kind of friendship but they only showed House lashing out in really mean and bitter ways and Cuddy being hurt and guilty and sad without any spark to push back at him or force the issue — even After Hours, which I think was the best ep in ages, it was like he’s drained the life from her with all his drama. The way he lashed out is awful and perhaps even worse that this was liberating and freeing to him? How can he look pleased with himself at cutting his ties in this way — I do not see it unless it is the drugs still giving himm a fake high and he will be crashing after. I don’t know that I find any of the amazing options of what they can do with him next season very palatable. You want to watch him in jail and working as a janitor??!! Or they just forget about it and he’s back to business??

    Related thoughts — I have said often that one of the brilliant things they did with the show, and by they I mean chiefly Hugh, is that no matter how often House did pretty awful things and treated others badly the viewer still had some sympathy for him because we could see his pain and trying to deal with it and we sided with him often even when his problems are his own fault. I disagree Barbara that he is unloveable — clearly Cuddy loved/loves him (and so have others) but she felt she could’nt handle a relationship with him. I diagree with the way the writers handled that, I really hoped to see a long and complicated relationship that just continued as a B or C story, but we’ve ‘moved on’ and that is’nt happening. I think people should not be putting all the blame on Cuddy for this. I did not want her to breakup as she did but she was repeatedly trying to talk to HOuse or get him to respond in some way after and he only gave her cutting hurtful remarks and slaps in the face like his hooker holiday and getting her to watch him marry green card girl. Hugh is awfully sympathetic to watch but in those post break-up eps I found myself more and more upset with his antics and cruelty. Even his momentary sad look indicating he is hurting is not enof to excuse some of this. The finale is the last straw in unsympathetic. Where does he get off feeling like she can’t go on a date after his actions? (Same to some posters — she is barely in a new ‘relationship’ — it looked to me like she’s just opening the door to meeting new men where at the beginning she still have zero interest. One set up date is hardly some betrayal of House and shows again the double standard people apply to the characters.

    Finally, this ending made me sad because the writers etc. are so strongly putting the nail in the coffin on House and Cuddy having any relationship and ending on such an ugly note after all the love we saw at the start of the season. If he had taken all their pictures/Cuddy stuff and burned it in the yard that might be seen as trying to put her in the past but I just never thought they would go here.

    Remember when writers and the actors and even Barbara kept saying that the breakup was going to give their relationship all sorts of fascinating new texture and complexity in how to deal with each other — we see its not true. Actually they did it like in real life — you get mad, avoid each other, don’t talk anymore and one has to leave if they are stuck working together. So much for that. What exactly is this new, maybe ‘closer’ relationship we were promised? All gone. Since bombshells I feel they have just taken them and blown up anything between them to smithereens. Every trust/intimacy was stomped on. House said he’d choose her over everything else he valued and she dumped him the next ep over a failing she should have seen/understood; last ep he told her he trusted only her and in finale he can’t even give her the benefit of the doubt over having guests in her home but violently lashes out?

  • Visitkarte

    @all I’d love you to stop nagging about Rachel. She wasn’t there. Period. No one got hurt. He didn’t hit anybody, because he didn’t want to hurt anybody physically. His goal was to shock, to express his hurt, no to maim and kill

    If anything really bad happened to any person, it would have been an accident and he’d have been devastated, I’m sure. He was out of his mind with hurt and sadness, he didn’t think normally. But there was no intent to maim or kill there, clear thing at least for me.

  • smk46

    the time it takes to walk down a walk, get in a car, order someone to exit said car, back up, roar down the street, turn around, roar back, and crash into a bow window is plenty time enough for a little girl to get out of bed and walk into the dining room. house had no clue where rachel was.

  • Eloise

    I liked it, thought that the crash had to come really. He had to release his anger, people were continually telling him to talk about, let his anger go, to do something! I think he just had to let go and he did not just for Cuddy betraying him as he felt but for all the hurts that have been heaped upon him in his life.
    He had a rest mist moment, I dont think he really pre thought it just went for it!
    Like lots of you I really wonder how they will get him out of this? I’m really excited to see whats in store for S8!

  • Visitkarte

    @ 60 – Ankur
    Thank you. I agree.

    61 – Reid
    Thank you and hugs!

    69 – Jacksam4eva
    Great insights, thank you! Really new points there.

    Somewhere else @ Brad wrote:

    House saw:
    That they were done eating and leaving the table. Dishes were being picked up; Cuddy was taking them. Her new boyfriend picked up his plate, and was going to help clean up. However, Cuddy spoke to him, and waved him and the remaining two guests off.

    Cuddy is telling her guests to go to another room to socialize while she cleans up briefly. Which is fairly standard stuff at a small dinner party. When looking back at the scene, when House’s car enters the home, the table is practically empty.

    Since House obsessively learns as much as he can about anyone, he would have an idea how Cuddy handles cleaning up the dinner table during a small get together like this. (He’s been to one before)

    With this in mind, I felt that House thought after how long it took for him to reach the end of the street (And decide how to handle this situation, I don’t feel he thought of doing this before kicking Wilson out), the room would of been cleared. Now, yes, there is no way he could of known that for sure. But obviously, he was emotionally charged and not thinking of every possibility as he normally would. Which what happens to everybody in that frame of mind.

    Oh, and about the question about Cuddy’s daughter being in the room and how would House know. He would of had a better view of that tiny room (I call it tiny after looking closely during the crash scene, the corners of the room are like right beside the window, its purely a tiny dining area with a window view) than the viewer did. He would of been able to see if the daughter was there.

    End of the quote.

    He/she is right. I cried too hard than already for the second time and missed the point when they got up to clean up the table. And I saw the episode only once, I normally never write a comment unless I’ve seen it at list 2-3 times.

    But this was getting too heavy.

    I don’t think he can be excused for everything. My point is, he did a reckless thing out of revenge, but it was never attempted murder, not even close. Because House has a better insight, he can take greater risks than your usual normal jerk. I’m sure he’ll end up at least in forensics or maybe even in a real jail this time, but this is fiction and he is a fictional super genius saving lives with a smallest whim. So yes, he’ll go back to practicing medicine sooner rather than later, one way or another. Because they’d be fool not to listen to him.

    House knew for sure Rachel was not in the room. Come on, he is 6 feet 2 with his shoes on, of course he could see it, he came that close to the window.

  • not_thepope

    I remember, back at the finale of series 3… who oddly peaceful House was after he had lost his whole team. He said he thought it was going to the fine.

    The ending of season 7, may well be related to that kind of “moving on” idea (it is it’s title, after all,) but even if House may have found it cathartic, I don’t think the audience has. Not in the same degree.

    I felt devastated, I recall, at the end of season 3, but seeing how House said he’d be okay, and i BELIEVED him, it left a bittersweet taste.

    This time, when he says it to Wilson, it’s really hard for me to buy it.

    What do you guys think?

  • Jacksam4eva

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to read everyone’s comments but I just needed to state this : I liked season 7 (except for the few episodes at the beginning where House lied to Cuddy and the writers made a HUGE deal out of it) and I liked this episode, just like everybody else, up to the point when House drove into Cuddy’s house. However, I actually think it’s too early to even have an opinion about this. Mine will really depend on where next season’s opening will take us.

    Many people have raised the question to know whether or not this was all a hallucination, starting from various points of the season (and the previous one), from minutes before the end of Help Me to the last five minutes of Moving On. I honestly would be disappointed if that was the case. I remember I had this teacher in high school who took at least one full hour at the beginning of year to explain why we should never, ever, finish our stories with a “and he suddenly woke up” ending line. It feels disrespectful to your reader that you didn’t even bother finding time to imagine a real ending. That’s why to me, the only “hallucination” theory that could stand would be that the reason why House might dare driving into Cuddy’s home, risking her life, his, and her daughter’s, is because HE thinks it’s all hapenning in his head. Which would lead him to doing crazier and crazier things to prove his subconscious wrong. In this case, it may work (depending on how it’s dealt with next season) : he’s delusional enough to think reality is a hallucination.; it’s interesting, psychology wise. However, if this is all just a simple vincodin-induced hallucination again I don’t think I can cope with that. We’ve been there and done that at least three or four times already. To me, having him believe what he did had no impact on reality is the only way for the writers to stay consistent.

