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TV News: True Blood – Promos for Episode 32

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For those True Blood fans impatiently tapping their fingers until Sunday at 9:00, because, well, waiting sucks, HBO has released three promos for episode 32, “Night on the Sun.” Season three is rushing by at a breakneck pace and I can hardly believe we have only five episodes left before we face the long, cold, lonely year before season four. I’ve grown very attached to Russell, Talbot, and Franklin, even if they do suffer from some psychopathic tendencies. I’m also enjoying the heck out of Eric and Pam attempting to save their necks while trying to put Russell’s into some kind of noose without the crafty king suspecting.

Last week’s show set up a few cliffhangers, with Alcide and Tara rescuing Sookie, only to have Bill drink her almost dry in the back of a van. Poor dying Sookie then met the mysterious Claudine in a magical land that could do double duty for a soap ad. Russell decided to take the Magister out after Eric released Pam from her exquisite but painful chains. It was all exciting stuff and set a fast pace for the rest of the season to follow.

Despite killing off three major characters (Lorena, Coot, and the Magister), we still have a lot of characters to worry about. Will Sam and Tommy bond into a new family unit? Will Joe Lee move his droopy underpants right back into their life? Will Franklin recover and track down Tara? Will Tara continue to be kickass? Will Sookie find out what she is? Will she forgive Bill for almost eating her up? Will Eric find a way to get revenge on King Russell? Will King Russell take over the world? Will Pam ever shop at Tiffany’s again? Will Jason find a clue? (That last one was rhetorical). So many questions, so little time.

Here to whet our appetites for answers are the three promos for Sunday’s show.

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