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TV News: A New Clip From NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Premiere

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I'll be one of the first to admit it, I do not watch Law & Order, or any of its ancillary shows, like I used to. Even so, it is SVU of which I most keep track. Straying slightly from the other Law & Order models, SVU cares far more about the detectives and their lives than is the norm. While this makes the revolving door cast of the original Law & Order a more difficult task on SVU, it provides added incentive to the long-term viewer and deeper storylines.

So, when NBC releases an extended teaser of the Law & Order: SVU season premiere, I tend to sit up and take notice. When the teaser features Cynthia Nixon (always my favorite actress on that HBO show) in a guest starring role and threats made to Detective Elliot Stabler's (Christopher Meloni) family, I really pay attention. I'm not saying that the clip (which you can view below) is anywhere near enough to get me to start watching on a regular basis again, but it does look good and certainly may get me to watch this season's premiere.

I will also say that Nixon's role appears to be a little over-the-top from the teaser. It may be that we just witness the most outlandish of her actions, or it may be that people are trying overly hard to get a guest star Emmy nomination.

What do you think? Is there a little too much there? Are you one of the people that still watch Law & Order or any of the L&O branded products? SVU is currently the most watched of the shows, but even those numbers are down. Will the Cynthia Nixon appearance help? Will it hurt? Will it have any effect whatsoever?

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  • I really like SVU, it’s my favorite show of the franchise, so it saddens me to say that IMO the show took a wrong turn when they decided to throw away over two years and had Stabler reconcile with his wife. The character was growing, evolving, moving on, he had signed the papers, was dealing with his anger issues, then bam!, after a traumatic case he asks Kathy to move home. Not only that, because even though he’d asked to move home, he never did, he was hesitating, big time. It took another very traumatic case where little children were murdered and he found their bodies for a ‘booty call’ (Kathleen Stabler’s words, not mine) set to cheesy Lifetime movie of the week music to take place, and get Kathy pregnant. Well that got his attention, now didn’t it? And by the looks of things he’s moving home after all.

    I just find it ironic they don’t want to turn the show into a soap opera by having Elliot and Olivia become involved and keep saying the last thing they want is to jump the shark – and yet this lame storyline they created to keep Elliot and Olivia apart is what’s actually making the show jump the shark. Really ironic indeed.

  • Sheila

    The sneak preview is not long enough to determine if Cynthia’s performance is over-the-top. It’s a spoiler so it’s going to be intense. The network has to get the attention of the viewers. The episode looks promising. I’m a huge fan of SVU so I might be bias.

  • Vick

    I love SVU and have been a great follower from the beginning.
    I am disappointed in the way the episodes are currently heading. I am a self-confessed ‘shipper’ of Benson and Stabler. Many who object to the relationship claim that a romance between the leads would make the show “too soapy.”
    However, a man falling apart for two years over his wife leaving him, battling his demons, growing close to his female partner then all of a sudden returning to his ex-wife and in a moment of weakness, jumping into her bed and getting her pregnant is NOT soapy???
    Give us a break…..*rolls eyes*

  • Jann

    Okay, given that I don’t live in the US, I have now been spoiled to know that Ell got Cathy pregnant – oh well… too bad for me; but I am a great fan of the show and a huge fan of Mr Meloni. I believe that Elliot going back into the family fold is spot on – its Eliot all over and its spot on writing. He did fall apart, he did some crazy things, he did lose himself – but slowly but surely he began to find himself again and the culmination of that process is for him to return to his grass roots – to family man Stabler. I am so against Stabler/Benson pairing, mainly because I refuse to believe that officers in that situation could not possibly work well side by side and I doubt Cragen would stand for it – besides that, I can’t stand St Olivia.

    The clip looks wonderful and Cynthia Nixon looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see the ep.

  • sophie

    i love svu