    If they don’t go this way (and don’t find another smart-ass explanation that will blow my mind away and make me want to kick myself for being so critical) then I will have to conceed that House may have turned out OOC in Moving On. Usually, it’s a notion I really dislike, because being a writer myself, I think that as long as your characters are human, and as long as you make them, shape them, draw them the way you want, they can’t be out-of-character. Just like Lisa E. explained, on TV, you discover a character with time, it doesn’t mean the character changes or is OOC. In that aspect, TV does resemble real life. If you were to declare every friend, enemy, family member who ever surprises you or lets you discover another aspect of their personality as out-of-character, then there would be no point in living. People, human relationships in general, are intriguing in the way that the other person is always going to surprise you. You might love or hate that surprising, new, action but it will always make you feel emotion in some way. However, I think as a writer, you have to be consistent with the impact those emotions have on people.

    House is angry, hurt (as he tells Cuddy in this amazing scene at the hospital where he pushes her against the wall) and jealous when he sees her with another man. Maybe he doesn’t understand why she lied, when he was trying to be honest, maybe thinking she was right, that he “owed” her that. This kind of complicated, twisted feelings tend to make people act unlike their usual selves (and that I understand) and it should apply to House. However, even when you behave out of the ordinary, you don’t fondamentally change yourself.

    And we’ve already seen House act “crazy”. Many, many times. He broods, hates the people around him, and, I think would be capable, when pushed too far, of breaking his hand while hitting a wall or a mirror or, as we’ve seen many times, have suicidal tendencies.
    All this (and I think that’s one of the most important aspects of his personality), shows that House, before everything else, is selfish and self-confident. Just like Wilson says it at some point “you hate yourself, but you do admire yourself”. Therefore, when he’s angry, hurt, and needs some kind of physical and psychological release, he doesn’t take it out on other people, he takes it out on himself, it would be ignoring his own genius not to do so. He experiments on himself, tries to kill himself; he’s not the kind of guy (even if he was acting on impulse) to come out with a gun and kill everyone. He would shoot his own head. I don’t think he blames Cuddy all that much, not really, he thinks he’s the one who failed to be the one she wanted him to be. Therefore, I don’t understand why he would drive into her house and put her in danger. For the person he is, it would be totally reasonnable to take the car and drive into a brick wall at full speed but not put someone else in danger. Even if he would deny it, he’s a doctor, and a savior, by definition. He understands the sanctity of human life and wouldn’t interfere in someone else’s. (That’s, IMO also why he doesn’t want to see patients. When he endangers them, he doesn’t want to think of them as human beings).

    So I know some might say that there actually is a a history of wanting to hurt others : Mark Warner. House says he’d be ready not to take his case just for Stacy to suffer as much as he did. But that’s forgetting that he did, after all, take the case because he loved Stacy and apparently just couldn’t do this to her. Well he loves Cuddy, so I honestly don’t think that his rage will ever outrank both his love and his self-destructing tendencies so that he deliberately tries to hurt her. He would try hurting himself before that.

    That’s why, to me, the end of this episode is like No Reason, except it is not all in his head and he can’t wake up at the end. I actually think his face at the beach in the end re-enforces that. He doens’t actually looks pleased of relaxed, he looks like he usually does when he’s solved a mystery and proved everyone wrong. Here he thinks he’s proven he’s mind wrong. Feels like he’s saying ‘Gotcha’.

  • Bea

    Sorry did a lots of horrible grammar mistake, I’m not a mother tongue, but I’m usually bettera at writing. I’m not functioning. I wonder when this is gonna end really. 2011 feels like a nightmare in Houseland.

  • Bea

    I’ll just be waiting for you review BB. I’ve too much going on inside me to even be able to put it down into words, making sense.

    I just want my show back. This felt like ripping off from previous episodes and season finale, and the ending didn’t come to a shock to me. I was speachless. Just…one thinks a show like House would do so much better than this. What are supposed to make out of this? How’s even a way back possible? Was this a season finale? Was the POTW even to easy to read drawing parallels to House’s own issues or am I getting smarter here? Was the line “It doesn’t mean anything” supposed to tell us something? Was it even real? Is House really turned into a homicidial maniac? Is he alive? is Cuddy yet? Am I or am I dreaming? *slapself*

    I joing TVTherapy on this….are they kidding me?

  • BiaAylesworth

    That is good, the man make bad, make bad…

    Try to kill the supposed “Love of his life” and i have yet to read that Cuddy does not deserve the love of the crazy, obsessive, psychopath …

    Great … there are still people who support such madness …
    this is why domestic violence is being committed so, currently we have a show, where some support, justify and understand this crazy ..

    And it accuses Cuddy of it, seriously … SERIOUSLY, compare playing in an office, with attempted murder?

    Let me stop here .. because this ending, makes me sick ..

    Apologize what he did?No, Nothing justifies that House did the Cuddy

    And unfortunately this is not a hallucination, they made it clear, when before, putting three days before and flashes of police and ambulance, that whole circus there, everything to prove that everything was real …

    So tragic.

  • Suzy

    I’m eagerly awaiting to hear what you have to add to the thought process after your interview.

    I don’t know what to think of this ending. I love House. Even as insane and hurtful as he has been at times there has always been a redeemable side to him. And I can totally believe he would snap. I do however question what he did here and then being all happy about it like he don’t care.

    And I am not sure about how I feel of Wilson. I get that he is fed up, and honestly who wouldn’t be?, but… if House has truly lost it would he just walk away from him?

    What about the vicodin and hallucinations? I guess I really hope for this to be a hallucination of sorts. I mean, at least part of it. Some of it may be real and some imaginated. Or. We don’t even see what House is seeing this time? We see what happens but not what is in Hopuse’s mind?

    So many questions. Both good and bad. I both dread and desperately wants to see where they go from here. Can House redeem himself? Does he even realize what he did? Gah. I think I’m frustrated.

    Waiting for your added thoughts. You always put chaos into order and understanding.

  • Jacob

    I am going to start with the elephant in the room, and I’m not talking about the plush toy with the hidden camera. Assuming this is all real and House is not experiencing a tumor or medical problem of similar sorts, he is a borderline attempted murderer. Sorry folks, there is just no other way to put it. He could have very easily killed Wilson as he drove up the driveway where he was standing, or any of the four people who could have walked into the room while he drove up and back down the street. He aimed into a house at high speeds, and the car could have easily exploded as well, starting a massive fire that could have killed everyone inside.

    This was not a cute, over the top prank or excessive immature behavior. This is what what murdering abusers do – they try to kill/maim/destroy/damage property/etc of those who leave them. The only difference between House in this episode and numerous guys on death row is that they were more or less successful (depending on your perspective).

    And this is from someone who likes House and always felt badly for him.

    If you don’t agree with this assessment, then imagine one of your boyfriends that you broke up with driving into your living room with his car while you have your sister, her husband, possibly your child and nieces/nephews, and new date over your home. Would you ever feel safe again? Would you have PTSD for years to come? Would you leave town and go to a woman’s shelter? After all, he wasn’t successful this time, but maybe he will come back with a vengeance next time. You would have no idea of his future behavior because you never predicted this. How many women die every year from angry, jilted ex-boyfriends that they once loved? Thousands in the US, sadly. If you want to argue that it was only horrendous property damage, then no one had to be home and House would have to have known that. He did the opposite. He saw that she was home and so were others.

    It is character defamation at its worst IMHO. House has always been immature and over the top and even self centered, but he never risked killing people like that before. He never gave me that indication at all. Canon is canon, but I don’t like this new House

  • Michael

    Logic dictated that once you got them together – since Huddy WAS the primary focus of the show – you have to break them up in some huge way so that their getting back together would seem even more special.

