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TV Open Thread: House, M.D. – “Fall From Grace”

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Welcome to the water cooler. Here’s the place to share your immediate reaction to tonight’s House, M.D. I will post a more detailed commentary tomorrow sometime, but in the mean time, here’s the place to rant or rave about “Fall From Grace.”

My longer commentary: House, M.D. Gregory House’s “Fall From Grace”

First the bad. I was not crazy about some of the very over-the-topRobert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie in House, M.D. "Fall From Grace" shenanigans House pulls this week; I definitely could have done without the monster truck differential scene. I understand what House is attempting to do in the other scenes, but monster trucks?

In my opinion, the writers could have gotten the same point across without the gimmicks; having House go so over the top that his actions suspend my believability even within the House-verse. I think they disrupted the flow of an otherwise good episode. Once the gimmicks disappear, the episode improves immeasurably. 

The team treats a homeless man who has received burns while camping in a local park. A former junkie, he won’t give his name to anyone. And with burn scars all over his torso after having been abused as a child, he elicits the sympathy of Martha Masters, who wants to rescue him. 

Meanwhile, House has apparently bounced back from last week’s deep depression with a strategy to use Cuddy’s guilt to get (and get away with) all sorts of things. His tactics include riding the hallways of Princeton-Plainsboro on a Segway, flying remote controlled helicopters above the hospital’s main foyer, parking a monster truck in six handicap spaces, and entering into a fraudulent marriage with a woman needing a green card. It is to be a quid pro quo arrangement: she will act as his assistant and housekeeper in exchange for the marriage vows. 

Bravo to Wilson for giving up on getting through to House, who is too wrapped up in lashing out at Cuddy to listen to reason (even from his best friend). Convincing Cuddy to stop appeasing House (no matter how guilty she may feel) helps both her and House. 

I am still a bit stunned that House went through with the marriage (officiated by Chase!?), but satisfied with the end. Many seasons ago Cuddy told Wilson that House knows just where to point the sharp stick (“Finding Judas,” Season 3), and if House really wanted to hurt Cuddy, he hit his mark. 

But this is something he immediately regrets (hurting Cuddy in this way, if not the marriage), as is clear from the expression on his face when she bolts the living room. And it’s clearly what’s on House’s mind in the afterglow of the wedding. He can’t bring himself to sleep with his new wife. 

I liked the conversation between House and the homeless patient; there is a flicker of understanding in House’s expression. When the patient tells House that he can’t “understand” what it is like to be an abuse survivor, it is obvious that House very clearly understands. 

But the patient isn’t only an abuse survivor. He’s a psychopathic serial murderer. I should have seen that coming when the team noted bone fragments in his digestive tract. No wonder he wouldn’t give his name!

Just added: videoblog with the writer of tonight’s episode John Kelly (“Knight Fall”).

More tomorrow. I know you all will have much to say in the thread below. So have at it!


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  • fatOlady/OK Gma

    Oh what do I say. I would have Never believed ANY writer associated with a show like House would ever stoop this low. I am embarrassed for anyone to know I am (or was)a fan. It was painful to watch.

  • Anne

    It’s like watching a funeral of a dear friend. House MD, what happened to you? The rest is silence.

  • Michele1L

    While the POTW was interesting in all of his mysteriousness, I couldn’t get past all of the gimmickry of this episode. I hated it. I know there are those of us who understand why Cuddy broke up with House, but I am still dissatisfied with her hasty departure from their relationship (although the way he behaved in this episode, who could blame her?) and feel a real heart-to-heart conversation between the two of them is imperative.

    What an awful way to go on a three-week hiatus.

    I hope the episode about 13’s return is as compelling as advertised. It couldn’t be worse than “Fall From Grace”. — INDEED.

  • Sera G

    Again, I am the first to comment, when I didn’t watch the show!

    I have it figured out. Did anyone see “The Producers”? It was a movie, then a Broadway musical and then a movie, again.
    The plot is that the con man bilks old ladies out of their money by pretending to invest in a Broadway play. He has no intention of creating one, tells them the play failed and keeps the money. Due to circumstances, he is forced to put on a real play. He decides to produce a play guaranteed to fail: “Springtime for Hitler.”

    That is what TPTB are up to. They are creating a failure! Then Fox has to cancel it, everyone keeps their money and life goes on!

    Barbara, I read your recap, I’m sure you made it better than it actually was!
    Why? Why? Why? are they doing these stupid things? House was never stupid. Adolescent sometimes, manipulative often, abrasive, regularly. These antics seem so out of character and juvenile. He was never stupid! If anything, House was clever and made his points in devilish ways.

    I so want there to be some brilliant pay off at the end so that I can go back to a show I have loved, followed, raved about for 147 episodes. Yes, I counted and NO it doesn’t include OOTC or FFG!

  • Jaim

    This was one of the worst and most ridiculous episodes I’ve ever seen.I’m really disappointed with the writers and creators who actually think that this plot made any sense. It seemed like a bad fan fic put to film.

    Also I’m really annoyed by the blatantly sexist attitudes toward women. The parade of hookers last week and then this week, a green card bride that is willing to do whatever House or his male fellows wants. The show has always been sexist but never to such a blatant degree to where I just feel like turning the channel.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    If they wanted to get the superfans calmed down and acting more like the occasional viewers, they know right where to poke that sharp stick. Make House look beyond foolish.

    First they killed Huddy, now they have killed the whole damn show.

  • musicandhouse

    i loved the episode! was it over the top? YES but the reason I watch a show is to be entertained and that I was. I think perhaps its time to take a step back from overanalying and just enjoy the ride IMO.

  • Michele1L

    Actually, your coment was fourth, Sera G. — But good for you for not watching. I think it was the worst episode I’ve seen in the history of the show — and you may have something in thinking they may be intentionally sabotaging the show. A terrible episode like this leading to a three-week break during which “Dancing Like The Stars” is returning on another network? If I were unaware of how good this show has been, I would not understand, based upon this episode, why anyone ever watched “House” in the first place.

  • bruna

    maybe this ep could work in season 5. not now at all

  • Jaim

    I’m really disgusted by the direction the show is going. It’s like they want people to turn the channel. Maybe they really don’t want to do another season.

  • Sera G

    I must have mis-read the recap the first time, Barbara,
    House sleeping with all those hookers didn’t bother Cuddy, but him marrying a woman so that she can get a green card upsets her and sends her out of the room?
    I understand what you said, he regrets it, etc. but come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did House expect her to laugh it off or scream and throw a tantrum? Was he waiting for her to beg him to forgive her? BTW, she had to have been furious that he was with all those women and this is just icing on the cake. (Was there wedding cake?) Where did House meet his lovely bride?
    I agree with Jaim, #5, it does sound like bad fan fiction.

  • Sera G

    Michele1L, I know; it posted as fourth, but when I started ranting, I was first! LOL

  • Of course that bothered Cuddy, but she understood it in the context of House’s reacting badly to their breakup (she dumped him). And her guilt is on display in this episode.

    House doing a rebound marriage (even if only a marriage of convenience) is an enormous slap in the face to her. He’s doing what he thought Cuddy was doing with Lucas–except he went through with it (but then couldn’t go through the marital motions with his new bride).

  • Michele1L

    Sera G – LOL!

  • 54

    Do the writers get their ideas from fanfiction? I think I read one where House actually falls in love with a hooker. Fanfiction is great in its own right. I totally respect that. But that’s fanfiction. It’s not the real show. While this wasn’t House falling for the hooker, the premise is basically the same.

    Are we going to have a three-way triangle between House, Cuddy, and the hooker now? I cringed in disgust at the contrived ending. Was that meant to be poignant? Because it wasn’t.

    It was as stupid as the rest of the episode. All the gimmicks did was emphasize the ridiculousness of how the main characters are being portrayed in S7. They seem to have money to spare. Do they not have the motivation to write decent scripts?

    Why are women either whores are spineless idiots? There is NO WAY Cuddy would have gone to that wedding. And all the enabling was way too over the top to be even remotely believable. Seriously?

    This is my crazy hypo rant right here.

    Considering the ridiculousness of what’s going on, I almost expected Cuddy and Wilson to kiss. Hey, why don’t we do that and get on a four-way love rectangle? Cuddy and Wilson can get married, elope and run away in House’s monster truck. But you know what? Cuddy is pregnant. It’s unclear who the father is (this is the cliffhanger of the season finale.) But the real reveal at season end will be…Wait for it…

    DOMINICKA is PREGNANT! So House has to deal with being a father to a child who was not conceived out of love. Can he handle it? (Hint hint. Wink wink. Reference to his own loveless childhood here.) Will he “step up” after learning his mistakes with Cuddy? He does, eternally grateful to Cuddy for making him see the light, and him, hooker Dominicka, and baby House live happily ever after.

    And end scene.

    BTW, Wilson is godfather to Dominicka and House’s baby. What did you expect?

    I’m sorry I’m so angry and bitter, but this episode just made me so mad with its stupidity that I have to rant.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    I am beginning to wonder if the writers are competing who can write the worst (most screwed up) episode of the season. I nominate this one hands down. Cheap, and stupid.

  • bob

    r 21, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Thought Id post here before the next episode comments opens.

    Ok im still thinking its not really as its far too bonkers to be real but also some clues.

    1. Rocket at the beginning plays in nicely with cuddys question in two stories, “were you an astronaut or a bull fighter”. We had the bull fighter (or bull rider) last week this week we get space.

    2. Dominica is the restaurant from unwritten.

    3. Room 243 is where house steals the penguin from in unwritten and now this weeks patient is there.

    4. Wilson and his champs elysees comment. Werent House and Cuddy off to France in the beginning episode.

    5. Wilson pointing out to cuddy the escape route via the window, he tried to come through the window in Now what.

    The room number and restaurant name/fake bide name can’t all just be a coincidence the odds on that are stacked against them.

  • housemaniac

    It’s tempting to agree with the latest theory of Sera G., Jaim and others that TPTB not only wants to jump the shark, but to kill it (i.e. the show!). “What was that”? #350 asks from the previous thread? That, my friend, was bad television! And a particularly bad episode of House. However, I don’t ultimately buy the self-destructive theory because the show *does* make a lot of money and it *does* bring a lot of attention to the cast and creative team. Unless, that is, they feel they’re out of ideas. But even then, I’ve never met a TV writer–and I’ve met a couple–who think’s he/she is out of ideas! I just don’t get it. I just chalk it up to bad judgment. Remember, these shows were written long ago, so they’re not responding to fans or anyone else here, just doing their thing.

    My question for Barbara is: now that HL is an executive producer on the show, does that mean he gets to approve the scripts, etc.? I know he deeply respects the writers–he says so all the time. But I’m having trouble figuring out why *he* would think this is a good direction for the show, unless I’m misinterpreting the role of exeuctive producer.

  • I never got the real impression that Dominca was a hooker (House’s comments throughout were more designed to get a rise out of people). She’s a girl who needs a green card; House and she have a quid pro quo arrangement. Their kiss very much seemed to be a first time and there was no sense of intimate familiarity between them.

  • 54

    Barbara, that’s a valid point, but I got the impression that the deal involved sex when House was talking to Wilson about the “services” she’ll be offering him while living with him. I believe the monetary value of whore services (can i puke now) was thrown into his calculation of how much he’ll save if he and that girl gets married.

  • Sera G

    What is sad is that “Now What” started off with such promise. It took these two complex people, who have loved each other (albeit in their own unique way) and finally allowed them a chance at happiness.

    TPTB gave us some very tender moments, some fun and spice. They also clued us in that both of them knew it would not be an easy relationship. How could the same sensitive, careful creators now come up with this nonsense?

  • Michele1L

    Why exactly does Cuddy feel guilty? She did what she wanted to do. She didn’t have to end the relationship. I’d like a better explanation than, ‘House wasn’t really with her in the hospital room because he had to take vicodin in order to be with her — in order to feel for her’. He’s been a vicodin addict for ten years. She fell in love with him while he was on vicodin … he fell in love with her while he was on vicodin … he was on vicodin in the episode “Joy”, when he clearly came to her home not to gloat but to console her after she lost the first baby she tried to adopt — when he ‘felt’ like kissing her and did he was on vicodin. Forgive my going on, but I don’t feel even remotely sorry for Cuddy.

  • Housemaniac: As an EP, he certainly has a right to make his voice known, but I doubt he has any agreement to approve scripts.

    Not everyone thinks the show is headed in a wrong direction, including me. I haven’t been in love with every episode, and there were parts of this episode that reminded me of “Needle in a Haystack” or “Whatever it Takes” in terms of House being Out of Control in his behavior.

    I liked how the episode ended, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I can totally see House going through with the wedding as a matter of honor. It’s something he promised this woman, and he needed to go through with it.

    They will likely go their own ways and we’ll never see her again. Just as House said they would. I would even doubt that he’ll hold her to being his housekeeper.

    I’m totally intrigued by the promo for the next episode!

  • Michele1L

    54 — RANT ON!!

  • Joan

    Besides being a strangely obvious POTW (as soon as I heard the bones symptom I was thinking its a Jeffrey Dahmer type serial killer, how original) they have now managed to even take the passion out of House and Cuddy — I was briefly hopeful when Wilson told Cuddy to go kick House where he needed it and maybe there could have been some cathartic yelling, leading possibly to real communication. Instead after letting House walk all over her for his ridiculous gimmicks and ‘bride’ (I could’nt believe she did’nt shove the cookies in her face) Cuddy almost woodenly took away use of the chapel and House did’nt particularly fight it. Even at the wedding, when Cuddy walked out it would be an understandable moment for real distress and she just seems a bit sad and she and Wilson hope things can get back to ‘normal’… And we know what TPTB consider normal now, they want House to be the miserable jerk addict we all are supposed to love and miss and Cuddy (as Wilson said) has to go back to being the only boss who can say no to him. If its really a breakup then lets at least see some more tears or yelling or talking or something other than these absurd gimmicks and lame plots. They are showing us that House and Cuddy still love each other and she feels guilty and he has some remorse for being so hurtful…and where do we go with that? I’m still waiting for something to make sense. The marriage thing was just so odd, I don’t even understand the point of it or what they are going to do with Dominica now, just WTF???

  • Em

    Dominica wont be getting that green card then. This is the USA you can’t just marry someone and then run off to the distance clutching your green card. If this isn’t a dream hallucination I’ll need to suspend all disbelief while watching it in the future.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    Yes, and then we have the fellows trapsing off playing amature detective trying to find Hannible Lector.

  • Michele1L

    I’m with you, Joan, — WTF.

  • Visitkarte

    I actually loved this episode. A lot. I loved how childish House acted while still showing his hurt. How he played Cuddy’s guilt card until Wilson put his foot down. I loved how much they both hurt each other, cannibalizing their relationship and the parallel to the cannibalistic patient. The allegory about undeserving second chance and still getting it was strong and creepy as it gets, like the POWs disease itself (turns up, he was eating ‘healthy’… eeeck).

    I didn’t like the Monster Truck gimmick, it was way over the top, even for House. I mean, the vehicle is just too big for regular traffic and climbing up and down with his leg… no way.

    Poor Masters will come out of this quite damaged, she learned the hard way not to bond with a patient all that fast or forgive to easily sins she knows nothing about.

    The scene in the end, him being all gentle and tender at first and than going strait to realizing he couldn’t bring himself o have sex with her… I felt hurt for the sake of both of them.

    I start to feel better about Cuddy, she did great. She first tried to sit there and take it, feeling guilty about dumping him, and than taking Wilson’s words to heart and putting her foot down. I wish she didn’t wait until he took the monster truck at work, but, you can’t always get what you want. BTW, I loved how she caved about the segway, shows that she still cares.

  • housemaniac

    Ah, Barbara, you *do* have a knack for finding House’s humanity, even when it is so deeply buried. I wish I could see these episodes the way you do. Nice to have your point of view after-the-fact, however, even if I can’t manage to “get there” while watching.

    p.s. Apologies for the typos in my last post.

  • Anne

    Dominica is a catholic name, suitable for Polish and Czech cultures, while girl’s last name and House’s attempt to speak [horrendous] Russian with her suggest that she is indeed Russian (Christian Orthodox). What happened to research House’s writers were so famous for?

  • Em

    Just wondering why the Fox promo guy says Thirteen has been missing for a year its not been that long.

  • Sera G

    Barbara, forgive me for going off topic a bit, but I want to respond to Michele1L.
    Michele, I just finished a bio. about a person who had addiction issues and was married to an alcoholic. She said that she was his enabler for years; making excuses, cleaning up (literally and figuratively after him) until finally she just snapped when he continued to lie and she told him he had to take responsibility for himself. She would support him and be with him, but ultimately it was up to him. Sadly, he was unable to stick with any program.
    This is NOT what happened in House. They wrote the formerly understanding, supportive and loving Cuddy as a cold and selfish. I LOVE Cuddy. I could see why in her pain and fear she wanted to suspend the relationship, but the Cuddy of 147 episodes, (see post #4) doesn’t seem to be around lately. I call this inconsistant writing. The point I am trying to make is that this is not how she would have handled the situation on any other episode. They wrote it/her this way for the express purpose of destroying the relationship, giving him an excuse to act like an a** and to now make her feel guilty and allow him to do increasingly stupid things.

  • 77

    Hate to say it but they were doing pretty good earlier this season and now House just seems so–over the top- like a caricature of his once brilliant self. I mean- marrying someone who needs a green card to hurt Cuddy. What the frak were they thinking? And Cuddy needs to be her kick a&& self again. I miss her. It’s getting to where House is so crazy with his antics that I’m starting to be immune to them. He needs some substance. And the hookers and objectification of women the past two episodes is starting to get annoying and a bit offensive-and I’m pretty easy going about my entertainment. Wilson is starting to get boring too. I’m just at a loss right now as to what’s happening here. At this point I’m hoping this is just a lag in the season b/c I’m feeling surprised (not in the good way) and apathetic by turns lately about what’s been on my screen. I want the show to succeed and I want it to do well, but if it keeps this sort of stuff up I’m afraid this might be my last season. I don’t think I could watch it being run into the ground. Hope it’s just a glitch though and things get better.

  • 54

    Michele1L, thanks for the shout-out!

    I don’t think I’m done ranting. I can’t sleep.

    This is beyond stupid. Joan (#25), WTF is totally right!

    I cannot believe that Cuddy would go to the wedding in the first place but, as Joan said, her reaction to House actually going through with the wedding: a “bit sad and she and Wilson hope things can get back to ‘normal'”…That was just…wow. I seriously think Wilson and Cuddy should kiss now. That would totally make sense now!

    In what alternate universe are the writers operating? Absurd gimmicks and lame plots is right, Joan. What the…

    What in the hey is going on?

  • Michele1L

    Exactly, SeraG! — If Cuddy has a conversation with House about viewing herslef as his enabler, I could totally accept the breakup, although it would still sadden me. I could also accept it if she told him that she didn’t want him to end up resenting her for ‘making him a crappy doctor’ or trying to turn him into a domestic when this is clearly not who he is, etc., that would be reasonable to me as well. — I’m holding out for that conversation between them that makes it make sense to me, because at present, it doesn’t and continues to annoy me.

  • Michele1L

    ‘herslef’? Did I actually post that? Jeez.

  • Melissa

    can someone please tell me what happens after the FBI’s are in the hospital? my DVR only recorded 54 minutes of it 🙁

  • Shiloh

    SeraG-‘TPTB gave us some very tender moments, some fun and spice. They also clued us in that both of them knew it would not be an easy relationship. How could the same sensitive, careful creators now come up with this nonsense?’

    What have they done to House and Cuddy and their relationship? Bring it back, please. We’ve seen what you are capable of and you are so much better than this. Believe me.

  • Sera G

    Sadly, Michele1L, that will never happen. I think TPTB want to put so much pain, distance and anger between them that neither they NOR we remember what they had for 147 episodes!
    Everyone knows that I am a big time HUDDY, but it isn’t even the breakup that angers me, although I am still furious about that and the deception of giving them “a chance”.

    Now I find the plots and characters so far removed from what I love. If I started watching now, believe me, I would not stick around for another episode. I would think to myself: “That wimp is his boss?” Of course he doesn’t respect her! What a best friend, there’s no respect there either.” Forget about POTW, even if that was clever, the rest of the antics are so sit-com that I would not buy into any of it.

    (Please, people, don’t tell me they are working toward an affair between Wilson/Cuddy? That would be the ultimate slap in the face to the viewers.)

  • Michele1L

    Melissa -The patient is wanted in several states for a dozen murders and eats his victims. House’s “wife” confesses that,although it’s a fake marriage, she likes him. He says he likes her too, they kiss and then he says he doesn’t sleep with married women and retires to his bedroom alone.

  • Michele1L

    Sera G – at this point, it would not suprise me if they put Wilson and Cuddy together — but I would think they’d either completely lost their minds or that they are screwing with us and that this whole situation will turn out to be a HUGE SHAM.

  • Melissa

    I would like to add, I don’t understand why everyone is so upset with the gimmicks? it just shows that House too, is upset by the break up and was trying[did] get under Cuddy’s skin. Was I surprised by it all? No. It was fun and comedic to me. Just because of one episode, people are talking about not wanting to watch the show anymore is pretty ridiculous.

  • Melissa

    Michele1L – thank you

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    Has anyone noticed how much this entertainment is getting to be? We watch the show on Monday and spend the rest of the week searching for meaning in the void it left. We join togeter to offer comfort to the ones hurt the most and desperately try to convince ourselves it will be better next week. Then sadly we join together again the next week and face the same sad reality. It is draining trying to believe in something I once loved and hoping it will be good again.

  • 54

    This dude knows what he’s talking about.

    Quote: House Review: A Killer Wedding (3/21/2011)
    I don’t care at all anymore about the House/Cuddy relationship. Just like you’ve said, the unexplained inconsistency in the relationship made me lose interest. I thought them getting together WAS the climax of all those seasons, but now they’re already broken up? House is back popping pills? It completely undoes all the best story-telling House has ever had and it feels like it’s just to create pointless drama and give the writers an easy-out for plots. If the writers couldn’t come up with anything better than this, I would have rather had the S6 finale “Help Me” be the series finale.

  • ruthinor

    Well, I knew I was in trouble today when my car battery died earlier as I was about to do a number of errands. To round off the day, my DVR did not record this episode so I only saw the last 20 minutes live. I guess I’ll have to wait to see it on USA in about 10 days. Judging from all the comments, I guess I didn’t miss much. There is an interview with the writer of tonight’s episode, John Kelly, and I have to say I found it to be unappetizing to say the least. He seemed so pleased with himself. He pretty much said “we had to get House and Cuddy together, then break them up and now we will spend the rest of the season getting them back to the way they were before”. And I’m thinking..what the hell is purpose of that? Oh well…

  • Jill

    I am beyond complaining, I am in mourning for the show I always loved! what are TPTB doing. If we fans are feeling this what is the adverage TV viewer feeling? are they wanting the ratings to fall and fall? House getting married to get back at Cuddy, really! even House in the old days would never of done this crap! and Chase now a minister able to do marry people? PLEASE They really need to do or say somthing to stop people giving up on this wonderful show, even giving up on Hugh! which I never want to do.

  • Michele1L

    54 – Yep. Sounds like that reviewer read my mind!

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    I ment – Has anyone noticed how much WORK this entertainment is getting to be?

  • Michele1L

    ruthinor 47 – That is so sad to hear. Who wants after seven years for everything to be back as it was? Seeing House throwing back the vicodin again was a flashback to season 5. I don’t need the rewind, and as Cuddy said to Wilson in last week’s episode, ‘you can’t go backwards’. — SERIOUSLY???

  • 54

    fatOlady/Ok Gma, totally with you!

  • Sera G

    fOl/OkGma,#45, so true!
    Remember when we would go on and on about the great moments, terrific lines, and interesting subtext? Those were the days!
    I went back to read Barbara’s poignant review for “Joy” the other day. That was when I first got the courage to post here. (Now I can’t stop). I had to quit reading because it made me so sad. There was so much promise in the development/lack of development in House and the yearning that he and Cuddy shared for each other.

    I continue to be bewildered by the motivation by TPTB. They can’t really think that this is good? That can’t really think we are enjoying it? Don’t they read any commentary? When the critic from TV Guide and others say the change has made the show predictable, that tells you something. They can’t call that SuperFans or disparage it as Huddies (Fangirls). They are writing critically and as objective viewers.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    No Michele1L,it is way worse than being “back as it was”, because we know what it WAS, and we know what it could have been.

  • Michele1L

    In some way I’m thinking the “House” folks might be enjoying all of the bashing we’re doing and may have a trick in store for us at the end of the season … but just in case, I have spoken my piece!

  • Sera G

    I just went back and re-read some comments.
    Do you mean that when House doesn’t sleep with his ‘wife’ we are meant to feel sorry for him/hera? That is absurd!
    Wasn’t it just 4 weeks ago that House loved Cuddy so much that she was “…totally worth it” that he lose a patient every now and then? Three weeks ago he was so afraid that she would die he had to take Vicodin to go see her in the hospital. Now, we shed a tear because he can’t bring himself to have sex with his green card/total stranger wife!?! I don’t use this expression but, WTF?
    What possible trick could forgive/forget all this!

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    I am sorry, but once the Jeni has been let out of he bottle you can’t put it back and TPTB will either figure that out or the show will die.

    The creaters have two incredible and powerful chacters and they are destroying them by not letting THEM tell their story. For any of you who are writters or anyone who has ever written a story knows at some point the characrs tend to “take over” and take a direction of their own. Many times the story ends up miles away from where the writer intended. When the writer forces the direction of the story (unless they are a VERY talented writer) it often comes off as being “out of character”. Am I wrong?

  • Sera G

    I agree, fOl/OkGma, that is why none of this makes sense. You can’t unring the bell, as they say. We know how House/Cuddy feel about each other. They ate together, played with Rachel together (don’t get me started on that poor kid. She will have trust issues and man trouble), shared a bed and made love. How do you forget that, go back to “normal”. Their relationship was never ‘normal’. That is why it was so much FUN to watch.

    I really do try to imagine what is in their minds to write these episodes. You know, if they came out and said, “Bear with us, we have a plan in mind and we trust that you can hang on while we get there” I might go along for the ride, but they have disregarded plots they put into play 147 episodes ago!!!!!!! and characters they developed and beliefs that we have followed.
    Now they seem to be ignoring/throwing it all away. To what end?

    They are alienating long time viewers, confusing new viewers and putting the show at risk. I just don’t understand.

  • 54

    Sera G, I also thought about Rachel!

    Are they ever going to address whether or not Rachel asks Cuddy about House? I mean, he was there a lot! She had to have been used to having him around. Is this another thing that’s going to get buried under rockets and monster trucks?

  • Sera G

    I agree, 54, #59. I thought that might be a poignant moment between mother and daughter. Not enough time, have to ‘play’ with those monster trucks, we only have 44 minutes to tell this story.

  • Audrey

    Honestly? After the past couple of epis I’m looking forward to hiatus. I think TPTB need a break and I know I do.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    I think they are trying to loose the female audience and attract only the male 18 to 35 demographic.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    My son who is 29 loved the episode last week and this week.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    Pretty soon all they will be advertizing during the show will be beer, tv dinners, pick-up trucks, and video games.

  • Jaim

    I wish I could believe that all of this is just some elaborate hallucination, but I have a feeling this awfulness is genuine.

  • 54

    Why do I have a hideous feeling that some of my crazy hypos might be true? Please say it ain’t true. Please!

    FatOlady, I think that the show right now has a borderline misogynystic tone. With the exception of Masters, who is like an otherworldly alien genius by nature, the women are either prostitutes or women who crumble at the mightiness/attractiveness/craziness of House. I know that the show is about House, and I LOVE HOUSE, but…seriously? What is up with the portrayal of women recently? I don’t see Cuddy’s “assertion” in this episode as assertion at all. I’m sorry. I just don’t see it.

    I used to think that House’s jokes were funny (even the completely outrageous completely politically incorrect ones), but I liked them because they spoke the truth in some way. But now, the jokes seem so crude and they just seem to be put there for shock value. (Esp. jokes about women)

    Okay. I’ll stop ranting now. Unless the writers can pull off a miracle of a season finale, I don’t see where this is going at all. Good night. And may I say to TPTB, good luck. Wow…

  • Pogger

    Here’s an interesting parallel between the episodes “Recession Proof” and “Fall From Grace” :

    During the bar scene from “Recession Proof,” House told Wilson, “All of them are gone, Wilson. They’re all dead because I am screwed up.” Later, in a botched attempt to smooth things over with Cuddy at the end of the episode, House (unwillingly) committed emotional cannibalism by placing the intense burden of his past/present/future medical missteps solely on her shoulders.

    At the very end of “Fall From Grace,” Foreman and Chase respectively revealed to a shocked Masters that their seemingly benign POTW is actually “a serial killer who eats his victims” and is supposedly “linked to 13 unsolved murders in 10 different states.” Their attempts to save his life ultimately resulted in greater collateral damage yet to come.

    Unintentional coincidences on the part of the writer John C. Kelley? Or something else entirely?

  • What the Freud

    Pogger (#67), as much I’d love to think the Kelley intended the very perceptive and amazing parallel you gave, I think that your interpretation is perhaps so much more complex (and amazing!) than what he intended.

  • Lauren

    What is this show’s deal with women lately?

  • justsoweirdlol

    I tend to think that House is in the ultimate “shut-down” mode. He opened his heart way more than he meant to and his worst fear happened. He turned to vicoden out of fear that he was going to lose the one person in the world that he was vulnerable to…and as a result he lost her in a differant way. It seems that he has and continues to prove to himself what he used to tell Cameron about him being ‘damaged goods’ and that he is unloveable. He is not just severing ties with Cuddy, he is completely annialating them so that he never gets his hopes up that things can be ‘fixed’. Marraige to another person for any reason at all permanently closes his chances with Cuddy and ultimately allows him the best chance for healing. This story line may be ‘over-the-top’, but the potential story around the story is powerful if the writers explore it further. And anything is fixable…even this marraige thing. Just my thoughts.

  • gg

    stop being so harsh on tptb it’s just how the tv cycle goes .all said all done let’s bring the fireworks back in

  • vicpei

    Am I the only one to tick on the thirteen unsolved murders and Thirteen’s return next week? Am I really THAT paranoid?

  • Lara

    “He is not just severing ties with Cuddy, he is completely annialating them so that he never gets his hopes up that things can be ‘fixed’.”

    I think you have something there, justsoweirdlol. It makes me sad though. I loved House and Cuddy together. I thought TPTB did too. They are the ones who created them and their chemistry and made us love them. But the only assurance we have is that they will go back to square one. If there’s any ‘fixing’ going on, that’s what it means. Can I tell you how much it sucks waiting so long for them to finally get together for them to break up after not even a full season?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You made some good points.

  • Oo

    it is so depressing reading that House went ahead with the marriage even if for convenience only…maybe he went ahead with it to get back to Cuddy getting married before? and that he is not hiding it like she did??

  • tauwja

    Okay, this was actually so bad even *I* am starting to believe the dream/hallucination theory now. They can’t possibly be serious about this can they?!

  • Razor Eddie

    lol… oh god, heheheh i gotta say i totally loooved that last scene concerning the patient, lol… so i wonder how this is going to affect Masters in the next few episodes.. hmm my own personal guess is, she’s going to be coming off rather a lot House towards the patients now… possibly for a few episodes. distrusting them, being cold towards them that sorta stuff. thats just my theory i mean i could be wrong. but after what just happened here after she let herself bond with and trust a patient once more… i’d think that there’d be just a bit of a hardening or something, to show the damage this episode has inflicted on her psychi don’tcha guys and ladies and weirdoes such as myself agree? lol… god the look on Masters’ face just kills me every time i think about it *Grin*

  • It seemed evident through the entire episode that House was hoping that Cuddy would stand up to him, stop him, just say NO! like she always does. But she did nothing until Wilson finally talked to her about it. House needs boundaries, he needs someone to reign him in, someone who stands up to him, much like Cuddy has always done. It’s one of the reasons he loves her because she keeps him in check. In turn he would always push her to her limit, keep her on her toes, and encouraged her to be a better doctor and administrator (in his own House way). These two need that again.

    You could see the look on House’s face throughout the entire episode…the way he looked at Cuddy with such sadness and love, it was really something to behold. These two are so made for each other, so perfect for one another…the more the episode went on, the more I felt like at some point in the future they’ll find one another again. It just doesn’t seem like anyone else fits them the way they fit each other. So they’re dysfunctional? That’s part of what makes their relationship work.

    Normal for House and Cuddy is pushing each other’s buttons and reacting to one another. House was pushing Cuddy’s buttons but it took her awhile to push back.

    At the end it wrapped up nicely where he realized he didn’t want to hurt her anymore, and I don’t think he wants to hurt anymore either. He regretted his business decision to marry this hooker/masseuse. He has no love for her, no respect for her, hell he doesn’t really even like her. When he kissed her he was thinking of Cuddy. And no way will he let this woman sleep in his bedroom where Cuddy was the last woman to be in there with him. Not sure what’s going to happen to Dominica but I get the feeling she won’t last long.

    I like that Cuddy stood up to House finally. I like that Wilson is using toughlove with his two best friends. I like that House is finally “feeling” some emotion here—the hurt he is causing Cuddy is finally getting to him in the form of guilt and regret. This is good.

    I liked House’s final interaction with the POTW. This POTW was really good….either he pulled one good over House (House seemed to bond with the patient over the father/abuse issue) or House is losing his mojo in being able to sniff out a liar. I think the guy was just a good liar and caught House in a weak moment. That the POTW turned out to be a serial killer…AWESOME! Who would have seen that coming???

    Though the Monster truck thing was funny it was not believable. I mean this was a little stupid and over the top IMO.

    I’m still wondering where TPTB are taking us but please tell me that we’re going to like where this is going. I want the House/Cuddy dynamics back, I want TPTB to start challenging these characters with really good interaction and dialogue. I want my favorite characters that I have grown to love for nearly seven years back in action again they way they are MEANT to be.

  • amy Blumhardt

    At first, I wasn’t going to watch the episode. But, it’s just a show right? I haven’t liked the direction it’s been going since Bombshells. It was better than I thought it would be. I just hope we find out if the writers aren’t partaking in vivodin and see the real end results. As away, Hugh’s acting is superb.

  • Committed

    #77 Jessica aka JLCH – I have quite a few comments on the episode with little time to voice them but I too left with a hopeful feeling for the first time in quite awhile. He doesn’t want his “wife” and he still is pained by his love for Cuddy and Cuddy for him. The writers at least gave us that. It’s okay if they show them in pain if that pain is an investment – I believe it is.

    I still have a feeling that this is going to work out but we need to have patience. This relationship can be better. I don’t know what form that will take but I believe …

    LOVED the patient of the week storyline – so much going on there.

    This is an episode I would like to see again. I know many of you did not like it, I can see why – lots of stuff going on that was over the top but all in all, this one wasn’t so bad. I saw the hope at the end.

  • espejoses

    Sera G, Michele1 L# 36 Make no mistake, she in the episode of bombasehlfs told her she could not be his replacement Vicodin, which she could not remain “a savior” but it could face the root of the problem was to confront his fear of being pain. By continually forgive him his fault was allowing his relationship still remain on the surface of your problem. But then the panic here, painful and emotional situation where two of them had faced, did not allow any of them deal appropriately with the situation.
    Something else would have been if she had missed until after the crisis in the relationship, and talk with him about the issue and how to solve together. (That of course was not the intention of the creators of the series, or the path chosen by them.) They needed a relapse to House that will take at least outwardly, to a turning back on his first state of isolation, loneliness and hurt. (The jerk that never changes)
    But look as painful as it was to marry him, seeing the alliance on your finger, seeing him reach the final, just for some honesty with Dominica in the promise of getting your green card residence, we have also seen that House has realized his mistake. Although a part of him wanted to hurt her deeply, she also wanted to oppose what was happening. But above all this action as a boomerang has hurt him much deeper. The final scene of him on the sofa with Dominica in front of the TV surrounded by the chaos of the party, it reflects the chaos in which he finds himself. The married but still only emotionally. The kiss shared with Dominica, but fell on her, it was as if he were giving it to Cuddy. More she was not and therefore could not fulfill their vows.
    When House said that Dominica is not sleeping with married women (something we all know he did with Stacy and Lydia) on the was and he was telling us viewers, he was not married to her emotionally. She was married but he does not, at least emotionally with it, or whatever it is, for roles she was married to her but emotionally he was married to Cuddy.

  • vicpei

    Now I am almost totally sold on the near-death/alternate universe theory, because the only other option would be that the writers have suddenly gone dumb and Shore is trying actively to kill the show in this season by being overtly ridiculous and urging us to watch something else.

    So I’ll add to the weird thread, it is the only thing I can do to have some fun.
    New facts : Room 243 (Unwritten and here)
    The watch comes back next ep, along with Thirteen.
    The patient is wanted for THIRTEEN murders.
    The rocket (astronaut?) thing in next epi promo mirroring the other half of Cuddy’s question in Two Stories : were you an astronaut or a bullfighter (bull last week…)
    If it appears to be a trick, then I’ll be happy to watch the eps again to find if we did get all the clues. But even so, the joke could be a little too long and viewers droven away are not likeky to come back. Not these days. If not…

    It is the first time in FIVE years I did not watch a House episode, nor do I intend to. And I am not dreading the hiatus at all. It’s like I don’t know me any more.

  • huddycat

    I’m maybe the only one, but I liked this ep.
    The Wilson-Cuddy scene were awesome!
    Cuddy feels so heartbroken that’s made me cry! She feels guilty because of House’s behavior that why she accepts that House does what he wants, I think she prefers to see him drive a segway in the hospital rather than to jump from a balconey or sleep with hookers.
    But I think that Cuddy is deeply hurt, she’s really heartbroken because of the break_up, she lost her marks and doesn’t know how to deal with the lost of her boyfriend, with her despair, with the crazy-self destructive behavior of House. She needs helps, and fortunately, Wilson, this time, is with her. He gives her advice and comforts her when she needs it the most, at the end in House’s bedroom where she goes in order not to hear House say “I do”, in order to hide and cry. Wilson is at her side, a really great scene.
    House tries to bluff, but the heart is not here any more. He does crazy things, he has a smirk on his face, but his eyes don’t smile, they cry his love. The way he looks at Cuddy in her office and at the wedding when she left! Heartwrenching! He’s still so in love with her!
    But Cuddy and House are both stubborn and behave here like a child who refuses to admit his mistakes and refuses to give any kind of satisfaction to the other one, and Cuddy says it to Wilson. They both have to grew up before they’ll be able to make their relation works, that’s can explain this “weird storyline” as many say and the OOC of Cuddy and House.
    The monster trucks scene was hilarious, the faces of Foreman or Taub made me laugh.
    I read quickly that you wonder why they shot this scene. Maybe just to show us how childish House behaves when he’s deeply hurt. He allows himself to make crazy things like a child who is angry, that’s a way to show his pain, his anger.
    Well, that’s just my opinion

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Well, really really really I promissed to me tonight: “Tomorrow I will not read and write nothing about House”…but I can´t…I need to talk about it.


    45 – fatOlady/Ok Gma
    Mar 21, 2011 at 10:25 pm
    Has anyone noticed how much this entertainment is getting to be? We watch the show on Monday and spend the rest of the week searching for meaning in the void it left. We join togeter to offer comfort to the ones hurt the most and desperately try to convince ourselves it will be better next week.

    Yes, Barbara, this is our own House´s therapy!

    My thoughts:

    – Yesterday I watched House MD. I live in Spain, so it started at 1:00am. I have to wake up very early this morning, but I stayed it for House!.

    – I were to bed at 3:30am…so sad, unhappy, crying…well, very disappointed. I, actually, feel stupid.

    – I have never thought TPTB will be so far with the marriadge! I never thought House will make this wedding real at the face of Cuddy. So sad…when I saw Cuddy on the same bed of Now What?…She felt guilty, not for break up with him, but for not stop this wedding…She really loves House and She never thought he will really do that, he hurts her so hard.

    – Well, tonight on twitter we all were talking about this episode.

    – Now, I am again on the coma´s theory. Why? Because I believe that is the only thing with sense.

    – About this theory:
    – Chase can´t make a valid wedding. He never ends the seminary.
    – The astronaut!!! There is!!! We have the bullfighter, now that!!!
    – The number´s room of Pingüin pace.
    – Dominica = Restaurant of Unwritten.
    …etc etc etc
    – The POTW is House!!! It is the way he feel now: like a serial killer (remember RP)…
    – The window of Wilson…

    Really, if that theory is false! I should have to leave this show! No sense! What happen to Cuddy??? OMG What happen to House??? OMG…Cuddy and Wilson??? Pleaseeee, it will be the worst thing TPTB ever done!!!!

    I am angry with my self, like Cuddy said yesterday: I promissed me it didn´t get me! And now it got me!!!

  • smk46

    the problem with season 7 is that the show ended thematically with “help me” at the close of season 6. the story of house is a hero’s journey that ends appropriately with the joining of the male and female principals and principles, as it did in the finale of season 6.

    this floundering around in season 7 is because tptb are trying to do something that can’t be done artistically with any success. they are taking characters whose tale was fully spun out and trying to bring them back to a point in the plot that has already gone by. in this vain struggle, the writers are confusing farce with rising action and casting about desperately for a mcguffin.
    it makes for very uneven watching and violates completely the truth of the real story of house, the story that they took six careful seasons of writing to create. but that journey is over. this season is something else. it seems to lack authenticity because it is not the true story…that’s been told. what we’re being served up now is a tack-on to that.

  • #79 Committed. There was so much more for me to say about this episode LOL but I had to get ready for work! I totally agree with your post though, I was left feeling hopeful because I’ve been wanting House to feel his pain and start dealing with it in a rational way. Granted marrying this chick to give her a green card wasn’t exactly rational but to him it’s purely a business arrangement.

    #76 Razor Eddie. That really was some interaction between Masters and the POTW. Every time she gets close to a patient she gets burned, no? You can slowly see her loving and caring attitude towards patients being eroded by the truth that everybody indeed lies. She was taken in by this POTW and she felt so sorry for him, only to find out he’s probably murdered thirteen people. I can’t even imagine how this has impacted her now. I can see her either leaving this area of medicine (patient contact) or becoming more cynical and House-like. Either way, the Masters that leaves the show this season is not the same one who entered.

    #80 Espejoses. I totally agree with you. House indeed finally realized how much he hurt Cuddy. Oh Cuddy knows why he married this chick, she’s not jealous. It’s just that he flaunted it like he did that hurt her so much. I think House will make it apparent to Cuddy that there is absolutely ZERO attachment to this girl. He realizes how much he hurt Cuddy but also how much he hurts himself and I don’t think he wants this to continue, at least that’s the impression I got from this.

    House and Cuddy never talk about their feelings because they are never on the same page. I think “Help Me” and “Now What” were the only time they really were on the same page together at least this season. It’s been their problem for years, both are so pigheaded and stubborn they refuse to just TALK. It’s weird though isn’t it for House to be this way because I distinctly remember him doing little things to provoke fights between Wilson and Sam in an effort for them to TALK about unresolved issues. I suppose it’s easier when it’s someone else though and not your own relationship.

    The only woman House has any emotional attachment to is Cuddy and I believe it will always be that way even if they’re not together as a “couple”. You’re right though, at least with Stacy and Lydia House felt something but he feels nothing for Dominica. Not sure how long Dominica will be in the picture but I don’t envision her being around long because she really has no part to play anymore. She was really just a pawn in this whole game. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if House got the marriage annulled seeing as there is no consummation of the vows. I wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe as a way of making it up to Cuddy, the way he hurt her. In some small way it’s like saying “I screwed up”.

    I feel like the House and Cuddy I have been seeing last couple of weeks is not even close to the House and Cuddy I saw at at the beginning of this season. I know these two are both lovers and fighters at heart. They are also two very emotional people who keep a lot inside of them and we’re seeing how their dysfunction, their inner turmoil, their need for each other is making them say and do ridiculous things they might not otherwise say and do. These two people don’t give up easily, yet both have given in, if even for a short time. Cuddy has been just giving in to House instead of fighting him and pushing back at him. This isn’t like her at all. She only fought back when Wilson talked to her about what House needs from her. House wouldn’t fight Cuddy initially, he just drowned himself in his sorrows–Vicodin, booze, and hookers, and THEN only AFTER the balcony/pool incident did he decide he wanted confrontation with Cuddy. In fact, he seemed desperate for it. He craved it. He wanted her to say NO to him especially at the wedding. And had she not walked away without saying a word I don’t think he would have uttered the completely void and unemotional “yep” in his fake marriage vows.

    I really feel like House is slowly moving towards the point where he can begin exploring his deep emotional turmoils and somehow begin healing in whatever way House can do that. Cuddy has a lot of her own mess to deal with. That these two are so dysfunctional and uncommon is what makes them so great together. It’s so damn obvious. Conflict is at the root of their relationship, they thrive on it. What I see now is a pathetic shell of what used to be two finely tuned brilliant cunning and manipulative characters so in love with one another the only way they knew how to show it was by pushing each other’s buttons. I miss that.

    TPTB tell us that House will be reeling from the breakup into the season finale. What that means, who really knows? I hope that it pushes this show and the characters in a positive direction though.

    And one more thing. ONCE AGAIN Hugh, Lisa and Bob were brilliant, taking an inept storyline and turning it into pure gold. And they are what keeps me watching.

  • DebbieJ

    My husand who is a cursory viewer at best watched with me last night. Even he said this show seems to be jumping the shark (this was said during the monster truck DDX).

    From reading everyone’s comments from last weeks episode OOTC, I found myself agreeing with him but defending the show at the same time explaining that a lot of folks in the fandom think a lot of the latest episodes are happening in *some* type of alternate universe, being a hallucination, dream, or whatever.

    I’ve picked things up that I hadn’t noticed before (like his missing watch) but what struck me the most was when Foreman says something about the patient and Taub says something to the effect, “well, we put most of our patients to the brink of death before we save them at the last minute”. That does not sound like something one of the characters would say in canon, but more of what outside sources (viewers, critics) would say/think.

    And what room did Cuddy go to during the ceremony? It was obviously (or was it?) right off of the chapel because you can hear the din of conversation of those in attendance of the wedding. But it sure didn’t look like a room you’d find in a hospital. It looked like a bedroom or a hotel room.

    These are just two instances that I can think of off the top of my head at the moment (I’m supposed to be getting ready for work right now), but I know there were a few more that I picked up.

    Although I think if this arc really *is* in an AU, I feel like they’ve been there done that. But I also feel if it is, TPTB had better come up with a doozy of an explanation for all of this weirdness!

