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TV News: Gold Rush: The Jungle Premieres this Week

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Now that Todd Hoffman and the Gold Rush crew have some gold mining experience under their belt, they have decide to try a new location. Since they cannot mine in the winter in the Alaskan wilderness, for this series they are heading to  the jungles of Guyana in South America.  The premiere of Gold Rush: The Jungle is Friday, August 17th at 9:00 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. “The Jungle” and “The Aftershow” will air back-to-back at this time.

Guyana legally produces 400,000 ounces of gold per year and that doesn’t take into consideration all of the illegal gold mining that happens in that country. Here, Todd Hoffman gets a tip on a great claim in Guyana and he and the crew head off to inspect it and get their share of the gold. They want to be able to mine for gold 365 days a year instead of only a partial year like they can in Alaska. After making the 4,600 mile trip from Oregon to Guyana, nothing turns out to be what they expect. They need to find a claim that they can access that is going to produce enough gold to allow them make a profit. While the Gold Rush crew is used to mining for gold in the Klondike, mining for gold in South America is an entirely different thing. The team need to deal with raging rivers, poisonous snakes, and personality conflicts between his crew members. At the end of the episode, after all of the challenges and conflicts, Todd needs to make the decision whether or not to uproot his crew and begin mining in Guyana.

“The Aftershow” is hosted by Executive Producer Christo Doyle and includes interviews as well as a behind the scenes look at the show.  “The Aftershow” is a one hour special that gives you a closer look at the men involved in the show. Additionally, during it, Todd Hoffman makes the final decision about whether or not he will begin mining in Guyana. If you enjoyed last season, you are going to love Gold Rush: The Jungle

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  • Smokin’ Joe

    As one of the three beach miners that saved the life of the crew member, John Bunche in Nome this summer, I hope they do a better job in Guyana and don’t entice all the wanna be’s that don’t do their homework down there.

  • I’m going to look forward to seeing that.

    I spent several years full time prospecting in the late 70’s in Western and Northern Australia. Absolutely the best occupation I ever had. After working in Australia and 1 – 4 oz nuggets being reasonably common, I never understood how people to go to all that effort of chasing the fine gold. Still I guess it all come down to what you become used to. I hope to go back to it one day.

    All the Best.


  • drew

    The Hoffmann crew need to get Dan Dority to reconnoiter the rim, then hire Ellsworth as claim foreman, with good ol Al Swearengen as security. Now that would be a show I’d watch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krystal

    Guyana is very rich in gold, diamonds and bauxite. Hold on to your claim and you may be proudly surprised. Don’t write Guyana off. I was born and raised there and would love to go back….

  • razzy

    I only see 1 episode and an aftershow was on tv. Is that it for this “season”? Or did I miss something- other than? I see the aforementioned shows on youtube, but no more- and I didn’t see them on discovery. Can anyone advise on this? Very confused. btw- I thought the episode was very fake and all the team seemed to be reading/acting from a script and looking/feeling uncomfortable and different…. Thanks all for any info update.

  • Jeff

    Yeah what happened to the new season? They aired the first episode last month but nothing since. I haven’t even seen any ads or commercials about when it will start again. Why would they show the premiere and then not inform the consumer about when to expect more shows?

  • Gary

    I see that the new Jungle Guyana show will have two new actores that are not part of the Hoffman crew. What happened to the Hoffman Guyana show?

  • Rose

    The 2 guys need a reality check. They are so hard up to make big bucks that they are willing to not only put their lives on the line but they are willing to put their families in the position of moving on with out them. Grow up get a real job and if your finances are that messed up there are options that can be taken.

  • Rose

    Oops this comment is for the guys in the jungle show.

  • Lin

    I think the Discovery Channel has a responsibility to its viewers to let us know what the heck happened to Gold Rush Guyana. Nothing on the DIscovery Channel website…just old stuff. Poor response to viewers!!!