    It’s a romance novel formula but way overdone. The only thing they hadn’t counted on was LE leaving. So now what?

    Regardless of how you feel about Huddy – frankly, I think it was dumped ridiculously prematurely, but contract negotiations colored the storyline – you now have a half nuts lead character on the run for attempted vehicular homicide, stalking and who knows what else OR another hallucination neither of which appeals. It’s an unenviable task picking up the pieces from this mess.

    Some rumors have Sela Ward returning to the cast. Maybe as his attorney? Maybe as a love substitute for LE.

    I’d take the deus ex machina route of hallucination, because this ending sucks too badly to be built upon no matter how “interesting” the show’s writers think that might be. I’d also get the producers in sackcloth and ashes to make a pilgrimage on bended knee to LE and beg her to come back so that a happy ending can replace the suicidally depressive mess in which the final season seems headed.

  • Kenn

    One thing I’d say this episode did great was end one story arc and start a new one – introducing a new (and serious) conflict with a whole litter of baby conflicts along for the ride.

    House and Wilson: This was no reset button! For the first time, maybe ever, House left him. They were starting to fall back into their old pattern with House walking all over Wilson and Wilson wagging a ineffectual finger at him. “This time you’ll get no more pills from me!” Yeah, how long would THAT have lasted. Enablers enable. But now? Greg Yaitanes may have been right – this was a game changer.

    Would have been interesting to see where on earth Cuddy went from here, but her leaving – perhaps just taking a sabbatical – seems quite believable. Still hoping TPTB get her back for at least some guest shots next season.

  • Reid

    I just finished re-watching the [H]ouse Finale. I haven’t read any of the supplementary material provided by the show nor the nearly 60 posts here. I don’t know if my opinion is the majority or minority one. I just wanted to get my pure feelings down before I was influenced.

    I loved it.

    It was raw, riveting, fascinating, clever, intellectually challenging, witty and heart wrenching…and metaphorical.

    The show is about this man, Gregory House, and here the writers stayed right with him and in him. We saw the fractured, empty void of his being as he floated in it and struggled to tried to pull it back together into some meaningful focus. The supporting cast were just that once again, the supporting cast.

    What he thought would make him happy and complete (union with Cuddy), he had lost. He was flailing wildly with the pill consumption, the forgeries, the violence to his own person in order to control his free fall and then he hit the wall literally and figuratively. He snapped when he saw Cuddy “moving on” and knowing himself truly adrift again, loosing all rationality and having no language for his rage, he shattered any remnants of the former “normal” world he had tried to live. He was so consumed with anger and hurt and adrenaline that he didn’t even notice Wilson was injured. He was totally detached, numb in his mental and emotional free fall.

    It almost doesn’t matter if this was all real or all hallucinated since it’s what House believes. Once again, he only trusts in his “one true thing,” his gift of deduction; nothing else matters to him as much. Nothing and no one. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just House. Cameron figured that out about him back in Season 1. House is afraid of his aloneness, but it is his natural state.

    I loved Cuddy’s and Wilson’s reactions. Wilson couldn’t directly say he wanted House jailed even now. Cuddy’s more immediate response was anger…completely justified, by the way. I love LE’s hand shaking after House drove through the wall and handed her the hair brush (which he had obviously been hanging onto as a talisman).

    House’s journey continues into Season 8. He has to learn to either be at peace with who he is, or he will most likely end his torment in an unpleasant way. He has expressed his wounded being but destroyed his entire world in the process. He may feel a sense of release, but he is alone again.

  • Ankur

    People seem to think House is angry with Cuddy for dating someone new, but his anger stems from the fact that he told her exactly what was going to happen in their relationship right when they got together. He made a sound decision then, he tried to break up with her and stop any of this from happening.

    Remember that at that point he was clean, even if he was having difficulty coping with others’ happiness. The transition from pill-popping, reckless House to even-keel, responsible house was obviously never going to be smooth or linear. He worked hard with his therapist but hit a rough patch and felt himself slipping. Still, he was trying to get rid of his crutches then.
    Then Cuddy decided they could work on an emotional night when House lost a patient, which is the only thing that actually matters to him, the thing that keeps him North of evil.
    But when he told Cuddy in the next couple days, after she chose him for “what she hoped would be the beginning of it,” that he could see the devastation that lay ahead, she reassured him that she wasn’t going anywhere. He said himself that he would do something bad, but that he wants to change, and at the first sign of his slipping she just dumped him. He poured all the energy he had been using to keep himself clean and straight into her and when he got scared that she might die and took vicodin for all of a day, she just left.

    His anger wasn’t just justified, he should have destroyed her. When he said it wasn’t her fault, he meant he should never have believed her when she said she wouldn’t leave, because he is too smart to let emotions let him believe nonsensical fantasies that others spew.

    So, when House drove his car into Cuddy’s home, he wasn’t trying to kill her or anyone else (even if they had still been sitting there getting hit by a car that has already slowed down from the wall would have injured but not killed anyone). Instead, his rational brain was accomplishing two goals at once: metaphorically destroying Cuddy as he should have for her breaking up with him, and practically making sure that no matter what happened she would never try to tantalize him with the possibility of being his perfect companion again.
    She was already doing that by making playful jokes about him owing her for introducing her daughter to the pirate cartoon earlier.

    Last is the time of day thing; I believe that House saw all as daylight because he had always seen things as horribly dark, but after finally confronting his anger about Cuddy and all the people who have tempted him with support while providing only judgment, he finally has a shot at properly being happy.

  • Boozer

    [H]ouse has never been reality TV. The character has often done things over the past 7 Seasons that would not be countenanced even in the “real” world of fictional TV. That’s because Gregory House’s actions represent his inner world since he does not possess the language of emotions or even the ability to process them. Rage, in this case murderous rage, over abandonment issues long predating Cuddy came to a head when he found himself literally on the outside looking in at what was once his moment of happiness.

    There he stands disinhibited on drugs, his rational judgement suspended, his anger overwhelming him, and he then vents his rage at his abandonment in a criminal and frightening fashion. The one glimmer of his rational mind was when he ordered Wilson out of the car beforehand. Afterwards, House was so euphoric on the catharsis and adrenaline from the release of his frustrations that he didn’t even realize he had hurt Wilson.

    House had no time to get to a beach. He had no car even. The beach was a metaphor for his cathartic release and his isolation. There will be hell to pay in the first arc of Season 8.

  • Becky

    If I were Wilson, I would be done with House. He broke his arm fleeing from House who then did not give a crap about his pain, only himself. By telling the police where they might find him, Wilson was saying that House needs to be caught and pay for what he has done. I don’t see him forgiving this easily. Amber was an accident. This was attempted murder in the eyes of the law, and in a court of law the fact that he turned around to do it indicates premeditation. House had no idea if all the people would be clear of that room. He did not care. Also, fleeing an accident is a criminal offense. So, Cuddy could decide to not press charges, but he is still in trouble for that part of it regardless.

    On the rewatch, the episode was brilliant in parts, ludicrous in others. But that ending is still a mystery to me. He apparently hopped a bus or took a cab to the airport in the same bloody clothes and ended up in Cabo or Hawaii or wherever he went. The sun was setting in the west so this is not New Jersey for sure. Or since that was filmed here in California and CG’d to turn the water to a bluer hue, did TPTB just forget that little fact?

    I do understand the deeper meaning and what was going on in House’s psyche, and I would give it an excellent rating save for that ending. But I am sure the next season’s premiere will straighten that out. It has to, or there is no show.

  • Boiana

    I was quite ready to be angry after reading some of the comments, but I ultimately loved the episode. The narrative was brilliant, based on constant references to other [H]ouse episodes. I think the writers addressed us, the audience, so many times. It was so clever, and moving. It still pained me to see House loving Cuddy so much while she was not reciprocating. I was distraught that they will never be together, not because I am obsessed with their relationship, but because I care about how House feels and what, or rather who, he desires (as I perceive it, of course). Now I am at peace that House will not be with her – she really is irredeemable and does not deserve him.