  • Visitkarte

    quoting Melissa:
    Mar 21, 2011 at 10:24 pm
    I would like to add, I don’t understand why everyone is so upset with the gimmicks? it just shows that House too, is upset by the break up and was trying[did] get under Cuddy’s skin. Was I surprised by it all? No.
    -End of the quote-

    I agree with this statement and also with the ‘House wanting to severe all the ties to Cuddy, so he might never again get his hopes up for this relationship, thus trying to avoid getting hurt again.

    House was like a kid in overdrive, “Look, Mummy, I can do even worse, please, look at me and punish me, just don’t ignore me like that” He wanted to distinguish all the hope for a romantic new start and, in the same tame, he hoped her to set boundaries, to show him she still cares. So he started screaming and screaming, louder and louder, ending up with a Monster Track on the parking space, ending up almost hurting someone just to get some attention.

    And, differently to Melissa, his overdrive was no fun and not comedy for me. It made me sad to see him that desperate, it physically hurt watching him walking straight to hell. The ending didn’t disappoint me. It fit.

  • Joan

    The writer’s vlog again was another dispiriting look behind the scenes that they apparently really do intend the direction they are going here. First, both last week and this they are talking about how all break-ups suck and how you move on like this was some college romance gone bad after a few weeks and its just time to move on. As Sera has pointed out so beautifully, this was not just a bit of dating gone bad, we saw House and Cuddy overcome their fears and issues to finally be together after so many years of tangled history and they truly deeply loved/love each other. Even the writers keep telling us they really wanted it to work, to be together and they love each other….well, (leaving aside my rant over how abruptly and out of character they busted them up) thats not the kind of relationship you just do some crazy sh–t and get over in a week or two to start dating again or have a hilarious marriage rebound. UGH.

    The writers also keep using this now to me ominous term of how do they get back to ‘normal’ after the breakup and even have Wilson and Cuddy mouthing this idiocy. It looks clear that TPTB really do want to hit rewind and turn back the clock to put them in season 1 or something….Cuddy needs to be the boss that says no again and so on. There should be no going back to some pre-Help Me relationship dynamic, how can that possibly be after what they’ve had and acknowledged they had together? Realistically I do not see how they could continue working together but even if they work through this, the bantering/sexual tension of the past is not going to work now. Jessica, yes, the way House looks at her with his heart in his eyes, thats where we are now and what are the writers going to do with it?? I can’t help but fear disappointment with the way they are treating this. Its like the whole relationship was planned as a little detour or odd turn in the road that they now want to bury quickly and get back to the main route. After such a long and beautifully done build up the relationship and its ending has just been a letdown. It also seems like the writers are throwing all these crazy and stupid stunts in to prove the relationship can’t be saved and Cuddy was right to dump him (especially if he really were the total jerk he’s been acting) and this marriage thing is the last straw. It would be more natural to me that two people who loved each other and really wanted to be together would keep trying and not just be ‘moving on’ the next day.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    86 —

    What do you mean with that? —>

    And what room did Cuddy go to during the ceremony? It was obviously (or was it?) right off of the chapel because you can hear the din of conversation of those in attendance of the wedding. But it sure didn’t look like a room you’d find in a hospital. It looked like a bedroom or a hotel room.

    – Are you saying the room when she went first to prohibit House´s wedding at hospital?

  • #88 Joan, I don’t even watch the vlogs anymore. I also hate that they are broadcast before the show. Why would they do that?

    I can’t watch them anymore because they seem to continue to reaffirm and justify bad storylines and it just makes me feel even worse about where the show is headed.

    I can’t remember a time in nearly seven years that I have seen so many negative comments about a show that is still the most popular in the world….shame isn’t it?

  • eileen

    The POTW, talking to Masters, said something like, “I’ve done bad things to people…horrible things…”

    House said that to Cuddy at the end of Now What before he told her he loved her.

  • SaraGrace10

    I’m so embarrassed to be a fan of this show at this point, it’s unreal.

    If my choices are believing that this nonsensical, OOC lunacy they have been showing this season is true or House is in some sort of season-long coma/dream sequence then I choose the latter. SOMETHING has to explain this right? Sigh.

    I cannot believe what has happened to a once compelling, brilliant drama. This is a disgrace.

  • DebbieJ

    @#89 – RedTulip_Ana: No, I’m not referring to the chapel. I’m referring to when the “wedding” was taking place and she just couldn’t bear to witness it any longer, she stepped out of the chapel. The next scene, we see her sitting on the side of a bed and Wilson comes in to comfort her.

    I asked out loud, where did she go? Is this her home? Is this a hotel? But then Wilson comes in and you can hear the din of conversation from the chapel from the room they were in so I thought it was very AU. It certainly didn’t look like a room you’d find at a hospital.

    It was very odd.

  • 54

    Unless this is a terrible dream that we wake up from (“we” being the people who can’t believe the ridiculousness of what’s going on with the show), I’m going to suspend my own reality and think that “Help Me” was the end of the show. I want to remember the show that way.

    #84 smk46, I think you’re totally right.
    Well stated.

    I’m glad we have the hiatus so that I can get used to not being heartbroken and angry over the show that intrigued me, touched me, and shocked me in such a good way for six years.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    Okay I am thinking a bit clearer this morning although still sick at my stomach. Okay, the marriage for green card thing and everybody knows?

    And everyone knows that a Green card is the only reason for this marriage? For REALZ? No way”.

    INS researches this kind of thing, the couple has to have interviews with INS, they talk with friends, Family, and coworkers to determine if it is a “real” marriage.

    Also, I know it’s tv but the ods of a Jeffery Dalmer just happening to come to this hospital and just happening to end up in House’s care streches the imagination to the breaking point.

    Then it looks like the fellows find ANOTHER Jeffery Dalmer / Hannible Lector wanna be next episode? Someone slap me please cause I am living in a nightmare.

  • somy

    I did like that Cuddy was portrayed a little bit more intelligently in this episode. She had some excellent lines and it was nice to see her stand up to House with articulate sentences rather than passive aggressive whining about toilet seats. She is still my favorite character on the show, though I’m beginning to lose interest in House himself, whose caustic wit is fading into slapstick comedy antics and crude sexism.

    On a side note, I can’t believe the writers didn’t write a SINGLE PROPER KISS for House and Cuddy during their whole relationship (or they did and it was edited out?) and yet we are subjected to close-ups of House making out with the Green Card Girl.

    That’s just evil…! I hope they make up for the Passion Deficit caused by the hyperactive editing team by including some House/Cuddy outtakes on the DVDs, just saying.

  • What the Freud

    somy (#96): Totally! Where were the PROPER kisses?

  • espejoses

    #86 – DebbieJ
    The ceremony was at the home of House and Cuddy room was chosen for the bedroom, it is significant that she chose that room just to mourn his wounded heart and also relevant to House to leave that room and leave the sofa to Dominica.

  • josie

    What was the deal with the unicycle in House’s bedroom? Did you see it in the scene where Wilson is comforting Cuddy in House’s bedroom? Is this supposed to be a symbol that House is a clown? I thought the entire episode was silly (monster trucks, hooker bride, cannibal serial killer) so I couldn’t appreciate the symbolism as something artistic. I’m 41-years-old and I feel that I’m watching a show that’s being geared for teenagers.

    Also, in the scene where House turns his back to Masters to swallow a vicodin, why does he turn around and accuse her of being the reason that he is back on the drug?

  • tauwja

    That was so bad, it was actually embarrassing to watch. Everything was over-the-top, Cuddy was weak and spineless and only a vague shadow of her former self, and House has just become a ridiculous caricature of what he used to be. He’s lost all lost his redeeming charactaristics and he’s no longer a lovable witty bastard but he’s just a mean childish moron now. There’s nothing intruiging or likeable about the character anymore. Not even that tiny hint of regret on House’s face at the end can make up for that. I can’t possibly feel sorry for him now, if this is who House is now then he doesn’t deserve anyone, least of all Cuddy. Congratulations on making the main character completely unlikeable and uninteresting in such a short span of time, writers.

    And then they make the PotW into a serial killer in a desperate attempt to make things a little bit interesting. Errrr, what? O_o Nope, sorry people, that was just ridiculous.

    There really isn’t any intelligence in the writing anymore, this was all just a weak attempt to shock (and, apparently, amuse) people by throwing a whole bunch of random crazy things into a blender. It’s become a ridiculous soap opera slash slapstick series that is going nowhere. This makes no sense whatsoever anymore. I honestly don’t know what they’re trying to do here.

    I meant it when I said this was so bad that it actually almost makes me believe in the hallucination/dream theory (comment #75). It has to be, this can’t be for real. Either that, or the writers have completely lost their minds, and their talent along with it. Who the hell greenlighted this? What a complete waste of money……

    And no, this is not coming from a rancunous Huddy fan, it’s coming from someone who is genuinely wondering what the hell happened to the intelligent writing this show was once known for……

    A big fat DITTO to SaraGrace10 (comment # 92) and 54 (comment # 94). Unless the season finale reveals this all to be a dream, I will also consider Help Me the end of the series. That was the last time the story was actually compelling and made any sense.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Quickly adding my 2cents:
    Are the writers trying to appeal to teens? I can’t quite understand how any mature, intelligent viewer can enjoy this series now. The show is seriously damaged. I give it to the end of the season. [H]ouse, RIP, I dare say.

  • Vicpei

    For the record, I have been reading House-Wilson sites and they don’t seem happier than Huddies with the direction of the show.

    To me, the unicycle links to the whole “circus” theme of the promos. I am beginning to think this is intented. TPTB want us to have a feeling of “weird” and “bizarre” and ask us if we are watching something real or a parallel universe. Just like House does, maybe. Are we in House’s mind, again? Too many little things do not fit, too much to be only woops, little enough not to be obvious. If so, brilliant. If not, laughable. Anyway, it would be dangerous if the show drew away too many viewers, but do casual viewers really look that far? Many of them watch, enjoy and turn to something else. Only long-term implied viewers would get the “weird” feeling.
    You know…. this could work. A serie of almost stand-alone, superficially enjoyable eps, with a deeper , under-the -surface plot linking and finally explaining the tiny curious bits (watch/13/names and sentences repeats/ parallels situations). Two levels of ep watching, like two parallel universes. Open reading, as in Unwritten. A kind of Inception, where you don’t exactly know where you stand. Possibly brilliant.

    Maybe I am just being generous with the writers. But I am feeling more curious than angry, right now.

  • CathyB

    I think House is stuck in the marriage. They made a big point in the earlier wedding episode that you have to be separated for a year before you can get divorced in NJ. He’s made a decision that he has to live with, at least legally.

    Did anyone notice when Masters asked him to stop taking the Vicodin in front of her, he replied “you’re the reason I’m taking it”? Since Masters clearly isn’t the reason, it fits with the coma theory presented earlier if Masters is “coma-Cuddy”

  • RedTulip_Ana

    93 – DebbieJ

    Nooo, she was at house´s bedroom, because the wedding finally was at his apartament!

    This is the bed of House. The bed of Now what!!!

  • Dmcky

    thanks Barbara, i’ll save my full opinion for your formal review, but honestly, I found myself not completely hating this ep…i enjoyed it more then i thought i would..explanation later

  • Oklahoma Grandma

    I am just exhausted from trying to figure all this out. There has to be something on TV that is entertaining and not nearly this much work. I have recruited viewers this week. I had told several friends and co-workers who seldomly watch or only watch re-runs on Bravo or USA to watch this week. I thought this week’s episode would be dramatic with House threatening to get married (and Cuddy or Wilson stopping him). The previews with the Segway, looked kind of fun, but it went WAY past that and into the realm of total lunacy. This show has become bi-polar and it is currently in the manic stage.

    One of my greatest pleasures has been ruined and I am not sure ANY explanation can FIX the way I feel about this show now.

    I did something today I NEVER thought I would do. I walked in to my office today with my head held down in shame. I was embarrassed and ashamed of being a fan of House……and (of course) I have been such a “pain in the A**” fan that all 45 people in my office KNOW I am a fan. I so wish Help Me, had been the end of the journey because this craziness has tainted my perception of the previous 6 years as well. I love Hugh Laurie, and I love who the character of Gregory House was, but I just can’t watch this garbage anymore.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the unicycle! A guy with a bad leg CANNOT ride a unicycle!

    I didn’t take this episode as House trying to sever all ties with Cuddy so that he can convince himself there’s no hope to avoid getting hurt again. Or maybe that is one of the reasons he did it. But I suppose it is possible. It just seemed like he wanted her to OBJECT to everything he did in that episode. Damnit these two drive me crazy. They care so deeply for one another…and they are so damn stubborn!!!

    He could get out of the marriage by having it anulled if there was no consummation of the marriage, which of course there wasn’t.

    I wouldn’t put it past Dominica to end the marriage herself if she finds someone who actually WANTS her. Right now she’s being used for housekeeping duties and married to a guy who only went through with this so she would clean his house for him and because either he wanted to get back at Cuddy and provoke her back into his life or whatever other weird reason he had. Besides, it isn’t going to last long having this chick in his bachelor pad, no way.

    I also noticed that House turned his back on Masters at one point when he took the Vicodin. That itself struck me as very odd.

    The entire monster truck thing–made NO sense. I know why he did it but seriously it was so fake, I mean come on….that was so NOT a House-type episode.

    #102 Vicpei, you’re right, it could work. I’ve been thinking that at some point this may well all be inside House’s head as he works through his potential problems with a relationship with Cuddy from start to finish. The question is….when did he go into the coma? My thought is that if this is true, it either happened after the building collapsed on him in “Help Me”, after he got home, or in an accident somewhere early in the season. In a sense everything going on in the season could have happened because coma patients can hear things going on around them. Then of course his mind interprets what’s happening in its own way.

    In the first few eps everything was fine. Now What, Selfish, Unwritten, Massage Therapy, Unplanned Parenthood….they were all good between House and Cuddy until the end of Office Politics…where things started to go downhill and then up and down again.

    I would really like to think this is being played out in a coma. It would actually be damn good but who the hell knows? I mean the way things are going now, we can only hope.

  • RobF

    House didn’t hit rock bottom last episode; he is there now. While the psychopath patient was fooling everyone (almost) by pretending to have human emotions, House was fooling nobody by pretending to have no human emotions.

    Somebody who is heartbroken may take a cynical view of romance and decide that people only get married for selfish reasons. But it is pretty funny to see House going so far as to make charts showing the monetary gain to be had from his loveless marriage. Of course in the end we see that he hasn’t managed to fool himself any more than he fooled Wilson or Cuddy. He can’t talk himself into being ok with a loveless marriage.

    As for the patient — once before we had a psychopath patient who managed to fool everyone except Thirteen. That patient was the “born that way” type of psychopath, all smooth and perfect in a Stepford sort of way. This week’s patient was the created psychopath (like Dexter), whose humanity was squashed by abuse, leaving him violent and manipulative.

    It was interesting that Taub, fresh off being burned by trusting the disturbed teenager, was immediately suspicious of this week’s patient. Masters and Chase wanted to believe in him for their own reasons — Masters because she wants to validate her philosophy of seeing the good in everyone, Chase because he himself is trying to change so wants to believe the patient can. Foreman, as usual, doesn’t care. House saw something suspicious, but was too wrapped up in his own drama.

    I thought most of the episode was good, although over the top. The monster truck scene was a total disaster on par with the go-karting scene.

  • Sheryl

    Count me among the (few?) who did like this ep. Like you, Barbara, I cringed at the monster truck though. That was just stupid. I get why it was there, but it was just . . . dumb. Why the team even goes along with him sometimes just seems silly to me.

    That said, I found it interesting, at least, that House would go so far as to actually marry someone–and come up with the objective justification for it. Is he trying to get back at Cuddy? Maybe, but it’s ironic and hypocritical for him, given all the arguments he made to Cuddy last season about Lucas. So what does it mean, that he’s willing to be a hypocrite on purpose?

    I liked the re-introduction of daddy issues to the show, but wished for more interaction between the POTW and House. There was a glimmer of recognition of the weight of those issues with House, but he was focused on other things, ultimately.

    Felt bad for Cuddy, too. That bedroom scene was sad, and I found it sad that she even showed up. And I think I’m starting to resent Wilson’s role here. I know he’s looking out for House, but how fair is it to pressure Cuddy (as the “only” person who can control House) to continue to play that role? After the wedding and all the other shenanigans, I would be done. Instead, Wilson guilts her into staying in place, into adopting the familiar role she’s had–but what’s in it for her at this point? I think Wilson just wants everyone to get along again, but all their relationships are simply toxic.

  • asdlkj

    Jumped the shark, but a smaller one, this week. Many scenes were just sloppy – got the impression the writers were phoning it in. I’ll still watch, but I’m losing hope that they’ll be able to bring it back.

  • Eve K

    Loved the marriage, loved the monstertruck, loved the POTW. Looking forward to next epi.

  • #109 Sheryl. Seems like Wilson is always the placater in this relationship between House and Cuddy. He’s always trying to smooth things over. He’s also the one who always manages to get through to them because he sees them for who they really are. He knows it can work between them because he knows how screwed up they both are. I think last night he finally got through to them in some small way. I think he knows they can make it work but at the same time he knows who they can be and this isn’t it. This isn’t like them. He also can’t be happy unless they are happy. That’s Wilson.

    At its most basic, the only reason Cuddy broke up with House is because he was unable to feel and accept pain, be it his or hers without Vicodin to aid him. If he’d needed Vicodin for physical pain she could handle it, but he uses it to mask his emotional pain too. She wants him to just feel the emotions and accept they are a part of a relationship. If he can learn to do that, at least try, they’d have a chance.

    It kinda sucks that TPTB have as of yet refused to explore House and Cuddy in a relationship facing the challenges of these hurdles together. Six months and fifteen episodes was not nearly enough time to explore this. These are strong people with a lot of inner turmoil, why are we not seeing them battle it together?

    Also as to wondering what other motives House had in marrying this Polish chick. I don’t even think HE knows anymore. Finally he’s realizing the stupidity of his actions. Maybe there’s hope yet?

    And BTW, I too saw a glimmer of recognition as you called it, about House and the father issues. TPTB would be insane NOT to explore this deeper side of House.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    —-> Quote #102 – Vicpei

    “Anyway, it would be dangerous if the show drew away too many viewers, but do casual viewers really look that far? Many of them watch, enjoy and turn to something else. Only long-term implied viewers would get the “weird” feeling.”

    I thought like you after Bombshells…I wrote this at another Barbara´s review…
    Well, I were believing if the actual show has no sense and the new storyline wasn´t like to the fans (people who really enjoy watching this TvShow since the beginning), it was possible they were looking for a new group of viewers!

    Well, I mean, now they killed Huddy and they want to erase all the Huddy´s spirit (I refer to lastest comment about it from DS, GY, writers…HuddyRIP). Maybe they want to renew their followers.

    But, when I watch the two episodes after Bombshells, I realize that so many people who are not Huddy, are also very dissapointed.

    Then, they could loose a very important part of the viewers and that void couldn´t be filled with new eventual followers.
    So I don´t think they want to run that risk!

    I actually believe that the only way TPTB can fix this TvShow is if All of That was only on House´s mind.

    The problem is that if All of That was only a Coma´s dream…it is during too much. And it is very difficult to support for many of the viewers. So, even this theory was true, they still are running the risk of screw up a fantastic and intelligent Show like “is” House MD.

    —-> 103 – CathyB

    About Masters…I´ve thinking since time along, she is not real. I have so many theories:

    – She is apparently like Cuddy (sometimes), even House said to Cuddy that “You think that she’s a younger version of you?” (S7Ep6).
    – She is apparently like the rational part of Cuddy´s mind. When Cuddy´s mom like patient: “I need you to protect me to something Cuddy will regret” (S7Ep11)
    – She is apparently like the emotional part of Cuddy´s mind. When the surgery to the bullfighter: “M: I am wrong. H: Not yet”…at this scene House was thinking about something but I don´t know how express that (sorry).
    – She is apparently Cuddy. Masters asked him to stop taking the Vicodin in front of her, he replied “you’re the reason I’m taking it”?

    Well, we know that Masters leave the show for a “very good reason”, it could be the end of the Coma´s time.


    I also have a theory about 13. I think she is at the same point of House (of course, if we accept that House is in coma).

    But, now I can´t write something more…

    Please, tell me what do u think?

  • RobF

    If it turns out that House has imagined Masters, or has imagined getting married, and then one episode wakes up to find everything back to normal…

    I will stop watching the show on principle. If the writers do something like that, you could never trust anything else from them ever again.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Really, I don´t think that: “…and the one episode wakes up to find everything back to normal…” (@114-RobF)

    I think it could be more complicated. This theory of the coma´s state is from Maya, I supposed you have read it yet.

    And, after that lastest episode, I still believe too much it was possible.

    I did find a lot of “quoutes” that are repeating on diverses episodes…

  • #114 Rob, I’ve had that theory too…that either he has imagined Masters, who is a combination of House, Cuddy and the team all rolled into one OR Masters does exist and he knows this because he can hear in his coma.

    Again, the season would NOT have been a waste if this is House’s interpretation of events in a coma. The events have happened, but what we’re seeing is his interpretation of what he’s hearing and what’s going on around him. Surely his team, Cuddy and Wilson talk to him in the coma. Done this way, the entire season has not been just a dream. The patients existed, much of what has happened in the episodes DID happen. The difference is that House has inserted himself into the situations…

  • Vicpei

    Jessica 116 I like your take; maybe they come to talk to him (at least, Cuddy and Wilson) The way his team is portrayed match the opinion House has of them. And during this, time goes on. Some patients can be real. We are free to reinterpret what really happened with them. And we all know what an unreliable narrator House is. If so, House can wake up at the end of the season or before (two game changers, remember?), not engaging again in a relationship because he will have to recompose himself before. And the handling of Hudddy has been so deceiving that I am not sure I would want to go through that again. But this way, they have material for a eighth season.

    They said there was a death, and it’s good. Cuddy or Wilson or House would not be good. Thirteen would make sense. But what about Masters? End of coma, death of Masters? They did not say it was a major character. That was Ausiello’s blind item, and it could apply to any other show.

    What is sad is that I have more fun speculating than watching, actually. But I do think we (commenting here) are in a minority.

  • Flo

    Well, I was just bored. Really bored. The gimmicks were too over-the-top and indeed ridiculous.

    It really feels like the beginning of the end. Granted, this show is in its seventh years. It must be really hard for TPTB to continue to be that good after all this time. There is a reason why creators of good shows like “The Sopranos” chose to end their shows after 5/6 years after all. “The West Wing” ended after 7 seasons and the last two or three seasons out of the 9 of “The X-Files” weren’t good. Seven years is a long time and it is apparently is a turning point in quality.

    I understand that House is in a bad place right now. Yes we can still find his flaws and humanity under all the shenanigans and I’m still curious to see where it will go but I’m also worried about the rest of the season.

    The episodes are not surprising anymore. It really feels like TPTB starts to run out of ideas. More “meh” recycling there. The writing is more sloppy, lesst greatly tight then before.

    I reserve my definitive jugdement for after the end of this season. But at this point, I’m as worried as I am curious about the show.
    First time that an episode left me totally indifferent. I guess it’s even worse than being angry or sad. I was and still am just indifferent.

    Like we say in France, “ça sent la fin”.

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    Didn’t he try riding a unicycle when his leg was better in season 3?

  • Vicpei

    @119 : skateboard

  • Flo: I was bored too! And that rarely happens to me on House. I mean it was getting to the point where I contemplated turning the channel…I just figured Cuddy would yell at him so I kept it on but of course that didn’t happen.

    I really don’t wanna get my hopes up for a dream sequence, or that this is one huge hallucination but damn, it has to be right? This writing is so sloppy. And all the underlying similarities? With the patients, with masters, with house and cuddy….it’s either all being set up on purpose or they’re obviously reusing storylines and the same dialogue! Which is just stupid and lazy writing.
    There are way too many coincidences this season. I think somethings gotta come ahead. And I sincerely hope DS and GY and all the writers stop giving interviews. Or I just need to stop reading/watching them. They’re so depressing. :/

  • Jack

    This is the first time I was more interested in the POTW than what was going on with House since… I can’t remember. But admittedly I am a horror movie buff and love a good scary story about near misses from mad men.

    But I did think House had some funny lines, my favourite being “Miss Teschmacher! North!” The monster truck thing was overkill but overall I thought the episode was entertaining, if a bit on the stupid side.

  • The Book Chick

    Yes, this episode was a mess. Yes, House is not the same addict he was in earlier seasons of the show. And why? In the words of Charlie Sheen “D’uh!”. When an addict returns to an addiction, physiological changes have taken place in his body, which mean usually the addict metabolizes the drug in a completely different way. So House’s addiction, coupled with his feelings of love & hate for Cuddy, have pushed him over a completely different edge. In terms of Cuddy, I have some understanding about her breaking up with House. She has a kid to worry about, and adopting this kid is something she chose to do on her own; surely her thoughts are that life is fraught with unanticipated stresses, as her own health crisis, and what if House “caves in” to his addiction every time one of them manifests itself? While some may argue (with some degree of merit) that Cuddy is being inordinately unreasonable and self-interested for breaking up with House, I think the only rationale I can come up with is her desire to protect Rachel. I doubt that Dominika will turn up pregnant at the end of the season, as House would be savvy enough to come up with something for INS, and of course DNA would easily reveal him as “not the father”. The three-week hiatus is a bummer, but the preview of coming attractions show us the return of Thirteen and the possibility that she was incarcerated somewhere during her absence. Jacobs and Shore have said that Thirteen’s return would be “big” and at least one entire episode will involve the circumstances of her sudden and lengthy departure. I’m kind of looking forward to it. House? He needs to get back into therapy and detox pronto. Whether or not he gets Cuddy back, the point is he needs to become a better person and a better doctor.

  • Susan

    Watched last night, watched again this afternoon, still don’t know how I feel – but it’s not good. Now I’m going to read all 123 comments.

  • Angela

    DebbieJ, Cuddy told House that he couldn’t have the wedding ceremony in the hospital chapel, so he moved it to his apartment. When House was about to say “I do,” Cuddy went down the hall and into House’s bedroom.

    Although I can’t imagine a tv show in the year 2011 doing a multi-episode coma or dream arc, I am hoping hoping hoping that there is something like this going on. These past few episodes have been so bizarre and unrealistic. (And I want House and Cuddy together again!) Most of the characters are behaving in a way that is out-of-character. I cannot imagine Chase and Foreman truly being so giddy and excited about House getting married and about being part of his wedding. Maybe Chase a little bit, as he enjoys House and his antics. But this is the kind of thing Foreman would roll his eyes at.

    Please please please let there be something amiss in the House-verse, and let us return to House and Cuddy as the beautiful, complicated, fun couple that they used to be.

  • sherlockjr

    I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this episode. Mostly it just struck me as silly, not unlike some of the “Survivor” season episodes.

    In other regards, though, I apparently have a very different take on it than anyone else who has posted here.

    In no particular order, here are my reactions:

    – I really think that this episode and the previous one are intended to show, not just that House is acting out because of his pain over the breakup, but just how much he can’t stand to be alone now that he’s been in a relationship for all these months. He’s been surrounding himself with as many people as he can (previous episode) and attaching himself to someone who will be living (and presumably sleeping) with him in this. I think he’s terrified to go back to the lonely existence from before the relationship with Cuddy. He doesn’t want to be in that apartment alone.

    – Along the same lines, his apartment has now got a lot of negative connotations for him. It’s where he OD’d in Merry Little Christmas, hallucinated Amber for the first time, and wound up on the bathroom floor more
    than once struggling with his addiction. It was at his front door that Cuddy broke up with him, so just entering the place must hurt. In addition, he has pleasant memories of his time with Cuddy that surround him there, which must slap him in the face every time he looks around.

    So why doesn’t he take Wilson up on his offer and move in with Wilson? Perhaps because Wilson has proved to be a fickle roommate in the past – kicking House out (and threatening to do so a couple more times) during a time when he was still supposed to be keeping an eye on his recovering friend. House may be loathe to trust Wilson any more than he can trust Cuddy at this point … or anyone else, for that matter.

    – In addition, the acting out in such over-the-top ways, it seems to me, is a subconscious way to trying to say to Cuddy, “See how much worse off I am without you? You thought it was bad when I took one pill just so I could be there for you? Now look at me. You were really good for me… and you’ve let me down.” Yes, there’s some just plain rubbing Cuddy’s nose in it, but perhaps also a bit of trying to get her to see just how good she’d actually been for him.

    – Unlike anyone else here, I really felt that he had a decent connection with Dominika – they played together, talked together and seemed to genuinely like one another. But when push came to shove, he just couldn’t take her into his bed, because perhaps he found that marriage really does mean something more to him.

    – Wilson. Ah, Wilson. He’s watching his best friend spiral seriously out of control, and what does he do about it? He goes to the woman who dumped his BFF, who was the catalyst for it all, and drops the whole sorry mess in her lap. As if she isn’t already feeling guilty enough.

    – I do agree with the person who posted earlier about how incredibly difficult it is for House and Cuddy to just TALK. Admittedly, she made it clear she was done with him (and really done with him this time, as opposed to the times prior to this that she said it and it didn’t actually have any meaning), but now they’re dancing around each other without addressing the elephant in the room.

    – It also occurred to me that House might be acting out in the vain hope that Cuddy will come in and stop him. Not just “say no,” as Wilson so quaintly puts it, but have that real conversation with House, let him know she knows why he doing what he’s doing, that she’s really sorry for hurting him so badly, and that perhaps there are better ways of coping.

    – And what kind of administrator would watch all this happening, especially to someone with a history of addiction and mental instability — and someone she supposedly still loves — and not try to arrange for some sort of therapy or intervention? Just as his boss alone, she’s being irresponsible by leaving him to his own bizarre coping mechanism?

    – Same could be said for Wilson. He’s had one or two attempts at meaningful conversation with House (in which he lectured and ordered House to come live with him – which would only get House’s back up given the emotional state he’s in), and now he’s just watching from the sidelines.

    That’s my initial thoughts. I may come back with more if I get inspired.

  • exfan

    125- Angela,
    I don’t doubt that there is something we are not catching on to. Don’t know if it is a dream, hallucination (don’t think so since it has already been used), coma, (due to O.D. or accident) etc… or who’s having it (since it is House, MD my guess is House).
    GY has hinted at the idea that things are not what it seems. When asked if it might be a dream, he responded with “getting warmer”.
    I also don’t believe that if Huddy was really over now, he would have made such a big deal out of it, sending the RIP Huddy. He is just trying to get a reaction, and he did!
    Whether they will remain together after this or not is yet to be seen. Either this dream scares House and he leaves Cuddy before the inevitable, Cuddy dies, or he learns from this and decides he can do better (which he kept repeating) and give it a chance anyways.
    Really, how else are they going to end the season?? This season has been about House and Cuddy’s relationship. They have already hooked up, they’ve broken up, he’s gone downhill, he’s gotten married (shocking, whatever) what else can it be??
    And since it is not real, then, they can make the characters as crazy as they want them to be.
    I think the whole crazy thing started with BS, The episode and the break up was very strange. Cuddy is so careful not to hurt House, yet she just shows up at his home and says goodbye?? I think she would have been more caring than that.
    I hope these writers take their own advise “we can’t go backwards”.

  • Ah SherlockJr…brilliantly stated! What more can I add?

    Your first observation about surrounding himself with people now–anyone so he isn’t alone! Whether it’s getting a massage/relaxation treatment with Foreman (!) or taking someone into his home (Dominika). This is someone who has finally come out of his loneliness and doesn’t (desperately doesn’t) want to return to it. Fantastic observation and it makes a lot of sense.

    last week he left his home entirely. This week he returns to it, but sharing it (but not his bed) with someone. But not Wilson. Why? Yes, as you’ve said, Wilson has been a fickle roommate. But also I think House wants to minimize the amount of “help” he’s going to allow. And with Wilson, he will undoubtably get much more than he’d want.

    He is clearly with Cuddy trying to get some sort of rise out of her–provoke her to either stop him or build up to some sort of feverish, passionate argument, which could lead to other things…of course. Especially talking.

    But yeah, he’s trying to demonstrate in as annoyingly as he can just how much she’s hurt him. Right now there’s so much obstruction between them (like that great wall of china came tumbling down between them), and not even shouting at each other (verbally or metaphorically) will get through on either side.
    I do think House wants this all to lead to them “talking.” Really talking like they did in “Now What.”

    I agree with you about Dominika. She reminds me of his “working girl” friend in Let them Eat Cake (S5).

  • sherlockjr

    Barbara —

    Your comment about Wilson (“But also I think House wants to minimize the amount of “help” he’s going to allow. And with Wilson, he will undoubtably get much more than he’d want.”) rang true for me. On some level, House wants to self-destruct, doesn’t want help, because it hasn’t really helped him in the past. All that time with Nolan, and he still wound up on the floor of his bathroom with a Vicodin bottle in his hand. Months working hard at a relationship with Cuddy (and he did work very hard at it, with hardly any acknowledgment from her or Wilson), and he still wound up on the floor of his bathroom with a Vicodin bottle in his hand.

    House definitely wants to provoke Cuddy, and I suspect that subconsciously he’s hoping that she’ll change her mind, as she’s done so many times in the past. That she’ll come storming in and save him — as he hallucinated once and as she actually did at the end of last season.

    As for the many people who think that all of this is a hallucination or dream — possibly back to the end of last season, or maybe even Mayfield — I just have one thing to say. Only time will tell. Despite everyone’s agita (nice Italian word I picked up in NYC) over the last couple of episodes, the writers of the show have shown, even this season, that they continue to have the ability to surprise and even delight us. I’m still in it for the ride.

  • ruthinor

    Sherlockjr. Enjoyed your analysis. I was only able to see the last part of the episode, so I don’t really have an idea of how it “flowed”. I actually enjoyed some of last week’s episode mainly because of the “artiness” and the great music.

    As Cuddy once said, House is the long-distance runner of neediness and he’s certainly showing that now. I am much more sympathetic to Cuddy than most of the posters. How much can you lean on someone before they fall over? This is especially true when you don’t reciprocate when it counts. And this idea that Wilson can make House “see the light” and get therapy…never gonna happen. House NEVER listens to Wilson. Hallucinations drove him into therapy before, not Wilson (except literally!)

    I just think that the worst thing that can happen by the end of the season is that we are back to the status quo and House, Wilson and Cuddy are back to their early series roles. Either House and Cuddy have some sort of relationship, or Cuddy leaves. Nothing else makes much sense to me. I just don’t see how they can go back to the status quo.

  • AnotherHouseIsPossible

    Good afternoon everyone

    House Md has been one of the best TV series I’ve seen. I have 31 years. I’ve seen House from the beginning. Each season for me has been an adventure. At the end of each of them anxiously waiting the arrival of the new episodes.

    It is difficult to maintain the public’s interest for so many years. I totally agree with people who think the series should end now. When things drag on, it runs the risk of damaging them. If you stretch a lot lot lot of gum, what happens? breaks.

    I’m afraid this is starting to happen with House.

    When last season ended I was happy, very happy. House and Cuddy finally were together. The couple that had been building since the first season, finally came true.

    The first chapter of this season was the most beautiful of all I’ve seen. For me it was great. Finally, House and Cuddy were delivered to each other. At the end of Chapter House expressed their fears to Cuddy, and she turned to their concerns. When they parted, in that embrace the fears are gone. Would be great.

    Now do not get why the writers tell us that they knew that this relationship would not work. Why not? They are the writers, they made possible the relationship.

    This season has been best and worst chapters. In all cases I have seen an evolution by the House for the better. He was happy in that relationship. House got involved with Rachel and Cuddy. He helped his mother Cuddy. House learned that little things are important in a relationship.

    Everything went smoothly until (not sure why) we had Bombshells. They made a lot of publicity about that chapter. We presented it as something wonderful. Promoted it more than any other chapter of the series.

    Finally Bombshells was a big disappointment for the vast majority of viewers. Established before and after this season.

    The later chapters have been even worse.

    I do not see the need of the writers put a spin on this story. Things were going well. The evolution of House as a person was good.

    I think they should have explored more in the relationship between House and Cuddy. On the other hand, have deepened in the evolution of each of them.

    Bombshells after something has happened that I never thought would happen. From that chapter feel the need to seek an explanation for everything I see in the series. I do not understand what happens. I do not like what happens. I see the chapter at night, I’ve seen comment here, I read your comments … all we’re trying to find an explanation for something we do not like. Maybe we are overestimating the writers. Perhaps what we see is what you get. But there is so disappointing that we can not stay quiet. We are all suffering for something that would entertain us.

    I bought the history of hallucinations. I convinced myself that everything was at the head of House. I thought the possibility that House and Cuddy had an accident on the way to Mont Saint Michel.

    I looked for evidence to the abuse we have received many of the fans by Greg Yaitanes. I looked for evidence to the interviews of the writers. I had thought that Lisa Edelstein would leave the series.

    Chapter I cried yesterday. I never thought to carry out the wedding of House. Nothing makes sense, but perhaps it is that we’re taking this too seriously. I think this really is a circus. But a circus should be fun. This circus is very sad. In this circus audiences do not laugh. In this circus spectators suffer and cry.

    We had House, Cuddy and the rest of the team were part of our lives. They are simply characters. The TPTB these puppets move at will, and we can not do anything.

    The three-week break, is strategically located. During these three weeks they expect us to forget that Huddy was real. They expect us to forget that they broke the relationship. They expect us to forget that brought back a House to Vicodin. House expected to forget that he slept with prostitutes on the day after breaking with Cuddy. House expected to forget that he married another woman. They expect us to conform to this. We settle for what you get.

    Perhaps there is a possibility that this is a dream. Than real. But you can not base a season on something that is not real. You can not expect viewers to follow you with interest.

    I really hope all this is a dream. But I think if House wakes up from this dream will be for the worse. Wake up and break with Cuddy. Because he has seen the possible future of their relationship.

    Everything seems really sad. I’m going wrong. I am suffering and I do not know why. I have 31 years, I have a responsible job. It is impossible that this series is affecting me so much in my life.

    Today I read comments about a possible relationship between Cuddy and Wilson. If the writers give us that image, I think it may be the worst thing ever made. I do not doubt it happened. Lisa Edelstein Cuddy said he would do extreme things. Sleep with Wilson is extreme. They also talk of a possible pregnancy Cuddy. It would be horrible if Cuddy did not know if the child is or is Wilson House. Everything that comes into my head is worse.

    Just wanted to express my feelings. I’m sad, really.

  • LadyA

    Can someone explain to me HOW on earth can House get VICODIN refills and
    use it in a hospital publicly after his addiction HISTORY?
    This is crazy and unexplainable !

  • I thought the homeless man would be Wilson’s brother, but realized it wasn’t when I heard he’d been abused as a child– or else Wilson is hiding more than we think.

    I’m sorry the whole season seems to have run a bit off track. I look forward to the return of 13 and hope it helps. No matter what, I’m sure I’ll watch while it lasts.

  • Boeke

    Too many threads in this episode, often irrelevant to each other.

    I’m getting tired of Houses antics and the pop culture stuff, like monster trucks.

    Oh well, another episode next week; maybe it’ll be better.

  • 54

    LadyA (#132), Thank you!
    How can House get Vicodin given his history with the drug, being institutionalized for his addiction, and having had to wait for months (sober) to get his license back?
    Wouldn’t the board of the hospital step in?

    Cuddy may be the Dean of Medicine, but are we supposed to believe that other people wouldn’t step in? Given that so many people at the hospital hate House and likely want him to suffer for all the insults he’s thrown at them over the years, none of them would report his addiction being back?
    And where is he even getting his drugs?

    What the hey 🙁

  • Judy

    The gimmicks were indeed too distracting in my opinion. Trying to “listen” to the team discuss their case over the noise of a monster truck, a game of ping pong, and remote control helicopters was quite frankly giving me a headache. I don’t watch House for silly artistic pacing like that, and I’m guessing most adults (your audience) don’t. That being said, I loved the twist ending and finding out the patient was a serial killer. Wish more focus would have been on that than the other idiocy. I really thought for a moment that Wilson was going to come on to Cuddy.

  • Judy

    For Lady A: Speaking of things that don’t make sense, it has bothered me since season one that the doctors “break into houses” to search for clues. Really? Cause that seems to be the logical thing to do to me, not.

  • km

    #132 & #135 – and no one on his team (except 3M) seems to be even blinking an eye at that he’s using again, never mind happily participating in his wedding. Way too many weird things going on.

    Was watching repeats of S6 on TV the other day and two things jumped out at me. In Ignorance is Bliss, the patient jumped from an 8 story building and survived. Talks about how the hospital put him on narcotics and everything just got better – no longer isolated and lonely. That’s when he also met his wife.

    The other was from Wilson. Remember the patient on the popcorn diet? He was in a mariachi band…

  • 54

    I sent GY a stream of criticism about the episode last night on twitter and he just replied, “hahaha. i agree.” So…you agree that the episode was a soap opera gone bad, that the writers are climbing the summit to stupidity mountain, that they should stop spending money on stunts and start using their brains, and etc.?
    He’s such a troll!

  • housemaniac

    Hmmm. Monster trucks, marrying a…well, a young lady from Russia (can anyone say mail-order bride); a weird criminal twist with the POTW; the return of a really attractive female actress (13). I’m beginning to think that TPTB is trying to appeal to a demographic that perhaps is not fully represented here and that the show has not done as well with in recent years: men 18-49. Fox isn’t generally doing all that well Monday nights in the 18-49 demographic and since House was never a gimme for renewal beyond this season maybe TPTB is under pressure to increase the show’s ratings among the most-sought-after group. House (and every other program that night, for that matter) got *crushed* by the return of Dancing With Stars this past Monday, losing a couple of MILLION viewers. I don’t think most people here were watching DWS instead of House, but someone was– a lot of someones!

    Many of us on this site are obsessed with the (absence of) creativity among the writers this season and why/how this could have happened. Maybe it’s as simple as the bottom line….

  • He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

    TPTB need to reconsider the course they are taking, and they need to do it quickly, if they listen to the bean counters. House ratings have dropped (just this last week) from 10.41 million viewers to 9.31 million viewers. That is over one MILLION people in the USA who stopped watching House last week. They have lost almost 2 MILLION viewers in 2 weeks (from 11.08 on 03/07/11 for BS, to 9.3 on 03/21/11 for FFG).

    Hey GY, tell me again why Huddy isn’t important but Monster trucks are?

    11.0 million viewers

    11.08 million viewers

    10.41 million viewers

    9.31 million viewers

  • housemaniac

    Hey #141m I guess we were thinking the same thing at the same time! Gotta take into account Dancing W/Stars for some of that loss, though. But interesting to see the longterm trend.

  • AnotherHouseIsPossible

    – 138 – km

    What do you want to mean with that about season 6?

    Do you still believe about all this season is a farce?

    -141 – He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

    I think that not only Huddies are tired about this new storyline.

    126 – sherlockjr

    I like your comment. I think you are one of the few people who have attempted to analyze the episode without thinking that it could be a dream.
    As said Cuddy, House is trying to fill the void.
    When you say that House his marriage meant something … what do you mean? Do you think House really feels something for Dominica? Or do you think he realized he was wrong to go so far with the wedding?
    Regarding Wilson, I have very clear what to think. It seems logical that House is unwilling to return to live with him after having to leave home when he got Sam.

    I also think that House tried to provoke a reaction in Cuddy. I really do not understand is why Cuddy did not react. In this case I think Cuddy is not acting like she really is (remember “5to9”, where she did not give up).

    I don´t understand What are they doing to their viewers?

    If they don´t respect their viewers…their viewers feel bad and leave this TvShow, don´t?

    – 139 – 54

    To those nasty comments I mean when I say that Greg Yaitanes (and company) have passed the line of respect for the fans of House (whether or not Huddies)

    – 140 – housemaniac

    The truth is that I do not think FOX is looking for new viewers among men 18 to 49 years. I think House has very good acceptance among the general public. House is not a series to see “pretty girls” …

    I do believe is that perhaps they are looking for new viewers, not realizing they can lose the audience base that supports its ratings.

    It’s a shame, really.

    -141 – He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

    I think that not only Huddies are tired about this new storyline.

  • Koji Attwood

    Another fantastic episode; House’s penchant for Monster Trucks has been pretty clearly mentioned before in earlier seasons (the “date” with Cameron being the most obvious)

  • LadyA

    another question : How can Chase perform a wedding for one day (I mean have the licence to do it for one day?) Is this legal in the US ?
    I want to share a twit posted by GY
    Q : The Cuddy in this episode is completely unbelievable. NO WOMAN GOES TO HER EX’S WEDDING 1WK AFTER THEY BREAK UP. EVEN A FAKE 1
    @GregYaitanes : hahaha. i agree.

    BTW, I hear RIGHT NOW Cuddy’s voice saying : What the hell is going on (When House’s heart stopped after the methadone treatment in Season 5 I think) And House’s saying : It doesn’t make sense (SO many times)

    LOL I don’t know how the writers can make sense of this nonsense !

  • eileen

    @140 – housemaniac- Trying to attract men ages 18-49. Then they are not doing something right and a lot of things wrong b/c my husband definitely falls into that category and has dropped out. He is completely turned off of House

  • Kamiko

    Uhh…I’m just at a loss and really have nothing to add except just to shake my head with the rest of the confused fans.

    Count me in with the dream/coma/hallucination theorists! Something just feels off right? Is it just me? I mean those clown promo pics are making sense now! The promo pics where the entire cast is lying in bed w/ House, as Cuddy stares at him…is starting to make sense!

    Everything is so bizarre and over the top right now. GY said it…”dreams within dreams” people. TPTB got to have something planned.

    If you too are on the coma/dream/hallucination wagon you have to read a livejournal entry by maya295. She puts it all together for you and it makes scary sense!

  • 54

    LadyA (#145), yeah. That was part of my stream of criticism fest to GY and I have no idea what the heck he’s talking about. Typically GY. Being ambiguous to stir up ratings. Like I said, he’s a troll. I’m sad that everything looks like an attempt at a ratings grab now. How successful has that been? I don’t know.

    Can’t they up the ratings with great writing?

  • Committed

    Just saw the ratings for House last night – not good. This trip backwards for House has come at a cost. Most people that I talk with can accept the break-up (if it is temporary) but cannot accept this much of a backslide. I think that is what accounts for the low ratings. Not so well done PTB.

    Well where to go from here?

    TPTB have to stop talking. This messaging of theirs is damaging the show. Fans have to stop listening to it. Believe me, it’s more enjoyable when you do that.

