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TV Open Thread: Entourage -Season 8 Premiere

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A long wait finally ends as Entourage premiered its 8th season on sunday night. It’s been a really, really long wait for some. A lot is expected from this season and there are many reasons for that. The biggest reason is that this is the last season before we see Vince and his dependents on the big screen (possibly).

But there is another reason for the anticipation among the fans. Season 7 left us hanging, with a bad taste in our mouths, including Vince’s drug addiction, Ari’s marriage, E’s career, Turtle’s career and Drama’s new show. A lot of it was left incomplete, and waiting to take off in the final season. With so many plot lines, Season 8 has plent of drama to feed off of. Considering all this, the closest thing resembling fireworks in the premier was the actual fire. Personally I expected an explosive start but mellow is another direction to go I suppose. With so many loose ends left to tie up in this season, they could have done a lot more with the story.

This season is bound to be different from all the rest because we have now reached unfamiliar territory – Ari as a single man, vince rehabilitated, Turtle with an actual job, Drama with an actual show and E without an actual woman to love. Never before have we seen a season premiere ending with such sadness and disappointment. The upside to this is that it can only get better. Although I must say I loved the cameo by Johnny Galecki and frankly wanted more of it. Nevertheless it is only one episode and I hope the rest of the season picks up the pace, although they only have another eight or nine episodes left to accomplish that.

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