    I think that the ending on the beach was more metaphorical than anything. If nothing else it only proved that even those who think they know House well, do not know him at all. Wilson’s prediction of the dark New Jersey bar that matches House’s mood was not really true. One of my friends said that at the end House had the countenance of a mad man; I say he was peaceful. Well, it is perhaps the quiet before the storm, but I’ll take it.

  • Glippy

    Unless something can be worked out for Lisa Edelstein to return as a guest star, our last image of Lisa Cuddy will be of her standing in the home that House just drove a car through and telling the cops that if House so much as comes near her again, she wants him arrested. Say what you will about the way the Huddy romance was handled, her character deserves better than that. Instead, when House returns from his tropical sojourn sometime in Season 8, it appears she will be gone. Which in turn means that even though he just committed a major felony and then skipped town, House wins. That’s not good, for the character or the show.

  • I feel stunned and done. Now I understand why Lisa Edelstein is done too. I think she loved the character of House almost as much as she loved her own character of Cuddy. And the only person murdered in “Moving On” was Gregory House. I don’t know who that man was who walked away from Cuddy’s home.

    Poor Hugh Laurie, I think he loved the character of House too.

    If it must be so, I would have preferred this finale to be the end of the series, although it’s a rather sick one (a slant toward numb negation and destruction). I’ve seen glimpses of this particular slant from some of the creators of House during interviews that have been hurtful. (Not the actors) But I had hoped that they were just having a frustrating day and that their hearts were largely full of something else (the lovely human soul of Greg House)…And, of course, that is also true as the complete and entire work on House attests to so beautifully.

    But looking back, they have consistently blown up everything (literally and figuratively) just to rebuild it again. Several times, it has forcibly reminded me of a rigid Marxist/Engels philosophy: ‘one must destroy to create’.

    No, I’m not saying anyone is Marxist politically! Rather, the path of the storytelling on this show has just repeatedly conjured up the ‘destroy to create’ philosophy, which I find nonsensical. And the destruction of House in ‘Moving On’ was nonsensical too.

  • Matt

    For the hallucination crowd, I would argue the interspersed flashforwards of Cuddy and Wilson talking to the police deny the possibility of a hallucination. Those weren’t from House’s perspective. They can’t be hallucinations.

    I also have no idea where they go from here. It also looks like LE knew that she was desperately needed for Season 8 based on the ending and used that as a strong negotiating position. Hopefully they’ll come to some sort of agreement to have her back for one more season or for a few episodes at least.

  • Earth Orbiter

    Barbara Barnett, you actually managed to redeem yourself in my eyes tonight. I was absolutely convinced that you were going to spout a whole lot of nonsense about “poor, misunderstood House,” and how if only he and Cuddy… blah, blah, blah.

    House is a spoiled, manipulative man-child who demands that all indulge him, and has never been held accountable for his actions. Every episode over the past 7 weeks has pointed to a day of reckoning for him, especially this one. The question is: will the writers grow a pair and do Season 8 right, or will they find a ridiculous way to sweep this all under the rug, with House back in PPTH with a new administrator, new patients, ad nauseum.

    Since this show STOPPED being about the medicine 3 years ago and went full-on soap opera, then let’s make it a good one.

  • Redial

    There was just too much idiocy in that final act of auto-assault for it to be taken at face value since, again, House could’ve killed people. In fact, Cuddy’s daughter was somewhere inside. That’s kind of evil if you think about it. Also, did we gain anything from all the “start three days later, then jump back in time” nonsense? I don’t think we did given that the ending probably would’ve been more entertaining if we hadn’t been prepared for it.

  • Thayna

    Dear Barbara,

    I really look forward to read your opinions after the end of each House episode. Most of times they make me see things from another perspective. But, even after reading it tonight, I still can let it go my disappointment with the way they chose to end this season.

    In my opinion, the plot of last night episode had a great potential as a season finale. It was made to explore House issues and to be as memorable as ‘Help me’. The best episodes of House, to me, are those when he can connect with the POW somehow, as he did with Hanna last year. In ‘Move on’, with trails, that we know, both House and the POW share (been abused during childhood she used her pain to create art and turned her work/talent into what she lives for), it’s easy to see why House is interested/related about her case and her life and how it could be explored.

    To me the whole episode was way out of character. First, regarding the POW, when she chooses her gift/brain over her life, House sympathizes with her decision and don’t even try to change her mind, then, when she changes her mind, he turns against her, questioning her decision to choose life/love over what she always believed she were (her work). For seven years, that was never the way House saw things, he’s miserable, yes, but he never wanted people to be like him, ever.

    Again the scene of House at the beach, in which seems he’s, enjoying life after an attempt of murder. We’ve seen House expressing his anger before, punching Chase, telling Cuddy she would be a terrible mother etc, but most of times he expresses it but hurting himself or getting high or doing experiments on him, not walking on sunset. Being a spoiler addicted, I knew about the car crash but, as I watched the episode, I really thought that was some misleading plot and, by the end, we would end up with another resolution. Jealousy has made House do some crazy things but crashing in Cuddy’s home was way over the top, even for him. And, as much as I wish, I don’t believe it was an hallucination, solely because every time House does hallucinate, he is in every single scene (which makes sense, cause it’s his mind telling the story) and the cops at Cuddy’s house ruins the hallucination theory for me.

    So, after the end of ‘Move on’, do I want to see more about House’s journey? Sincerely, no. I’m really tired to see him struggling and not getting any satisfaction with his life. He tried to change and he did, as much DS and the producers say he didn’t, IMO he did. But, it’s not enough and House can’t deal with it, and maybe so can’t I. After tonight, he drove away the only two people he could count on. And, even believing in the unconditional love of Wilson for House, I think that sometimes you have to step back or your friend/son/lover’s issues will end up consuming you too.

    And, what to expect of next season? With LE leaving, either House will be working at another hospital or Cuddy will quit PPTH and they will make Wilson the new dean (cause no one else would hired House back, after all he did). The sad thing is that I’m not curious about it. After 7 years, dying to know what would happen next week on House, after every Promo, I find myself today not really caring if House will go to jail, if he gonna live forever on that island or any other turn next season will take.

    Namaste and sorry for my English.

  • Shirley


    If it’s possible, could you please ask the writers of “Moving On” during your scheduled interview with them if House’s deranged/homicidal actions at the end of this episode were real or not? Part of me wants to believe that the last five minutes were a hallucination or dream since I’m still scratchy my head over how House managed to escape New Jersey to some tropical haven (perhaps South Florida, California, Hawaii, or even outside the US?) while wearing the same set of clothes AND somehow evading any all-points bulletins that the police would surely have put out after he nearly killed four individuals, purposely destroyed a private residence, injured a bystander, and fled the scene. In fact, since palm trees don’t grow in a northern climate, I don’t even know how he was able to get away that far in such a short amount of time without any obvious means of transportation or personal assistance. Something is going on here that just doesn’t add up.

  • Michelle

    What I don’t understand most about this episode is where it leaves “Cuddy”. If Lisa Edelstein did not renew her contract and is not returning next season then this was a horrible way to end things. There is no closure. I can believe that he snapped after all this time, maybe even driving the car into Cuddy’s house (which is unlike him but thats why we’re calling it a snap) but the beach scene makes no sense. If anything is a hallucination, I’m sure its that. It makes more sense for him to be injured from the wreck and/or at his apartment in a drugged induced state (again). For the most part I enjoyed this episode, it at least showed House having “normal” (by normal, I mean any at all) human emotions and human interactions. What I didn’t like is the unresolved end, especially since Lisa Edelstein won’t be in the next season to help put all the pieces of this episode together. I feel as fans we deserved some better writing for this finale.

  • curious ending answered?

    It’s reported that lisa edelstein a.k.a. “cuddy” will not be returning for season 8 and I do realize that the episodes are shot way in advance and that this news is only recent but my thought is that the producers of the show were intending to phase cuddy and other well known characters out of the show with the shocking season finale. This seems to be a logical explanation for House’s extreme antics, your view of it possibly being imagined is also a very good explanation as well seeing that this technique has been used numerous times during the series.