    Fans have to be patient and stay with it. Is it too much to ask? Maybe it isn’t going the way we want it to right now – the reward if this leads to better relationships down the road will be worth it. I know it is painful – I have never been so distracted on a daily basis with a TV show. I think that is the intent – feel the pain, feel the reward. It’s a risk but after 7 years with these folks, a risk worth taking. Is it too much to ask to hang in there (even if it is from a distance) for six more episodes? Do you really think David Shore will want to lose his fanbase by the end of the season and then create a season 8? Do you think he will want his name associated with a show that ends like this? He wants to create more shows after House and does not need a bad reputation among fans.

    If it is too much for you to watch, and believe me I understand, at least come back here to read what is going on. At least until the end of the season. This has been the bright spot for me at a very dark point in House’s journey and for that I am grateful. Thanks to all for the comments, I have really enjoyed all of them and thanks to Barbara for trying to keep us all grounded.

  • He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

    # 148 54 – read post #141. Ratings they are fetching now are headed to crash and burn.

  • LadyA

    @ 54 : so many details don’t make sense in the last episode I can’t even
    count them all…
    I’ll keep watching till the end but being ready in the same time for a big
    disappointement because seriously I don’t know how they can fix this mess
    (And I am not talking about the breakup here)…I am not fan of the Inception theory : I loved the movie but another hallucination in House after so many of them already Seriously ! :S
    If the end turns out to be a great show then I’ll be happy, If not I won’t hurt myself over it…
    (I don’t know In which stage of grief I am right now)

  • 54

    #150 He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best: Thx for the clear-cut numbers! We should make a graph and send it to David Shore.

    #151 LadyA: I don’t know which stage of grief I am in right now, either.

  • Celia

    Dominique was the same ‘hooker’ who was in the hotel bubble bath with House in ‘Out of the Chute’. You may recall him nibbling on her toes. Apparently he picked the one who looked the most like Cuddy. Plus there was a ‘sexual services’ clause in her contract.I think it’s safe to say Dominique bartered sex & light housekeeping for a green card.I’m just tired of this Frat Boy mentality that has consumed the show I use to love.

  • housemaniac

    Yes, Celia #153–fratboy mentality is exactly right! On montser trucks for example: it’s one thing to have House watch them on TV occasionally (and, yes, I remember the Cameron episode); it’s another to make an entire gag out of it.

  • Re #141: caveat–last night Dancing With the Stars premiered. Everything else in its path took a huge hit. I think we need to wait a week or two to make those causal links…

  • yahnis

    And Dominique isn’t russian name at all(it’s greek or polish). But House speak russian and not polish. And more not understandable why writers think russian people cook especialy “kulichi” it’s very funny and stupid. As Shwarznegger in “Red Hot” stereotype of russian. But it was bad movie in past, and what’s hell with TPTB ? They can’t hire consultant,which could explain that Masha and Natasha or Dasha and Katia are names for russian girls:))))

  • Lucie

    In the last two episodes the way House is treating women is apalling. I’m used to him being politcally incorrect and racy but usually his comments and actions have some intelligence and a good point behind them. All those hookers and marrying someone to hurt Cuddy even though he doesn’t believe in marriage and using her for house work? Not only is that not intelligent like he usually is, but it basically makes it look like women are being treated as chattel or things.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a Huddy and I don’t want the show to fail because I still care about it. I think the numbers were because of Dancing, not the Huddies. Most of the Huddies online are sticking around and haven’t given up hope even though everyone has told them they should. Why would Huddies in the general viewing audience do so? Plus, the show is getting on in years and not feeling as fresh as it used to. Which is common with all shows this late in.

    If you read this, House writers, don’t punish us all because of some stupid Huddies. We’re not all the same and all of us have been hit pretty hard the past few weeks, if you can see it from our side. That doesn’t excuse the idiots of the Huddy fandom being jerks to you. And I appologize for that.

  • Laura Saxon

    I loved this episode, especially the Segway scene and the monster truck ride through town with the team stuffed in there and the part where the F.B.I. was looking for evidence. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Joan

    There are several disturbing things about these post-breakup eps — but one of the biggest disappointments and issues for the rest of the season is that I find it very hard to understand what the writers mean when they keep saying that they are working on getting House and Cuddy back to ‘normal’ like consummating their relationship (again) after all these years was just a little detour that they need to get back from to continue with their story. They even had Wilson saying to Cuddy you’re getting back to normal after the wedding and Cuddy repeats it but very sadly. I say who wants the old normal between them back — I can’t see how they could do it or want to go backwards with these two after they have made such an interesting journey.
    This same feeling was wonderfully written in a review by Lisa Palmer of BuddyTV, she wrote: Isn’t Cuddy’s “normal” her unresolved sexual tension with House and him pushing limits and both of them being in love with one another and painfully unhappy? Who wants that? Oh yeah, David Shore.

    If getting back to the old ‘normal’ is really the goal of the rest of the season, it seems a very sad and uninteresting journey. I hope I am wrong but I just don’t know what to think after the past three eps.

  • Heather

    “If you read this, House writers, don’t punish us all because of some stupid Huddies”

    What on earth does that mean? Are you seriously asserting that a bunch of professionals will seek to punish all the viewers with crap storylines to punish a loyal, but devoted segment of their fanbase?


    Now that I think about it, that makes about as good an excuse for the general awfulness of the last few episodes as any other theory I’ve heard.

  • Exfan

    Well, just read that mrs. House stays Til the end of the season and possibly the next.
    Doesn’t look good for house and cuddy or any of the theorized dream scenarios we had.

  • Nikki

    GY has had some interesting tweets of late. Yeah he’s trolling but I was kind of glad to see him back on Twitter. I kind of missed having him around. I know I’m weird. What’s even weirder is he’s the only one who has given me hope that all of this works out. I’m hoping the dream thing is true.

  • Committed

    Barbara – the ratings drop is something to be concerned about 11.1 million for Bombshells to 9.3 may not alarming, but it is concerning especially since they are taking a big gamble on the storyline. If Dancing with the Stars was the only change going on we could dismiss it but it’s not. Time will tell.

    Also, could you clarify what you were saying in regards to House and Cuddy talking in “Now What”? I didn’t get the feeling that they really talked in that episode. Seemed to me everytime one of them started, the other stopped them. The bathtub scene, the Wilson thing, the Boggle scene were all conversations that really went nowhere. The final scene offered something from House but Cuddy didn’t really address his concern by saying the he was the most “incredible man”. I don’t think that explained why the “horrible things” wouldn’t happen again or why they wouldn’t be a problem. I really think that is why we are back here – none of the concerns were ever really addressed. I agree they need to really talk and soon. That is one of the things that has to happen by seasons end for me to continue watching – I don’t want that void to go into next season. I’ve been patient and have suffered enough already.

  • fatOlady/Ok Gma

    Exfan, where did you read this info?

  • Elizabeth

    Heather, they have been pummeled with hate tweets and awful behavior from some of the worst of the Huddy fandom and I always worry they will hate us all and think we all had this coming and just do worse than we’ve already had these past few weeks. I know they are professionals and I know they are intelligent adults, unlike the people mentioned above, but still I worry. As many people tweeted them after the breakup, and I know there was a lot, many Huddies that were upset about the recent events didn’t send hate tweets or hurl abuse at them. But some of us are more quiet and less dramatic than the others. We might get caught in the middle of the hate and exasperation of the writers at some of the childishness and stupidity of the worst of our community and all be maligned in their minds. From what I’ve seen in their interviews they seem like nicer and smarter people than the average fan I see online. Some of us appreciate that even if we rarely post in places like this. This is my second time posting here but I wanted to say something just in case they read these comments.

  • housemaniac

    Exfan, that is terrible news, if true…

  • housemaniac

    But Elizabeth #166, this season has already been written and shot (for the most part). Are you talking about next season? Surely, they are not going to rip up the scripts they already have?!

  • Housechick

    I’m with those who think TPTB are throwing this legendary series under the bus. I sat thru a marathon of House episodes (sporadic S1, S2 & S3) and this show seemed like a completely Z-list, watered-down, wanna-be, pathetic, & etc epi. WTH is going on?!

    I used to love this show & now its not even a shadow of its former self. And, let’s not even get started on how horribly they’ve written Cuddy & women, in general, on this show! They should all have their peckers shredded! Ugh!

  • 54

    I read the Aussiello spoiler. I’m done with this show. WTF!

    They ARE going with the whore+House being star crossed in some way. WTF. I could write the cheesy story right now. I can see the oozing, contrived cheesiness. I’m pretty sure I can find a fanfiction almost exactly like this right now. This is beyond low. In fact, I’m sure the fanfiction is much better! (Hey, I like fanfic. don’t get me wrong.)

    I’m seriously beginning to think bad thoughts about why that lady has joined the show. Sorry. I don’t see how my bad thoughts are any worse than the **** that’s being pushed on the storyline.

    Good riddance. The show ended with “Help Me.” Good bye.

    This show has officially become the twilight zone. SERIOUSLY? Ick. This is not House. This is someone misogynistic pig snorting his way through a frat boy wet dream fantasy.

    I don’t think the intelligent, amazing fans deserve this. I’ll rewatch seasons 1 through 6 for House when I miss the show. This is beyond asshood. I’ll remember the show for what it once was.

    Whatever disgusting and misguided fantasy is being enacted here, good riddance. I’m done. Wow. Thanks for six years of my life being shattered by stupidity.

    Good bye, House.

    All of you people are the most awesome, intelligent fans ever. I hope that your hearts aren’t broken by season’s end. You all deserve so much better. I’m not going to be around for any of it, even if it’s better than expected. I’m done being jerked around by this lunacy and idiocy. I’m done.

    It’s over. I’m sorry for being such a drama queen. Maybe the show has made me stoop to its level. I’m sorry I can’t be stronger. Maybe I CAN’T CHANGE.

    I’m going to go cry now and put this disaster behind me.

    This is so bad, and so painful. Why did this have to happen to such a brilliant show? WHAT HAPPENED? Well, they’ll never answer us, so, I’ll walk away.

    All the brilliant episodes of House are flashing through my mind right now. I don’t know what happened… But I’m moving on. House ended with “Help Me”. And I’m NOT saying House and Cuddy would have stayed together forever if it had ended then. Like someone said before, it’s like there’s no more story left to tell, and they’re using this crap as a tack-on.


    I seriously mourn the gem of a show it once was.

    Thanks for the brilliance while it lasted, House. I guess you really can’t get what you want. You can’t jerk us (well, I’m speaking for me here really) around with insanity and expect us to stick around, hoping it’s all a hallucination.

    I’m getting off the bus.

  • Em


    The spoiler from Ausiello is on TV LINE it says when asked if thats the last we see of Mrs House.

    Wrong. I’m pretty sure they’re together for the rest of the season. In fact, there’s talk the actress playing Mrs. House — Karolina Wydra — might be back next season.

    In doesn’t say that the character if Mrs House will be back next season it says the actress will be back. Again I think this fits in with the dream situation i.e Dominika exists but I dont think she is married to house but she might be at the hospital .

    Also I think the season finale will be a cliff hanger and next season will start off from where season 7 left as he also answers a question about Wilson dying with:

    It ain’t so. There are no major deaths coming up on House. This season.

    So someone will probably die season 8 first ep

  • Exfan

    165 & 167
    It’s on the Aussiello spoiler page. He’s usually pretty accurate.
    He also confirmed no one dies.

  • Jane E

    I was not happy with last nights episode. This season started off with a bang and now they lost that chemistry. It reminds me of Bridget Jones Edge of Reason. They start off with this couple that truly loves each other and belong together and then break them up with trival items that contradict their first movie.
    On the medical side I was actually shocked to find out he is a murder suspect, I did not see that coming.

  • DebbieJ

    Oops, my bad. I was confused and thought the wedding took place in the chapel. That’s why I was completely confused when Cuddy stepped out of the room and we then found her sitting on a bed. I didn’t realize it was House’s bed. With the way everything has been so convoluted/trippy/crazy, I can’t really figure out what is “real” and what isn’t!

    Thanks to those who clarified. 🙂

  • Sera G

    Wow, so many posts since I tuned out last night!
    Thanks, Exfan, #172, for saying no one dies, (according to Ausiello). I was really thinking they are going to kill Cuddy. I was starting to buy into the dreams/coma and this is House’s reaction to her death.

    Elizabeth, regarding your comment about how mean the fans have been to GY, I neither have a Twitter account, nor read his tweets, I only know from what has been reported here; he really did start the problem with the mocking of RIP Huddies. That on top of the pain and shock of the breakup, those comments really upset and hurt a lot of fans. Speaking for myself only, it felt like the years of loyalty, trust and patience we have devoted to the show and YES to the development of the Huddy relationship were being derided, trivialized and we were made to feel like fools for caring. He boasted to TV Guide that they received a lof of hate mail, “…but that only shows they care.”
    Personally, not for long!

    Please remember, the episodes that are now being broadcast were filmed in either early or mid-January. These storylines were plotted well before that. (I believe they write a month or two before they shoot, please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

    I don’t really know how the rest of fandom is reacting. The few times I have ventured to other sites left me feeling embarassed to be a fellow fan. Those people are mean to each other, foul and the comments were really, imo, without any depth.

  • I just read something Ausiello posted about this ep and now I don’t know what to believe anymore. First Ausiello told us a few days ago that a major character would die at the end of this season. Now, he tell us not only that nobody is dying but that House will remain married to the Polish chick for the rest of the season AND she may be returning next season. This chick is a pawn, a minor character, whose purpose isn’t even necessary on the show and yet she may be returning? Seriously, do we really think that House is going to stay married to this chick willingly? He even had her sign a prenup for crying out loud. She adds NOTHING to the show, and yet she may stick around? She’ll get more screen time than Cuddy I’m sure. 🙁

    While I posted earlier today about what I thought of the episode, this latest just makes me wonder WTF are they thinking? Are we EVER going to get our two favorite lead characters BACK? Or are they lost forever?

    We had House and Cuddy’s sizzling dynamic for six seasons, it was the best in seasons 1-5. We knew the characters have a more than twenty year history. They delighted us with their antics, banter, fights, and revenge tactics for years. These two are completely dysfunctional and screwed up and belong together. We knew they had chemistry and thanks to brilliant performances by Hugh and Lisa, the chemistry was explosive.

    Then we get fifteen episodes and then a breakup. Actually things were only really good for them in half those episodes. Here are two people who clearly love one another and wanted to be together. Sure they had tough odds but we know enough about them to know that they are both screwed up and dysfunctional, they’re perfect for each other. Without a doubt, when it comes to Cuddy, House is a romantic at heart, but we saw very little of that. We saw very little if any of their work related banter which I know I missed dearly! And where was the chemistry? Lisa and Hugh have it but maybe TPTB forgot to include it in the script. It was there, just not like in previous seasons. How can you go from enjoying an uncommon relationship that worked to suddenly nothing? Where was the House and Cuddy we knew and loved in the prior seasons? TPTB pulled the plug before it even began by telling us it was doomed from the get-go. They kept telling us they wanted to keep House as House and Cuddy as Cuddy and that House wouldn’t make a good boyfriend.

    UH HELLO? It could have worked if the writers had come up with challenging and interesting storylines. We didn’t want entire episodes focused on House and Cuddy rather we wanted their relationship intertwined with the POTW stories as it always has been done. We wanted some great scenes, challenging situations, great dialogue and we wanted our favorite misanthropic doctor and his longtime love to have a chance at happiness, whatever happiness is as defined by House and Cuddy. House was actually TRYING. We weren’t asking for bliss all the time, but there is still so much more unexplored potential with these two and TPTB blew it.

    In favor of Vicodin? Booze? Jumping off a balcony? And a fake marriage to a masseuse/hooker in need of a green card–who may actually wind up with more screen time as House’s fraud wife than Cuddy got as his real girlfriend?

    The House and Cuddy characters used to be awesome. The interaction was amazing and emmy worthy, the dialogue excellent, the characters riveting, the stories creative. House was on his game, always one step ahead of everyone else, and Cuddy was right behind on his heels. Wilson was his faithful sidekick, making us laugh, giving advice, always the conscience of his two best friends. The team was sharp and the POTW cases were intriguing. Now, it’s like we’ve taken major steps backwards. Now we’re stuck with House back on Vicodin and his mojo as the brilliant diagnostician seems to be missing. He’s looking old and tired and now he’s also now in a business arrangement only type marriage (without sex thank goodness) to a masseuse hooker (whom House refers to as a whore) in need of a green card in exchange for four days a week of housekeeping, thus saving him a boatload of money annually. He regrets his marriage to this woman he doesn’t love, respect or even like for that matter. But even though she needed a green card, what were his motives? To make himself unavailable to Cuddy so he could get over her? Or to hurt her? Who knows? All we know is he now regrets it, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore and she is the only one he loves and cares for. Hell he won’t even let his new fraud wife sleep in his bed, he won’t even have sex with her (which we can only say THANK YOU to TPTB for that one). And oh yeah he’s driving monster trucks through Princeton in front of blue (or is it green) screens. Was I watching a comedy or a medical mystery drama–I forget?

    Cuddy’s strong and amazing character has been reduced to rubble. This woman who could handle anyone, anytime, anywhere. I mean this is the woman who kicked House’s butt for six seasons and singlehandledly brought an insurance company to its knees in 5 to 9 and now suddenly all she gets is a few speaking parts on the show. Where is powerful Cuddy who fights for what she wants? Where is strong Cuddy? WHERE IS OUR FAVORITE STRONG FEMALE LEAD??

    House is not a man who gives up and gives in easily. Where is this House? Where is the BRILLIANT diagnostician we all came to know and love? He fought his addiction and he got through it and cleaned up his act. He was still an ass but he was a believable ass. We could relate to him, we admired him. WHERE IS HE?. And it saddens me because I LOVE THAT CHARACTER.

    I have been a faithful fan of this show since day one and I absolutely LOVE much of the writing that has taken place in prior seasons but what has happened to this show is just awful. I feel awful for saying it because I feel like it’s dissin Hugh, Lisa and Bob and you know, it’s NOT their fault. they put on superior performances every episode. But the plots suck.

    I’m angry that TPTB have taken the best show on television and reduced it to such that so many loyal fans worldwide are just plain angry and no longer watching.

    I’m angry that such great talent like Hugh and Lisa are being wasted now in subpar storylines.

    I am angry that TPTB spent all those years giving us two dynamic, uncommon, dysfunctional yet perfect-together characters like House and Cuddy and then throwing away any chance for them before they even get started. We weren’t looking for perfection here, we were looking for a challenge. Take these two dynamic and amazing characters and have them face real challenges and hurdles, sometimes taking a step back, but always moving forward. There’s no reason why these two could not have been given a chance. There was no reason that it had to end the pathetic way it did. There was no reason House could not be House and Cuddy could not be Cuddy and still had great storylines to move them through their relationship.

    I am angry that TPTB are not exploring excellent storylines referred to early on in prior seasons. For instance, House’s inner turmoils related to his father…his issues with his father weigh heavily on him and make him who he is and yet it’s never been explored. This sordid past has been alluded to many times, but never have the writers delved into it. Now is the time and I was hopeful but I just don’t know anymore. It seems like a gold mine that will go untapped.

    I’m also angry TPTB have not explored more of Cuddy’s demons and her past and what makes her the control freak she is and why her relationship with her family is so strained. What makes Cuddy tick? Same goes for Wilson. Yeah the show IS House and about his journey but all of the things I mentioned can be interwoven into the characters and eased into storylines we could be happy with.

    I’m angry that my favorite show seems to be going downhill slowly. Intead of taking steps forward it seems to be taking us backward. This is NOT the way the best TV show I’ve ever seen should go. These are actors giving emmy worthy performances for years now. This is a show which has won many awards, whose actors, directors and writers have won awards. This is not supposed to happen. It’s just not.

    I’m angry at Greg Yaitanes for blabbing his mouth over on Twitter and alienating thousands of fans from the show by taunting them with lies and plot giveaways.

    I’m angry at the PR people over at House for allowing GY and DS to basically give us the plots before they even aired. What kind of people in charge tell all the fans what’s going to happen BEFORE it happens?

    I’m angry at the writers who can’t come up with better stories.

    I’m angry at David Shore for letting all this happen to his “baby”. Where in the heck is Katie Jacobs in all this? She’s always been a big supporter of House and Cuddy?

    I want my show back. I feel like we’re being cheated here. Not just about House and Cuddy either but I feel like my show has lost its mojo. When I sit down and watch the show now on Monday nights, I’ve lost the excitement I once had watching it. I would tell people that on Monday nights at 8 pm, DO NOT DISTURB because House is on. I don’t feel that joy of watching anymore. And yes, I’m angry about it. I invested all these years into this show, these characters, it just becomes something you enjoy. And now this?

    TPTB could start by giving us House and Cuddy back, the REAL House and Cuddy. I want their dynamic relationship back, I want intriguing POTW cases. I just want my show back.

    One final thought. TPTB could have us ALL snowed and we’re in for one glorious season finale, something we’re not expecting but something that will make many of us happy and begging for more in Season 8. However while I’d like to think that is true, based on the PR we’ve been getting this season, the way fans have been told what was going to happen prior to it actually happening (like the Cuddy-House breakup and the wedding), and how GY has been dissing House-Cuddy fans, how DS and the writers have been giving us interviews and vlogs basically trying to justify their actions of late, which have so many fans irate, how can we be hopeful about anything? We are being spoon fed things that just seem to go against what we’ve learned about the characters over the years. We’re expecting the characters to evolve and change and yet we’re being told people don’t change, yet we know for a fact they HAVE changed. A small part of me thinks maybe they are taking us for a wild ride we’ll wind up enjoying, but what if they’re not? What if it just winds up spiraling into a major disappointment?

  • Mailer

    Let’s not forget that Ausiello once said in Season 6 that House would end up in a bed with another person; it actually turned out that he got so drunk one night that he somehow ended up waking up in his neighbor’s kid’s bed (“The Choice”). And he also said that Cuddy would sleep with two people in “5 to 9” when it was just Rachel in bed with her and Lucas at her side.

    I am not worried. Ausiello gets his information from TPTB, and then he tries to sensationalize it. He has a new gig to promote — and he wants readers and questions for next week.

  • Ahh see I wasn’t listening/reading Ausiello back then…so I had no idea till this season what a moron he is. But you make me feel better…

  • I’ve got to report an error in my post. It was NOT Ausiello who originally reported that a major character would die in the finale. It was from an unknown source supposedly right on about past spoilers. But I stick with the rest of my post!

  • Season 8

    Relax and breath. Who likes to play dot to dot in that game nothing makes sense until all the dots join together.

  • eileen

    I’m with those who want to jump ship. Watching House marry that woman last night was horrible – whether it was a dream or not doesn’t matter – it was disgusting. This show has gone down the crapper and has disappointed SO MANY people. I can’t tell you the number of friends and family I have that are done watching this show. I just don’t understand why TPTB are letting the show just crash and burn. How sad.

  • RobF

    One thing I don’t believe has been mentioned so far in the comments:

    House was obviously bluffing when he asked Cuddy to add Dominika to his insurance coverage. He knew Cuddy would never sign because doing so would mean he had to go through with the wedding.

    But then she called his bluff and signed it.

    Watch the look on House’s face when she does this, and immediately afterwards.

  • Angela

    Quoting 153 Celia: “Dominique was the same ‘hooker’ who was in the hotel bubble bath with House in ‘Out of the Chute’. You may recall him nibbling on her toes.”

    Just an FYI: I just re-watched that tub scene in “Out of the Chute,” and it’s not Dominika in the tub with him. The woman in the tub is a brunette, and she has a similar look. But this is a different woman. She also doesn’t have an accent.

    Not that it’s even relevant. Yes, it’s clear that Dominika agreed to provide sex, housework, and massages in exchange for the marriage. But she did not appear in “Out of the Chute.” Just wanted to clarify that.

  • Sera G

    Jessica, #176:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    It is two weeks (only!) since Bombshells and the anger and disappointment is not easing. If anything, each episode and each interview makes it worse.

    I, also have been thinking about Katie Jacobs. She was always a fan of the show (yes, I know a producer, but you know what I mean.) She loves the show and in every interview from her I got the feeling she was so proud and excited to be working on this amazing program. She was also a big Huddy proponant and would say things like, “Be patient. We want it to be right for them.” Either she knows what’s up and it’s great (cough) or she is embarassed and is keeping very quiet.

    I have said before, that I could accpept, unwillingly, that the breakup was necessary
    for the betterment of Greg House. If he would realize he needs to help himself, if he went to Cuddy and told her that he wants to get better and see what happens down the line, if like others said, he confronted his past, addressed his self loathing, etc. I would say, okay, I can wait (again) for a REAL House/Cuddy but this stuff is like nothing we have seen before. It is bizarre and out of characater and mean spirited and juvenile; from all of them.
    I can’t even imagine why Chase would marry House/Dominiga. He was a seminarian. Fallen away from the church, doubts and conflicts, sure, but when in trouble, he went to confession. When Cuddy was scared, he tried to comfort her spiritually. Why would he be involved in a farce like that? He is trying to “do better.” It’s not like year one, when intimidated by House or wanting to keep his job he would acquiese. Another piece that doesn’t belong.

  • Mailer

    @Jessica aka JLCH —

    It’s called equivocation: Ausiello states a truth but sensationalizes it to cause as much frenzy as possible throughout the fan base, such as last season when he said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “There is a proposal on [H]ouse, and House is interested in his new neighbor.” However, after “The Down Low” aired, the audience saw that Wilson performed a “mock” marriage proposal to embarrass House in front of their neighbor Nora. And, as I already mentioned, he also said that House would wake up in the bed of another and then we saw him end up drunk in that kid’s bed.

    Ausiello used to do this often, but after the so-called “mole hunt” of Season 6 to stop the hemorrhaging of internal spoilers, he couldn’t get his hands on much relevant information from TPTB. I guess they’ve decided to scratch each others’ backs, so to speak. They have different objectives, but the same hardcore audience. Since Ausiello now says what TPTB tell him to say, he will be as misleading as possible without necessarily flat-out lying — but he will state the truth in such a way that suits him best.

    I will stick with this show until the very end of this season. Shore and Co. have gambled before with the storylines and generally won. I am betting with them again. Now, if they do end up blowing it for the first time ever come May, well, that’s another story.

    So, again, be not afraid. 🙂

  • slurredspeech

    Pure and utter shite, this episode. It wouldn’t even pass as a decent episode in a barely watchable sitcom. It has no place on a show like House.

    And yet, there it is, a sad testament to what this show has become.

  • Sera G

    Not that I am defending Ausiello, but he always had some fun interviews with Lisa Edelstein. He ‘appeared’ to be a fan of the show and was always questioning when they were going to get together, hoping for some hot scenes, etc. I know, that’s show business but he did enjoy the bantering and flirtation. He talked the show up quite a bit.

  • Jaim

    I really feel disgusted by the writers and creators. And now we find out the Polish chick is sticking around? What the hell! This is the most ridiculous garbage I have ever seen. The creators don’t want the fans to dictate the storyline but I think if so many fans, regardless of ships, disliked these last few episodes, then maybe they should listen to what we’re saying. The creators of Supernatural may listen to their fan base a bit too much, but the point is that they do value their viewers and their viewers opinions. This shows humility. I wish David Shore and company would show some humility and admit that this current representation of House is not working.

  • Sera G

    Jaim, very good points.
    i am going to contradict myself, again. I don’t really want TPTB to cater to the fan base. They HAD been pretty amazing so far.
    What I do want is for them to ‘play fair’ with us. They take us down a path, pretend that they are going to explore the path and then say, “No, really, we faked the trails and we are taking you somewhere else.”
    Don’t lie to me, tell me you are going to let the story play out and in reality you never intended to do that at all.
    To make matters worse, you create bizarre events and do unlikable things to ‘people’ we care about.
    To add insult to injury, you make fun of us for believing in you (for 147 episodes)!
    Lastly, you try to justify this insanity and make it appear that WE somehow got off that path and you are going to ‘show us the way’ back.

    I don’t want to stop watching this show. I love it. I have been a faithful viewer since day one. I, too have a DO NOT DISTURB on Mondays. It just hurts too much to watch this train wreck. Will I be thrilled if there is a big surprise? You bet. I will add my hurrahs to DS, GY and the rest. I will apologive and make ammends. I am afraid, to hope for that however.

  • Sera G

    Oops, sorry, what I meant to say on #189
    I don’t think I am going to contradict myself.

    I really have to read more carefully before I hit “Post”.

  • Jaim

    Sera G,

    Yeah, I get tired of the creator’s leading us in these stupid twists that have very little impact on character growth. They shouldn’t let the fans control the show, but they should take notice when so many fans and critics alike are displeased with the characterizations and plot lines. Currently, I just feel really upset by the show overall. The blatantly sexist portrayals of women, the gimmicks, and out of character representations are really pissing me off. I loved seasons 1-6 of this show, but this season has been a huge let down.

  • Season 8

    A quick google:Martha Masters is a renowned American classical guitarist.

  • RobF

    Maybe for future episodes, we need one thread to discuss the episode, and a separate one on which people can make endless posts about how the loss of House/Cuddy has affected their own lives, and how disappointed they are with the series writers and their Twitter posts.

  • housecomelately

    4 things I liked about “Fall from Grace”:

    1. Wilson’s line to Cuddy “It won’t be long before his tanks are rolling down your Champs Elysees!”

    2. Wilson suggesting he and Cuddy leave the wedding through the window. I believe he did just that in “Unplanned Parenthood”.

    3. Cuddy showing that she’s not at all thrilled with the idea of things ‘going back to normal’. (After all, didn’t she say normal was boring?)

    4. House couldn’t sleep with this married woman.

    The rest of the show was over the top and frankly embarrassingly badly written and ill-conceived.

    Even when Wilson cajoled Cuddy to say ‘no’ to House because she was the only one who could, I thought to myself, yes she says no to him, but does he ever listen anyway?

    And why should House care about hiding his vicodon use in front of Masters? In the past if he knew something bothered someone, he would flaunt his behaviour all the more. Totally OOC.

    Before the show aired, I wondered who would be the one to “Fall from Grace”. Now I know, it’s the writers and the show.

  • Sera G

    I detect a bit of sarcasm. Perhaps it is justified, but I don’t see that you have posted anything either positive or negative about this episode.
    People are making points regarding Fall From Grace. Whether or not you agree is your right.
    IMO it is the general disappointment needing a safe place to vent.
    Barbara did say that is the purpose if this spot.

  • Hopefully Interesting commentary connecting Stevie Nicks’ “Fall from Grace” with last night’s House, M.D. Continue ranting here, I’d appreciate more content discussion on the new article’s thread 🙂

    House, M.D. Gregory House’s “Fall From Grace”

  • Sera G

    Oops, RobF,
    You did make comments about the episode. Sorry.

  • Chris

    Personally, I think a lot of you have stopped watching this show for entertainment and have began, in fact to explore the story so deeply you get infuriated when something doesn’t head towards the ‘Huddy’ impairment the show has been limping around on. I rather liked this episode, while I can say, yes, it wasn’t the best- it certainly wasn’t a terrible episode and the ending was fascinating. I saw it coming, but the sting was still there. A lot of you forget that House does a lot of things to Spite Cuddy, and Dominica is one of those things. The story arc isn’t complete and you’re all acting as if each episode is supposed to conclude something, it’s not. Enjoy the show, enjoy the story- Stop getting too deep with it.

    With that rant over, I give this episode a 7/10. House is returning to his rebellious self, if a little too much, but this has promise. Hopefully, the ‘Huddy’ saga is over- It drove me insane. The patient was very well drawn into the world and left you wondering what he’s really all about. And then you find out he’s a Cannibalistic Killer. Great stuff.

  • Chris. I agree with your 7/10 or maybe a 6.5/10 🙂

    We don’t know where this is leading. John Kelley is the same guy who gave us Knight’s Fall (he does like the “fall” idea, doesn’t he) and “Recession Proof”

  • Natalie

    Mailer: for the first time in weeks you have given me hope. Thanks for that.

  • AnotherHouseIsPossible

    176 – Jessica aka JLCH

    I totally agree with you.

  • A Terrible Spectator

    The simple idea of ??thinking that House will finally happy with Dominica terrifies me. This is not due to the possibility that House can be happy. This is because we have lived for seven years the evolution of a love relationship, which ultimately did not work, because the way the writers have been treated.

    I think House and Cuddy relationship could have been studied more thoroughly. I think the writers have raised an unjustified breaking of this relationship. I think if the writers had clear from the outset that this relationship would not work, should not have spent so many years show the opposite.

    I think the writers have killed the essence of Cuddy. I think the writers have forgotten Cuddy they showed us in “5to9.”

    Maybe House can be happy in Dominica, but I will not be happy as a bystander in this “circus.”

    I agree with most comments I’ve read on this blog. And I still think Greg Yaitanes not treated with respect to a lot of fans HouseMd. Perhaps this should be a role, but I do not like. Someone has said that it is necessary to warn viewers of what’s going happening in the future. If the writers have to warn that something will go wrong, it is because they know that we are not going to like what we see.

    Sorry, but I’m still discouraged. Every comment I read in the press is worse than the last.

    Maybe I’m a terrible spectator. Maybe I am wrong in television series. But until a few months, I can assure you that I was a fan of House. But that was before … when I enjoyed watching House.

  • Eloise

    Fed up with the constant going on about how the show has jumped the shark just because Huddy has ended!
    Thought the episode was enjoyable but as Barbara said a bit OTT.
    I understand that people want what they want but as has been said you cant always get what you want! Not everybody enjoyed the Huddy arc, I for one just want to see what is in store for my fav character!
    It just seems that a lot of people are like spoilt children stamping their feet because things arent going their way!!

  • #182 RobF: YES! I saw that look. He looked completely SHOCKED she signed those papers! In fact, he looked shocked at her responses throughout the episode. He was trying to get to her like he used to and it wasn’t working. I think that worried him that maybe the “old” Cuddy was gone.

    #184 SeraG: I could have lived with a House Cuddy breakup for the betterment of House and Cuddy and like you said with the realization that he needed to help himself in order to have a real relationship with her. But that he needed to do it this time for himself and not for anyone else. Kinda like that old saying if you like and respect yourself, others will too. How can Cuddy have a relationship with him if he doesn’t even think he’s worthy of her or any kind of happiness? I could have handled an ending to the relationship based on that and in fact, it would have been an ending that would have been IN character and would have led naturally to a great developing storyline…House trying to fix himself and then we could have seen him go back home to his mother, his real father, and begin there. Sera I also agree you totally on the “play fair” that you mentioned. Like you, I don’t expect they should write stories based on what we want but they should respect our intelligence and give us challenging and intriguing stories. That’s all we want.

    #194 housecomelately: I too liked those things you mentioned! The window thing was PRICELESS! We saw it in “Now What?” and “Planned Parenthood” and then referenced again in this latest ep. I was laughing and asking myself “What is it with Wilson and windows???” I also kept wondering WHY House would listen to Masters about her not wanting to see him take Vicodin in front of her. I mean since when does House listen to anyone?

    #198 Chris: I know it sounds like many of us are hung up on the “Huddy” thing but for me at least it’s not so much Huddy but House-Cuddy and the dynamic they’ve shared for so long, the fact that after six seasons of outstanding chemistry (6 on screen but over 20 off screen for the characters) the couple could have been given a real chance and if they broke up it should have been for a better reason such as that which Sera and I were referring to…House’s need to fix himself so that he could work in that relationship. He continues to believe he’s not worthy or deserving of love or happiness. The question is “WHY?” and that has yet to be addressed. It just would have been more believable and the characters wouldn’t be so OOC as they are now. I actually liked this episode but not because of the writing, rather because Hugh, Lisa and Bob nail their performances on the head every time.

    Here’s to hoping things get better (after they get worse!)

    Oh and THANK YOU Barbara for offering us a place to talk about it all!

  • Kandice

    I cannot believe how many haters we have! I normally don’t post but my God you guys are like savages -_-
    This episode was not that bad, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE’S A SERIAL KILLER WHO EATS HIS VICTIMS?!?!? I went ballistic when I heard that, it was a great twist that makes the viewer look back on the entire episode!
    The writing was fine and the twist really does add another dimension to Martha, what is she going to do now? Still be the moral soul who looks for the good in people?
    Yes, House got married for a green card, he is testing Cuddy and it is supposed to be over the top. Obv she still cares for him, this was just a funny way to showcase that, I mean a heart to heart would be to blaze and not House-like at all.

    Maybe you all are just watching the wrong Show -_-

  • Eloise and Kandice–there’s another comment thread here–less confrontational, less ranty (but still plenty of disagreement): House, M.D. Gregory House’s “Fall From Grace” on Blogcritics.

  • Joan

    Frankly I think most of the posters here have not just been ranting but pointing out where we are critical of the show. The whole House & Cuddy relationship was built up and developed over a long time and the way they dropped it and have treated it now provides justifiable grounds for complaint. I don’t think these are just the rantings of spoiled fans who did’nt get what they want. Also Barbara you and others have indicated this is similar to the disappointment felt by Hameron shippers when that never developed into a relationship — I totally disagree that complaints about the treatment of Huddy are in any way like that. The eps developed the clear fact that Cameron had a crush on House/wanted to fix him and House found her attractive/wanted her on his team but had no interest, ever, in having a relationship with her. They teased out these facts in a few eps and that was that. Except for wishing it to be so, there was never anything between them except his regard for her as a member of his team. That is not the case with Cuddy and the history they developed.

  • Joan

    Kandice — I agree that the POTW was actually the most interesting thing about the ep. The way he manipulated all the doctors, especially Masters, was very interesting and her reasction too. On the other hand the big shocker about POTW was just not that surprising a twist — an abused homeless guy who refuses to give his name even if it will save his life…hmmm, I started thinking what awful thing did he do shortly after the promos came out and then bones in his system…hello Jeffrey Dahmer! I thought it was a little cheap making it that sensational honestly.

  • Jaim

    My complaints have nothing to with House/Cuddy break up. I thought Cuddy’s reasons for a break up were justified. My complaints have to do with the increased sexist portrayals of women and the completely absurd plot lines introduced within the last two episodes. House has become a caricature. I lost any genuine like that I had toward the character in this episode. I have never looked at a House episode and thought it was on par with a fan fiction until I saw this episode. This was not intelligent nor cleverly executed. Sorry, but my dissatisfaction is about the characterizations and plot lines, not a break up.

  • LizzieE

    I do appreciate everyone’s analysis upthread even if I don’t always agree but, honestly, I’m just burnt out. It’s hard to stay invested in something that seems to scream “hopeless” but I commend those of you who are soldiering on. Perhaps, in a few years, we’ll all feel like the ardent Lost posters – exhausted and perplexed that we spent untold hours in worthless analyzing of something that, at the end, left many of us thinking WTF.

  • RedTulip_Ana


    f. Mental and emotional identification of a subject with the mood of another.
    Empathy is being able to get in the situation of others.

  • tauwja

    Back with another essay.

    I have watched the vlog with the writer of Fall From Grace, and hearing him express the writers’ intentions once again baffled me. Apparently what they want to explore now is what it is like for House and Cuddy to try and get things back to normal after their relationship and break-up. I agree this would have been a very interesting storyline to pick up, if the break-up had come naturally. But it didn’t. It was forced by the writers, it came out of the blue and though they tried to create a context within the episode in which it made sense they only half succeeded and within the larger context of the entire series and what these characters have always been like it made no sense whatsoever. It’s like they’re forcibly shoving one dramatic storyline after another through our throats, never once pausing to wonder whether it makes any sense within the universe they’ve created and for the people these characters are. A break-up *could* have made sense, eventually, after much more trying, much more trouble, much more fighting for it, much more realistic drama and much more TIME. Not like this.

    It’s just….. I am so insanely disappointed with everything I cannot even put it into words. It’s absolutely unbelievable how a show that was once so amazing can take such a dive down into absolute crappiness so very quickly.
    After Help Me, I was SO hopeful….. when two characters who’ve always had such amazing UST get together everyone is always worried about the Moonlighting curse but the writing in this show has always been so amazing that I had complete faith. I felt that if there was ONE team of writers that could pull something like this off, that could make this relationship interesting and could keep the characters and storylines as fascinating as they had always been, even with this new twist on things, it would be the House writers. Well, never have I seen anyone fail SO badly at anything. I’ve never seen anything so disappointing. This was WORSE than the Moonlighting curse, not only was the tension gone (ONLY because of the bad writing, Hugh and Lisa still have chemistry obviously, but even they couldn’t make anything of the crap they were given) and did things turn dull and ridiculous (while there were a million different scenarios and problems for these two to face that I could think of, given their history together and how complicated they both were as people, NONE of them were used), but they couldn’t even keep the characters in character.
    The storylines were shallow and ridiculous and instead of addressing any of the major issues these two characters would have together they drew out the silliest of arguments over several episodes, to the point that even the most avid Huddy fan was tearing his or her hair out in frustration at the stupidity of it all. The intelligent sexually charged banter turned to outright crudeness that wasn’t funny in the slightest. All that was ever intelligent and fascinating about these characters and their relationship and the writing in this series has just gone all of a sudden. Although the writers have probably convinced themselves that the way they’re currently writing House and Cuddy and the way things are between them is *COMPLICATED*, and thus intelligent. Well, no. It’s just ridiculous, completely unrealistic and unbelievable, incredibly soapy and way below any standard of decent story-telling.

    When I look back on what season 7 has been like, somehow it feels like the writers were afraid of their own story, of the (perfectly natural, storyline-wise) situation they’d put themselves into (or maybe actually they didn’t do that, maybe the characters did, because that’s what well-written characters do after all). They didn’t dare address it in any serious manner so they beat around the bush instead by filling entire episodes with juvenile sillyness.
    Why were they so afraid? Why not just let the story write itself, let the characters guide them, the way it must have been happening for a while? This relationship came naturally, surely once it actually existed it would have continued to happen naturally? I’m not a writer, but when I think of the House and Cuddy I once knew coming together the way they did in Help Me, immediately stories, situations, developments, conversations start forming themselves in my head, the characters go their own way from there and I have but follow where they lead me. If I allow the characters to dictate where the story goes, they remain in character and their story makes sense. I would expect that’d be lesson one of the most important lessons in writing — don’t twist and turn the characters into completely unrecognizable people just because you think a certain storyline might be fun, stay true to the characters and see how *they* shape the storylines. Storylines should be built around the characters, not the other way around. But particularly with Cuddy, it’s been the other way around for almost 2 seasons, and now it seems House himself is following.
    It can’t possibly be that difficult. You simply have to be willing to follow the natural storylines. But well, if you have a pre-made agenda as to where this story should go instead of giving it a real, realistic shot (the way you promised your audience, and frankly owe to your characters), thus are afraid to let go of your iron grip on the predetermined (and might I add, utterly cliché) storylines, and apparently somehow think that the only way to entice the audience is by making some bizarre mixture of the standard little irritations that supposedly occur in most relationships (when have House and Cuddy ever been like most people and couples? I know I’m repeating myself, but these two have way bigger AND MORE INTERESTING problems/issues to overcome. And after all they’ve been through together and after all the time and trouble it took them to finally find their way to each other, they wouldn’t sweat the small stuff like that, they would instead focus on fighting for the relationship with all they have in them) with MAJOR!RELATIONSHIP!DRAMAZ! that surprises everyone not because it’s well-written but because it simply makes no sense, well I guess then it does become tricky to make it interesting or believable at all. And indeed they have completely failed at it.
    Either they were afraid to really use any of the incredibly vast amount of interesting material available to them, or just too stupid to see it. Either way, no justice whatsoever was done to the characters or their story.

  • tauwja


    As you can see, I have been very disappointed with how the writers had done the relationship, but still I have tried (but often failed) to look past that because there were a few cute scenes here and there – nothing that could take away the immense hole of disappointment in my chest though. And then there’s this bizarre contrived twist, and poof! Just like that, it’s all gone, as if it’s never existed. As if NONE of it ever existed, not even the build-up to the relationship. Not even the first 6 seasons and the intelligent way in which the characters and their history together were written then. And don’t start about them dealing with the fallout for the rest of the season because this ridiculous lunacy we’re currently seeing does not do any justice to any of the characters at all. That’s not dealing with the fallout in any realistic way, it’s using the break-up to change the series into a circus and a hysterical soap opera.

    When you’ve spent years crafting such beautiful characters, you owe more to them than to use them just to be able to act out any crazy storyline and childhood fantasy you can come up with, you owe it to them to *listen* to them, listen to where their story would naturally lead, and write their story in a way that stays true to them and their history.
    For the beautiful (if stretched out somewhat too long during season 6) way in which the writers brought these two characters together over the course of the seasons, it just completely baffles me to see that once they finally were together, the writers didn’t take any of it seriously at all anymore. It’s clearly all been a big joke to them ever since.

    If you’re not willing to put any effort in it guys, don’t do it. You should have just left it at the end of season 6. IMO, you’ve made yourselves, a once fantastic series, and two well-loved characters into complete fools.

    I was devastated after I first saw Bombshells, and it took me a while and a bit of thinking to realize that Cuddy dumping him in that manner went against everything I had been told about her over the years – I’ll give the writers of that episode and the actors that, those scenes were so well done I didn’t even notice the character inconsistency at first, I was too caught up in the drama of it all. And I suppose there were enough vague hints of what these characters once used to be like throughout the previous episodes of the 7th that I could squint my eyes and pretend I was still watching House and Cuddy, and thus care about what happened to them.

    But now, two episodes later, I find I can honestly not even care about any of it anymore. I can’t even be sad for them anymore, because what I’m currently seeing simply has nothing to do with the characters I cared for so much. How this could ever happen, I will never know. But it’s all so laughably bad now that none of it does anything for me anymore.

    Yeah, I think I’m done ranting now. The mess they’ve created, I just don’t think there’s any cleaning that up anymore. So I am going to leave the series here, go back and watch the first 6 seasons, and craft my own story from there. Out of respect for the characters, and the beautiful way they were once written and brought to life.

  • tauwja

    And ITA with A Terrible Spectator, comment #202. How I’ve gone from still being very invested, despite the lame writing, to just complete indifference in only two episodes I’m having a hard time to understand myself, but it definetely has a LOT to do with everything we’ve been hearing from TPTB and the prospect that it’s not gonna get any better. Apparently this is really what they want to do. Apparently they are serious about all this. Well then, thanks, but no thanks.

  • Sera G

    tauwja, #212/213 and Joan, thanks, You both expressed your (and my) feelings so well.