  • Gabby

    It sounds like from the vlog with Peter Blake and Katherine Lingenfelter that the writers were going for House finally expressing the anger he’s been holding in all this time, and that he would find some emotional relief but at the cost of (literally) crashing his entire life. According to them, Season 8 will pick up with that dichotomy.

    The problem with the supposed “final straw” that House suffered at the end of this episode is that the Huddy arc didn’t go deep enough (as we’ve discussed here numerous times, so I won’t give examples or list the missed opportunities) to justify such wanton rage, which made the crash into Cuddy’s living room come across as psychopathic. If the relationship had been explored in greater detail, and the break-up had been more cohesive, this final blow-up would have been a shock, not a disturbing letdown. The overall idea was good; the acting was exemplary; the implementation was weak.

    I think TPTB probably envisioned the House of Season 8 being free of rage and able to begin really looking at his issues and perhaps “dealing” with them. However, this season’s inconsistencies, OOC dynamics, and sloppy writing are problems that only served to weaken the ending, IMHO. Unfortunately, this may well damage the viewership at the start of next season unless the PR machine really works hard over the summer. LE leaving will hurt tremendously if they don’t sort it out.

    If they can get LE back, I could see House starting in a different place during the first couple of episodes, perhaps dealing with unfinished business with his mother and biological father. Then maybe starting out at a new hospital or private clinic far away because there’s a restraining order against him. We could have an episode of him solving a case and more at peace, though still sarcastic and rude. Then about 4/5 episodes in, Cuddy and Wilson locate him because they need his help (Rachel maybe, or Wilson’s brother). House would be snarky because she’s violating the restraining order, but then maybe he would help and later apologize. He might explain that his rage was about more than just her, issues which he should have mentioned while they were still dating. Then House does end up home, with every subsequent episode revealing a little more about him as he heals.

    Now if they can’t get LE back, it will change the look and feel of next season, making it more difficult for those reveals and healing moments to occur. They put House’s car through Cuddy’s house because she would be key during his personal journey in the finale season. Because the writing has been an issue, and the implementation weak, it would take some concise and imaginative effort at the start of Season 8 to get the audience back on the footing of finding sympathy and rooting for House. TPTB will need to step up their game and really explore House’s inner world, not just talk about it.

    Obviously, the final five minutes were a set-up for the next steps in House’s journey in Season 8, but it’s all up in the air now with the absence of LE. Some will be okay with this. Others won’t. People will watch a well constructed and implemented story even if it doesn’t go as they want. If they don’t get solid implementation/consistency/coherency AND they don’t get what they want, they simply won’t watch. That’s when it affects even those who are OK with the storylines. Again, the PR machine will have its work cut out this summer.

  • byzantine

    Like Visitkarte I cried. I found the episode beautiful, brilliant, moving, and thought-provoking. I loved it. I do not really care about what happened at the end–it is for the writers to think how they’ll extricate their main character from this messy situation. For now, I’ll take this end more as a visual metaphor than anything else.

    I had to take this out of my chest. Thank you Barbara for giving us the chance to experience our own catharsis (just like House did). This is much less physically destructive:)

  • Alice

    I watched it again after the initial shock of the first go-around
    and you know what? I liked it.

    They kept telling house to show more emotion, and he finally did. I REALLY don’t think he intended to really hurt anyone he just finally let out all the anger and everything else that was pent up inside him. I think getting out and handing her the brush showed that his intentions weren’t to actually hurt anyone. House said he wanted to change, and he did with this act.

    the only thing that really bothered me was the ending beach scene. like seriously? haven’t we had this hallucination/coma/dream stuff enough?? i guess not…

    ill be watching next season

  • ruthinor

    Jaim, I am with you! Some of these comments boggle my mind. Yup, a tripwire = driving a car into a house, and House is such a genius that he can gauge exactly how to drive a car into a house w/o hurting anyone. And Cuddy fiddling with his cane makes her a pyscho, but when Wilson does it it’s just a cute joke.

    whew…well Ted Bundy was cute too, in a creepy sort of way! Can’t recall his eye color.

    I still hold out the hope that the finale was NOT real.

  • angie

    Ok, first off, I loved it! They always seem to find a way to shock us even more every season. I am feeling angry, numb, stunned, depressed, shocked, overwhelmed – “how could he do such a thing”. That means Team House did a good job. It certainly didn’t bore me.
    But Now What? (get it) He is on the run, has no job, possible jail time, and he is out of his mind. And what will happy to Cuddy? I actually cried when I discovered that LE won’t be there next season, but If you think about it, it sure opens up a world of possibilities for new story lines , and there is always the possibility of a return guest appearance at the series finale.
    Barbara, please oh please give this episode your famous fine –tooth analysis. I saw so many wonderful parallels, references, “moments” and I am aching for your take. I just loved how they returned to their hands again – with the same music in the background! Did anyone notice how handsome Hugh looks in this episode? They often try to make his eyes and face look haggard and exhausted. Tonight, he looked downright sexy.

  • Jaim

    I don’t get how anyone can excuse House’s behavior or try to put this event on the same level as a tripwire. He drove a vehicle through her home at full speed with intentions that were destructive. I’m not saying her mean pranks are excusable but a car crashing toward you trumps office pranks that are meant to inconvenience him. None of her pranks nor even Wilson’s(sawing House’s cane through the middle) are as dangerous as this forced car crash.

    Those saying this is a hallucination or dream, well wouldn’t this be the episode where they’d reveal that? This is the season finale. They are risking losing a lot of viewers by leaving this to be so ‘real’ in terms of the way it ended. There weren’t any hints that this is not real. Usually, the writers at least have small things come to light so that the viewer can guess that this is some kind of coma dream or psychotic break but this episode ha non of that foreshadowing. I think this simply is bad writing. We want to believe that there is some other explanation but there isn’t. The show will never be what it once was and it time for us as viewers to move on to better shows. Sadly, the show peaked a few years ago.

  • tina

    I do want to add, to be fair, I did think the hallway scene between House and Cuddy was brilliant. But in a way, that was more upsetting than anything for serving as a reminder of all the wasted opportunities this season represents. Season 7 could’ve been *so* good. I just don’t understand.

  • House’s head

    it cant’ be something else, House a murder? wow! what a great idea for a finale! lol

  • tina

    As weak as it would’ve been, I was praying to the very end that at least some portion of this season had been a dream or hallucination, but it turns out it was all just….real…aka inexplicably bad. It boggles the mind how poorly this entire season was handled. I truly cannot wrap my mind around how this could’ve happened without anyone that mattered questioning it. This one is gonna leave a bad taste for a long time. And this is not my idea of entertainment. I am done with this show and will not look back after this finale. I honestly don’t care what happens to the characters at this point. Unforgivable season. Goodbye House.

  • Jasmine

    Cuddy has also tried to physically hurt him, more than once. It wasn’t acceptable for her to do that, nor was this acceptable in any way.

  • Jasmine

    And was there a reason that guy who asked Cuddy out looked so much like Wilson?

    Well, at least they have us talking and wondering about all this. That’s what cliffhangers are all about. I’d rather have it NOT be a hallucination, though, and see how in the world they can take him back to a character we can admire.

  • Jaim

    You are actually defending House’s behavior as acceptable? Whether or not he intended to harm her or not, someone still could have been accidentally hurt. There is no justification or excuse for this behavior. If someone hadn’t gotten away from the table fast enough or if some flying debris hit someone, there could have been dire consequences. This ending almost advocates domestic violence as revenge for a broken heart. This really disturbs and sickens me.

  • Visitkarte

    @ruthinor: Yes, I do. He is not only genius in medicine, he is also great at mats and physics. He knew he wouldn’t hurt them badly. Cuddy, on the other side, setting a trip wire in his office and stealing his cane, forcing him to climb stairs, could have ended up breaking his neck. No one called her psycho back then.