    I am sorry that several posters feel we are too involved, take it too seriously or can’t get over the breakup (or get over ourselves.) The beauty of this show was all the things I feel I have lost and that is why I am still angry, but mostly disappointed.
    1. I don’t feel entitled to a House/Cuddy relationship. I was told from day one there were strong feelings between the characters. I was told repeatedly that their “time would come.” Did I watch solely for the hoped for love, no, but it was a large part of the appeal for me; the complex give and take that these two shared was captivating. I was told, “We are going to explore this relationship.” They started off so beautifully. They lied to us!

    2. Again, I could live with the breakup if there was a rational reason for it. We know House is a mess. We know he has trust issues. We know that he feels worthless and doesn’t deserve love. I want to know why and I wanted to see him work on those problems, preferably with the love of a strong woman beside him. For six years we saw the struggle to do better, to find some glimmer of hope, a reason to go on. Oh, BTW, we want to take him back where we started. Again, why?

    3. As others have said, the way all of the characters are behaving is out of whack with the way they have been written. You don’t create characters and change them after 6 years. All of a sudden House is going to temper his loneliness with Dominika? For 6 years when he was lonely or sad he went alone to his apartment and played his piano. Oh no, the new/old/new House needs a companion. Come on! This out of no where. Her character is brought in to put paid to any idea of a House/Cuddy reconciliation. People, if this had been written in seasons 3 or 4 or 5, you would have been screaming at your TV, or at least laughing in disgust.

    4. Personally, I think Hugh Laurie is extraordinary. HE made House the amazing character that he is. However, I don’t think we would have cared nearly so much without the wonderful characters of Wilson and Cuddy. They gave us reason to look beyond the facade that (early) House presented. They cared for him, so the audience wanted/needed to care about him, too. TPTB could not have cast more terrific actors than Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa Edelstein. They were gold in every scene.

    5. The writers don’t “owe” us anything. They do have an obligation to be true to their creation, to play fair with the audience and to stop mocking the very people who made the show the success it is.
    I don’t care if the superfans are 75% or 7.5%, we are fans, we supported it, voted for it, talked about it, bought the DVDS, boosted the ratings, etc. Why break something we loved and then mock us for caring too much. That is sadistic.

    Now, for all who are tired of the ranting, I am going to give myself a break. I will peek in when the new episodes resume, but will try mightily not to post.
    Thanks to all who have shared their comments, even those with whom I disagree.
    Thanks to Joan, eileen, Susan, tauwya and the others. I feel we made a connection with each other and with this show.

    I continue to have a secret hope that all will be well. At least I have 61/2 years to look back on.

  • Koji Attwood

    5. The writers don’t “owe” us anything.

    I agree with this.

  • eva

    DREAM , DREAM , DREAM ……………. HOW CAN NOBODY SEE IT?? So many clues everywhere… weird moments, parallels…

  • exfan

    ok, i’m still in denial as well. I still want to believe the dream theory. I was looking over Yaitanes tweets again, he’s trying to give us clues to something, but i can’t figure them out.
    Here they are in case you haven’t seen it.

    when told: “mocking the fans is not the best way to keep them watching”
    his reply was: “i am going to tell JUST you. what we shot on the beach might change everyone’s mind”.

    when asked: “is HUddy really over? b/c it seems to me there is a lot to explore….”
    his response was: “it’s over. unlessyou can learn the hints from the beach scenes”.

    when asked: “what does that mean? how can we learn the secrets of them if all we saw are stills”?
    answer: “you’re answering your own question”

    when asked: “the fact that House was right back in his bathroom holding his vicodin makes me think that the whole thing was just a dream”
    answer: “getting warmer”

    maybe you can make sense out of this.

  • eva

    exfan I read your last comment and my theory for the dream-hallucination thing is being reinforced. could you plz tell me where did you find the yaitanes responces?? send an http so I can ask him sth. thnx in advance

  • Michele1L

    More and more I am of the belief that the events in “House” as of late are not real. Whether they be coma-induced, sleeping-pill (Cuddy)induced strange dreams, which would explain a series of bizzare incidents over a period of time, etc.

    It just seems that characters have been saying and doing things which seem slightly off, as was the circumstances in “Under My Skin” from season five. Cuddy saying as she was leaving House’s condo after a night where she supported him while he was detoxing, “I have some papers to push for you” –(WHAAAAT? She’s HIS boss) And then asking him, “You wanna’ kiss me, don’t you?” which she would not have said, and then, most glaringly, House detoxing OVER NIGHT.

    In “Fall From Grace”, Foreman was very agreeable/accepting of House and his antics — a bit too agreeable. The scene in the office with House and him being pampered seemed out of character for him — entirely too unprofessional for someone so “buttoned-down” Despite the fact he was all for House and Cuddy’s relationship, he seems too easily accepting of Houses’s “wedding”. He didn’t even question it. Taub also seemed a bit out of character — groveling over not receiving an invite and being overly concerned about whether House likes him or not.

    The monster truck scene — don’t even get me started. There would be police on that thing so fast. It was just too ridiculous. I mean, that IS the stuff that dreams are made of.

    In “Bombshells” it was a bit too coincidental/obvious that both Cuddy and House’s patient had the same symptom of blood in the urine.

    It was also curious that at the beginning of “Bombshells” that there was no “residue” from the previous episode, ending with House telling Cuddy she makes him a “Crappy Doctor”. It was as if that had never occurred. ???

    There was also a sudden appearance of a bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand. Never before aware that Cuddy had a sleeping problem.(Not sure if that was just a plot device for the purpose of tying those pills with Cuddy’s deduction that House was back on vicodin, or if it will be used to later explain bizzare dreams which reach beyond the sequences which were clearly dreams in the episode.

    In “Out Of The Chute”, Wilson was pleading with Cuddy to the point of near tears — which felt slightly odd to me. I know Wilson loves House but, please, almost crying?

    If you watch again the last three or so episodes, you will notice a lot of parallel passages of dialogue/conversations.

    The writers and producers are much too intelligent to create such implausibility — unless it is deliberate. They are toying with us and we are in for a surprise.

  • eileen

    @SeraG 215 – Thanks for the nod. Yes, I agree that we made a connection with each other and the show. It has been comforting knowing that I am not all alone in my grief about the end of Huddy. I can only hope that whatever “surprise” TPTB have for us makes all this heartache worth it in May.

  • exfan

    219- eva
    The tweets are posted on this site also if you have a twitter acct. you can find him and ask him questions.

    Here are a few more tweets that i found interesting:

    Pitchousse Manon R. Edelstein ?
    @lydille @GregYaitanes Cuddy To Be Pregnant By House ? OH YEAAH ! Me Too I Dream It ! ? . But Now, I Haven’t Hope 🙁 . #WeWantHuddy.. ? .
    8 Mar
    in reply to ?

    Greg Yaitanes
    @Pitchousse confirmed!
    8 Mar via Brizzly Favorite Retweet Reply

    @GregYaitanes The Cuddy in this episode is completely unbelievable. NO WOMAN GOES TO HER EX’S WEDDING 1WK AFTER THEY BREAK UP. EVEN A FAKE 1
    21 Mar
    in reply to ?

    Greg Yaitanes
    @byte_size hahaha. i agree.
    22 Mar

    veroquevaire veronique
    @GregYaitanes : Why an unicycle in House ‘s bedroom???
    22 Mar
    in reply to ?

    Greg Yaitanes
    @veroquevaire exactly. why?
    22 Mar via Brizzly Favorite Retweet Reply
    replies ?

    gilbertbold Gilbert ?
    @GregYaitanes @veroquevaire i think in this season there’s a lot easter eggs. and the unicycle is one.
    22 Mar

    BabyGoz Michelle Gosling
    @GregYaitanes Seriously, 13 in jail for a year? Cuddy told her sister in ep15 her & [H] were only together a few months? Timeline??
    22 Mar
    in reply to ?

    Greg Yaitanes
    @BabyGoz ha. good point! we actually jump a bit between episodes but point taken. stop paying such good attention!
    22 Mar via Brizzly Favorite Retweet Reply
    replies ?

    BabyGoz Michelle Gosling
    @GregYaitanes Ok I’ll stop paying that much attention but [H]’s hooker wife needs to go asap, deal? Oh & whatup with H’s missing watch? 😉

    seems like a lot of screwy things are being picked up on by the viewers.

  • papillo

    never written here before,but i’ve been reading a lot and find your comments deep and thorough. I just wanted to add a clue which, among others made me thinks everything in the last episodes seems to be said by House. listen to what the two young boys say in the teaser in 7×17 and to what House says to Cuddy in 3×15 when they are hugging. Weird!



    Recently, I wrote two articles (speculating theory) about how I see House season 7 unfold and why. Those articles have been originally posted in my LJ and I also posted them in PPTH forum (where I am a moderator.)

    Sadly, I have been informed yesterday that my article in its entirety was posted on this site among the comments, by someone who even IMPERSONATED ME by signing the comment: Maya (in the thread about OOTC: Finding House’s Humanity – comment #229)

    So I came here to clarify that I DO NOT POST ON BARBARA BARNETT’S SITE. This, is my first comment here, ever. Ergo, the post you saw was not posted by me!

    And by the way, I want to make very clear that if ANY comments are being posted on this site in the future again, using my name or quoting parts (or all) of my articles, they will NOT come from me!

    I write to share. And I’m very happy some of you seemed to have appreciated what I wrote. However, I NEVER authorized my article to be put online anywhere other than on the sites where I choose to post them. They are accessible there for anyone to see and can be openly discussed too. The irony is that I would probably let someone re-post my articles or reviews IF they asked (which I already did) but for that I’d have to be INFORMED first! Otherwise, I find the manners of people who so disrespectfully take something that is not theirs and decide where and how to make use of it to be quite appalling.

    Also, one last clarification: a post has been removed from this thread yesterday (post #82) and I want to inform you that I was the one requesting its deletion. Again, this post had been copied from PPTH forum, where it belongs to a LOCKED section, which means a place with strictly RESTRICTED access.

    Some expressed their discontentment about that decision, but I want to say that everything posted on the internet is NOT automatically for public use. Even though the web is certainly the most open communication space nowadays, it doesn’t mean there are no rules to be respected while using it.

    I’m sorry I had to barge in to post this kind of message, but I really needed to do it to try and stop this inconsiderate attitude and let you all know about it (that’s the fourth time – that I know of – my writing is being plagiarized and I’m a little tired of it…)

    Anyway, thank you! I hope you continue to believe in the creativity and talent of the writers of House.

    Enjoy the ride!


  • gloria wilson

    i can not beleive that house hurt cuddy that much why can’t he be a little normal and work things out he acted like a really ass and then marry that girl he need to go back to rehap.

  • MHM

    Since this is the rant column, I assume the non-FFG content of what I am about to say is allowed here.

    For the record, I don’t think that people suffer from a deranged sense of wanting House and Cuddy to be together.

    As was mentioned numerous times, the writers planted the arc for YEARS. For YEARS. If a lot of viewers feel that the exploration of their relationship didn’t live up to those years of build-up, that’s not deranged. That’s perfectly reasonable.
    The writers wrote the relationship in, built it up over the years. Flirting since Season 1, more flirting, more flirting, uh…basically all of Season 5 and Season 6? Even in the early episodes of Season 5, Lucas picked up on House’s interest in Cuddy, in that episode where a college House can be seen in a cheerleading uniform. Lucas knows that House wants Cuddy to see him a “different light.”
    After angst woven throughout S5, House hallucinated being with Cuddy, that she was his savior, his lover. He spent a year in S6 pursuing her, while trying to stay clean. Does it make people deranged for being invested in a relationship whose culmination was drawn out for years in this way?
    I think the condescending attitude towards “Huddies” is uncalled for. And the whole “don’t watch the show if you watch for Huddy or if you complain about the show now” argument is, frankly, confusing to me because is that telling some people to get off the imaginary tv turf that has an exclusive, fenced in area of acceptable viewership?

    On a different note, I am wholly fascinated my all the theories floating around the web about the possible time warps/brain injuries/comas, and etc. It’s incredibly, incredibly fascinating and an interesting read. Sadly, my biggest fear is that the fans who write these theories are smarter than the writers themselves. If that’s not true and I am wrong, I will be so glad, but right now I am more impressed with the fans’ intelligence and creativity than the quality of writing of the show.

    Personally, even though I hate the quality of writing this season with a vengance (and no, it’s not just because I like House and Cuddy together. I think the writing itself has gotten shallow and the use of gimmickry is OOT and bordering on obnoxious. I’d rather them focus more the POTW than House and Cuddy at this point.), I think what I really watch for now is HL, LE, and RSL’s performances. They are simply amazing. Really amazing performers.

    On another tangent, to me, there are two explanations for the way Cuddy is being portrayed this seasons.
    (1) She will at some point in the show’s future will be killed off or leave the show.
    (2) It really is some sort of distortion of reality right now, and that’s not the real Cuddy being portrayed.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  • ruthinor

    MHM, love the “rant”. I too am enjoying all of the speculation. None of the last several episodes ring true to me from the end of “Recession Proof” up to the present. No way the beginning of Bombshells follows on the heels of the end of “RP”. Plus, I’m still trying to wrap my head around why anyone would spend part of a weekend watching any movie with Jerry Lewis in it. Hell, you’d think we were in France.

  • MHM

    Ruthinor, I’ve been following your posts for a while now, and I am always glad to read your posts!
    I must say that I was also struck by House’s movie selection in that last scene of Dominika, the male laying on the ground, the female rushing out to check if he was okay. Could this add to the brain damage/coma theory? If it is foreshadowing, kudos to the powers to be, but if it isn’t, I will stick to my theory that the fans are more perceptive, creative, and intelligent at this point.
    I hope that I am wrong!

  • Oksana

    After watching the episode (I wish I did not) I had a feeling that they did it on purpose. I can see that some of you agree with it. It looks like Fox grew tired from the show and decided to kill it in such way that no one would protest. Yes, kill it! Better no House than House who is definitely loosing it.

  • ruthinor

    Thanks MHM. I still have not seen the whole episode due to DVR failure, but I look forward to seeing it on USA next week. It will be interesting to see it after having read all these comments!

  • housemaniac

    You can always pay a couple of bucks and see it on amazon (under instant video), if you don’t want to wait so long. I admit I’ve done this way too many times, to the detriment of my wallet. But sometimes –with all the fascinating fan comments– it’s just too hard to wait. I guess it’s time for me to bite the bullet and get DVR!

    As for killing off Cuddy this season, that seems highly unlikely to me. First, she’s been a major part of the “House story” and I don’t see the show without her–at least not yet. Secondly, LE keeps talking about how much she is looking forward to Season 8, and I don’t see her jerking around the fans as, ahem, certain other people associated with the show appear to be doing.

  • housecomelately

    231 ruthinor, please don’t get your hopes up too high. I really only enjoyed the Cuddy-Wilson scenes because they made these characters seem almost normal (although that’s a no-no on House). 😉

    226 MHM, agree 100% with your post but I could never have written it with such clear-headed logic and conciseness. Thank you!

    Reading way back through this thread belatedly, these comments struck a chord with me:

    88 Joan’s “…Realistically I do not see how they (H+C) could continue working together but even if they work through this, the bantering/sexual tension of the past is not going to work now.”
    My fear entirely! And that was the best part of their relationship.

    108 RobF said “But it is pretty funny to see House going so far as to make charts showing the monetary gain to be had from his loveless marriage. ”
    I know you mean ‘funny’ as in ‘ha, ha’ but I thought it was ‘funny’ as in ‘peculiar’–since when was House ever interested in his finances? Didn’t he just blow $15k of his money in the previous episode??

    109 Sheryl said “Felt bad for Cuddy, too. That bedroom scene was sad, and I found it sad that she even showed up. And I think I’m starting to resent Wilson’s role here. I know he’s looking out for House, but how fair is it to pressure Cuddy (as the “only” person who can control House) to continue to play that role? After the wedding and all the other shenanigans, I would be done. Instead, Wilson guilts her into staying in place, into adopting the familiar role she’s had–but what’s in it for her at this point? I think Wilson just wants everyone to get along again, but all their relationships are simply toxic.”
    I felt that way at the end of “Out of the Chute” that these three once close friends are drifting apart and may never recapture those heady days of witty, intellectual verbal sparring. *sigh*

    Also Wilson has made a few strange, almost suggestive comments to Cuddy in the last few episodes (about her skin being nice, something about her Champs Elysees, leaving through the window together–a romantic gesture). Is this leading somewhere or is it just a replacement for the H+C repartee?

  • ruthinor

    housemaniac: I really enjoy watching House in HD on my TV as opposed to on computer, but thanks for the suggestion. I’m not expecting too much, I’ll just be watching for “clues”, looks between them all etc. I pretty much know the story.

    If Cuddy and Wilson get together I KNOW it will not be “real”. Remember earlier this season when House got dressed up with a shirt and tie (Small Sacrifices?)and House asked Cuddy what she thought and she said “you look like Wilson”. I don’t think she meant it as a compliment! She loves Wilson as a friend. I just can’t see that happening. If it did, the guilt would finish them both! I also never got that “vibe” from the two of them. Wilson and Amber…that was another story. Loved that pairing, much more than Wilson and Sam. I was not sad to see Sam go. I’m not sure what she added to the unfolding story this season, except to make Wilson sad and get a cat. OTOH, I love cats, so it all worked out!

  • Susan

    I haven’t posted in a few days because there is nothing for me to add to what you all say. Plus I think I’m getting burnt out (as someone else wrote pages ago). Too much angst with this show now. MHM #226 – you summed everything up nicely.

    I don’t want to know what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes and I’m not watching the video spoilers on the House FB website BUT can someone please tell me that Dominica will go away. I said Thank God that House couldn’t consummate their “marriage” at the end of FFG, but how long can he keep that up? (No pun intended!)

  • MHM

    Thanks, housecomelately (#232) and Susan (#234).

    Susan, (LOL, btw haha) I also want Dominica to go away. I object to her as a plot device because it is gimmicky and cheesy. In addition, I don’t like the idea of what she is as a character. I also worry that, though House didn’t sleep with her on FFG, they will develop some sort of relationship. I was apprehensive of that last scene. Them growing closer or “getting together” would bother me a great, great, deal.

  • Susan

    MHM – I was apprehensive at the end of the scene too. (Come to think, of it I’ve been apprehensive at the end of a lot of scenes since “Now What”.)
    How can they not develop a relationship if she’s fun, readily “available”, gorgeous, likes him and, at this point in the show, portrayed more sympathetically than Cuddy.

    As I thought – the torture continues.

  • Angela

    Quote 227 ruthinor: “Plus, I’m still trying to wrap my head around why anyone would spend part of a weekend watching any movie with Jerry Lewis in it.”

    Great point! House loves movies, and he has some eccentric interests — but he has never struck me as someone who would be interested in Jerry Lewis movies. This really adds to the strange quality of the last few episodes.

  • Lee

    Cinderfella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess and the Pea, Snow White (House biting the apple), heroes and villains, clowns and circuses, plus the numbers 13 and 10 everywhere. Strange, indeed.

  • ruthinor

    #237Angela: House does have some strange, very non-intellectual interests like monster trucks, soap operas, movies and TV shows in all sorts of languages. I think he was even watching wrestling (the fake kind) on TV in one episode. But Jerry Lewis?? And Cuddy strikes me as even less likely to watch Cinderfella. Tis an intriguing

  • Exfan

    Has anyone considered that cuddy might have OD?
    On BS they focus on the pill bottle (of Zolpidem) on top of her night stand after she awakens from her first nightmare. The dosage on the Zolpidem reads 200mg. The recommended dosage is 5-10mg.
    Overdose can cause excessive sedation, hallucinations, memory loss, coma, and possibly death.
    Maybe she never woke up in reality, only did so within her dreams and the rest is also a dream. “dream within a dream”. Even the dream house had in that episode, I think it was her dreaming he was dreaming it.
    Also, him saying he could do better. He said it in a previous episode, I think two stories. He says it again in one of her “dreams” and again at the end right before she breaks up with him. (in my opinion another dream).
    And what we are seeing is the rest of the season is in her head and not houses’.
    Makes sense to me except don’t get where the beach scenes would come in.

  • ruthinor

    Exfan, so the question is, how did Cuddy get a prescription with 10X the usual dose? (from Wilson, I believe). House (the TV show) makes lots of medical mistakes, but showing us a close-up of the bottle makes me think that was no mistake. Frankly, BS felt “off” to me from beginning to end.

    I never believe GY so the “dream within a dream” that came form him…who knows?

  • Lee

    ruthinor: The close up is what bothers me too. It’s almost like they are telling us to look very carefully, but how can we make sense of all of the things that seem off. Add to that the mistakes they do make (Lucinda as Cuddy’s sister until they were informed by fans that her name is Julia) and it’s all just a jumbled mess. I’ve always agreed with you about Cuddy and it seems that is what the writers and DS thought since they kept saying that she deserves better and that he is just an ass. But if that’s what they intended to come across, then why do most viewers disagree with us and think that she’s a cold-hearted bitch and he doesn’t deserve her? I feel like I’m in Bizzaro World and I can’t get out. But I’m sticking around and keeping my mind open that the repetition, over the top nature of the last few episodes, and all the OOC behavior is purposeful and it will all make sense in the end.

  • Angela

    ruthinor, I agree that Cuddy is even less likely to watch Cinderfella. Or maybe that’s why she wouldn’t “just shut up and watch the movie” as House wanted her to; she thought it was stupid and had no interest in it. 😉

    Exfan, I don’t read anything into the 200 mg bottle. The show has used that nonexistant dosage before on a bottle of zolpidem. In 5×22 House Divided, Wilson prescribed it to House to help him sleep. The bottle said 200 mg and to take it 3 times daily! I think it’s just the props people being careless.

    However, regarding House saying “I can do better”: I had forgotten that he said that in “Two Stories” as well. It’s when she asks why he stole her computer.

    He says it twice in “Bombshells.” I was struck by the very strange phrasing. “I can do better.” ??? In the context he said it each time (“admitting” he made mistakes and can improve his behavior) does not sound like something House — or many adults — would say to another adult.

  • MHM

    I watched “Mirror, Mirror” from S4 again as I was doing some weekend chores.

    It just made me so happy to see such an interesting POTW case, and fantastic interweaving of so many characters on the show. The dialogue contained some of House’s snarkiest and funniest lines. The POTW’s case was clearly drawn out, and the sub story of the House/Cuddy/Foreman power play was interwoven seamlessly into the plot.

    House’s antics were over the top (ordering massive, expensive tests for everyone in the clinic, spreading the mayo epdidemic rumor, messing with Cuddy) childish, jerkish, and immature, but they were funny, in character, and drove the narrative forward. OTT is funny when done well. It does not invoke a cringe fest, as I experienced in recent episodes.

    Forgive me for posting about an old episode, but I miss this kind of episode–where the main POTW story was compelling and clear, the subplots of the characters were interwoven well, and the jokes were shocking but funny and startlingly insightful at the same time. The dialogue was so funny–I do believe HL’s timing in this episode particularly outstanding.


    In S7, I think the writers took a brave approach in spotlighting the characters’ personal emotions and lives, as opposed to the usual House plot of previous seasons, where the POTW was usually front and center. However, if they chose to put such a spotlight on the characters, I had hoped that they would create as compelling a narrative for them as they had done for POTWs in seasons past. All the POTWs drove the narrative forward. In S7, the plots for the main characters did not seem compelling or interesting enough, and, most importantly, we are now left with the story of House not being driven forward, but crashing and burning back to a misery that has been visited and dwelled upon before.

    I think House’s fall is deeper than we’ve ever seen on the show because his fall comes after he has tried to get better. See, the way I see it, House did not try to get better in years past because he was afraid that he would fail. If you expect to fail, then you don’t try to get better because you don’t see the point. The bigger issue is, you don’t try because you are scared to death of that failure.

    House tried to get clean, to go after a relationship with the woman he loves, risking his work relationship as well as his overprotected heart. He took a leap of faith. Sure, he had his shortcomings, but he risked a lot–Cuddy is his boss, and his cynical mind had to have thought about the repercussions of what would happen at work if they didn’t work out. The practice of medicine is or was his main *thing* in life, so, to him, the Cuddy relationship was an enormous risk.

    When the relationship was over, I think House was and still reeling from the fear and shock that he had been right. He had been right to be scared and not expect anything because he had tried, he tried really hard, but he still failed. Just like he knew he would. This is a tremendous fear/shock because it is like one’s worst fears coming true: I am doomed to be alone and miserable.

    One may argue that it was a self-fulfilling prophecy of what he told Stacy: that they could be happy for weeks, maybe months, but he would say something insensitive or do something she didn’t like and she would want House to give her something that he couldn’t offer. He echoed that sentiment to Cuddy in “Now What.” But this time, he took a leap of faith and didn’t push the woman he loved away.

    In watching “Now What”, I thought it was refreshing to see House push through to another level, in spite of him voicing the same doubts he voiced to Stacy over five years ago.

    With the breakup, House is back to when he told Stacy that he knows it won’t work, but he is shattered even more because now it has been confirmed that it won’t work. Again, is the message that House is doomed to be alone and miserable?


    The problem with this type of narrative on the show is: if your narrative does not drive your main character forward, you risk stagnation, repetitiveness, and becoming gimmicky. (Ring a bell, anyone?) Maybe people’s fears, their innate flaws, their failings don’t change, but the “story of who they are” cannot be told in the same, repetitive, miserable vein. This is not a sitcom. This is supposed to be a medical drama tinged with wicked humor, and there is a reason why there is something called S1 and S7. Things are supposed to happen in between. There is supposed to be some difference, to say the least.

    I hope the rest of the season drives the narrative of who House is forward in a non repetitive, visited-too-many-times manner. If they can’t offer a compelling, driving narrative, I’d rather they hire better POTWs and focus the plot on them, with House’s misery in the background, just giving us glimpses as to how miserable he is. Because, in the glare of the spotlight, staring at a trainwreck where you know there are no survivors does not make for interesting television. If there are no survivors, you can only stare in shock at the carnage for so long. After a while, you just want to avert your eyes away from the disaster.

  • ruthinor

    Lee, thanks. Nice to know I’m not the only one in “bizarro” world!

  • eileen

    @MHM #244 – I just watched “The Itch” S5 and it is so OBVIOUS why I can’t get over the fact that Huddy is over. The writers and actors took us on such a great path full of hope and promise between H & C. I don’t care what BS, OOC and FFG showed us, House and Cuddy BELONG together through and through.

  • MHM

    @eileen @246, “The Itch” is one of my favorite episodes! Along with “Unfaithful.”

    Why did they give this cursory, shallow exploration into their relationship with all of that incredible angst, incredible power of their underlying feelings? I almost wish they had never gotten together. Maybe it would have been better for them to admit their feelings for each other but decide that they couldn’t be together. That might have been more in line with their characters (Cuddy wanting things to be just right, House afraid of change and afraid of relationships) if the powers to be want to keep screaming people never change so much.

  • eileen

    @MHM #246 – I’m glad they got them together for a myriad of reasons. Now What and Selfish were amazing. It just ended too soon for no REAL reason(s).

  • MHM

    @eileen #247 Aah.. Now What and Selfish. Those were good episodes.

    The following content will be my last musings on the show for at least a few weeks…(I can hear some people clapping. I’m going, I’m going, already!! Hahaha.)

    I am sadly beginning to think/realize that, after six seasons, the writers, producers, and people involved care, but they are more fully aware of the global phenomenon that is ‘House.’ With so much global success, the money pours in, they know that they have a worldwide fanbase, so having a vehement reaction from people is just another publicity ploy. The show has been running for a while, is on reruns all the time, is so *so* successful that they feel more relaxed in what they are doing.

    Feeling more relaxed is fine, but I think that relaxation went too far and perhaps went into the carelessness territory–not caring so much about the depth of the show than in maintaining the monster machine. To stretch it to 8 seasons, they had to think of what device they could use, so they brought House and Cuddy together and decided to break them up because the ripple effects of that would sustain them for quite some time. Fans’ reactions to the whole breakup would fuel public discussion of the show, creating more publicity.

    Perhaps when you are a part of something that has become so big like a production of ‘House’, you focus more on the big things like let’s get them together, break them up, have the fall-out, House continues on his journey. That’s fine, but someone has to do a good job in executing that journey, and I think that has been done carelessly (really, like without care). I’m disappointed in the producers of the show because I think they are more focused on the machine that is House now over the incredible artistry and mastery that was evident in seasons past.

    IMHO, I think that’s the reality here. They really don’t care *that* much anymore. Unless the season finale is a spectacular piece of work that proves me dead wrong and leaves me feeling dazed and humbled by their brilliance, ‘House’, for me, essentially ended with ‘Help Me’, with “Now What’ and ‘Selfish’ as epilogues. It’s not about House and Cuddy so much as the hollowness of the plots and scripts.

    If the depth of their investment in the show is just being part of the machine and maintaining the show, that’s fine. That’s what many of us do in our daily lives. It’s a job. But the show meant so much more to me because I felt that they poured so much thought, insight, and brilliance into the show that I thought they intended more. If that has lessened to the degree evident now, then, maybe I should get real too. Acknowledge the situation for what it is. They just don’t care *that* much anymore. I mean, they do care, but not as much as they used to. So, because I am not an idiot, I will pull back on my expectations of the show. I will watch old episodes frequently, as I always have, because I enjoy the storylines, the acting, and the brilliance.

    The fall from uncommon to common expectations of the show was hard, but I guess that’s the reality.

    Religious viewer of seasons past turned casual viewer of season present,


  • lalaith

    hi!!this is my first time posting here and I have to admit, that after reading all the comments I feel content that so many different ideas are expressed. I am a buyer of the dream theory but as I saw the teaser for the episode 17, and I saw 13 going out of jail!!!! WTF!!! do you have any idea about that??? pretty weird…

    Also, firstly I got confused with the whole House or Cuddy mind, but now with a second thought I believe that is Cuddy’s mind cause :
    i) House would never imagine himself so immature and childish cause that is unrealistic , plus he is so narcissist for that…he would probably imagine himself either back-to-normal and guilty-free, or self destructive and miserable.

    ii) we don’t see many scences with Cuddy, weird thing if we assume that the whole thing is in House’s mind. If it were, he would have concentrated on her reaction and actions.
    iii) Generally, the characters are being slightly off their ordinary behaviour , but in a way that fits Cuddy’s view and how she sees people and personalities. House would never have seen Foreman immature or Masters falling in love with a patient. Even the bitchy behaviour of Cuddy might have been explained, if that is the way she sees herself.

    Let me know what you think. 😉

  • Susan

    In line with Eileen and MHM’s comments –

    Last night I watched reruns of “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart”. In them House does crazy things to remember about the bus accident – brain exploration, pills, sensory deprivation, and as a consequence has a heart attack, seizures, god knows what. But who forgives him and stands by his side? Cuddy, of course. She is the one giving him mouth to mouth resucitation on the bus, sleeping at his apartment to keep watch over him, and falling asleep at his bedside in the hospital, holding his hand. All this just reinforces, AGAIN, the bond between them and how Cuddy always stuck by him. Why the sea change in Season 7? OOC.

  • carpenter

    Come on, guys: Really?

    To give an example: 229 – Oksana: “Yes, kill it! Better no House than House who is definitely loosing it.”

    Really? You must be kidding!!! ´That’s why I’m afraid I don’t agree with you anymore. I’m also depressed and sad: But without HOUSE – this would be another turn of the screw. What’s up, people? All of you love the series yet. Maybe we will surprised. It doesn’t have to end this way. And I don’t give up about House and Cuddy together – Maybe anytime…

    I love the series very much and I’m not leaving it. Never never never. Wish that there are more seasons – a lot more.

    Sorry for my english. I’m German.

  • housecomelately

    251 Susan, agree with this absolutely and I haven’t even seen those episodes yet (hence, housecomelately), but I have seen enough episodes to know that time and time again, she has stood behind him and protected him so what she did in BS seemed OOC.

  • ruthinor

    Get some laughs!! The first one is so unexpected given the 2 characters. Enjoy!

  • fatOlady

    Thinking of all the speculation. I had another thing strike me as strange yesterday. I rewatched BS, and I wondered why Wilson is doing the ultra sound on Cuddy instead of a regular technician who (would be) an expert? Then there is usually a specialist who reads the test results THEN it goes to the attending. Why not in this case? One theory is that Cuddy wanted to keep it hush-hush but in the scene just before this one, she is in her office seen calling to schedule an ultra sound. Why do that if she is going to ask Wilson to do it “privately”?

    Also strange, during the ultrasound you can hear a heart beat that sounds A LOT like a baby’s heart beat when you do a prenatal ultrasound.

    I am submitting this idea of a baby in the ultra sound theory to the believers of the “altered reality” (House is in a coma) group. I don’t think of it as an actual occurance. But another STRANGE thing to add to the list. Let me explain.

    If you buy into the coma or “altered reality” theory (at all) then consider this, remember in Resession Proof the wife told the guy in the coma she was having a baby.

    Well, what if (we believe House is in a coma) and Cuddy was talking to him at his bedside? What if she was the woman who told the man she loved SHE was having his baby?

    In the world he is presently in, House would have a hard time accepting what she was saying at face value. Could be, this sceen (with the patient) all took place in Houses mind to explain it in a way he could accept. Then as “real time” went on she came back to visit him again and to tell him she had an ultra sound.

    His subconious had to make sense of this again (in a way he could understand) so he filled in the pieces of the puzzle with a medical emergency. He relies on Wilson so much that his mind put Wilson in as the one doing the test. BUT still somewhere in his mind he remembers or acknowledges (the baby) so as his mind plays out (Wilson) doing the ultra sound, you hear the fetal heartbeat.

    Is it possible or am I crazy.

  • Natasa

    255 fatolady: “Well, what if (we believe House is in a coma) and Cuddy was talking to him at his bedside? What if she was the woman who told the man she loved SHE was having his baby?”
    That was also my thought after I re-watched this ep (post bombshells and coma theory). This scenario is as likely as any other in this phenomenal fandom. And I am so delighted that we have so many possibilities.

  • fatOlady

    #256 – Natasa – So did you hear the fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound too??

  • Natasa

    257 fatOlady – To be honest, I haven’t noticed the heartbeat during ultrasound. Thankfully, you have and you also shared your thoughts with us (which immediately made me watch that scene all over again). It does sound like a baby heartbeat. Not sure if it was a deliberate action by TPTB to play that sound or it was a screw-up?
    However, this made me think even more. If a tumor is identified with a baby does removing a tumor mean that Cuddy miscarried? Or if after ep4 everything is unreal could this baby be Lucas’s and that is why Cuddy said goodbye to House at the end of BS?I hope it’s neither of this.

  • fatOlady

    Natasha I am not sure we are talking about the same “exact” thing exactly.

    What I’m saying (and it may be a totally crazy idea) is that the ultra sound test we (the viewers) saw (did not REALLY happen, it never existed outside of House’s mind). I am saying it was a dream. Actually, I think all of BS was a dream, but it was House’s dream not Cuddy’s.

    I think you’re still seeing it as being in “real time” I am seeing it as being all in House’s head. What I’m saying is that at some point (and we have no way of knowing exactly how long House has been in a coma) Cuddy TOLD him she was going to have a baby and she told him she had an ultra sound. The ultra sound we (the viewers) saw was happening in House’s head (not the real world).

    So we have 2 different situations (one based in reality and one based in the mind) –The 1st part) While House is in a coma – Cuddy told House she was going to have a baby and she told him she had an ultra sound. (The viewer (like House) did not actually see this ultra sound test preformed. I am going to assume this test was done by a real technician as it should have been).

    The 2nd part) – House hears Cuddy tell him about the test but does not understand completely what she is saying so his mind helps him out and he visualizes, hallucinates, or “dreams” Cuddy’s ultrasound. But……… in his head, he sees Wilson at the controls (and the viewer gets to see this test because we are seeing what is going on in House’s head). House has trouble accepting the idea that he and Cuddy have created a baby (denial is a powerful thing). So….. in his mind he comes up with a health crisis that explains (to his mind anyway, WHY she would need to have an ultra sound). But……somewhere in his subconscious he understands the idea of a baby and so he hears a fetal heartbeat in his dream and because we are observing his dream, we hear it too.

  • Exfan

    259- just one thing, if Wilson doing the ultra sound is in house’s head, why does House refer to the person having performed the ultra sound as “an incompetent bonobo monkey” was he referring to Wilson?
    It didn’t seem to me that he knew who had done the ultra sound. I’m I missing something?

  • CathyB

    I haven’t had a chance to read all the posts, but it occurs to me that this might be Cuddy’s dream after Recession Proof. That is, what was going on behind that look in her eyes while House is passed out. LE said that the ep picks up right where Recession Proof ends and writers on this forum have said that House could wake up a few hours later from what must have been a huge hangover and been so playful. He had just expressed his complete devotion to her and then she conjurs up a big “health crisis” and how he might react to the aftermath. That would explain a lot of OTT behavior on his part if it is going on in her mind – going back to drugs and hookers, jumping off a building, and even entering a rebound marriage to get back at her.

    Another question: does anyone know if the episodes that they choose to show during the hiatus have special significance? Tonight’s is Unplanned parenthood.

    I haven’t rewatched the episode to listen for a heartbeat, but early pregnancy ultrasounds to detect such things aren’t usually done on the stomach…

  • fatOlady

    Wow, some people take this stuff really, REALLY seriously….to the point of being rude, vicious, and hateful. Just FYI, I am NOT talking about anyone on this site or in this thread.

    If I didn’t appreciate it before, I have to say now that I really appreciate Barbara for providing us a safe and SANE place to discuss something we all love. I admitt I may be niave but I don’t get it. To me it’s just silly to hurt people (or want to hurt people) over something that is just fiction. To me that is when it isn’t fun anymore……and becomes a symptom of mental illness. Although I have to admitt Hugh Laurie is pretty real to me. LOL

    I love you guys. It’s a jungle out there and I am glad to be back where it is safe and warm.

  • lola

    I don’t get why this is receiving so much hate. Yeah, it was pretty far fetched at parts – but so have been many episodes. I admit that parts of the plot do seem a little more weak/less viable than normal, but if every episode were as hard-hitting and raw as Broken, then surely the seriousness and hidden emotional turmoil within the character wouldn’t have as much effect?
    I do have to say that i despise the character of Masters, she seems far too passive, stammer-y and timid to be a doctor of such high standing, however young.
    But anyway. The end was a little ridiculous, but it certainly gave me chills.

  • What the Freud

    This season has been so out of it that I think, at this point, all the speculation being spun is justified. I mean, seriously? With the level the show is at, far-fetched speculations seem justified. Or a last grasp at hope in disbelief that House, M.D. has become Sheen, M.D. in its incoherency and shallow plot lines.

    So, I say, speculate away.

    Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

    Cuddy will leave the show or she will take an indefinite leave of absence from the show in the finale. Another “strong” woman will be introduced into the show, possibly as interim Dean of Medicine. The casting of the special guest star in the finale could possibly fit this theory. People’s contracts have not all been signed yet, so that would leave open the possibility of Cuddy not returning.

    I really do think House & Cuddy are over. What a waste of a shallow, ridiculous exploration of their relationship. When I watch old episodes, I find myself shaking my head whenever someone tells House, “It’s all about Cuddy.” Thanks, writers, for treating people like idiots for believing in something you planted.

    By the way, can the writers please remember basic things like their main character’s birth date and, you know, relevant things like that?

    If Dominika stays, the finale special guest star is her mother coming to play nice with House, Dominika gets pregnant with House Jr., or House falls for her or something, whatever. Fine. I will call the show Sheen, M.D.

    I don’t care about people saying well, at least she accepts House for who he is, she doesn’t try to change him, she’s pretty, she’s sweet, etc.

    The point is, it seems like the show can’t handle smart women characters. They either have to have to have a terminal illness (13), have a martyr complex (Cameron), or be a selfish and neurotic biatch (the way Cuddy has been portrayed recently).

    Thank you so much producers and writers. If you’re telling people to “move on” and get over themselves and stop being angry and just accept the show for what it is now, I think people will take your advice, but the result may not be what you expected. They may move on to another channel. All this speculation is people hoping against hope that there is something more to this season than what was shown. Love hopes all things, but people’s love for the show is being stretched pretty thin, at least with a vocal part of the audience. Hope you have the goods to dig yourselves out of the hole/corner you got into this season, producers and writers.
    And yes, I’m bitter, because you guys made me believe that House was different from other shows, that you cared about creating a great work product instead of just caring about ratings, although I’m not sure you guys are succeeding with even that, given the recent decline in viewership.

  • Chuck

    I am now nearly positive that either in the season finale or some point in the show Domineka and House will sleep together. You can’t not go there with the way this is going and the powers to be love to create soapy melodrama now so I can just picture the morning after “complications” they’re planning now: Domenkia all happy and House, win a complicated look on his face. He’s moved on… But has he really? Will be the deep, emotional “tour de force” they aim for.
    What a joke. Thrusting in a female character put of the blue with a ridiculous plot like this is beyond low. Was the clown reference referring to the joke the show would become? Good grief.

  • Susan

    #265 – Chuck – if House and Dominica sleep together NO NO NO! I will scream bloody murder. (What else can I do?) That is the ONE thing I cannot watch. If that awfulness happens then House and Cuddy are forever finished. She could never take him back after that, no matter how much she loves him. She thinks this is a sham marriage and if he sleeps with Domenica-and has feelings for her…….Oy. There go my hopes and dreams for them.
    What did you mean about House moving on – in reference to what?

    And Cuddy shouldn’t leave the show. Maybe she can kill Domenica or at least have her deported……..

    I think, as other said, that I will just watch “Now What” and keep that as my finale for this show.

  • Chuck

    Susan, #266, I meant the finale title, “Moving On.” The title itself is so obvious it’s a joke. Moving on from Cuddy, from the pills? Don’t know. Most likely Cuddy.

    Domineka or Domenica (spelling?) is hot, but she came out of nowhere. Amber was at least there for a while before Wilson hooked up with her. Just feels lazy, like the writers to chucked in a love interest.

    I’m up for a Cuddy and Domenica showdown. That would make me laugh even harder at the show.

  • carpenter

    Only a man dares to say that.
    I like House and I love Hugh Laurie. He is very hot and I would abscond with him.
    BUT House and Domenika would be a shame. She’s at most half his age. House looks beside her like a grandfather. In no sense sexy anymore. I hope the writer to reprieve us with such a story.

  • fatOlady

    Okay…I am ready for a new rant page as I already have a rant for the next “up coming” episode. Apparently, (according to the previews and spoilers released today) House figures out “13” was in prison for the last year but wasn’t smart enough to figure out why. SERIOUSLY????

    Well, that is just dumb! Or…..totally impossible.

    So, as the show moves closer to the truth this season……. this can only mean one of the three things I have listed below.

    1) Most of season 7 has been a dream (House, Cuddy’s or ours – depending on
    how deranged the writers are) with one foot in reality and one foot in the
    Land of Nod.
    2) The writers are really, REALLY stupid and have no idea that the Department
    of Corrections in EVERY state in the USA (YES, even New Jersey) has a
    Criminal Offender Records database online that is available for public
    inspection. This means anyone with internet access, can look up anyone who
    has been incarcerated. The records provide basic information such as name,
    DOB, identifying marks (tattoos, piercings, or scars), incarceration date,
    what crime or crimes a person was convicted of, length of incarceration,
    if they have probation, and what facility currently has custody of the
    individual. AND……….House was also too stupid to know that.
    3) The writers think that the viewers (fans) are too stupid to know everything I
    just said in point #2.

    Personally I favor point #1. What do you think??

  • carpenter

    I’m afraid it’s point #3.

    But like Cuddy says in season 3, ep.22 : There’s always tomorrow.

  • _M_H_M_

    I’m SO sorry. The ridiculousness of new developments made me break my vow not to post here for a few weeks. Can’t help myself.

    fatOlday, I think it’s just bad writing and them thinking we’re idiots. Really.

    Personally, I don’t think it will be a dream. If it is, I don’t think it can justify the carelessness and shallowness of the show. Remember the shock of “Both Sides Now?” It was a huge shock because the storylines before it were compelling and made sense so we were completely fooled. That hasn’t been the case for Season 7. This has been a nightmare of , “Wait, this is so bad I’m hoping it’s not real.” If I’m wrong, I’ll be glad, but not holding out hope anymore.

    I am revolted by the whole Dominika plotline. Chuck #265 is right. She was just thrown in. I wouldn’t be surprised if her storyline is more compelling than Cuddy’s.
    She should leave the misogynistic world of House where there is no room for a woman who is older, successful, smart, and have strong opinions. (And I am young, working hard at my career, and even I resent how they portray Cuddy.)

    I am seriously getting sick of the apparent female lead, Lisa Edelstein, getting such terrible storylines while supporting cast get deeper exploration as characters. She should leave and House should go on from popping Vicodin to Viagra because he needs to keep up with all those hookers or masseuses or green card wives or whatever who are all half his age.

    I really think the producers and writers don’t care that much anymore. I don’t know what happened to them over the summer, but that must have been one heck of a road trip.

    If they do have something brilliant up their sleeves, they have still massively failed with their PR department. You do not want to approach your audience as crazy fangirls when a good number of them are intelligent, adult viewers who have watched the show since day 1.

    So, so angry. This is the rant section, so I’m allowed, right?

    You know, I love Hugh Laurie’s talent and admire his many abilities, but I seriously wonder how he weighs in on anything, if at all. Certain elements of House’s character are certainly very much in line with his personal interests (bike, ping-pong, music, etc.), but I wonder if he participates in the direction of the show. How much control would he have as an executive producer? I’ve seen him in interviews saying how he’s absolutely blown away by the writers every week (and these are recent interviews), and I sat there, going, “Seriously? Does he really believe that or is that his job to say that?”

    Signing off.


  • Eileen

    @MHM #271 – You said, “If they do have something brilliant up their sleeves, they have still massively failed with their PR department. You do not want to approach your audience as crazy fangirls when a good number of them are intelligent, adult viewers who have watched the show since day 1.

    I couldn’t agree more. The last five minutes of the season finale in season 6 helped to make up for the RELATIVELY not-so-great season/storylines last year. But, after an amazing start (the first three episodes) followed by the promise of so much, season 7 has tanked. I HOPE, I REALLY HOPE that whatever they pull out of their tuches’ in the last one or two episodes involves hope for House and Cuddy. Otherwise, I’m following my husband and all of my friends who are no longer watching the show. I hate it because nobody around me cares anymore and, as a result, DO NOT want to talk about my favorite show.