  • Jasmine

    If his explosion of anger was real, I think he was telling Cuddy the truth when he said, “It’s not your fault.” I think it has been building for years and years. He has come 180 degrees from the White Bus at the end of S4 when he chose to live. Now, I don’t know.

  • Visitkarte

    BTW, he told Wilson to GET AWAY. That loud, that confident, he didn’t want him hurt. He wanted to hurt Cuddy emotionally back, not physically.

    By the way, she hurt him physically more than once before, she could have killed him some of the times back with her stunts.

    I saw House borderline suicidal, definitively wanting to end up in jail (see the forged prescriptions before).

    On a shallow note, I’d love him to work after jail as a bar pianist… Until Wilson bags him to come back.

  • Jaim

    This was an awful end to an awful season. LE made the right decision in not staying on this dying series. I will never have empathy for House ever again. No amount of hurt feelings or misunderstandings will ever excuse trying to violently hurt someone.

  • ruthinor

    Visitkarte: So you think an enraged man, driving a car into a house could actually gauge the damage he would do? Please! How could he know that the furniture he broke wouldn’t fall and hurt someone. If he was that angry and really wanted to hurt himself, why not drive the car into the outside of the house? Assuming any of this is real, he wanted to do personal damage. I don’t know how you can excuse this.

  • Jasmine

    I don’t know how the writers are going to get out of this one. Either the final scene (and maybe more) was a halluciation — and that’s so old and tired. Or the crashing the car (which I give credit for being original) has taken the anti-hero beyond any redemption that I can see. After reading these comments and hearing so much talk in the episode about dreams and alternate realities, I am leaning toward it being a hallucination. *sigh* I am sad that Doris Egan left last year, and I’m upset that Larry Kaplow is leaving now. Remember how far the girl in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon went to get her comb? Maybe that’s a question for the writers — did that cross their minds?

  • Joy

    I had a hard time processing the House wrecking scene. I wanted to think it was a blatant work of imagination i.e halluciantion secondary to over medication. Then he saw them 4 at Cuddy’s house, that’s when the thought of “real vs unreal” came in my mind. So House snaps and this is what he’s capable off? Intentionally hurting Cuddy, and even Wilson? If this is real, would House really risk hurting Cuddy and Rachel???… and then see him in paradise after the devastation he created? Where and how will they start Season 8 with this? Especially with no more Lisa Edesltein as Cuddy to help justify the confusing storyline… tons of question which i don’t really

    To be honest, there were strong House and Cuddy moments. Just sad that those were the last ones.

    Btw, Cuddy and the other MD never crossed paths before??? EVER??? lol

  • Sera G

    Wow, it is really interesting to see such a variety of opinions.
    House has been a colossal jerk, for most of the life of the series; he is sarcastic, moody, isolated, depressed, impatient, etc.
    Yet, I have loved him as much as the rest of you. Now, all of a sudden we are supposed to be proud that he tried to hurt (I’ll pretend no one could have been killed) others because he is finally mad at the world? He has been mad at the world his whole life!
    Who does he lash out at? Wilson, the only friend he has and Cuddy the woman he suppposedly loves/who has supported and protected him forever.
    To misquote the line from “Roger Rabbit”, don’t be mad at her, “…they wrote her this way.” (The Cuddy from midseason is unrecognizable.)
    They have all (including the team) put up with so much from him.
    As BiaAylesworth, #9,wrote, he has been with hookers, got married, etc. and House is ‘hurt’ that Cuddy is with another man. what a load of *%&^! To me they are writing whatever they want to justify whatever goal they are trying to achieve. Do they even know where they want this show/character to go?
    Before, I always felt there was a plan, a reason for it all to play out the way it did. This year, everything feels so out of whack.

    One more comment and then I am done for a long while. I think the thing that bothers me more than anything else, is that they used the character of Cuddy to cause House his greatest misery. To my way of thinking, that is unforgiveable.
    Lisa Edelstein, I wish you only the very best in the future. You were a wonderful part of the best of House and [H}ouse.

  • Visitkarte

    @ruthinor: No, he wasn’t jealous of her moving on, he was mad about her lying about being over him, He got his prove. I know she didn’t lie to him, but it didn’t look that way for House. He must have felt misguided.

    And boys, stop it, he SAW them all sitting at the table and how they sat there. No one was with his back to the window, no one was really in front of the table. He aimed at the table. Other than that, the room is a bit higher than the front of his car. They were never in danger of anything but being shocked, and that was the idea. He, on the other side, could have been killed, and he was OK with that.
    I think House is the lowest he’s ever got before, he didn’t care if he lived or died, he even risked hurting Cuddy and everyone in the room (no, I don’t think he ever considered them being in danger of dying. He acted out of deep hurt and ended hurting everybody close to him and moving on from there. I guess he is moving to jail time and slowly recovering from there, but he is a deeply hurt person and made me hurt and cry for him.

    Yea, I see how disturbing his actions were for Cuddy and her family. The votes of the fans asking “what if Rachel was sleeping there” are just ridiculous: He knows her house and he saw she wasn’t there at the dinner table, he assumed correctly she was in her room sleeping.

    He was deeply hurt and snapped. Such points in live tend to send person into suicide or in the closed psychiatric ward. Take your peek.

  • Unrulyweds

    I’m wondering if Cuddy’s exit will just be a ‘mention’ in the season opener, or if LE will guest for 1 epi.

    Given a lot of the speculation that next season will be the last, they will have to really ‘bring it’ in order not to fizzle out.

    I’m awaiting next season with only semi-bated breath.

  • I have to agree with Matt (#12) that this was a perfect ending. Fueled by rage that had built up over the years and the significant amount of vicodin in his system, House’s behavior made sense.

    If he was the sort of character who could release his frustrations in a healthy way, the car crash would not have happened. But the signs that something was amiss were all over this episode. The moment he yelled at Cuddy you could sense the cracks in that tough interior widening.

    Is House’s tropical escape real? Taub’s ringtone of Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (the Pina Colada Song)” foreshadowed it. But you really have to wonder if it’s another drug induced trip. I hope it isn’t but the signs it might be are bubbling under the surface. For one thing he’s wearing the same suit he had on in NJ. You figure he would have changed into something more fitting with his locale to celebrate his freedom.

    And why when the crash happened in the middle of the afternoon, did the emergency vehicles arrive at night? Seems odd, doesn’t it?

    We’ll just have to wait and see what Season 8 brings.

  • Jillian

    Barbara, I really loved this epiosde. House has finally got mad with the world, he has lashed out at all those who has hurt him. His father, Stacy and esp Cuddy. She to me comitted the unforgivable sin. She led him on, not wanting him to change, how much she loved him! then bamm! its all about her needs and her wants. One slip on his part, and she was out of there. Seeing her with a new man so soon, was the final straw to him. Yes it was wrong to do what he did. But you know, I like him felt better when he did it, he seemed finally free. I can see lots and lots of storylines next season. This is starting anew for House, and I welcome it with open arms.

  • ruthinor

    Wow, I’ve got to say that my reaction is totally opposite to that of visitkarte. Even before the finale I kept thinking that this was House at his most unlikable, still treating everyone like crap, including those closest to him. He was doing his usual cynical bastard act, but with no redeeming features. ( Notice that he always took vicodin after being with Cuddy). And he wanted his patient to suffer for her art in the same way that he believes he can only be a good doctor if he’s unhappy. It’s just so much bullshit.

    Cuddy didn’t lie to House about dating. She turned this guy away and she was only having dinner at her house with her sister and brother-in-law, probably mostly to appease Julia. I just don’t get people who put all the blame on Cuddy. He continually counts on her to save him, she’s always there for him, and what does she get in return?

    I have a hard time believing that all this was real. I just can’t see House, as awful as he was in this episode, driving a car into Cuddy’s house. Rachel was apparently with Cuddy’s mom, but what if she was at home? Also, was all this happening on a week-end? It’s day time and none of these people are at work?
    Where are the night time scenes taking place? In front of Cuddy’s house, the hospital? Why this time lapse? And why so many ambulances and other vehicles? No one was seriously hurt. It just all seems unreal, as does the blue, blue water at the end. Tis a mystery.