  • Susan

    #269- OkGrandma – I hope it’s a dream – on an emotional level I need H and C together, on a rational level the writers have to bring them back together, at least at the end, because that’s where their writing was leading all these years. But the writers seem to have turned sadistic and who knows what will happen. But “hope springs eternal from the human breast”………

    #272 – Eileen – my husband saw the last episode and said, “this is really stupid now”. I make him watch anyway (he’s still missed a few on DVR) BTW, did you ever read Barbara’s blog on House and Yiddish?. Somehow I feel you would have some comments there.

    #271- MHM – are you seriously telling Cuddy to leave or is that your anger speaking?

    I asked a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if David Shore is a happily married man? Maybe we could appeal to his wife!

  • fatOlady

    Susan – David Shore is married. He and his wife Judy have 3 children. I read he also has twin brothers who are Rabbi’s. Seems strange his main character is an Athiest

  • MHM

    Susan (#273), It’s my anger speaking in outraged sarcasm 😉 I was trying to say that, with the totally ridiculous storylines Cuddy is being fed as a character, it would be better if she left the show rather than deteriorate further into something the character never was. If the writers bring Cuddy back, of course, I would like nothing more than for her to stay!

    I miss the Cuddy who would match House’s wits, stand up to the BOD and company hotshots, and have a sense of humor. I miss the sparks that would fly when she half joked and half argued with House. I really miss Cuddy’s sense of humor. It has evaporated in Season 7. She was always a kicka** boss, but her dialogue used to show that she was funny and sharp. Now her dialogue is toned down, depressed, even whiny sometimes. That spark about her character is gone. She was always either diapproving of House or scolding him this season. In contrast, that makes Dominika look even more fun, young, sweet. I think they portrayed Cuddy more as a disapproving ‘mom’ than House’s girlfriend, making her less attractive as a character.

    I do believe that House and Cuddy were each other’s great loves. I don’t see why they had to just show Cuddy’s somber side to tell the story of them being together. In BS, I actually liked it when she said, “Make it two” to House because there was a glimpse of that dynamic that existed before. Two people who cared about each other and understood each other and got each other’s humor so they could throw barbs like that to each other and just GET it.

  • fatOlady

    HOUSEonFOX just sent this out on Twitter. Anyone got any questions they want to ask David Shore or Hugh Laurie.

    HOUSE Fans! Do you have questions for Hugh Laurie or House creator, David Shore? Now’s your chance to ask them!

    Seems strange time to ask this with all the uproar in the fandom.

  • Eileen

    @Susan #271 – Yes, I did read Barbara’s blog on House and Yiddish and I enjoyed it very much! There’s nothing like yiddish to help really describe a situation or a thing, IMO.

    You know, as unhappy as I am with the show right now, I really want TPTB to redeem House’s character and let him have the love of the woman he has desired for such a LONG time. As so many of us have said before, having them together does NOT mean House has to be happy on a day in/day out basis. But it would be amazing to see how the love of the woman that knows and adores him and her child could affect House going forward. I know that he and Cuddy are screwed up, but who the hell isn’t? You know I’ve often heard this statement from all kinds of people:

    95% of people/families in the world are dysfunctional — and the other 5% are in denial!

    Helloooo? Who is perfect? Who always behaves perfectly — especially with the ones closest to them — the ones they hold dearest to their hearts? All this nonesense about House having to FIX himself before he can be with Cuddy is pure garbage. Couples often work out their problems together (often with assistance). If after time, when everyone and everything is exhausted and things are still beyond what you both can stand, then you MOVE ON. I feel sad that another season has been wasted that could have been so enriching and entertaining.

    That said, I still hope there is some HOPE. I do not agree with many in the fandom who are wishing Cuddy to die, or for House to die, or for Cuddy to leave the show, or for the series to end in six episodes from now. Do I understand their frustration and anger? ABSOLUTELY! But I, for one, still wish House’s story to be told. Like I said before, NOTHING is perfect! Where we are in House’s life is disappointing and sad right now. Is there a reason TPTB have decided to go down this depressing road? Maybe. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. But my fun (and guilty) pleasure is not fun anymore and from what’s being said out there, nothing will change and things are going to get worse. Simply stated, the House TV show that I have watched since day one (and have re-watched many times) is no longer the same show.

  • Sera G

    Hello to all,
    What does that say that after all these weeks since Bombshells, we are still angry, disappointed and discussing House?
    I think it shows more loyalty, care and devotion to a program than perhaps TPTB realize or that they even share!

    I stayed away as long as I could. I was trying to talk myself into watching the last two episodes, that I had detached enough emotionally and THEN I read that *%$# Ausiello’s column. You would think I would know better. I was depressed all over again! Sorry, I have been unable to bring myself to watch Chute/Fall. Reading your comments was difficult enough.

    fatOldlady, #278, how do we send questions to DS and HL? (I don’t think I could compose myself to be civil enough to write anything.) Those of you can still articulate your feelings, I hope will respond to them. If nothing else, refer them to the last few HUNDRED rants at this site.

    MHM, Eileen, Susan and oFl, you all are stating it so well. I hope that you write send your thoughts and hopes.

    I continue to replay the events and I remain bewildered:
    1. Why destroy something before giving it a fair chance. IF THEY HAD to break up House/Cuddy, do it at season’s end and let us suffer over the summer. At least we would have had an entire year to see the ups and downs.
    2. Why tell us that it’s over and done. What is the incentive to continue to watch.
    As someone posted weeks ago-it’s liking telling the ending of the book. Why keep reading?
    3. Why continue to gloat and hammer home the rationale for this decision. Again, if it was the right one, why does it need to be defended so strongly.

    I re-watched “Unplanned Parenthood”. Although it was lighter (House/Wilson/Rachel) in tone, I thought it went a long way to show how important Cuddy is to House that he would take care of Rachel. Against his will,he started to respond to that little girl.

  • Eileen

    @ Sera G – Yeah, that was a good episode. I stupidly thought when I watched that episode that what was shown was going to be the beginning of the relationship between house and that precious child. Also, to show how embedded House was becoming in Cuddy’s life/house/heart.

    What an idiot I was.

  • Sera G

    Hi, Eileen,
    Well, we were all taken for fools, I guess.
    I might be in the minority, but looking back over the summaries of the episodes, although they weren’t as indepth and ‘passionate’ as I might have wished, I really think they were pretty good in showing the tentative steps House might take in getting involved with a woman who has a young child. I think if Cuddy were childless, the developments might have been different, but ‘children change everything’.
    I liked how he had to adjust to her needs, how he reluctantly grew attached to her, how when she climbed onto his lap, he knew he was committed. As you said, what idiots!

    eileen, I think I mentioned that one of my friends husband also refuses to watch anymore. House with all the hookers and the sense of just being able to ‘move on’ really bothers him. They have 3 young kids and he’s a devoted husband/father. Over the years TPTB have said that they don’t want House (the show) to turn into a soap opera, yet that is just what they have done.

    I stopped watching soaps after college because they would take months and months to set up a relationship until you were aching to see the couple together. Then…bang someone dies or someone finds another ‘true love’ and we start it all over again. That drove me nuts. Anyone who has ever loved and lost knows it’s just not that easy. If you really love someone, you grieve a long time.

    Hey, manybe that’s the plan, House MD will now be called Days of Our House and it will be shown from 2;00-3:00 every afternoon!

  • Sera G

    Sorry to post again so soon, but I forgot to add this comment about Unplanned Parenthood:
    I tried to look for ‘clues’. Alas, I am not a great detective. All I noticed was that as was stated before, House was not wearing his watch in any scenes where his sleeves are rolled back.
    I tried to deduce any coded messages from the writers through the dialogue. Again, no luck!

  • fatOlady

    Sera G, I guess the questions need to go through Twitter to @HOUSEonFOX.

    This is actually THE one best opportunity we (fan community) will ever have to let TPTB know how we feel. Yes, all the questions may not get past the PR people but, “SOMEONE will see them”. We need to be respectful as possible but we need to absolutly snow them under with questions.

    You, me, every House fan needs to spread the word to EVERY House fan you know and they need to do the same and so on and so on all over the WORLD.

    We need to send questions on Twitter, the Fox website, snail mail, email, Facebook. Whatever you can do, just do it.

  • Eileen

    Who the heck wants to watch a show where they have to constantly be looking for clues or pay painstakenly close attention to the lyrics of songs? I watched LOST for six years and really tried hard to understand the clues and messages in that show. I am highly educated, but in the end, I was still lost because a lot remained unanswered! House MD is not LOST, but I feel like we are being asked to be hyper vigilent about every word, every scene, every everthing. Why on earth would TPTB do that? Some intrigue and mystery and problem-solving is quite fun. But if this whole season ends up being a mind f*&k, then how can we ever watch any future seasons with any kind of sanity?

  • Sera G

    Olady, I (refuse to use the ‘f’ word.),
    I have to think long and hard if I want to respond. Forgive my ignorance, but how do you send a letter through the Fox website? I can’t use the Community forum, those people are cruel and vile. I understand more about cyber bullying from reading those posts!
    Eileen, I agree, looking for clues was never a requirement to be engaged and intrigued by this show.

    I am sooooo afraid to let myself hope that there is going to be a marvelous trick at the end, because…what if there isn’t and this is the new reality for the show?

  • Eileen

    @ Sera G – Then I will no longer watch and will mourn the death of a once-great show.

    @fOl – I did send some tweets. They were nice questions and to the point. So I did my part.

  • fatOlady

    Not sure what “F” word you mean, I don’t think I said anything naughty. I don’t really know how to send an email through Fox website (I used that as an example) but I will find out if that is a real option.

    For anyone not on Twitter and who does not WANT to be on Twitter, (if you want to) you can send me your questions and I will be glad to post them.

  • fatOlady

    Yeah, Eileen…..you are my HERO!

  • Sera G

    Olady, (the ‘f’ word is fat!!!! LOL)
    I would appreciate you sending a message, as I neither have nor want a Twitter account. I just don’t know exactly what to say.
    I want to convey my 61/2 years of devotion to the show. I want to express my love for HL/LE and House and Cuddy and how much hope I had for their relationship: two complex, middle aged people taking a chance on love was bold and exciting.
    I want to let them know how unhappy, disappointed and empty I feel at what they have done.
    I want to let them know that this is worse than if the show had been cancelled. Knowing that there will be a season 8 and it will be this mess, to me is an utter waste.
    How can you convey that in 140 characters?
    Thank you for making us aware, being so kind as to convey our questions and being a
    thoughtful fan. Please let me know how to convey a message through the website, if that is an option.
    Thanks, Sera

  • fatOlady

    This request for questions came out on House’s FB page 2 hours ago and there are already almost 3,000 questions submitted. That isn’t counting all the questions posted on Twitter.

  • Sera G

    fOl, did you read any of them?
    It would be interesting to get a sense of the tone. If they are coming from those who post to the Fox site, they mostly seem young and glad he’s back on drugs, you know, “good ol’ House.” That worries me quite a bit. I fear that is the only audience TPTB hope to attract.

  • fatOlady

    Sera G you can post your questions on the FB House page. That will give you more than 140 characters to work with. So let them have it.

  • Susan

    My daughter fell asleep on my arm so I’ll write later but Okie Grandma, please twitter for me whatever you want – as long as they have House and Cuddy back at some point. Thanks.

  • Sera G

    Sorry to bug you Olady, but I don’t have a FB account. Can I still post there?
    Maybe I will try the address that Barbara gave when she asked us to let the network know about season 8.
    Thanks for all your help. Please keep us informed about what is being said and any responses, when they come in.

  • MHM

    For what it’s worth, I fired off a series of tweets to the show. I doubt they will take it seriously or even read them, but, man, I had to so *something* and at least try to shake them out of the delusion that they are okay.

    The fact that they are even doing this tells me that the PR team on the show wants to conduct a field test/collect data on public reaction. Sadly, I imagine they’ll hire interns to scour all the comments and just pick the nice ones to show to the exec. producers.
    At least there is a slim chance they’ll hear some of us.

  • housecomelately

    If the producers and network really wanted viewers to believe that Huddy is dead, then they should have killed off Cuddy in episode 15.

    So having painted themselves in a corner, to my mind the writers have three options to avoid Huddy:

    1. Find a worthy love interest for Cuddy so that she is not available for House. Someone smart, independent, but not drug-addicted, or averse to small children. Also someone who is not threatened by her position at the hospital. Someone not connected to the hospital, but NOT Lucas. But with an edge to keep her interested. (Remember these lines? ‘Someone like you?’ ‘Someone you like.’)

    2. Have Cuddy quit her job and leave PPTH or get fired because of some illegal thing that House did (no, not the green card marriage). This may or may not entail firing Lisa Edelstein a la Jennifer Morrison, but could possibly allow a final episode to tie up loose ends. ***

    3. Kill off Cuddy. Brutal but will leave House viewers and Huddies alike in no doubt that Huddy is over. RIPHuddy indeed.

    ***Option 2 does allow an alternate storyline, that being that House would go in search of her to try to sort things out between them. Oh but wait, he only does that for 13.

    Oh well just a thought.

  • housecomelately

    fat OLady, could you please ask DS what are the plans for the Cuddy character as at the moment she seems to serve no useful purpose in House’s journey? If she goes back to being just the boss who says ‘No’ all the time, isn’t that going backwards?

    Btw some great posts on this page. Thanks to all for such heartfelt writing! (More heartfelt than most of the writing of season 7 of House.)

  • fatOlady

    Here is a sample of some of the questions.

    Lou Fairclough Here’s a question…why are the storylines getting sooooo ludicrous and dull! It used to be simple yet gripping medical storylines and kickass writing. Gah!

    Kim June-young I don’t think house’s mean personality is natural. Is there any genetic disease that can make people so mean and genius like the woman from prior episode of house. She has genetic disorder which made her memorize everything happened to her and it also made her keep away from people. I hope house has one like that. Is that possible?

    Brittany Dwinnell David: I feel like Wilson should have someone. I know you are focussing on Huddy but I miss having Wilson and Amber they were great for each other. Any plans?

    Tawana Parker Love the show, why so many reruns in between the new episodes? Will House ever get married? Will Wilson find true love?

    Marie-Pier Rousseau To Hugh Laurie : Has the House character changed you personnally? If so, in which way?

    Karl Sunglao Why are House’s eyes so intoxicating?!

    Carolyn Ann Hobbs Hugh Laurie…..Is House’s religious views on the show based on or because of your own non belief?

    Jennifer Cruz To David Shore. Is there a possibility to have huddy again in the near future? If not any other relationship aside from the current fake relationship?
    (huddy fans never stop hoping)

    Jaded Doll When are House and his new “wife” going to divorce??! I don’t like this storyline at all!

    Michael Hershberger Will we ever see Stephen Fry as a guest star on the show? I think he’d make for an interesting patient, or a shrink to Dr. House.

    Rose Horgan David Shore: How did you come up with character House and the other characters?

    Tracy Little is house going to kick the pills again and stay off of them for good and get back together with dr.cutty and is wilson going to find someone?

    John Schultz House…..Who could be so self centered as to blow away a fox like Cuddy?

    Virgle Lyons Any chance of Andre Braugher coming back in a recurring role as House’s therapist? This could be a great recurring bit like Dr Melfi on The Sopranos

    Linda Rogalski McGettigan Cuddy’s child seems to be “slow”. Are you prepping us slowly for a sudden clash!! Is the reason why coming up next season? You have me wondering if a story is in the works.. The baby is the only cast member who. Hasn’t had a show dedicated just on her.

    Melynda Ladyboo Kimbrow Why does HOUSE be so rude.????? LUV IT……..

    Anusha Azees to Mr.Shore, How many more seasons? And will House and Cuddy ever get back together again?

    Seth Pankey What happened to house leg

    Charles Waters Hugh Laurie : How long do you think you’ll be gracing us with Dr. House ? I hope for a very long time

    Luis Anchorena Mr. Laurie: Do you love to work with children in your movies or series? Which caracter is more close to you: The sour Dr. House or the sweet Frederick Little???

    Jake Clark This one is for hugh. You must be a very intelligent person to play a character like house. what I would like to know is, and if you do answer this question I would like you to think about it for a while, do you believe that one day we have a chance at becoming smarter emotionally and morally than we are technologically and scientifically? If not, how long do you think this world will last?

    Anusha Azees to Hugh Laurie : I’m a huge fan of yours! Love the way you play House… Do you think House will ever not run away from his pain and be able to be there for Cuddy the way she wants him to be?

    Kurt Wise how many medical consultants help the writers?

    Chelsea McLuen What gives you (Mr. Hugh Laurie) your spark — your passion?

    Gerald Golden Could the show go on for atleast 5 more seasons please

    Joanna Wruszak When is this UPCOMING VIDEO of answers??????

    Angela Henson When can we see a bit more nudity from sir Hugh Laurie? While I don’t mind Cuddy’s cleavage in the least, I could go for a bit more of House too 😉

    Patty Che Cameron Love the show and the character! I have a rare condition known as Reiters Syndrome and have seen many specialists and it is so true about Specialists they have NO Bed-side manners at all! Tooo Funny

    Randy Wendorf Do you catch yourself limping when not at work ha ?

    Glenda Lawless Do you plan to do an episode that addresses House’s childhood?
    43 minutes ago · Like.

    Eric Caldwell Mr. Laurie, congratulations on your upcoming blues album. On it, you had the privilege to record a track with Dr. John. Did you get to spend any time jamming outside of the sessions?
    43 minutes ago · Like.

    Mr. Shore why did you break up Huddy? Damn you bring them back!!! And where is 13?
    41 minutes ago · Like · 1 person

  • Sera G

    Thanks, Olady!
    Sadly, these are the type of questions I expected. This is the audience TPTB now court. RIP, HOUSE MD.

    For anyone who cares, I e-mailed a rather long message to DS and TPTB at the Ask Fox
    link. I sincerely doubt anyone with any authority will read/respond or care, but it did make me feel better.

    It is probably unethical, but is there anyway to direct DS or TPTB to this site? I think they would get some truer insight to people’s feelings of disappointment, anger and bewilderment.

  • fatOlady

    I suppose SOMEONE or MORE could suggest (on Twitter) they read it…maybe include a link to the comments section….just sayin!

  • MHM

    Olady, thanks for posting the q’s. Groan. Those questions are…well, I guess if that’s what they’re bombarded with all the time, well…I don’t know.

    On another note, I have sunk to S7’s level of crassness and my final tweet was:
    Was the clown intended to foreshadow the farce called scripts this season and is the finale title a directive to viewers?

    My other questions were not so, well, mean, but I’ve been wondering that last question for a while now.

    Good night, everyone.

  • fatOlady

    MHM…..I think that was a great question. I think you hit the nail on the head. GOOD JOB. They opened themselves up for it so they need to hear the tough questions.

  • Sera G

    MHM, a bit mean (LOL), but to paraphrase Amber to House on the bus, “they kinda deserve it!”

    I am afraid the title of epi. #23 is making the direction of the show clear. If that turns out to be true, that will be the route I take.
    Before I go to bed, I want to say again, so unnecessary, so sad! This could have been a brilliant year. They had so many avenues to explore and they had such rich deep characters with which to work. A waste of talent, a waste of opportunities.

  • fatOlady

    One of My questions: For DS, why take House so far just to knock him down again? If he can’t win, who wants to watch him be kicked again and again?

  • housecomelately

    fatOlady, could you please ask this question:

    How much influence does the network have on the direction of the storylines?

  • fatOlady

    Just did, thanks. I posted iton FB. Questions are MUCH more hard hitting today.

  • Eileen

    What do you mean by “hard hitting”?

  • Eileen

    @fOl – never mind. I saw them myself. Only a few related to House and Cuddy. I laughed at all those questions asking HL about medical things — as if he is a doctor in real life!

  • fatOlady

    I know, and what about all the ones asking him to marry them or to marry them as HOUSE (limp and all). And they (TPTB) think “WE” don’t have a grip on reality.

  • housecomelately

    305 fatOlady, many thanks for posting! 🙂

    I wonder if anyone asked what’s to become of Cuddy?

  • MHM

    Hi, everyone. Wow. I read the eonline poll of shows people want to delete if the season finale doesn’t redeem the past season. House is winning epically. I contributed my comments, too.

    The thing that occurred to me, though, is *why* they are doing this poll. I would imagine the executives at networks will look at all the polls going on and either tell Shore to change things or negotiations for S8 will get even harder. Hmmm…

    Or, they’ll just treat everyone who criticizes house like delusional fangirls and continue on their plane of warped superiority and denial.

    It also occurred to me that House has to have some minions monitoring fans’ reactions, reading blogs like this one, and etc. Companies do market research and surveys, right? Perhaps because of the decline in ratings since BS and because the uproar on the internet has gotten so loud they are afraid to dismiss it as Huddyitis, they are putting out more “surveys”. Like with the insanely cheesy and stupid Aussiello “report” of the season finale, the twitter/fb “ask your questions”, and now eonline’s Kristen. It all seems like a calculated move on the network/exec. producers’ part to test/survey.

    If we finally got their attention, that’s great, but I’m not sure where they are going with this. Are they going to rewrite the season finale to appease angry people? That doesn’t seem in line with what they did in prior seasons, and I’m not sure I would like that. I think that, unless this whole season really was a dream/hallucination or whatever alternate plane of reality, attempting to fix things now will be blatantly evident. They have certainly dug themselves into a hole, and it really saddens me to think of the actors working so hard and turning in such great performances with the material that they have. Imagine what they could have done with better scripts. DS and GY, you better have something amazing up your sleeves for the finale!

  • Eileen

    @housecomelately#309 – Yes, some people asked about Cuddy, both in terms of what is TO become of her as well as what HAS become of her.

    It’s so sad… Eonline.com has a poll asking people which shows they are going to delete from their DVR after this season.

    Almost 50% of the vote is for House to be deleted. People are so fed up with the direction the show is going.

    If you want to vote, there is also a place for your comments.

    Sera G, this is another good place to voice your displeasure.

  • fatOlady

    309 – housecomelately – I sent that question in for you or somebody today.

  • Sera G

    Hello, all.
    Thanks, Eileen, I will.
    I’ll get back to you later.

  • fatOlady

    Actually that sounds like a WONDERFUL place for everyone to take their opinions. Have any of you ever seen EOnline or any TV magazine ever post a question like that before. They (TPTB) will pay attention to this one. Thank you Eileen for posting the site address….I could not find it on my own…and I got something to say. Remember GY laughing and tweeting that the unhappy fans were not a danger to them “just a percent of a percent”. Well GY, are you laughing now? You don’t bite (or make fun of) the hand that feeds you. Yes indeed…he who laughs last, laughs best.

    But….No MORE time to gloat we have to save our HOUSE.
    The one they built this season is burning down.

  • Sera G

    Thanks, again, Eileen.
    I commented. I did a quick count:
    60 votes specified anger at House/Cuddy break up or lack of good writing for House and or Cuddy.
    16 votes specified the relationship (Huddy) as why they don’t watch anymore.
    16 voted because of either; boring stories, not enough POTW or a few said Masters.

    That seems like more than a few are unhappy.

  • Eileen, FOL (OK Grandma or Glenda is so much nicer), Sera G, MHM, Susan and all!

    Wow! I stayed away for awhile because my heart is still broken – for House, the lost opportunity of a real exploration of House and Cuddy, and a great show.

    There were lots of episodes this season that I liked, it’s just that I expected so much more. The disappointment over the ‘lets just get this over with’ approach to the House/Cuddy relationship and break up is beyond my ability to put into words.

    I don’t know what made me do it, but today I posted comments on the House site about Fall From Grace as well as write to AskFox@Fox.com.

    Then I though I would just stop by and see if my friends were still consoling one another here and WOW! There has been a lot going on since I last dropped by.

    I went to the eonline poll page regarding what shows people were going to delete from their DVR and House is at 50 percent!? Stunning.

    I think its folks like us trying to send a message. I HOPE TPTB do not interpret the results as further evidence that the House/Cuddy relationship does not play well to their audience or was a mistake to ‘explore’ in the first place.

    Early on (Paley Center interview I think) David Shore and Hugh Laurie used to say they do not pay much attention to what the fans think. Hugh Laurie didn’t want to understand a response from fans to a certain way he acted out the character House, and then subconciously play to that – thus ‘screwing it up’.

    David Shore has often stated that he prides himself in being true, as he sees it, to the story HE is telling trying hard not to be influenced by others.

    Given the tantrums, I wonder if they really are getting the message from US -the thoughtful viewers that have all been on this journey since day one and through the vehical of their own writing came to expect a higher degree of thoughtful exploration of these two magnetic characters.

    Or, do they see this as evidence that their audience did not want to see House in a relationship with Cuddy in the first place.

    And how do they manage to find US and our thoughts among the thousands of ignorant and unintelligible comments swarming the internet?

    My name is Lori, and I’m still a House addict.

  • Sera G 302
    Amber to House on the bus, “they kinda deserve it!” YES THEY DO!

    Sera G 315
    Where are people posting those comments? I’d love to be among them!

  • Sera G

    Hi, bigHousefan,
    They posted at Eonline. There is a link to the right of the screen. “What shows are you deleting from your DVR?” A title like that.
    Please don’t make me think that they could possibly be so stupid to believe that fans are unhappy because they created Huddy? It has been over for more than 3 weeks, the ratings have gone DOWN and there is a lot of noise on the internet. If they believe it’s over Huddy they are delusional and only believe what they choose to believe.
    Someone HAS to be reading these comments.

    As I was tallying the comments, I read them. The 60 that wanted House/Cuddy back also mentioned the lack of a deep storyline, the quickness of ending the realtionship after a 6 year build up and a few mentioned that more time was spent on Taub’s marriage woes than on House/Cuddy.
    The nays, of course, were thrilled that House/Cuddy were over, yet many were stated that they were leaving the show because the stories weren’t interesting anymore or that House was doing the same old thing. Interesting? Apparantly the ‘death’ of Huddy isn’t the cure they hoped.

  • Sera G

    Sorry, bigHousefan (Lori), I didn’t answer your question. At the bottom of the survey, if you scroll down a bit is a place to comment. You have to put in the password they show you (to make sure you are not a machine.) Where can I get a machine that will Twitter DS and GY nonstop to help them see reason?

    Hey, Olady, what’s new on Twitter with quesitions?

  • MHM

    GY is really a straight-up troll on Twitter.
    He detracts from the integrity of the show. He’s directed great episodes, but, man, he detracts from the integrity of the show as a spokesman. It’s so ridiculous that it’s almost like he’s pretending to be a pompous, I can never do anything wrong (if fans are happy we’re doing something right. if they’re unhappy we’re still doing something right) jerk.

  • Sera G 318

    ‘more time was spent on Taub’s marriage woes than on House/Cuddy’

    What a great point and further evidence of the lack of real interest in writing a great story about these compelling characters. House and Cuddy have a real history and understanding of one another. So many possible storylines, I’ll never understand the writer’s or producer’s ‘choice’ to ignore that exploration.

    And thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the Eonline site. I was happy to add to the noise and just hope someone at House is paying attention. 🙂

  • Sera G

    MHM, that really seems odd to me. I don’t have a Twitter account, as I have said, but in years past reading what others reported, he never seemed to have that attitude. He seemed supportive of the performers, extolling the “5 to 9” episode, for example, talking about needing the right way to bring House/Cuddy together. I am trying to bring back examples from memory and that is all I can recall. I may have to go back to the Fox site and pull from the spoilers area.
    Either he gets a kick from stirring the waters and really does believe that any publicity is better than none, or he is actually convinced that this (mess, imo,) is best for the show. I find the last idea really, really hard to believe.

    What I find difficult to understand it the attitude of Fox. They have to be reading these comments or hearing about them at least. Do they support this mocking of fans or do they remain “above the fray?”

  • MHM 320

    I agree a thousand percent about GY. From what I’ve read of his musings here, he’s a real piece of work, although talented at his craft. Why does he think his ‘poking a sharp stick’ is anything but insulting?

    I try very hard to stay away from not only his comments, but also the writers as they rarely seem to speak to what I understand from a story or character.

    I also stay away from spoilers because they usually are wrong and make me feel worse for having read them.

  • MHM

    Sera G, thanks for mentioning what GY said in the past. I think GY and the show think that the key lies in the tween or teenage audience now because they have a lot of wingspan in terms of what’s said on the internet, sheer volume-wise; and because of their increasing purchasing power. Inciting hateful reactions from them would create more publicity (even bad publicity) for the show. This would explain the gimmicks, shallowness, and just for shock value of S7, as they try to gear towards this new audience. This, in turn, leaves viewers like us feeling jarred and confused.

    bigHousefan, I admire your restraint!! I try to stay away, too, but I find myself failing more often than not. I totally agree that what the writers say do not align w/my understanding of the characters and spoilers make me feel worse. I most definitely think the show needs a new PR person. If they want to go with sensationalist trashy, then by all means…

    I was really tempted to tell GY,
    “Rebecca Black, much?”

  • Eileen

    @Bighousefan 316 – Hey to you, too!
    Yeah, we are all still here feeling lousy about what has happened between H & C over the past few episodes, as well as feeling awful about what we are hearing is going to happen with regard to them. I read that House is going to open up to 13 in the next episode. Who gives a rat’s ass? Why in the heck can’t we see House open up to Cuddy? TPTB have proven they are good at what they do — so SHOW THE WORLD with a mature and well-written story between these two amazing characters! Let this man grow up (baby steps, of course) and attempt (better this time) a relationship with Cuddy!

    If it’s done right, I believe, you will have Huddies and non-Huddies screaming for more! Just because a TV show has been on for as long as House has does NOT mean it has to tank. In fact, if DS can pull this one up from these depths, then any network would be willing to work with him regarding any other series he may want to do in the future. Am I right?

  • Eileen

    I still can’t get over that 50% of the respondents from Eonline’s poll have already, or are going to, stop watching House. This is so sad.

  • housemaniac

    Yes, it *is* sad. What if all our complaining got the show killed. Would people be happy about this? (This seems most unlikely, but I thought I’d ask because as someone who has complained–but still kept watching–I have to admit I DO want the show to continue. I’m curious, if nothing else.)

  • Eileen

    I don’t think the show will be cancelled because people are voicing their opinions. A show generally ends when A) The creators *finished* their story ( a la LOST after 6 years), or when ratings decline too much. ER was on the air for 15 years and was able to maintain decent ratings. So, if it is perceived that complaining results in a show ending, then the show was going to end anyways.

    @Housemaniac – If you read my comments from the previous page #277, I, like you, hope things get better with this show instead of worse.

  • housemaniac

    Yes, Eileen, I agree with your analysis of why a show generally ends. I really meant hypothetically–if there were no Season 8 would we mourn the loss of the show, even if we didn’t like how Season 7 ended? I, for one, would!

  • Sera G

    Have to diagree with you, housemaniac, sorry. The show I loved died at 8:57p.m. on Monday, February 28, 2011. Unless there is an amazing twist around the corner, I will not watch. I will peek in here to see what is happening, but I can’t bring myself to watch it crumble.

    They killed the spirit of the character of Cuddy, they extinguished the hope I had for House, they have since made the rest of the characters look like idiots.
    I never thought I would willingly walk away from this show. As a matter of fact, I was already dreading the fact that season 8 might be the last year! (I was mourning a year ahead!)
    Now, I have absolutely no desire to see the depths to which I fear they will sink.

    I was thinking about the demographics earlier, after reading the comments from Eonline. I could be wrong, but I truly feel the majority of people who hate Huddy and Cuddy, are very young. They either don’t have a lot of experience with love/relationships and the compromise and willingness to work things out or they have the experience and it has soured them.
    I also think they are young due to their reaction to Cuddy as House’s boss. It almost has the feel of teenage rebellion against ‘mom’ or ‘teacher’ to it.
    What surprises me most is the negative and rude comments about her from women. They are most harsh in their opinions, and mostly call her a b**** and offer no other reason for their dislike.
    The male comments are misogynistic. They seem like the ‘young, fun, playful’, Dominicka. Yeah, every 51 year old man’s dream. Remember, “Act Your Age”? There we saw the possibility for October-October. Happy times.

    I was surprised to learn a few years ago that a large population of fans were young people. As a matter of fact my nephew told me in year 2, many of his high school friends were fans. It seems there is the young crowd that relates to his ‘do what you want’ spirit and the older (of which I am one), more thoughtful group, who saw more below the surface of the character and responded to the moral dilemas and philosophical debates on the show.

    I guess part of me still wants to believe, but I am afraid to trust and be crushed, again. I am a coward.

  • housecomelately

    If they truly want the teenage or early 20s market, they are barking up the wrong tree. From what I understand, this age group has long since become disillusioned by TV altogether, preferring instead the total escapism of video games (Grand Theft Auto, anyone?), the Internet, and online gaming.

    If they really want this age group, they will have to replace House with a prequel version that stars a much younger, hipper actor than Hugh Laurie–who, no doubt, would remind them of their grandpa–no offense to HL fans.

  • Eileen

    Hey, where can we meet for coffee? Or margaritas? My treat!

  • Sera G

    housecomelately, #331, very good!
    It is a testament to HL and the writers (B.B.-Before Bombshells) to make a middle aged man a sex symbol and hero to the young and easily distracted

  • Eileen

    @331 housecomelately – You are SO RIGHT! My 14 and 18 year old sons don’t watch any TV (except for MTV every once in a while). Plus, they have NO $$$ to buy the stuff advertised in the commercials, or the merchandising materials. That would be us, not them!

  • housecomelately

    311 Eileen and 312 fatOlady — thanks for confirming that questions had been asked about the future of the Cuddy character. Much appreciated!

    I saw one question on FB asking what Hugh thought of the Huddy breakup. Not sure he would be too forthcoming as he has the most invested in the show as both lead actor and executive producer…

    Wait til Barbara comes back and sees that this rant thread still `has legs` as they say in show biz!!

  • Sera G

    Sorry, I am back.
    Eileen, did you read any of the comments from Eonline? What struck me was that many wrote they had left House behind in season 5. I wonder why? To me there was so much angst,(House trying/failing with methadone), drama (Kutner’s suicide and 13/Foreman) and sorrow, (Under My Skin and Both Sides Now). That seems an odd season to bail. I could understand if they had said season 6, as many posters didn’t seem to have the nuance to appreciate the difficult road of recovery form substance abuse, let alone therapy for House’s other travails.
    Does anyone else have any insight on that?

  • fatOlady

    Well as for the Twitter chatter, GY has dropped out a couple this evening. All pretty harmless so far but I can’t help but get nervous when GY starts tweeting to the fans. Know what I mean?

  • Eileen

    Sera G – Yes I did read all the comments. It beats me why people said they dropped out in S5. I thought S5 was the best of all the seasons! Plus, my husband and all my friends thought the same thing! So, don’t know why.

    @fOl – I see GY’s on Twitter – but, so far, harmless.

  • Eileen

    Okay, so it’s too late for coffee..but no one is going to take me up on the Margaritas? Seriously? Ha, ha

  • Sera G

    Eileen, I think we could all have a great time over margaritas, or coffee or ice cream. I am more of a sweets woman than anything else. My waistline is a testament to that!

    A better question for Hugh Laurie is:
    Are you AWARE that there is a huge amount of sadness, disappointment and anger over the break up of House and Cuddy?
    He will only make his standard response:
    “I don’t really care WHAT they do, I care HOW they do it.”
    With all due respect, Mr. Laurie, they did it WRONG!

  • fatOlady

    Eileen all I have to that is when and where sis’ta?

  • Eileen

    Sera G, you’re right. But, OMG, what a great actor he has been in his role as House!

  • Eileen

    fOl, catch your next flight to Hotlanta and I’ll treat you!

  • Sera G, Eileen, housecomelately, housemaniac, and MHM, and FantasticOlady 🙂

    Sera G 336
    To hear many left the show in season 5 is very surprising!

    Sera G 340
    Yes, that is HL’s standard response, and yes,they did it poorly!

    Eileen 332
    Just name the place – I’m there!

    housecomelately 331
    David Shore and company have always boasted how intelligent and receptive to their smart writing their audience was. If they are still interested in writing clever scripts, I don’t think they’ll find many 20-somethings willing to play along…

    Housemaniac 327
    Yep, I, too, am sticking with it. I’m hopeless. I find Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of House so compelling I can’t turn away.

    It will be interesting to see if our tantrums prove a wakeup call, mostly with regard to the lack of smart storytelling where House and Cuddy are concerned.

    You have an uncanny way of cheering me up and making me smile!

  • Sera G

    Eileen, I totally agree that HL is a marvel.
    He has it all: looks, wit, charm, talent to spare, etc. etc.
    The only people I am NOT mad at or disappointed in are Mr. Laurie, Ms. Edelstein and Mr. Leonard. They remain superb throughout this disaster.

    Are we all invited to Hotlanta or just fOl?

  • fatOlady

    Eileen, I’m there. I’ll let you know when my flight should arrive.

  • fatOlady

    Okay….this seems like a good time to share this. GY’s tweet is below. I think he is deliberatly sending a peace offering of sorts to all the fatOladys, the not so fat old ladys, and the not so fat and/or not so old ladys). It is in the form of eye candy namely Hugh Laurie. The link is a picture of what he says is his office and he wanted the fans to know he was just “chillin” with photog Galetat. But I think the real reason was to give us (the fans) a picture of Hugh that I have never seen before and is quite SPECIAL. Check it out.

    Greg Yaitanes
    hanging with @Galetat in my office.

  • Eileen

    Sera G, housecomelately, housemaniac, MHM, Susan, FantasticOlady, (and I wish Delia_Beatrice was still around) —

    You are all invited to come to Hotlanta! Don’t you know we’d all have the best time! Time to say good night to all of you!

  • fatOlady

    How about a HOUSE Chasing Zebra’s Convention in Oklahoma City?

  • FantasticOLady…See fatOlady, its catching on – time for a moniker change 🙂

    Thanks for referrencing that gorgeous picture! I don’t use Twitter, and only looked at that tweet – but wow was it worth it!

    Eileen- Do I get to join you in Hotlanta? An adult beverage among this great company (also missing D_B) sounds exactly what’s called for about now…

  • fatOlady

    Hey how about fantasticallyfatOlady? That could work….what do you think?

  • MHM

    Eileen, Hotlanta sounds so awesome!

    I’m so glad that we have a place where we can share our thoughts/heartache/joys of the show sincerely and express our opinions without people thinking we’re spouting gibberish. There ARE intelligent viewers! Yes, we do have brains! 🙂 All of you (including Sera G, housecomelately, housemaniac, Susan, fatOlday, bigHousefan) are really made of awesome. Good night.

  • FantasticOLady

    Yours is a bit wordy… I still like mine better!


    This is a great place with thoughtful discussion among smart viewers. Thank God! The alternative is therapy!


  • housecomelately

    348 Eileen — thanks for the invite to Hotlanta (is it hot there now), and good night–don`t let the Yaitanes bugs bite!

    352 MHM — Humbled to be included in the awesomeness. You`ve all inspired me to use my few brain cells. It`s been fun!

    Does anyone follow Alex Solether`s twitter? Poor fellow who has something to do with the show has been bombarded by disgruntled fans.

    I see that Barbara tweeted to him, but I don’t agree with his answer:
    “@B_Barnett I know, people are really upset about Huddy. Just strange because it wouldn’t be true to his character to keep them together.”

    To Alex, who is obviously following the party line on Huddy as preached by the producers and writers, I say “Er, but it wasn’t House who broke up the relationship (he was pleading ‘don’t’)–it was Cuddy, and THAT is not true to HER character!”

    I’ll leave you with those thoughts and wish you sweet dreams of earlier seasons… 😉

  • Sera G

    I love this spot. It is full of intelligent people, who can disagree (or more often, agree) with courtesy and respect. It may sound silly, but I feel that I have friends out there who care about the show, great ideas, wonderful writing and each other!
    Perhaps in the future, we really can all meet in person.

    FantasticOlady, I haven’t seen the pic, but if GY thinks he can pacify us with ‘eye candy’, he underestimates us, AGAIN!

    I will be closing soon and back on Friday.
    Keep up the good work, keep up the fight!

    Does anyone know if D_B peeks in or has she given up? I always enjoyed her posts.

  • Sera G

    Ack! I just read housecomelately, #354.
    They truly don’t know what they are doing!!!! Poor Alex must not have watched the same show for the last 147 episodes!
    House has wanted to be with Cuddy for more than 20 years! Even when he felt he couldn’t be with someone, or shouldn’t be with someone he still wished he could be with her! He tried to do what he thought was right. He tried to do what he thought needed to be done to be a ‘good boyfriend.’

    housecomelately, you’ve got to Tweet your response back to him!
    Poor Cuddy was the fall guy for this mess.
    FOlady, can you send that message along?

    Even though I forget sometimes that House is a fictional character (Ha!) the writers have written what is in his character. If he can diaper a toddler, go to the head of the school and plead Cuddy’s case, if he can contentedly wash dishes and be civil to Mrs. Cuddy, WHY, WHY, WHY, is it out of character to keep them together?
    The writers write what is and is not in his character. I suppose driving a monster truck into the hospital is in character? Sleeping with multiple hookers is in character (don’t want to think about STDs)?

    And most of all, marrying a stranger so that she can get her green card (from the goodness of his selfless heart, I suppose) IS IN CHARACTER? These people are out of their minds. I am now convinced that they think we are idiots. i am upset all over again. (Hard to tell, I know.)

    I really think they should stop responding. It gets worse each time. There is such a disconnect from what they spout to what has happened for the last 61/2 years.
    There is no surprise. There is no twist. There is no brilliant plan. We are just supposed to pretend the last 147 episodes never happened. What a shame!

  • fatOlady

    Sera G…I will address you since you seem to be the only one who hasn’t went to bed besides me. I was really wanting to discuss the motivation behind GY Tweeting that picture. Once you see it you will realize the only reason he could have sent it was for us to see that amazing picture of Hugh. It’s not like it is just a little 8 by 10 on his desk. In fact it looks like he he pushed poor Mr. Galetat out of the way to take it, but Mr. Galetat was “supposedly” the subject of the photo. Interesting.

  • fatOlady

    353 – bigHousefan “Yours is a bit wordy… I still like mine better!”- ACTUALLY my sugestion is a bit more “letterrrie” not wordy. lol

  • Sera G

    fOlady, I was on my way to bed and got riled up again.
    I will have to find the picture. The fact that he is sending, an attractive, (I assume) pic of HL is worrisome. We are now supposed to be seduced by the randy, wild man, House. He doesn’t have the ‘baggage’, i.e. Cuddy anymore. Now he is available to all of the women out in fandom.
    Dear Lord, they call us fangirls!
    Why else would he post a picture of HL, when he is talking to the other man? It sounds so patronizing.

    It makes me think of when G.H.W.Bush chose Dan Quayle as his running mate, all but admitting it was to get the ‘womens vote.’
    Yes, just show us a cute boy and we stop using our silly little brains.

  • fatOlady

    Sera G – I think I figured out where the disconnect between the writers and the fans are. The writers “think” they have been telling us one story for 7 seasons but in actuality Hugh Laurie (who loves the fans) has been telling us HIS story. Big difference I’d say.

  • housecomelately 354

    Do you know who Alex Solether is and what he has to do with the show? He sure gave the verbatim talking points answer. I love your response. It was not true to Cuddy’s character because they had to rewrite her character in order to make it fit this absurd storyline. Also, IF for some reason I can’t come up with, House and Cuddy had to break up, the Cuddy I know would fear for House’s well-being afterwards. She would expect a reckless and out of control response and a dash to hide behind the numbing effects of booze and Vicodin and take steps to protect him from himself.

    Sera G 356

    I share your frustration!!! Exactly what have I missed since day one that should explain how it would not be true to House’s character for this relationship to work within the confines of these two ‘uncommon’ people. They had to write nonsense in order for their relationship NOT to work!

    FantasticOLady 358

    Nice catch. And I still like mine better 🙂

  • fatOlady

    Wow…..I really lobe your silly little brain. You haven’t even seen the picture and you had fantastic insight in to GY’s devious head.

  • I think GY’s picture is of the wall mural in his office. He had a different one last year, too, and I’m just too tired to think of it.

  • You see last year’s mural here.

  • fatOlady

    bigHousefan – yes I thought that too, but why send it? What was he hoping to gain? And an even better question…..where can I buy one?

  • Sera G

    I just googled our friend Alex. He does publicity for House. Wonderful! Another toy soldier to march in step!
    fOlady, I am just so suspicious of everything they communicate now. This truly is not the show I fell in love with.

    They are manipulators, liars and just big meanies!

    bigHousefan, #361, Exactly! Everything they wrote in “What Now” and “Unwritten” was perfect, but it was a lie and a set up.
    Instead of congratulating themselves they should be ashamed. They destroyed a wonderful show, trashed unique characters and squandered so many opportunities.

  • Exactly the phrase I was looking for, ‘Squandered so many opportunities.’
    That’s the most frustrating. TPTB never recognized the goldmine of material they had at their disposal? Instead, they had to reconfigure everything to avoid it? Then what’s the point of it all? I don’t know what they could write to ever explain that to me.

  • fatOlady

    They NEVER saw what we saw. They were just to close to it. They couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It is sad, they really had no idea what a true quilted masterpiece of human redemption this could have been. Greed and arrogance destroyed it.

  • Sera G

    At this point bigHousefan, I don’t think it’s possible to explain it.
    I joked that they were trying to kill the show and everyone walk away with the money. Now I wonder if I was right without knowing it?
    There has to be a sense of trust/faith with the audience. Even if there are tricks or surprises; House hallucinating his conversations and actions with his team and ‘Moriarty’ in No Reason, we understood the reason behind the trick. When he hallucinated making love with Cuddy and getting sober in Under My Skin, we understood that was his deepest wish, and we accepted the trick. What possible goal is there in this fiasco being a trick or even worse, the new reality?

    This is my prediction, I have stated it before, and believe me, I pray that I am wrong:
    Wilson will leave in disgust, unable to reach House or console Cuddy. (Freeing RSL to do his play on Broadway and anything else he wants.)
    Cuddy will either quit or the board will fire her, as she is no longer able to ‘control’ House. This will eliminate any hopes for a House/Cuddy reconciliation.

    Who’s up for House falling in love with the 25 year old hooker/housekeeper/playmate? That would be in character. He has always loved dumb women (Stacy, CIA doctor, Cuddy).
    LE will go on to other things, I hope, as I think she is a really fine actress and a person with a sparkling personality.

    TPTB will get their wish, they can shape the new/old/new House however they wish with no reminders of what used to be.
    As everyone’s contract is yet to be renewed, don’t be surprised if more actors are written out or marginalized.

    The show is expensive. I believe I read
    $5 million an episode. With the majority of the cast gone, it will be cheaper to produce. After all, they only need HL, right?