  • shy reader

    I am definitely curious if Cuddy is leaving Princeton/Plainsboro, or if it will be that House is leaving – in this episode, Cuddy called it “my hospital” – so I’m wondering what that would mean. My question for the writers would be – will there be a time jump in between this season finale and the upcoming season premiere?

  • Thanks Barbara for your review. I was here looking for answers but even you are like us: LOST. Funny think that today is the aniversary of the end of this series (it never got me, but many people around the world followed it).

    Well, my first thoughts were: I feel totally cheated by a series I loved during seven years. How can I get this finale? It´s imposible, and the issue that Lisa Edelstein will not be back for the next season makes more difficult to deal with this situation.

    Well, tonight, I only can say that I will be here waiting for your interview with the writers, because…Is it possible that the real finale was After Hours? And this ep…only a dream, I mean a bad dream?

    I have to say another thing…I liked this episode, and even the final finale was good, yes…good really good, but NEVER for House, it could be a good finale for another kind of series but NEVER for House!

    Also, this episode has lovely moments…yes, we have a talk, a “serious” talk between Cuddy and House. The scene on the wall…WOW, this moment: Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie were the actors we knew from the begining. And after this scene I never thought, Cuddy will be going to date with that man, inviting him to her House, it is so strange, not?

    Well, all of this make sense, if we can get Lisa Edelstein again in the show.

    Because, if we supposed the crash never exist, only in the mind of House (like Barbara said Vicodin = Hallucinations). Imagine: House going to Cuddy´s place with the hair brush, then, he realized she was with this man. But, he only going to his car and going with Wilson to drink something. So, for the next season, we could expect, House dealing with this. Then, he can fight for her and Rachel again after fixing himself. And we could see Cuddy realizing, she doesn´t want another Lucas in her life. Because, like she (sarcasticly) said to her sister, she expected House changes…because she really loves him.

    But, all of this, will never happen…Well, I am still hopping they fighting to bring Lisa Edelstein again to the show!

    Another things about the episode: C´mon Taub with two babies?

    Good night! This devasting finale explode my brain!

  • Michael

    I feel that house is definitely hallucinating the tropical island thing, Come on Wilson said that House took a whole bottle of Vicodin in three days that was supposed to last a month “Are you kidding me”. An other thing Driving your car into some HOUSE knowing that you could kill someone and after you just got out the hospital for perfuming surgery on your own leg can make one think the guy has completely loss his mind. And I Know every one of you thought house was shooting up Heroin.Right!

  • Ashley,

    I’m with you on the curiosity. How the heck are they going to make this work? Where’s Wilson going to be? Does House maybe think he simply needs to get rid of everyone in his life and simply start anew? Can’t wait to talk to the writers on Wed. Any questions (and please nothing sarcastic–you know I won’t relay those)

  • I think I might be one of the few people who loved this episode and the ending. It amazes me, how these writers, after all these years, can still shock evey single one of us. Sure, most people are in shock as are Wilson and Cuddy, but a person can only take so much. House knows that he needs to let go and change. That’s what he did, now it might not be in the way that most people would do it, but he released his anger. It’s a shame that Cuddy will not be there next season because I would have loved to have seen how this would have played out. Not to mention how in the world is he going to patch things up with Wilson after that. I am counting the days until the premire.

  • If the ending turns out to have been real (and I’m not convinced it is), I do think, despite what I might have suggested, lots of ways for it to go in Season 8. I do not think the show will go back to the way it always has at the beginning of the season. Maybe they will do a 2-3 hour retrace (like Season 6) and carry on from there.

    I agree that House had been pushed and pushed and pushed to release his anger all episode. He did. It was a horrible thing he did.

    OK, other idea: did he actually stop the car after crashing the wall of the house? Have to see that again.

  • Sera G

    Barbara,thanks for a fine analysis of a not so fine episode.
    I should have trusted my instincts and not watched, but I really had hope that there would be some kind of twist. Hey, I am willing to believe anything to have had the last 8 episodes be a dream.
    Whatever you think about House; intentionally causing harm or death (for others) does not seem to be in his nature. He hurts with words or worse, with silences.

    Perhaps Lisa Edelstein didn’t renew her contract because she couldn’t be part of this any longer. I know it was a plot device, but come on; Cuddy breaks up with the love of her life, she knows she has devastated him and she is ready to jump into another relationship so soon. Blech!
    The sad thing is that last year at this time, we were all (most of us anyway) filled with hope, a sense of new opportunities and a less bleak future for Greg House. That Cuddy holds House’s hand and he pulls away is another slap from our ‘friend’ GY. This of course is a reminder of the beautiful hand clasp from “Help Me.”
    Where in the heck does this leave the character and the show?
    I am no longer sad, not even angry. You know what is worse, I am not even curious.
    I can now leave the show without any lingering sentiment. This is not the show I have loved for 61/2 years.

    David, I am sure that is is my wishful thinking, but I didn’t get the feeling that Cuddy just wanted to soothe her feelings, I almost got the impression that she hoped if they really talked, there might be some way to come back to each other, as friends, at least if nothing else.

  • JuliaB

    Right now I just think I’m done.

    There is noway I believe House would try to hurt Cuddy. I can see him finally losing it seeing her with a guy, can’t even blame him, but he’s more the type that would hurt himself and make sure there was a way to make her feel guilt about it. I can never see him physically attempting to harm her.

    Also, what about next season? She doesn’t want him anywhere near her or her hospital. Will he be unemployed and in jail, in Mayfield, or what.

    This episode along with the others all the way back to bombshells seem like they should be a dream but it’s been this long and he hasn’t woken up yet so … I don’t know what they’re doing or how they will dig themselves out of this. I hate how they’re butchering the show and the characters of both House & Cuddy. It’s getting painful to watch honestly. It’s getting to where it’s not fun anymore. Sad really.

  • Jacquelyn

    Barbara, I agree, to an extent. I think what was really “shocking” was that we’re so used to House internalizing his emotions through self-destruction rather than external acts of destruction. It’s insane, and in a way very Housian, but at the same time I still don’t buy it. Running a car into Cuddy’s house – endangering the life of the woman he purports to love – just seems…cheap, to me.

    Season finales in the past past have also portrayed House’s own desire to change after being broken: Season 4 and 5 best come to mind. How he dealt with his broken world then seemed more well-written and less expected in some ways. Remember we’re dealing with a character that continually battles between a rational mind and feeling more emotions than most people. We EXPECT House to explode, but when he checked himself into Mayfield, I saw more of a broken man there than I did last night.

    As always, I appreciate your clear thoughts that are more articulate than my base emotions. We both come down to the same question, though: where does House go from here?

  • Betty

    To crack when he saw Cuddy w/ that guy is a bit hypocritical. He married a hooker to get back at Cuddy, and so why would House be interested in testing trust w/ Cuddy? House is too narcissistic and selfish among many other issues, including apparently being psychotic. That action shows he’s a long ways away from being capable of being in an equal relationship.

  • Matt

    I’m going to aim for the opposite of everyone who has voiced their opinions and say that the ending was perfect. House was furious (Betrayal does that) and like vintage House, he does something crazy. He’s free from the demons of his past. He’s free from Cuddy. Getting rid of Cuddy, in this fashion, may be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Visitkarte

    I absolutely loved this episode. I hurt for House so badly, I started crying really, really hard when he told Cuddy “I feel hurt”, I saw few minutes afterwards in a blur of tears. And I have never, ever cried on a House episode before. Not like this, not more than a few tears.

    He was desperate. Deeply hurt, truing to numb himself from feeling anything, never even caring about being arrested for the faked prescriptions. He just hurt and wanted to stop hurting.
    Then he tried to put the relationship behind him. But she insisted on talking, and they talked. He asked her if she was seeing someone and she told him she didn’t.