  • FantasticOLady 368

    ‘It is sad, they really had no idea what a true quilted masterpiece of human redemption this could have been.’

    Could you please get busy tweeting, posting, emailing and every other form of communication possible that beautiful line to everyone at House!

    Sera G 369

    The phrase ‘method to the madness’ optimistically kept popping into my head over the last 3 episodes.

    But, what if you’re right and we’re just left with madness?

  • fatOlady

    To anyone still up. You are all awsome believers and no good deed goes unpunished. Goodnight and I will be back to visit again tomorrow. Hope all your dreams are filled with the House we all know and love.

  • Sera G

    I, too am done for the night.
    Unavailable on Thursdays, so I look anxiously to Friday to find out what is new and catch up with my friends.
    Tweeters and FBers, please send posts in our place. We dinosaurs appreciate it!
    bigHousefan, I was getting my hopes up too, with all of the interesting conspiracy theories, then TPTB shot it all down again.

    It is 10:00 and believe it or not, I have a job and a life! Off to bed. Hope not to have Housemares!
    Good night to you all.

  • MHM

    Sera G, not asleep yet, and I just had to share my thoughts after reading your post.

    FYI, I directed Mr. Solether to our thread here and he replied on twitter, so hopefully he will read our thoughts. I hope he reads through all the comments, if he has the time. I know that where we are at the discussion now has evolved since page 1 of this thread 😉

    Moving on to another topic–

    The picture of House in GY’s office is of House in an all-white suit, with a lighter colored cane than we’ve seen him carrying, and he is barefoot.

    I’m wondering whether GY is aware that fans are hoping the contrived, shallow storylines are all a dream/hallucination so he is playing to that. (Get it? House, in white, barefoot, in purgatory/alternate reality/nearly dead/something like that?) Trying to hook the fans into more speculation.

    Sera G, I love your sarcasm! House *has* always liked intelligent women. I really liked Stacy as a character because I could see why a character like House would be attracted to someone like her. It was IN CHARACTER. I’ve said enough about the grotesque gimmickry of Dominika so…’nuff said.

    The biggest problem that I think we all have had is with character continuity this season, and I really think the show needs to have some sort of regular history reminders of the characters and past episodes. Other than the issue of House never, ever being able to change and for some reason turning into a caricature of himself this season, other characters are bent to accommodate each episode, at the expense of disregarding who the characters have been for six years. That’s why things feel gimmicky, people complain that it’s out of character, and whatnot. Apparently House can’t change, but all the other characters can morph into anything or anyone, regardless of prior character development.

    “What possible goal is there in this fiasco being a trick or even worse, the new reality?” You said. Sadly, I agree. What goal can there be in this?

    I do think the money aspect is a driving aspect of the show, now more than ever. I mean, it has to be, because it is a business, but it’s a sad state of affairs when we have to wonder about that aspect of the show instead of focusing on the amazing writing, compelling plots, and etc…

  • Sera G

    You make a great point about the tricks used in those great episodes of the past. They worked because our trust and faith in the writing was earned and the storyline was solid. But, I fear you’re right and this is not the case here.

    House really marries Dominika? Chase officiates? The team goes along with this ploy to hurt their boss, Cuddy? Cuddy attends? I’m still shaking my head and worry it will become a permanent tick…

  • housemaniac

    Wow, I left for a couple of hours and… BOOM! This place is amazing! You are an amazing bunch. Proud to be a part of it.

    1) Would be thrilled to come to Hotlanta.
    2) Sera G. Know what you mean about the show seeming irredeemable. But as a couple of others have said, I can’t stay away (so far) from HL’s portrayal of House. This could change, if his character and/or the plotlines really go south, and stay that way.
    3) Could someone PLEASE tweet this Alex character (I, like Sera G. am a luddite and have neither a Twitter nor a Facebook account) and ask him just what it is about House’s character that a relationship with Cuddy is not true to? I think this would be an excellent question!!! Love to hear how he–or anyone else–would answer it. He’s too damaged? What does that mean? Was he acting too damaged when he did all those wonderful things mentioned in the posts above (changing diapers, trying to get Rachel into private school, cooking, bringing flowers, etc.) The man was trying and in no small part succeeding (as he had in the past with Stacey). So he pops a Vicodin and all of the sudden he’s too damaged??? I could easily have seen the relationship coming to an end someday, but as so many have said: not like this!!!

    OK, done ranting… for tonight!

  • MHM 373

    Many thanks for directing Mr. Solether to this thread!

    You say: ‘The biggest problem that I think we all have had is with character continuity this season, and I really think the show needs to have some sort of regular history reminders of the characters and past episodes. Other than the issue of House never, ever being able to change and for some reason turning into a caricature of himself this season, other characters are bent to accommodate each episode, at the expense of disregarding who the characters have been for six years. That’s why things feel gimmicky, people complain that it’s out of character, and whatnot. Apparently House can’t change, but all the other characters can morph into anything or anyone, regardless of prior character development.’

    That is exactly our beef and what I’ve found so hard to put into words! Please tweet and post that everywhere possible so that someone from House can better understand our frustration. We’re not lunatics, just passionate about the characters they’ve created and we’ve come to love!

  • Sera G

    MHM, why did you have to post, I was so close to shutting down! LOL!

    I agree with all that you said. The funny thing is, before Bombshells, I kept reading assurances from DS that the show would be back for season 8. He seemed most confident.
    That is why I never saw the stake aimed at my (our) heart. I thought the network was happy with the direction of the season, glad to have positive critical response about House/Cuddy; you know “brought new life the the show,” “still the same curmudgeon, just with a soulmate”, etc.

    I try to reason it out logically, from a creative standpoint, from a business mindset, even if given directions from that network; the show is 7 years old and might need some retooling, etc. NONE of it makes sense. They have alienated devoted fans, confused the average viewer and not really pleased that many anti-Huddies. (16 when I counted on Eonline. Not an overwhelming majority, by any means.)

    They are playing at revisionist history:
    No, you just imagined the love of 20 years. No you just imagined a man wanting to get better, to find some sense of happiness. No you just imagined the woman who has nurtured, protected and loved him. No you just imagined his best friend caring/worrying about him. No you just imagined the disapproval of Foreman. The shred of reality that House could continue to work at the hospital back on drugs, that the hospital would condone a fake marriage and cover it through his insurance. If nothing else, playing games with insurance should be the red flag that this is “beyond a**hood!” You can’t get away with anything regarding insurance.
    I am really going now. It gets later, I get angrier and nothing changes.
    You folks are great.

  • Eileen

    bighousefan #350 – Of course you’re invited! So is Ruthinor and Flo if they want! I also like the idea of the *conference* in Oklahoma, too.

    Wow, I must be the only one on east coast time. All of you kept up the great discussions at a fever pace for quite a while last night! I agree with everything you smart people said and can only hope that someone from TPTB is listening. As many people have said before me, “A girl can dream, right?”

  • fatOlady

    Thought you might be interested in seeing what the current numbers are on the EOnline poll are House is now 65% for being deleted. The next highest is Glee with 6.6%. Some of the more recent comments are great. People are really stating their complaints well. Many people feel like we do.

    Which show will you be deleting from your DVR after this season?
    3.3% 90210
    4.2% American Idol
    0.9% Bones
    3.0% Brothers & Sisters
    1.4% Chuck
    1.4% CSI
    0.3% Dexter
    6.6% Glee
    2.8% Gossip Girl
    2.3% Grey’s Anatomy
    65.2% House
    0.4% Mad Men
    4.0% Private Practice
    1.8% The Office
    1.0% True Blood
    1.4% Weeds

  • Eileen

    Wow! How sad is that?

  • fatOlady

    Very sad, very sad indeed. I tweeted Barbara last night and she has been monitoring our discussion. She says she is working on a new article trying to understand the season and where it might be headed during the last 6 weeks. So hopefully we will have a new post from her soon.

    Comments on twitter today are supporting the pic tweeted by GY last nigh as being part of the near death / altered reality theory. The picture (wall murel in GY’s offie) is beautful. It is a pic of Hugh Laurie barefoot in an all white suit as if he is being “drawn towards the light”.

    I guess time will tell.

  • Barbara – If you’re still monitoring…

    Do you think the folks at House are hearing the tantrums? Do you think they understand the frustration behind them?

    It seems they made an adamant decision to avoid the goldmine of stories they could have written for House and Cuddy. And then, they write from a perspective contrary to what we’ve watched for 7 years?

    MHM’ recent comment sums it up best:
    “The biggest problem that I think we all have had is with character continuity this season, and I really think the show needs to have some sort of regular history reminders of the characters and past episodes. Other than the issue of House never, ever being able to change and for some reason turning into a caricature of himself this season, other characters are bent to accommodate each episode, at the expense of disregarding who the characters have been for six years. That’s why things feel gimmicky, people complain that it’s out of character, and whatnot. Apparently House can’t change, but all the other characters can morph into anything or anyone, regardless of prior character development.”

    The EOnline poll results are very telling. Based on the energy of TPTB current efforts to explain and spin this, I still fear they will use it as evidence that their audience does not think it in character for House to be in a relationship with Cuddy.

    Have the final episodes of the season been shot? I felt certain based on their own comments there would be a season 8, but now I’m beginning to worry.

  • Susan

    When I looked at the EOnline last night I thought most of the comments about deleting House were because of the House-Cuddy breakup, not exploring the relationship, dropping them after seven years, the bad writing, stupid shenanigans, many mentioned the show should now be called “Hooker, MD”…. People are not upset that House and Cuddy got together but because of how they were broken up. Alot of negativity about Domenica… People seem to be on “our side”. But, will the network drop the show because of these bad showings for House?

    Can I write a comment on that poll if I don’t want to delete House?

    And who is coming to New York for the “House Party” or funeral or whatever it turns out to be?

  • Eileen

    So it’s New York, now? That’s fine with me!

    Honestly, if House “wakes” up from this near death experience in the last five minutes of the season finale and states that he needs to FIX himself before he can get back together with Cuddy…I truly will need a funeral party because, at that point, I’d have to declare that this season killed my enthusiasm for the show.

  • Susan

    I saw that Ausiello stuff about the Iranian actress (don’t feel like looking up the correct spelling of her name now) being Domenica’s mother – my stomach actually turned over. But “methinks the POTB and their minions are protesting too much”. If Huddy was really over they wouldn’t keep making cracks about it being over.

    I hate these spoilers!!!!!! I don’t want to know every little thing that is going to happen. Especially if it’s bad.

    About Domenica’s “mother”. I don’t think the writers would have two mothers (Cuddy’s and Domenica’s) – in one season – it’s ridiculous. Ausiello is just trying to throw us off the trail.

  • Susan

    Eileen -I’d be happy if he has a near death experience. Then they could correct all the nonsense of this season.

  • Eileen

    Susan – I’d be glad if everything after *Unwritten* didn’t really happen so that, like you said, “Then they could correct all the nonesense of this season.”

    BUT, overall, I am still going to be disgusted at the WASTE of virtually the whole 7th season followed by a crappy summer of who-the-heck-knows-what to look forward to/not look forward to in season 8. Argh!

  • Susan and Eileen

    New York works for me!

    I’m glad to hear the comments left at the EOnline poll are more in sync with what we’re feeling.

    I just can’t fathom this being something House is going to wake up from, though the points made to support the idea have merit. But then again, I never saw Both Sides Now coming after Under My Skin. That was literally jaw-dropping!

    I will also never understand the point of David Shore and company making comments that sketch out for us stories to follow.

  • ruthinor

    Hello all from way out here in Oregon. I used to live on the east coast, from NYC to Boston to Philly, to Northern Virginia, but about 7 yrs ago, moved out here to be with family. Love it here (baseball, football, tennis etc. at 10AM!) now that I’m retired. I’ve been following the discussion, but really have nothing new to say, so I’ve been quiet. I’ll finally see the last episode tomorrow on USA.

    Unlike many others, I don’t hate 13, so I’m looking forward to her return. She’s never drooled all over House and pretty much stood her ground. I like that about her. Nor do I think that Olivia Wilde’s portrayal of 13 makes her a bad actress. If you’ve ever seen OW, she is very unlike her character. The way she plays 13 has been consistent and I have no problem with it.

    I think, from what I’ve read, that they only have the last (23rd) episode still to film. It seems to me that they would need to know for certain whether or not there will be another season because either # 23 will be the finale, or not. My feeling is that if Cuddy is going back to being a peripheral character on the show, I hope they have her leave PPTH. What’s the point? Same with Wilson. What is his role supposed to be now? Regardless of how this ends up, Bombshells (and other episodes to a lesser degree) will always feel “off” to me. None of it, from beginning to end, makes much sense in context. I think all the episodes have been well acted and fascinating in their own way, but consistency went out the window!

  • fatOlady, fantasticOlady, okgma, Oklahoma Grandma (heck, just pick one you like)

    Hey even though I live in Oklahoma (which IS in the middle of the country), I propose Los Angles for the conference, and here is why.

    My fellow conference planners see if this does not make perfect “if not entirely logical” sense. For those of us who do not live in sunny California I think our conference should be a 3 day event and here is why. On the plus side there is the normal stuff California is known for (sun, ocean, Disneyland, Hollywood, seafood, ect., ect., ect…). But my friends where else on earth could we spend one of those days in conference together out “stalking” Hugh Laurie?

    Talk about a Golden Opportunity!!!

    And….. if he sees a whole gaggle of giggling women following him (of course we would ALL have to be wearing IDENTICAL special t-shirts (his favorite color) with his picture on the front, he just might stop and talk with us.

    What do you think….a good idea, or no?

  • Eileen

    A GREAT idea! Love it! Okay, so LA it is! Thanks for making me smile, my friend!

  • Flo

    Hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and it is crazy to see how it is still really alive.
    You’re all so passionate it’s amazing.

    I’m just here to share a link with you that I think may interest you & also to talk to you all about something I’ve done.

    Now, I know here is not a place to talk about personal work but this is something that I really need to share with you so I hope barbara will forgive me for this digression:
    There are so many arguments, good points and theories here that it is really interesting. It is clear that a lot of people are disappointed with the way the show turned this season and I know a lot of people want to see House back in therapy.
    I must admit that I am very interested in that idea.

    For those who don’t know me, I’m a former cinema student & I’m writer. I’m also a complsive analyst. I’m really interested by all the reactions here so I decided to do a little experiment. It all started with us wanting House back in therapy and my love for the show “In Treatment” which deals with a psychiatrist and his sessions with his different patients.

    Instead of writing another analysis about the show and the current disappoitment of the fans, I decided to just take all the different good points you all made here and make a list of those. Then I decided to take advantage of my skills in scriptwriting to put those argumentations into a fictional context in which House would talk to a psychiatrist (not Nolan).
    The result is a new form of analysis. It is a fictional analysis in script format.

    I wrote three sessions so far. It is on my computer but I did not put any of them on the Internet. I would NEVER do that without talking to you first about it since you highly contributed to this project just by debating here. The arguments are all yours so I consider this whole project as yours as well.

    Only few people read it (DebbieJ & Delia_Beatrice + two other people). I just sent it to them through mail. This won’t be posted anywhere, don’t worry.

    I’m mentioning this here now cos those people all gave me good feedback. If you are interested to read it you can contact me.

    I’m wellwellwelles on Twitter and I’m also on FB.

    Thank you all for this great debate!! 🙂

  • Ruthinor 389

    “None of it, from beginning to end, makes much sense in context. I think all the episodes have been well acted and fascinating in their own way, but consistency went out the window!”

    You’re right! The writers/producers made the decision to write an inconsistent, out of context story rather than embrace what makes House and Cuddy compelling both separate and together! Why would they choose to do that?

    Episode 23 could be it. I never heard anything after LE’s comments that both sides remained committed to season 8 and it was only a matter of crossing t’s and dotting i’s. Has anyone heard anything different since?

    FantasticOLady 390

    I propose that wherever the location – we coordinate it with one of Hugh Laurie’s upcoming Let Them Talk concerts and take in a show!

    I grew up going to Blues concerts in Chicago both at Andy’s Blues Bar and the Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park. There are some great videos posted on hughlaurieblues.com of Hugh performing songs from his album. I pre-ordered it and can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  • “f” Olady

    For the first meeting of the conference bigHousefan, I tee-oat-ally agree with you. It is probably going to be the fall when his CD is released in the USA that he will tour so I say let’s go for it.

  • fatOlady

    Do we need to get t-shirts made???? What’s his favorite color. Anyone an artist or got a design they want to use/donate to the cause?

  • “f” Olady

    The new nickname makes me LAUGH and that felt good!


    Any other options for those of us who don’t Twitter or Facebook? I’d love to read it!

  • Susan

    Flo 392 – Thanks for the interesting link which pretty much explains how House has been heading. So House will be going into its “Zombie Season” if it makes it to 8 with “characters almost unrecognizable from their original incarnations.” This season 7 has “characters bending and twisting to accommodate increasingly hare-brained plots , as opposed to the plots being shipped by the characters. Whatever originally motivated the show is now too distant for the writers to recall.”

    But I still hope that the evil geniuses who write the show will come up with something great, and happily shock us, and House will be “moderately” happy with Cuddy.

    Will there be a Season 8, why are people getting pessimistic again?

  • Flo 392

    Just looked at the link and it was hysterical!

    Like Susan, I’m still holding out hope that the writers who have given us so many great episodes in the past, will continue into season 8 WRITING PLOTS SHAPED BY THE CHARACTERS!

  • Flo

    @BigHouseFan #396, well since it’s not posted right now, twitter or FB is the better way. However if you click on my name you will be redirect on my LJ blog. Maybe we can try something throught this.

  • “f” Olady

    Flo, I can’t access your link “at my present location” the ding dong dag-nabbit firewall won’t allow it. Sooo,,, I will have to wait until I get home to peruse the HOUSE In Treatment Project. In theory, I think it is a great idea though….good on you.

  • housemaniac

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the link, Flo. It’s amazing (and sad) how well it applies to House of late.

    Like Susan, I too am wondering why people are suddenlty thinking there won’t be a Season 8? Nothing has changed from a business perspective, as far as I can tell. Is it the EOnline poll that is discouraging people? Even though those numbers are horrendous–and telling–we’re talking at most thousands of fans out of, what, 9 million? I don’t think that will have any impact.

    Also, when I raised the question earlier about fans complaining, it was rightly pointed out that shows are not canceled for that reason. The ratings have gone down, yes, but are still respectable and still are higher than all other shows in the time slot, if you discount the on-again-off-again Dancing With Stars.

    As far as an Episode 23 that has not been shot: if this is true, I don’t see how Wilson can be in it because at this point RSL will be here (yes, I live in New York City too!) doing his play. I already have tickets, by the way, and will happily write up a report after I see it.

    Would LOVE to join you all for any get-together, but I especially like the idea of coordinating around an HL concert, if he does indeed do a “tour” here in the U.S. I’m a big fan of the blues as well and like you, bigHousefan, have pre-ordered the album.

  • housemaniac 401

    It IS stunning how accurate Flo’s link is with regard to the current writing on House! I’m still holding out hope that context and continuity returns!

    I can’t wait to read your report of RSL’s play and wonder how his absence in the final episode will be written.

    I love the pieces Hugh Laurie has selected for his album. I especially love his RAW, honest and authentic approach to this music. It is exactly what I would have expected from him as a thoughtful artist and one who has enjoyed a long appreciation for this type of music.

  • ruthinor

    I think RSL’s play is only in rehearsal now and the actual run starts in April sometime. Plus, don’t most plays have a day off? I’m sure they can shoot around him if needed. They’ve done that before with members of the cast who were working on other projects. For all we know, he may have already done his part. I believe the play is a limited run so if there is a season 8, that would not be a problem.

  • housemaniac

    ruthinor: The play started today, actually, and runs through May, so it covers the period during which #23 would have to be shot, if it has not already been. But you’re right, there is probably a way to work around RSL’s schedule and it wouldn’t affect Season 8.

  • “f”Olady

    I sure wish they would publish the cities and dates for Hugh’s USA tour. It would sure make planning this THING a WHOLE lot easier.

  • ruthinor

    The play starts previews today but doesn’t open until 4/24.

    ‘Born Yesterday’ Has a Theater and Sets an Opening Night
    The Broadway revival of “Born Yesterday,” starring Jim Belushi and Nina Arianda, will start previews on March 31 at the Cort Theater, with opening night set for April 24, the show’s producers announced today.

    Word about a possible Broadway revival of this Garson Kanin comedy emerged last month, with speculation that Ms. Arianda (“Venus in Fur”), a relatively unknown actress, would play Billie Dawn, the showgirl mistress of the corrupt businessman Harry Brock, to be played by Mr. Belushi (ABC’s “According to Jim”).

    The production will be directed by Doug Hughes, who most recently directed “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” on Broadway. The Cort’s current resident, the play “Time Stands Still,” closes on Sunday.

    “Born Yesterday” opened in 1946 at the Lyceum Theater in a production starring Paul Douglas, Judy Holliday and Gary Merrill. (It ran on Broadway for 1,642 performances, after a move to Henry Miller’s Theater, now the Stephen Sondheim Theater.) A 1950 film version, directed by George Cukor, starred Broderick Crawford, William Holden and Holliday, who won an Academy Award. Ed Asner and Madeline Kahn starred in a 1989 revival that ran on Broadway for five months.

    The “Born Yesterday” announcement means that every Broadway theater now has a show booked into April. The cutoff for Tony Award eligibility is April 28.

  • ruthinor

    Peter Blake who is writing the finale (or most of it), tweeted that both Wilson and Cuddy will be in it. For whatever that’s worth!

  • Hugh Laurie, Down By The River

    I heard about the road trip Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry took documenting this and I can’t wait to see it! For those interested the link is below!

    Hugh Laurie’s considerable talents as a blues musician will be on show in a new ITV1 documentary Hugh Laurie: Down By The River, which showcases his passion for jazz music.

  • Comments from Hugh Laurie regarding Fall From Grace posted on Mail Online:

    Despite House’s less than romantic intentions, Laurie said recently that he thought the marriage would last.

    ‘We may meet some other people from her life,’ the actor told U.S magazine Entertainment Weekly.

    ‘She also expressed that for her it may be more than a Green Card marriage. That will cause problems inevitably.’ He added that the character would not feature in every episode of the show.

    ‘She comes and goes,’ he said. ‘We have no definite arrangements there.

  • Eileen

    @bigHousefan #409 — okay, this statement from HL about the Green Card marriage makes me absolutely NASEOUS.

  • Eileen 410

    I agree completely. But, I am somehow choosing to be optimistic that the writers have some brilliant scheme that incorporates this on the surface insane plot device into something truly remarkable. I guess I have loved the show and the characters too long to not have faith. Or, I’m in denial, its hard to say.

    A girl can dream…

  • Exfan

    How can you possibly be looking at this in any optimistic way?

  • Eileen

    I see I misspelled nauseous! Oh, I have a bad feeling about where this show is going, and I wish I didn’t.

  • Exfan 412
    As I said, “Or, I’m in denial, its hard to say.” When your heart is broken, you rationalize.

    Eileen 413
    That’s what happens when you’re nauseous! You misspell! I’m certain I’m going to find the following episodes painful to watch. I can’t explain why I choose to torture myself except to say the writers have proven themselves in the past and I will give them the benefit of the doubt until the end of the season.

  • MHM

    Really shouldn’t be commenting right now, but can’t help myself from agreeing with the nauseous feeling. No matter how they spin it, the use of her character will never be justified for me, personally. It’s just nauseating on many different levels, the least of which is because it is SO cheap of a plot device.

  • Eileen


  • MHM 415

    SO obviously cheap and tacky a plot device…

    Which makes me wonder how and why the people who conceived this insanely unique character and clever show, House, could choose this path? I cannot fathom any outcome to justify this, but in fairness will not pass judgement until the end.

  • fatOlady

    Wow….I just looked and this thread has gotten the most comments in the last 24 hours for all articles on Blogcritics. We have totaled 91 new posts. Pretty good for a week old thread.

  • Flo

    Since I can’t sleep might as well participate!

    I agree with BigHousefan. All the seasons so far have made complete sense once they were finished and all the episodes were aired. It is true that this season is disappointing comparing to the previous ones but I’m waiting to see how it’s gonna end up this year. I will judge the season afterwards.

  • fatOlady

    I am trying not to say something to judgemental (except in anger when I can’t resist….like right after FFG) “just in case” the writers can pull a rabbit out of their hat. I have had to do it before and I am just not to fond of having to eat my words. They tend to get hung in my throat like popcorn hulls. But the closer it gets to the finale the more I worry.

  • Flo 419

    I found you on LiveJournal and very much enjoyed Deconstructing “House” Parts 1 and 2.

    I hope you continue to share your thoughts here for the remaining episodes and look forward to your season sum up!

  • Flo

    FatOlady, I understand, I was just speaking for myself & try to say that after all we might be surprised in a good way. However ia ma worry too.

    ps: just found you on twitter!! 🙂

  • fatOlady

    Okay, started talking and everybody else got quiet. I am going to get a complex here! Duh…..where did everbody go????

  • Eileen

    fOl – “They tend to get hung in my throat like popcorn hulls”

    You are too funny!

  • fatOlady

    well well welles don’t feel to SUPERIOR…I found you on facebook and I friended you…that is if you want to friend me back.

  • fatOlady

    Eileen, we are friends no too so you can’t desert me.

  • Flo

    @BigHousefan, thank you for the kind words. Glad you like it. don’t hesitate to comment! 🙂
    I honestly wrote this after having watched the six seasons. i usually don’t do a sum up for one season but I might try to do it this year if people are interested.

    Ps: I have an idea! In the commnent section we may find a way for you to read my “fictional analysis”. Comments can be temporary as I can erased them, I think we can take advandtage of this…. all you will need to do to start is write soemthing in the comment section of whatever article.

  • Eileen

    I friended Flo, too, and just asked her to friend you, too, since you and I are FB friends.

  • fatOlady

    Okay….I am lonely over here on the 10th page by myself…hurry uo and get OVER here.

  • Eileen

    fOl – I’d never desert you!

    For one and all — I read Flo’s piece of work and LOVED it. She’s very talented. TPTB need to read it and then adapt it to a show!

  • Flo

    @FOL, well i didn’t know you were on FB, Eileen told me and we’re now friends! 🙂

    To come back to the subject at hand, I do not read spoilers but I wouldn’t worry too much about Domenica. She obviously won’t become a HUGE part of the show. She’s just there.

  • Eileen

    @ Flo – I hope you’re right.

  • Susan

    So the man is too messed up to be in a relationship with the woman he loves for years, but within a week he’s in a relationship with a “mail order bride” type, who may or may not be a prostitute. And she’s not going away soon…..and she’s bringing relatives……and she has feelings for House!!!!!!

    And this has to come out of the mouth of Hugh Laurie, who months ago was flirting and spouting all kinds of innuendos with Lisa about their new relationship in TV Guide. I thought he was above all this – and wasn’t going to follow the party line. Now I’m losing respect for him.

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…… and I seem to say this a lot…..

    Soulmates and others, HELP!

  • fatOlady

    Flo, I can’t speak for everyone but I am impressed with your writing, your honesty, and honor to your friends (us). You have my WRITTEN permission to use my comments any way you see fit. (Just don’t make me come down there if you goof it up). I would really, really hate to have to come to France, don’t ya know. LOL

  • Flo

    About Domenica, I’d like to add that the Show is about House so she will have the importance HE’s gonna give her. I highly doubt she will ever be that important or close to him as any other character on the show (besides the patients).

  • All of us being passionate about the characters and story since the beginning, and not trying to speak for everyone here, we would not have such a visceral reaction to Falling From Grace without reason. House, the character ‘believes in reason above all else’. The writers have made that a canon of the show. I’m HOPING they have some amazing reason for pursuing this in store for us that will explain this.

    And, I’m generally a gracious person (aside from the occasional well-founded tantrum), and humble – obviously… 😉

  • housemaniac

    HL does make it sound as though Mrs. House will not be a trivial character. Yuck. I just lost most of my remaining optimism that this season can be salvaged. I don’t even want to see her on the screen!

  • Eileen

    Flo, I want your strength. But I feel negative about all of this. If *we* were given some hope by TPTB or the actors, then I might feel differently.

  • fatOlady

    Okay, Susan reality check. Hugh is under contract, he is duty and “legally” bound to follow where David Shore leads. We all LOVE Hugh and you know he has a tough job but someone has to do it. You can see it in his eyes how much he hates having to kiss, hug, cuddle, and snuggle with the beautiful Russian chick. He is just making the best of a bad situation. cough, cough sputter….(Sorry a sarcastic kernel got stuck on my tonsil).

  • Flo

    @Susan, I can only tell you to take everything you read on magazines with a grain of salt. The girl may have some feelings for House but that doesn’t mean it will ever be reciprocated. There are different kinds of relationship & the one he has/will have with Domenica won’t ever be as complex & deep than the one he has with Cuddy or even Wilson and his team for that matter. There is no complicated past here.
    His relationship with Domenica can only be superficial & easy. It won’t make him suffer no matter what, that’s the purpose (for House I mean).

    #FOL Thanks, I have tremendous respect for all of you. For my quality of writing, maybe you should wait until you read the whole thing! you can contact me anytime and i will send it to you. 🙂

  • Exfan

    Here’s a Q&A I found on Twitter about one of the writers for the season finale:
    Peter Blake on the season finale:

    q: @freyaoz You write Cuddy so well. Can we expect to see some brilliant Cuddy moments in the Season 7 finale you have written?
    a: @pkbhouse: I can’t promise brilliance, but there will be lots of Cuddy moments.”
    Tags: season7, spoiler, writers

    He also said that Hugh made an intentional choice not to wear the watch since “now what” but could not say why.

  • Eileen

    Flo – send me everything you write. Feel free to use my little words as you see fit!

  • Eileen

    @Exfan – Lots of Cuddy moments could mean he’s “moving on” from her. If that’s true, then I’m done.

  • Eileen 430 (and Flo)

    Are you referring to Flo’s project script or Deconstructing House? If the project is now posted somewhere I would love to read it! I am embarassed to say I don’t use or know how to use Twitter or Facebook.(decidedly so)

    Susan 433

    “So the man is too messed up to be in a relationship with the woman he loves for years, but within a week he’s in a relationship with a “mail order bride” type, who may or may not be a prostitute. And she’s not going away soon…..and she’s bringing relatives……and she has feelings for House!!!!!!”

    I felt the same way when I read it.

    Flo 431 and 435

    You make an excellent point regarding what importance House will place on the character, Dominika.


    You’re adorable and make me smile!

  • fatOlady

    Flo, I want to read it [personal contact info deleted by comments editor]

  • Flo

    @Eileen, Thank you. I promise to take your words carefully and with respect. Same thing goes for @FOL and all of you.
    That being said if anyone here is uncomfortable with me taking the arguments to put them in my writing he can say it and I will stop. That’s the reason my analysis is not posted anywhere on the Internet.
    I really do want to make the most of your debate.

    @Exfan, interesting bit about the watch. I guess it’s wait and see now… It’s gonna trigger a lot more of speculations I’m sure! 🙂

  • fatOlady

    bigHousefan – you may not have noticed but I am really working hard at it tonight cause I thought you (we) have all done without a smile or a harty chuckle for too long. Especially Susan….she needs a cyber hug. Hugs to you Susan.

  • Flo

    @BigHousefan, In my message n°427 when I was talking about the idea I have, it was for you to be able to read my House&Psy project. Eileen read it and I think she was refering to it.

    @FOL I did used the fat and therefore you have now the first session in your mailbox.

    Lots of Cuddy moments could be refering to a lot of thing it is true, but @Eileen, the show doesn’t revolve around “Huddy” (hate the term). It never did.
    That being said, as Barbara well said it, when a show doesn’t do it for you anymore, well it’s time to move on…

  • Flo
    I’m looking forward to reading your piece and will email FantasticOLady to obtain it. You make another great point “There is no complicated past here. His relationship with Domenica can only be superficial & easy. It won’t make him suffer no matter what, that’s the purpose (for House I mean).” THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOU HERE!

    Thank you for allowing me to do so.

    Thank you for posting that bit about the watch!

  • fatOlady

    Darn-it, well I tryed to send you my email. Just add hotmail dot com to what you already know and you got it.

    Yes, bigHousefan the “fat” part is important.

  • fatOlady

    Uh….it sounds like from your comments you got my address. My page says it was deleted, no really, it really does….sorry for the rehash. Akward.

  • housemaniac

    fatOlady #439: I wish what you wrote here were true, but HL is an executive producer on the show and he DOES have a say as to the content and direction of the show. (I had an exchange with Barbara about this either earlier in this thread or in the thread about FFG. She agreed but seemed to think that it would not be HL’s style to get too involved.)

  • Flo

    @BigHousefan okay it’s easier to do this that way. @FOL I sent you the thing. check your email again, you should have it. And you have my exceptional permission to share it. But only with @Bighousefan.

    Thnaks for the kind words, I hope you all enjoy it and that you will feel I managed to do justice to your great debate.

    I really look forward to the next episode. I always like Thirteen & I’m curious to know what happened ton her. This episode can really be a breath of freash air after the “hormonal teen House” regression of the past two episodes.

  • fatOlady

    Di you guys notice in the promos HOUSE is not wearing his NEW wedding ring. “Interesting” she says as she rubs her chin.

  • FantasticOlady

    Lay off the popcorn, we can’t afford to loose you!

    Susan and Housemaniac
    Hang in there and remember how bad we’ve been made to feel before, but we were eventually rewarded. There must be a method to the madness, these folks are way too smart.

    Thanks tons! And I love the term ‘hormonal teen House’ how appropriate!

  • Flo

    okay guys, I’m a huge insomniac but I really have to get back to bed and try to have some sleep.
    I’ll probably stop by here tomorrow. you really all are a bunch of great people.

  • fatOlady

    Wow….I got blocked. I thought I would never get out of there. It was a pretty harmless comment “just wishing Flo a good night” oh well….it’s okay now. I think.

  • fatOlady

    bigHousefan email me and I will send you the file.

  • fatOlady

    bigHousefan did you know you were TOP commentator in all of Blogcritics land during the last 24 hours with a whopping 21 comments. Awesome.

  • FantasticOLady
    I did email you about a half hour ago.

  • FantasticOlady 459

    Wow. I don’t even know where you get that information and I certainly didn’t do it on purpose! I’m speechless and a bit embarrassed!

  • fatOlady

    You know I already know all this dumb STUFF I am saying, because I am the one who is saying it. Am I talking to myself people? Where did everybody go? I thought Flo was the only one going to bed.

    What do you think about the lack of a wedding ring only 3 weeks post nuptuals?

  • FantasticOlady 462
    I don’t know why you didn’t get my email?
    I think the lack of a wedding ring suggests Flo’s theory correct about what importance House places on the character. Flo seems to think it will be peripheral.

  • fatOlady

    It’s okay…..you just got a lot to say. No magic really in where I find this stuff out, it is all listed on the right side of the screen.

    I will go back now and check out my email again.

    The wedding ring….what do you think?

  • fatOlady

    Okay, it is done and the secret ledger is on it’s way to you. Here is hoping YOU’VE GOT MAIL.

  • FantasticOlady

    Thanks! I got it! I appreciate you doing that for me and Flo for allowing it!

    Now if we could only cheer up dear Eileen, Susan and Housemaniac!

  • fatOlady

    Ah, My dear Watson, perhaps they are just too sensitive and romantic to find excitement in the puzzel as we do. I only hope there will be redemption for them (and for us) in the end because I have no idea how to help them if our darkest fears are true. We all may be writing fanfiction at the end of this season…just to be able to sleep at night.

  • fatOlady

    Okay, you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore I just passed you with 29 posts to your 26.

  • Susan

    OkieGrandma – thanks for the cyber hug. And the comments that make us all smile. I especially need it tonight because I just noticed three hours ago that my dog ate my glasses – for the 3rd time.
    bigHousefan 455 – thank you too. I’m hanging in there. I have visions of Cuddy throwing Domenica’s cookies all over her. Her kishki or whatever. Barf sounds….

    I don’t want Cuddy moments- I want Huddy moments.

    As Housemaniac 452 said to OkieG 439- Hugh is executive producer so why can’t he have a say in the script and the PR interviews? He’s not giving us hope either.

    Flo 440 – my negative side is saying “complex and deep” didn’t seem to work for House and Cuddy, so maybe “superficial and easy” with the interloper might be just the thing for House. Too much to worry about…

  • fatOlady

    Susan – would it help if we all go see Hugh in person this summer or fall and let him sing sultry love songs to us?

  • fatOlady

    Hey ladies…..cheer up,I mean it. Our own Ms. Barbara Barnett just sent out a tweet on twitter. Apparently TPTB gave her a special screening of epi 18 and here are her words.


    I have watched the next House episode (7×18). It’s excellent, funny, poignant and just really, really great.

    I’d say that is a little hopeful.

  • Susan

    OkieG -You’re great! It would help if we all went to see Hugh BUT he sang the songs to ME! (I’d ruin the spell though by either cracking up or covering my head with a coat)

    (My husband is saying to tell you that I have a husband who plays the guitar and sings to me). But it’s not the same. We’re always telling him to be quiet.

    Thanks for being here.

  • fatOlady

    BabyGoz asks B_Barnett Is it going to provide some much needed relief to some fans? Stress levels are too high 🙁

    B_Barnett say back to her – Yes. I think so.

    BabyGoz asks B_Barnett, Please tell me 13 thinks he’s a moron for his behaviour of late….

    B_Barnett replies to BabyGoz, I can’t really say, but she’s insightful/so is he.

    BabyGoz asks B_Barnett So they at least discuss recent (stupid) events & Cuddy?

    B_Barnett replies to BabyGoz, it comes up, yes

    BabyGoz replies to B_Barnett Excellent, thanking thee kindly 🙂

    Mentioned in this Tweet

    BabyGozMichelle Gosling · Follow

    Rock Chick!!


    Tweets from @B_Barnett

    B_BarnettBarbara Barnett


    @blackdahlia1972 I really, really liked 7×18. Thought it was a terrific episode w/some surprises

    3 minutes ago

    B_BarnettBarbara Barnett


    @ALBERTINA280 I heard about that! Is there any way you can snap a photo at the store and send to me?

    5 minutes ago

    B_BarnettBarbara Barnett


    @sheild90 Cuddy is definitely spoken of. Can’t tell more…

    12 minutes ago


  • Susan

    471 OkieG – a little hopeful is good……
    See you in the morning. (Why do I fell like singing songs from “Oklahoma” whenever I write to you?)

  • fatOlady

    sheild90 asks B_Barnett so is there any talk of cuddy or is it all about House and Thirteen?

    B_Barnett replies to sheild90, Cuddy is definitely spoken of. Can’t tell more…

  • fatOlady

    I guess I just have that affect on some people….it’s probably just the wind sweeping down the plains.

  • MHM

    I’ve had an exhausting day, and wow! This thread has been crackling with activity!

    I stand by my nausea over what’s her name mail order/masseuse/at your service/i love you why don’t you love me woman.

    BTW, WHY does everyone have to have a thing for House? I know he’s the main character and everything and his magnetism is undeniable, but but come on! Really? At some point the line becomes too long to be credible. What a relief 3M doesn’t crush on House and true to her character dreams of torturing him in her basement lol.

    I stand by my skepticism but will keep watching this season until the finale (and maybe only until the finale) because I’m reminded of one of House’s most amazing episodes, “The Jerk” (really, I think every S3 episode is a gem): “Arrogance has to be earned. Tell me what you’ve done to earn yours.”

    The producers and writers certainly have been arrogant in their belief or in their united front that they can do no wrong this season. They have certainly earned some degree of arrogance because of the brilliance of the past six years. But this season so far has definitely cut into the well of withstanding that arrogance. I hope the well is replenished by season’s end.

    Good night, everyone.


  • Megs

    Hi, I have been lurking here most of this season but never contributed anything so here goes.

    I look forward to reading everyone’s comments every day.

    I have an example of an inconsistency in the writing. In Two Stories, House calls himself “Mr no cavities”. In season 6 in Brave Heart he is worried that his adjoining metal fillings are causing him to hear things.

    One thing that I have wondered for a while is about the time stamp on everyones comments. I am from Australia and I’d like to know where the time & date for each post is based.

  • Megs

    I would like to add that I have the world clock set on my iphone to New York & Los Angeles so i can get an idea of what time you all in USA are on. It’s Friday night here so I look forward to waking up to some great comments to read on a Saturday morning.

  • Eileen

    bighousefan #466 – Thanks for the shout out to cheer me up. So nice.

    fOl – Thanks for the info about BB’s tweets.

    Susan – You said, “I don’t want Cuddy moments – I want Huddy moments.” I agree with you! That would be a Mitzvah, David Shore!

  • MHM

    Okay. I know people are going to say, well, if you didn’t want to potentially upset people, why did you post it, and I’m sorry for that. But umm didn’t know who else to share my confusion with because my friends and colleagues aren’t obssessed with the show as I am. Again, sorry.

    Does anyone read Greek around here?

    There’s an interview w/Hugh that I read online and I was like WTF as the spoon holding my cereal dropped in my bowl.

    There are three theories about this interview: (1) it’s fake (2) it’s real (3) the interview is real but the translation is fake

    People saying someone faked the interview to mess with fans.

    French translation of Greek interview

    Fans to be saying/hoping? that the interview is some kind of joke. Not sure what to think.

    FYI, I just hit Google Translate on the French article to read it.

    The consensus? seems to be that the interview is fake, but, IF if is fake, why would anyone go through the trouble? People are just sick. If it isn’t fake, yeah uh more disillusionment and seriously am done with this mess.

  • vicpei

    April’s Fool….

  • LadyA

    @MHM : send to to Greg Yaitanes he is Greek lol
    nb. It looks like a fake, HL saying he loves fish (april’s fool is april’s fish in French)…

  • Susan
    You make me laugh!

    You make me laugh, too! And thank you for surpassing me – I feel better now!

    Thanks for Barbara’s tweets. Does anyone know who wrote The Dig?

    Did you get the free download Guess I’m a Fool from hughlaurieblues.com?

    MHM 477
    I love your reference to The Jerk, and completely understand your point of view.

  • Megs 479

    We often are frustrated by inconsistencies, most are forgivable. One that particularly frustrated many was when Wilson and Sam kept referring to their divorce as ’10 years ago’. Grrr, that was just sloppy!

    Regarding the time stamp, my last post says 8:34 am (I’m CDT) and I really posted that at 10:34am CDT.

  • ruthinor

    Megs, I took the “no cavities” to mean at his last check-up, not in his whole life!

    Looks like it will be House and 13 (no Wilson or Cuddy) in the next episode. Revealing painful secrets to each other. Would that this could have happened between House and Cuddy. No such luck!

  • Ruthinor 486

    Yep, exactly what we were hoping/expecting between House and Cuddy this season but not treated to, unfortunately.

  • housemaniac

    bigHouseFan #484
    Yes, I did get that download, thank you. And thanks too for the earlier encouragement re: the show. It does help.

  • Susan

    Megs 479 – it’s now 1:13 pm in New York on Friday, April 1st. I think the time stamp is 3 hours behind. We’ll see in a minute.

    (This is not an April Fools posting BTW)

  • housemaniac

    Also, re: the Greek magazine interview. HL says he loves fly fishing. Until I got to that part, though, I wasn’t sure. But then, my French isn’t that great. Flo?

  • vicpei

    I am French. The way it is written is obviously a joke. He says he recently took up fishing as a hobby (we would know that!) and that he loves fish, while laughing, and there ends the interview. It’s april’s Fool. (Here we say Poisson d’avril, April’s fish.)

  • Susan

    OkieG – Good afternoon. There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow, and the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye. And I think i see Gordon MacRae coming round the bend in a surrey with a fringe……NOT. This is Brooklyn after all.

    bigHousefan -did you laugh?

    Regarding fake interviews, nasty tweets, spoilers, writers giving away the end of the season in advance – has this happened in other seasons? And all the discrepancies that people are finding – are the writers really making this a big game of Clue. Was the series originally planned like this? Actually it could be if it’s based on Sherlock Holmes. But I just can’t believe everything -it’s like one big conspiracy – and it’s aimed at us.

  • Susan 492
    Yes! I laugh EVERYTIME! I find this tremendous therapy!

    Regarding the nasty tweets, spoilers, and all the rest, I try to stay as far away from that as possible. Although, I can’t help but read anything Hugh Laurie has to say. I find him an amazing writer and thoroughly enjoy his interviews. I also read a cute introduction letter he wrote for season 7 and if I can find it again I’ll post it.

    I have both Barbara’s, Chasing Zebras which I found FANTASTIC, as well as the so-called Official Guide to House which I found boring and inaccurate. That said, it was worth the price just for Hugh Laurie’s Foreward alone!

    His recent comments with regard to his upcoming album http://hughlaurieblues.com/about.htm is another great example as well as his novel, obviously.

    So, while the speculation makes me nauseous (Eileen and MHM!) and (barf sounds, as you say!) I can’t help but agree that I feel like we’re being toyed with, big time! And they’re loving it, big time! I don’t remember such a clear assault on us with the intent to get us all riled up this bad before. These events and mixed signals made me worry that this is the final season until Housemanaic 401 calmed my fears.

    But then again, the last episode is entitled, Moving On. Could that be interpreted as ‘all of us’?

  • MHM

    LadyA #483, LOL! That’s such a good idea!!

    bigHousefan, wasn’t “The Jerk” such a good episode?!

    vicpei, thanks for your perspective 😉 i really want to believe it’s a fake interview because the ending he’s talking about would crush me.

    Megs, welcome! I’m in the Windy City right now, and it’s a quarter past one in the afternoon.

  • Susan

    MHM – I clicked on the Greek article but I’m not going to read it. (fake or not, translated or not). I don’t need to be crushed on a Friday. (And “never on Sunday” – take that bigHousefan!)

    If it is a fake though, why are there so many comments after it? Are Greek fans being bamboozled too?

  • fatOlady

    Susan there ain’t no way “even in Oklahoma” there is a “bright golden haze on the meadow and the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye”, at least not right now anyway.

    The meadow and the corn are a gorgeous Kelly green and about ‘Munchkin” knee high. And…….if I saw Gordon MacRae coming round the bend in a surrey with a fringe……well sorry everybody, sorry Hugh, I am going to ride off into the sunset with that man. What? Don’t look at me like that. Hey, I love you guys and all but, well Gordon MacRae had the dreamiest blue-gray (bedroom) eyes too you know.

  • Susan

    He was cute, but Hugh Jackman also played Curly and I think I’d take him. This way we don’t have to share.