    Here was a parallel with the story of the POW. House already advised her no to trust love, not to give up her sharp mind for the feeble hope of love and happiness, because it would end up being a false hope and she would end up with nothing to hold on.

    Cuddy wanted to get him to meet her again, that’s why she wanted to have her brush back. And then, after he absolved her of all guilt (undeservedly so, I must add, she definitely has most of the guilt for braking his heart, maybe beyond repair), he hardly turned his back to her and she started dating the other guy. When he came back to her house and maybe hoped for a kiss and maybe even a brake up sex, he found her happily chatting with everything there he could never have. His hurt look and his quivering lip got my crying really, really hard for him and brought an ache in my chest, and when he crushed the car into that wall I felt he would have been OK with getting killed. No, I don’t think he wanted to kill anyone in the house, because the table was that way, there was hardly any chance of killing anyone there, but every chance of them getting the message.

    The only man he ‘tried’ to laughter here was himself, and after that, he was away and free from the burdens of love and hope and human connections. I don’t think he’d stay ‘happy’ for long after that, but he was definitively on adrenalin high for the time being.

    I guess the next season he’ll start in jail, keep out of touch with Wilson and the rest and probably go afterwards somewhere in a small city, running a GP praxis or something like that, and 4-6 episodes later Wilson might track him down and get him back on PPTH, after Cuddy left. It might be like a year or more later, when the story picks up where they left.

    I’m on it and very excited to see where his journey takes him. I guess jail might be good in terms of quitting Vicodin again. Afterwards, he only needs his license back or, maybe, he’ll work like that janitor, as a medical consultant.

  • Laura

    I’m with you on this one Barbara. How?

    How in the world do they go on from here?

    How are we suppose to like House and forgive his flaws after what could be viewed attempted murder?

    How in the world do they have an 8th season, given this ending tonight, without Dr Lisa Cuddy?

  • BiaAylesworth

    Before everything sorry for my english, i’m from Brazil.

    Who is he to be offended by her being with another. Married with a hooker. Stayed with many hookers blatantly. So he had no right to do this.

    I’m disappointed with House since 7×15, and today just ruin everything forever..

    And now I understand why LE left the program, she knew that if she returned in season 8, with a new boyfriend and trying to arrest House, was as if Cuddy, were dead, the best decision she took was out of this damn series …

    So now #RipHouse
    Goodbye House Forever …

  • There was so much of this episode I really loved, and I bought the fact that House needed to release all that pent up anger, but to do it in such an unforgivable way. I’m just not sure where they can go with that.

    I trust they can do it, but wow. Like I said, still wrapping my head around it.

  • shy reader

    I was also very shocked at his decision to drive through the house – right in to the very room where he had seen them enjoying a meal together! But then I thought about how the entire episode, Cuddy was telling him to feel something, and to get ANGRY, and wilson was saying the same thing.

    And the sight of the brilliant artist being capable of NOT being alone, the sight of her possibly sacrificing her artistic gift for love, and the sight of her partner ACCEPTING her – that, obviously compounded by the sight of Cuddy with a new man – House felt lied to, betrayed, replaced, irrelevant – and yes, I think he snapped.

    I can see how from his point of view this episode, his closet friends have abandoned him when he needs them the most – Wilson’s odd timing to cut off the Vicodin, especially after House had agreed that changes needed to be made; Cuddy seemingly lying to him about dating; even the brilliant artist abandoned him – they had kindred connection, and she opted for love over brilliance – abandoning him as well…

    I can’t say I loved how the season finale went. I wish the writers had chosen another (read: redeemable) way to demonstrate House’s deep anger.

    And the scene on the beach was just plain confusing. He was in the same suit that he’d left in! Up until then, I had no inclination to think any of this was a hallucination. But the same suit?? on a tropical beach?? I will be pretty disappointed if hallucinations are used to explain any of the season finale.. I feel the writers might rely on that a bit too much.

    Lastly, in spite of the confusing sequence of events, it was really satisfying to see House express anger – pushing Cuddy against the wall, for example. And Hugh Laurie is just amazing, as usual.

    And I loved the Taub twist. 🙂

  • Jacquelyn,

    In my opinion, this isn’t about doing House and Cuddy right or not right. The relationship (or lack of one) is less important to me than where they’re taking the character of House. He’s been broken, he’s wanted to change. And now he’s snapped. I could see the rage building in him and everyone from Cuddy to Wilson to Foreman begging him to just let out the anger. And when he did it was destructive and insane.

    The question in my mind is how to build back from where we are left with him.

  • Jacquelyn

    I wanted to add, too, that they scene in the hallway between House and Cuddy, and the masterful scenes last week between House, Cuddy, and Rachel, all prove that the writers DO know how to write the House/Cuddy relationship. So what is it, they’re too lazy to do so? Or they really don’t realize the level of their fan base that SUPPORTS this relationship and wants to see it developed.

    Treating it as a story arc rather than the very fabric of this show, as someone pointed out in your last article, is where it all went wrong.

  • spoilerchicka

    Barbara, thanks for the honest analysis. I too was hoping somehow House would snap out of his momentary fantasy and still be standing on the walkway to Cuddy’s door after ramming his car (figuratively)into her dining room. Then just walking up, ringing the doorbell and begging her to take him back. No worse an idea than what we fans were force fed. Blecch.

    If the goal of the show is to reveal House is nuts, looney, psycho and mean, mission accomplished. So he was hurt to discover Cuddy had company over and he presumed she had lied to him but anyone could have hoped against hope that it wasn’t a boyfriend, just company. Instead House has to drive at warp speed into her home after supposedly snapping (?) at what he saw.

    There certainly were enough hints about House being whacked out high on vicodyn having used up a month’s supply in just three days so very likely the writers will use some contrivance to explain away House’s insanity as yet another drug induced hallucination. Boring. Done to death.

    If it turns out House has done these criminal things and he’s off galavanting in the tropics, why would we care? He’s gone bonkers or on the lamm and no one will be there to pick up the pieces when it hits him what he did. No wonder Cuddy was terrified and shaken in her final scene with House. He really is incredibly unredeemable at this point and I for one don’t care to see how things turn out. Thank you to Lisa Edelstein for being wise enough to see the show ended this season for most fans after this crap finale.

    Lisa Edelstein will have the last laugh as the critics begin tearing apart the show’s ridiculous direction for the principal character. Congratulations.

  • Frustrated

    He cracked because he thought she had lied about not seeing someone. He had talked to the POTW about trust. He was ready to make an effort to mend things with Cuddy and give trust a try. Seeing Cuddy with the new guy told him he was right to not trust anyone.

    Sigh. Goodbye House. I’m breaking up with you. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  • David

    Originally, I thought that this was a “jump the shark” moment, but after reminiscing, I don’t think so. I could see his hostility to Cuddy because she only wanted him to talk to her so that she could soothe her own guilty feelings, and this irritated House.

    I saw in another comment the key. Wilson told the police that House would be in a place that reflected his mood, which Wilson expected to be dark. Turns out, once he finally vented his anger (taking Wilson’s and Cuddy’s advice), he was in a very happy place, just like Wilson said.

  • Jacquelyn

    I don’t believe it. The rest of the episode wasn’t too bad – I was sleepy for most of it as it’s the middle of the night here – but the ending was just contrived and thoughtless. And not really even a “shocker,” at that, if you’d seen the promo shots (but at least those I refused to believe were real).

    I can’t believe House would EVER risk Cuddy’s life (or Rachel’s – where was she?). I can’t believe he’d react like that to seeing her with another man. And I can’t believe the writers would be so out of touch with a character that they created that they would have him sink to that level and then just take a walk on the beach.

    And a hairbrush? Really?!?

    Leaving the story open-ended pending LE’s negotiations is no excuse for sloppy writing. I just don’t buy it. I won’t be watching next year without LE, but I hope I hear that it was all a hallucination. Of course, we all wanted everything after 7×15 to be a hallucination, too.

    I feel sad, and betrayed. I had hoped that when I woke up, we’d find it was one big joke, but that’s apparently not the case.