  • fatOlady

    Sure Susan, …. It “SOUNDS” like a wonderful compromise, but I know the truth.
    You just have a “Hugh” thing.

  • Susan

    499 – Touche (accent on the ‘e’ – not pronounced tushie). Good point.
    It’s more like a ‘huge’ thing though 🙂
    And who needs Hugh anyway, I have “you” …. (and SeraG,eileen, MHM,housemaniac, bigHousefan,littlehousefan, houseguest, littlehouseontheprairie, etc.) I’m on a roll but stop me already.
    I’m going now to the optometrist to bring in the glasses that my dog chewed up last night………Am I getting off topic?

  • Susan and FantasticOLady

    You guys are a RIOT! I, too, am not taking the bait, true or not. I’ve also made a promise to myself not to watch The Dig promos. I’ll just wait for the episode. I’ve submitted myself to enough torture. Whether or not I can actually stay away, though – addicts lie…

    Although I already have Barbara’s book, I’ve additionally downloaded it to my Kindle to keep me occupied until the 11th. It’s not only a great read, but a great re-read!


    If you’re out there, thanks so much for staying up late and sharing your House&PSY project and many thanks to FantasticOlady for passing it along!

  • Susan

    Question – In FFG, when House says “North, Miss Teschmacher”, does that mean something? Is that a literary or movie figure or just made up?

  • Eileen

    @Susan 499 – You are too funny! I feel the same way about all of you because without this group, I think (as they say here in the deep South) I’d have done lost my mind!!!

  • Susan 501

    References Superman II, Lex Luthor’s assistant is named Miss Teschmacher.

  • Joe Blow

    I…actually have liked every House episode so far.

    The breakup was inevitable. Junkies relapse. And knowing how house behaves normally, I was expecting his retaliations to be over the top. He is shoving it in Cuddys face for abafoning him. I think the monster truck thing is completely within the realm of Houses ability to do crazy things and get away with it.

    But I think the POTW story is important too. It shows how off House is off his game because of this break up. He is too busy and too high on his getting revenge to pay his usual attention to detail – and missing the signs of a psychopath that all but he would miss.

    I think it was a great writing too, because this kind of POTW is way out of ordinary of the typical patient house sees. In fact I wonder if they added the near outlandish monster truck scene to make the patients story seem more realistic.

    But I definitely think this episode is there to show the consequence of genius being distracted by relationships. Some people are meant to be alone and suffer but do the world good. I think this was a great episode in the overall story of House and what having a person like House means to society.

  • Megs

    Thanks for the welcome eveyone. I believe the north miss teshmacher is from a superman movie.

  • fatOlady

    Welcome Joe. Bad as I hate to admitt it, I like your opinion even though I did not like the episode or the 3 before it. You offer some good points that most of the time “I” at least don’t see because I don’t want House to be hurt and to be alone. Interesting about him not catching things about the POTW because he was distracted by the “thrill of revenge”.

    I thought it was only his love for Dr. Cuddy that made him a crappy doctor.

  • Flo

    Hey everyone, hey @Joe (#504), You make good points and I agree with most of them except I don’t like how TPTB overdo the “crazy House post breakup” thing.
    Seeing House regressing as a total hormonal, revengeful teenager can be fun to watch for five minutes but not for two entire episodes for me. I hate “Whatever It Takes” with a passion for the same reason. Even if it is in character for House to go off the rail after a breakup like this, everything just seems way too much, too obvious. It’s like every scene has a “you see how House isn’t coping well & is in a dark place again??? See, SEE????” capture in it.

    I still like the show and I’m still curious about the rest of the season but for me it does look a bit like the beginning of the end (of the ideas).

    However yes House is distracted. He clearly is not very focused on the DDX for now.

  • ruthinor

    Joe Blow: Does this mean that House was not his genius self during his 5 years with Stacy? Sorry I have never bought that argument.

    Having someone love you and whom you love in return should make your life easier, not harder…but ONLY if you are willing to talk about problems and your life together. This is especially true for men. Married men, studies have shown, are happier and healthier than single men. The same does NOT appear to be true for women. I just think that this is the writers’ easy way out.

  • MHM

    #504 Joe, I have to admit that it is refreshing to hear a different viewpoint. You made some very good points, and your insight into what House means to society is especially something that I hadn’t thought about much this season.

    I think that for the overall structure for the show, everything you say can be/is true, but I personally feel that, even if it were all true, the mode of execution was off. ex: I’m sorry I can’t agree with the monster truck thing. Even in Houseland, that just seemed unbelievable to me. Along with the marriage thing. If marriage to House is “seven levels of hypocrisy” I wondered why he would even bother to “deign” be involved with it. Even if he were angry out of his mind at Cuddy, if he doesn’t change as a character, I have a hard time believing that his mind would even consider using marriage as a device.

    I think that your idea of genius being distracted by relationships is a valid and interesting point, but I think that his crazy antics seem OOC to some people because it’s too sudden and jarring a departure from the buildup over the years of House trying to “get better”. I think that Seasons 5 and 6 are underrated. They definitely moved House forward in realizing his problems and wanting to move forward in some way. All of Season 6 was him trying to “get better”-trying to make connections with people and trying not to be miserable. He said that he wanted to be happy and tried really hard to get to that point. Admittedly, he stormed out of Nolan’s office before “Help Me”, but I don’t think that a moment of anger can erase all that he’s worked so hard to achieve.

    I think that his desire not to be miserable is evident even in Season 4, in the amazing finale, House says he doesn’t want to go back because “it doesn’t hurt here, and [he] doesn’t want to be miserable.”

    I think the show has, in its most poignant moments, shown that House, despite his jerkiness, asshood, and astounding brilliance that alienates him from everybody, does not want to be miserable himself. If the show is saying that well, too bad, in spite of what he wants, he’s just meant to be miserable and always will be, (“You can’t always get what you want?”) I think that’s the point of contention with some viewers.

    Personally, that’s too heartbreaking because the long, painful journey would lead to…nothing. I don’t believe in fairy tales and rainbows and unicorns, but I do need to believe that what we try and yearn for makes at least a *little bit* of difference. If the producers didn’t want us to expect growth and at least a bit of change from House the character, then they shouldn’t have come up with those amazing story arcs of his painful journey in the first place.

    Exhausting the analogy here: You can’t always get what you want (House may never be happy), but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need (House has tried and what he needs is to be at least a *little bit* less miserable and at least a *little bit* more in touch with other people)

    Sorry for my long post. It’s a disease 😉

  • MHM

    Just had to post this, too.

    As I mentioned, “The Itch” is one of my favorite episodes, and I LOVE WILSON’s DIALOGUE IN THE EPISODE! Maybe I keep thinking of these two particular lines because they somehow represent how I feel these days about the plotlines sometimes.

    “It’s like the red badge of idiocy.”

    And my absolute favorite line of Wilson out of the whole series (I also just like the way the words sound and how he says them. great actor, RSL):
    Wilson: No, what I’ve seen is a suppurating wound that you’ve scratched and mutilated into a gangrenous state. Delusional parasitosis.

  • ruthinor

    MHM: I love that episode too. One of my favorite scenes is the one between Cuddy and Wilson in the cafeteria. Turns out that Cuddy was right on about a relationship with House ….unfortunately! Wish there were more scenes between those two.

  • Eileen

    Ruthinor, yeah the scene between C & W is poignant, but what W said to C is even more important which was: “Maybe novelty and hostility and forbiddeness doesn’t have to end bad.”

    This happened quite a while ago. Cuddy may have been right about having a relationship with House AT THAT MOMENT, but House has come a long way since then. So has she, for that matter, because she realized by dating Lucas, that she needs House as opposed to someone “safe” in her life.

    So, I will scream to the heavens above once again that H & C BELONG TOGETHER!

  • Susan

    Eileen 512- Thank you for saving me the trouble of screaming (to the heavens). I’m with you

    I can’t get out of my head though, that that Barbie Doll is standing between our beloved House and Cuddy.
    Is it only me who is thinking, “who wouldn’t prefer her to Cuddy”? This is killing me. (Teeth gnashing).

    BigHouseFan and Megs – thank you for the Superman reference.

    Another thought – House doesn’t sleep with married women? He slept with Stacey while she was married…….And Lydia.

  • Sera G

    Hello, all!
    Wow, 135 comments since I tuned out Wednesday night. So many things have been said and covered already that I don’t want to rehash it all.
    I want to just state that this might be the end for me. To read that “Green Card Mrs. House” might stick around and the marriage might last and she is bringing relatives better be an April Fool’s joke. That is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed 3 weeks ago. That it comes from Mr. Laurie is disheartening.

    Yes, I know the show is called House and yes I know this is his journey, but part of the reason his character is so compelling (besides the amazing acting of HL) is the ‘people’ who surround and care about him. I am sorry, we never would have stuck with House without Wilson showing us there was more to this misanthropic ‘jerk’ than was first apparant. We never would have seen the more human/sexy side without the flirting/bantering with Cuddy nor would we have really cared that he was a genius doctor without their characters showing us more facets to his diamond in the rough.

    I agree with my buddy Susan, #433, a relationship with a woman he has loved for over 20 years is not in character, but sticking out a MARRIAGE with a stranger will work.
    I now have lost any hope that this can be redeemed. If this is a near death experince or he’s talking to God, or he’s in a coma and everything that is happening on his soap is ‘real’ to him, I WILL accept, because otherwise, they have destroyed any faith, crediblity and regard I have had for this once wonderful show.

    Hello, Susan, bigHousefan, Eileen, fOlady and all the others.

  • Eileen

    Hi, Sera G —

    Everything you said is a big “ditto” from me.

    Susan – You’re welcome. But my voice is hoarse from all the screaming I’ve been doing over the last three weeks.

    I won’t be around tomorrow b/c my husband and I are taking our first born son to see the college he is going to attend this fall. OMG! He was just born yesterday! It’s amazing how fast time goes by in the real world, but when looking at this relationship between House and Cuddy, time has gone by so damn (and painfully) SLOW! Maybe by the time House is in a wheelchair due to old age and Cuddy’s boobs have fallen to the floor (also due to old age), then they’ll finally be together! Gee, what fun would that be – NOT!!!

  • Eileen

    I just read BB’s new article on Blogcritics. I feel even worse than I did before reading it. I guess that means that I allowed myself to just get too deeply emotionally invested in House & Cuddy. I do not think Cuddy would go from, “I’ve never been happier,” in Unwrittten, to breaking up with him several episodes later. Then, she doesn’t really explain why and even try to work things out. So, I feel awful right now.

    Anyone have a different take on it? Help me see something good that I am not seeing!

  • fatOlady

    Joe did we scare you Off? I was looking forward to a debate with someone with a slightly different perspective than most of us “regulars”. I know we can be intimidating because we all have strong opinions, but we are a fair minded and thoughtful group and as long as you are respectful we will treat you with respect. Will we have a difference of opinion..? Probably but we will consider what you have to say and enjoy the interaction. You are welcome here and welcome to share your insights.

  • Joe
    I appreciate your points, but I have to go with the posse on this one. We all would not have the same gut-wrenching reaction to this if this current storyline fit with the context and the chemistry of the journey we’ve been on since season one.

    Sera G
    Stick with us until at least the end of this season – we need you!

    Glad you’re back! Thank you so much for passing along the script (via the adorable FOL)! I enjoyed it very much!

    MHM 509
    Yes! Just like your summary I referred to pages ago, you hit it!

    Susan and Eileen
    I share your shouting to the heavens and teeth gnashing! I still find myself shaking my head at this ‘plot device’ (as I am choosing to refer to her, clearly not being able to embrace my chosen gracious and patient attitude at the moment now that you guys got me riled up again!) and afraid it HAS become a permanent tic!

  • Sera G

    Eileen, #515, Hello! I know what you mean. I have a nephew graduating from college, one ready for eighth grade and another going into seventh in the fall.
    Real life does go so quickly. You have to just try to savor it. (Not always easy. Not always possible.)
    I agree with your post, #516. Out of character. Written to fail.

    bigHousefan,#518, you guys are the only thing that has not made me feel like I’ve lost my mind. It is reassuring that others feel as I do, shared the same excitement and anticipation at the end of “Help Me” and through “Now What?”

    To read the Tweets, interviews and spoilers, you would think we had imagined it all. I don’t know if I can keep reading. It makes me sad all over again, and yet, I don’t want to let go of the thrill, challenge and satisfaction that once WAS House.

    I will probably peek in after “The Dig.” Again, another episode that doesn’t even tempt me as no Wilson and no Cuddy. That just solidifies my suspicion that this is RSL and LE’s last season. They are not admitting it because they don’t want to run off the rest of the viewers. You know, the HUGE MAJORITY that didn’t care about House/Cuddy.
    I was talking with my mom. We watch together and she is just disgusted. She is not as emotionally attached, but enjoyed the show anyway. She thinks they have made House a cartoon. When I tell her the things going on online, she just shakes her head and says it doesn’t make any sense.
    She said she enjoyed seeing two smart, smart alecky (sp?) people geting together. She liked that a middle aged man and a ‘middle aged’ woman were together. It makes her nuts when these old guys are with women half their age.
    Okay, that’s two viewers gone from this home.

    *************Spoiler-Episode Title*********

    My dearest wish is that when I come back here after “Moving On”, you will tell me wonderful news and I can go back and watch what I have recorded. Sadly, that wish looks dimmer and dimmer.

  • ruthinor

    Maybe when House said he doesn’t sleep with married women he’s only referring to women HE married!

  • Eileen 516

    I read Barbara’s new article and although I don’t expect House and Cuddy to be ‘together’ for probably sometime, I was happy to read the suggestion that he is choosing to take steps to ‘fix himself’ – at least I hope that was what I was reading into it.

    Cuddy told House when she broke up with him, “I don’t think you can” when House said, “I can do better”. Maybe that’s what has to happen first. And if that’s the case, I’m along for the ride!

  • Eileen

    bigHousefan – I think I’ll follow Sera G because “this ride” is not enjoyable anymore.

  • Eileen 515

    Our daughter is now a senior in college but when she left I was devastated!

    Now, like you, our son is off to college in the fall and we will officially be empty-nesters. I will need ‘House’ and all of you to get me through it – along with comments like:

    ‘Maybe by the time House is in a wheelchair due to old age and Cuddy’s boobs have fallen to the floor (also due to old age), then they’ll finally be together! Gee, what fun would that be – NOT!!!’

    See why I need you guys?

  • Sera G

    Hi, all, I had to go to Eonline for a while to read the comments there. More anti-House sentiment and more people insulting the “Huddies.” Why do they think it’s okay to hate us, but when we say something they don’t like, we are ‘haters’? Thank God I am not ‘that age’ any more!

    Eileen, and all, I am in no way trying to advocate giving up on House if you are still curious or hopeful. Just for me, my spirits get raised thinking there might be a great twist ahead and then someone OFFICIAL takes away any hope. I can’t take the crash back to Earth.

    Some comments that were interesting were from people who claim not to care one way of the other for House/Cuddy, but have felt, as we do, that the characters are being written carelessly or not like themselves or that the storylines are repetitive and boring. I don’t agree with the boring part, but I understand what they mean. Someone made the comment that it is like the writers have never seen the show before. I agree with that one!

  • Eileen

    bigHousefan – glad to bring you some joy.

    Sera G – I know you are not advocating giving up House. I am your kindred spirit in that I also can’t take the crash back to Earth. What a great summer it was last year after Help Me! So much excitement surrounding House’s journey as he finally receives (and gives) the love he’s wanted for so long from Cuddy. But it crashed and burned for no good reason this season. Sorry, but I don’t see much hope for them to be together again anytime soon. And if TPTB decide to get them together for 1 or 2 episodes in a year or two from now, then everyone just grows older — including Rachel — and there will be too many missed opportunities to see amazing changes in Houses’ character.

    I guess I’m simply tired of being patient. Does that make sense?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Hi, I’m here! But I see that bear discussion advanced. I started reading but I’m not as fast as you. I speak and understand English well but take long to read … When I have an idea where to turn the topic, I begin to intervene.
    As for the HL interview, please expect to be a joke! I had never heard of April Fools, but it seems normal now joking, right? I think if he really talk like this, he loses much as a person: “I do not care if House continues, his teammates are not his friends, Lisa is superficial … even agree to talk about winning a lot of money..” In short, I think this interview, haha??, it also comes from a Greek magazine? GY is back?

  • Sera G 524 and Eileen 522
    ‘Someone made the comment that it is like the writers have never seen the show before. I agree with that one!’

    Haven’t we all uttered our frustrations about that and suggested it manditory they all sit down and watch the show from episode one!

    I guess I just can’t give up until I see how the whole season plays out as a whole. I can think of so many episodes where I was heartbroken for the character, House, and would say aloud, ‘that is so sad’.

    The writers do risk losing us along the way because at some point one gets emotionally exhausted with it all. How long can we be expected sit and watch our dear friend, House, take a beating over and over again?

    I will continue to watch through the end of this season and look for you both here. I can be very patient, (to a fault,obviously), and will delight in your return whenever that may be! And in the meantime I will miss you both and your insightful comments terribly (she adds beseechingly hoping the guilt trip works as a last resort)!

  • MHM

    Sera G, I was going to say “NO No no” to your “this might be the end for me”, but yeah, I think I understand.

    I care so much about the show because it meant so much to me. I think the reason I’ve become so aware of all the noise surrounding the show outside of the episodes themselves is because I was so jarred by the “offness” of the episodes themselves that I wanted to gather extra-ordinary information about them.

    I used to absolutely steer clear of spoilers because the episodes always shocked me in a good way for one reason or another. Now they shock me for the wrong reasons so I think I look for things outside the episode itself.

    I’m not bothered by people who say that fans like me complain too much and spread negativity. I express discontent because, hello, I care that much. I have cared since the first episode. According to the show, “Pain happens when you care”, right? Apparently if people are in pain out of character outbursts, rewriting history, and insane antics are perfectly expected, so… As for the stop watching then argument, yeah, I think I’m getting there so hold on a minute haha.

    I think that, watched individually, perhaps S7 shows make sense. In the whole arc of 6 years, not convinced. And please don’t tell me that I’ve been watching the wrong show if I don’t agree with S7. That argument doesn’t even make sense because, for people who stopped watching years ago and came back in S7 for some reason–for them, were they watching the “wrong” show that suddenly turned “right”? And people who loved the show since day 1 and love S7 as well, I’m happy for them. Not much I can say there, except that I envy them because they still feel happy/content/surprised with the show.

    I do not really believe that this has all been a dream/hallucination/coma, but I think only that would explain anything to me. And IT’S NOT just the unbelievability of how they handled the whole House & Cuddy relationship. It’s about how they’ve handled House himself.

    You know what? I think that all of the justification interviews, polls, tweets, spoilers, and etc. are all just objects to bludgeon fans repeatedly with “just accept it” in the hopes that those who are discontented will be worn down–that people like me will forget why I had a problem with S7 in the first place. All of these objects are designed to rile us up/try to explain and for us to vent if we disagree, timed to get fans to vent so that the aggression is worked out, so that fans can justify themselves into watching the next episode. No, I am not a paranoid lunatic. If I were a tv exec, I could see myself deploying tactics to maintain a steady stream of interest (whether good or bad) in the show to keep the ratings up.

    I’m going to make a SERIOUS effort to stay away from any and all info about the show outside of the episodes themselves. If I’m still shaking my head in disbelief in a bad way then, well it’s time to “move on”, right? Practically every new thing I hear about the show just makes my heart sink lower in my stomach. And these “new things” are transparently designed to either (1) jerk us around or (2) try to appease the anger when the outrage apparently reaches the exec’s ears and appeasement measures are ordered down.

    I can still enjoy old episodes of House, but I fear that the point will come where I can’t even do that anymore because the joy/insight I got from those episodes will dissipate in light of the rewriting of history occuring in S7. Like footprints erased in a sandstorm?

  • Susan

    If Eileen and Sera are upset than I’ll be upset, so I don’t want to read Barbara’s new blog. BTW, where do we post now? Here or there? What is considered a rant and what is reasonable, measured discourse?

    Not looking forward to an hour of 13. I hope she doesn’t sleep with House.

    As an aside, I clicked on a bunch of the other open threads of other shows and most of them had “0” comments! A few had 7 and one had 9. Whereas, WE, have over 500. Congratulations House fans and Barbara. (Or is this a very busy blog because misery loves company?)

    Spoiler –

    SeraG is not going anywhere because she can’t resist reading this blog and commenting.

  • Eileen

    MHM – Another great post you’ve written. Just fabulous.

    Susan – the 500+ comments shows CLEARLY that we are a loyal and committed group of fans.

    Good night, all. As always, thanks for being there!

  • Susan, Eileen, Sera G, and MHM

    This is what gives me hope from Barbara’s article:

    ‘There are strong suggestions in “The Dig” that House, while still mourning the loss of his relationship with Cuddy (and that is made clear), he is beginning to process what happened and also beginning to pull himself together to the point where he is able to something extraordinary: something of which we know House capable, but that no one with whom he associates would really expect. I can’t say more without spoiling it.’

    I like especially, ‘something of which WE know House capable, but that no one with whom he associates would really expect.’

    If the writers are not going back to square one with House and are, in fact, keeping him on the path towards learning to be comfortable in his own skin so that he can continue to ‘feel better’ as Dr. Nolan put it, then I can except that House cannot be with Cuddy FOR NOW. That said, I will never accept the neglect of a real storyline during their brief relationship or the abrupt breakup.


    ‘Not looking forward to an hour of 13. I hope she doesn’t sleep with House.’

    ‘Spoiler –
    SeraG is not going anywhere because she can’t resist reading this blog and commenting.’


    RedTulip_Anna 526
    Don’t take the bait and fall for it, it’s a hoax.

  • Sera G

    Eileen,#525, you make so much sense. We are kindred spirits in our feelings.
    Susan, #529, LOL! (Sad, but true, but I am really going to try to stay away for a while. I stayed away for a WHOLE week. Man, that was hard.)
    Eileen, good night. You and your husband have a great weekend looking at the college.

    These are my last (or maybe next to last thought) for a while. Susan, ppppppsssst!

    I was talking with my mom while doing dishes. She doesn’t do anything with a computer. I am barely a step above her. She asks what my ‘friends’ had to say today. She said, “You know, if the writers just wanted to have House miserable again, why did they go through all the trouble of putting him with Cuddy. They could have made her taunt to him to “move on” and that she and Lucas were engaged the end and he could have gone home and taken the Vicodin and he would have been back where he started.” I thought that was a good point. Obviously, they felt they had to appease the ‘Huddies’ for a while, but why DID they have to drag her character down?
    It really wasn’t necessary. He could have still acted out, slept with hookers, driven the monster truck and married green card girl. Why did they feel it necessary to make Cuddy’s character unlikable to many people? (Not to me, I still love her and LE.) Of course, he was happy and for some reason they are mightily against that. But now they say maybe his marriage might work. Won’t that make him happy?
    Run, Green Card Wife, Run!” they will do something horrible to your character soon!

  • Sera G

    You and your mom make awesome points! And its so frustrating how they had to dumb-down Cuddy’s character to make it fit their storyline.

    “Run, Green Card Wife, Run!”
    Do you have any idea how funny you are? You just can’t go…

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Sorry, but I still cann´t read all your comments. Although I see almost all of us here, we seek explanations to our present situation of despair for not understanding what is happening.

    Honestly, I don´t have good news. I just read the new post of Barbara and I said there. I made some questions and Barbara very kindly answered me.

    The most important question to me was: How long has been 13 in jail? Saw the preview saying that was a year in jail. Using…How much has happened since FFG to TD? Well…a long time, it seems. Barbara says it has been a month. Using calculations has spent more time.

    Well, the fact is that if it has been so long since the last episode, has also been a long time since the breakup of House and Cuddy. By this I mean that the message is clear. The writers want us to say that Huddy is already part of the past. That Huddy is over. And now House has to begin to fix his life.
    I know this has upset me a lot, maybe too much.

    Until today I had a theory very clear: everything we’ve seen this season, we’ve seen through the head of House. That is, we’ve seen has really happened, but not exactly as it was. I mean, I think House is on an imaginary journey (do not talk about dreams or hallucinations).
    I really thought that House was living a parallel reality. If we look closely, all the fears that had House from Now What came true. Throughout all the episodes from Now What to Bombshells, House has always been his fear that Cuddy break up with him. And finally, Cuddy has broken with him. But if you look at the attitude of Cuddy, nobody would think she was who broke-up, especially after “you’re too drunk to end this relationship.”

    Anyway, I still think that both the relationship and the subsequent break-up, no sense, because it hasn´t deepened well in them. But apparently, the writers are very clear that Huddy was history. And now we must move on with House, not Cuddy.

    Totally sad, but expectant. I will watch the show until the end of the season. But honestly I’m disappointed.
    If the writers were so clear that Huddy would not work, I see no sense to have come true. Wasting a relationship of seven years (or twenty) about this, I find it sad ..

  • Sera G

    I love you, bigHousefan,
    and Susan and Eileen and fOlady and all my ‘friends.’
    That is also one of the saddest things. All of the people who I feel have reached out to each other to share House’s journey. Now that connection will end. Before we shared how much we loved it and clever lines and interesting facts. Now we are left to dwell in our disappointment.
    I really don’t mean to be so negative. Maybe because it is Friday and I’m tired. I used to love Friday. For the obvious reason of course, but I could look FORWARD to Monday, knowing I would enjoy my hour of bliss at PPTH.

  • housemaniac

    Hello Regulars:
    There has been something I have been wanting to say and Barbara’s new post has given me a chance to say it: I think this rant section has become a bit cliquish and may be scaring off some people from commenting. Obviously, a half dozen or so of the regular participants have become friendly — and that is great. (And, yes, sometimes people include me in their shout outs, and I appreciate that, but it does not alleviate my concern.)

    If you look at the comment section on Barbara’s new post, you’ll see that a number of people are commenting there who are not commenting here and that most people who are commenting here are not commenting there. Maybe there is nothing wrong with this. Maybe this rant section has become a place for a few hardcore people with similar views to cheer each other on. My only concern is that there may be people out there who do not feel comfortable contributing because it is beginning to seem like the participants here all know each other.

    To end with a couple of constructive suggestions:
    1) Everyone here should read Barbara’s article and comment there as well (if they feel they have something to say, of course).
    2) Maybe someone should form a listserv (since many of you seem to have each other’s e-mail addresses already) and continue the chummier aspects of the conversation here in that venue.
    3) Or, maybe this rant section can and/or should simply remain a place where a few regulars “talk” to each other about their common concerns. I don’t know the answer, but I thought I should make the point.

    Please know that I do so with respect and admiration for all of you.

  • RedTulip Anna 534
    You explain our disappointment over what could have been so great, very well.

    Sera G
    I love you, too! Get some sleep and try to have a great weekend – you’re a sweetheart!

  • Betty

    I’ve been reading your comments and agree w/ many of you. While I was devastated w/ the breakup and the writing, I’ve decided to give this show another chance. And keep having faith in the writers that things will become clearer on May 23, the finale. Please don’t give up! All of your comments have been insightful and it wouldn’t be the same w/o you all!

  • housecomelately

    536 housemaniac — Hi! I don’t think posters are avoiding this thread because it’s a bit chatty. I don’t think they even know it’s still active, having been 2 weeks since FFG aired.

    We probably need a general House discussion thread because this one has gotten a bit off topic — only because there was no other forum to discuss in until the latest BB article.

    Just my two cents.

  • Boris

    HI TO ALL! this is my first post though i have been avidly reading the debate/discussion and Joe has given me the confidence to add my view point.

    I understand all the disappointment about Huddy here but looking at it from a different angle, was House ‘really’ ready to enter a relationship?

    @ruthinor 308 >Does this mean that House was not his genius self during his 5 years with Stacy? Sorry I have never bought that argument.< House was with Stacy for 5 years but this was prior to the infarction. May i state that infarctions of the leg muscle are very rare and very hard to diagnose. House was/is a board certified infectious disease and nephrology specialist and probably was only so before the infarction. The show picks up 5 years after, where we meet a reclusive bitter and cynical character who trusts nobody and who has had a diagnostic department created for him probably as part of his settlement for his leg but also because he cannot let others go through what happened to him. From earlier seasons it became obvious that House's inner pain is manifested by him outwardly rubbing his leg. In 'help me' he admitted that he had become a harder and worse person because of his leg. Cuddy i feel has always carried a certain amount of guilt regarding his leg and for her to hear him say those words she thought he had finally entered into the accepting stage and naively felt she needed to take a chance on him since he was now free from vicodin and had accepted what had happened to him. The relationship between them 'was' poorly explored 'but' they did enter them into it with him thinking she was a way out for him having to deal with his dark personal issues and her believing he was on steady enough ground to emotionally do so.

  • ruthinor

    Boris, you make some good points, but if I recall correctly, when Cameron asked Stacy what House was like before the infarction, Stacy said “pretty much the same as he is now”.

    One thing that they have never really answered (perhaps intentionally) is: Did House’s addictive personality precede the infarction? Was he a heavy drinker, or drug taker prior to the infarction? I always got the feeling that House had a very dark view of life even before his leg problems. He seems to be a depressed person, but one who believes that being “happy” makes him a crappy doctor. He has expressed that thought more than once. Perhaps it’s all just a cover-up for his feeling that he just doesn’t deserve to be happy.

  • HouseShoesLA

    To the “Regulars” and HouseManiac@536:
    I can only speak for myself, but you’ve smoked me out of my “hidey hole” long enough to say I am not scared off by who or what’s being posted here. I’m here EVERY day reading EVERY comment because this site helps keep me calm and patient (twitching, but patient). It helps keep me from rushing to my DVR in an uncontrollable fit of rage and frustration and deleting Season 7 in its entirety and [H]off of my Series Recording list. Just because I’m not posting, doesn’t mean I’m not participating. I am–sitting in front of my computer reading everyone’s viewpoint and nodding my head in agreement at the insightful, eloquent, passionate (on both sides of any episode this season)witty and sometimes funny (in a very good way)discourse. Lord knows, I ain’t gettin that from the show much these days. If I did post, I’d just be saying “ME TOO” 99% of the time. Hardly erudite.. but I’d like to at least get this off my chest. I personally have become increasingly disenchanted and saddened by TPTB’s(both this season and season 6 IMHO)apparent heavy (perhaps obsessively so)focus on the season finale where all will be apparently explained (or not) in a mind-blowing way (with incredible technical virtuosity and acting by the cast) that I can’t predict. Someone else here said it much better than I will but essentially the impactfulness and resonance of this show’s prior season finales (Season 4 and 5 for me in particular) is not just the sound and fury of the finale, but the episodes of the entire season leading up to that moment. It’s sad that I’m now watching this season with the mantra it will get better playing in my head. Sorry, digressed. I really just popped in to respond to Housemaniac’s concerns and to say to please keep the commentary going here, on both sides.. I’m trying not to throw up my hands and walk away from this show and this place is helping me to do that. Horribly selfish motives, but there you have it. BRING. IT. ON. PLEASE. AND. THANK YOU.

  • MHM

    Hi, Boris!

    I must say your post is made of awesome. I really enjoyed reading your opinion, and I think that you clearly and concisely expressed a refreshing perspective.

    I agree with your last paragraph. I think what enraged me was just how poorly it was explored. Pardon my language but the exploration really just sucked. I guess I have to acknowledge that it sucked and go from there, right? 🙂

    I really hope House can someday find “steady enough ground” to enter into a significant relationship. I do think his deeper issues need to be explored. I hope the show covers those issues WITHOUT dumbing down characters or changing who they are.

    Good night, everyone!

  • fatOlady

    Wow Boris, I think you are going to add a lot to our discussions. You seem to have a gift for insight into somethings I may have conciously noticed but not really invested time in thinking about. I think your theory is entirely plausable . Most of us in this forum are female and so

  • fatOlady

    Sorry,new computer. Takes some getting used to. Back to what I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself. Most women, make judgements more emotionally than men who tend to be for factual and analytical in there judgements. I for one am greatful to have a more objective point of view. Also, you made some really great points and you have a strong argument.

  • fatOlady

    Joe….Boris……HouseShoesLA, please don’t mind me……I am always doing something stupid.

  • housemaniac

    So glad to hear new voices and equally glad I was wrong about where you all went! Thanks especially to Boris for his insight and to housecomelately and HouseShoesLA for setting me straight. Also great point HouseShoesLA about the obsessiveness re the season finale. That’s just weird on TPTB’s part, and does suggest a kind of defensiveness, or something. OK, I’m going to try to go to bed. Again. (I’m trying to write something–not on House!–so insomnia has set in.)

    Just remembered something else: Boris, do you know I once saw HL rub his “infarcted” leg on a talk show? I also heard him say on another occasion that “it really hurts” when he is on the set (and when the script calls for it, I imagine). It’s almost like a phantom limb, but with the limb still intact.

  • Jaim

    Hey all! I’ve been reading all your comments, and I feel the same frustrations. I hope this next episode with Thirteen is good. She is a character I have always liked, but some rumors I’ve seen on Live Journal make me cringe about what her big secret is…it sounded really unbelievably stupid. I hope these rumors are just rumors and hold no truth to the actual reveal.

    In regards to FFG, I think that they could have shown House’s emotional acting out, in a more subtle manner. I recently caught a repeat of Distractions(the first episode after Stacy left) and his self-induced migraine and revenge against an old school mate seemed much more in line with the misery he was feeling. In contrast, FFG just seemed like he was diving into an embarrassing mid-life crisis. The pathos just wasn’t as evident in this episode as it was in Distractions. If the writers really want to go back to square one, then get back to the sincere story-telling and true emotional depth that made me feel for this character. Right now all I feel toward the character is disgust.

  • Boris,
    Loved your first post – I hope its the first of MANY!

    Completely feeling your frustration! Please continue to post instead of nodding at the monitor thinking ‘me, too!’ 99% of the time (I do as well!). Its vindicating and liberating all at the same time when someone else is articulating your thoughts! Although I am an admitted House addict, because of you I know I’m not CRAZY!

    I decidedly don’t read much outside here, other than anything Hugh Laurie has to say, but I have obviously missed the news that TPTB are already talking up the season finale as a way to explain or justify what, this season? The House and Cuddy break-up? (ITS NOT THE BREAKUP, ITS THE LACK OF REAL EXPLORATION OF WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN AN AMAZING LOOK AT A HOUSE/CUDDY RELATIONSHIP AND THE DUMBING DOWN OF CUDDY’S CHARACTER TO MAKE THE WRITER’S VERSION WORK – ARGH!) Clue me in!

    Jaim 548
    I LOVED the excellent point you make with regard to the difference between Distractions and Fall From Grace! Exactly right about the embarrassing mid-life crisis take!

  • MHM

    HouseShoesLA, your insights are great. Please continue to post!!

    Jaim, THNAK YOU for such a perfect example of
    “sincere story-telling and emotional depth”! That’s exactly how I feel. Those are the key ingredients missing in S7. House was over the top in Distractions, but they portrayal of his “distractions” was sincere and had emotional depth.

  • Susan

    Thought of the morning –

    I read the New York Times every day and the news is usually bad – Japan, the economy, the Middle East, budget cuts etc.

    Do I have to get depressed from House too?

    (Barbara’s new blog and most of today’s comments have not helped. Except for the fact that Domenica has a boyfriend!)

  • **Speculation**

    Does anyone think that the reason House might not be wearing his watch is that while he was with Cuddy he wanted ‘time to stand still’ much the same way he was reluctant to let her leave his apartment in Now What?

    If so, I’m not looking forward to him putting his watch back on..

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @549 – bigHousefan
    Very important quote TPTB should listen:

    @552 – bigHousefan
    Yep, now I think that is the correct theory. House wanted to delay the time he was with Cuddy. Because, as he said: “… it will not last.”

    Anyway, the story of the clock, it´s like the rest of what we have been showing over this “bland” relationship between House and Cuddy. The writers had to justify the break up. And now “explore” the consequences of rupture.
    That does not make sense, but for them it is very important to show that “House was right” and Cuddy finally break up the relationship and then, they think that “… this has all been a mistake.”

    Everything really absurd. All the predictions made by House in Now what, came true. Wow! The predictions were written by the writers, no? Well, look how easy it was to be fulfilled! Only had to turn them into reality.

    Each day that passes I am more disappointed. Using a relationship as valuable as that of House and Cuddy, only for fall down House to hell, is extremely painful for the fans of House (like me).

    Definitely, yep, the clock symbolizes time lost standing. Now begins the new life of “our” House (written sarcastically, of course).

    By the way, interestingly enough these last few weeks have been blocking all videos of Huddy on Season 7 of Youtube.
    All these videos have been there for months. Why delete it now? Just to try to calm the masses who are suffering from this unexplained break up and this relationship barely explored. I don´t know. They may want to erase everything we saw. As if everything is an illusion, a dream.

    Perhaps the lost watch symbolizes something else: No clock=No real time=Nothing existed.

    Honestly, I wish the latter were true. I would have preferred that they had never “given a chance” to this relationship doomed to ruin.

  • Betty

    #552 BigHousefan

    Interesting thought and one also expressed in Barbara’s latest blog. Could be a real possibility. I also read another comment from a poster that it was because Hugh Laurie had forgotten to wear it one day or lost it or something and it was kept in the storyline as an inside joke. Either one is plausible. I guess we won’t really know until the finale, if ever, unless HL mentions it in an interview.

  • MHM

    From Peter Blake, who wrote the finale, about the watch:

    @lorilaneybean That was an intentional choice by Hugh – I’m amazed you caught it.

    @lorilaneybean As to why he gave it up, I don’t want to overexplain anything (or even explain anything) but think re when he got the watch.


  • Betty

    #540 Boris

    Good point about House not really being ready to be in a relationship. Perhaps the same can be said of Cuddy? But we are talking about two people who are no spring chickens. So when are you going to be really ready to be in a relationship, as time keeps ticking on cause none of us are getting any younger. So the watch or no watch as is the case seems even more appropriate and fitting in their case. But I do think both believed they were ready and the relationship could last. Perhaps it will but the timing was just not right, hadn’t yet come.

  • Boris

    Thank you for the warm welcome ladies!

    541 – ruthinor

    At that time Stacy had only just re-entered into his life so she could only answer what she had witnessed up until that point.

    During her time on the show she gave us insight into him being ‘argumentative’, ‘stubborn’, ‘an egomaniac’, ‘medically unethical’ etc so he had obviously always been like that but I don’t think he had always been bitter and cynical and would go as far as to say I don’t think he had always been an atheist.

    She also gave us insight into him being active (them playing golf when his infarction happened) as he did when he watched the lacrosse game so he was not always reclusive either since lacrosse is a team sport.

    She also told us he mustn’t have been a big drinker when he was with her since he entered the hospital wearing sunglasses to hide his hangover and she stated he had always been a light weight.

    They were together for five years so considering her surprise and disbelief when Wilson told her he had been “pining for five years” after she left he was a lot more stable emotionally during their relationship.

    Regarding the addictive personality I think that has always been there but not his addictions to booze and drugs just his whole addictive personality in general, the man is addicted and or obsessed with anything that gains his interest because he cannot stand not knowing anything what he feels should be known.

    I do think House was the drug seeking behavior guy in three stories but only because he didn’t have a diagnosis then and had probably taken the maximum dosage he had been prescribed already and the doctors at PPTH wouldn’t prescribe him anymore because they didn’t believe the amount of pain he was describing. I think post infarction he was probably taking the prescribed dose but had realised that they also numb his feelings down and so when he became head of diagnostics and the pressure and responsibility presented to this now reclusive man he was taking more and more vicodin to numb his feelings more than to alleviate the pain in his leg.

    543 – MHM

    Hi, MHM

    It truly was poorly explored but we do have to move on :- )

    One of my main issues this season is how they have dumbed down the show, we have rarely had to read the subtext because they have told too much of it verbally.

    I think the show are now finally moving House forward into him delving into his past properly instead of one episode showing him trying to find a connection to his biological father through a book of sermons. It is that past that has made him who he is and he needs to explore it to be able to move forward.

    544 – fatOlady

    You make me smile (with teeth)! I bet if I had made these comments even 10 days ago I would have been ignored lol, you guys have gone through some grief over this which I understand by the way.

    547 – housemaniac

    Lol it must be gruelling on Hugh Laurie to get out of character mode when he has played him for so many years and for so many hours each day. That man is one fine actor!

    549 – bigHousefan

    Thanks! I will try to keep up : -)

  • ruthinor

    Boris, enjoy your comments.

    Do you (or anyone else?) remember how long Stacy and House were together after the infarction? My feeling is that they did not break up immediately after, but I don’t really know. If they WERE together, I think Stacy might have an idea of how House had been changed by his leg problems.

  • HouseShoesLA

    558 Ruthinor
    My impression based on the Hunting episode was that Stacy and House were together after the infarction, surgery and his recovery. At some point during his recuperation, she walked. In the scene in Stacy’s attic, House made the observation that he always could tell when she was miserable because of the number of times she would sneak out to have a smoke. Then they both apologized to each other for making the other miserable/causing each other pain. Even tho House was supposedly manipulating her into revealing that she still had feelings for him, that scene just sizzled with intimacy and vulnerability that House is capable of expressing. Which is why I’m having some real problems being told now by TPTB that House is incapable of being in a relationship, will never change and has always been this one dimensional misanthropic SOB caricature.

  • HouseShoesLA

    Boris, to your point/belief about the show now finally moving forward with House delving into his past properly. Wish I had your optimism. This exploration of his past (which I agree needs to happen) was what I was expecting, hoping to see during Season 6 and didn’t. Given the dumbing down of the show and lack of subtext as you’ve so diplomatically put it, coupled with the mangling of the House/Cuddy relationship by the [H] writers this season, this aspect of House’s journey may not be properly explored either. But no, I’m not bitter or anything. 🙂

  • MHM

    Boris and HouseShoesLA: EXACTLY!

    (1) Dumbing down of the show
    (2) Lack of subtext

    Maybe we should write these things on a whiteboard.

    HouseShoesLA, #559, I absolutely agree with your observations about House and his capacity for relationships.

    “Even tho House was supposedly manipulating her into revealing that she still had feelings for him, that scene just sizzled with intimacy and vulnerability that House is capable of expressing. Which is why I’m having some real problems being told now by TPTB that House is incapable of being in a relationship, will never change and has always been this one dimensional misanthropic SOB caricature.”

    This is EXACTLY how I feel. I thought that House has already been portrayed as surprisingly capable of intimacy and insight into relationships. I don’t recall the exact episode, but there was an instance where House unexpectedly reciprocated Cameron’s Christmas gift. (I’m not a Hameron, it’s just an observation into how the show has, in the past, SUBTLY shown House can, unexpectedly show the side of him that’s capable of intimacy and vulnerability.) House used to be a THREE-DIMENSIONAL character and S7 so far has made him into various, exaggerated caricatures of himself.

    BTW, it occurred to me that I dislike the term, “Huddy.” I love both House and Cuddy’s characters, but, obviously, the show is called “House”, and the main reason I watch it is because I need to believe that House’s journey means something.

    Does that make me a “Housey”?

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

  • MHM 561

    Re: House unexpectedly reciprocated Cameron’s Christmas gift… You’re exactly right and there are many other examples of House’s tender side! The episode you refer to is Damed If You Do. I think we’d all be happier if the writers/producers were made to re-watch their own show from the beginning!

    HouseShoesLA 560
    Bitter about THOSE points? You’re in good company!

  • Betty

    Agree with comments about House’s tender, romantic side. That’s partly what makes him complex and intriguing and endearing. How can you not love this character! 🙂

  • fatOlady

    BORIS……so very glad to hear you still have your teeth AND……display them when you smile. Happy Sunday,

  • MHM

    Trying to get over a cold, was watching “Locked In” again from S5 while relaxing. Such an interesting episode to watch at this point in time. The episode really had elements that overtly and subtly touched on undercurrents of the show in a really great way. (House secretly going to see a psychiatrist, Wilson’s observations, Kutner’s brilliance, and the foreshadowing ending that, in restrospect, is even more brilliant in light of what happened in the rest of S5) It’s also interesting to watch in light of all the speculation flying back and forth about S7.

    S5 has always been one of my favorite seasons because, well at least to me, the arcs were so compelling and they were so well thought out if you go back and see the episodes before the finale.

    I don’t believe in the dream/hallucination of S7, but one thing that’s been in the back of my mind has been, in “Small Sacrifices”, when House goes to answer the door as Wilson knocks, there is a specific shot of a model brain on top of a bookshelf, with House’s cane hooked on to the ledge next to it. There is a specific portion of the brain that is colored. Don’t know if this means anything or was just a cool image shot. I do think that there have been frequent references/images related to the brain this season, and I wonder if House will have an accident or injury to his brain in the finale. Sorry if I’m putting fuel to the fire for speculation but that particular shot stayed with me since I first saw that episode. Oh, well. I guess only time will tell.

  • ruthinor

    Speaking of “Small Sacrifices”, a couple of other things have been bothering me: House , throughout the seasons, has kept really close tabs on Cuddy. He knows the stages of her menstrual cycle for Pete’s sake. So how come he never knew about her marriage? And why did this never come up again in any discussion? House always wants to know everything. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Flo

    Hey all, I want to thank everyone who read the first session of my H&Psy project. feedback has been great and sooo positive!! 🙂
    I’m seriously thinking putting it (and then the second and third sessions) on my LiveJournal blog, it would way more simple for people to access it.

    That being said, it is your work as much as mine and if someone is not up to it then I won’t put it over there.
    The ball is in your court!

  • No problem here! I would love to read the rest online when posted!

  • Eileen

    Same here, Flo! Glad you made it through the wedding you attended!

  • MHM

    ruthinor, I completely agree with you. House has always been super perceptive of Cuddy, from when she’s “wearing extra concealer under her eyes” to her “cycle”, yes. Apparently toothbrushes were more interesting to show how he totally understands her after 20 years of knowing her! On a different note, the hiatus has made me calmer about my disappointment over the show. That’s good and bad but mostly sad because my expectations of the show have been lowered so that I don’t think much can surprise me anymore and I expect to see things that don’t make sense to me.
    I’ll still watch the rest of the season, but with lower expectations. Sad…

  • MHM

    In retrospect, I think that the only episode I really liked in S7 was “Family Practice”. I liked all the spoken and unspoken things that happened in that episode. It was tense, layered, and I remember having liked the episode immediately, from the first frame. It was compelling storytelling. I also liked the interaction between Cuddy and House. I liked how House confronted Cuddy and was there for her in his own way. I also liked how, when she got upset with him at one point, he said something like, “You said to keep you out of it. What the hell did you think that meant?” That line stayed with me because it felt so in character and spoke volumes about House’s personality and his then-relationship with Cuddy, about many things. That was the one episode where I felt like the characters were three dimensional. Heck, I was even impressed by Foreman yelling at House while trying to be understanding.

    I know Peter Blake wrote the finale, so I am hoping for more 3-D storytelling in the finale.

  • Susan

    MHM 571 – Isn’t that the episode where House feels he has to save Arlene because he doesn’t want Cuddy waking up next to him “a year from now” and blaming him if Arlene dies? When I saw that episode I had been apprehensive about the relationship continuing (as I had been really since Now What) but that comment gave me encouragement that there would be a future for them.

  • Susan

    Flo 567 – When you post your project can you tell us how to find it?

  • MHM

    Susan 572, Yes, that’s the episode, and the “a year from now” was great dialogue, too! Maybe a week from now, maybe a year from now, the man sleeping next to you…and so on. I liked how, in the episode, they could argue with each other, but, even while arguing, the depth of their feelings for each other were implied in lines like that. *sigh* I agree that in that episode, I was encouraged that there would be a future for them because lines/situations like that shed light on what was important to the main characters. It was, in a sense, I thought, a good portrayal of an adult relationship and true to House’s nature of not saying or revealing much but actually having startling insight into deeper issues.

  • MHM and ruthinor 566, 570, 571

    Exactly! I’ve always enjoyed the way House ‘studies’ Cuddy and Wilson. I’ve always felt it was House’s way of nurturing and caring for them – meddling, yes, but this is not just his obsessive nature at work. Its House’s way of expressing affection for them and demonstrating how deeply he cares for them in his own awkward way.

    Family Practice showed House and Cuddy communicating with each other in a way we’d expect of these two souls who share such a magnetic, impassionated, significant and long history.

  • Susan 572 MHM 574

    “Maybe a week from now, maybe a year from now, you’re going to decide the man sleeping next to you…”

    I, too, loved that line – it was perfect!
    Writers: Bring back the intensity and vigor between House and Cuddy and storylines that respect the depth of these character’s long relationship!

  • Susan

    bigHousefan 576, MHM 574 –

    Let’s just assume, for now, that if the writers wrote that, maybe they’ll be together in the end. But I don’t want to wait until the end of season 8 to see it.

    MHM – like that *sigh* !

  • housemaniac

    Would love to see your “treatment”. 🙂
    Please let me know how I might see it, or when you post it, just let me/us know where!

  • Susan 577

    Looking back at that line it very much demonstrates that House was in it for the long haul. Sigh is right, it hurts all over again…

  • ruthinor

    I liked Family Practice, but I also liked Selfish and Unwritten, particularly Selfish where they could argue with each other and move past it. Family Practice gave us some needed insight into Cuddy’s family.

    Is anyone here watching “The Killing” ? I’m a big mystery fan and I think it’s pretty good…very atmospheric. It was filmed in Seattle and believe me, the weather has been like that in the Pacific NW since Oct. of last year. Rain and chilly, but much worse than usual. We all take lots of vitamin D3 out here!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    MHM, Susan, bigHousefan, ruthinor

    Respect the episode of Family Practice. I have to say, this is one of the episodes that I liked more this season.
    The confrontation between House and Cuddy in her office, has been one of the highlights of this season. We had not seen a similar “discussion” since Selfish, and then we have never seen an argument between them (even after the break).
    But really, what I liked about this episode was that it revealed the other side of Cuddy. We have always seen a strong Cuddy, responsible, single mother, director of hospital… Cuddy can be controlled House, Cuddy can argue with House (“You’re the one who can stop him”, as Wilson said in ep17).
    But Cuddy can´t face his mother. For her, her mother is a big problem. She is paralyzed when her mother is speaking (or yelling). Throughout this episode, it´s showed to us details about the life of Cuddy, which reveal the reason for her current situation: a person professionally successful but with problems in her personal relationships. Actually, I would have liked, that eventually, House had found the famous yearbook (which Arlene forced to edit Cuddy.
    – These two scenes between Cuddy and Arlene, are devastating: 1.When Cuddy finds out the existence of “a lover”. 2. When Arlene decides to leave the hospital.
    – And these two scenes between Cuddy and Arlene, are really emotional: 1.In the ambulance. 2.At the end of the episode.
    This episode is full of emotion and strength, especially on the bottom of what it mean.

    However, I have my own opinion about the attitude of the House in this episode. Yep, really, it’s House who made a reaction of Cuddy. But, Why he does it? I have the theory that the whole relationship between Cuddy and House this season has been directed by the House´s fears to lose her. All actions (good or bad) have been made for not to disappoint Cuddy, for not to be abandoned by her (“I need her in my life”, ep13). So House has helped Cuddy with her daughter and her mother, for get that Cuddy would not feel bad, disappointed or sad, and he had to support it (“supportive and consoling are not my strong” ep10).
    The only time that House couldn´t “help” her was when the “problem” was she, that is, when Cuddy was sick. At that moment, did not care what he did, because if Cuddy died, would leave him alone. But not for nothing that he can fix. At that moment, actually, the problem was Cuddy, nor her daughter or her mother, or the nursery, or toothbrush, or garbage…(“I can´t fix his problem, I am his problem” ep16).

    Well, this was just a reflection …

  • RedTulip_Ana

    567 – Flo
    I’m seriously thinking putting it (and then the second and third sessions) on my LiveJournal blog, it would way more simple for people to access it.
    Yes, please, I would love to read your “sessions”. I think it’s a very good project, and I hope you get good results with it. Good luck on your journey …

  • Flo

    1st session of our collaborative analysis is finally posted on my LJ blog!!

    If you wanna know what House say to his psy all you have to do click on my name here. It’s the last entry on my blog. It’s called House & His Psychiatrist. Hope you’ll like it.

    Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my blog. Since the arguments are yours we can all discuss the project over there so this place here could remain more on topic.

  • MHM

    Three thoughts before I take a break from a hectic day:

    (1) Theory 1: The finale will be a whole lot of sad tinged with a tiny tiny glimmer of hope.
    (2) Theory 2: House will realize something he needs to do for himself by the end of the season. One of the important things will be him not associating Cuddy with being his savior. Cuddy was there for him at the end of S4, he hallucinated that she was his savior/lover in S5, and she literally was his savior at the end of S6. End of S7, maybe the big, heartbreaking decision will be to not do that “association” thing anymore and try to stand on his own, without her, even though he loves her? This will create the distance and break the House/Cuddy relationship the producers & writers have been telling us is really over. (If the tale being spun will be that he didn’t really love her he loved her more in his savior capacity, I will…um…well let’s not go there yet)
    (3) Why does Cuddy say they’ve only been together a few months in BS? that doesn’t seem to fit with what House will say in The Dig. Another careless blip? Maybe time may not be fixed constant on House, but slips like this are just really really careless if they’re not intentional.

  • Kel

    Upsetting. Because up until they decided to do that ‘two stories’ episode, I thought this season looked much more promising than last season. I don’t think House and Cuddy works, but I am disappointed that he’s addicted to Vicodin again. It’s frustrating. Which is weird because I was hesitant when he went off it but now, I think it’s time he at least matured a little. I love the sarcastic House but these gimmicks are getting to be a bit too much.

  • Kel

    Totally agree with MHM, seeing as his true savior always seems to be Wilson.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    584 – MHM
    Really sad for me. But I totally agree, that this will be the end of this season. Now what? = This is the begining VS Move on! = This is the end.
    For me, the relationship Cuddy / House, is the most important of all. Use it to descend to House to hell, and realize he has to move forward alone. I think it’s very hard, sad and dirty, for these characters and the viewers.

    585 – Kel
    Honestly, I do not think that House is back to Vicodin. I think all this madness (drugs, hookers and alcohol) already finished at the end of FFG.

  • fatOlady

    This SPOILER information is not mine. All the credit goes to “I Watch For Cuddy (IWFC)”. I copied this from a link IWFC posted on Twitter.

    “So mel35 kindly provided the address for the house they use to film Cuddy’s house. I thought it might be my neighborhood that I just moved into but it actually turns out that it’s the neighborhood that I work in. I’ve walked my dog in front of her house every day for a month and never noticed!

    Since they’re supposed to be shooting there, I took my lunch hour today to walk the 2 blocks and see if I could tell what they might be up to.

    There were about 3 crew members there prepping the landscaping. Naturally, I stopped to chat. Nice guys. Here’s the potential spoiler:

    They said they were preparing the scenery for a car crash. This info was offered up before I asked what they were filming for or anything. I thought he was joking so I asked if there’d be a huge fireball and his reply was serious when he said “No, this is just the beginning part. The actual collision will be done on a set. In a sound stage.”

    So. Take it with a grain of salt because it was the guys doing the set. But, if it’s true, it’s fun to speculate on what sort of accident might be happening at Cuddy’s house!”

  • Susan

    OKG-588 So now you’re telling me that they’re killing Cuddy? Or is this the crash that results in House or Cuddy being in a coma and then the whole season being in one of their heads? Enough already. (More teeth gnashing -but not directed at you OKGrandma. BTW did you see the new Jane Eyre? I didn’t, but at least we know it has a happy ending.)

  • fatOlady

    No I haven’t seen the new Jane Eyre, but I “SO” want to. It is my favorite story ever. About this SPOILER I don’t know anymore than you read….but I really hope this explains the craziness of this season and resets the story to PRE-House/Cuddy breakup.

  • ruthinor

    I’m always suspicious when folks associated with House offer up free info! It could just be a cover story.

    Also, I remember an interview with LE in which she said that Cuddy would be doing some wild and crazy stuff as a result of the break-up…wonder what that is and when we might see it? I know Cuddy loves her job, but I could envision her wanting to lower the stress level in her life and “move on”. The hospital needs her, her kid needs her, her mother needs her, and most of all, House needs her. Maybe she wants to be the needy one for a change. If she stays, how can her life ever improve?

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @588-fatOlady @591-ruthinor

    Thanks for the post! But…I can´t buy this story (actually, I would like …). I think this is a free information. It’s like a rehearsed answer (if anyone asks you … say “we are preparing a car crash”). I think the information is true, I mean, really, the crew gave that information. But an accident at the door of Cuddy´s house, in the last episode? I see it difficult …

    I have always believed in the theory that “not everything that we see, is happening as we’re seeing”, but at this point, even I’m tired of my own theories. I have “mental stress”. I think, I won´t be happy with any of the possible finale.

    Please, I need to arrive already on May 23, to cry quite!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    590 – fatOlady
    “but I really hope this explains the craziness of this season and resets the story to PRE-House/Cuddy breakup”…yes, a girl can dream! I wish it too 😉

  • Amie

    Hi everyone!

    I have been reading your comments (in all the different threads) and trying to keep up.
    It’s been a pleasure reading you all and it’s helped me sort out my own feelings regarding the series as I have been going from incredulous to angry to not caring to still being obsessed.

    You have all expressed very often a lot of what I feel and in a better way that I would have.

    I still want to add a few things I haven’t found quite already expressed.

    As TPTB have said and that other PR guy on twitter:
    yes, I have never thought the relationship would last and have also thought that it would be OOC for House if it did…

    …IF they had done it in season 5! Say, starting from “Let them eat cake”.
    They weren’t ready then. House thought he was better off alone and didn’t want “happiness” and Cuddy would have expected too much of him (I suppose), looking for a “normal” partner.
    But then came season 6. Cuddy tried dating the “common guy”, the one she thinks is expected of her to date (and she was ready to marry him even though “he wasn’t there for her”) and realized she’d rather have the uncommon relationship. One (and I mean the viewer) could be expected to think that Cuddy is not expecting House to do the normal partner-y stuff (attending galas for example, knowing how he hates them).
    And House realized he did want a relationship and be happy with someone.
    I really thought they (House and Cuddy, but TPTB too) were ready to give it a real try. And I really really wasn’t in the “everyone expects the relationship to be doomed” category. Why do they keep saying that!

    I think what they meant by “it would be OOC for House” is “it would be OOC for House – the SHOW” and not “House – the character”. Because the motto of the show is everyone has to be miserable. So they could not make the main character a little less miserable. But I was expecting a twist : “ha, since everyone thinks it’s going to fail, let’s not make it fail”.
    And one could consider it is not OOC for House, one could even say it is “canon” that he can make a relationship work : he had been with Stacy 5 years! He even gave advice to Wilson about communication in a relationship!

    As some have mentionned before, it seems TPTB have lost hold of their (Frankensteinian) monster. House has become too huge and is becoming a caricature and they’re writing it very one dimensionnal : ok, let’s make him do “jerk-stuff”. Now, let’s do this huge twist even though it has nothing to do with the story because people expect twists and cliffhangers. It seems they don’t really care anymore. Have they all started new projects?

    I realized I can gladly rewatch any episode (except one or two) from season 1 to 4, yet, for seasons 5 to 7, I only watch the “huddy” or “hilson” ones. I was trying to figure out why.
    Way back, on her livejournal, Barbara did a survey and asked why we watched House. I tried recalling what I had written :
    – the humor and great one-liners,
    – the medical cases that really made me rethink the way I saw things or really brought up an interesting dilemma,
    – the music always so fitting,
    – and the clinic scenes.
    I do admit my romantic side liked House’s interactions with Cuddy but I never really thought of that as a cause for me to watch because I never believed they would go for it (they were doing Cameron, then Stacy, and I have a past history of rooting for the wrong ships (Chloe and Clark anyone?)).

    If I take my list, all those things are present in seasons 1 to 4. But starting season 5, we had less and less clinic (almost none season 6 and 7), less and less interesting ethical cases, less and less music (hardly any this season).
    So what kept me watching : the house-cuddy story-line.
    Therefore, I do understand non shippers who thinks the quality has really gone down. I wouldn’t say it’s because of House and Cuddy but because of the lack of all the other things that made the show great.
    Regarding season 6, I did buy the Lucas storyline, I did think it would be something Cuddy would do, try the normal guy, try to forget she loves this other insane person. But the rest, the medical cases were so boring…
    So ok, then, they got H and C together, so I kept watching. Waiting for good confrontations between the two. ANd yes, like many here, I liked the selfish and “family practive” confrontations. I never got the 3 episode-arc “don’t lie to me”, was vastly dissappointed by “two stories” as I thought the premise could have been fun, and I loved the last scene of Recession Proof which was very “Housian”, a nice AND awful thing to say all at once. Wish there could have been more of that…

    Not going to comment on the randomness of the breakup as a lot have been said already. Suffice it to say that I too thought it just served the purpose to give new storylines to the writers, who apparently have to have big twists in order to inspire them and get rid of their writers’ block.
    YES, it brings new interesting things to explore. But they could do with better continuity. They could also have House adopt a kid, become a salesman and move to CHina and that would bring new storylines. But it would really comme out of nowhere. Just like the breakup.
    I get the “Cuddy lied to herself, she thought she wanted House as he was” argument, or the “she thought she was dying so made a quick bad decision” one. And I think it could have worked earlier. Season 5. But really. Really. I don’t buy it now. She has always taken care of herself. All of the sudden, she wants someone to be there? Was Lucas always there? I don’t think so. I suppose she has by now realized no one’s perfect and can’t keep waiting for the perfect guy. Does she realize the other option is being SURE she will ALWAYS be alone?
    Actually, I would have settled if the break up was about the last scene of recession proof because she can’t stand making him a lesser person/doctor.

    So the 2 things that really angered me was the lack of exploration of the relationship (and the promise that there will be no further exploration) and the randomness of the breakup for mere shock value and to create new storylines.

    So now, there aren’t many reasons left for me to watch. They are still good one-liners. And the music in OOTC was great.
    I do want to trust but the writer’s have shown me that, while they can write genius episodes, they can do crappy storylines too (13 goes blind anyone? Foreman since season 1? chase becoming a surgeon? the chase-cameron breakup?…)

    Of course, this is all my humble opinion.

    So now, to be able to go back to my normal life, I’m telling my romantic self the H-C relationship never was and I’m trying to go back to my season 1 state of mind, were I didn’t think that much of the show, just took stories as they came and didn’t really care for House the character.

    There. Said what I wanted to add. Thanks for bearing with me.

    Just 2 last things :
    1°) The time gaps are bound to happen as we have huge hiatuses in the winter and summer. House and Cuddy got together in May in Help ME or at the end of September in Now What? If you take May, that’s almost a year now. If you take end of September, that makes a bit more than 6 months (and one could use “few” for 6).

    2°) With all due respect to the fans – we don’t “deserve” anything. I do NOT agree with the fans saying we deserve this or that, we rooted for the show x years and all we got was that.
    TPTB owe us nothing, they tell their story.
    I just feel lost because I feel like I haven’t been following the same story. And I feel like it was really a waisted opportunity.
    And I really don’t get also they’re saying “it’s over”. Can’t they leave the suspense? THe will they-won’t they – again?

    Flo, I look forward to reading your piece on your LJ. Glad you posted it.

    Everyone, you guys are all a riot and I thank you for cheering me up!

  • Amie

    One last thing: I’m really worried because House and Cuddy were never friends.
    What kind of relationship is awaiting them now? Will there still be the great banter? I doubt it…
    They will only be boss-employee, as if their 20 yera relationship doesn’t count?
    Sad their relationship was only really just an arc.

  • fatOlady

    Amie very well said….where were you 6 months ago???

  • Eileen

    Wow, Amie – Very Well Said!

    I just watched “Who’s Your Daddy” today where House gave Cuddy the injection and “took his time” with cleaning the site on her tuches due to the “tricky microbes” and almost died laughing that TPTB made us think for even one millisecond that House and Cuddy were not meant to be together!” Oy Vey! They are Cannon!

  • ruthinor

    On another site I read that Paula Marshall (Julia) tweeted that she will be in the finale so there will be Cuddy related scenes. Don’t know if this is good or bad news with regard to Cuddy’s future …let the speculations begin!

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    @594 – Amie
    I have loved reading your comment. I hope you continue intervening in this debate hall.

    @598 – ruthinor
    Well, Lisa Edelstein said that Julia and House will have a discussion (I think, over the custody of Rachel…don´t pay much attention to me, I don´t sure)
    And secondly, Hugh Laurie said that House would consider to adopt Rachel (I never read that interview, just read comments…don´t pay much attention to me, I don´t sure).
    So, all my speculations are a bit pessimistic…(a possible car crash, Julia at the end of the season, discussions about the custody of Rachel…).
    Yes, better stop talking. I would like to hear some more positive speculation…Come on team…give me hopes!

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    Well, there is another possibility (not know if it is worse…). “Moving on” Lisa Edelstein said that Cuddy would do something “immature” … maybe decide to leave, and then Julia is going to help with the move. Or, Cuddy decides to marry, and then Julia is going to the wedding …
    Oh, please, someone stop the engine of my brain for a while!
    Well, I will dedicate myself to more productive things for my own life. Return to reading your wonderful comments tonight!

  • Susan

    I’m warning everybody – if Cuddy dies – I’m out of here. No more show and (Eileen and Barbara) I will sit shiva.

  • Susan

    597- Eileen – I loved that episode with the fertility injections. One of the sexiest scenes on television.

    598 ruthinor and 599 RedTulip – you’re stressing me (and I’m going to yoga so I should not be stressed this morning!) so with all due respect please SHUT UP with the speculation. I can’t take it. (Again, I’m not saying this rudely just pleadingly. Unless you can tell me that this maybe car crash will end in a coma cliffhanger)

  • Amie 594

    I so enjoyed reading your comments! Incredulous to angry, still being obsessed…all of the examples you site- fabulous! Misery loves company! We need you here!

    Ruthinor, RedTulip_Ana, Susan, Fantastic OLady and everybody

    I refuse to let TPTB or spoilers get me riled up over something we won’t know for sure until the finale. They’re just playing with us – and I’m not playing along!

    Have you all seen the interview/featurette with Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde about the upcoming episode? It doesn’t really give anything (spoilerish) away we don’t already know. For those of you who stay away from interviews prior to an episode,do look for it after the show runs Monday night, it’s a lovely piece.

  • housemaniac

    I have to agree with Susan. All of these speculations are really causing me angst. Maybe I should just stick to the other thread. But please have mercy on us!

  • housemaniac 604

    Angst is the perfect word! That’s the best word to describe why I avoid it! Here’s hoping we find ourselves raving about Monday night!

  • Susan

    605 bigHouseFan – why am I thinking we’ll be raving LUNATICS on Monday night? (This isn’t me talking – it’s just the angst). And the yoga didn’t help.

  • fatOlady

    Hey guys, I am loath to bring it up but have you heard about the new interview RSL has with Ausiello. He says this is his last season on House.

  • Eileen

    Yes, I read it. Not sure what to make of it, though. The interview was weird.

  • Amie

    Thanks for your encouragements!

    I’ll post if I find other interesting things to say…

  • Susan

    607 OkG – Wilson’s last season would be this one – ending in May or next season?
    And if he leaves and Cuddy dies – wouldn’t that destroy the show (and House)? Or would he pal around with Rachel?

  • fatOlady

    The article says this season is the last…..he will just pal around with 13 and Dominika.

    Can anyone say INSANITY!!! LOL

  • MHM

    I read the interview, and it looks like RSL is saying, well, no offers have been made yet, so he’s doing what he can and wants to do.

    On another note, strong feeling that S7 is a train hurtling towards a destination that we all hope was worth it but may find that it was all a trainwreck from the beginning. I’m sorry, but S7 seems unfocused and clogged with too many external an internal issues. With the contractual issue having been up in the air throughout the season, kind of feels like decisions are being made by either winging it or leaving things just mediocre enough so that anyone or anything can go either way.

    End rant for today.

  • MHM

    No, apparently not the end for today.

    Just would like to say that the show’s promotion of “Huddy” all over the world to countries that air S7 later than the US is a dam* joke.

    Just sayin’.

  • Susan

    Barbara, if you’re there – what is happening with the negotiations for next season?

  • fatOlady

    Guys I am sorry but somebody just pissed in my post-toasties again. I’m literally upset. Mister “stir the pot till it boils over with anger” GY, has been retweeting the interview about RSL leaving to all his followers (who mostly are loyal House fans). Now does that make sense to you? Really?

    I have been cool and composed for several days and dag-nabbitt now I know I am going to end up saying things I shouldn’t (cause I BELIEVE remember). Then I’ll end up having to eat my words and then they’ll get hung in my throat like popcorn hulls (Yes, I know we been through all that before……but ding-dang-darn it).

    Hell, forget about jumping the shark. I’d say they talked the shark into following them home. The they fed the shark, burped the shark, took it on a roller coaster at the theme park, and cuddled up to the shark on the living room sofa with popcorn and soda to watch HOUSE crash and burn.

  • fatOlady

    I am a pain addict and my name is angst.

  • Susan

    Oy Vey.

  • fatOlady

    Sorry Susan…..I will go away and come back when I am calmed down.

  • Susan

    Don’t go away. Come to Brooklyn. You (usually) cheer me up.

  • ruthinor

    Maybe GY is tweeting and RSL is talking because many of the shows actors have no contracts for next year and so are in limbo. Maybe this is to get things rolling. The interview with RSL was ambiguous to some degree. How can you make life decisions w/o knowing your options? It’s clear that RSL prefers the east coast and hates LA, but I think his wife has family there from what I’ve read. RSL would definitely prefer B”way, but he also likes the money that House brings in. The question is , if offered a contract, would he turn it down? Especially if “House” adjusts his schedule so that he he do both the show and a play.

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    Oops, I see that things are even worse as I left this morning! SO NOW WHAT?
    At first, I even had Faith, like House on Small Sacrifices: “…If everybody lies, then trust is not only unfounded and pointless, it’s fictional. But trust is not an argument that can be won or lost. Maybe I just have to suspend my cynicism and believe. Maybe it’s time I took a LEAP OF FAITH…”.
    But recent events are killing the little faith that I could remain. RSL’s interview I do not like, yes, I really do not like.[url]http://youtu.be/lWYHsnc94b8[/url].
    When I read the interview, the first thing I said CALM DOWN, he just said that have finished their contracts and that (for now) not been renewed. Clearly, this man will have to make his plans.
    But, when it has been falling in the afternoon, I said: NO NO NO, If today they are filming the last episode of season 7 … How is it possible they don´t know yet who will be in season 8?
    … well, I had more things written, but I deleted it … because I think it’s best not to continue …

    602 – Susan
    Yes, do not worry, my part of the brain that generated the speculation, has exploded and all the neurons responsible for this issue have run away to another place …;-)

    613 – MHM
    The truth is that is not very credible the promote around the world of this “beautiful story” about Huddy…when everyone is internet, and everyone already knows the end of this story (doomed to failure from the beginning…)

    618 – fatOlady
    If you finally get to find a point of calm, I hope you give me an advice to get me too…

    603 – bigHousefan
    Yes I had seen the interview (loBely)…

    I have a question: During previous seasons, there were so many interviews like now? I mean, I have begun to comment after Bomshells (by the mental shock that I assumed) then I don´t know if previously there were so many explanations…It is a doubt I have…

  • Susan

    620 ruthinor- A clear head prevails. Thank you for that explanation.

    I think RSL would stay with House. The show needs him, and he can always do Broadway a year later.

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    Oh, I don´t know how this happened, but I don´t hanging up the link correctly. I really wanted to share this link with you: This is what I came to my mind when I read the interview with RSL.
    I hope you like it, and that this bring a smile on your faces tonight!

  • RedTulip_Ana (mentally stressed)

    Indeed, the reference is only because RSL talked about money, not for anything else! I was funny: “My wife and I do not spend much money … It’s really cool RSL. If finally leaves the series, I’ll get sad … Wilson is the Watson for House!

  • MHM

    I love HL, but I’m reminded of the Clown face poster for this season. This circus of a season has worn me out.

    Good night, everyone.

  • To all my dear friends,

    Below is a link describing the state of negotiations:
    Deadline nears on Fox-NBCU talks for ‘House’
    Network, studio in last-minute negotiations

    When I first heard that the season finale was titled Moving On, I interpreted it as if this potentially has to be the series finale – what an appropriate title. Perhaps they had to write the episode from a ‘what if’ perspective.

  • MHM

    I think they planned the finale as a finale that could be construed as a series finale. “What if” and “Just in case” wise. Shore and HL previously said they wanted to go out with a bang. I hope they do.

    Either S8 is better, or S7 ends with a tremendous bang. I can’t bear to watch the decline.

  • Barbara just posted an interview with David Shore’s comments regarding negotiations and the House/Cuddy relationship.

  • MHM

    I echo the sentiments of the people who say that, the more they hear about the show, the more their heart sinks.

    I still watch old episodes all the time. But, because of all of the lengthy reasons that I posted here before, I just can’t accept what the show has become. It has become a caricature of what it once was. It is my personal belief that the people shaping the show have lost touch with what made the show great in the first place. Maybe all the hoopla got to them.

    I really have no hope. I have been heartbroken for a while and I’m still grieving. But really I am done.

    I’ll still come back to discuss with all of you wonderful people because we all share our concern for the show, but my sincere devotion to following House’s future journey has ended. I can’t follow his journey when I don’t believe in who the powers to be have shaped him to be in Season 7. So many facets of his character this season don’t make sense to me in light of the past six seasons. He has regressed into a sad caricature of the complex, brilliant, and at times, profound character.

    I will remember “Help Me” as the last great House episode. It was the last great episode because it was layered with so much DEPTH. Layered with complexity, hard questions, heartache, heartbreak, bravery, failure, vulnerability, and a glimmer of love and humanity. House did finally come together with Cuddy at the end of the episode, but, if it had ended there, I do believe that the ending would have been, in a way, open to interpretation. Viewers could have decided whether House could truly find some peace and love. House is House, and he came together with Cuddy in a dramatic fashion, with the drugs still in his hand. I think the viewers’ imaginations running with what could happen next would have been a deeper exploration into House’s journey than the storylines of S7.

    I’m still grieving, but I know that I am done. I’ll still watch old episodes because they never fail to surprise me in their brilliance. The six seasons of House will always mean so much to me because of all the complex, twisted, complicated brilliance, the humor, the unexpected insight into corners of issues you didn’t consider before. I am thankful for that treasure trove.

  • MHM

    I so love reading your comments even though I join you in your heartbreak. I’m glad you’re sticking with us though – to loose you around here would make me even sadder!

    Anne said in the David Shore thread that instead of one of the directives for House and Cuddy being ‘not too content or happy’ it should have been ‘to explore these characters to their fullest’. That’s exactly our gripe and why do I have the feeling they’ve gotten the message? All the subsequent comments from the writers/TPTB etc. since FFG have sounded like justifications.

    I am eager to see Monday night’s episode because it ‘appears’ to include much of what I love about House; an example of his compassion for someone he cares about, his 12 year old boy gawky side, and his obsession for solving a puzzle and his respect for the truth.

    ‘Everybody lies.’ I hope I’m not lying to myself!


    Raving LUNATICS – you still make me laugh!

  • Eileen

    Sorry, my dear friends, but I’m just feel sadness. Pure sadness. This show might end without House being *somewhat* happy and *somewhat* fulfilled by the love of his life and her child. My heart is broken.

  • Eileen

    Feeling sadness..

  • housecomelately

    574 MHM and Susan, when House told Cuddy ‘Maybe a week from now, maybe a year from now, the man sleeping next to you…’ I thought that’s what Cuddy should have told House after his ‘you make me a crappy doctor’ speech. I agree with Amie who mentioned that if their relationship had ended after that speech, it would have been more plausible, and I think would have lead more logically to the ‘I’m House’s problem’ speech Cuddy made to Wilson later.

    591 ruthinor said ‘I know Cuddy loves her job, but I could envision her wanting to lower the stress level in her life and “move on”. The hospital needs her, her kid needs her, her mother needs her, and most of all, House needs her. Maybe she wants to be the needy one for a change.”

    This may not be what the producers want, but it would certainly be believable that Cuddy, who is perceived to be in control and capable all the time, and mothering everyone including the hospital, House and even Wilson at times, might want to be looked after once in awhile herself.

    594 Amie — Agree with your post as many others have! I agree that the H and C arc is not the problem but the lack of the other elements that made earlier seasons great–especially the humour, which in the last few episodes has been crass and meaner than usual.

    You also wrote: ‘Regarding season 6, I did buy the Lucas storyline, I did think it would be something Cuddy would do, try the normal guy, try to forget she loves this other insane person. …’

    I just bought the season 6 dvds and flipped through them quickly, and it’s subtle, but I can appreciate this storyline more than when I first watched it, although Lucas and Cuddy ARE mismatched as actors imo. What I found interesting were the similarities between House and Lucas personality-wise, although Lucas obviously wasn’t as screwed up as House. Perhaps he was a poor (wo)man’s House for Cuddy. Love that reference to the ‘insane person’, btw!

    Re: time gaps, I might buy the one year thing, however, if in the next episode, House says he just broke up with Cuddy a few weeks ago, does this mean that Cuddy was off work recuperating from her surgery say for a month, and THEN broke up with House? I know, I know, it’s artistic license or something…

    595 Amie wrote “One last thing: I’m really worried because House and Cuddy were never friends. What kind of relationship is awaiting them now? Will there still be the great banter? I doubt it… They will only be boss-employee, as if their 20 yera relationship doesn’t count? Sad their relationship was only really just an arc’

    Totally agree with that last sentence!

  • housecomelately

    Just to break the sombre mood at the moment, I’ve had this thought that should House the tv show not find a home next season, they should move it to HBO where House, Cuddy and Wilson could have a threesome, cuss, and generally do what they like! And I have to admit that I’m only half-joking!

    On that note, I’ll say goodnight! 😉

  • Susan

    housecomelately – I don’t have HBO. Next suggestion?

    This next sentence may make everybody mad at me but I have to say it anyway – I was just thinking that the only thing that would make me feel better about House and Cuddy breaking up would be if Hugh Laurie got together with Lisa Edelstein in real life. (I’m not saying she should be a home wrecker but he’s been away from his wife for 7 years already and someone said he’s not wearing a ring.) Don’t throw things at me!

    MHM 629 – I know what you mean about “Help Me” being the last great episode but I still needed “Now What”. One small kiss and clasped hands at the end of H.M. wasn’t going to satisfy me. (Hey, House and Cuddy needed some relief after 6 years. The tush injections of “Who’s Your Daddy” notwithstanding).

  • Amie

    Hi everyone.

    Just read an interesting article by a huddy fan-girl… NOT! Actually, he’s a University of Southern California Professor in Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts.
    I just thought it’d cheer you guys up to see “sane” and objective people feel the same way as most of us do. (Found the link on IWFC)

    He advises watching Castle. I have, it’s very entertaining.
    In another genre, I have also loved watching the Good Wife, the characters are really 3-dimensional and subtely portrayed.
    I think it’s a good way of moving on, watching other nice shows to take my mind off the loss of House.

    I will continue to watch, but not as eagerly. And while it still entertains me, even though it has dropped from a 10 to a 3 in my “entertainement-scale”.

    And a great finale will not change my mind. As they say “it’s the journey which is interesting, not the end” or (“its the how, not the what”). Well, if a whole season is just built to serve the finale, it doesn’t interest me. I want the episodes in between to be “self-sufficient” and entertaining. So people recommending “wait for the finale, everything may/will make sense” or “the season has to be seen as a whole”, even though they have a point, well it’s not enough for me.

    It’s sad because I loved rewatching season 1-4 episodes and I find that I can’t watch old House-Cuddy interactions anymore because I know their affection/caring toward each other is not really there, I just imagined everything. Because, House is never there for Cuddy and is too selfish to care about her. And Cuddy’s strong character and true knowledge of House was just a coincidence since she forgot everything once she started dating him…
    Oh well, at least I won’t be disappointed by the finale whatever happens, whoever dies, whoever gets married, since I haven’t anymore expectations…

  • MHM

    Amie, I wouldn’t be surprised if the car crash in the finale ends in a *gasp* shocking will he/she make it or not cliffhanger and the screen fades to black. Or, *gasp* it was all a dream or a hallucination! Or *tear* the car crash instigates a shocking revelation for House and he realizes he has to deal with it on his own, because, remember, he’s destined to be alone. Cuddy takes a leave of absence. So does Wilson. House plays house with Dominika and gets more hookers. AND a new , hot, young fellow is hired who absolutely wants to be all over House because, duh, everyone loves House even though they can’t really ever be with him!

    Nothing will surprise me at this point, and TBH, it’s fun to think about all the over the top, outrageous finale scenarios. It’s entertaining now because I don’t care that much anymore. I have a teeny glimmer of hope for the finale but, as you said, that won’t justify the rest of the crappy season. It may want to keep watching in S8, but it would have to be really good. Beginning to wonder whether people really just want to run the show into the ground on purpose while collecting all the cash they can so that the show absolutely has to end at the latest by S8 and, because of the international success of the show, the money keeps on piling in for at least a year after S8 ends.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    636 – Amie

    Hi, thanks for the article. It’s really interesting. I am not surprised that it has written by a “serious” person. I really think HouseMD is a show that see many people who have jobs and are responsible adults. At first (before starting to participate in forums), I thought I must have been a little crazy because I was too interested in a television series, and I was too affected about this last season. But for a while, I realized that I am not the only one in this situation of “disappointment”. After reading this article, maybe that is the problem, the TV series not know how to handle love relationships between the main protagonists. But with House, they have done especially badly. In House, they have not managed how to reflect a love H/C, without affecting the personality of the characters and also the relationship between them has not reflected the long relationship of friendship and mutual trust that these two characters have shown us from season 1. At this point is the mistake: The writers have taken away our characters to become a shadow of what they were. Neither the relationship nor the rupture, have been well treated.

    Anyway, also I have to say that the writers themselves did not believe in this love relationship. It is difficult, do something good when you do not believe that it can work.

  • Susan

    638 – RedTulip_Ana – Re. the writers – I didn’t write this show. I didn’t create a relationship that hooked me in from the first time I saw House and Cuddy together.
    These same writers who are massacreing the characters now, developed them in the first place. How could they write them if they didn’t believe in them? And on top of the 7 years, why did they add the back story of their fling in medical school? It makes NO sense.

  • josie

    In recent interviews, David Shore has said that most likely House will never find true love. I don’t understand how after almost 7 years of watching a lonely, miserable character, David Shore expects the audience to go along with this. I thought it would have been interesting to see Gregory House make changes in his life but do so in his “Housian” way. If I worked as a cast member or crew member of this show, I would be embarrassed about what’s been shown this year.

  • Susan

    Any comments about tonight’s episode? Where are you OklahomaGrandma (aka FOL), bigHousefan, sneaky microbe,seraG etc.?

  • Eileen

    Susan, I have nothing to say. I thought the episode was relatively boring. So House showed that he misses Cuddy. Big deal. Then go fight for her! But we know the writers don’t want to do that. I’ll wait for BB’s review.

  • MHM

    I was…bored.

  • Susan

    I was bored too and just annoyed at the way he looked at 13 (too sympathetically, or searchingly or romantically, whatever). Eileen, where did he indicate that he misses Cuddy? I usually watch the show over again but this is the first time since Help Me, that I have not DVR’ed an episode.

    I’m really down on this show – I watched it but with no interest or anticipation. Basically, if Shore and Company had not told us the ending already, I would have been a lot happier.

    Sorry I left you two out of the roll call (MHM and Eileen)

    I feel “eh”.

  • Christina

    Some people seem to think that it is in House’s power to get Cuddy, back but she dumped him, remember? He wasn’t good enough for her; she deserved better (that’s not my opinion, it’s hers). He didn’t want to break up in the first place. What I would like to see, is some indication that she misses him. TBH, having said all of that, I haven’t seen any episodes since Bombshells.

  • fatOlady

    Hi guys- I stood on principle tonight and didn’t watchbut I knew you might need some cheering up….so here I am.

  • MHM

    Susan, no prob!

    I have a finale scenario playing out in my mind that has a very Grey’s Anatomy feel to it (which come to think of it I stopped watching years ago so GA a few years ago)

    I used to really like Taub, really. I’m serious. I liked how he had his own life and problems, was funny, smart, and had his own reasons for doing things. But he’s overexposed now. Don’t want to see him getting it on with anyone for a long time.

  • fatOlady

    I have read the new comments and a couple of reviews…. and at this point I don’t even have the desire to watch this episode. But you all are special and so is your opinion, so tell me how bad was it? Give me your opinon. Vent to me.

  • MHM

    The thread for “The Dig” has opened, but I don’t want to post there because…well, I can’t offer any constructive criticism of the episode other than that it bored me.

    When I can guess all the major plotlines for the POTW, 13, and what House’s great “promise” to 13 will be 10 to 15 minutes before they occur, I’m not sure what that means. Maybe that I’m becoming more cynical and my deductive reasoning skills are getting better because of my work?/I’m getting smarter?/watched way too much House so I know the characters uncomfortably well? lol. Don’t know.

    In terms of speculation about the finale, the Grey’s Anatomy vibe scenario I’m thinking of is something like an unexpected pregnancy, an unexpected miscarriage, House rushing to Cuddy’s house, and a cliffhanger. Ta da. Or alternatively Cuddy decides to leave/take a leave of absence for a while and as she gets ready to leave either she or House gets in an accident. Ta da again. I feel a “hand-clasp” scene coming on in the finale to signify whatever they will try to signify.

    Before I sign off, I just wanted to say something…

    Remember in “Now What”, all the references to hands? There was even that picture on House’s wall. (The opening scene with the thumbs, House clasping Cuddy’s hand in the bath, House holding onto Cuddy’s hand when he says he loves her). That always touched me because I thought it signified how House, cynical and hard as he may be, actually really likes and craves intimacy. Meaningful intimacy. He is a vulnerable person as well as a hard, difficult person.

    I have a lot more to say, but I’m just sad now because as I type I erase and realize that there’s no point in saying those things anymore…

    Can I discuss old episodes with you guys? Haha. I don’t know. I just…I think I’ve moved on from anger to being indifferent and not being surprised at all by anything on the show anymore. It’s not about House and Cuddy. It’s about…the show being so predictable now. Maybe a comment posted a while ago was right (sorry I can’t remember your name whoever you are!) Did the narrative of the main character really end a while ago and that’s why there’s such strong dissatisfaction with certain viewers? We know that the narrative ended a while ago but we love the character/s too much so we are in denial and don’t want to let go?

  • MHM

    I don’t know if and when all you wonderful people will read this, but I think you are all wonderful, intelligent, and amazing.

    I wish I can say it breaks my heart to say this, but it doesn’t anymore.

    I realized something after my recent post. I don’t care what happens on the show anymore.

    It’s not the smart, intelligent show that I watched for six years. House has never been predictable, gimmicky, or boring to me, and now every episode has at least two out of three elements.

    I am still amazed at the jarring, bizzare nose-dive of quality in S7. I am not a hater. I’m just honest about what I personally feel about the quality of the show. I have no idea what happened, and I was in shocked anger for many months.
    I think I’m indifferent now. I think I understand (I’m sorry to Delia B if I’m misinterpreting) why Delia B left, if at least in part.

    The show that I loved was so brilliant in so many wonderfully complex, unexpected ways. The show I see now is contrived most of the time and more often than not, plainly put, just dumb and careless.

    I think it’s time for me to leave House’s journey because, honestly, watching new episodes feels surreal to me.

    I have expounded on the complexities and brilliance of House before, so I won’t have to say again how much I have loved this show so incredibly much for the past six years. I am truly thankful for that. I will continue to watch old episodes because they are truly insightful and stunning upon every viewing. I regret that I cannot feel the same way about the episodes now.

    I also regret the media firestorm and general circus surrounding the show now. It detracts from the show. Really. It just feels like a giant mess.

    House will always be a treasure trove for me. It has been and will always be incredibly precious to me. I still gather insight and inspiration from previous episodes. But it’s time for me to move on from the expectation that the show’s future will get any better.

    Honestly, even if it does, it’s too late.

    Nothing will justify the general shallowness and bad writing of this season for me.

    Good luck, House MD. I really, truly hope that I am wrong about you. But I won’t be around to see it.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    C’mon people! lift your spirits! I enjoyed The Dig! is the first episode I’ve seen without mourn from Bombshells. I think it was an episode filled with emotion: “That no wonder Cuddy broke up with you”, completely painful. But House only react when someone yells at him! Remember “Help me” or “Joy. ” Well, I’ve put my comments in the review of Barbara, you can read it there.

    I wanted to make reference about the “hands.” What do you think? Hands! Season 6 ended in the hands of H & C Season 7, started with the hands of H & C And this season there are many close-ups of hands. But not only from the hands of House and Cuddy. The truth is I do not know what it can mean.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @639 – Susan
    Totally agree! They are the ones who have fed over the years the relationship between House and Cuddy. I hope they are able to bring them together again … A Girl Can Dream!

  • ruthinor

    Hi guys: I’m through mourning about the past. I actually enjoyed large parts of “The Dig”. I’ve always liked the interaction between House and 13. I never saw it as sexual, more like 2 people who understand suffering pretty much alone.

    It was clear from several scenes that House is still reeling over Cuddy. 13 asked House how he found her and whether Cuddy’s weird boyfriend Lucas had helped. When House told her that HE was “Cuddy’s weird boyfriend, and that it would have been their 1 yr. anniversary, 13 thought he was totally putting her on. But then she saw his face. Also when she told him she could see why Cuddy broke up with him, House was very hurt and just walked away.

    I also think that the POWs (husband and wife) relationship mirrored that of House and Cuddy. In both cases, the relationship was screwed up because one partner was afraid of losing the other.

    There were some things that didn’t fly for me: With all the digging House and Lucas did, how could they not know that 13 had a brother with Huntington’s? And if he was showing these advanced symptoms, wouldn’t he be much older than 13? Also, House’s offer to “kill 13” if she asked him to was no surprise. He’s done it before because he doesn’t believe in needless suffering of a terminal patient.

    If you are still reluctant to watch, I recommend:

    The Good Wife
    Burden Of Proof (new with Dana Delaney)
    Justified…a terrific show on FX
    The Killing…a serialized detective story on cable
    The Big Bang Theory (I think it’s the best comedy on TV)
    Harry’s Law ( might be over for the season?)
    Chicago Code is actually pretty good
    Nurse Jackie and the show that follows it about Tara, on cable
    Bones…I still enjoy it

  • housecomelately

    Interesting…no rant thread for ‘The Dig’? 😉

  • nickel

    Hi Barbara, I think you might have gotten this one wrong. Serial killers are the best profilers and this guy hit his mark with each team member….including House. I saw the connection between POTW and House as one of extreme anger (hatred even). That is where POTW hit his mark with House. It had nothing to do with the abusive father as House noted that he can no longer hurt him. It was the feeling behind it that connected with House’s feelings. And now that we know what has happened with House for the next 2 months I tend to believe that Wilson’s meddling actually caused more damage than helped (odd since 99.9% of Wilson’s meddling hurts house…..) will he NEVER learn. Had Wilson kept his nose out of this venting period of House’s it is possible that House would have “PUNCHED HIMSELF OUT”, and not let it fester into what it ultimately did. And on that note (I have never been a fan of Cuddy…too manipulative for her own purposes) I gotta say that what House did hopefully teaches Cuddy a lesson that she sorely needed to learn. (honestly Lucas could have done the exact same thing to her a year ago.) I cannot help but remember how House ALWAYS protected Cuddy from any sort of consequences…Babies and Bathwater, he accepted that he would be fired, (Cuddy did not want to become the next hit on Vogler’s list which is why she kicked him to the curb), but was more than happy to blame House and professionally in front of his subordinates too….classy. Let’s just forget the fact that House did do everything that Vogler wanted until he had to violate principles that even Cuddy should have seen as the greater good. Also wanted to put my foot in Foreman’s throat and see how he liked swallowing his pride and doing something that was just wrong. (Don’t like Foreman either). House pushed Cuddy to protect her in Humpty Dumpty although she had no problem settling with the insurance and letting House take that hit on his insurance since he was the Dr. on file. Fetal position= same thing. Protected her again. After the way she treats him he always looked out for her. God he really is loyal, too bad not a single person in his orbit can even spell that word (except Chase). Now for season 8, I cannot wait for one person to judge House for his actions since everyone at PPTH has done worse and been protected by House….oh yea not to mention not a single one of these spineless chumps ever had the courage to turn themselves in and pay the price for their actions. Not a single one of them. They all hid like wimps. I congratulate House for serving his sentence like the man that he is. I also hope that House does apologize to wilson for whatever he feels he needs to, but I truly believe that the toxicity of that relationship is more harmful to House than it is to Wilson. I believe that House would actually be better off befriending Chase. Sorry for the rant.